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GPIO, at24 and max77650 development tree
# tags:
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/tags \
	--format='%(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
pwrseq-initial-for-v6.11 Initial implementation of the power sequencing subsystem for linux v6.11 (2024-06-12) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.10-rc3 gpio updates for v6.10-rc3 (2024-06-07) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.10-rc1 gpio updates for v6.10-rc1 (2024-05-14) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.9 gpio fixes for v6.9 (2024-05-10) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.9-rc6 gpio fixes for v6.9-rc6 (2024-04-26) tar.gz
at24-fixes-for-v6.9-rc6 at24 fixes for v6.9-rc6 (2024-04-25) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.9-rc5 gpio fixes for v6.9-rc5 (2024-04-18) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.9-rc3 gpio fixes for v6.9-rc3 (2024-04-05) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.9-rc2 gpio fixes for v6.9-rc2 (2024-03-29) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.9-rc1 gpio updates for v6.9 (2024-03-11) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.8-rc7 gpio fixes for v6.8-rc7 (2024-03-02) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.8-rc6 gpio fixes for v6.8-rc6 (2024-02-23) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.8-rc5 gpio fixes for v6.8-rc5 (2024-02-16) tar.gz
gpio-driver-h-stubs-for-v6.8-rc5 Add missing stubs for new GPIO functions (2024-02-13) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.8-rc4 gpio fixes for v6.8-rc4 (2024-02-09) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.8-rc2 gpio fixes for v6.8-rc2 (2024-01-26) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.8-rc1 gpio fixes for v6.8-rc1 (2024-01-18) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.8-rc1 gpio updates for v6.8 (2024-01-09) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.7-rc8 gpio fixes for v6.7-rc8 (2023-12-29) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.7-rc7 gpio fixes for v6.7-rc7 (2023-12-22) tar.gz
at24-updates-for-v6.8 at24 updates for v6.8 (2023-12-19) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.7-rc5 gpio fixes for v6.7-rc5 (2023-12-09) tar.gz
gpio-remove-gpiochip_is_requested-for-v6.8-rc1 gpio: remove gpiochip_is_requested() (2023-12-08) tar.gz
gpio-device-get-label-for-v6.8-rc1 gpiolib: provide gpio_device_get_label() (2023-11-24) tar.gz
gpio-pinctrl-updates-for-v6.7-rc1 gpio/pinctrl updates for v6.7-rc1 (2023-11-06) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.7-rc1 gpio updates for v6.7-rc1 (2023-10-27) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.6-rc7 gpio fixes for v6.6-rc7 (2023-10-21) tar.gz
at24-updates-for-v6.7 at24 updates for v6.7 (2023-10-18) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.6-rc5 gpio fixes for v6.6-rc5 (2023-10-06) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.6-rc4 gpio fixes for v6.6-rc4 (2023-09-29) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.6-rc3 gpio fixes for v6.6-rc3 (2023-09-23) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.6-rc1 gpio fixes for v6.6-rc1 (2023-09-08) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.6 gpio updates for v6.6 (2023-08-29) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.5 gpio fixes for v6.5 (2023-08-25) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.5-rc7 gpio fixes for v6.5-rc6 (2023-08-18) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.5-rc6 gpio fixes for v6.5-rc6 (2023-08-12) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.5-rc3 gpio fixes for v6.5-rc3 (2023-07-21) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.5 gpio updates for v6.5 (2023-06-27) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.4 gpio fixes for v6.4 (2023-06-23) tar.gz
at24-updates-for-v6.5 at24 updates for v6.5 (2023-06-19) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.4-rc6 gpio: fixes for v6.4-rc6 (2023-06-09) tar.gz
at24-fixes-for-v6.4-rc6 at24 fixes for v6.4-rc6 (2023-06-09) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.4-rc4 gpio fixes for v6.4-rc4 (2023-05-26) tar.gz
