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Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem
# heads (aka `branches'):
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/heads \
	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
  for-next     xfs_db: Fix uninicialized error variable (2024-06-17)
* master       xfsprogs: Release v6.8.0 (2024-05-17)
  libxfs-5.19-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.19.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.19.0-rc0 release. (2022-06-22)
  libxfs-5.18-sync mm/fs: delete PF_SWAPWRITE (2022-05-06)
  libxfs-5.16-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.16.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.16.0-rc0 release.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2022-04-28)
  libxfs-5.15-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.15.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.15.0-rc0 release.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2022-02-03)
  libxfs-5.14-sync xfs_db: convert the agresv command to use for_each_perag (2021-10-15)
  libxfs-5.13-sync xfs: bunmapi has unnecessary AG lock ordering issues (2021-06-30)
  libxfs-5.12-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.12.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.12.0-rc0 release.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2021-04-12)
  libxfs-5.11-sync xfs: remove xfs_buf_t typedef (2021-01-07)
  libxfs-5.10-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.10.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.10.0-rc0 release.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2020-11-16)
  libxfs-5.9-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.9.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.9.0-rc0 release.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2020-09-18)
  libxfs-5.8-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.8.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.8.0-rc0 release.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2020-08-10)
  libxfs-5.7-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.7.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.7.0-rc0 release.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2020-05-07)
  libxfs-5.6-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.6.0-rc0 (2020-03-18)
  libxfs-5.5-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.5.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.5.0-rc0 prerelease.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2020-01-22)
  libxfs-5.4-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.4.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.4.0-rc0 prerelease.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2019-11-15)
  libxfs-5.3-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.3.0-rc0      Update all the necessary files for a 5.3.0-rc0 prerelease.      Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <> (2019-08-16)
  libxfs-5.2-sync xfsprogs: Release v5.2.0-rc0 (2019-07-23)
  libxfs-5.1-sync xfs: always init bma in xfs_bmapi_write (2019-05-06)
  libxfs-5.0-sync xfs: stringify scrub types in ftrace output (2019-02-27)
  libxfs-4.20-sync xfs: fix inverted return from xfs_btree_sblock_verify_crc (2018-12-12)
  libxfs-4.19-sync xfs: fix a null pointer dereference in xfs_bmap_extents_to_btree (2018-10-04)
  libxfs-4.18-sync xfs: properly handle free inodes in extent hint validators (2018-07-27)
  mkfs-config  mkfs: removed unused dft var from open_config_file (2018-06-19)
  libxfs-4.17-sync xfs: don't fail when converting shortform attr to long form during ATTR_REPLACE (2018-05-17)
  libxfs-4.16-sync xfs: fix u32 type usage in sb validation function (2018-02-28)
  libxfs-4.15-sync xfs: only skip rmap owner checks for unknown-owner rmap removal (2018-01-03)
  libxfs-4.14-sync xfs: trim writepage mapping to within eof (2017-10-18)
  libxfs-4.13-sync xfs: fix inobt inode allocation search optimization (2017-09-15)
  libxfs-4.12-sync libxfs: fix xfs_trans_alloc_empty namespace (2017-06-14)
  libxfs-4.11-sync xfs: rework the inline directory verifiers (2017-04-10)
  libxfs-4.10-sync xfs: don't rely on ->total in xfs_alloc_space_available (2017-01-10)
  libxfs-4.9-sync xfs: defer should abort intent items if the trans roll fails (2016-10-25)
  rmap-for-4.8 mkfs.xfs: create filesystems with reverse-mappings (2016-08-19)
  libxfs-4.8-sync xfs: move (and rename) the deferred bmap-free tracepoints (2016-08-10)
  progs-misc-fixes-for-4.6 xfs_io: implement 'inode' command (2016-02-29)
  libxfs-4.6-sync mkfs: fix crash when initializing rbmip (2016-02-29)
  libxfs-4.2-rc1-update xfs: check min blks for random debug mode sparse allocations (2015-07-03)
  progs-cleanup xfsprogs: remove xfs_caddr_t (2015-07-02)
  libxfs-commit-script libxfs-apply: ensure guilt import retains commit messages (2015-07-02)
  sparse-inodes repair: helper to transition inode blocks to inode state (2015-06-23)
  progs-misc-fixes-1 xfs_metadump: obfuscate remote symlinks on CRC filesystems (2015-06-23)
  libxfs-4.1-update libxfs: split out xfs->libxfs mappings (2015-06-05)
  rmap-btree   patch xfsprogs-rmap-btree-single-owner-2 (2015-06-03)
  spaceman     spaceman: Add table header for -d option (2015-02-11)
  libxfs-3.19-update libxfs: split out xfs->libxfs mappings (2014-12-19)
  repair-speedup-20091112 repair: add missing locking in scanfunc_bmap (2009-11-12)
  repair-speedup-20090908 repair: add missing locking in scanfunc_bmap (2009-09-08)

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