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configurable request logging for Rack
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tagger Eric Wong <> 2015-01-13 02:54:19 +0000

clogger 2.0.1 - doc updates and new mailing list

Most notably, there's a new mailing list at

You may (optionally) subscribe to the new mailing list at:

If you're on librelist, you'll need to subscribe manually since
librelist subscribers cannot be imported.  Of course, you do not
have to be subscribed to post, either (please Cc: everyone as folks
may not be subscribed).

      README: document $env support for reading Rack env
      switch docs + website to olddoc
      ext: get rid of noisy and unnecessary cast
      new mailing list at
      gemspec: use SPDX license abbreviation
      remove Rubyforge reference in Rakefile

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