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	--format='%(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
for-6.10/dm-fixes - Fix DM discard regressions due to DM core switching over to using   queue_limits_set() without DM core and targets first being updated   to set (and stack) discard limits in terms of max_hw_discard_sectors   and not max_discard_sectors. (2024-05-21) tar.gz
for-6.10/dm-changes - Add a dm-crypt optional "high_priority" flag that enables the crypt   workqueues to use WQ_HIGHPRI. (2024-05-14) tar.gz
v6.9         Linux 6.9 (2024-05-12) tar.gz
for-6.10/block-20240511 for-6.10/block-20240511 (2024-05-11) tar.gz
for-6.10/io_uring-20240511 for-6.10/io_uring-20240511 (2024-05-11) tar.gz
block-6.9-20240510 block-6.9-20240510 (2024-05-10) tar.gz
v6.9-rc7     Linux 6.9-rc7 (2024-05-05) tar.gz
block-6.9-20240503 block-6.9-20240503 (2024-05-03) tar.gz
v6.9-rc6     Linux 6.9-rc6 (2024-04-28) tar.gz
for-6.9/dm-fixes-3 - Fix 6.9 regression so that DM device removal is performed   synchronously by default. Asynchronous removal has always been   possible but it isn't the default. It is important that synchronous   removal be preserved, otherwise it is an interface change that   breaks lvm2. (2024-04-26) tar.gz
v6.9-rc5     Linux 6.9-rc5 (2024-04-21) tar.gz
block-6.9-20240420 block-6.9-20240420 (2024-04-20) tar.gz
v6.9-rc4     Linux 6.9-rc4 (2024-04-14) tar.gz
block-6.9-20240412 block-6.9-20240412 (2024-04-12) tar.gz
io_uring-6.9-20240412 io_uring-6.9-20240412 (2024-04-12) tar.gz
v6.9-rc3     Linux 6.9-rc3 (2024-04-07) tar.gz
block-6.9-20240405 block-6.9-20240405 (2024-04-05) tar.gz
io_uring-6.9-20240405 io_uring-6.9-20240405 (2024-04-05) tar.gz
v6.9-rc2     Linux 6.9-rc2 (2024-03-31) tar.gz
block-6.9-20240329 block-6.9-20240329 (2024-03-29) tar.gz
for-6.9/dm-fixes-2 - Fix MAINTAINERS to not include M: dm-devel for DM entries. (2024-03-29) tar.gz
v6.9-rc1     Linux 6.9-rc1 (2024-03-24) tar.gz
block-6.9-20240322 block-6.9-20240322 (2024-03-22) tar.gz
io_uring-6.9-20240322 io_uring-6.9-20240322 (2024-03-22) tar.gz
for-6.9/dm-fixes - Fix a memory leak in DM integrity recheck code that was added during   the 6.9 merge. Also fix the recheck code to ensure it issues bios   with proper alignment. (2024-03-22) tar.gz
block-6.9-20240315 block-6.9-20240315 (2024-03-15) tar.gz
for-6.9/dm-changes - Fix DM core's IO submission (which include dm-io and dm-bufio) such   that a bio's IO priority is propagated. Work focused on enabling   both DM crypt and verity targets to retain the appropriate IO   priority. (2024-03-12) tar.gz
wq-for-6.9-bh-conversions workqueue: BH workqueue conversions for v6.9 (2024-03-10) tar.gz
wq-for-6.9   workqueue: Changes for v6.9 (2024-03-10) tar.gz
v6.8         Linux 6.8 (2024-03-10) tar.gz
for-6.9/block-20240310 for-6.9/block-20240310 (2024-03-10) tar.gz
for-6.9/io_uring-20240310 for-6.9/io_uring-20240310 (2024-03-10) tar.gz
for-6.9/dm-vdo - Introduce the DM vdo target which provides block-level   deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning. Please see both:   Documentation/admin-guide/device-mapper/vdo.rst and   Documentation/admin-guide/device-mapper/vdo-design.rst (2024-03-07) tar.gz
for-6.9/dm-bh-wq - Convert the DM verity and crypt targets from (ab)using tasklets to   using BH workqueues.  These changes were coordinated with Tejun and   are based ontop of DM's 6.9 changes and Tejun's 6.9 workqueue tree. (2024-03-07) tar.gz
v6.8-rc7     Linux 6.8-rc7 (2024-03-03) tar.gz
v6.8-rc6     Linux 6.8-rc6 (2024-02-25) tar.gz
for-6.8/dm-fix-3 - Fix DM integrity and verity targets to not use excessive stack when   they recheck in the error path. (2024-02-24) tar.gz
for-6.8/dm-fixes-2 - Stable fixes for 3 DM targets (integrity, verity and crypt) to   address systemic failure that can occur if user provided pages map   to the same block. (2024-02-23) tar.gz
block-6.8-2024-02-22 block-6.8-2024-02-22 (2024-02-22) tar.gz
v6.8-rc5     Linux 6.8-rc5 (2024-02-18) tar.gz
wq-for-6.8-rc4-fixes workqueue: Fixes for v6.8-rc4 (2024-02-16) tar.gz
io_uring-6.8-2024-02-16 io_uring-6.8-2024-02-16 (2024-02-16) tar.gz
block-6.8-2024-02-16 block-6.8-2024-02-16 (2024-02-16) tar.gz
v6.8-rc4     Linux 6.8-rc4 (2024-02-11) tar.gz
block-6.8-2024-02-10 block-6.8-2024-02-10 (2024-02-10) tar.gz
v6.8-rc3     Linux 6.8-rc3 (2024-02-04) tar.gz
for-6.8/dm-fixes - Fix DM ioctl interface to avoid INT_MAX overflow warnings from   kvmalloc by limiting the number of targets and parameter size area. (2024-02-02) tar.gz
io_uring-6.8-2024-02-01 io_uring-6.8-2024-02-01 (2024-02-01) tar.gz
block-6.8-2024-02-01 block-6.8-2024-02-01 (2024-02-01) tar.gz
v6.8-rc2     Linux 6.8-rc2 (2024-01-28) tar.gz
block-6.8-2024-01-26 block-6.8-2024-01-26 (2024-01-26) tar.gz
io_uring-6.8-2024-01-26 io_uring-6.8-2024-01-26 (2024-01-26) tar.gz
v6.8-rc1     Linux 6.8-rc1 (2024-01-21) tar.gz
for-6.8/block-2024-01-18 for-6.8/block-2024-01-18 (2024-01-18) tar.gz
for-6.8/io_uring-2024-01-18 for-6.8/io_uring-2024-01-18 (2024-01-18) tar.gz
for-6.8/io_uring-2024-01-08 for-6.8/io_uring-2024-01-08 (2024-01-08) tar.gz
for-6.8/block-2024-01-08 for-6.8/block-2024-01-08 (2024-01-08) tar.gz
v6.7         Linux 6.7 (2024-01-07) tar.gz
v6.7-rc8     Linux 6.7-rc8 (2023-12-31) tar.gz
block-6.7-2023-12-29 block-6.7-2023-12-29 (2023-12-29) tar.gz
v6.7-rc7     Linux 6.7-rc7 (2023-12-23) tar.gz
block-6.7-2023-12-22 block-6.7-2023-12-22 (2023-12-22) tar.gz
dm-6.7/dm-fixes-3 - DM raid target (and MD raid) fix for reconfig_mutex MD deadlock that   should have been merged along with recent v6.7-rc6 MD fixes (see MD   related commits: f2d87a759f68^..b39113349de6) (2023-12-19) tar.gz
v6.7-rc6     Linux 6.7-rc6 (2023-12-17) tar.gz
io_uring-6.7-2023-12-15 io_uring-6.7-2023-12-15 (2023-12-15) tar.gz
v6.7-rc5     Linux 6.7-rc5 (2023-12-10) tar.gz
io_uring-6.7-2023-12-08 io_uring-6.7-2023-12-08 (2023-12-08) tar.gz
block-6.7-2023-12-08 block-6.7-2023-12-08 (2023-12-08) tar.gz
wq-for-6.7-rc4-fixes workqueue: Fixes for v6.7-rc4 (2023-12-06) tar.gz
v6.7-rc4     Linux 6.7-rc4 (2023-12-03) tar.gz
block-6.7-2023-12-01 block-6.7-2023-12-01 (2023-12-01) tar.gz
dm-6.7/dm-fixes-2 - Fix DM verity target's FEC support to always initialize IO before it   frees it.  Also fix alignment of struct dm_verity_fec_io within the   per-bio-data. (2023-12-01) tar.gz
io_uring-6.7-2023-11-30 io_uring-6.7-2023-11-30 (2023-11-30) tar.gz
v6.7-rc3     Linux 6.7-rc3 (2023-11-26) tar.gz
io_uring-6.7-2023-11-23 io_uring-6.7-2023-11-23 (2023-11-23) tar.gz
block-6.7-2023-11-23 block-6.7-2023-11-23 (2023-11-23) tar.gz
v6.7-rc2     Linux 6.7-rc2 (2023-11-19) tar.gz
for-6.7/dm-fixes - Various fixes for the DM delay target to address regressions   introduced during the 6.7 merge. (2023-11-18) tar.gz
io_uring-6.7-2023-11-17 io_uring-6.7-2023-11-17 (2023-11-17) tar.gz
block-6.7-2023-11-17 block-6.7-2023-11-17 (2023-11-17) tar.gz
v6.7-rc1     Linux 6.7-rc1 (2023-11-12) tar.gz
block-6.7-2023-11-10 block-6.7-2023-11-10 (2023-11-10) tar.gz
io_uring-6.7-2023-11-10 io_uring-6.7-2023-11-10 (2023-11-10) tar.gz
for-6.7/dm-changes - Update DM core to directly call the map function for both the linear   and stripe targets; which are provided by DM core. (2023-11-01) tar.gz
io_uring-futex-2023-10-30 io_uring-futex-2023-10-30 (2023-10-30) tar.gz
wq-for-6.7-rust-bindings workqueue: Add rust bindings for v6.7 (2023-10-30) tar.gz
wq-for-6.7   workqueue: Changes for v6.7 (2023-10-30) tar.gz
for-6.7/block-2023-10-30 for-6.7/block-2023-10-30 (2023-10-30) tar.gz
for-6.7/io_uring-sockopt-2023-10-30 for-6.7/io_uring-sockopt-2023-10-30 (2023-10-30) tar.gz
for-6.7/io_uring-2023-10-30 for-6.7/io_uring-2023-10-30 (2023-10-30) tar.gz
v6.6         Linux 6.6 (2023-10-29) tar.gz
block-6.6-2023-10-27 block-6.6-2023-10-27 (2023-10-27) tar.gz
io_uring-6.6-2023-10-27 io_uring-6.6-2023-10-27 (2023-10-27) tar.gz
v6.6-rc7     Linux 6.6-rc7 (2023-10-22) tar.gz
io_uring-6.6-2023-10-20 io_uring-6.6-2023-10-20 (2023-10-20) tar.gz
block-6.6-2023-10-20 block-6.6-2023-10-20 (2023-10-20) tar.gz
v6.6-rc6     Linux 6.6-rc6 (2023-10-15) tar.gz
block-6.6-2023-10-12 block-6.6-2023-10-12 (2023-10-12) tar.gz
wq-for-6.6-rc5-fixes workqueue: Fixes for v6.6-rc5 (2023-10-12) tar.gz
v6.6-rc5     Linux 6.6-rc5 (2023-10-08) tar.gz
for-6.6/dm-fixes-2 - Fix memory leak when freeing dm zoned target device (2023-10-06) tar.gz
block-6.6-2023-10-06 block-6.6-2023-10-06 (2023-10-06) tar.gz
io_uring-6.6-2023-10-06 io_uring-6.6-2023-10-06 (2023-10-06) tar.gz
v6.6-rc4     Linux 6.6-rc4 (2023-10-01) tar.gz
io_uring-6.6-2023-09-28 io_uring-6.6-2023-09-28 (2023-09-29) tar.gz
block-6.6-2023-09-28 block-6.6-2023-09-28 (2023-09-28) tar.gz
wq-for-6.6-rc3-fixes Workqueue fixes for v6.6-rc3 (2023-09-25) tar.gz
v6.6-rc3     Linux 6.6-rc3 (2023-09-24) tar.gz
v6.6-rc2     Linux 6.6-rc2 (2023-09-17) tar.gz
for-6.6/dm-fixes - Fix DM core retrieve_deps() UAF race due to missing locking of a DM   table's list of devices that is managed using dm_{get,put}_device. (2023-09-15) tar.gz
io_uring-6.6-2023-09-15 io_uring-6.6-2023-09-15 (2023-09-15) tar.gz
block-6.6-2023-09-15 block-6.6-2023-09-15 (2023-09-15) tar.gz
v6.6-rc1     Linux 6.6-rc1 (2023-09-10) tar.gz
io_uring-6.6-2023-09-08 io_uring-6.6-2023-09-08 (2023-09-08) tar.gz
block-6.6-2023-09-08 block-6.6-2023-09-08 (2023-09-08) tar.gz
wq-for-6.6   workqueue: Changes for v6.6 (2023-08-31) tar.gz
for-6.6/block-2023-08-28 for-6.6/block-2023-08-28 (2023-08-28) tar.gz
for-6.6/io_uring-2023-08-28 for-6.6/io_uring-2023-08-28 (2023-08-28) tar.gz
v6.5         Linux 6.5 (2023-08-27) tar.gz
v6.5-rc7     Linux 6.5-rc7 (2023-08-20) tar.gz
block-6.5-2023-08-19 block-6.5-2023-08-19 (2023-08-19) tar.gz
v6.5-rc6     Linux 6.5-rc6 (2023-08-13) tar.gz
io_uring-6.5-2023-08-11 io_uring-6.5-2023-08-11 (2023-08-11) tar.gz
block-6.5-2023-08-11 block-6.5-2023-08-11 (2023-08-11) tar.gz
wq-for-6.5-rc5-fixes workqueue: Fixes for v6.5-rc5 (2023-08-07) tar.gz
v6.5-rc5     Linux 6.5-rc5 (2023-08-06) tar.gz
xfs-async-dio.6-2023-08-01 Improve iomap/xfs async dio write performance (2023-08-01) tar.gz
v6.5-rc4     Linux 6.5-rc4 (2023-07-30) tar.gz
io_uring-6.5-2023-07-28 io_uring-6.5-2023-07-28 (2023-07-28) tar.gz
block-6.5-2023-07-28 block-6.5-2023-07-28 (2023-07-28) tar.gz
xfs-async-dio.6-2023-07-28 Improve iomap/xfs async dio write performance (2023-07-28) tar.gz
for-6.5/dm-fixes - Fix double free on memory allocation failure in DM integrity   target's integrity_recalc() (2023-07-27) tar.gz
v6.5-rc3     Linux 6.5-rc3 (2023-07-23) tar.gz
io_uring-6.5-2023-07-21 io_uring-6.5-2023-07-21 (2023-07-21) tar.gz
block-6.5-2023-07-21 block-6.5-2023-07-21 (2023-07-21) tar.gz
xfs-async-dio iomap always punts async dio write completions to a workqueue, which has a cost in terms of efficiency (now you need an unrelated worker to process it) and latency (now you're bouncing a completion through an async worker, which is a classic slowdown scenario). (2023-07-21) tar.gz
v6.5-rc2     Linux 6.5-rc2 (2023-07-16) tar.gz
io_uring-6.5-2023-07-14 io_uring-6.5-2023-07-14 (2023-07-14) tar.gz
block-6.5-2023-07-14 block-6.5-2023-07-14 (2023-07-14) tar.gz
v6.5-rc1     Linux 6.5-rc1 (2023-07-09) tar.gz
io_uring-6.5-2023-07-03 io_uring-6.5-2023-07-03 (2023-07-03) tar.gz
block-6.5-2023-07-03 block-6.5-2023-07-03 (2023-07-03) tar.gz
for-6.5/dm-changes - Update DM crypt to allocate compound pages if possible. (2023-06-28) tar.gz
wq-for-6.5-cleanup-ordered workqueue: Ordered workqueue creation cleanups (2023-06-26) tar.gz
wq-for-6.5   workqueue: Changes for v6.5 (2023-06-26) tar.gz
v6.4         Linux 6.4 (2023-06-25) tar.gz
for-6.5/block-2023-06-23 for-6.5/block-2023-06-23 (2023-06-23) tar.gz
for-6.5/io_uring-2023-06-23 for-6.5/io_uring-2023-06-23 (2023-06-23) tar.gz
for-6.5/splice-2023-06-23 for-6.5/splice-2023-06-23 (2023-06-23) tar.gz
block-6.4-2023-06-23 block-6.4-2023-06-23 (2023-06-23) tar.gz
io_uring-6.4-2023-06-21 io_uring-6.4-2023-06-21 (2023-06-21) tar.gz
v6.4-rc7     Linux 6.4-rc7 (2023-06-18) tar.gz
io_uring-6.4-2023-06-15 io_uring-6.4-2023-06-15 (2023-06-15) tar.gz
block-6.4-2023-06-15 block-6.4-2023-06-15 (2023-06-15) tar.gz
for-6.4/dm-fixes - Fix DM thinp discard performance regression introduced during 6.4   merge; where DM core was splitting large discards every 128K   (max_sectors_kb) rather than every 64M (discard_max_bytes). (2023-06-15) tar.gz
v6.4-rc6     Linux 6.4-rc6 (2023-06-11) tar.gz
block-6.4-2023-06-09 block-6.4-2023-06-09 (2023-06-09) tar.gz
v6.4-rc5     Linux 6.4-rc5 (2023-06-04) tar.gz
io_uring-6.4-2023-06-02 io_uring-6.4-2023-06-02 (2023-06-02) tar.gz
block-6.4-2023-06-02 block-6.4-2023-06-02 (2023-06-02) tar.gz
v6.4-rc4     Linux 6.4-rc4 (2023-05-28) tar.gz
block-6.4-2023-05-26 block-6.4-2023-05-26 (2023-05-26) tar.gz
io_uring-6.4-2023-05-26 io_uring-6.4-2023-05-26 (2023-05-26) tar.gz
v6.4-rc3     Linux 6.4-rc3 (2023-05-21) tar.gz
block-6.4-2023-05-20 block-6.4-2023-05-20 (2023-05-20) tar.gz
v6.4-rc2     Linux 6.4-rc2 (2023-05-14) tar.gz
block-6.4-2023-05-13 block-6.4-2023-05-13 (2023-05-13) tar.gz
io_uring-6.4-2023-05-12 io_uring-6.4-2023-05-12 (2023-05-12) tar.gz
v6.4-rc1     Linux 6.4-rc1 (2023-05-07) tar.gz
for-6.4/io_uring-2023-05-07 for-6.4/io_uring-2023-05-07 (2023-05-07) tar.gz
for-6.4/block-2023-05-06 for-6.4/block-2023-05-06 (2023-05-06) tar.gz
pipe-nonblock-2023-05-06 pipe-nonblock-2023-05-06 (2023-05-06) tar.gz
wq-for-6.4   workqueue changes for v6.4-rc1 (2023-04-27) tar.gz
for-6.4/dm-changes - Split dm-bufio's rw_semaphore and rbtree. Offers improvements to   dm-bufio's locking to allow increased concurrent IO -- particularly   for read access for buffers already in dm-bufio's cache. (2023-04-24) tar.gz
v6.3         Linux 6.3 (2023-04-23) tar.gz
iter-ubuf.2-2023-04-21 iter-ubuf.2-2023-04-21 (2023-04-21) tar.gz
for-6.4/block-2023-04-21 for-6.4/block-2023-04-21 (2023-04-21) tar.gz
for-6.4/io_uring-2023-04-21 for-6.4/io_uring-2023-04-21 (2023-04-21) tar.gz
block-6.3-2023-04-21 block-6.3-2023-04-21 (2023-04-21) tar.gz
v6.3-rc7     Linux 6.3-rc7 (2023-04-16) tar.gz
io_uring-6.3-2023-04-14 io_uring-6.3-2023-04-14 (2023-04-14) tar.gz
block-6.3-2023-04-14 block-6.3-2023-04-14 (2023-04-14) tar.gz
v6.3-rc6     Linux 6.3-rc6 (2023-04-09) tar.gz
block-6.3-2023-04-06 block-6.3-2023-04-06 (2023-04-06) tar.gz
io_uring-6.3-2023-04-06 io_uring-6.3-2023-04-06 (2023-04-06) tar.gz
v6.3-rc5     Linux 6.3-rc5 (2023-04-02) tar.gz
block-6.3-2023-03-30 block-6.3-2023-03-30 (2023-03-30) tar.gz
io_uring-6.3-2023-03-30 io_uring-6.3-2023-03-30 (2023-03-30) tar.gz
for-6.3/dm-fixes-2 - Fix 2 DM core bugs in the code that handles splitting "abnormal" IO   (discards, write same and secure erase) and issuing that IO to the   correct underlying devices (and offsets within those devices). (2023-03-30) tar.gz
v6.3-rc4     Linux 6.3-rc4 (2023-03-26) tar.gz
io_uring-6.3-2023-03-24 io_uring-6.3-2023-03-24 (2023-03-24) tar.gz
block-6.3-2023-03-24 block-6.3-2023-03-24 (2023-03-24) tar.gz
for-6.3/dm-fixes - Fix DM thin to work as a swap device by using 'limit_swap_bios' DM   target flag (initially added to allow swap to dm-crypt) to throttle   the amount of outstanding swap bios. (2023-03-24) tar.gz
v6.3-rc3     Linux 6.3-rc3 (2023-03-19) tar.gz
io_uring-6.3-2023-03-16 io_uring-6.3-2023-03-16 (2023-03-16) tar.gz
block-6.3-2023-03-16 block-6.3-2023-03-16 (2023-03-16) tar.gz
v6.3-rc2     Linux 6.3-rc2 (2023-03-12) tar.gz
block-6.3-2023-03-09 block-6.3-2023-03-09 (2023-03-09) tar.gz
io_uring-6.3-2023-03-09 io_uring-6.3-2023-03-09 (2023-03-09) tar.gz
v6.3-rc1     Linux 6.3-rc1 (2023-03-05) tar.gz
io_uring-6.3-2023-03-03 io_uring-6.3-2023-03-03 (2023-03-03) tar.gz
block-6.3-2023-03-03 block-6.3-2023-03-03 (2023-03-03) tar.gz
for-6.3/dm-changes - Fix DM cache target to free background tracker work items, otherwise   slab BUG will occur when kmem_cache_destroy() is called. (2023-02-20) tar.gz
wq-for-6.3   workqueue changes for v6.3-rc1 (2023-02-19) tar.gz
v6.2         Linux 6.2 (2023-02-19) tar.gz
block-6.2-2023-02-17 block-6.2-2023-02-17 (2023-02-17) tar.gz
for-6.3/block-2023-02-16 for-6.3/block-2023-02-16 (2023-02-17) tar.gz
block-6.2-2023-02-16 block-6.2-2023-02-16 (2023-02-16) tar.gz
for-6.3/io_uring-2023-02-16 for-6.3/io_uring-2023-02-16 (2023-02-16) tar.gz
for-6.3/iter-ubuf-2023-02-16 for-6.3/iter-ubuf-2023-02-16 (2023-02-16) tar.gz
for-6.3/dio-2023-02-16 for-6.3/dio-2023-02-16 (2023-02-16) tar.gz
v6.2-rc8     Linux 6.2-rc8 (2023-02-12) tar.gz
block-6.2-2023-02-10 block-6.2-2023-02-10 (2023-02-10) tar.gz
v6.2-rc7     Linux 6.2-rc7 (2023-02-05) tar.gz
block-6.2-2023-02-03 block-6.2-2023-02-03 (2023-02-03) tar.gz
v6.2-rc6     Linux 6.2-rc6 (2023-01-29) tar.gz
block-6.2-2023-01-27 block-6.2-2023-01-27 (2023-01-27) tar.gz
io_uring-6.2-2023-01-27 io_uring-6.2-2023-01-27 (2023-01-27) tar.gz
v6.2-rc5     Linux 6.2-rc5 (2023-01-21) tar.gz
io_uring-6.2-2023-01-21 io_uring-6.2-2023-01-21 (2023-01-21) tar.gz
block-6.2-2023-01-20 block-6.2-2023-01-20 (2023-01-20) tar.gz
io_uring-6.2-2023-01-20 io_uring-6.2-2023-01-20 (2023-01-20) tar.gz
v6.2-rc4     Linux 6.2-rc4 (2023-01-15) tar.gz
io_uring-6.2-2023-01-13 io_uring-6.2-2023-01-13 (2023-01-13) tar.gz
block-6.2-2023-01-13 block-6.2-2023-01-13 (2023-01-13) tar.gz
v6.2-rc3     Linux 6.2-rc3 (2023-01-08) tar.gz
block-2023-01-06 block-2023-01-06 (2023-01-06) tar.gz
io_uring-2023-01-06 io_uring-2023-01-06 (2023-01-06) tar.gz
tif-notify-signal-2023-01-06 tif-notify-signal-2023-01-06 (2023-01-06) tar.gz
v6.2-rc2     Linux 6.2-rc2 (2023-01-01) tar.gz
io_uring-6.2-2022-12-29 io_uring-6.2-2022-12-29 (2022-12-29) tar.gz
block-6.2-2022-12-29 block-6.2-2022-12-29 (2022-12-29) tar.gz
v6.2-rc1     Linux 6.2-rc1 (2022-12-25) tar.gz
block-6.2-2022-12-19 block-6.2-2022-12-19 (2022-12-19) tar.gz
io_uring-6.2-2022-12-19 io_uring-6.2-2022-12-19 (2022-12-19) tar.gz
for-6.2/writeback-2022-12-12 for-6.2/writeback-2022-12-12 (2022-12-12) tar.gz
for-6.2/dm-changes - Fix use-after-free races due to missing resource cleanup during DM   target destruction in DM targets: thin-pool, cache, integrity and   clone. (2022-12-12) tar.gz
v6.1         Linux 6.1 (2022-12-11) tar.gz
for-6.2/block-2022-12-08 for-6.2/block-2022-12-08 (2022-12-08) tar.gz
epoll-min_ts-2022-12-08 epoll-min_ts-2022-12-08 (2022-12-08) tar.gz
for-6.2/io_uring-next-2022-12-08 for-6.2/io_uring-next-2022-12-08 (2022-12-08) tar.gz
for-6.2/io_uring-2022-12-08 for-6.2/io_uring-2022-12-08 (2022-12-08) tar.gz
io_uring-6.1-2022-12-08 io_uring-6.1-2022-12-08 (2022-12-08) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-12-08 block-6.1-2022-12-08 (2022-12-08) tar.gz
v6.1-rc8     Linux 6.1-rc8 (2022-12-04) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-12-02 block-6.1-2022-12-02 (2022-12-02) tar.gz
v6.1-rc7     Linux 6.1-rc7 (2022-11-27) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-11-25 block-6.1-2022-11-25 (2022-11-25) tar.gz
io_uring-6.1-2022-11-25 io_uring-6.1-2022-11-25 (2022-11-25) tar.gz
v6.1-rc6     Linux 6.1-rc6 (2022-11-20) tar.gz
io_uring-6.1-2022-11-18 io_uring-6.1-2022-11-18 (2022-11-18) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-11-18 block-6.1-2022-11-18 (2022-11-18) tar.gz
for-6.1/dm-fixes-2 - Fix misbehavior if list_versions DM ioctl races with module   loading. (2022-11-18) tar.gz
v6.1-rc5     Linux 6.1-rc5 (2022-11-13) tar.gz
io_uring-6.1-2022-11-11 io_uring-6.1-2022-11-11 (2022-11-11) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-11-11 block-6.1-2022-11-11 (2022-11-11) tar.gz
v6.1-rc4     Linux 6.1-rc4 (2022-11-06) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-11-05 block-6.1-2022-11-05 (2022-11-05) tar.gz
v6.1-rc3     Linux 6.1-rc3 (2022-10-30) tar.gz
io_uring-6.1-2022-10-28 io_uring-6.1-2022-10-28 (2022-10-28) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-10-28 block-6.1-2022-10-28 (2022-10-28) tar.gz
v6.1-rc2     Linux 6.1-rc2 (2022-10-23) tar.gz
io_uring-6.1-2022-10-22 io_uring-6.1-2022-10-22 (2022-10-22) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-10-20 block-6.1-2022-10-20 (2022-10-20) tar.gz
io_uring-6.1-2022-10-20 io_uring-6.1-2022-10-20 (2022-10-20) tar.gz
for-6.1/dm-changes-v2 - Fix dm-bufio to use test_bit_acquire to properly test_bit on arches   with weaker memory ordering. (2022-10-18) tar.gz
for-6.1/dm-fix - Fix dm-bufio to use test_bit_acquire to properly test_bit on arches   with weaker memory ordering. (2022-10-18) tar.gz
for-6.1/dm-changes - DM core replace DMWARN with DMERR or DMCRIT for fatal errors. (2022-10-18) tar.gz
v6.1-rc1     Linux 6.1-rc1 (2022-10-16) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-10-13 block-6.1-2022-10-13 (2022-10-13) tar.gz
io_uring-6.1-2022-10-13 io_uring-6.1-2022-10-13 (2022-10-13) tar.gz
io_uring-6.1-2022-13-10 io_uring-6.1-2022-13-10 (2022-10-13) tar.gz
block-6.1-2022-13-10 block-6.1-2022-13-10 (2022-10-13) tar.gz
for-6.1/passthrough-2022-10-04 for-6.1/passthrough-2022-10-04 (2022-10-04) tar.gz
for-6.1/block-2022-10-03 for-6.1/block-2022-10-03 (2022-10-03) tar.gz
for-6.1/passthrough-2022-10-03 for-6.1/passthrough-2022-10-03 (2022-10-03) tar.gz
for-6.1/io_uring-2022-10-03 for-6.1/io_uring-2022-10-03 (2022-10-03) tar.gz
v6.0         Linux 6.0 (2022-10-02) tar.gz
block-6.0-2022-09-29 block-6.0-2022-09-29 (2022-09-29) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-09-29 io_uring-6.0-2022-09-29 (2022-09-29) tar.gz
v6.0-rc7     Linux 6.0-rc7 (2022-09-25) tar.gz
wq-for-6.0-rc6-fixes Workqueue fixes for v6.0-rc6 (2022-09-23) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-09-23 io_uring-6.0-2022-09-23 (2022-09-23) tar.gz
block-6.0-2022-09-22 block-6.0-2022-09-22 (2022-09-22) tar.gz
v6.0-rc6     Linux 6.0-rc6 (2022-09-18) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-09-18 io_uring-6.0-2022-09-18 (2022-09-18) tar.gz
block-6.0-2022-09-16 block-6.0-2022-09-16 (2022-09-16) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-09-16 io_uring-6.0-2022-09-16 (2022-09-16) tar.gz
v6.0-rc5     Linux 6.0-rc5 (2022-09-11) tar.gz
block-6.0-2022-09-09 block-6.0-2022-09-09 (2022-09-09) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-09-09 io_uring-6.0-2022-09-09 (2022-09-09) tar.gz
v6.0-rc4     Linux 6.0-rc4 (2022-09-04) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-09-02 io_uring-6.0-2022-09-02 (2022-09-02) tar.gz
block-6.0-2022-09-02 block-6.0-2022-09-02 (2022-09-02) tar.gz
v6.0-rc3     Linux 6.0-rc3 (2022-08-28) tar.gz
block-6.0-2022-08-26 block-6.0-2022-08-26 (2022-08-26) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-08-26 io_uring-6.0-2022-08-26 (2022-08-26) tar.gz
v6.0-rc2     Linux 6.0-rc2 (2022-08-21) tar.gz
block-6.0-2022-08-19 block-6.0-2022-08-19 (2022-08-19) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-08-19 io_uring-6.0-2022-08-19 (2022-08-19) tar.gz