v6.4-stmpe-gpio dt-bindings: gpio: Convert STMPE GPIO to YAML schema (2023-05-16) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.4 gpio updates for v6.4-rc1 (2023-04-24) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.3 gpio fixes for v6.3 (2023-04-21) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.3-rc6 gpio fixes for v6.3-rc6 (2023-04-07) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.3 gpio updates for v6.3 (2023-02-22) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.2-part2 gpio fixes for v6.2 (2023-02-17) tar.gz
davinci-fixes-for-v6.2 DaVinci fixes for v6.2 (2023-02-16) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.2 gpio fixes for v6.2 (2023-02-16) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.2-rc6 gpio fixes for v6.2-rc6 (2023-01-27) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.2-rc5 gpio fixes for v6.2-rc5 (2023-01-20) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.2-rc3 gpio fixes for v6.2-rc3 (2023-01-05) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.2 gpio: updates for v6.2 (2022-12-15) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.1 gpio fixes for v6.1 (2022-12-08) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.1-rc8-take-2 gpio fixes for v6.1-rc8 (2022-12-03) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.1-rc8 gpio fixes for v6.1-rc8 (2022-12-02) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.1-rc3 gpio: fixes for v6.1-rc3 (2022-10-30) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.1-rc1 gpio updates for v6.1-rc1 (2022-10-07) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.0 gpio fixes for v6.0 (2022-09-30) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.0-rc7 gpio fixes for v6.0-rc7 (2022-09-22) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.0-rc6 gpio fixes for v6.0-rc6 (2022-09-16) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v6.0-rc4 gpio fixes for v6.0-rc4 (2022-09-03) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v6.0-rc1 gpio: updates for v6.0-rc1 (2022-08-04) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.19-rc8 gpio fixes for v5.19-rc8 (2022-07-22) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.19-rc7 gpio fixes for v5.19-rc7 (2022-07-17) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.19-rc6 gpio fixes for v5.19-rc6 (2022-07-08) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.19-rc4 gpio fixes for v5.19-rc4 (2022-06-25) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.19-rc2 gpio fixes for v5.19-rc2 (2022-06-11) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.19-rc1 gpio updates for v5.19-rc1 (2022-06-03) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.19 gpio updates for v5.19 (2022-05-25) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.18 gpio: fixes for v5.18 (2022-05-20) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.18-rc6 gpio fixes for v5.18-rc6 (2022-05-07) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.18-rc3 gpio fixes for v5.18-rc3 (2022-04-16) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.18-rc2 gpio fixes for v5.18-rc2 (2022-04-09) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.18-rc1 gpio fixes for v5.18-rc1 (2022-04-01) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.18 gpio updates for v5.18-rc1 (2022-03-23) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.17 gpio fixes for v5.17 (2022-03-10) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.17-rc6 gpio: fixes for v5.17-rc6 (2022-02-25) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.17-rc4 gpio fixes for v5.17-rc4 (2022-02-11) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.17-rc2 gpio fixes for v5.17-rc2 (2022-01-29) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.17-rc1 gpio fixes for v5.17-rc1 (2022-01-20) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.17 gpio updates for v5.17 (2022-01-11) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.16 gpio fixes for v5.16 (2022-01-05) tar.gz
