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# heads (aka `branches'):
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/heads \
	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
  for-6.11     spi: add devm_spi_optimize_message() helper (2024-06-23)
* for-next     spi: add devm_spi_optimize_message() helper (2024-06-23)
  for-6.10     spi: spi-imx: imx51: revert burst length calculation back to bits_per_word (2024-06-19)
  for-linus    spi: spi-imx: imx51: revert burst length calculation back to bits_per_word (2024-06-19)
  spi-6.10     spi: stm32: Revert change that enabled controller before asserting CS (2024-05-23)
  for-6.9      spi: microchip-core-qspi: fix setting spi bus clock rate (2024-05-09)
  for-6.8      spi: cs42l43: Don't limit native CS to the first chip select (2024-03-06)
  for-6.7      spi: atmel: Fix clock issue when using devices with different polarities (2023-12-14)
  for-6.6      spi: nxp-fspi: use the correct ioremap function (2023-10-16)
  for-6.5      spi: spi-cadence: Fix data corruption issues in slave mode (2023-08-21)
  for-6.4      spi: zynqmp-gqspi: fix clock imbalance on probe failure (2023-06-22)
  for-6.3      spi: spi-rockchip: Fix missing unwind goto in rockchip_sfc_probe() (2023-04-19)
  for-6.2      spi: intel: Check number of chip selects after reading the descriptor (2023-02-15)
  for-6.1      spi: spi-imx: spi_imx_transfer_one(): check for DMA transfer first (2022-11-18)
  for-6.0      Linux 6.0-rc5 (2022-09-11)
  for-5.20     spi: dt-bindings: Drop Pratyush Yadav (2022-08-11)
  for-5.19     spi: spi-rspi: Fix PIO fallback on RZ platforms (2022-07-21)
  for-5.18     spi: stm32-qspi: Always check SR_TCF flags in stm32_qspi_wait_cmd() (2022-05-11)
  for-5.17     spi: Fix invalid sgs value (2022-03-08)
  spi-5.18     spi: Enhance and export helpers for ACPI resources (2022-02-01)
  for-5.16     spi: uniphier: Fix a bug that doesn't point to private data correctly (2021-12-22)
  for-5.15     spi: spl022: fix Microwire full duplex mode (2021-10-26)
  for-5.14     spi: davinci: invoke chipselect callback (2021-08-24)
  for-5.13     spi: spi-sun6i: Fix chipselect/clock bug (2021-06-23)
  for-5.12     spi: Avoid undefined behaviour when counting unused native CSs (2021-04-21)
  for-5.11     spi: Skip zero-length transfers in spi_transfer_one_message() (2021-02-12)
  for-5.10     spi: Limit the spi device max speed to controller's max speed (2020-12-11)
  for-5.9      spi: imx: Fix freeing of DMA channels if spi_bitbang_start() fails (2020-10-05)
  for-5.8      spi: dw-dma: Fix Tx DMA channel working too fast (2020-07-21)
  for-5.7      spi: pxa2xx: Fix runtime PM ref imbalance on probe error (2020-05-26)
  for-5.6      spi: spi_register_controller(): free bus id on error paths (2020-03-04)
  for-5.5      spi: pxa2xx: Avoid touching SSCR0_SSE on MMP2 (2020-01-21)
  for-5.4      spi: fsl-cpm: Correct the free:ing (2019-11-15)
  for-5.3      spi: bcm2835: Work around DONE bit erratum (2019-09-10)
  for-5.2      spi: uniphier: fix zero-length transfer (2019-06-26)
  for-5.1      spi: rspi: Fix handling of QSPI code when transmit and receive (2019-05-02)
  for-5.0      spi: spi-gpio: fix SPI_CS_HIGH capability (2019-02-21)
  for-4.21     spi: npcm-pspi: Fix wrong priv pointer (2019-01-03)
  for-4.20     spi: bcm2835: Unbreak the build of esoteric configs (2018-11-29)
  for-4.19     MAINTAINERS: Add entry for Broadcom SPI controller (2018-10-16)
  for-4.18     spi: davinci: fix a NULL pointer dereference (2018-08-10)
  for-4.17     spi: sh-msiof: Fix setting SIRMDR1.SYNCAC to match SITMDR1.SYNCAC (2018-05-24)
  spi-next     Linux 3.18-rc6 (2014-11-23)

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