v6.0-rc1     Linux 6.0-rc1 (2022-08-14) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-08-13 io_uring-6.0-2022-08-13 (2022-08-13) tar.gz
block-6.0-2022-08-12 block-6.0-2022-08-12 (2022-08-12) tar.gz
for-6.0/dm-fixes - A few fixes for the DM verity and bufio changes from the 6.0 merge. (2022-08-11) tar.gz
io_uring-6.0-2022-08-10 io_uring-6.0-2022-08-10 (2022-08-10) tar.gz
for-6.0/dm-changes-2 - Add flags argument to dm_bufio_client_create and introduce   DM_BUFIO_CLIENT_NO_SLEEP flag to have dm-bufio use spinlock rather   than mutex for its locking. (2022-08-05) tar.gz
for-5.20/block-2022-08-04 for-5.20/block-2022-08-04 (2022-08-04) tar.gz
for-6.0/dm-changes - Refactor DM core's mempool allocation so that it clearer by not   being split acorss files. (2022-08-01) tar.gz
v5.19        Linux 5.19 (2022-07-31) tar.gz
for-5.20/drivers-post-2022-07-29 for-5.20/drivers-post-2022-07-29 (2022-07-29) tar.gz
for-5.20/drivers-2022-07-29 for-5.20/drivers-2022-07-29 (2022-07-29) tar.gz
for-5.20/block-2022-07-29 for-5.20/block-2022-07-29 (2022-07-29) tar.gz
for-5.20/io_uring-zerocopy-send-2022-07-29 for-5.20/io_uring-zerocopy-send-2022-07-29 (2022-07-29) tar.gz
for-5.20/io_uring-buffered-writes-2022-07-29 for-5.20/io_uring-buffered-writes-2022-07-29 (2022-07-29) tar.gz
for-5.20/io_uring-2022-07-29 for-5.20/io_uring-2022-07-29 (2022-07-29) tar.gz
block-5.19-2022-07-29 block-5.19-2022-07-29 (2022-07-29) tar.gz
wq-for-5.19-rc8-fixes wq fixes for v5.19-rc8 (2022-07-29) tar.gz
v5.19-rc8    Linux 5.19-rc8 (2022-07-24) tar.gz
block-5.19-2022-07-21 block-5.19-2022-07-21 (2022-07-21) tar.gz
io_uring-5.19-2022-07-21 io_uring-5.19-2022-07-21 (2022-07-21) tar.gz
v5.19-rc7    Linux 5.19-rc7 (2022-07-17) tar.gz
block-5.19-2022-07-15 block-5.19-2022-07-15 (2022-07-15) tar.gz
v5.19-rc6    Linux 5.19-rc6 (2022-07-10) tar.gz
io_uring-5.19-2022-07-09 o_uring-5.19-2022-07-09 (2022-07-09) tar.gz
io_uring-5.19-2022-07-08 io_uring-5.19-2022-07-08 (2022-07-08) tar.gz
block-5.19-2022-07-08 block-5.19-2022-07-08 (2022-07-08) tar.gz
v5.19-rc5    Linux 5.19-rc5 (2022-07-03) tar.gz
for-5.19/dm-fixes-5 - 3 fixes for invalid memory accesses discovered by using KASAN while   running the lvm2 testsuite's dm-raid tests. Includes changes to MD's   raid5.c given the dependency dm-raid has on the MD code. (2022-07-01) tar.gz
io_uring-5.19-2022-07-01 io_uring-5.19-2022-07-01 (2022-07-01) tar.gz
block-5.19-2022-07-01 block-5.19-2022-07-01 (2022-07-01) tar.gz
block-5.20-al block-5.20-al (2022-06-30) tar.gz
v5.19-rc4    Linux 5.19-rc4 (2022-06-26) tar.gz
block-5.19-2022-06-24 block-5.19-2022-06-24 (2022-06-24) tar.gz
io_uring-5.19-2022-06-24 io_uring-5.19-2022-06-24 (2022-06-24) tar.gz
for-5.19/dm-fixes-4 - Fix DM era to commit metadata during suspend using drain_workqueue   instead of flush_workqueue. (2022-06-23) tar.gz
v5.19-rc3    Linux 5.19-rc3 (2022-06-19) tar.gz
for-5.19/dm-fixes-3 - Fix a race in DM core's dm_start_io_acct that could result in double   accounting for abnormal IO (e.g. discards, write zeroes, etc). (2022-06-17) tar.gz
io_uring-5.19-2022-06-16 io_uring-5.19-2022-06-16 (2022-06-17) tar.gz
block-5.19-2022-06-16 block-5.19-2022-06-16 (2022-06-16) tar.gz
v5.19-rc2    Linux 5.19-rc2 (2022-06-12) tar.gz
wq-for-5.19-rc1-fixes Workqueue fixes for v5.19-rc1 (2022-06-11) tar.gz
for-5.19/dm-fixes-2 - Fix DM core's bioset initialization so that blk integrity pool is   properly setup. Remove now unused bioset_init_from_src. (2022-06-10) tar.gz
v5.19-rc1    Linux 5.19-rc1 (2022-06-05) tar.gz
io_uring-5.19-2022-06-02 io_uring-5.19-2022-06-02 (2022-06-02) tar.gz
for-5.19/drivers-2022-06-02 for-5.19/drivers-2022-06-02 (2022-06-02) tar.gz
for-5.19/block-exec-2022-06-02 for-5.19/block-exec-2022-06-02 (2022-06-02) tar.gz
for-5.19/block-2022-06-02 for-5.19/block-2022-06-02 (2022-06-02) tar.gz
for-5.19/dm-fixes - Fix DM core's dm_table_supports_poll to return false if no data   devices. (2022-06-01) tar.gz
for-5.19/dm-changes - Enable DM core bioset's per-cpu bio cache if QUEUE_FLAG_POLL   set. This change improves DM's hipri bio polling (REQ_POLLED)   performance by 7 - 20% depending on the system. (2022-05-25) tar.gz
for-5.19/block-2022-05-22 for-5.19/block-2022-05-22 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.19/drivers-2022-05-22 for-5.19/drivers-2022-05-22 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.19/cdrom-2022-05-22 for-5.19/cdrom-2022-05-22 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.19/writeback-2022-05-22 for-5.19/writeback-2022-05-22 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.19/io_uring-passthrough-2022-05-22 for-5.19/io_uring-passthrough-2022-05-22 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.19/io_uring-net-2022-05-22 for-5.19/io_uring-net-2022-05-22 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.19/io_uring-socket-2022-05-22 for-5.19/io_uring-socket-2022-05-22 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.19/io_uring-xattr-2022-05-22 for-5.19/io_uring-xattr-2022-05-22 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.19/io_uring-2022-05-22 for-5.19/io_uring-2022-05-22 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
v5.18        Linux 5.18 (2022-05-22) tar.gz
io_uring-5.18-2022-05-18 io_uring-5.18-2022-05-18 (2022-05-18) tar.gz
block-5.18-2022-05-18 block-5.18-2022-05-18 (2022-05-18) tar.gz
v5.18-rc7    Linux 5.18-rc7 (2022-05-15) tar.gz
v5.18-rc6    Linux 5.18-rc6 (2022-05-08) tar.gz
io_uring-5.18-2022-05-06 io_uring-5.18-2022-05-06 (2022-05-06) tar.gz
block-5.18-2022-05-06 block-5.18-2022-05-06 (2022-05-06) tar.gz
v5.18-rc5    Linux 5.18-rc5 (2022-05-01) tar.gz
block-5.18-2022-04-29 block-5.18-2022-04-29 (2022-04-29) tar.gz
io_uring-5.18-2022-04-29 io_uring-5.18-2022-04-29 (2022-04-29) tar.gz
v5.18-rc4    Linux 5.18-rc4 (2022-04-24) tar.gz
block-5.18-2022-04-22 block-5.18-2022-04-22 (2022-04-22) tar.gz
io_uring-5.18-2022-04-22 io_uring-5.18-2022-04-22 (2022-04-22) tar.gz
v5.18-rc3    Linux 5.18-rc3 (2022-04-17) tar.gz
for-5.18/dm-fixes-2 - Fix memory corruption in DM integrity target when tag_size is less   than digest size. (2022-04-15) tar.gz
block-5.18-2022-04-15 block-5.18-2022-04-15 (2022-04-15) tar.gz
io_uring-5.18-2022-04-14 io_uring-5.18-2022-04-14 (2022-04-14) tar.gz
block-5.18-2022-04-14 block-5.18-2022-04-14 (2022-04-14) tar.gz
v5.18-rc2    Linux 5.18-rc2 (2022-04-10) tar.gz
io_uring-5.18-2022-04-08 io_uring-5.18-2022-04-08 (2022-04-08) tar.gz
block-5.18-2022-04-08 block-5.18-2022-04-08 (2022-04-08) tar.gz
v5.18-rc1    Linux 5.18-rc1 (2022-04-03) tar.gz
for-5.18/drivers-2022-04-02 for-5.18/drivers-2022-04-02 (2022-04-02) tar.gz
for-5.18/io_uring-2022-04-01 for-5.18/io_uring-2022-04-01 (2022-04-01) tar.gz
for-5.18/drivers-2022-04-01 for-5.18/drivers-2022-04-01 (2022-04-01) tar.gz
for-5.18/block-2022-04-01 for-5.18/block-2022-04-01 (2022-04-01) tar.gz
for-5.18/dm-fixes - Fix DM integrity shrink crash due to journal entry not being marked   unused. (2022-04-01) tar.gz
for-5.18/alloc-cleanups-2022-03-25 for-5.18/alloc-cleanups-2022-03-25 (2022-03-25) tar.gz
for-5.18/64bit-pi-2022-03-25 for-5.18/64bit-pi-2022-03-25 (2022-03-25) tar.gz
for-5.18/dm-changes - Significant refactoring and fixing of how DM core does bio-based IO   accounting with focus on fixing wildly inaccurate IO stats for   dm-crypt (and other DM targets that defer bio submission in their   own workqueues). End result is proper IO accounting, made possible   by targets being updated to use the new dm_submit_bio_remap()   interface. (2022-03-23) tar.gz
v5.17        Linux 5.17 (2022-03-20) tar.gz
for-5.18/write-streams-2022-03-18 for-5.18/write-streams-2022-03-18 (2022-03-18) tar.gz
for-5.18/64bit-pi-2022-03-18 for-5.18/64bit-pi-2022-03-18 (2022-03-18) tar.gz
for-5.18/alloc-cleanups-2022-03-18 for-5.18/alloc-cleanups-2022-03-18 (2022-03-18) tar.gz
for-5.18/drivers-2022-03-18 for-5.18/drivers-2022-03-18 (2022-03-18) tar.gz
for-5.18/block-2022-03-18 for-5.18/block-2022-03-18 (2022-03-18) tar.gz
for-5.18/io_uring-statx-2022-03-18 for-5.18/io_uring-statx-2022-03-18 (2022-03-18) tar.gz
for-5.18/io_uring-2022-03-18 for-5.18/io_uring-2022-03-18 (2022-03-18) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-03-18 block-5.17-2022-03-18 (2022-03-18) tar.gz
io_uring-5.17-2022-03-18 io_uring-5.17-2022-03-18 (2022-03-18) tar.gz
v5.17-rc8    Linux 5.17-rc8 (2022-03-13) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-03-10 block-5.17-2022-03-10 (2022-03-10) tar.gz
v5.17-rc7    Linux 5.17-rc7 (2022-03-06) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-03-04 block-5.17-2022-03-04 (2022-03-04) tar.gz
v5.17-rc6    Linux 5.17-rc6 (2022-02-27) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-02-24 block-5.17-2022-02-24 (2022-02-24) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-02-23 block-5.17-2022-02-23 (2022-02-23) tar.gz
io_uring-5.17-2022-02-23 io_uring-5.17-2022-02-23 (2022-02-23) tar.gz
v5.17-rc5    Linux 5.17-rc5 (2022-02-20) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-02-17 block-5.17-2022-02-17 (2022-02-17) tar.gz
v5.17-rc4    Linux 5.17-rc4 (2022-02-13) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-02-11 block-5.17-2022-02-11 (2022-02-11) tar.gz
io_uring-5.17-2022-02-11 io_uring-5.17-2022-02-11 (2022-02-11) tar.gz
v5.17-rc3    Linux 5.17-rc3 (2022-02-06) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-02-04 block-5.17-2022-02-04 (2022-02-04) tar.gz
v5.17-rc2    Linux 5.17-rc2 (2022-01-30) tar.gz
io_uring-5.17-2022-01-28 io_uring-5.17-2022-01-28 (2022-01-28) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-01-28 block-5.17-2022-01-28 (2022-01-28) tar.gz
v5.17-rc1    Linux 5.17-rc1 (2022-01-23) tar.gz
io_uring-5.17-2022-01-21 io_uring-5.17-2022-01-21 (2022-01-21) tar.gz
block-5.17-2022-01-21 block-5.17-2022-01-21 (2022-01-21) tar.gz
for-5.17/dm-changes - Fixes and improvements to dm btree and dm space map code in   persistent-data library used by thinp and cache. (2022-01-12) tar.gz
for-5.17/drivers-2022-01-11 for-5.17/drivers-2022-01-11 (2022-01-11) tar.gz
for-5.17/block-2022-01-11 for-5.17/block-2022-01-11 (2022-01-11) tar.gz
for-5.17/io_uring-2022-01-11 for-5.17/io_uring-2022-01-11 (2022-01-11) tar.gz
v5.16        Linux 5.16 (2022-01-09) tar.gz
block-5.16-2022-01-07 block-5.16-2022-01-07 (2022-01-07) tar.gz
v5.16-rc8    Linux 5.16-rc8 (2022-01-02) tar.gz
v5.16-rc7    Linux 5.16-rc7 (2021-12-26) tar.gz
io_uring-5.16-2021-12-23 io_uring-5.16-2021-12-23 (2021-12-23) tar.gz
v5.16-rc6    Linux 5.16-rc6 (2021-12-19) tar.gz
block-5.16-2021-12-19 block-5.16-2021-12-19 (2021-12-19) tar.gz
io_uring-5.16-2021-12-17 io_uring-5.16-2021-12-17 (2021-12-17) tar.gz
block-5.16-2021-12-17 block-5.16-2021-12-17 (2021-12-17) tar.gz
for-5.16/dm-fixes - Fix use after free in DM btree remove's rebalance_children(). (2021-12-16) tar.gz
v5.16-rc5    Linux 5.16-rc5 (2021-12-12) tar.gz
io_uring-5.16-2021-12-10 io_uring-5.16-2021-12-10 (2021-12-10) tar.gz
block-5.16-2021-12-10 block-5.16-2021-12-10 (2021-12-10) tar.gz
v5.16-rc4    Linux 5.16-rc4 (2021-12-05) tar.gz
io_uring-5.16-2021-12-03 io_uring-5.16-2021-12-03 (2021-12-03) tar.gz
block-5.16-2021-12-03 block-5.16-2021-12-03 (2021-12-03) tar.gz
v5.16-rc3    Linux 5.16-rc3 (2021-11-28) tar.gz
io_uring-5.16-2021-11-27 io_uring-5.16-2021-11-27 (2021-11-27) tar.gz
block-5.16-2021-11-27 block-5.16-2021-11-27 (2021-11-27) tar.gz
block-5.16-2021-11-25 block-5.16-2021-11-25 (2021-11-25) tar.gz
io_uring-5.16-2021-11-25 io_uring-5.16-2021-11-25 (2021-11-25) tar.gz
v5.16-rc2    Linux 5.16-rc2 (2021-11-21) tar.gz
block-5.16-2021-11-19 block-5.16-2021-11-19 (2021-11-19) tar.gz
v5.16-rc1    Linux 5.16-rc1 (2021-11-14) tar.gz
block-5.16-2021-11-13 block-5.16-2021-11-13 (2021-11-13) tar.gz
io_uring-5.16-2021-11-13 io_uring-5.16-2021-11-13 (2021-11-13) tar.gz
io_uring-5.16-2021-11-09 io_uring-5.16-2021-11-09 (2021-11-09) tar.gz
for-5.16/drivers-2021-11-09 for-5.16/drivers-2021-11-09 (2021-11-09) tar.gz
for-5.16/block-2021-11-09 for-5.16/block-2021-11-09 (2021-11-09) tar.gz
for-5.16/bdev-size-2021-11-09 for-5.16/bdev-size-2021-11-09 (2021-11-09) tar.gz
for-5.16/dm-changes - Add DM core support for emitting audit events through the audit   subsystem. Also enhance both the integrity and crypt targets to emit   events to via dm-audit. (2021-11-08) tar.gz
v5.15        Linux 5.15 (2021-10-31) tar.gz
for-5.16/cdrom-2021-10-29 for-5.16/cdrom-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
for-5.16/passthrough-flag-2021-10-29 for-5.16/passthrough-flag-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
for-5.16/scsi-ma-2021-10-29 for-5.16/scsi-ma-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
for-5.16/ki_complete-2021-10-29 for-5.16/ki_complete-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
for-5.16/inode-sync-2021-10-29 for-5.16/inode-sync-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
for-5.16/bdev-size-2021-10-29 for-5.16/bdev-size-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
for-5.16/io_uring-2021-10-29 for-5.16/io_uring-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
for-5.16/drivers-2021-10-29 for-5.16/drivers-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
for-5.16/block-2021-10-29 for-5.16/block-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
block-5.15-2021-10-29 block-5.15-2021-10-29 (2021-10-29) tar.gz
v5.15-rc7    Linux 5.15-rc7 (2021-10-25) tar.gz
block-5.15-2021-10-22 block-5.15-2021-10-22 (2021-10-22) tar.gz
io_uring-5.15-2021-10-22 io_uring-5.15-2021-10-22 (2021-10-22) tar.gz
v5.15-rc6    Linux 5.15-rc6 (2021-10-17) tar.gz
block-5.15-2021-10-17 block-5.15-2021-10-17 (2021-10-17) tar.gz
io_uring-5.15-2021-10-17 io_uring-5.15-2021-10-17 (2021-10-17) tar.gz
for-5.15/dm-fixes - Fix DM verity target to skip redundant processing on I/O errors. (2021-10-15) tar.gz
v5.15-rc5    Linux 5.15-rc5 (2021-10-10) tar.gz
block-5.15-2021-10-09 block-5.15-2021-10-09 (2021-10-09) tar.gz
v5.15-rc4    Linux 5.15-rc4 (2021-10-03) tar.gz
block-5.15-2021-10-01 block-5.15-2021-10-01 (2021-10-01) tar.gz
io_uring-5.15-2021-10-01 io_uring-5.15-2021-10-01 (2021-10-01) tar.gz
v5.15-rc3    Linux 5.15-rc3 (2021-09-26) tar.gz
io_uring-5.15-2021-09-25 io_uring-5.15-2021-09-25 (2021-09-25) tar.gz
block-5.15-2021-09-25 block-5.15-2021-09-25 (2021-09-25) tar.gz
v5.15-rc2    Linux 5.15-rc2 (2021-09-19) tar.gz
block-5.15-2021-09-17 block-5.15-2021-09-17 (2021-09-17) tar.gz
iov_iter.3-5.15-2021-09-17 iov_iter.3-5.15-2021-09-17 (2021-09-17) tar.gz
io_uring-5.15-2021-09-17 io_uring-5.15-2021-09-17 (2021-09-17) tar.gz
v5.15-rc1    Linux 5.15-rc1 (2021-09-12) tar.gz
io_uring-5.15-2021-09-11 io_uring-5.15-2021-09-11 (2021-09-11) tar.gz
block-5.15-2021-09-11 block-5.15-2021-09-11 (2021-09-11) tar.gz
libata-5.15-2021-09-11 libata-5.15-2021-09-11 (2021-09-11) tar.gz
block-5.15-2021-09-05 block-5.15-2021-09-05 (2021-09-05) tar.gz
misc-5.15-2021-09-05 misc-5.15-2021-09-05 (2021-09-05) tar.gz
libata-5.15-2021-09-05 libata-5.15-2021-09-05 (2021-09-05) tar.gz
for-5.15/io_uring-2021-09-04 for-5.15/io_uring-2021-09-04 (2021-09-04) tar.gz
for-5.15/dm-changes - Add DM infrastructure for IMA-based remote attestion. These changes   are the basis for deploying DM-based storage in a "cloud" that must   validate configurations end-users run to maintain trust. These DM   changes allow supported DM targets' configurations to be measured   via IMA. But the policy and enforcement (of which configurations are   valid) is managed by something outside the kernel (e.g. Keylime). (2021-08-31) tar.gz
for-5.15/io_uring-vfs-2021-08-30 for-5.15/io_uring-vfs-2021-08-30 (2021-08-30) tar.gz
io_uring-bio-cache.5-2021-08-30 io_uring-bio-cache.5-2021-08-30 (2021-08-30) tar.gz
for-5.15/io_uring-2021-08-30 for-5.15/io_uring-2021-08-30 (2021-08-30) tar.gz
for-5.15/libata-2021-08-30 for-5.15/libata-2021-08-30 (2021-08-30) tar.gz
for-5.15/drivers-2021-08-30 for-5.15/drivers-2021-08-30 (2021-08-30) tar.gz
for-5.15/block-2021-08-30 for-5.15/block-2021-08-30 (2021-08-30) tar.gz
v5.14        Linux 5.14 (2021-08-29) tar.gz
block-5.14-2021-08-27 block-5.14-2021-08-27 (2021-08-27) tar.gz
v5.14-rc7    Linux 5.14-rc7 (2021-08-22) tar.gz
io_uring-5.14-2021-08-20 io_uring-5.14-2021-08-20 (2021-08-20) tar.gz
block-5.14-2021-08-20 block-5.14-2021-08-20 (2021-08-20) tar.gz
v5.14-rc6    Linux 5.14-rc6 (2021-08-15) tar.gz
block-5.14-2021-08-13 block-5.14-2021-08-13 (2021-08-13) tar.gz
io_uring-5.14-2021-08-13 io_uring-5.14-2021-08-13 (2021-08-13) tar.gz
v5.14-rc5    Linux 5.14-rc5 (2021-08-08) tar.gz
block-5.14-2021-08-07 block-5.14-2021-08-07 (2021-08-07) tar.gz
io_uring-5.14-2021-08-07 io_uring-5.14-2021-08-07 (2021-08-07) tar.gz
v5.14-rc4    Linux 5.14-rc4 (2021-08-01) tar.gz
io_uring-5.14-2021-07-30 io_uring-5.14-2021-07-30 (2021-07-30) tar.gz
block-5.14-2021-07-30 block-5.14-2021-07-30 (2021-07-30) tar.gz
libata-5.14-2021-07-30 libata-5.14-2021-07-30 (2021-07-30) tar.gz
v5.14-rc3    Linux 5.14-rc3 (2021-07-25) tar.gz
io_uring-5.14-2021-07-24 io_uring-5.14-2021-07-24 (2021-07-24) tar.gz
block-5.14-2021-07-24 block-5.14-2021-07-24 (2021-07-24) tar.gz
v5.14-rc2    Linux 5.14-rc2 (2021-07-18) tar.gz
block-5.14-2021-07-16 block-5.14-2021-07-16 (2021-07-16) tar.gz
io_uring-5.14-2021-07-16 io_uring-5.14-2021-07-16 (2021-07-16) tar.gz
v5.14-rc1    Linux 5.14-rc1 (2021-07-11) tar.gz
io_uring-5.14-2021-07-09 io_uring-5.14-2021-07-09 (2021-07-09) tar.gz
block-5.14-2021-07-08 block-5.14-2021-07-08 (2021-07-08) tar.gz
for-5.14/io_uring-2021-06-30 for-5.14/io_uring-2021-06-30 (2021-06-30) tar.gz
for-5.14/dm-changes - Various DM persistent-data library improvements and fixes that   benefit both the DM thinp and cache targets. (2021-06-30) tar.gz
for-5.14/io_uring-2021-06-29 for-5.14/io_uring-2021-06-29 (2021-06-29) tar.gz
for-5.14/drivers-2021-06-29 for-5.14/drivers-2021-06-29 (2021-06-29) tar.gz
for-5.14/block-2021-06-29 for-5.14/block-2021-06-29 (2021-06-29) tar.gz
v5.13        Linux 5.13 (2021-06-27) tar.gz
for-5.14/libata-2021-06-27 for-5.14/libata-2021-06-27 (2021-06-27) tar.gz
v5.13-rc7    Linux 5.13-rc7 (2021-06-20) tar.gz
v5.13-rc6    Linux 5.13-rc6 (2021-06-13) tar.gz
io_uring-5.13-2021-06-12 io_uring-5.13-2021-06-12 (2021-06-12) tar.gz
block-5.13-2021-06-12 block-5.13-2021-06-12 (2021-06-12) tar.gz
v5.13-rc5    Linux 5.13-rc5 (2021-06-06) tar.gz
block-5.13-2021-06-03 block-5.13-2021-06-03 (2021-06-03) tar.gz
io_uring-5.13-2021-06-03 io_uring-5.13-2021-06-03 (2021-06-03) tar.gz
v5.13-rc4    Linux 5.13-rc4 (2021-05-30) tar.gz
io_uring-5.13-2021-05-28 io_uring-5.13-2021-05-28 (2021-05-28) tar.gz
block-5.13-2021-05-28 block-5.13-2021-05-28 (2021-05-28) tar.gz
for-5.13/dm-fixes-2 - Fix DM verity target's 'require_signatures' module_param permissions. (2021-05-27) tar.gz
v5.13-rc3    Linux 5.13-rc3 (2021-05-23) tar.gz
io_uring-5.13-2021-05-22 io_uring-5.13-2021-05-22 (2021-05-22) tar.gz
block-5.13-2021-05-22 block-5.13-2021-05-22 (2021-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.13/dm-fixes - Fix a couple DM snapshot target crashes exposed by user-error. (2021-05-20) tar.gz
v5.13-rc2    Linux 5.13-rc2 (2021-05-16) tar.gz
block-5.13-2021-05-14 block-5.13-2021-05-14 (2021-05-14) tar.gz
io_uring-5.13-2021-05-14 io_uring-5.13-2021-05-14 (2021-05-14) tar.gz
v5.13-rc1    Linux 5.13-rc1 (2021-05-09) tar.gz
block-5.13-2021-05-09 block-5.13-2021-05-09 (2021-05-09) tar.gz
block-5.13-2021-05-07 block-5.13-2021-05-07 (2021-05-07) tar.gz
io_uring-5.13-2021-05-07 io_uring-5.13-2021-05-07 (2021-05-07) tar.gz
for-5.13/dm-changes - Improve scalability of DM's device hash by switching to rbtree (2021-04-30) tar.gz
for-5.13/io_uring-2021-04-27 for-5.13/io_uring-2021-04-27 (2021-04-27) tar.gz
for-5.13/libata-2021-04-27 for-5.13/libata-2021-04-27 (2021-04-27) tar.gz
for-5.13/drivers-2021-04-27 for-5.13/drivers-2021-04-27 (2021-04-27) tar.gz
for-5.13/block-2021-04-27 for-5.13/block-2021-04-27 (2021-04-27) tar.gz
v5.12        Linux 5.12 (2021-04-25) tar.gz
block-5.12-2021-04-23 block-5.12-2021-04-23 (2021-04-23) tar.gz
v5.12-rc8    Linux 5.12-rc8 (2021-04-18) tar.gz
io_uring-5.12-2021-04-16 io_uring-5.12-2021-04-16 (2021-04-16) tar.gz
for-5.12/dm-fixes-3 Fix DM verity target FEC support's RS roots IO to always be aligned. This fixes a previous stable@ fix that overcorrected for a different configuration that also resulted in misaligned roots IO. (2021-04-14) tar.gz
v5.12-rc7    Linux 5.12-rc7 (2021-04-11) tar.gz
io_uring-5.12-2021-04-09 io_uring-5.12-2021-04-09 (2021-04-09) tar.gz
v5.12-rc6    Linux 5.12-rc6 (2021-04-04) tar.gz
io_uring-5.12-2021-04-03 io_uring-5.12-2021-04-03 (2021-04-03) tar.gz
io_uring-5.12-2021-04-02 io_uring-5.12-2021-04-02 (2021-04-02) tar.gz
block-5.12-2021-04-02 block-5.12-2021-04-02 (2021-04-02) tar.gz
v5.12-rc5    Linux 5.12-rc5 (2021-03-28) tar.gz
block-5.12-2021-03-27 block-5.12-2021-03-27 (2021-03-27) tar.gz
io_uring-5.12-2021-03-27 io_uring-5.12-2021-03-27 (2021-03-27) tar.gz
for-5.12/dm-fixes-2 - Fix DM verity target's optional argument processing. (2021-03-26) tar.gz
v5.12-rc4    Linux 5.12-rc4 (2021-03-21) tar.gz
io_uring-5.12-2021-03-21 io_uring-5.12-2021-03-21 (2021-03-21) tar.gz
io_uring-5.12-2021-03-19 io_uring-5.12-2021-03-19 (2021-03-19) tar.gz
block-5.12-2021-03-19 block-5.12-2021-03-19 (2021-03-19) tar.gz
v5.12-rc3    Linux 5.12-rc3 (2021-03-14) tar.gz
block-5.12-2021-03-12-v2 block-5.12-2021-03-12-v2 (2021-03-12) tar.gz
block-5.12-2021-03-12 block-5.12-2021-03-12 (2021-03-12) tar.gz
io_uring-5.12-2021-03-12 io_uring-5.12-2021-03-12 (2021-03-12) tar.gz
v5.12-rc2    Linux 5.12-rc2 (2021-03-05) tar.gz
for-5.12/dm-fixes Fix DM verity target's optional Forward Error Correction (FEC) for Reed-Solomon roots that are unaligned to block size. (2021-03-05) tar.gz
block-5.12-2021-03-05 block-5.12-2021-03-05 (2021-03-05) tar.gz
io_uring-5.12-2021-03-05 io_uring-5.12-2021-03-05 (2021-03-05) tar.gz
misc-5.12-2021-03-02 misc-5.12-2021-03-02 (2021-03-02) tar.gz
v5.12-rc1    Linux 5.12-rc1 (2021-02-28) tar.gz
v5.12-rc1-dontuse Linux 5.12-rc1 (2021-02-28) tar.gz
ide-5.11-2021-02-28 ide-5.11-2021-02-28 (2021-02-28) tar.gz
block-5.12-2021-02-27 block-5.12-2021-02-27 (2021-02-27) tar.gz
io_uring-worker.v3-2021-02-25 io_uring-worker.v3-2021-02-25 (2021-02-25) tar.gz
for-5.12/io_uring-2021-02-25 for-5.12/io_uring-2021-02-25 (2021-02-25) tar.gz
for-5.12/block-ipi-2021-02-21 for-5.12/block-ipi-2021-02-21 (2021-02-21) tar.gz
for-5.12/drivers-2021-02-17 for-5.12/drivers-2021-02-17 (2021-02-17) tar.gz
for-5.12/block-2021-02-17 for-5.12/block-2021-02-17 (2021-02-17) tar.gz
for-5.12/libata-2021-02-17 for-5.12/libata-2021-02-17 (2021-02-17) tar.gz
for-5.12/io_uring-2021-02-17 for-5.12/io_uring-2021-02-17 (2021-02-17) tar.gz
