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tag namev0.3.0 (1342be5ce902e26bfeaa377fe2933b6247e50c13)
tag date2010-02-09 14:04:49 -0800
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit 883368f745...
clogger 0.3.0
You may now force the :reentrant flag to +true+ or +false+ in
your Rack configuration file:

   use Clogger,
       :format => Clogger::Format::Combined,
       :logger => ::File.open("/path/to/log", "ab"),
       :reentrant => true

This is to be compatible with Rack servers that do not use use
events or Fibers for concurrency instead of threads.  By
default, reentrancy is enabled if env["rack.multithread"] is
true, but "rack.multithread" cannot indicative of a reentrancy
requirement in a web server.