at24-updates-for-v5.17 at24 updates for v5.17 (2022-01-03) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.16-rc7 gpio fixes for v5.16-rc7 (2021-12-23) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.16-rc2 gpio fixes for v5.16-rc2 (2021-11-19) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.16 gpio updates for v5.16 (2021-11-08) tar.gz
gpio-sim-for-v5.16 gpio simulator + configfs changes for v5.16 (2021-11-04) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.15 gpio fixes for v5.15 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
at24-updates-for-v5.16 at24 updates for v5.16 (2021-10-21) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.15-rc6 gpio fixes for v5.15-rc6 (2021-10-15) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.15-rc4 gpio fixes for v5.15-rc4 (2021-09-30) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.15-rc3 gpio fixes for v5.15-rc3 (2021-09-23) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.15 gpio updates for v5.15 (2021-09-07) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.14-rc5 gpio fixes for v5.14-rc5 (2021-08-04) tar.gz
at24-fixes-for-v5.14 at24 fixes for v5.14 (2021-07-05) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.14 gpio: updates for v5.14 (2021-07-05) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.13 gpio fixes for v5.13 (2021-06-25) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.13-rc6 gpio fixes for v5.13-rc6 (2021-06-11) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.13-rc3 gpio fixes for v5.13-rc3 (2021-05-21) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.13-v2 gpio updates for v5.13 (2021-05-05) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.13 gpio updates for v5.13 (2021-05-02) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.12 gpio fixes for v5.12 (2021-04-23) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.12-rc8 gpio fixes for v5.12-rc8 (2021-04-15) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.12-rc4 gpio fixes for v5.12-rc4 (2021-03-19) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.12-rc3 gpio fixes for v5.12-rc3 (2021-03-09) tar.gz
v5.12-rc1    Linux 5.12-rc1 (2021-02-28) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.12 gpio updates for v5.12 (2021-02-22) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.11 gpio fixes for v5.11 (2021-02-11) tar.gz
at24-updates-for-v5.12 at24: updates for v5.12 (2021-02-10) tar.gz
v5.11-rc7    Linux 5.11-rc7 (2021-02-07) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.11-rc7 gpio fixes for v5.11-rc7 (2021-02-03) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.11-rc5 gpio fixes for v5.11-rc5 (2021-01-21) tar.gz
at24-fixes-for-v5.10 at24 fixes for v5.10 (2020-12-11) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.11 gpio updates for v5.11-rc1 (2020-12-09) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.10-rc7 gpio fixes for v5.10-rc7 (2020-12-03) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.10-rc3 gpio fixes for v5.10-rc3 (2020-11-06) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.9 gpio fixes for v5.9 (2020-09-30) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.10-part2 gpio updates for v5.10 - part 2 (2020-09-30) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.9-rc7 gpio: fixes for v5.9-rc7 (2020-09-25) tar.gz
at24-updates-for-v5.10 at24 updates for v5.10 (2020-09-25) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.10-part1 gpio updates for v5.10 - part 1 (2020-09-17) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.9-rc6 gpio fixes for v5.9-rc6 (2020-09-17) tar.gz
at24-fixes-for-v5.9-rc5 at24 fixes for v5.9-rc5 (2020-09-08) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.9-rc4 gpio fixes for v5.9-rc4 (2020-09-04) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.9-part2 gpio updates for v5.9 - part 2 (2020-07-12) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.9-part1 gpio updates for v5.9 (2020-06-30) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.8-rc3 gpio fixes for v5.8-rc3 (2020-06-25) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.8-part2 gpio: updates for v5.8 - part 2 (2020-05-27) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.7 gpio fixes for v5.7 (2020-05-27) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.7-rc6 gpio fixes for v5.7-rc6 (2020-05-13) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.8-part1 gpio updates for v5.8-rc1 - part1 (2020-05-05) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.7-rc3 gpio fixes for v5.7-rc3 (2020-04-23) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.7-part4 gpio updates for v5.7 part 4 (2020-03-25) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.7-part3 gpio updates for v5.7 part 3 (2020-03-24) tar.gz