for-5.12/dm-changes - Fix DM integrity's HMAC support to provide enhanced security of   internal_hash and journal_mac capabilities. (2021-02-15) tar.gz
v5.11        Linux 5.11 (2021-02-14) tar.gz
io_uring-5.11-2021-02-12 io_uring-5.11-2021-02-12 (2021-02-12) tar.gz
v5.11-rc7    Linux 5.11-rc7 (2021-02-07) tar.gz
io_uring-5.11-2021-02-05 io_uring-5.11-2021-02-05 (2021-02-05) tar.gz
block-5.11-2021-02-05 block-5.11-2021-02-05 (2021-02-05) tar.gz
v5.11-rc6    Linux 5.11-rc6 (2021-01-31) tar.gz
block-5.11-2021-01-29 block-5.11-2021-01-29 (2021-01-29) tar.gz
io_uring-5.11-2021-01-29 io_uring-5.11-2021-01-29 (2021-01-29) tar.gz
v5.11-rc5    Linux 5.11-rc5 (2021-01-24) tar.gz
block-5.11-2021-01-24 block-5.11-2021-01-24 (2021-01-24) tar.gz
io_uring-5.11-2021-01-24 io_uring-5.11-2021-01-24 (2021-01-24) tar.gz
for-5.11/dm-fixes-2 - Fix DM integrity crash if "recalculate" used without "internal_hash" (2021-01-22) tar.gz
task_work-2021-01-19 task_work-2021-01-19 (2021-01-19) tar.gz
v5.11-rc4    Linux 5.11-rc4 (2021-01-17) tar.gz
block-5.11-2021-01-16 block-5.11-2021-01-16 (2021-01-16) tar.gz
io_uring-5.11-2021-01-16 io_uring-5.11-2021-01-16 (2021-01-16) tar.gz
for-5.11/dm-fixes-1 - Fix DM-raid's raid1 discard limits so discards work. (2021-01-15) tar.gz
v5.11-rc3    Linux 5.11-rc3 (2021-01-10) tar.gz
block-5.11-2021-01-10 block-5.11-2021-01-10 (2021-01-10) tar.gz
io_uring-5.11-2021-01-10 io_uring-5.11-2021-01-10 (2021-01-10) tar.gz
v5.11-rc2    Linux 5.11-rc2 (2021-01-03) tar.gz
io_uring-5.11-2021-01-01 io_uring-5.11-2021-01-01 (2021-01-01) tar.gz
block-5.11-2021-01-01 block-5.11-2021-01-01 (2021-01-01) tar.gz
for-5.11/dm-fix Revert WQ_SYSFS change that broke reencryption (and all other functionality that requires reloading a dm-crypt DM table). (2020-12-28) tar.gz
v5.11-rc1    Linux 5.11-rc1 (2020-12-27) tar.gz
block-5.11-2020-12-23 block-5.11-2020-12-23 (2020-12-23) tar.gz
io_uring-5.11-2020-12-23 io_uring-5.11-2020-12-23 (2020-12-23) tar.gz
for-5.11/dm-changes - Add DM verity support for signature verification with 2nd keyring. (2020-12-22) tar.gz
tif-task_work.arch-2020-12-14 tif-task_work.arch-2020-12-14 (2020-12-14) tar.gz
for-5.11/revert-problem-v5.10-raid-changes A cascade of MD reverts occurred late in the v5.10-rcX cycle due to MD raid10 discard optimizations having introduced potential for corruption. Those reverts exposed a dm-raid.c compiler warning that wasn't ever knowingly introduced. That min_not_zero() type mismatch warning was thought to be safely fixed simply by changing 'struct mddev' to use 'unsigned int' rather than int for chunk_sectors members in that struct. I proposed either using a cast local to dm-raid.c but thought changing the type to 'unsigned int' more correct. While that may be, not enough testing was paired with code review associated with making that change. As such we were left exposed and the result was a report that with v5.10 btrfs on MD RAID6 failed to mount: (2020-12-14) tar.gz
for-5.11/drivers-2020-12-14 for-5.11/drivers-2020-12-14 (2020-12-14) tar.gz
for-5.11/block-2020-12-14 for-5.11/block-2020-12-14 (2020-12-14) tar.gz
for-5.11/io_uring-2020-12-14 for-5.11/io_uring-2020-12-14 (2020-12-14) tar.gz
v5.10        Linux 5.10 (2020-12-13) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-12-12 block-5.10-2020-12-12 (2020-12-12) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-12-11 block-5.10-2020-12-11 (2020-12-11) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-12-11 io_uring-5.10-2020-12-11 (2020-12-11) tar.gz
v5.10-rc7    Linux 5.10-rc7 (2020-12-06) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-12-05 io_uring-5.10-2020-12-05 (2020-12-05) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-12-05 block-5.10-2020-12-05 (2020-12-05) tar.gz
for-5.10/dm-fixes-2 Fix incorrect branching at top of blk_max_size_offset(). (2020-12-04) tar.gz
for-5.10/dm-fixes - Fix DM's bio splitting changes that were made during v5.9.   Restores splitting in terms of varied per-target ti->max_io_len   rather than use block core's single stacked 'chunk_sectors' limit. (2020-12-04) tar.gz
v5.10-rc6    Linux 5.10-rc6 (2020-11-29) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-11-27 io_uring-5.10-2020-11-27 (2020-11-27) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-11-27 block-5.10-2020-11-27 (2020-11-27) tar.gz
v5.10-rc5    Linux 5.10-rc5 (2020-11-22) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-11-20 io_uring-5.10-2020-11-20 (2020-11-20) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-11-20 block-5.10-2020-11-20 (2020-11-20) tar.gz
v5.10-rc4    Linux 5.10-rc4 (2020-11-15) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-11-13 block-5.10-2020-11-13 (2020-11-13) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-11-13 io_uring-5.10-2020-11-13 (2020-11-13) tar.gz
v5.10-rc3    Linux 5.10-rc3 (2020-11-08) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-11-07 io_uring-5.10-2020-11-07 (2020-11-07) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-11-07 block-5.10-2020-11-07 (2020-11-07) tar.gz
v5.10-rc2    Linux 5.10-rc2 (2020-11-01) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-10-30 io_uring-5.10-2020-10-30 (2020-10-30) tar.gz
libata-5.10-2020-10-30 libata-5.10-2020-10-30 (2020-10-30) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-10-30 block-5.10-2020-10-30 (2020-10-30) tar.gz
v5.10-rc1    Linux 5.10-rc1 (2020-10-25) tar.gz
libata-5.10-2020-10-24 libata-5.10-2020-10-24 (2020-10-24) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-10-24 block-5.10-2020-10-24 (2020-10-24) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-10-24 io_uring-5.10-2020-10-24 (2020-10-24) tar.gz
arch-cleanup-2020-10-22 arch-cleanup-2020-10-22 (2020-10-22) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-10-20 io_uring-5.10-2020-10-20 (2020-10-20) tar.gz
for-5.10/dm-changes - Improve DM core's bio splitting to use blk_max_size_offset(). Also   fix bio splitting for bios that were deferred to the worker thread   due to a DM device being suspended. (2020-10-13) tar.gz
drivers-5.10-2020-10-12 drivers-5.10-2020-10-12 (2020-10-12) tar.gz
libata-5.10-2020-10-12 libata-5.10-2020-10-12 (2020-10-12) tar.gz
io_uring-5.10-2020-10-12 io_uring-5.10-2020-10-12 (2020-10-12) tar.gz
block-5.10-2020-10-12 block-5.10-2020-10-12 (2020-10-12) tar.gz
v5.9         Linux 5.9 (2020-10-11) tar.gz
block5.9-2020-10-08 block5.9-2020-10-08 (2020-10-08) tar.gz
v5.9-rc8     Linux 5.9-rc8 (2020-10-04) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-10-02 io_uring-5.9-2020-10-02 (2020-10-02) tar.gz
block-5.9-2020-10-02 block-5.9-2020-10-02 (2020-10-02) tar.gz
v5.9-rc7     Linux 5.9-rc7 (2020-09-27) tar.gz
v5.8.12      This is the 5.8.12 stable release (2020-09-26) tar.gz
v5.4.68      This is the 5.4.68 stable release (2020-09-26) tar.gz
v4.19.148    This is the 4.19.148 stable release (2020-09-26) tar.gz
block-5.9-2020-09-25 block-5.9-2020-09-25 (2020-09-25) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-09-25 io_uring-5.9-2020-09-25 (2020-09-25) tar.gz
for-5.9/dm-fixes-2 - DM core fix for incorrect double bio splitting. Keep "fixing" this   because past attempts didn't fully appreciate the liability relative   to recursive bio splitting. This fix limits DM's bio splitting to a   single method and does _not_ use blk_queue_split() for normal IO. (2020-09-23) tar.gz
next-20200923 next-20200923 (2020-09-23) tar.gz
v5.8.11      This is the 5.8.11 stable release (2020-09-23) tar.gz
v5.4.67      This is the 5.4.67 stable release (2020-09-23) tar.gz
v4.19.147    This is the 4.19.147 stable release (2020-09-23) tar.gz
v4.14.199    This is the 4.14.199 stable release (2020-09-23) tar.gz
v4.9.237     This is the 4.9.237 stable release (2020-09-23) tar.gz
v4.4.237     This is the 4.4.237 stable release (2020-09-23) tar.gz
block-5.9-2020-09-22 block-5.9-2020-09-22 (2020-09-22) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-09-22 io_uring-5.9-2020-09-22 (2020-09-22) tar.gz
v5.9-rc6     Linux 5.9-rc6 (2020-09-20) tar.gz
v5.8.10      This is the 5.8.10 stable release (2020-09-17) tar.gz
v5.4.66      This is the 5.4.66 stable release (2020-09-17) tar.gz
v4.19.146    This is the 4.19.146 stable release (2020-09-17) tar.gz
v5.9-rc5     Linux 5.9-rc5 (2020-09-13) tar.gz
v5.8.9       This is the 5.8.9 stable release (2020-09-12) tar.gz
v5.4.65      This is the 5.4.65 stable release (2020-09-12) tar.gz
v4.19.145    This is the 4.19.145 stable release (2020-09-12) tar.gz
v4.14.198    This is the 4.14.198 stable release (2020-09-12) tar.gz
v4.9.236     This is the 4.9.236 stable release (2020-09-12) tar.gz
v4.4.236     This is the 4.4.236 stable release (2020-09-12) tar.gz
block-5.9-2020-09-11 - Fix a regression in bdev partition locking (Christoph) (2020-09-11) tar.gz
v5.8.8       This is the 5.8.8 stable release (2020-09-09) tar.gz
v5.4.64      This is the 5.4.64 stable release (2020-09-09) tar.gz
v4.19.144    This is the 4.19.144 stable release (2020-09-09) tar.gz
v4.14.197    This is the 4.14.197 stable release (2020-09-09) tar.gz
v5.9-rc4     Linux 5.9-rc4 (2020-09-06) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-09-06 io_uring-5.9-2020-09-06 (2020-09-06) tar.gz
v5.8.7       This is the 5.8.7 stable release (2020-09-05) tar.gz
v5.4.63      This is the 5.4.63 stable release (2020-09-05) tar.gz
libata-5.9-2020-09-04 libata-5.9-2020-09-04 (2020-09-04) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-09-04 io_uring-5.9-2020-09-04 (2020-09-04) tar.gz
block-5.9-2020-09-04 block-5.9-2020-09-04 (2020-09-04) tar.gz
v5.8.6       This is the 5.8.6 stable release (2020-09-03) tar.gz
v5.4.62      This is the 5.4.62 stable release (2020-09-03) tar.gz
v4.19.143    This is the 4.19.143 stable release (2020-09-03) tar.gz
v4.14.196    This is the 4.14.196 stable release (2020-09-03) tar.gz
v4.9.235     This is the 4.9.235 stable release (2020-09-03) tar.gz
v4.4.235     This is the 4.4.235 stable release (2020-09-03) tar.gz
for-5.9/dm-fixes - DM writecache fix to allow dax_direct_access() to partitioned pmem   devices. (2020-09-02) tar.gz
next-20200902 next-20200902 (2020-09-02) tar.gz
v5.9-rc3     Linux 5.9-rc3 (2020-08-30) tar.gz
block-5.9-2020-08-28 block-5.9-2020-08-28 (2020-08-28) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-08-28 io_uring-5.9-2020-08-28 (2020-08-28) tar.gz
v5.8.5       This is the 5.8.5 stable release (2020-08-27) tar.gz
v5.7.19      This is the 5.7.19 stable release (2020-08-27) tar.gz
v5.8.4       This is the 5.8.4 stable release (2020-08-26) tar.gz
v5.7.18      This is the 5.7.18 stable release (2020-08-26) tar.gz
v5.4.61      This is the 5.4.61 stable release (2020-08-26) tar.gz
v4.19.142    This is the 4.19.142 stable release (2020-08-26) tar.gz
v4.14.195    This is the 4.14.195 stable release (2020-08-26) tar.gz
v4.9.234     This is the 4.9.234 stable release (2020-08-26) tar.gz
v4.4.234     This is the 4.4.234 stable release (2020-08-26) tar.gz
v5.9-rc2     Linux 5.9-rc2 (2020-08-23) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-08-23 io_uring-5.9-2020-08-23 (2020-08-23) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-08-21 io_uring-5.9-2020-08-21 (2020-08-21) tar.gz
v5.8.3       This is the 5.8.3 stable release (2020-08-21) tar.gz
v5.7.17      This is the 5.7.17 stable release (2020-08-21) tar.gz
v5.4.60      This is the 5.4.60 stable release (2020-08-21) tar.gz
v4.19.141    This is the 4.19.141 stable release (2020-08-21) tar.gz
v4.9.233     This is the 4.9.233 stable release (2020-08-21) tar.gz
v4.4.233     This is the 4.4.233 stable release (2020-08-21) tar.gz
v4.14.194    This is the 4.14.194 stable release (2020-08-21) tar.gz
v5.8.2       This is the 5.8.2 stable release (2020-08-19) tar.gz
v5.7.16      This is the 5.7.16 stable release (2020-08-19) tar.gz
v5.4.59      This is the 5.4.59 stable release (2020-08-19) tar.gz
v4.19.140    This is the 4.19.140 stable release (2020-08-19) tar.gz
v5.9-rc1     Linux 5.9-rc1 (2020-08-16) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-08-15 io_uring-5.9-2020-08-15 (2020-08-15) tar.gz
io_uring-5.9-2020-08-14 io_uring-5.9-2020-08-14 (2020-08-15) tar.gz
block-5.9-2020-08-14 block-5.9-2020-08-14 (2020-08-14) tar.gz
v5.8.1       This is the 5.8.1 stable release (2020-08-11) tar.gz
v5.7.15      This is the 5.7.15 stable release (2020-08-11) tar.gz
v5.4.58      This is the 5.4.58 stable release (2020-08-11) tar.gz
v4.19.139    This is the 4.19.139 stable release (2020-08-11) tar.gz
for-5.9/dm-changes - DM multipath locking fixes around m->flags tests and improvements to   bio-based code so that it follows patterns established by   request-based code. (2020-08-07) tar.gz
v4.14.193    This is the 4.14.193 stable release (2020-08-07) tar.gz
v4.19.138    This is the 4.19.138 stable release (2020-08-07) tar.gz
v5.4.57      This is the 5.4.57 stable release (2020-08-07) tar.gz
v5.7.14      This is the 5.7.14 stable release (2020-08-07) tar.gz
v4.14.192    This is the 4.14.192 stable release (2020-08-05) tar.gz
v4.19.137    This is the 4.19.137 stable release (2020-08-05) tar.gz
v5.4.56      This is the 5.4.56 stable release (2020-08-05) tar.gz
v5.7.13      This is the 5.7.13 stable release (2020-08-05) tar.gz
for-5.9/block-merge-20200804 for-5.9/block-merge-20200804 (2020-08-04) tar.gz
for-5.9/drivers-20200803 for-5.9/drivers-20200803 (2020-08-03) tar.gz
v5.8         Linux 5.8 (2020-08-02) tar.gz
for-5.9/io_uring-20200802 for-5.9/io_uring-20200802 (2020-08-02) tar.gz
for-5.9/block-20200802 for-5.9/block-20200802 (2020-08-02) tar.gz
v5.7.12      This is the 5.7.12 stable release (2020-07-31) tar.gz
v5.4.55      This is the 5.4.55 stable release (2020-07-31) tar.gz
v4.19.136    This is the 4.19.136 stable release (2020-07-31) tar.gz
v4.14.191    This is the 4.14.191 stable release (2020-07-31) tar.gz
v4.9.232     This is the 4.9.232 stable release (2020-07-31) tar.gz
v4.4.232     This is the 4.4.232 stable release (2020-07-31) tar.gz
block-5.8-2020-07-30 block-5.8-2020-07-30 (2020-07-30) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-07-30 io_uring-5.8-2020-07-30 (2020-07-30) tar.gz
v5.7.11      This is the 5.7.11 stable release (2020-07-29) tar.gz
v5.4.54      This is the 5.4.54 stable release (2020-07-29) tar.gz
v4.19.135    This is the 4.19.135 stable release (2020-07-29) tar.gz
v4.14.190    This is the 4.14.190 stable release (2020-07-29) tar.gz
v5.8-rc7     Linux 5.8-rc7 (2020-07-26) tar.gz
for-5.8/dm-fixes-3 - Stable fix for DM integrity target's integrity recalculation that   gets skipped when resuming a device. This is a fix for a previous   stable@ fix. (2020-07-24) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-07-24 io_uring-5.8-2020-07-24 (2020-07-24) tar.gz
v5.7.10      This is the 5.7.10 stable release (2020-07-22) tar.gz
v5.4.53      This is the 5.4.53 stable release (2020-07-22) tar.gz
v4.19.134    This is the 4.19.134 stable release (2020-07-22) tar.gz
v4.14.189    This is the 4.14.189 stable release (2020-07-22) tar.gz
v4.9.231     This is the 4.9.231 stable release (2020-07-22) tar.gz
v4.4.231     This is the 4.4.231 stable release (2020-07-22) tar.gz
v5.8-rc6     Linux 5.8-rc6 (2020-07-19) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-07-17 io_uring-5.8-2020-07-17 (2020-07-17) tar.gz
block-5.8-2020-07-17 block-5.8-2020-07-17 (2020-07-17) tar.gz
v4.19.133    This is the 4.19.133 stable release (2020-07-16) tar.gz
v5.4.52      This is the 5.4.52 stable release (2020-07-16) tar.gz
v5.7.9       This is the 5.7.9 stable release (2020-07-16) tar.gz
v5.8-rc5     Linux 5.8-rc5 (2020-07-12) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-07-12 io_uring-5.8-2020-07-12 (2020-07-12) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-07-10 io_uring-5.8-2020-07-10 (2020-07-10) tar.gz
block-5.8-2020-07-10 block-5.8-2020-07-10 (2020-07-10) tar.gz
for-5.8/dm-fixes-2 - A request-based DM fix to not use a waitqueue to wait for blk-mq IO   completion because doing so is racey. (2020-07-09) tar.gz
v5.7.8       This is the 5.7.8 stable release (2020-07-09) tar.gz
v5.4.51      This is the 5.4.51 stable release (2020-07-09) tar.gz
v4.19.132    This is the 4.19.132 stable release (2020-07-09) tar.gz
v4.14.188    This is the 4.14.188 stable release (2020-07-09) tar.gz
v4.9.230     This is the 4.9.230 stable release (2020-07-09) tar.gz
v4.4.230     This is the 4.4.230 stable release (2020-07-09) tar.gz
v5.8-rc4     Linux 5.8-rc4 (2020-07-05) tar.gz
block-5.8-2020-07-05 block-5.8-2020-07-05 (2020-07-04) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-07-05 io_uring-5.8-2020-07-05 (2020-07-04) tar.gz
block-5.8-2020-07-01 block-5.8-2020-07-01 (2020-07-01) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-07-01 io_uring-5.8-2020-07-01 (2020-07-01) tar.gz
v4.19.131    Linux 4.19.131 (2020-06-30) tar.gz
v4.4.229     Linux 4.4.229 (2020-06-30) tar.gz
v4.9.229     Linux 4.9.229 (2020-06-30) tar.gz
v4.14.187    Linux 4.14.187 (2020-06-30) tar.gz
v5.4.50      Linux 5.4.50 (2020-06-30) tar.gz
v5.7.7       Linux 5.7.7 (2020-06-30) tar.gz
v5.8-rc3     Linux 5.8-rc3 (2020-06-28) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-06-26 io_uring-5.8-2020-06-26 (2020-06-26) tar.gz
block-5.8-2020-06-26 block-5.8-2020-06-26 (2020-06-26) tar.gz
for-5.8/dm-fixes - Quite a few DM zoned target fixes and a Zone append fix in DM core.   Considering the amount of dm-zoned changes that went in during the   5.8 merge window these fixes are not that surprising. (2020-06-26) tar.gz
v4.14.186    This is the 4.14.186 stable release (2020-06-25) tar.gz
v4.19.130    This is the 4.19.130 stable release (2020-06-25) tar.gz
v5.4.49      This is the 5.4.49 stable release (2020-06-24) tar.gz
v5.7.6       This is the 5.7.6 stable release (2020-06-24) tar.gz
v5.7.5       This is the 5.7.5 stable release (2020-06-22) tar.gz
v5.4.48      This is the 5.4.48 stable release (2020-06-22) tar.gz
v4.19.129    This is the 4.19.129 stable release (2020-06-22) tar.gz
v5.8-rc2     Linux 5.8-rc2 (2020-06-21) tar.gz
v4.14.185    This is the 4.14.185 stable release (2020-06-20) tar.gz
v4.9.228     This is the 4.9.228 stable release (2020-06-20) tar.gz
v4.4.228     This is the 4.4.228 stable release (2020-06-20) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-06-19 io_uring-5.8-2020-06-19 (2020-06-19) tar.gz
block-5.8-2020-06-19 block-5.8-2020-06-19 (2020-06-19) tar.gz
libata-5.8-2020-06-19 libata-5.8-2020-06-19 (2020-06-19) tar.gz
v5.7.4       This is the 5.7.4 stable release (2020-06-18) tar.gz
next-20200618 next-20200618 (2020-06-18) tar.gz
v5.7.3       This is the 5.7.3 stable release (2020-06-17) tar.gz
v5.6.19      This is the 5.6.19 stable release (2020-06-17) tar.gz
v5.4.47      This is the 5.4.47 stable release (2020-06-17) tar.gz
v5.8-rc1     Linux 5.8-rc1 (2020-06-14) tar.gz
io_uring-5.8-2020-06-11 io_uring-5.8-2020-06-11 (2020-06-11) tar.gz
block-5.8-2020-06-11 block-5.8-2020-06-11 (2020-06-11) tar.gz
v3.16.85     This is the 3.16.85 stable release (2020-06-11) tar.gz
v4.14.184    This is the 4.14.184 stable release (2020-06-11) tar.gz
v4.9.227     This is the 4.9.227 stable release (2020-06-11) tar.gz
v4.4.227     This is the 4.4.227 stable release (2020-06-11) tar.gz
v4.19.128    This is the 4.19.128 stable release (2020-06-10) tar.gz
v5.4.46      This is the 5.4.46 stable release (2020-06-10) tar.gz
v5.6.18      This is the 5.6.18 stable release (2020-06-10) tar.gz
v5.7.2       This is the 5.7.2 stable release (2020-06-10) tar.gz
v5.4.45      This is the 5.4.45 stable release (2020-06-07) tar.gz
v4.19.127    This is the 4.19.127 stable release (2020-06-07) tar.gz
v5.6.17      This is the 5.6.17 stable release (2020-06-07) tar.gz
v5.7.1       This is the 5.7.1 stable release (2020-06-07) tar.gz
for-5.8/dm-changes - Largest change for this cycle is the DM zoned target's metadata   version 2 feature that adds support for pairing regular block   devices with a zoned device to ease performance impact associated   with finite random zones of zoned device.  Changes came in 3   batches: first prepared for and then added the ability to pair a   single regular block device, second was a batch of fixes to improve   zoned's reclaim heuristic, third removed the limitation of only   adding a single additional regular block device to allow many   devices.  Testing has shown linear scaling as more devices are   added. (2020-06-05) tar.gz
next-20200605 next-20200605 (2020-06-05) tar.gz
v5.6.16      This is the 5.6.16 stable release (2020-06-03) tar.gz
v5.4.44      This is the 5.4.44 stable release (2020-06-03) tar.gz
v4.19.126    This is the 4.19.126 stable release (2020-06-03) tar.gz
v4.14.183    This is the 4.14.183 stable release (2020-06-03) tar.gz
v4.9.226     This is the 4.9.226 stable release (2020-06-03) tar.gz
v4.4.226     This is the 4.4.226 stable release (2020-06-03) tar.gz
for-5.8/io_uring-2020-06-01 for-5.8/io_uring-2020-06-01 (2020-06-01) tar.gz
for-5.8/drivers-2020-06-01 for-5.8/drivers-2020-06-01 (2020-06-01) tar.gz
for-5.8/block-2020-06-01 for-5.8/block-2020-06-01 (2020-06-01) tar.gz
v5.7         Linux 5.7 (2020-05-31) tar.gz
block-5.7-2020-05-29 block-5.7-2020-05-29 (2020-05-29) tar.gz
v5.6.15      This is the 5.6.15 stable release (2020-05-27) tar.gz
v5.4.43      This is the 5.4.43 stable release (2020-05-27) tar.gz
v4.19.125    This is the 4.19.125 stable release (2020-05-27) tar.gz
v4.14.182    This is the 4.14.182 stable release (2020-05-27) tar.gz
v4.9.225     This is the 4.9.225 stable release (2020-05-27) tar.gz
v4.4.225     This is the 4.4.225 stable release (2020-05-27) tar.gz
v5.7-rc7     Linux 5.7-rc7 (2020-05-24) tar.gz
v3.16.84     This is the 3.16.84 stable release (2020-05-22) tar.gz
io_uring-5.7-2020-05-22 io_uring-5.7-2020-05-22 (2020-05-22) tar.gz
block-5.7-2020-05-22 block-5.7-2020-05-22 (2020-05-22) tar.gz
v5.6.14      This is the 5.6.14 stable release (2020-05-20) tar.gz
v5.4.42      This is the 5.4.42 stable release (2020-05-20) tar.gz
v4.19.124    This is the 4.19.124 stable release (2020-05-20) tar.gz
v4.14.181    This is the 4.14.181 stable release (2020-05-20) tar.gz
v4.9.224     This is the 4.9.224 stable release (2020-05-20) tar.gz
v4.4.224     This is the 4.4.224 stable release (2020-05-20) tar.gz
v5.7-rc6     Linux 5.7-rc6 (2020-05-17) tar.gz
block-5.7-2020-05-16 block-5.7-2020-05-16 (2020-05-16) tar.gz
io_uring-5.7-2020-05-15 io_uring-5.7-2020-05-15 (2020-05-15) tar.gz
v5.6.13      This is the 5.6.13 stable release (2020-05-14) tar.gz
v5.4.41      This is the 5.4.41 stable release (2020-05-14) tar.gz
v4.19.123    This is the 4.19.123 stable release (2020-05-14) tar.gz
v5.7-rc5     Linux 5.7-rc5 (2020-05-10) tar.gz
v5.6.12      This is the 5.6.12 stable release (2020-05-10) tar.gz
v5.4.40      This is the 5.4.40 stable release (2020-05-10) tar.gz
