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tag namev0.7.0 (04e6bf74b5b1b36bfe72e926bdd5793225942923)
tag date2011-01-14 16:39:35 -0800
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit 0abc76611f...
clogger 0.7.0 - portability improvements, cleanups
Broken/crazy systems without CLOCK_MONOTONIC (in varying
degrees) and/or clock_gettime() should be supported by
using gettimeofday().  Thanks to Lawrence Pit for reporting
and helping us test.

The Clogger::ToPath proxy class is gone, Clogger itself can
proxy to_path/close calls correctly to the response body.

$time_utc with a default strftime-format is now supported, and
time formats can now be arbitrarily long in the C extension.