at24-updates-for-v5.7 at24 updates for v5.7 (2020-03-24) tar.gz
at24-fixes-for-v5.6-rc6 at24 fixes for v5.6-rc6 (2020-03-13) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.7-part2 gpio updates for v5.7 part 2 (2020-03-02) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.7-part1 gpio updates for v5.7 part 1 (2020-02-13) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.6-rc2 gpio fixes for v5.6-rc2 (2020-02-10) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.6-part2 gpio: updates for v5.6 (2020-01-25) tar.gz
at24-updates-for-v5.6 at24 updates for linux v5.6 (2020-01-24) tar.gz
gpio-updates-for-v5.6-part1 gpio updates for v5.6 (2020-01-07) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v5.5-rc5 gpio fixes for v5.5-rc5 (2020-01-03) tar.gz
gpio-v5.5-rc2-fixes-for-linus gpio fixes for v5.5-rc2 (2019-12-13) tar.gz
at24-v5.5-updates-for-wolfram at24: updates for v5.5 (2019-11-13) tar.gz
gpio-v5.5-updates-for-linus-part-2 gpio: updates for v5.5 (2019-11-13) tar.gz
gpio-v5.4-rc8-fixes-for-linus gpio fixes for v5.4-rc8 (2019-11-13) tar.gz
gpio-v5.5-updates-for-linus-part-1 gpio updates for v5.5 (2019-10-22) tar.gz
gpio-v5.4-rc5-fixes-for-linus gpio fixes for v5.4-rc5 (2019-10-22) tar.gz
gpio-v5.4-rc2-fixes-for-linus gpio: fixes for v5.4-rc2 (2019-10-01) tar.gz
gpio-v5.4-rc1-fixes-for-linus gpio: fixes for v5.4-rc1 (2019-09-19) tar.gz
gpio-v5.4-fixes-for-linus gpio: fixes for v5.4 (2019-09-10) tar.gz
at24-v5.4-updates-for-wolfram at24: updates for v5.4 (2019-09-03) tar.gz
gpio-v5.4-updates-for-linus gpio: updates for v5.4 (2019-09-03) tar.gz
gpio-v5.3-rc7-fixes-for-linus gpio fixes for v5.3-rc7 (2019-08-30) tar.gz
at24-v5.3-rc3-fixes-for-wolfram at24 fixes for v5.3-rc3 (2019-07-30) tar.gz
gpio-v5.3-rc3-fixes-for-linus gpio fixes for v5.3-rc3 (2019-07-28) tar.gz
gpio-v5.3-rc1-fixes-for-linus GPIO fixes for v5.3-rc1 (2019-07-15) tar.gz
gpio-v5.3-updates-for-linus gpio: updates for v5.3 (2019-06-27) tar.gz
at24-v5.3-updates-for-wolfram at24: updates for v5.3 (2019-06-27) tar.gz
at24-v5.2-updates-for-wolfram at24: updates for linux v5.2 (2019-04-26) tar.gz
gpio-v5.2-updates-for-linus-part1 gpio: updates for v5.2 (part 1) (2019-04-08) tar.gz
gpio-v5.1-rc3-fixes-for-linus gpio fixes for v5.1-rc3 (2019-03-28) tar.gz
gpio-5.1-rc2-fixes-for-linus GPIO fixes for v5.1-rc2 (2019-03-22) tar.gz
gpio-v5.1-updates-for-linus-part-2 gpio: updates for v5.1 - part 2 (2019-02-19) tar.gz
gpio-v5.1-updates-for-linus gpio updates for v5.1 (2019-02-14) tar.gz
at24-5.1-updates-for-wolfram at24 updates for v5.1 (2019-02-14) tar.gz
gpio-5.0-rc4-fixes-for-linus GPIO fixes for 5.0-rc4 (2019-01-23) tar.gz
gpio-5.0-fixes-for-linus GPIO fixes for 5.0 (2019-01-15) tar.gz
at24-4.21-updates-for-wolfram at24: updates for 4.21 (2018-12-12) tar.gz
at24-4.20-updates-for-wolfram AT24 updates for 4.20 (2018-10-02) tar.gz
at24-4.19-updates-for-wolfram at24: updates for v4.19 (2018-07-25) tar.gz
at24-4.18-updates-for-wolfram Minor improvements to the at24 driver: (2018-05-16) tar.gz
at24-4.17-rc5-fixes-for-wolfram Single bug-fix for a regression introduced during the 4.17 merge window. (2018-05-09) tar.gz
at24-4.17-updates-for-wolfram - three new special cases for device tree compatible strings (2018-03-21) tar.gz
at24-4.16-rc4-for-wolfram - sort the manufacturers in DT bindings alphabetically (2018-03-02) tar.gz
at24-4.16-updates-for-wolfram AT24 updates for 4.16 merge window (2018-01-03) tar.gz
at24-4.15-rc3-fixes-for-wolfram AT24 fixes for 4.15-rc3 (2017-12-07) tar.gz
at24-4.15-fixes-for-wolfram AT24 fixes for v4.15 (2017-11-30) tar.gz

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