v4.19.122    This is the 4.19.122 stable release (2020-05-10) tar.gz
v4.14.180    This is the 4.14.180 stable release (2020-05-10) tar.gz
v4.9.223     This is the 4.9.223 stable release (2020-05-10) tar.gz
v4.4.223     This is the 4.4.223 stable release (2020-05-10) tar.gz
block-5.7-2020-05-09 block-5.7-2020-05-09 (2020-05-09) tar.gz
io_uring-5.7-2020-05-08 io_uring-5.7-2020-05-08 (2020-05-08) tar.gz
v5.6.11      This is the 5.6.11 stable release (2020-05-06) tar.gz
v5.4.39      This is the 5.4.39 stable release (2020-05-06) tar.gz
v4.19.121    This is the 4.19.121 stable release (2020-05-06) tar.gz
v4.14.179    This is the 4.14.179 stable release (2020-05-05) tar.gz
v4.9.222     This is the 4.9.222 stable release (2020-05-05) tar.gz
v4.4.222     This is the 4.4.222 stable release (2020-05-05) tar.gz
v5.7-rc4     Linux 5.7-rc4 (2020-05-03) tar.gz
v5.6.10      This is the 5.6.10 stable release (2020-05-02) tar.gz
v5.4.38      This is the 5.4.38 stable release (2020-05-02) tar.gz
v4.19.120    This is the 4.19.120 stable release (2020-05-02) tar.gz
v4.14.178    This is the 4.14.178 stable release (2020-05-02) tar.gz
v4.9.221     This is the 4.9.221 stable release (2020-05-02) tar.gz
v4.4.221     This is the 4.4.221 stable release (2020-05-02) tar.gz
v5.6.9       This is the 5.6.9 stable release (2020-05-02) tar.gz
v5.4.37      This is the 5.4.37 stable release (2020-05-02) tar.gz
io_uring-5.7-2020-05-01 io_uring-5.7-2020-05-01 (2020-05-01) tar.gz
block-5.7-2020-05-01 block-5.7-2020-05-01 (2020-05-01) tar.gz
for-5.7/dm-fixes-2 - Document DM integrity allow_discard feature that was added during   5.7 merge window. (2020-04-30) tar.gz
v5.6.8       This is the 5.6.8 stable release (2020-04-29) tar.gz
v5.4.36      This is the 5.4.36 stable release (2020-04-29) tar.gz
v4.19.119    This is the 4.19.119 stable release (2020-04-29) tar.gz
v3.16.83     This is the 3.16.83 stable release (2020-04-28) tar.gz
v5.7-rc3     Linux 5.7-rc3 (2020-04-26) tar.gz
io_uring-5.7-2020-04-24 io_uring-5.7-2020-04-24 (2020-04-24) tar.gz
libata-5.7-2020-04-24 libata-5.7-2020-04-24 (2020-04-24) tar.gz
block-5.7-2020-04-24 block-5.7-2020-04-24 (2020-04-24) tar.gz
v4.14.177    This is the 4.14.177 stable release (2020-04-24) tar.gz
v4.9.220     This is the 4.9.220 stable release (2020-04-24) tar.gz
v4.4.220     This is the 4.4.220 stable release (2020-04-24) tar.gz
v5.6.7       This is the 5.6.7 stable release (2020-04-23) tar.gz
v5.4.35      This is the 5.4.35 stable release (2020-04-23) tar.gz
v4.19.118    This is the 4.19.118 stable release (2020-04-23) tar.gz
v5.6.6       This is the 5.6.6 stable release (2020-04-21) tar.gz
v5.5.19      This is the 5.5.19 stable release (2020-04-21) tar.gz
v5.4.34      This is the 5.4.34 stable release (2020-04-21) tar.gz
v4.19.117    This is the 4.19.117 stable release (2020-04-21) tar.gz
v5.7-rc2     Linux 5.7-rc2 (2020-04-19) tar.gz
libata-5.7-2020-04-17 libata-5.7-2020-04-17 (2020-04-17) tar.gz
block-5.7-2020-04-17 block-5.7-2020-04-17 (2020-04-17) tar.gz
io_uring-5.7-2020-04-17 io_uring-5.7-2020-04-17 (2020-04-17) tar.gz
v5.6.5       This is the 5.6.5 stable release (2020-04-17) tar.gz
v5.5.18      This is the 5.5.18 stable release (2020-04-17) tar.gz
v5.4.33      This is the 5.4.33 stable release (2020-04-17) tar.gz
v4.19.116    This is the 4.19.116 stable release (2020-04-17) tar.gz
v5.6.4       This is the 5.6.4 stable release (2020-04-13) tar.gz
v5.5.17      This is the 5.5.17 stable release (2020-04-13) tar.gz
v4.19.115    This is the 4.19.115 stable release (2020-04-13) tar.gz
v5.4.32      This is the 5.4.32 stable release (2020-04-13) tar.gz
v4.14.176    This is the 4.14.176 stable release (2020-04-13) tar.gz
v4.9.219     This is the 4.9.219 stable release (2020-04-13) tar.gz
v4.4.219     This is the 4.4.219 stable release (2020-04-13) tar.gz
v5.7-rc1     Linux 5.7-rc1 (2020-04-12) tar.gz
block-5.7-2020-04-10 block-5.7-2020-04-10 (2020-04-10) tar.gz
libata-5.7-2020-04-09 libata-5.7-2020-04-09 (2020-04-09) tar.gz
block-5.7-2020-04-09 block-5.7-2020-04-09 (2020-04-09) tar.gz
io_uring-5.7-2020-04-09 io_uring-5.7-2020-04-09 (2020-04-09) tar.gz
v5.6.3       This is the 5.6.3 stable release (2020-04-08) tar.gz
v5.5.16      This is the 5.5.16 stable release (2020-04-08) tar.gz
v5.4.31      This is the 5.4.31 stable release (2020-04-08) tar.gz
for-5.7/dm-fixes - Fix excessive bio splitting that caused performance regressions. (2020-04-03) tar.gz
v4.4.218     This is the 4.4.218 stable release (2020-04-02) tar.gz
v4.9.218     This is the 4.9.218 stable release (2020-04-02) tar.gz
v4.14.175    This is the 4.14.175 stable release (2020-04-02) tar.gz
v4.19.114    This is the 4.19.114 stable release (2020-04-02) tar.gz
v5.4.30      This is the 5.4.30 stable release (2020-04-02) tar.gz
v5.5.15      This is the 5.5.15 stable release (2020-04-02) tar.gz
v5.6.2       This is the 5.6.2 stable release (2020-04-02) tar.gz
for-5.7/dm-changes - Add DM writecache "cleaner" policy feature that allows cache to be   flushed while userspace monitors for completion to then discommision   use of caching. (2020-04-01) tar.gz
v5.4.29      This is the 5.4.29 stable release (2020-04-01) tar.gz
v5.5.14      This is the 5.5.14 stable release (2020-04-01) tar.gz
v5.6.1       This is the 5.6.1 stable release (2020-04-01) tar.gz
for-5.7/libata-2020-03-29 for-5.7/libata-2020-03-29 (2020-03-29) tar.gz
for-5.7/io_uring-2020-03-29 for-5.7/io_uring-2020-03-29 (2020-03-29) tar.gz
for-5.7/drivers-2020-03-29 for-5.7/drivers-2020-03-29 (2020-03-29) tar.gz
for-5.7/block-2020-03-29 for-5.7/block-2020-03-29 (2020-03-29) tar.gz
v5.6         Linux 5.6 (2020-03-29) tar.gz
v5.5.13      This is the 5.5.13 stable release (2020-03-25) tar.gz
v5.5.12      This is the 5.5.12 stable release (2020-03-25) tar.gz
v5.4.28      This is the 5.4.28 stable release (2020-03-25) tar.gz
v4.19.113    This is the 4.19.113 stable release (2020-03-25) tar.gz
v5.6-rc7     Linux 5.6-rc7 (2020-03-22) tar.gz
v5.5.11      This is the 5.5.11 stable release (2020-03-21) tar.gz
v5.4.27      This is the 5.4.27 stable release (2020-03-21) tar.gz
io_uring-5.6-20200320 io_uring-5.6-20200320 (2020-03-20) tar.gz
block-5.6-20200320 block-5.6-20200320 (2020-03-20) tar.gz
v4.19.112    This is the 4.19.112 stable release (2020-03-20) tar.gz
v4.14.174    This is the 4.14.174 stable release (2020-03-20) tar.gz
v4.9.217     This is the 4.9.217 stable release (2020-03-20) tar.gz
v4.4.217     This is the 4.4.217 stable release (2020-03-20) tar.gz
v5.5.10      This is the 5.5.10 stable release (2020-03-18) tar.gz
v5.4.26      This is the 5.4.26 stable release (2020-03-18) tar.gz
v4.19.111    This is the 4.19.111 stable release (2020-03-18) tar.gz
v4.19.110    This is the 4.19.110 stable release (2020-03-16) tar.gz
v5.6-rc6     Linux 5.6-rc6 (2020-03-15) tar.gz
io_uring-5.6-2020-03-13 io_uring-5.6-2020-03-13 (2020-03-13) tar.gz
block-5.6-2020-03-13 block-5.6-2020-03-13 (2020-03-13) tar.gz
v5.4.25      This is the 5.4.25 stable release (2020-03-12) tar.gz
v5.5.9       This is the 5.5.9 stable release (2020-03-12) tar.gz
v4.14.173    This is the 4.14.173 stable release (2020-03-11) tar.gz
v4.19.109    This is the 4.19.109 stable release (2020-03-11) tar.gz
v4.9.216     This is the 4.9.216 stable release (2020-03-11) tar.gz
v4.4.216     This is the 4.4.216 stable release (2020-03-11) tar.gz
v5.6-rc5     Linux 5.6-rc5 (2020-03-08) tar.gz
block-5.6-2020-03-07 block-5.6-2020-03-07 (2020-03-07) tar.gz
io_uring-5.6-2020-03-07 io_uring-5.6-2020-03-07 (2020-03-07) tar.gz
v5.5.8       This is the 5.5.8 stable release (2020-03-05) tar.gz
v5.4.24      This is the 5.4.24 stable release (2020-03-05) tar.gz
v4.19.108    This is the 4.19.108 stable release (2020-03-05) tar.gz
for-5.6/dm-fixes - Fix request-based DM's congestion_fn and actually wire it up to the   bdi. (2020-03-04) tar.gz
v5.6-rc4     Linux 5.6-rc4 (2020-03-01) tar.gz
block-5.6-2020-02-28 block-5.6-2020-02-28 (2020-02-28) tar.gz
io_uring-5.6-2020-02-28 io_uring-5.6-2020-02-28 (2020-02-28) tar.gz
v5.5.7       This is the 5.5.7 stable release (2020-02-28) tar.gz
v5.4.23      This is the 5.4.23 stable release (2020-02-28) tar.gz
v4.19.107    This is the 4.19.107 stable release (2020-02-28) tar.gz
v4.14.172    This is the 4.14.172 stable release (2020-02-28) tar.gz
v4.9.215     This is the 4.9.215 stable release (2020-02-28) tar.gz
v4.4.215     This is the 4.4.215 stable release (2020-02-28) tar.gz
v5.5.6       This is the 5.5.6 stable release (2020-02-24) tar.gz
v5.4.22      This is the 5.4.22 stable release (2020-02-24) tar.gz
v4.19.106    This is the 4.19.106 stable release (2020-02-24) tar.gz
v5.6-rc3     Linux 5.6-rc3 (2020-02-23) tar.gz
io_uring-5.6-2020-02-22 io_uring-5.6-2020-02-22 (2020-02-22) tar.gz
block-5.6-2020-02-22 block-5.6-2020-02-22 (2020-02-22) tar.gz
v5.5.5       This is the 5.5.5 stable release (2020-02-19) tar.gz
v5.4.21      This is the 5.4.21 stable release (2020-02-19) tar.gz
v4.19.105    This is the 4.19.105 stable release (2020-02-19) tar.gz
v5.6-rc2     Linux 5.6-rc2 (2020-02-16) tar.gz
block-5.6-2020-02-16 block-5.6-2020-02-16 (2020-02-16) tar.gz
v5.5.4       This is the 5.5.4 stable release (2020-02-14) tar.gz
v5.4.20      This is the 5.4.20 stable release (2020-02-14) tar.gz
v4.19.104    This is the 4.19.104 stable release (2020-02-14) tar.gz
v4.14.171    This is the 4.14.171 stable release (2020-02-14) tar.gz
v4.9.214     This is the 4.9.214 stable release (2020-02-14) tar.gz
v4.4.214     This is the 4.4.214 stable release (2020-02-14) tar.gz
io_uring-5.6-2020-02-14 io_uring-5.6-2020-02-14 (2020-02-14) tar.gz
v3.16.82     This is the 3.16.82 stable release (2020-02-11) tar.gz
v5.5.3       This is the 5.5.3 stable release (2020-02-11) tar.gz
v5.4.19      This is the 5.4.19 stable release (2020-02-11) tar.gz
v4.19.103    This is the 4.19.103 stable release (2020-02-11) tar.gz
v5.6-rc1     Linux 5.6-rc1 (2020-02-09) tar.gz
v5.4.18      This is the 5.4.18 stable release (2020-02-05) tar.gz
io_uring-5.6-2020-02-05 io_uring-5.6-2020-02-05 (2020-02-05) tar.gz
libata-5.6-2020-02-05 libata-5.6-2020-02-05 (2020-02-05) tar.gz
block-5.6-2020-02-05 block-5.6-2020-02-05 (2020-02-05) tar.gz
v4.19.102    This is the 4.19.102 stable release (2020-02-05) tar.gz
v4.14.170    This is the 4.14.170 stable release (2020-02-05) tar.gz
v4.9.213     This is the 4.9.213 stable release (2020-02-05) tar.gz
v4.4.213     This is the 4.4.213 stable release (2020-02-05) tar.gz
v5.5.2       This is the 5.5.2 stable release (2020-02-04) tar.gz
v4.19.101    This is the 4.19.101 stable release (2020-02-01) tar.gz
v5.4.17      This is the 5.4.17 stable release (2020-02-01) tar.gz
v5.5.1       This is the 5.5.1 stable release (2020-02-01) tar.gz
for-5.6/io_uring-vfs-2020-01-29 for-5.6/io_uring-vfs-2020-01-29 (2020-01-29) tar.gz
for-5.6/dm-changes - Fix DM core's potential for q->make_request_fn NULL pointer in the   unlikely case that a DM device is created without a DM table and   then accessed due to upper-layer userspace code or user error. (2020-01-29) tar.gz
v5.4.16      This is the 5.4.16 stable release (2020-01-29) tar.gz
v4.19.100    This is the 4.19.100 stable release (2020-01-29) tar.gz
v4.14.169    This is the 4.14.169 stable release (2020-01-29) tar.gz
v4.9.212     This is the 4.9.212 stable release (2020-01-29) tar.gz
v4.4.212     This is the 4.4.212 stable release (2020-01-29) tar.gz
for-5.6/libata-2020-01-27 for-5.6/libata-2020-01-27 (2020-01-27) tar.gz
for-5.6/drivers-2020-01-27 for-5.6/drivers-2020-01-27 (2020-01-27) tar.gz
for-5.6/block-2020-01-27 for-5.6/block-2020-01-27 (2020-01-27) tar.gz
v4.19.99     This is the 4.19.99 stable release (2020-01-27) tar.gz
v4.14.168    This is the 4.14.168 stable release (2020-01-27) tar.gz
v5.5         Linux 5.5 (2020-01-26) tar.gz
io_uring-5.5-2020-01-26 io_uring-5.5-2020-01-26 (2020-01-26) tar.gz
block-5.5-2020-01-26 block-5.5-2020-01-26 (2020-01-26) tar.gz
v5.4.15      This is the 5.4.15 stable release (2020-01-26) tar.gz
v5.4.14      This is the 5.4.14 stable release (2020-01-23) tar.gz
v4.19.98     This is the 4.19.98 stable release (2020-01-23) tar.gz
v4.14.167    This is the 4.14.167 stable release (2020-01-23) tar.gz
v4.9.211     This is the 4.9.211 stable release (2020-01-23) tar.gz
v4.4.211     This is the 4.4.211 stable release (2020-01-23) tar.gz
io_uring-5.5-2020-01-22 io_uring-5.5-2020-01-22 (2020-01-22) tar.gz
v5.5-rc7     Linux 5.5-rc7 (2020-01-19) tar.gz
v5.4.13      This is the 5.4.13 stable release (2020-01-17) tar.gz
v4.19.97     This is the 4.19.97 stable release (2020-01-17) tar.gz
v4.14.166    This is the 4.14.166 stable release (2020-01-17) tar.gz
io_uring-5.5-2020-01-16 io_uring-5.5-2020-01-16 (2020-01-16) tar.gz
block-5.5-2020-01-16 block-5.5-2020-01-16 (2020-01-16) tar.gz
v5.4.12      This is the 5.4.12 stable release (2020-01-14) tar.gz
v4.19.96     This is the 4.19.96 stable release (2020-01-14) tar.gz
v4.14.165    This is the 4.14.165 stable release (2020-01-14) tar.gz
v4.9.210     This is the 4.9.210 stable release (2020-01-14) tar.gz
v4.4.210     This is the 4.4.210 stable release (2020-01-14) tar.gz
v5.5-rc6     Linux 5.5-rc6 (2020-01-12) tar.gz
v5.4.11      This is the 5.4.11 stable release (2020-01-12) tar.gz
v4.19.95     This is the 4.19.95 stable release (2020-01-12) tar.gz
v4.14.164    This is the 4.14.164 stable release (2020-01-12) tar.gz
v4.9.209     This is the 4.9.209 stable release (2020-01-12) tar.gz
v4.4.209     This is the 4.4.209 stable release (2020-01-12) tar.gz
v3.16.81     This is the 3.16.81 stable release (2020-01-11) tar.gz
block-5.5-2020-01-10 block-5.5-2020-01-10 (2020-01-10) tar.gz
io_uring-5.5-2020-01-10 io_uring-5.5-2020-01-10 (2020-01-10) tar.gz
v5.4.10      This is the 5.4.10 stable release (2020-01-09) tar.gz
v5.4.9       This is the 5.4.9 stable release (2020-01-09) tar.gz
v4.19.94     This is the 4.19.94 stable release (2020-01-09) tar.gz
v4.14.163    This is the 4.14.163 stable release (2020-01-09) tar.gz
v5.5-rc5     Linux 5.5-rc5 (2020-01-05) tar.gz
v5.4.8       This is the 5.4.8 stable release (2020-01-04) tar.gz
v4.19.93     This is the 4.19.93 stable release (2020-01-04) tar.gz
v4.14.162    This is the 4.14.162 stable release (2020-01-04) tar.gz
v4.9.208     This is the 4.9.208 stable release (2020-01-04) tar.gz
v4.4.208     This is the 4.4.208 stable release (2020-01-04) tar.gz
block-5.5-20200103 block-5.5-20200103 (2020-01-03) tar.gz
v5.4.7       This is the 5.4.7 stable release (2019-12-31) tar.gz
v4.19.92     This is the 4.19.92 stable release (2019-12-31) tar.gz
v4.14.161    This is the 4.14.161 stable release (2019-12-31) tar.gz
v5.5-rc4     Linux 5.5-rc4 (2019-12-29) tar.gz
io_uring-5.5-20191226 io_uring-5.5-20191226 (2019-12-26) tar.gz
libata-5.5-20191226 libata-5.5-20191226 (2019-12-26) tar.gz
block-5.5-20191226 block-5.5-20191226 (2019-12-26) tar.gz
v5.5-rc3     Linux 5.5-rc3 (2019-12-22) tar.gz
block-5.5-20191221 block-5.5-20191221 (2019-12-21) tar.gz
v5.4.6       This is the 5.4.6 stable release (2019-12-21) tar.gz
v4.19.91     This is the 4.19.91 stable release (2019-12-21) tar.gz
v4.14.160    This is the 4.14.160 stable release (2019-12-21) tar.gz
v4.9.207     This is the 4.9.207 stable release (2019-12-21) tar.gz
v4.4.207     This is the 4.4.207 stable release (2019-12-21) tar.gz
io_uring-5.5-20191220 io_uring-5.5-20191220 (2019-12-20) tar.gz
v3.16.80     This is the 3.16.80 stable release (2019-12-19) tar.gz
v5.4.5       This is the 5.4.5 stable release (2019-12-18) tar.gz
v5.3.18      This is the 5.3.18 stable release (2019-12-18) tar.gz
v4.19.90     This is the 4.19.90 stable release (2019-12-17) tar.gz
v4.14.159    This is the 4.14.159 stable release (2019-12-17) tar.gz
v5.3.17      This is the 5.3.17 stable release (2019-12-17) tar.gz
v5.4.4       This is the 5.4.4 stable release (2019-12-17) tar.gz
v5.5-rc2     Linux 5.5-rc2 (2019-12-15) tar.gz
v4.19.89     This is the 4.19.89 stable release (2019-12-13) tar.gz
v5.3.16      This is the 5.3.16 stable release (2019-12-13) tar.gz
v5.4.3       This is the 5.4.3 stable release (2019-12-13) tar.gz
for-linus-20191212 for-linus-20191212 (2019-12-12) tar.gz
io_uring-5.5-20191212 io_uring-5.5-20191212 (2019-12-12) tar.gz
for-5.5/dm-fixes - Fix DM multipath by restoring full path selector functionality for   bio-based configurations that don't haave a SCSI device handler. (2019-12-12) tar.gz
v3.16.79     This is the 3.16.79 stable release (2019-12-10) tar.gz
v5.5-rc1     Linux 5.5-rc1 (2019-12-08) tar.gz
for-linus-20191205 for-linus-20191205 (2019-12-05) tar.gz
v4.14.158    This is the 4.14.158 stable release (2019-12-05) tar.gz
v4.9.206     This is the 4.9.206 stable release (2019-12-05) tar.gz
v4.4.206     This is the 4.4.206 stable release (2019-12-05) tar.gz
v4.19.88     This is the 4.19.88 stable release (2019-12-05) tar.gz
v5.3.15      This is the 5.3.15 stable release (2019-12-04) tar.gz
v5.4.2       This is the 5.4.2 stable release (2019-12-04) tar.gz
v4.19.87     This is the 4.19.87 stable release (2019-12-01) tar.gz
v4.14.157    This is the 4.14.157 stable release (2019-12-01) tar.gz
for-linus-20191129 for-linus-20191129 (2019-11-29) tar.gz
v5.4.1       This is the 5.4.1 stable release (2019-11-29) tar.gz
v5.3.14      This is the 5.3.14 stable release (2019-11-29) tar.gz
v4.9.205     This is the 4.9.205 stable release (2019-11-29) tar.gz
v4.4.205     This is the 4.4.205 stable release (2019-11-29) tar.gz
v4.9.204     This is the 4.9.204 stable release (2019-11-28) tar.gz
v4.4.204     This is the 4.4.204 stable release (2019-11-28) tar.gz
for-5.5/io_uring-post-20191128 for-5.5/io_uring-post-20191128 (2019-11-28) tar.gz
v4.4.203     This is the 4.4.203 stable release (2019-11-25) tar.gz
v4.9.203     This is the 4.9.203 stable release (2019-11-25) tar.gz
v5.4         Linux 5.4 (2019-11-24) tar.gz
v4.14.156    This is the 4.14.156 stable release (2019-11-24) tar.gz
v4.19.86     This is the 4.19.86 stable release (2019-11-24) tar.gz
v5.3.13      This is the 5.3.13 stable release (2019-11-24) tar.gz
v3.16.78     This is the 3.16.78 stable release (2019-11-22) tar.gz
for-5.5/disk-revalidate-20191122 for-5.5/disk-revalidate-20191122 (2019-11-22) tar.gz
for-5.5/zoned-20191122 for-5.5/zoned-20191122 (2019-11-22) tar.gz
for-5.5/drivers-post-20191122 for-5.5/drivers-post-20191122 (2019-11-22) tar.gz
for-5.5/dm-changes - Fix DM core to disallow stacking request-based DM on partitions. (2019-11-22) tar.gz
for-5.5/drivers-20191121 for-5.5/drivers-20191121 (2019-11-21) tar.gz
for-5.5/block-20191121 for-5.5/block-20191121 (2019-11-21) tar.gz
for-5.5/libata-20191121 for-5.5/libata-20191121 (2019-11-21) tar.gz
for-5.5/io_uring-20191121 for-5.5/io_uring-20191121 (2019-11-21) tar.gz
for-linus-20191121 for-linus-20191121 (2019-11-21) tar.gz
v4.19.85     This is the 4.19.85 stable release (2019-11-20) tar.gz
v4.14.155    This is the 4.14.155 stable release (2019-11-20) tar.gz
v5.3.12      This is the 5.3.12 stable release (2019-11-20) tar.gz
v5.4-rc8     Linux 5.4-rc8 (2019-11-17) tar.gz
v4.9.202     This is the 4.9.202 stable release (2019-11-16) tar.gz
v4.4.202     This is the 4.4.202 stable release (2019-11-16) tar.gz
for-linus-20191115 for-linus-20191115 (2019-11-15) tar.gz
v3.16.77     This is the 3.16.77 stable release (2019-11-15) tar.gz
v5.3.11      This is the 5.3.11 stable release (2019-11-12) tar.gz
v4.19.84     This is the 4.19.84 stable release (2019-11-12) tar.gz
v4.14.154    This is the 4.14.154 stable release (2019-11-12) tar.gz
v4.9.201     This is the 4.9.201 stable release (2019-11-12) tar.gz
v4.4.201     This is the 4.4.201 stable release (2019-11-12) tar.gz
v5.4-rc7     Linux 5.4-rc7 (2019-11-10) tar.gz
v5.3.10      This is the 5.3.10 stable release (2019-11-10) tar.gz
v4.19.83     This is the 4.19.83 stable release (2019-11-10) tar.gz
v4.14.153    This is the 4.14.153 stable release (2019-11-10) tar.gz
v4.9.200     This is the 4.9.200 stable release (2019-11-10) tar.gz
v4.4.200     This is the 4.4.200 stable release (2019-11-10) tar.gz
for-linus-2019-11-08 for-linus-2019-11-08 (2019-11-08) tar.gz
v5.3.9       This is the 5.3.9 stable release (2019-11-06) tar.gz
v4.19.82     This is the 4.19.82 stable release (2019-11-06) tar.gz
v4.14.152    This is the 4.14.152 stable release (2019-11-06) tar.gz
v4.9.199     This is the 4.9.199 stable release (2019-11-06) tar.gz
v4.4.199     This is the 4.4.199 stable release (2019-11-06) tar.gz
v5.4-rc6     Linux 5.4-rc6 (2019-11-03) tar.gz
for-linus-20191101 for-linus-20191101 (2019-11-01) tar.gz
v3.16.76     This is the 3.16.76 stable release (2019-10-31) tar.gz
v5.3.8       This is the 5.3.8 stable release (2019-10-29) tar.gz
v4.19.81     This is the 4.19.81 stable release (2019-10-29) tar.gz
v4.14.151    This is the 4.14.151 stable release (2019-10-29) tar.gz
v4.9.198     This is the 4.9.198 stable release (2019-10-29) tar.gz
v4.4.198     This is the 4.4.198 stable release (2019-10-29) tar.gz
v5.4-rc5     Linux 5.4-rc5 (2019-10-27) tar.gz
for-linus-2019-10-26 for-linus-2019-10-26 (2019-10-26) tar.gz
v5.4-rc4     Linux 5.4-rc4 (2019-10-20) tar.gz
for-linus-2019-10-18 for-linus-2019-10-18 (2019-10-18) tar.gz
for-5.4/dm-fixes - Fix DM snapshot deadlock that can occur due to COW throttling   preventing locks from being released. (2019-10-18) tar.gz
v5.3.7       This is the 5.3.7 stable release (2019-10-17) tar.gz
v4.19.80     This is the 4.19.80 stable release (2019-10-17) tar.gz
v4.14.150    This is the 4.14.150 stable release (2019-10-17) tar.gz
v4.9.197     This is the 4.9.197 stable release (2019-10-17) tar.gz
v4.4.197     This is the 4.4.197 stable release (2019-10-17) tar.gz
v5.4-rc3     Linux 5.4-rc3 (2019-10-13) tar.gz
for-linus-20191012 for-linus-20191012 (2019-10-12) tar.gz
v5.3.6       This is the 5.3.6 stable release (2019-10-11) tar.gz
v5.2.21      This is the 5.2.21 stable release (2019-10-11) tar.gz
v4.19.79     This is the 4.19.79 stable release (2019-10-11) tar.gz
v4.14.149    This is the 4.14.149 stable release (2019-10-11) tar.gz
for-linus-20191010 for-linus-20191010 (2019-10-10) tar.gz
v4.4.196     This is the 4.4.196 stable release (2019-10-07) tar.gz
v5.3.5       This is the 5.3.5 stable release (2019-10-07) tar.gz
v5.2.20      This is the 5.2.20 stable release (2019-10-07) tar.gz
v4.19.78     This is the 4.19.78 stable release (2019-10-07) tar.gz
v4.14.148    This is the 4.14.148 stable release (2019-10-07) tar.gz
v4.9.196     This is the 4.9.196 stable release (2019-10-07) tar.gz
v5.4-rc2     Linux 5.4-rc2 (2019-10-06) tar.gz
v3.16.75     This is the 3.16.75 stable release (2019-10-05) tar.gz
v5.3.4       This is the 5.3.4 stable release (2019-10-05) tar.gz
