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# heads (aka `branches'):
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/heads \
	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
* master       pxe_api.h: finish revert of 9acbffd (2016-11-27)
  multifs      efi/multifs: correctly enumerate partitions per disk (2016-01-31)
  syslinux-4.xx com32/chain: Correct copyright (2015-03-30)
  nocomapi     biosboot: This file is not for EFI (2014-03-13)
  syslinux-5.xx bios: Don't truncate memory size needed to 16 bits (2014-02-26)
  firmware     efi: Add Intel copyright notices (2014-01-24)
  elflink      Merge branch 'master' into elflink (2014-01-17)
  rockridge    iso9660.c did not copy terminating 0 of Rock Ridge name (2013-04-25)
  slzm         slzm: don't use floadfile() (2013-01-18)
  lwip         pxe: use core for atomic modification of certain volatiles (2012-05-29)
  dynamic-sector Merge commit 'syslinux-4.04' into dynamic-sector (2011-04-18)
  disklib      disklib: make CHS calculation match core/fs/diskio.c (2010-10-13)
  libinstaller_dos_wip lua: remove obsolete FIXME comment (2010-07-20)
  memdisk-acpi memdisk: write a message if the RSDP is writable or not (2010-07-09)
  corezlib     core: corified zlib to support compressed btrfs (2010-07-06)
  lua          NEWS: add lua.c32 (2010-07-01)
  pathbased    core: align the EPA (2010-06-20)
  syslinux-3.8x isohybrid: use getopt_long_only() (2010-05-20)
  fsc          Merge branch 'master' into fsc (2010-02-05)
  chainload    pxelinux: allow chainloading from gpxelinux (2010-02-03)
  softres      doc: document MENU RESOLUTION (2009-12-07)
  memdisk-iso  Merge branch 'master' into memdisk-iso (2009-11-16)
  thread       thread: mbox: fix return value for mbox_fetch() (2009-09-10)
  btrfs        btrfs: beginning of btrfs support (2009-08-14)
  dynamic      read: handle the case of partial data from unread (2009-08-10)
  core32       core: remove hack for dynamic symbol table generation (2009-08-09)
  unify-pm     core: rename .text, .data and .bss to .text16, .data16, .bss16 (2009-05-13)
  new-mboot    Remove the old mboot module (2009-04-26)
  syslinux-3.7x NEWS, version: prepare for a 3.76 release (2009-04-25)
  hashtbl      menu: initial work on hash table for labels (2009-04-21)
  ext4         extlinux.asm: update copyright header (2009-02-09)
  kkpxe        gPXE: update to the "kkpxe" branch (2008-12-14)
  broken1      gPXE: update to the "kkpxe" branch (2008-12-12)
  for-3.72     klibc/compiler.h: add __weak macro (2008-07-23)
  gpxeiso      Merge branch 'master' into gpxeiso (2008-07-22)
  3.6x         Document GPT boot protocol; add !GPT signature (2008-05-13)
  nolen        Merge commit 'origin/master' into nolen (2008-03-31)
  bcopyint     Make sure we don't use any upper-memory stack during shuffle (2008-02-22)
  3.5x         specfile: install the man pages into %{_mandir} (2008-01-10)
  syslinux-3.3x Comboot function READ DISK corrupts its arguments; fix. (2007-02-19)
  syslinux-3.3m comboot.doc: for function 0009h, clarify ES:DI = PXE parameter structure (2007-01-05)
  syslinux-3.2x Introducing a new com32 module to parse pci devices/buses The pcitest module implements an example of use the pci module If you like to use the string name just put a pci.ids file in the root directory (cherry picked from 85bb6facf0100592c89d5c3c5c17b25e7b0006b3 commit) (2006-09-12)
  heads/syslinux-1.xx Merge fixed mbr.asm from the 2.xx tree (2002-10-03)
  syslinux-1.6x-1 Relax the conventional memory limits somewhat. (2002-04-16)

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