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tag namev0.6.0 (6b2c05e2706fec08ca59afcd8cc674cac450aaa6)
tag date2010-12-25 01:28:53 -0800
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit 04ac0bbb1a...
clogger 0.6.0 - :path shortcut, minor bugfixes
Clogger may now be initialized with a :path instead of :logger
to avoid typing "::File" in config.ru files to avoid conflicting
with the completely-unrelated Rack::File.

$request_time is now uses the monotonic clock, making it immune
to system clock changes.  $usec and $msec statements were
completely broken in the pure-Ruby code and now fixed.

Rubinius is supported by the optional C extension as well,
the pure-Ruby code always worked.