v5.3.3       This is the 5.3.3 stable release (2019-10-05) tar.gz
v5.2.19      This is the 5.2.19 stable release (2019-10-05) tar.gz
v4.19.77     This is the 4.19.77 stable release (2019-10-05) tar.gz
v4.14.147    This is the 4.14.147 stable release (2019-10-05) tar.gz
v4.9.195     This is the 4.9.195 stable release (2019-10-05) tar.gz
v4.4.195     This is the 4.4.195 stable release (2019-10-05) tar.gz
for-linus-2019-10-03 for-linus-2019-10-03 (2019-10-03) tar.gz
v5.2.18      This is the 5.2.18 stable release (2019-10-01) tar.gz
v4.19.76     This is the 4.19.76 stable release (2019-10-01) tar.gz
v5.3.2       This is the 5.3.2 stable release (2019-10-01) tar.gz
v5.4-rc1     Linux 5.4-rc1 (2019-09-30) tar.gz
for-5.4/io_uring-2019-09-27 for-5.4/io_uring-2019-09-27 (2019-09-27) tar.gz
for-linus-2019-09-27 for-linus-2019-09-27 (2019-09-27) tar.gz
for-5.4/io_uring-2019-09-24 for-5.4/io_uring-2019-09-24 (2019-09-24) tar.gz
for-5.4/post-2019-09-24 for-5.4/post-2019-09-24 (2019-09-24) tar.gz
v3.16.74     This is the 3.16.74 stable release (2019-09-23) tar.gz
v5.3.1       This is the 5.3.1 stable release (2019-09-21) tar.gz
v5.2.17      This is the 5.2.17 stable release (2019-09-21) tar.gz
v4.19.75     This is the 4.19.75 stable release (2019-09-21) tar.gz
v4.14.146    This is the 4.14.146 stable release (2019-09-21) tar.gz
v4.9.194     This is the 4.9.194 stable release (2019-09-21) tar.gz
v4.4.194     This is the 4.4.194 stable release (2019-09-21) tar.gz
for-5.4/dm-changes - crypto and DM crypt advances that allow the crypto API to reclaim   implementation details that do not belong in DM crypt.  The wrapper   template for ESSIV generation that was factored out will also be used   by fscrypt in the future. (2019-09-19) tar.gz
v5.2.16      This is the 5.2.16 stable release (2019-09-19) tar.gz
v4.19.74     This is the 4.19.74 stable release (2019-09-19) tar.gz
v4.14.145    This is the 4.14.145 stable release (2019-09-19) tar.gz
for-5.4/block-2019-09-16 for-5.4/block-2019-09-16 (2019-09-16) tar.gz
v5.2.15      This is the 5.2.15 stable release (2019-09-16) tar.gz
v4.19.73     This is the 4.19.73 stable release (2019-09-16) tar.gz
v4.14.144    This is the 4.14.144 stable release (2019-09-16) tar.gz
v4.9.193     This is the 4.9.193 stable release (2019-09-16) tar.gz
v4.4.193     This is the 4.4.193 stable release (2019-09-16) tar.gz
for-5.4/libata-2019-09-15 for-5.4/libata-2019-09-15 (2019-09-15) tar.gz
for-5.4/io_uring-2019-09-15 for-5.4/io_uring-2019-09-15 (2019-09-15) tar.gz
v5.3         Linux 5.3 (2019-09-15) tar.gz
v5.2.14      This is the 5.2.14 stable release (2019-09-10) tar.gz
v4.19.72     This is the 4.19.72 stable release (2019-09-10) tar.gz
v4.14.143    This is the 4.14.143 stable release (2019-09-10) tar.gz
v4.9.192     This is the 4.9.192 stable release (2019-09-10) tar.gz
v4.4.192     This is the 4.4.192 stable release (2019-09-10) tar.gz
v5.3-rc8     Linux 5.3-rc8 (2019-09-08) tar.gz
v5.2.13      This is the 5.2.13 stable release (2019-09-06) tar.gz
v4.19.71     This is the 4.19.71 stable release (2019-09-06) tar.gz
v5.2.12      This is the 5.2.12 stable release (2019-09-06) tar.gz
v4.19.70     This is the 4.19.70 stable release (2019-09-06) tar.gz
v4.14.142    This is the 4.14.142 stable release (2019-09-06) tar.gz
v4.9.191     This is the 4.9.191 stable release (2019-09-06) tar.gz
v4.4.191     This is the 4.4.191 stable release (2019-09-06) tar.gz
v5.3-rc7     Linux 5.3-rc7 (2019-09-02) tar.gz
v5.2.11      This is the 5.2.11 stable release (2019-08-29) tar.gz
v4.19.69     This is the 4.19.69 stable release (2019-08-29) tar.gz
v4.14.141    This is the 4.14.141 stable release (2019-08-29) tar.gz
v5.3-rc6     Linux 5.3-rc6 (2019-08-25) tar.gz
v5.2.10      This is the 5.2.10 stable release (2019-08-25) tar.gz
v4.4.190     This is the 4.4.190 stable release (2019-08-25) tar.gz
v4.9.190     This is the 4.9.190 stable release (2019-08-25) tar.gz
v4.14.140    This is the 4.14.140 stable release (2019-08-25) tar.gz
v4.19.68     This is the 4.19.68 stable release (2019-08-25) tar.gz
for-linus-20190823 for-linus-20190823 (2019-08-23) tar.gz
for-5.3/dm-fixes-2 - Revert a DM bufio change from during the 5.3 merge window now that a   proper fix has been made to the block loopback driver. (2019-08-23) tar.gz
v3.16.73     This is the 3.16.73 stable release (2019-08-20) tar.gz
v5.3-rc5     Linux 5.3-rc5 (2019-08-18) tar.gz
for-linus-2019-08-17 for-linus-2019-08-17 (2019-08-17) tar.gz
v4.14.139    This is the 4.14.139 stable release (2019-08-16) tar.gz
v4.19.67     This is the 4.19.67 stable release (2019-08-16) tar.gz
v5.2.9       This is the 5.2.9 stable release (2019-08-16) tar.gz
v3.16.72     This is the 3.16.72 stable release (2019-08-13) tar.gz
v5.3-rc4     Linux 5.3-rc4 (2019-08-11) tar.gz
v4.9.189     This is the 4.9.189 stable release (2019-08-11) tar.gz
v4.4.189     This is the 4.4.189 stable release (2019-08-11) tar.gz
for-linus-20190809 for-linus-20190809 (2019-08-09) tar.gz
v4.14.138    This is the 4.14.138 stable release (2019-08-09) tar.gz
v4.19.66     This is the 4.19.66 stable release (2019-08-09) tar.gz
v5.2.8       This is the 5.2.8 stable release (2019-08-09) tar.gz
v5.2.7       This is the 5.2.7 stable release (2019-08-06) tar.gz
v4.19.65     This is the 4.19.65 stable release (2019-08-06) tar.gz
v4.14.137    This is the 4.14.137 stable release (2019-08-06) tar.gz
v4.9.188     This is the 4.9.188 stable release (2019-08-06) tar.gz
v4.4.188     This is the 4.4.188 stable release (2019-08-06) tar.gz
v5.3-rc3     Linux 5.3-rc3 (2019-08-04) tar.gz
v4.4.187     This is the 4.4.187 stable release (2019-08-04) tar.gz
v4.9.187     This is the 4.9.187 stable release (2019-08-04) tar.gz
v4.14.136    This is the 4.14.136 stable release (2019-08-04) tar.gz
v4.19.64     This is the 4.19.64 stable release (2019-08-04) tar.gz
v5.2.6       This is the 5.2.6 stable release (2019-08-04) tar.gz
for-5.3/dm-fixes-1 Fix NULL pointer and various whitespace issues with DM's recent DAX code changes from commit in 5.3 merge. (2019-08-02) tar.gz
for-linus-20190802 for-linus-20190802 (2019-08-02) tar.gz
v4.14.135    This is the 4.14.135 stable release (2019-07-31) tar.gz
v4.19.63     This is the 4.19.63 stable release (2019-07-31) tar.gz
v5.2.5       This is the 5.2.5 stable release (2019-07-31) tar.gz
v5.3-rc2     Linux 5.3-rc2 (2019-07-28) tar.gz
v4.19.62     This is the 4.19.62 stable release (2019-07-28) tar.gz
v5.1.21      This is the 5.1.21 stable release (2019-07-28) tar.gz
v5.2.4       This is the 5.2.4 stable release (2019-07-28) tar.gz
for-linus-20190726-2 for-linus-20190726-2 (2019-07-26) tar.gz
for-linus-20190726 for-linus-20190726 (2019-07-26) tar.gz
v4.19.61     This is the 4.19.61 stable release (2019-07-26) tar.gz
v5.1.20      This is the 5.1.20 stable release (2019-07-26) tar.gz
v5.2.3       This is the 5.2.3 stable release (2019-07-26) tar.gz
v3.16.71     This is the 3.16.71 stable release (2019-07-23) tar.gz
v5.3-rc1     Linus 5.3-rc1 (2019-07-21) tar.gz
v4.4.186     This is the 4.4.186 stable release (2019-07-21) tar.gz
v4.9.186     This is the 4.9.186 stable release (2019-07-21) tar.gz
v4.14.134    This is the 4.14.134 stable release (2019-07-21) tar.gz
v4.19.60     This is the 4.19.60 stable release (2019-07-21) tar.gz
v5.1.19      This is the 5.1.19 stable release (2019-07-21) tar.gz
v5.2.2       This is the 5.2.2 stable release (2019-07-21) tar.gz
for-5.3/dm-changes-2 - Fix zone state management race in DM zoned target by eliminating   the unnecessary DMZ_ACTIVE state. (2019-07-18) tar.gz
for-linus-20190715 for-linus-20190715 (2019-07-15) tar.gz
v4.19.59     This is the 4.19.59 stable release (2019-07-14) tar.gz
v5.1.18      This is the 5.1.18 stable release (2019-07-14) tar.gz
v5.2.1       This is the 5.2.1 stable release (2019-07-14) tar.gz
for-5.3/dm-changes - Add encrypted byte-offset initialization vector (eboiv) to DM crypt. (2019-07-12) tar.gz
for-5.3/io_uring-20190711 for-5.3/io_uring-20190711 (2019-07-11) tar.gz
v4.4.185     This is the 4.4.185 stable release (2019-07-10) tar.gz
v4.9.185     This is the 4.9.185 stable release (2019-07-10) tar.gz
v4.14.133    This is the 4.14.133 stable release (2019-07-10) tar.gz
v4.19.58     This is the 4.19.58 stable release (2019-07-10) tar.gz
v5.1.17      This is the 5.1.17 stable release (2019-07-10) tar.gz
v3.16.70     This is the 3.16.70 stable release (2019-07-09) tar.gz
for-5.3/libata-20190708 for-5.3/libata-20190708 (2019-07-08) tar.gz
for-5.3/block-20190708 for-5.3/block-20190708 (2019-07-08) tar.gz
v5.2         Linux 5.2 (2019-07-07) tar.gz
for-linus-20190706 for-linus-20190706 (2019-07-06) tar.gz
v4.14.132    This is the 4.14.132 stable release (2019-07-03) tar.gz
v4.19.57     This is the 4.19.57 stable release (2019-07-03) tar.gz
v5.1.16      This is the 5.1.16 stable release (2019-07-03) tar.gz
v5.2-rc7     Linux 5.2-rc7 (2019-06-30) tar.gz
for-linus-20190628 for-linus-20190628 (2019-06-28) tar.gz
for-5.2/dm-fixes-2 - Fix incorrect uses of kstrndup and DM logging macros in DM's early   init code. (2019-06-27) tar.gz
v4.14.131    This is the 4.14.131 stable release (2019-06-27) tar.gz
v4.9.184     This is the 4.9.184 stable release (2019-06-27) tar.gz
v4.4.184     This is the 4.4.184 stable release (2019-06-27) tar.gz
v4.14.130    This is the 4.14.130 stable release (2019-06-25) tar.gz
v4.19.56     This is the 4.19.56 stable release (2019-06-25) tar.gz
v5.1.15      This is the 5.1.15 stable release (2019-06-25) tar.gz
v5.2-rc6     Linux 5.2-rc6 (2019-06-22) tar.gz
v4.19.55     This is the 4.19.55 stable release (2019-06-22) tar.gz
v5.1.14      This is the 5.1.14 stable release (2019-06-22) tar.gz
v4.4.183     This is the 4.4.183 stable release (2019-06-22) tar.gz
v4.9.183     This is the 4.9.183 stable release (2019-06-22) tar.gz
v4.14.129    This is the 4.14.129 stable release (2019-06-22) tar.gz
v4.19.54     This is the 4.19.54 stable release (2019-06-22) tar.gz
v5.1.13      This is the 5.1.13 stable release (2019-06-22) tar.gz
v3.16.69     This is the 3.16.69 stable release (2019-06-20) tar.gz
for-linus-20190620 for-linus-20190620 (2019-06-20) tar.gz
v4.19.53     This is the 4.19.53 stable release (2019-06-19) tar.gz
v4.14.128    This is the 4.14.128 stable release (2019-06-19) tar.gz
v5.1.12      This is the 5.1.12 stable release (2019-06-19) tar.gz
v4.4.182     This is the 4.4.182 stable release (2019-06-17) tar.gz
v4.9.182     This is the 4.9.182 stable release (2019-06-17) tar.gz
v4.14.127    This is the 4.14.127 stable release (2019-06-17) tar.gz
v4.19.52     This is the 4.19.52 stable release (2019-06-17) tar.gz
v5.1.11      This is the 5.1.11 stable release (2019-06-17) tar.gz
v5.2-rc5     Linux 5.2-rc5 (2019-06-16) tar.gz
v4.14.126    This is the 4.14.126 stable release (2019-06-15) tar.gz
v4.19.51     This is the 4.19.51 stable release (2019-06-15) tar.gz
v5.1.10      This is the 5.1.10 stable release (2019-06-15) tar.gz
for-linus-20190614 for-linus-20190614 (2019-06-14) tar.gz
v4.4.181     This is the 4.4.181 stable release (2019-06-11) tar.gz
v4.9.181     This is the 4.9.181 stable release (2019-06-11) tar.gz
v4.14.125    This is the 4.14.125 stable release (2019-06-11) tar.gz
v4.19.50     This is the 4.19.50 stable release (2019-06-11) tar.gz
v5.1.9       This is the 5.1.9 stable release (2019-06-11) tar.gz
for-linus-20190610 for-linus-20190610 (2019-06-10) tar.gz
v4.14.124    This is the 4.14.124 stable release (2019-06-09) tar.gz
v4.19.49     This is the 4.19.49 stable release (2019-06-09) tar.gz
v5.1.8       This is the 5.1.8 stable release (2019-06-09) tar.gz
v5.2-rc4     Linux 5.2-rc4 (2019-06-08) tar.gz
for-linus-20190608 for-linus-20190608 (2019-06-08) tar.gz
v4.19.48     This is the 4.19.48 stable release (2019-06-04) tar.gz
v5.0.21      This is the 5.0.21 stable release (2019-06-04) tar.gz
v5.1.7       This is the 5.1.7 stable release (2019-06-04) tar.gz
v5.2-rc3     Linux 5.2-rc3 (2019-06-02) tar.gz
for-linus-20190601 for-linus-20190601 (2019-06-01) tar.gz
v4.9.180     This is the 4.9.180 stable release (2019-05-31) tar.gz
v4.14.123    This is the 4.14.123 stable release (2019-05-31) tar.gz
v4.19.47     This is the 4.19.47 stable release (2019-05-31) tar.gz
v5.0.20      This is the 5.0.20 stable release (2019-05-31) tar.gz
v5.1.6       This is the 5.1.6 stable release (2019-05-31) tar.gz
v5.2-rc2     Linux 5.2-rc2 (2019-05-26) tar.gz
v4.9.179     This is the 4.9.179 stable release (2019-05-25) tar.gz
v4.14.122    This is the 4.14.122 stable release (2019-05-25) tar.gz
v4.19.46     This is the 4.19.46 stable release (2019-05-25) tar.gz
v5.0.19      This is the 5.0.19 stable release (2019-05-25) tar.gz
v5.1.5       This is the 5.1.5 stable release (2019-05-25) tar.gz
for-linus-20190524 for-linus-20190524 (2019-05-24) tar.gz
v3.16.68     This is the 3.16.68 stable release (2019-05-22) tar.gz
v5.1.4       This is the 5.1.4 stable release (2019-05-22) tar.gz
v5.0.18      This is the 5.0.18 stable release (2019-05-22) tar.gz
v4.19.45     This is the 4.19.45 stable release (2019-05-22) tar.gz
for-5.2/dm-fix-1 - Fix a particularly glaring oversight in a DM core commit from 5.1 that   doesn't properly trim special IOs (e.g. discards) relative to   corresponding target's max_io_len_target_boundary(). (2019-05-21) tar.gz
v4.14.121    This is the 4.14.121 stable release (2019-05-21) tar.gz
v4.9.178     This is the 4.9.178 stable release (2019-05-21) tar.gz
v5.2-rc1     Linux 5.2-rc1 (2019-05-19) tar.gz
for-5.2/block-post-20190516 for-5.2/block-post-20190516 (2019-05-16) tar.gz
for-linus-20190516 for-linus-20190516 (2019-05-16) tar.gz
v4.4.180     This is the 4.4.180 stable release (2019-05-16) tar.gz
v4.9.177     This is the 4.9.177 stable release (2019-05-16) tar.gz
v4.14.120    This is the 4.14.120 stable release (2019-05-16) tar.gz
v4.19.44     This is the 4.19.44 stable release (2019-05-16) tar.gz
v5.0.17      This is the 5.0.17 stable release (2019-05-16) tar.gz
v5.1.3       This is the 5.1.3 stable release (2019-05-16) tar.gz
for-5.2/dm-changes-v2 - Improve DM snapshot target's scalability by using finer grained   locking.  Requires some list_bl interface improvements. (2019-05-16) tar.gz
v3.18.140    This is the 3.18.140 stable release (2019-05-16) tar.gz
v4.9.176     This is the 4.9.176 stable release (2019-05-14) tar.gz
v4.14.119    This is the 4.14.119 stable release (2019-05-14) tar.gz
v4.19.43     This is the 4.19.43 stable release (2019-05-14) tar.gz
v5.0.16      This is the 5.0.16 stable release (2019-05-14) tar.gz
v5.1.2       This is the 5.1.2 stable release (2019-05-14) tar.gz
for-5.2/dm-changes - Improve DM snapshot target's scalability by using finer grained   locking.  Requires some list_bl interface improvements. (2019-05-13) tar.gz
v3.16.67     This is the 3.16.67 stable release (2019-05-11) tar.gz
v5.1.1       This is the 5.1.1 stable release (2019-05-11) tar.gz
v5.0.15      This is the 5.0.15 stable release (2019-05-10) tar.gz
v4.19.42     This is the 4.19.42 stable release (2019-05-10) tar.gz
v4.14.118    This is the 4.14.118 stable release (2019-05-10) tar.gz
v4.9.175     This is the 4.9.175 stable release (2019-05-10) tar.gz
v5.0.14      This is the 5.0.14 stable release (2019-05-08) tar.gz
v4.19.41     This is the 4.19.41 stable release (2019-05-08) tar.gz
v4.14.117    This is the 4.14.117 stable release (2019-05-08) tar.gz
v4.9.174     This is the 4.9.174 stable release (2019-05-08) tar.gz
for-5.2/libata-20190507 for-5.2/libata-20190507 (2019-05-07) tar.gz
for-5.2/io_uring-20190507 for-5.2/io_uring-20190507 (2019-05-07) tar.gz
for-5.2/block-20190507 for-5.2/block-20190507 (2019-05-07) tar.gz
v5.1         Linux 5.1 (2019-05-05) tar.gz
v5.0.13      This is the 5.0.13 stable release (2019-05-05) tar.gz
v4.19.40     This is the 4.19.40 stable release (2019-05-05) tar.gz
v5.0.12      This is the 5.0.12 stable release (2019-05-04) tar.gz
v4.19.39     This is the 4.19.39 stable release (2019-05-04) tar.gz
v4.14.116    This is the 4.14.116 stable release (2019-05-04) tar.gz
v4.9.173     This is the 4.9.173 stable release (2019-05-04) tar.gz
v3.16.66     This is the 3.16.66 stable release (2019-05-02) tar.gz
for-linus-20190502 for-linus-20190502 (2019-05-02) tar.gz
v5.0.11      This is the 5.0.11 stable release (2019-05-02) tar.gz
v4.19.38     This is the 4.19.38 stable release (2019-05-02) tar.gz
v4.14.115    This is the 4.14.115 stable release (2019-05-02) tar.gz
v4.9.172     This is the 4.9.172 stable release (2019-05-02) tar.gz
v5.1-rc7     Linux 5.1-rc7 (2019-04-28) tar.gz
for-linus-20190428 for-linus-20190428 (2019-04-28) tar.gz
v5.0.10      This is the 5.0.10 stable release (2019-04-27) tar.gz
v4.19.37     This is the 4.19.37 stable release (2019-04-27) tar.gz
v4.14.114    This is the 4.14.114 stable release (2019-04-27) tar.gz
v4.9.171     This is the 4.9.171 stable release (2019-04-27) tar.gz
v4.4.179     This is the 4.4.179 stable release (2019-04-27) tar.gz
v3.18.139    This is the 3.18.139 stable release (2019-04-27) tar.gz
v5.1-rc6     Linux 5.1-rc6 (2019-04-21) tar.gz
for-linus-20190420 for-linus-20190420 (2019-04-20) tar.gz
v5.0.9       This is the 5.0.9 stable release (2019-04-20) tar.gz
v4.19.36     This is the 4.19.36 stable release (2019-04-20) tar.gz
v4.14.113    This is the 4.14.113 stable release (2019-04-20) tar.gz
v4.9.170     This is the 4.9.170 stable release (2019-04-20) tar.gz
v5.0.8       This is the 5.0.8 stable release (2019-04-17) tar.gz
v4.19.35     This is the 4.19.35 stable release (2019-04-17) tar.gz
v4.14.112    This is the 4.14.112 stable release (2019-04-17) tar.gz
v4.9.169     This is the 4.9.169 stable release (2019-04-17) tar.gz
v5.1-rc5     Linux 5.1-rc5 (2019-04-14) tar.gz
for-linus-20190412 for-linus-20190412 (2019-04-12) tar.gz
v5.1-rc4     Linux 5.1-rc4 (2019-04-07) tar.gz
for-linus-20190407 for-linus-20190407 (2019-04-07) tar.gz
for-5.1/dm-fixes - Two queue_limits stacking fixes: disable discards if underlying driver   does.  And propagate BDI_CAP_STABLE_WRITES to fix sporadic checksum   errors. (2019-04-05) tar.gz
v5.0.7       This is the 5.0.7 stable release (2019-04-05) tar.gz
v4.19.34     This is the 4.19.34 stable release (2019-04-05) tar.gz
v4.14.111    This is the 4.14.111 stable release (2019-04-05) tar.gz
v4.9.168     This is the 4.9.168 stable release (2019-04-05) tar.gz
v3.16.65     This is the 3.16.65 stable release (2019-04-04) tar.gz
v5.0.6       This is the 5.0.6 stable release (2019-04-03) tar.gz
v4.19.33     This is the 4.19.33 stable release (2019-04-03) tar.gz
v4.14.110    This is the 4.14.110 stable release (2019-04-03) tar.gz
v4.9.167     This is the 4.9.167 stable release (2019-04-03) tar.gz
v4.4.178     This is the 4.4.178 stable release (2019-04-03) tar.gz
v3.18.138    This is the 3.18.138 stable release (2019-04-03) tar.gz
v5.1-rc3     Linux 5.1-rc3 (2019-03-31) tar.gz
for-linus-20190329 for-linus-20190329 (2019-03-29) tar.gz
v5.0.5       This is the 5.0.5 stable release (2019-03-27) tar.gz
v4.19.32     This is the 4.19.32 stable release (2019-03-27) tar.gz
v4.14.109    This is the 4.14.109 stable release (2019-03-27) tar.gz
v4.9.166     This is the 4.9.166 stable release (2019-03-27) tar.gz
v3.16.64     This is the 3.16.64 stable release (2019-03-25) tar.gz
v5.1-rc2     Linux 5.1-rc2 (2019-03-24) tar.gz
v5.0.4       This is the 5.0.4 stable release (2019-03-23) tar.gz
v4.19.31     This is the 4.19.31 stable release (2019-03-23) tar.gz
io_uring-20190323 io_uring-20190323 (2019-03-23) tar.gz
for-linus-20190323 for-linus-20190323 (2019-03-23) tar.gz
v4.14.108    This is the 4.14.108 stable release (2019-03-23) tar.gz
v4.9.165     This is the 4.9.165 stable release (2019-03-23) tar.gz
v4.4.177     This is the 4.4.177 stable release (2019-03-23) tar.gz
v3.18.137    This is the 3.18.137 stable release (2019-03-23) tar.gz
v4.9.164     This is the 4.9.164 stable release (2019-03-19) tar.gz
v4.14.107    This is the 4.14.107 stable release (2019-03-19) tar.gz
v4.19.30     This is the 4.19.30 stable release (2019-03-19) tar.gz
v4.20.17     This is the 4.20.17 stable release (2019-03-19) tar.gz
v5.0.3       This is the 5.0.3 stable release (2019-03-19) tar.gz
v5.1-rc1     Linux 5.1-rc1 (2019-03-17) tar.gz
for-5.1/block-post-20190315 for-5.1/block-post-20190315 (2019-03-15) tar.gz
v4.9.163     This is the 4.9.163 stable release (2019-03-13) tar.gz
v4.20.16     This is the 4.20.16 stable release (2019-03-13) tar.gz
v4.14.106    This is the 4.14.106 stable release (2019-03-13) tar.gz
v4.19.29     This is the 4.19.29 stable release (2019-03-13) tar.gz
v5.0.2       This is the 5.0.2 stable release (2019-03-13) tar.gz
v4.19.28     This is the 4.19.28 stable release (2019-03-10) tar.gz
v4.20.15     This is the 4.20.15 stable release (2019-03-10) tar.gz
v5.0.1       This is the 5.0.1 stable release (2019-03-10) tar.gz
for-5.1/dm-changes - Update bio-based DM core to always call blk_queue_split() and update   DM targets to properly advertise discard limits that blk_queue_split()   looks at when dtermining to split discard.  Whereby allowing DM core's   own 'split_discard_bios' to be removed. (2019-03-07) tar.gz
io_uring-2019-03-06 io_uring-2019-03-06 (2019-03-06) tar.gz
v4.20.14     This is the 4.20.14 stable release (2019-03-05) tar.gz
v4.19.27     This is the 4.19.27 stable release (2019-03-05) tar.gz
v4.14.105    This is the 4.14.105 stable release (2019-03-05) tar.gz
v4.9.162     This is the 4.9.162 stable release (2019-03-05) tar.gz
next-20190305 next-20190305 (2019-03-05) tar.gz
next-20190304 next-20190304 (2019-03-04) tar.gz
v5.0         Linux 5.0 (2019-03-03) tar.gz
for-5.1/block-20190302 for-5.1/block-20190302 (2019-03-02) tar.gz
io_uring-20190301 io_uring-20190301 (2019-03-02) tar.gz
for-5.1/libata-20190301 for-5.1/libata-20190301 (2019-03-01) tar.gz
for-5.1/block-20190301 for-5.1/block-20190301 (2019-03-01) tar.gz
v4.20.13     This is the 4.20.13 stable release (2019-02-27) tar.gz
v4.19.26     This is the 4.19.26 stable release (2019-02-27) tar.gz
v4.14.104    This is the 4.14.104 stable release (2019-02-27) tar.gz
v4.9.161     This is the 4.9.161 stable release (2019-02-27) tar.gz
v5.0-rc8     Linux 5.0-rc8 (2019-02-24) tar.gz
for-5.1/block-20190224 for-5.1/block-20190224 (2019-02-24) tar.gz
for-5.1/libata-20190224 for-5.1/libata-20190224 (2019-02-24) tar.gz
v4.20.12     This is the 4.20.12 stable release (2019-02-23) tar.gz
v4.19.25     This is the 4.19.25 stable release (2019-02-23) tar.gz
v4.14.103    This is the 4.14.103 stable release (2019-02-23) tar.gz
v4.9.160     This is the 4.9.160 stable release (2019-02-23) tar.gz
v4.4.176     This is the 4.4.176 stable release (2019-02-23) tar.gz
v3.18.136    This is the 3.18.136 stable release (2019-02-23) tar.gz
