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mastersrc/libFLAC/arm/Makefile.am: oops, missed this2006-09-09
DateCommit message
2006-09-09src/libFLAC/arm/Makefile.am: oops, missed this HEAD master
2006-09-09libOggFLAC/ogg_helper.c: disable CRC checking by default
2006-09-09libFLAC/stream_decoder.c: attempt array index overhead reduction
2006-09-09Add ARM assembly optimizations
2006-09-09Branch optimizations to bitbuffer_read_rice_signed_block
2006-09-06relicense under LGPL 2.1
2006-08-29bump version to 1.1.3
2006-08-29bump version number to 1.1.3
2006-08-28add support for encoding from FLAC to FLAC while preserving metadata
2006-08-28switch metaflac test over to comparing output against "golden" files