v4.20.11     This is the 4.20.11 stable release (2019-02-20) tar.gz
v4.19.24     This is the 4.19.24 stable release (2019-02-20) tar.gz
v4.14.102    This is the 4.14.102 stable release (2019-02-20) tar.gz
v4.9.159     This is the 4.9.159 stable release (2019-02-20) tar.gz
v4.4.175     This is the 4.4.175 stable release (2019-02-20) tar.gz
v3.18.135    This is the 3.18.135 stable release (2019-02-20) tar.gz
next-20190220 next-20190220 (2019-02-20) tar.gz
v5.0-rc7     Linux 5.0-rc7 (2019-02-17) tar.gz
for-linus-20190215 for-linus-20190215 (2019-02-15) tar.gz
v4.20.10     This is the 4.20.10 stable release (2019-02-15) tar.gz
v4.19.23     This is the 4.19.23 stable release (2019-02-15) tar.gz
v4.14.101    This is the 4.14.101 stable release (2019-02-15) tar.gz
v4.9.158     This is the 4.9.158 stable release (2019-02-15) tar.gz
v4.20.9      This is the 4.20.9 stable release (2019-02-15) tar.gz
v4.19.22     This is the 4.19.22 stable release (2019-02-15) tar.gz
v4.14.100    This is the 4.14.100 stable release (2019-02-15) tar.gz
v4.9.157     This is the 4.9.157 stable release (2019-02-15) tar.gz
for-5.0/dm-fixes-3 - Fix bug in DM crypt's sizing of its block integrity tag space,   resulting in less memory use when DM crypt layers on DM integrity. (2019-02-14) tar.gz
v4.20.8      This is the 4.20.8 stable release (2019-02-12) tar.gz
v4.19.21     This is the 4.19.21 stable release (2019-02-12) tar.gz
v4.14.99     This is the 4.14.99 stable release (2019-02-12) tar.gz
v4.9.156     This is the 4.9.156 stable release (2019-02-12) tar.gz
v3.16.63     This is the 3.16.63 stable release (2019-02-11) tar.gz
v5.0-rc6     Linux 5.0-rc6 (2019-02-10) tar.gz
for-linus-20190209 for-linus-20190209 (2019-02-09) tar.gz
v4.4.174     This is the 4.4.174 stable release (2019-02-08) tar.gz
for-5.0/dm-fixes-2 - Fix DM core's missing memory barrier before waitqueue_active() calls. (2019-02-07) tar.gz
v4.4.173     This is the 4.4.173 stable release (2019-02-06) tar.gz
v3.18.134    This is the 3.18.134 stable release (2019-02-06) tar.gz
v4.9.155     This is the 4.9.155 stable release (2019-02-06) tar.gz
v4.14.98     This is the 4.14.98 stable release (2019-02-06) tar.gz
v4.19.20     This is the 4.19.20 stable release (2019-02-06) tar.gz
v4.20.7      This is the 4.20.7 stable release (2019-02-06) tar.gz
v5.0-rc5     Linux 5.0-rc5 (2019-02-03) tar.gz
for-linus-20190202 for-linus-20190202 (2019-02-02) tar.gz
v4.20.6      This is the 4.20.6 stable release (2019-01-31) tar.gz
v4.19.19     This is the 4.19.19 stable release (2019-01-31) tar.gz
v4.14.97     This is the 4.14.97 stable release (2019-01-31) tar.gz
v4.9.154     This is the 4.9.154 stable release (2019-01-31) tar.gz
v5.0-rc4     Linux 5.0-rc4 (2019-01-27) tar.gz
for-linus-20190127 for-linus-20190127 (2019-01-27) tar.gz
v3.18.133    This is the 3.18.133 stable release (2019-01-26) tar.gz
v4.4.172     This is the 4.4.172 stable release (2019-01-26) tar.gz
v4.9.153     This is the 4.9.153 stable release (2019-01-26) tar.gz
v4.14.96     This is the 4.14.96 stable release (2019-01-26) tar.gz
v4.19.18     This is the 4.19.18 stable release (2019-01-26) tar.gz
v4.20.5      This is the 4.20.5 stable release (2019-01-26) tar.gz
for-linus-20190125 for-linus-20190125 (2019-01-25) tar.gz
for-5.0/dm-fixes - Fix DM crypt's parsing of extended IV arguments. (2019-01-24) tar.gz
v4.9.152     This is the 4.9.152 stable release (2019-01-23) tar.gz
v4.14.95     This is the 4.14.95 stable release (2019-01-23) tar.gz
v4.19.17     This is the 4.19.17 stable release (2019-01-22) tar.gz
v4.20.4      This is the 4.20.4 stable release (2019-01-22) tar.gz
v5.0-rc3     Linux 5.0-rc3 (2019-01-21) tar.gz
for-linus-20190118 for-linus-20190118 (2019-01-18) tar.gz
v4.4.171     This is the 4.4.171 stable release (2019-01-16) tar.gz
v4.9.151     This is the 4.9.151 stable release (2019-01-16) tar.gz
v4.14.94     This is the 4.14.94 stable release (2019-01-16) tar.gz
v4.19.16     This is the 4.19.16 stable release (2019-01-16) tar.gz
v4.20.3      This is the 4.20.3 stable release (2019-01-16) tar.gz
v5.0-rc2     Linux 5.0-rc2 (2019-01-14) tar.gz
v3.18.132    This is the 3.18.132 stable release (2019-01-13) tar.gz
v4.4.170     This is the 4.4.170 stable release (2019-01-13) tar.gz
v4.9.150     This is the 4.9.150 stable release (2019-01-13) tar.gz
v4.14.93     This is the 4.14.93 stable release (2019-01-13) tar.gz
v4.19.15     This is the 4.19.15 stable release (2019-01-13) tar.gz
v4.20.2      This is the 4.20.2 stable release (2019-01-13) tar.gz
for-linus-20190112 for-linus-20190112 (2019-01-12) tar.gz
v4.19.14     This is the 4.19.14 stable release (2019-01-09) tar.gz
v4.20.1      This is the 4.20.1 stable release (2019-01-09) tar.gz
v4.14.92     This is the 4.14.92 stable release (2019-01-09) tar.gz
v4.9.149     This is the 4.9.149 stable release (2019-01-09) tar.gz
v5.0-rc1     Linux 5.0-rc1 (2019-01-06) tar.gz
for-linus-20190104 for-linus-20190104 (2019-01-04) tar.gz
for-4.21/block-20190102 for-4.21/block-20190102 (2019-01-02) tar.gz
for-4.21/libata-20190102 for-4.21/libata-20190102 (2019-01-02) tar.gz
v4.9.148     This is the 4.9.148 stable release (2018-12-29) tar.gz
v4.14.91     This is the 4.14.91 stable release (2018-12-29) tar.gz
v4.19.13     This is the 4.19.13 stable release (2018-12-29) tar.gz
v4.20        Linux 4.20 (2018-12-23) tar.gz
for-4.21/dm-changes - Eliminate a couple indirect calls from bio-based DM core. (2018-12-22) tar.gz
for-4.21/aio-20121222 for-4.21/aio-20121222 (2018-12-22) tar.gz
v4.19.12     This is the 4.19.12 stable release (2018-12-21) tar.gz
v4.14.90     This is the 4.14.90 stable release (2018-12-21) tar.gz
v4.9.147     This is the 4.9.147 stable release (2018-12-21) tar.gz
v4.4.169     This is the 4.4.169 stable release (2018-12-21) tar.gz
v3.18.131    This is the 3.18.131 stable release (2018-12-21) tar.gz
for-4.21/aio-20181221 for-4.21/aio-20181221 (2018-12-20) tar.gz
for-4.21/libata-20181221 for-4.21/libata-20181221 (2018-12-20) tar.gz
for-4.21/block-20181221 for-4.21/block-20181221 (2018-12-20) tar.gz
v4.19.11     This is the 4.19.11 stable release (2018-12-19) tar.gz
for-linus-20181218 for-linus-20181218 (2018-12-18) tar.gz
v4.4.168     This is the 4.4.168 stable release (2018-12-17) tar.gz
v3.18.130    This is the 3.18.130 stable release (2018-12-17) tar.gz
v4.9.146     This is the 4.9.146 stable release (2018-12-17) tar.gz
v4.14.89     This is the 4.14.89 stable release (2018-12-17) tar.gz
v4.19.10     This is the 4.19.10 stable release (2018-12-17) tar.gz
v4.20-rc7    Linux 4.20-rc7 (2018-12-16) tar.gz
v3.16.62     This is the 3.16.62 stable release (2018-12-16) tar.gz
for-linus-20181214 for-linus-20181214 (2018-12-14) tar.gz
v3.18.129    This is the 3.18.129 stable release (2018-12-13) tar.gz
v4.4.167     This is the 4.4.167 stable release (2018-12-13) tar.gz
v4.9.145     This is the 4.9.145 stable release (2018-12-13) tar.gz
v4.14.88     This is the 4.14.88 stable release (2018-12-13) tar.gz
v4.19.9      This is the 4.19.9 stable release (2018-12-13) tar.gz
for-4.20/dm-fixes - Fix DM cache metadata to verify that a cache has block before trying   to continue with operation that requires them. (2018-12-12) tar.gz
next-20181211 next-20181211 (2018-12-11) tar.gz
v4.20-rc6    Linux 4.20-rc6 (2018-12-09) tar.gz
v4.9.144     This is the 4.9.144 stable release (2018-12-08) tar.gz
v4.14.87     This is the 4.14.87 stable release (2018-12-08) tar.gz
v4.19.8      This is the 4.19.8 stable release (2018-12-08) tar.gz
for-linus-20181207 for-linus-20181207 (2018-12-07) tar.gz
for-linus-20181206 for-linus-20181206 (2018-12-06) tar.gz
for-linus-20181205 for-linus-20181205 (2018-12-05) tar.gz
v4.9.143     This is the 4.9.143 stable release (2018-12-05) tar.gz
v4.14.86     This is the 4.14.86 stable release (2018-12-05) tar.gz
v4.19.7      This is the 4.19.7 stable release (2018-12-05) tar.gz
v4.20-rc5    Linux 4.20-rc5 (2018-12-02) tar.gz
for-linus-20181201 for-linus-20181201 (2018-12-01) tar.gz
v3.18.128    This is the 3.18.128 stable release (2018-12-01) tar.gz
v4.4.166     This is the 4.4.166 stable release (2018-12-01) tar.gz
v4.9.142     This is the 4.9.142 stable release (2018-12-01) tar.gz
v4.14.85     This is the 4.14.85 stable release (2018-12-01) tar.gz
v4.19.6      This is the 4.19.6 stable release (2018-12-01) tar.gz
v4.19.5      This is the 4.19.5 stable release (2018-11-27) tar.gz
v4.14.84     This is the 4.14.84 stable release (2018-11-27) tar.gz
v4.9.141     This is the 4.9.141 stable release (2018-11-27) tar.gz
v4.4.165     This is the 4.4.165 stable release (2018-11-27) tar.gz
v3.18.127    This is the 3.18.127 stable release (2018-11-27) tar.gz
v4.20-rc4    Linux 4.20-rc4 (2018-11-25) tar.gz
for-linus-20181123 for-linus-20181123 (2018-11-23) tar.gz
v4.9.140     This is the 4.9.140 stable release (2018-11-23) tar.gz
v4.9.139     This is the 4.9.139 stable release (2018-11-23) tar.gz
v4.14.83     This is the 4.14.83 stable release (2018-11-23) tar.gz
v4.19.4      This is the 4.19.4 stable release (2018-11-23) tar.gz
v3.18.126    This is the 3.18.126 stable release (2018-11-22) tar.gz
v4.4.164     This is the 4.4.164 stable release (2018-11-21) tar.gz
v4.9.138     This is the 4.9.138 stable release (2018-11-21) tar.gz
v4.14.82     This is the 4.14.82 stable release (2018-11-21) tar.gz
v4.18.20     This is the 4.18.20 stable release (2018-11-21) tar.gz
v4.19.3      This is the 4.19.3 stable release (2018-11-21) tar.gz
v3.16.61     This is the 3.16.61 stable release (2018-11-20) tar.gz
v4.20-rc3    Linux 4.20-rc3 (2018-11-18) tar.gz
for-linus-20181115 for-linus-20181115 (2018-11-15) tar.gz
v4.9.137     This is the 4.9.137 stable release (2018-11-13) tar.gz
v4.14.81     This is the 4.14.81 stable release (2018-11-13) tar.gz
v4.18.19     This is the 4.18.19 stable release (2018-11-13) tar.gz
v4.19.2      This is the 4.19.2 stable release (2018-11-13) tar.gz
v4.20-rc2    Linux 4.20-rc2 (2018-11-11) tar.gz
v4.18.18     This is the 4.18.18 stable release (2018-11-10) tar.gz
v4.14.80     This is the 4.14.80 stable release (2018-11-10) tar.gz
v4.9.136     This is the 4.9.136 stable release (2018-11-10) tar.gz
v4.4.163     This is the 4.4.163 stable release (2018-11-10) tar.gz
v3.18.125    This is the 3.18.125 stable release (2018-11-10) tar.gz
for-linus-20181109 for-linus-20181109 (2018-11-09) tar.gz
v4.20-rc1    Linux 4.20-rc1 (2018-11-04) tar.gz
v4.14.79     This is the 4.14.79 stable release (2018-11-04) tar.gz
v4.18.17     This is the 4.18.17 stable release (2018-11-04) tar.gz
v4.19.1      This is the 4.19.1 stable release (2018-11-04) tar.gz
for-linus-20181102 for-linus-20181102 (2018-11-02) tar.gz
for-linus-20181026 for-linus-20181026 (2018-10-26) tar.gz
for-4.20/dm-changes - Biggest change this cycle is to remove support for the legacy IO path   (.request_fn) from request-based DM.  Jens has already started   preparing for complete removal of the legacy IO path in 4.21 but this   earlier removal of support from DM has been coordinated with Jens (as   evidenced by the commit being attributed to him).  Making   request-based DM exclussively blk-mq only cleans up that portion of DM   core quite nicely. (2018-10-26) tar.gz
v4.19        This is the 4.19 release (2018-10-22) tar.gz
for-4.20/libata-20181021 for-4.20/libata-20181021 (2018-10-21) tar.gz
for-4.20/block-20181021 for-4.20/block-20181021 (2018-10-21) tar.gz
v3.16.60     This is the 3.16.60 stable release (2018-10-21) tar.gz
v4.4.162     This is the 4.4.162 stable release (2018-10-20) tar.gz
v4.9.135     This is the 4.9.135 stable release (2018-10-20) tar.gz
v4.14.78     This is the 4.14.78 stable release (2018-10-20) tar.gz
v4.18.16     This is the 4.18.16 stable release (2018-10-20) tar.gz
for-linus-20181019 for-linus-20181019 (2018-10-19) tar.gz
v4.18.15     This is the 4.18.15 stable release (2018-10-18) tar.gz
v4.14.77     This is the 4.14.77 stable release (2018-10-18) tar.gz
v4.9.134     This is the 4.9.134 stable release (2018-10-18) tar.gz
v4.19-rc8    This is the 4.19-rc8 release (2018-10-15) tar.gz
v4.18.14     This is the 4.18.14 stable release (2018-10-13) tar.gz
v4.14.76     This is the 4.14.76 stable release (2018-10-13) tar.gz
v4.9.133     This is the 4.9.133 stable release (2018-10-13) tar.gz
v4.4.161     This is the 4.4.161 stable release (2018-10-13) tar.gz
v3.18.124    This is the 3.18.124 stable release (2018-10-13) tar.gz
for-linus-20181012 for-linus-20181012 (2018-10-12) tar.gz
for-4.19/dm-fixes-4 - Fix for earlier 4.19 final DM linear change that incorrectly   checked for CONFIG_DM_ZONED rather than CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ZONED. (2018-10-10) tar.gz
for-4.19/dm-fixes-3 - Fix a DM cache module init error path bug that doesn't properly   cleanup a KMEM_CACHE if target registration fails. (2018-10-10) tar.gz
v4.18.13     This is the 4.18.13 stable release (2018-10-10) tar.gz
v4.14.75     This is the 4.14.75 stable release (2018-10-10) tar.gz
v4.9.132     This is the 4.9.132 stable release (2018-10-10) tar.gz
v4.4.160     This is the 4.4.160 stable release (2018-10-10) tar.gz
v4.19-rc7    This is the 4.19-rc7 release (2018-10-07) tar.gz
for-4.19/dm-fixes-2 - Fix a DM thinp __udivdi3 undefined on 32-bit bug introduced during   4.19 merge window. (2018-10-05) tar.gz
v4.9.131     This is the 4.9.131 stable release (2018-10-03) tar.gz
v4.14.74     This is the 4.14.74 stable release (2018-10-03) tar.gz
v4.18.12     This is the 4.18.12 stable release (2018-10-03) tar.gz
v3.16.59     This is the 3.16.59 stable release (2018-10-03) tar.gz
v4.19-rc6    This is the 4.19-rc6 release (2018-09-30) tar.gz
for-linus-20180929 for-linus-20180929 (2018-09-29) tar.gz
v4.4.159     This is the 4.4.159 stable release (2018-09-29) tar.gz
v4.9.130     This is the 4.9.130 stable release (2018-09-29) tar.gz
v4.14.73     This is the 4.14.73 stable release (2018-09-29) tar.gz
v4.18.11     This is the 4.18.11 stable release (2018-09-29) tar.gz
v4.18.10     This is the 4.18.10 stable release (2018-09-26) tar.gz
v4.14.72     This is the 4.14.72 stable release (2018-09-26) tar.gz
v4.9.129     This is the 4.9.129 stable release (2018-09-26) tar.gz
v4.4.158     This is the 4.4.158 stable release (2018-09-26) tar.gz
v3.18.123    This is the 3.18.123 stable release (2018-09-26) tar.gz
v3.16.58     This is the 3.16.58 stable release (2018-09-25) tar.gz
v4.19-rc5    This is the 4.19-rc5 stable release (2018-09-23) tar.gz
for-linus-20180922 for-linus-20180922 (2018-09-22) tar.gz
for-linus-20180920 for-linus-20180920 (2018-09-20) tar.gz
v4.4.157     This is the 4.4.157 stable release (2018-09-19) tar.gz
v4.9.128     This is the 4.9.128 stable release (2018-09-19) tar.gz
v4.14.71     This is the 4.14.71 stable release (2018-09-19) tar.gz
v4.18.9      This is the 4.18.9 stable release (2018-09-19) tar.gz
v4.19-rc4    Linux 4.19-rc4 (2018-09-16) tar.gz
v4.18.8      This is the 4.18.8 stable release (2018-09-15) tar.gz
v4.14.70     This is the 4.14.70 stable release (2018-09-15) tar.gz
v4.9.127     This is the 4.9.127 stable release (2018-09-15) tar.gz
v4.4.156     This is the 4.4.156 stable release (2018-09-15) tar.gz
for-linus-20180913 for-linus-20180913 (2018-09-13) tar.gz
for-4.19/dm-fixes - DM verity fix for crash due to using vmalloc'd buffers with the   asynchronous crypto hadsh API. (2018-09-13) tar.gz
v4.19-rc3    Linux 4.19-rc3 (2018-09-09) tar.gz
v3.18.122    This is the 3.18.122 stable release (2018-09-09) tar.gz
v4.4.155     This is the 4.4.155 stable release (2018-09-09) tar.gz
v4.9.126     This is the 4.9.126 stable release (2018-09-09) tar.gz
v4.14.69     This is the 4.14.69 stable release (2018-09-09) tar.gz
v4.18.7      This is the 4.18.7 stable release (2018-09-09) tar.gz
for-linus-20180906 for-linus-20180906 (2018-09-06) tar.gz
v4.18.6      This is the 4.18.6 stable release (2018-09-05) tar.gz
v4.14.68     This is the 4.14.68 stable release (2018-09-05) tar.gz
v4.9.125     This is the 4.9.125 stable release (2018-09-05) tar.gz
v4.4.154     This is the 4.4.154 stable release (2018-09-05) tar.gz
v3.18.121    This is the 3.18.121 stable release (2018-09-05) tar.gz
v4.19-rc2    Linux 4.19-rc2 (2018-09-02) tar.gz
for-linus-20180830 for-linus-20180830 (2018-08-30) tar.gz
v4.4.153     This is the 4.4.153 stable release (2018-08-28) tar.gz
v3.18.120    This is the 3.18.120 stable release (2018-08-28) tar.gz
v4.19-rc1    Linux 4.19-rc1 (2018-08-26) tar.gz
for-linus-20180825 for-linus-20180825 (2018-08-25) tar.gz
v4.4.152     This is the 4.4.152 stable release (2018-08-24) tar.gz
v4.9.124     This is the 4.9.124 stable release (2018-08-24) tar.gz
v4.14.67     This is the 4.14.67 stable release (2018-08-24) tar.gz
v4.17.19     This is the 4.17.19 stable release (2018-08-24) tar.gz
v4.18.5      This is the 4.18.5 stable release (2018-08-24) tar.gz
for-4.19/post-20180822 for-4.19/post-20180822 (2018-08-22) tar.gz
v4.4.151     This is the 4.4.151 stable release (2018-08-22) tar.gz
v4.9.123     This is the 4.9.123 stable release (2018-08-22) tar.gz
v4.14.66     This is the 4.14.66 stable release (2018-08-22) tar.gz
v4.17.18     This is the 4.17.18 stable release (2018-08-22) tar.gz
v4.18.4      This is the 4.18.4 stable release (2018-08-22) tar.gz
v4.18.3      This is the 4.18.3 stable release (2018-08-18) tar.gz
v4.17.17     This is the 4.17.17 stable release (2018-08-18) tar.gz
v4.14.65     This is the 4.14.65 stable release (2018-08-18) tar.gz
v4.9.122     This is the 4.9.122 stable release (2018-08-18) tar.gz
v4.4.150     This is the 4.4.150 stable release (2018-08-18) tar.gz
v4.18.2      This is the 4.18.2 stable release (2018-08-17) tar.gz
v4.17.16     This is the 4.17.16 stable release (2018-08-17) tar.gz
v4.14.64     This is the 4.14.64 stable release (2018-08-17) tar.gz
v4.9.121     This is the 4.9.121 stable release (2018-08-17) tar.gz
v4.4.149     This is the 4.4.149 stable release (2018-08-17) tar.gz
v3.18.119    This is the 3.18.119 stable release (2018-08-17) tar.gz
for-4.19/dm-changes - A couple stable fixes for the DM writecache target. (2018-08-16) tar.gz
v4.9.120     This is the 4.9.120 stable release (2018-08-15) tar.gz
v4.14.63     This is the 4.14.63 stable release (2018-08-15) tar.gz
v4.17.15     This is the 4.17.15 stable release (2018-08-15) tar.gz
v4.4.148     This is the 4.4.148 stable release (2018-08-15) tar.gz
v4.18.1      This is the 4.18.1 stable release (2018-08-15) tar.gz
for-4.19/block-20180812 for-4.19/block-20180812 (2018-08-12) tar.gz
v4.18        Linux 4.18 (2018-08-12) tar.gz
v3.18.118    This is the 3.18.118 stable release (2018-08-09) tar.gz
v4.4.147     This is the 4.4.147 stable release (2018-08-09) tar.gz
v4.9.119     This is the 4.9.119 stable release (2018-08-09) tar.gz
v4.14.62     This is the 4.14.62 stable release (2018-08-09) tar.gz
v4.17.14     This is the 4.17.14 stable release (2018-08-09) tar.gz
v4.4.146     This is the 4.4.146 stable release (2018-08-06) tar.gz
v4.9.118     This is the 4.9.118 stable release (2018-08-06) tar.gz
v4.14.61     This is the 4.14.61 stable release (2018-08-06) tar.gz
v4.17.13     This is the 4.17.13 stable release (2018-08-06) tar.gz
v4.18-rc8    Linux 4.18-rc8 (2018-08-05) tar.gz
for-linus-20180803 for-linus-20180803 (2018-08-03) tar.gz
v4.9.117     This is the 4.9.117 stable release (2018-08-03) tar.gz
v4.14.60     This is the 4.14.60 stable release (2018-08-03) tar.gz
v4.17.12     This is the 4.17.12 stable release (2018-08-03) tar.gz
v4.18-rc7    Linux 4.18-rc7 (2018-07-29) tar.gz
v4.17.11     This is the 4.17.11 stable release (2018-07-28) tar.gz
v4.14.59     This is the 4.14.59 stable release (2018-07-28) tar.gz
v4.9.116     This is the 4.9.116 stable release (2018-07-28) tar.gz
v4.4.145     This is the 4.4.145 stable release (2018-07-28) tar.gz
v3.18.117    This is the 3.18.117 stable release (2018-07-28) tar.gz
for-linus-20180727 for-linus-20180727 (2018-07-27) tar.gz
v4.17.10     This is the 4.17.10 stable release (2018-07-25) tar.gz
v4.14.58     This is the 4.14.58 stable release (2018-07-25) tar.gz
v4.9.115     This is the 4.9.115 stable release (2018-07-25) tar.gz
v4.4.144     This is the 4.4.144 stable release (2018-07-25) tar.gz
v4.18-rc6    Linux 4.18-rc6 (2018-07-22) tar.gz
v4.17.9      This is the 4.17.9 stable release (2018-07-22) tar.gz
nvme-for-4.18 NVMe fixes for 4.18-rc6: (2018-07-22) tar.gz
v4.14.57     This is the 4.14.57 stable release (2018-07-22) tar.gz
v4.9.114     This is the 4.9.114 stable release (2018-07-22) tar.gz
v4.4.143     This is the 4.4.143 stable release (2018-07-22) tar.gz
v3.18.116    This is the 3.18.116 stable release (2018-07-22) tar.gz
for-4.18/dm-fixes-2 - Fix DM writecache target to allow an optional offset to the start of   the data and metadata area.  This allows userspace tools (e.g. LVM2)   to place a header and metadata at the front of the writecache device   for its use. (2018-07-20) tar.gz
v4.4.142     This is the 4.4.142 stable release (2018-07-19) tar.gz
v4.17.8      This is the 4.17.8 stable release (2018-07-18) tar.gz
v4.17.7      This is the 4.17.7 stable release (2018-07-17) tar.gz
v4.14.56     This is the 4.14.56 stable release (2018-07-17) tar.gz
v4.9.113     This is the 4.9.113 stable release (2018-07-17) tar.gz
v4.4.141     This is the 4.4.141 stable release (2018-07-17) tar.gz
v4.18-rc5    Linux 4.18-rc5 (2018-07-15) tar.gz
for-linus-20180713 for-linus-20180713 (2018-07-13) tar.gz
v4.17.6      This is the 4.17.6 stable release (2018-07-11) tar.gz
v4.14.55     This is the 4.14.55 stable release (2018-07-11) tar.gz
v4.9.112     This is the 4.9.112 stable release (2018-07-11) tar.gz
v4.4.140     This is the 4.4.140 stable release (2018-07-11) tar.gz
v3.18.115    This is the 3.18.115 stable release (2018-07-11) tar.gz
v4.18-rc4    Linux 4.18-rc4 (2018-07-08) tar.gz
v4.17.5      This is the 4.17.5 stable release (2018-07-08) tar.gz
v4.14.54     This is the 4.14.54 stable release (2018-07-08) tar.gz
for-linus-20180706 for-linus-20180706 (2018-07-06) tar.gz
v4.17.4      This is the 4.17.4 stable release (2018-07-03) tar.gz
v4.14.53     This is the 4.14.53 stable release (2018-07-03) tar.gz
v4.9.111     This is the 4.9.111 stable release (2018-07-03) tar.gz
v4.4.139     This is the 4.4.139 stable release (2018-07-03) tar.gz
v3.18.114    This is the 3.18.114 stable release (2018-07-03) tar.gz
v4.18-rc3    Linux 4.18-rc3 (2018-07-01) tar.gz
for-linus-20180629 for-linus-20180629 (2018-06-29) tar.gz
for-4.18/dm-fixes - Fix dm core to use more efficient bio_split() instead of   bio_clone_bioset().  Also fixes splitting bio that has integrity   payload. (2018-06-28) tar.gz
v4.9.110     This is the 4.9.110 stable release (2018-06-26) tar.gz
v4.14.52     This is the 4.14.52 stable release (2018-06-26) tar.gz
v4.16.18     This is the 4.16.18 stable release (2018-06-26) tar.gz
v4.17.3      This is the 4.17.3 stable release (2018-06-26) tar.gz
v4.18-rc2    Linux 4.18-rc2 (2018-06-24) tar.gz
for-linus-20180623 for-linus-20180623 (2018-06-23) tar.gz
v4.14.51     This is the 4.14.51 stable release (2018-06-21) tar.gz
v4.16.17     This is the 4.16.17 stable release (2018-06-21) tar.gz
mkp-scsi-queue Signed-off-by: Martin K. Petersen <> (2018-06-19) tar.gz
mkp-scsi-fixes Signed-off-by: Martin K. Petersen <> (2018-06-19) tar.gz
v4.18-rc1    Linux 4.18-rc1 (2018-06-17) tar.gz
v3.16.57     This is the 3.16.57 stable release (2018-06-16) tar.gz
for-linus-20180616 for-linus-20180616 (2018-06-16) tar.gz
v4.4.138     This is the 4.4.138 stable release (2018-06-16) tar.gz
v4.9.109     This is the 4.9.109 stable release (2018-06-16) tar.gz
v4.14.50     This is the 4.14.50 stable release (2018-06-16) tar.gz
v4.16.16     This is the 4.16.16 stable release (2018-06-16) tar.gz
v4.17.2      This is the 4.17.2 stable release (2018-06-16) tar.gz
v4.9.108     This is the 4.9.108 stable release (2018-06-13) tar.gz
v4.4.137     This is the 4.4.137 stable release (2018-06-13) tar.gz
v3.18.113    This is the 3.18.113 stable release (2018-06-13) tar.gz
v4.14.49     This is the 4.14.49 stable release (2018-06-11) tar.gz
v4.16.15     This is the 4.16.15 stable release (2018-06-11) tar.gz
v4.17.1      This is the 4.17.1 stable release (2018-06-11) tar.gz
for-4.18/dm-changes-v2 - Adjust various DM structure members to improve alignment relative to   4.18 block's mempool_t and bioset changes. (2018-06-11) tar.gz
for-linus-20180610 for-linus-20180610 (2018-06-10) tar.gz
for-linus-20180608 for-linus-20180608 (2018-06-08) tar.gz
v4.4.136     This is the 4.4.136 stable release (2018-06-06) tar.gz
v4.9.107     This is the 4.9.107 stable release (2018-06-06) tar.gz
for-linus-20180605 for-linus-20180605 (2018-06-05) tar.gz
v4.16.14     This is the 4.16.14 stable release (2018-06-05) tar.gz
v4.14.48     This is the 4.14.48 stable release (2018-06-05) tar.gz
v4.9.106     This is the 4.9.106 stable release (2018-06-05) tar.gz
for-4.18/dm-changes - Export 2 swait symbols for use by the new DM writecache target. (2018-06-04) tar.gz
for-4.18/block-20180603 for-4.18/block-20180603 (2018-06-03) tar.gz
v4.17        Linux 4.17 (2018-06-03) tar.gz
v3.2.102     This is the 3.2.102 stable release (2018-06-01) tar.gz
xfs-4.18-merge-1 Changes for 4.18: - Strengthen inode number and structure validation when allocating inodes. - Reduce pointless buffer allocations during cache miss - Use FUA for pure data O_DSYNC directio writes - Various iomap refactorings - Strengthen quota metadata verification to avoid unfixable broken quota - Make AGFL block freeing a deferred operation to avoid blowing out   transaction reservations when running complex operations - Get rid of the log item descriptors to reduce log overhead - Fix various reflink bugs where inodes were double-joined to   transactions - Don't issue discards when trimming unwritten extents - Refactor incore dquot initialization and retrieval interfaces - Fix some locking problmes in the quota scrub code - Strengthen btree structure checks in scrub code - Rewrite swapfile activation to use iomap and support unwritten extents - Make scrub exit to userspace sooner when corruptions or   cross-referencing problems are found - Make scrub invoke the data fork scrubber directly on metadata inodes - Don't do background reclamation of post-eof and cow blocks when the fs   is suspended - Fix secondary superblock buffer lifespan hinting - Refactor growfs to use table-dispatched functions instead of long   stringy functions - Move growfs code to libxfs - Implement online fs label getting and setting - Introduce online filesystem repair (in a very limited capacity) - Various bug fixes (2018-05-31) tar.gz
xfs-4.17-fixes-3 Changes since last update: - Clear out i_mapping error state when we're reinitializing inodes. (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v4.14.47     This is the 4.14.47 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v4.9.105     This is the 4.9.105 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v4.4.135     This is the 4.4.135 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
for-linus-20180530 for-linus-20180530 (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v3.18.112    This is the 3.18.112 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v4.14.46     This is the 4.14.46 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v4.16.13     This is the 4.16.13 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v4.14.45     This is the 4.14.45 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v4.9.104     This is the 4.9.104 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v4.4.134     This is the 4.4.134 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v3.18.111    This is the 3.18.111 stable release (2018-05-30) tar.gz
v4.1.52      Linux 4.1.52 (2018-05-27) tar.gz
v4.17-rc7    Linux 4.17-rc7 (2018-05-27) tar.gz
v4.4.133     This is the 4.4.133 stable release (2018-05-26) tar.gz
v4.16.12     This is the 4.16.12 stable release (2018-05-25) tar.gz
v4.14.44     This is the 4.14.44 stable release (2018-05-25) tar.gz
v4.9.103     This is the 4.9.103 stable release (2018-05-25) tar.gz
v3.18.110    This is the 3.18.110 stable release (2018-05-25) tar.gz
for-linus-20180524 for-linus-20180524 (2018-05-24) tar.gz
v4.16.11     This is the 4.16.11 stable release (2018-05-22) tar.gz
v4.14.43     This is the 4.14.43 stable release (2018-05-22) tar.gz
v4.9.102     This is the 4.9.102 stable release (2018-05-22) tar.gz
v4.17-rc6    Linux 4.17-rc6 (2018-05-20) tar.gz
v4.9.101     This is the 4.9.101 stable release (2018-05-19) tar.gz
v4.14.42     This is the 4.14.42 stable release (2018-05-19) tar.gz
v4.16.10     This is the 4.16.10 stable release (2018-05-19) tar.gz
for-linus-20180518 for-linus-20180518 (2018-05-18) tar.gz
v4.16.9      This is the 4.16.9 stable release (2018-05-16) tar.gz
v4.14.41     This is the 4.14.41 stable release (2018-05-16) tar.gz
v4.9.100     This is the 4.9.100 stable release (2018-05-16) tar.gz
v4.4.132     This is the 4.4.132 stable release (2018-05-16) tar.gz
v3.18.109    This is the 3.18.109 stable release (2018-05-16) tar.gz
v4.17-rc5    Linux 4.17-rc5 (2018-05-13) tar.gz
for-linus-20180511 for-linus-20180511 (2018-05-11) tar.gz
for-4.17/dm-fixes - A stable fix for DM integrity to use kvfree. (2018-05-10) tar.gz
v4.16.8      This is the 4.16.8 stable release (2018-05-09) tar.gz
v4.14.40     This is the 4.14.40 stable release (2018-05-09) tar.gz
v4.9.99      This is the 4.9.99 stable release (2018-05-09) tar.gz
v4.17-rc4    Linux 4.17-rc4 (2018-05-06) tar.gz
for-linus-20180504 for-linus-20180504 (2018-05-04) tar.gz
xfs-4.17-fixes-2 Changes since last update: - Cap the maximum length of a deduplication request at MAX_RW_COUNT/2   to avoid kernel livelock due to excessively large IO requests. (2018-05-02) tar.gz
v3.18.108    This is the 3.18.108 stable release (2018-05-02) tar.gz
v4.4.131     This is the 4.4.131 stable release (2018-05-02) tar.gz
v4.9.98      This is the 4.9.98 stable release (2018-05-01) tar.gz
v4.14.39     This is the 4.14.39 stable release (2018-05-01) tar.gz
v4.16.7      This is the 4.16.7 stable release (2018-05-01) tar.gz
v4.17-rc3    Linux v4.17-rc3 (2018-04-29) tar.gz
v4.16.6      This is the 4.16.6 stable release (2018-04-29) tar.gz
v4.14.38     This is the 4.14.38 stable release (2018-04-29) tar.gz
v4.9.97      This is the 4.9.97 stable release (2018-04-29) tar.gz
v4.4.130     This is the 4.4.130 stable release (2018-04-29) tar.gz
v3.18.107    This is the 3.18.107 stable release (2018-04-29) tar.gz
v4.14.37     This is the 4.14.37 stable release (2018-04-26) tar.gz
v4.16.5      This is the 4.16.5 stable release (2018-04-26) tar.gz
for-linus-20180425 for-linus-20180425 (2018-04-25) tar.gz
v4.16.4      This is the 4.16.4 stable release (2018-04-24) tar.gz
v4.14.36     This is the 4.14.36 stable release (2018-04-24) tar.gz
v4.9.96      This is the 4.9.96 stable release (2018-04-24) tar.gz
v4.4.129     This is the 4.4.129 stable release (2018-04-24) tar.gz
v3.18.106    This is the 3.18.106 stable release (2018-04-24) tar.gz
v4.17-rc2    Linux 4.17-rc2 (2018-04-22) tar.gz
xfs-4.17-fixes-1 Changes since last update: - Enhance inode fork verifiers to prevent loading of corrupted metadata. - Fix a crash when we try to convert extents format inodes to btree   format, we run out of space, but forget to revert the in-core state   changes. - Fix file size checks when doing INSERT_RANGE that could cause files   to end up negative size if there previously was an extent mapped at   s_maxbytes. - Fix a bug when doing a remove-then-add ATTR_REPLACE xattr update where   we forget to clear ATTR_REPLACE after the remove, which causes the   attr to be lost and the fs to shut down due to (what it thinks is)   inconsistent in-core state. (2018-04-20) tar.gz
v4.9.95      This is the 4.9.95 stable release (2018-04-20) tar.gz
v4.14.35     This is the 4.14.35 stable release (2018-04-19) tar.gz
v4.15.18     This is the 4.15.18 stable release (2018-04-19) tar.gz
v4.16.3      This is the 4.16.3 stable release (2018-04-19) tar.gz
v4.17-rc1    Linux 4.17-rc1 (2018-04-15) tar.gz
for-linus-20180413 for-linus-20180413 (2018-04-13) tar.gz
v3.18.105    This is the 3.18.105 stable release (2018-04-13) tar.gz
v4.4.128     This is the 4.4.128 stable release (2018-04-13) tar.gz
v4.9.94      This is the 4.9.94 stable release (2018-04-13) tar.gz
v4.14.34     This is the 4.14.34 stable release (2018-04-12) tar.gz
v4.15.17     This is the 4.15.17 stable release (2018-04-12) tar.gz
v4.16.2      This is the 4.16.2 stable release (2018-04-12) tar.gz
xfs-4.17-merge-4 Changes since last update: - Cleanup unnecessary function call parameters - Fix a use-after-free bug when aborting logging intents - Refactor filestreams state data to avoid use-after-free bug - Fix incorrect removal of cow extents when truncating extended   attributes. - Refactor open-coded __set_page_dirty in favor of using vfs function. - Fix a deadlock when fstrim and fs shutdown race. (2018-04-10) tar.gz
xfs-4.17-merge-3 Changes since last update: - Cleanup unnecessary function call parameters - Fix a use-after-free bug when aborting logging intents - Refactor filestreams state data to avoid use-after-free bug - Fix incorrect removal of cow extents when truncating extended   attributes. (2018-04-10) tar.gz
v3.18.104    This is the 3.18.104 stable release (2018-04-10) tar.gz
xfs-4.17-merge-2 Changes since last update: - Cleanup unnecessary function call parameters - Fix a use-after-free bug when aborting logging intents - Refactor filestreams state data to avoid use-after-free bug (2018-04-09) tar.gz
v4.16.1      This is the 4.16.1 stable release (2018-04-08) tar.gz
v4.15.16     This is the 4.15.16 stable release (2018-04-08) tar.gz
v4.14.33     This is the 4.14.33 stable release (2018-04-08) tar.gz
v4.9.93      This is the 4.9.93 stable release (2018-04-08) tar.gz
v4.4.127     This is the 4.4.127 stable release (2018-04-08) tar.gz
v3.18.103    This is the 3.18.103 stable release (2018-04-08) tar.gz
for-4.17/dm-changes - DM core passthrough ioctl fix to retain reference to DM table, and   that table's block devices, while issuing the ioctl to one of those   block devices. (2018-04-05) tar.gz
next-20180404 next-20180404 (2018-04-04) tar.gz
for-4.17/block-20180402 for-4.17/block-20180402 (2018-04-02) tar.gz
xfs-4.17-merge-1 Changes for this release: - Various cleanups and code fixes - Implement lazytime as a mount option - Convert various on-disk metadata checks from asserts to -EFSCORRUPTED - Fix accounting problems with the rmap per-ag reservations - Refactorings and cleanups for xfs_log_force - Various bugfixes for the reflink code - Work around v5 AGFL padding problems to prevent fs shutdowns - Establish inode fork verifiers to inspect on-disk metadata correctness - Various online scrub fixes - Fix v5 swapext blowing up on deleted inodes (2018-04-01) tar.gz
v4.16        Linux 4.16 (2018-04-01) tar.gz
v4.4.126     This is the 4.4.126 stable release (2018-03-31) tar.gz
v4.9.92      This is the 4.9.92 stable release (2018-03-31) tar.gz
v4.14.32     This is the 4.14.32 stable release (2018-03-31) tar.gz
v4.15.15     This is the 4.15.15 stable release (2018-03-31) tar.gz
for-4.16/dm-fixes-4 - Fix a DM multipath regression introduced in a v4.16-rc6 commit:   restore support for loading, and attaching, scsi_dh modules during   multipath table load.  Otherwise some users may find themselves unable   to boot, as was reported today: (2018-03-29) tar.gz
v4.4.125     This is the 4.4.125 stable release (2018-03-28) tar.gz
v4.9.91      This is the 4.9.91 stable release (2018-03-28) tar.gz
v4.14.31     This is the 4.14.31 stable release (2018-03-28) tar.gz
v4.15.14     This is the 4.15.14 stable release (2018-03-28) tar.gz
v4.1.51      Linux 4.1.51 (2018-03-27) tar.gz
v4.16-rc7    Linux 4.16-rc7 (2018-03-25) tar.gz
v4.15.13     This is the 4.15.13 stable release (2018-03-24) tar.gz
v4.14.30     This is the 4.14.30 stable release (2018-03-24) tar.gz
v4.9.90      This is the 4.9.90 stable release (2018-03-24) tar.gz
v4.4.124     This is the 4.4.124 stable release (2018-03-24) tar.gz
v3.18.102    This is the 3.18.102 stable release (2018-03-24) tar.gz
v3.18.101    This is the 3.18.101 stable release (2018-03-22) tar.gz
v4.4.123     This is the 4.4.123 stable release (2018-03-22) tar.gz
v4.9.89      This is the 4.9.89 stable release (2018-03-22) tar.gz
v4.14.29     This is the 4.14.29 stable release (2018-03-21) tar.gz
v4.15.12     This is the 4.15.12 stable release (2018-03-21) tar.gz
v3.16.56     This is the 3.16.56 stable release (2018-03-19) tar.gz
v3.2.101     This is the 3.2.101 stable release (2018-03-19) tar.gz
v4.15.11     This is the 4.15.11 stable release (2018-03-19) tar.gz
v4.14.28     This is the 4.14.28 stable release (2018-03-19) tar.gz
v4.16-rc6    Linux 4.16-rc6 (2018-03-18) tar.gz
v4.9.88      This is the 4.9.88 stable release (2018-03-18) tar.gz
v4.4.122     This is the 4.4.122 stable release (2018-03-18) tar.gz
v3.18.100    This is the 3.18.100 stable release (2018-03-18) tar.gz
for-4.16/dm-fixes-3 - A stable DM multipath fix to restore ability to pass integrity data (2018-03-15) tar.gz
v4.15.10     This is the 4.15.10 stable release (2018-03-15) tar.gz
v4.14.27     This is the 4.14.27 stable release (2018-03-15) tar.gz
v4.16-rc5    Linux 4.16-rc5 (2018-03-11) tar.gz
v4.15.9      This is the 4.15.9 stable release (2018-03-11) tar.gz
v4.14.26     This is the 4.14.26 stable release (2018-03-11) tar.gz
v4.9.87      This is the 4.9.87 stable release (2018-03-11) tar.gz
v4.4.121     This is the 4.4.121 stable release (2018-03-11) tar.gz
v3.18.99     This is the 3.18.99 stable release (2018-03-11) tar.gz
for-linus-20180309 for-linus-20180309 (2018-03-09) tar.gz
for-4.16/dm-fixes-2 - Fix an uninitialized variable false warning in dm bufio (2018-03-09) tar.gz
v4.15.8      This is the 4.15.8 stable release (2018-03-08) tar.gz
v4.14.25     This is the 4.14.25 stable release (2018-03-08) tar.gz
v4.1.50      Linux 4.1.50 (2018-03-05) tar.gz
v4.16-rc4    Linux 4.16-rc4 (2018-03-04) tar.gz
v3.2.100     This is the 3.2.100 stable release (2018-03-03) tar.gz
v3.16.55     This is the 3.16.55 stable release (2018-03-03) tar.gz
v4.14.24     This is the 4.14.24 stable release (2018-03-03) tar.gz
v4.9.86      This is the 4.9.86 stable release (2018-03-03) tar.gz
v4.4.120     This is the 4.4.120 stable release (2018-03-03) tar.gz
v3.18.98     This is the 3.18.98 stable release (2018-03-03) tar.gz
xfs-4.16-fixes-3 Changes since last update: - Fix some iomap locking problems - Don't allocate cow blocks when we're zeroing file data (2018-03-02) tar.gz
for-linus-20180302 for-linus-20180302 (2018-03-02) tar.gz
v4.15.7      This is the 4.15.7 stable release (2018-02-28) tar.gz
v4.14.23     This is the 4.14.23 stable release (2018-02-28) tar.gz
v4.9.85      This is the 4.9.85 stable release (2018-02-28) tar.gz
v4.4.119     This is the 4.4.119 stable release (2018-02-28) tar.gz
v3.18.97     This is the 3.18.97 stable release (2018-02-28) tar.gz
xfs-4.16-fixes-2 Changes since last update: - Fix some compiler warnings - Fix block rservations for transactions created during log recovery - Fix resource leaks when respecifying mount options (2018-02-26) tar.gz
v4.16-rc3    Linux 4.16-rc3 (2018-02-25) tar.gz
xfs-4.16-fixes-1 Changes since last update: - Fix some compiler warnings - Fix block reservations for transactions created during log recovery (2018-02-25) tar.gz
v4.15.6      This is the 4.15.6 stable release (2018-02-25) tar.gz
v4.14.22     This is the 4.14.22 stable release (2018-02-25) tar.gz
v4.9.84      This is the 4.9.84 stable release (2018-02-25) tar.gz
v4.4.118     This is the 4.4.118 stable release (2018-02-25) tar.gz
v3.18.96     This is the 3.18.96 stable release (2018-02-25) tar.gz
v4.4.117     This is the 4.4.117 stable release (2018-02-22) tar.gz
v4.9.83      This is the 4.9.83 stable release (2018-02-22) tar.gz
v4.14.21     This is the 4.14.21 stable release (2018-02-22) tar.gz
v4.15.5      This is the 4.15.5 stable release (2018-02-22) tar.gz
v4.16-rc2    Linux 4.16-rc2 (2018-02-18) tar.gz
for-linus-20180217 for-linus-20180217 (2018-02-17) tar.gz
v4.9.82      This is the 4.9.82 stable release (2018-02-17) tar.gz
v4.14.20     This is the 4.14.20 stable release (2018-02-16) tar.gz
v3.18.95     This is the 3.18.95 stable release (2018-02-16) tar.gz
v4.4.116     This is the 4.4.116 stable release (2018-02-16) tar.gz
v4.15.4      This is the 4.15.4 stable release (2018-02-16) tar.gz
for-4.16/dm-chained-bios-fix - Fix for DM core to properly propagate errors (avoids overriding   non-zero error with 0).  This is particularly important given DM   core's increased use of chained bios. (2018-02-16) tar.gz
v3.16.54     This is the 3.16.54 stable release (2018-02-13) tar.gz
v3.2.99      This is the 3.2.99 stable release (2018-02-13) tar.gz
v4.9.81      This is the 4.9.81 stable release (2018-02-13) tar.gz
v4.14.19     This is the 4.14.19 stable release (2018-02-13) tar.gz
v4.15.3      This is the 4.15.3 stable release (2018-02-12) tar.gz
v4.16-rc1    Linux 4.16-rc1 (2018-02-11) tar.gz
for-linus-20180210 for-linus-20180210 (2018-02-10) tar.gz
v4.15.2      This is the 4.15.2 stable release (2018-02-07) tar.gz
v4.14.18     This is the 4.14.18 stable release (2018-02-07) tar.gz
v3.18.94     This is the 3.18.94 stable release (2018-02-07) tar.gz
xfs-4.16-merge-5 Changes since last update:  - Print scrub build status in the xfs build info.  - Explicitly call out the remaining two scenarios where we don't    support    reflink and never have.  - Remove EXPERIMENTAL tag from reverse mapping btree! (2018-02-05) tar.gz
for-linus-20180204 for-linus-20180204 (2018-02-04) tar.gz
v4.15.1      This is the 4.15.1 stable release (2018-02-03) tar.gz
v4.14.17     This is the 4.14.17 stable release (2018-02-03) tar.gz
v4.9.80      This is the 4.9.80 stable release (2018-02-03) tar.gz
v4.4.115     This is the 4.4.115 stable release (2018-02-03) tar.gz
for-4.16/dm-changes - DM core fixes to ensure that bio submission follows a depth-first tree   walk; this is critical to allow forward progress without the need to   use the bioset's BIOSET_NEED_RESCUER. (2018-01-31) tar.gz
v3.18.93     This is the 3.18.93 stable release (2018-01-31) tar.gz
v4.14.16     This is the 4.14.16 stable release (2018-01-31) tar.gz
v4.9.79      This is the 4.9.79 stable release (2018-01-31) tar.gz
v4.4.114     This is the 4.4.114 stable release (2018-01-31) tar.gz
xfs-4.16-merge-4 New in this version:  - Log faulting code locations when verifiers fail, for improved diagnosis    of corrupt filesystems.  - Implement metadata verifiers for local format inode fork data.  - Online scrub now cross-references metadata records with other metadata.  - Refactor the fs geometry ioctl generation functions.  - Harden various metadata verifiers.  - Fix various accounting problems.  - Fix uncancelled transactions leaking when xattr functions fail.  - Prevent the copy-on-write speculative preallocation garbage collector    from racing with writeback.  - Emit log reservation type information as trace data so that we can    compare against xfsprogs.  - Fix some erroneous asserts in the online scrub code.  - Clean up the transaction reservation calculations.  - Fix various minor bugs in online scrub.  - Log complaints about mixed dio/buffered writes once per day and less    noisily than before.  - Refactor buffer log item lists to use list_head.  - Break PNFS leases before reflinking blocks.  - Reduce lock contention on reflink source files.  - Fix some quota accounting problems with reflink.  - Fix a serious corruption problem in the direct cow write code where we    fed bad iomaps to the vfs iomap consumers.  - Various other refactorings.  - Remove EXPERIMENTAL tag from reflink! (2018-01-29) tar.gz
v4.15        Linux 4.15 (2018-01-28) tar.gz
v4.14.15     This is the 4.14.15 stable release (2018-01-23) tar.gz
v4.9.78      This is the 4.9.78 stable release (2018-01-23) tar.gz
v4.4.113     This is the 4.4.113 stable release (2018-01-23) tar.gz
v4.1.49      Linux 4.1.49 (2018-01-22) tar.gz
v4.15-rc9    Linux 4.15-rc9 (2018-01-21) tar.gz
for-4.15/dm-fixes-2 All stable@ fixes: (2018-01-19) tar.gz
xfs-4.16-merge-1 New in this version: - Log faulting code locations when verifiers fail, for improved diagnosis   of corrupt filesystems. - Implement metadata verifiers for local format inode fork data. - Online scrub now cross-references metadata records with other metadata. - Refactor the fs geometry ioctl generation functions. - Harden various metadata verifiers. - Fix various accounting problems. - Fix uncancelled transactions leaking when xattr functions fail. - Prevent the copy-on-write speculative preallocation garbage collector   from racing with writeback. - Emit log reservation type information as trace data so that we can   compare against xfsprogs. - Fix some erroneous asserts in the online scrub code. - Clean up the transaction reservation calculations. - Fix various minor bugs in online scrub. - Log complaints about mixed dio/buffered writes once per day and less   noisily than before. (2018-01-17) tar.gz
v4.14.14     This is the 4.14.14 stable release (2018-01-17) tar.gz
v4.9.77      This is the 4.9.77 stable release (2018-01-17) tar.gz
v4.4.112     This is the 4.4.112 stable release (2018-01-17) tar.gz
v3.18.92     This is the 3.18.92 stable release (2018-01-17) tar.gz
for-block-4.16/dm-changes-2 - Ming's blk-mq improvements to blk_insert_cloned_request(), which is   used exclusively by request-based DM's blk-mq mode, that enable   substantial dm-mpath sequential IO performance improvements. (2018-01-15) tar.gz
for-block-4.16/dm-changes-1 - Small correctness fix in del_gendisk() if GENHD_FL_HIDDEN is used. (2018-01-15) tar.gz
v4.15-rc8    Linux 4.15-rc8 (2018-01-14) tar.gz
for-block-4.16/dm - Small correctness fix in del_gendisk() if GENHD_FL_HIDDEN is used. (2018-01-14) tar.gz
v4.14.13     This is the 4.14.13 stable release (2018-01-10) tar.gz
v4.9.76      This is the 4.9.76 stable release (2018-01-10) tar.gz
v4.4.111     This is the 4.4.111 stable release (2018-01-10) tar.gz
v3.16.53     This is the 3.16.53 stable release (2018-01-09) tar.gz
v4.15-rc7    Linux 4.15-rc7 (2018-01-07) tar.gz
v3.2.98      This is the 3.2.98 stable release (2018-01-07) tar.gz
v4.14.12     This is the 4.14.12 stable release (2018-01-05) tar.gz
v4.9.75      This is the 4.9.75 stable release (2018-01-05) tar.gz
v4.4.110     This is the 4.4.110 stable release (2018-01-05) tar.gz
v4.9.74      This is the 4.9.74 stable release (2018-01-02) tar.gz
v4.4.109     This is the 4.4.109 stable release (2018-01-02) tar.gz
v4.14.11     This is the 4.14.11 stable release (2018-01-02) tar.gz
v3.18.91     This is the 3.18.91 stable release (2018-01-02) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-fixes-10 Changes since last update: - Fix resource cleanup of failed quota initialization - Fix integer overflow problems wrt s_maxbytes (2018-01-02) tar.gz
v3.16.52     This is the 3.16.52 stable release (2018-01-01) tar.gz
v3.2.97      This is the 3.2.97 stable release (2018-01-01) tar.gz
v4.15-rc6    Linux 4.15-rc6 (2017-12-31) tar.gz
v4.14.10     This is the 4.14.10 stable release (2017-12-29) tar.gz
v4.9.73      This is the 4.9.73 stable release (2017-12-29) tar.gz
v4.14.9      This is the 4.14.9 stable release (2017-12-25) tar.gz
v4.9.72      This is the 4.9.72 stable release (2017-12-25) tar.gz
v4.4.108     This is the 4.4.108 stable release (2017-12-25) tar.gz
v3.18.90     This is the 3.18.90 stable release (2017-12-25) tar.gz
v4.15-rc5    Linux 4.15-rc5 (2017-12-23) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-fixes-8 Changes since last update: - Fix a locking problem during xattr block conversion that could lead to   the log checkpointing thread to try to write an incomplete buffer to   disk, which leads to a corruption shutdown - Fix a null pointer dereference when removing delayed allocation extents - Remove post-eof speculative allocations when reflinking a block past   current inode size so that we don't just leave them there and assert on   inode reclaim - Relax an assert which didn't accurately reflect the way locking works   and would trigger under heavy io load - Avoid infinite loop when cancelling copy on write extents after a   writeback failure - Try to avoid copy on write transaction reservation overflows when   remapping after a successful write - Fix various problems with the copy-on-write reservation automatic   garbage collection not being cleaned up properly during a ro remount - Fix problems with rmap log items being processed in the wrong order,   leading to corruption shutdowns - Fix problems with EFI recovery wherein the "remove any rmapping if   present" mechanism wasn't actually doing anything, which would lead   to corruption problems later when the extent is reallocated, leading   to multiple rmaps for the same extent (2017-12-21) tar.gz
v4.14.8      This is the 4.14.8 stable release (2017-12-20) tar.gz
v4.9.71      This is the 4.9.71 stable release (2017-12-20) tar.gz
v4.4.107     This is the 4.4.107 stable release (2017-12-20) tar.gz
v3.18.89     This is the 3.18.89 stable release (2017-12-20) tar.gz
v4.15-rc4    Linux 4.15-rc4 (2017-12-17) tar.gz
v4.14.7      This is the 4.14.7 stable release (2017-12-17) tar.gz
v4.9.70      This is the 4.9.70 stable release (2017-12-16) tar.gz
v4.4.106     This is the 4.4.106 stable release (2017-12-16) tar.gz
v3.18.88     This is the 3.18.88 stable release (2017-12-16) tar.gz
for-4.15/dm-fixes - Fix a particularly nasty DM core bug in a 4.15 refcount_t conversion. (2017-12-15) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-fixes-6 Changes since last update: - Fix a locking problem during xattr block conversion that could lead to   the log checkpointing thread to try to write an incomplete buffer to   disk, which leads to a corruption shutdown - Fix a null pointer dereference when removing delayed allocation extents - Remove post-eof speculative allocations when reflinking a block past   current inode size so that we don't just leave them there and assert on   inode reclaim - Relax an assert which didn't accurately reflect the way locking works - Avoid infinite loop when cancelling copy on write extents after a   writeback failure - Try to avoid copy on write transaction reservation overflows when   remapping after a successful write (2017-12-14) tar.gz
v4.14.6      This is the 4.14.6 stable release (2017-12-14) tar.gz
v4.9.69      This is the 4.9.69 stable release (2017-12-14) tar.gz
v4.1.48      Linux 4.1.48 (2017-12-12) tar.gz
v4.15-rc3    Linux 4.15-rc3 (2017-12-10) tar.gz
v4.14.5      This is the 4.14.5 stable release (2017-12-10) tar.gz
v4.9.68      This is the 4.9.68 stable release (2017-12-09) tar.gz
v4.4.105     This is the 4.4.105 stable release (2017-12-09) tar.gz
v3.18.87     This is the 3.18.87 stable release (2017-12-09) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-fixes-5 Changes since last update: - Clean up duplicate includes - Remove ancient 'no-alloc' crap code that occasionally caused hard fs   shutdowns due to lack of proper space reservations - Fix regression in FIEMAP behavior when reporting xattr extents (2017-12-08) tar.gz
v4.1.47      Linux 4.1.47 (2017-12-06) tar.gz
v4.14.4      This is the 4.14.4 stable release (2017-12-05) tar.gz
v4.9.67      This is the 4.9.67 stable release (2017-12-05) tar.gz
v4.4.104     This is the 4.4.104 stable release (2017-12-05) tar.gz
v3.18.86     This is the 3.18.86 stable release (2017-12-05) tar.gz
v4.15-rc2    Linux 4.15-rc2 (2017-12-03) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-fixes-4 Changes since last update: - Fix memory leaks that appeared after removing ifork inline data buffer - Recover deferred rmap update log items in correct order - Fix memory leaks when buffer construction fails - Fix memory leaks when bmbt is corrupt - Fix some uninitialized variables and math problems in the quota scrubber - Add some omitted attribution tags on the log replay commit - Fix some UBSAN complaints about integer overflows with large sparse files - Implement an effective inode mode check in online fsck - Fix log's inability to retry quota item writeout due to transient errors (2017-11-30) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-fixes-3 Changes since last update: - Fix memory leaks that appeared after removing ifork inline data buffer - Recover deferred rmap update log items in correct order - Fix memory leaks when buffer construction fails - Fix memory leaks when bmbt is corrupt - Fix some uninitialized variables and math problems in the quota scrubber - Add some omitted attribution tags on the log replay commit - Fix some UBSAN complaints about integer overflows with large sparse files - Implement an effective inode mode check in online fsck (2017-11-30) tar.gz
v4.14.3      This is the 4.14.3 stable release (2017-11-30) tar.gz
v4.9.66      This is the 4.9.66 stable release (2017-11-30) tar.gz
v4.4.103     This is the 4.4.103 stable release (2017-11-30) tar.gz
v3.18.85     This is the 3.18.85 stable release (2017-11-30) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-fixes-2 Changes since last update: - Fix memory leaks that appeared after removing ifork inline data buffer - Recover deferred rmap update log items in correct order - Fix memory leaks when buffer construction fails - Fix memory leaks when bmbt is corrupt - Fix some uninitialized variables and math problems in the quota scrubber - Add some omitted attribution tags on the log replay commit (2017-11-28) tar.gz
v4.15-rc1    Linux 4.15-rc1 (2017-11-26) tar.gz
v3.2.96      This is the 3.2.96 stable release (2017-11-26) tar.gz
v3.16.51     This is the 3.16.51 stable release (2017-11-26) tar.gz
v4.4.102     This is the 4.4.102 stable release (2017-11-24) tar.gz
v4.14.2      This is the 4.14.2 stable release (2017-11-24) tar.gz
v4.13.16     This is the 4.13.16 stable release (2017-11-24) tar.gz
v4.9.65      This is the 4.9.65 stable release (2017-11-24) tar.gz
v4.4.101     This is the 4.4.101 stable release (2017-11-24) tar.gz
v3.18.84     This is the 3.18.84 stable release (2017-11-24) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-merge-3 Changes since last update: - Fix a memory leak in the new in-core extent map. - Refactor the xfs_dev_t conversions for easier xfsprogs porting (2017-11-21) tar.gz
v4.13.15     This is the 4.13.15 stable release (2017-11-21) tar.gz
v4.14.1      This is the 4.14.1 stable release (2017-11-21) tar.gz
v4.9.64      This is the 4.9.64 stable release (2017-11-21) tar.gz
v4.4.100     This is the 4.4.100 stable release (2017-11-21) tar.gz
v3.18.83     This is the 3.18.83 stable release (2017-11-21) tar.gz
v4.13.14     This is the 4.13.14 stable release (2017-11-18) tar.gz
v4.9.63      This is the 4.9.63 stable release (2017-11-18) tar.gz
v4.4.99      This is the 4.4.99 stable release (2017-11-18) tar.gz
v3.18.82     This is the 3.18.82 stable release (2017-11-18) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-merge-2 Changes since last update: - Fix a forgotten rcu read unlock - Fix some inconsistent integer type usage. (2017-11-17) tar.gz
for-4.15/dm-changes-2 - A DM multipath stable@ fix to silence an annoying error message that   isn't _really_ an error (2017-11-16) tar.gz
v4.4.98      This is the 4.4.98 stable release (2017-11-15) tar.gz
v4.9.62      This is the 4.9.62 stable release (2017-11-15) tar.gz
v4.13.13     This is the 4.13.13 stable release (2017-11-15) tar.gz
v3.18.81     This is the 3.18.81 stable release (2017-11-15) tar.gz
for-4.15/dm  - A few conversions from atomic_t to ref_count_t (2017-11-13) tar.gz
v4.14        Linux 4.14 (2017-11-12) tar.gz
v3.2.95      This is the 3.2.95 stable release (2017-11-11) tar.gz
v3.16.50     This is the 3.16.50 stable release (2017-11-11) tar.gz
xfs-4.15-merge-1 New in this version: - Refactor the incore extent map manipulations to use a cursor instead of   directly modifying extent data. - Refactor the incore extent map cursor to use an in-memory btree instead   of a single high-order allocation.  This eliminates a major source of   complaints about insufficient memory when opening a heavily fragmented   file into a system whose memory is also heavily fragmented. - Fix a longstanding bug where deleting a file with a complex extended   attribute btree incorrectly handled memory pointers, which could lead   to memory corruption. - Improve metadata validation to eliminate crashing problems found while   fuzzing xfs. - Move the error injection tag definitions into libxfs to be shared with   userspace components. - Fix some log recovery bugs where we'd underflow log block position   vector and incorrectly fail log recovery. - Drain the buffer lru after log recovery to force recovered buffers back   through the verifiers after mount.  On a v4 filesystem the log never   attaches verifiers during log replay (v5 does), so we could end up with   buffers marked verified but without having ever been verified. - Fix various other bugs. - Introduce the first part of a new online fsck tool.  The new fsck tool   will be able to iterate every piece of metadata in the filesystem to   look for obvious errors and corruptions.  In the next release cycle   the checking will be extended to cross-reference with the other fs   metadata, so this feature should only be used by the developers in the   mean time. (2017-11-10) tar.gz
v4.13.12     This is the 4.13.12 stable release (2017-11-08) tar.gz
v4.9.61      This is the 4.9.61 stable release (2017-11-08) tar.gz
v4.4.97      This is the 4.4.97 stable release (2017-11-08) tar.gz
v3.18.80     This is the 3.18.80 stable release (2017-11-08) tar.gz
v4.1.46      Linux 4.1.46 (2017-11-07) tar.gz
v4.14-rc8    Linux 4.14-rc8 (2017-11-05) tar.gz
v3.10.108    This is the 3.10.108 stable release (2017-11-04) tar.gz
v4.13.11     This is the 4.13.11 stable release (2017-11-02) tar.gz
v4.9.60      This is the 4.9.60 stable release (2017-11-02) tar.gz
v4.4.96      This is the 4.4.96 stable release (2017-11-02) tar.gz
v3.18.79     This is the 3.18.79 stable release (2017-11-02) tar.gz
v4.14-rc7    Linux 4.14-rc7 (2017-10-29) tar.gz
v4.13.10     This is the 4.13.10 stable release (2017-10-27) tar.gz
v4.9.59      This is the 4.9.59 stable release (2017-10-27) tar.gz
v4.4.95      This is the 4.4.95 stable release (2017-10-27) tar.gz
v3.18.78     This is the 3.18.78 stable release (2017-10-27) tar.gz
xfs-4.14-fixes-7 Changes since last time: - Rework nowait locking code to reduce locking overhead penalty (2017-10-23) tar.gz
v4.14-rc6    Linux 4.14-rc6 (2017-10-23) tar.gz
v4.13.9      This is the 4.13.9 stable release (2017-10-21) tar.gz
v4.9.58      This is the 4.9.58 stable release (2017-10-21) tar.gz
v4.4.94      This is the 4.4.94 stable release (2017-10-21) tar.gz
v3.18.77     This is the 3.18.77 stable release (2017-10-21) tar.gz
v4.13.8      This is the 4.13.8 stable release (2017-10-18) tar.gz
v4.9.57      This is the 4.9.57 stable release (2017-10-18) tar.gz
v4.4.93      This is the 4.4.93 stable release (2017-10-18) tar.gz
v3.18.76     This is the 3.18.76 stable release (2017-10-18) tar.gz
xfs-4.14-fixes-6 Changes since last update: - fix some more CONFIG_XFS_RT related build problems - fix data loss when writeback at eof races eofblocks gc and loses - invalidate page cache after fs finishes a dio write - remove dirty page state when invalidating pages so releasepage does   the right thing when handed a dirty page (2017-10-17) tar.gz
v4.1.45      Linux 4.1.45 (2017-10-16) tar.gz
v4.14-rc5    Linux 4.14-rc5 (2017-10-15) tar.gz
v4.13.7      This is the 4.13.7 stable release (2017-10-14) tar.gz
v4.9.56      This is the 4.9.56 stable release (2017-10-12) tar.gz
v3.16.49     This is the 3.16.49 stable release (2017-10-12) tar.gz
v3.2.94      This is the 3.2.94 stable release (2017-10-12) tar.gz
v4.13.6      This is the 4.13.6 stable release (2017-10-12) tar.gz
v4.9.55      This is the 4.9.55 stable release (2017-10-12) tar.gz
v4.4.92      This is the 4.4.92 stable release (2017-10-12) tar.gz
v3.18.75     This is the 3.18.75 stable release (2017-10-12) tar.gz
xfs-4.14-fixes-5 Changes since last update: - Fix a stale kernel memory exposure when logging inodes. - Fix some build problems with CONFIG_XFS_RT=n - Don't change inode mode if the acl write fails, leaving the file totally   inaccessible. - Fix a dangling pointer problem when removing an attr fork under memory   pressure. - Don't crash while trying to invalidate a null buffer associated with a   corrupt metadata pointer. (2017-10-11) tar.gz
v4.14-rc4    Linux 4.14-rc4 (2017-10-08) tar.gz
v4.9.54      This is the 4.9.54 stable release (2017-10-08) tar.gz
v4.4.91      This is the 4.4.91 stable release (2017-10-08) tar.gz
v3.18.74     This is the 3.18.74 stable release (2017-10-08) tar.gz
xfs-4.14-fixes-4 Changes since last update: - fix a race between overlapping copy on write aio - fix cow fork swapping when we defragment reflinked files (2017-10-06) tar.gz
for-4.14/dm-fixes - A stable fix for the alignment of the event number reported at the   end of the 'DM_LIST_DEVICES' ioctl. (2017-10-05) tar.gz
v4.13.5      This is the 4.13.5 stable release (2017-10-05) tar.gz
v4.9.53      This is the 4.9.53 stable release (2017-10-05) tar.gz
v4.4.90      This is the 4.4.90 stable release (2017-10-05) tar.gz
v3.18.73     This is the 3.18.73 stable release (2017-10-05) tar.gz
v4.14-rc3    Linux 4.14-rc3 (2017-10-01) tar.gz
v4.13.4      This is the 4.13.4 stable release (2017-09-27) tar.gz
v4.9.52      This is the 4.9.52 stable release (2017-09-27) tar.gz
v4.4.89      This is the 4.4.89 stable release (2017-09-27) tar.gz
v3.18.72     This is the 3.18.72 stable release (2017-09-27) tar.gz
xfs-4.14-fixes-2 Changes since last update: - fix various problems with the copy-on-write extent maps getting freed   at the wrong time - fix printk format specifier problems - report zeroing operation outcomes instead of dropping them on the   floor - fix some crashes when dio operations partially fail - fix a race condition between unwritten extent conversion & dio read - fix some incorrect tests in the inode log item processing - correct the delayed allocation space reservations on rmap filesystems - fix some problems checking for dax support (2017-09-26) tar.gz
v4.14-rc2    Linux 4.14-rc2 (2017-09-24) tar.gz
v4.13.3      This is the 4.13.3 stable release (2017-09-20) tar.gz
v4.12.14     This is the 4.12.14 stable release (2017-09-20) tar.gz
v4.9.51      This is the 4.9.51 stable release (2017-09-20) tar.gz
v4.14-rc1    Linux 4.14-rc1 (2017-09-16) tar.gz
v3.2.93      This is the 3.2.93 stable release (2017-09-15) tar.gz
v3.16.48     This is the 3.16.48 stable release (2017-09-15) tar.gz
v4.1.44      Linux 4.1.44 (2017-09-14) tar.gz
for-4.14/dm-changes - Some request-based DM core and DM multipath fixes and cleanups (2017-09-14) tar.gz
v4.13.2      This is the 4.13.2 stable release (2017-09-13) tar.gz
v4.12.13     This is the 4.12.13 stable release (2017-09-13) tar.gz
v4.9.50      This is the 4.9.50 stable release (2017-09-13) tar.gz
v4.4.88      This is the 4.4.88 stable release (2017-09-13) tar.gz
v3.18.71     This is the 3.18.71 stable release (2017-09-13) tar.gz
next-20170913 next-20170913 (2017-09-13) tar.gz
v4.9.49      This is the 4.9.49 stable release (2017-09-10) tar.gz
v4.12.12     This is the 4.12.12 stable release (2017-09-10) tar.gz
v4.13.1      This is the 4.13.1 stable release (2017-09-10) tar.gz
v4.12.11     This is the 4.12.11 stable release (2017-09-07) tar.gz
v4.9.48      This is the 4.9.48 stable release (2017-09-07) tar.gz
v4.4.87      This is the 4.4.87 stable release (2017-09-07) tar.gz
v3.18.70     This is the 3.18.70 stable release (2017-09-07) tar.gz
v4.13        Linux 4.13 (2017-09-03) tar.gz
xfs-4.14-merge-7 Updates for 4.14: - Write unmount record for a ro mount to avoid unnecessary log replay - Clean up orphaned inodes when mounting fs readonly - Resubmit inode log items when buffer writeback fails to avoid umount hang - Fix log recovery corruption problems when log headers wrap around the end - Avoid infinite loop searching for free inodes when inode counters are wrong - Evict inodes involved with log redo so that we don't leak them later - Fix a potential race between reclaim and inode cluster freeing - Refactor the inode joining code w.r.t. transaction rolling & deferred ops - Fix a bug where the log doesn't properly deal with dirty buffers that   are about to become ordered buffers - Fix the extent swap code to deal with making dirty buffers ordered properly - Consolidate page fault handlers - Refactor the incore extent manipulation functions to use the iext   abstractions instead of directly modifying with extent data - Disable crashy chattr +/-x until we fix it - Don't allow us to set S_DAX for v2 inodes - Various cleanups - Clarify some documentation - Fix a problem where fsync and a log commit race to send the disk a   flush command, resulting in a small window where power fail data loss   could occur - Simplify some rmap operations in the fcollapse code - Fix some use-after-free problems in async writeback (2017-09-03) tar.gz
xfs-4.14-merge-6 Updates for 4.14: - Write unmount record for a ro mount to avoid unnecessary log replay - Clean up orphaned inodes when mounting fs readonly - Resubmit inode log items when buffer writeback fails to avoid umount hang - Fix log recovery corruption problems when log headers wrap around the end - Avoid infinite loop searching for free inodes when inode counters are wrong - Evict inodes involved with log redo so that we don't leak them later - Fix a potential race between reclaim and inode cluster freeing - Refactor the inode joining code w.r.t. transaction rolling & deferred ops - Fix a bug where the log doesn't properly deal with dirty buffers that   are about to become ordered buffers - Fix the extent swap code to deal with making dirty buffers ordered properly - Consolidate page fault handlers - Refactor the incore extent manipulation functions to use the iext   abstractions instead of directly modifying with extent data - Disable crashy chattr +/-x until we fix it - Don't allow us to set S_DAX for v2 inodes - Various cleanups - Clarify some documentation - Fix a problem where fsync and a log commit race to send the disk a   flush command, resulting in a small window where power fail data loss   could occur - Simplify some rmap operations in the fcollapse code (2017-09-02) tar.gz
v4.9.47      This is the 4.9.47 stable release (2017-09-02) tar.gz
v4.4.86      This is the 4.4.86 stable release (2017-09-02) tar.gz
v3.18.69     This is the 3.18.69 stable release (2017-09-02) tar.gz
for-4.13/dm-fixes-2 - A couple fixes for bugs introduced as part of the blk_status_t block   layer changes during the 4.13 merge window (2017-08-31) tar.gz
v4.12.10     This is the 4.12.10 stable release (2017-08-30) tar.gz
v4.9.46      This is the 4.9.46 stable release (2017-08-30) tar.gz
v4.4.85      This is the 4.4.85 stable release (2017-08-30) tar.gz
v3.18.68     This is the 3.18.68 stable release (2017-08-30) tar.gz
v4.13-rc7    Linux 4.13-rc7 (2017-08-27) tar.gz
v3.16.47     This is the 3.16.47 stable release (2017-08-26) tar.gz
v3.2.92      This is the 3.2.92 stable release (2017-08-26) tar.gz
v4.12.9      This is the 4.12.9 stable release (2017-08-24) tar.gz
v4.9.45      This is the 4.9.45 stable release (2017-08-24) tar.gz
v4.4.84      This is the 4.4.84 stable release (2017-08-24) tar.gz
v3.18.67     This is the 3.18.67 stable release (2017-08-24) tar.gz
v4.13-rc6    Linux 4.13-rc6 (2017-08-20) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-fixes-5 Changes since last time: - Don't leak resources when mount fails - Don't accidentally clobber variables when looking for free inodes (2017-08-17) tar.gz
v4.12.8      This is the 4.12.8 stable release (2017-08-16) tar.gz
v4.9.44      This is the 4.9.44 stable release (2017-08-16) tar.gz
v4.4.83      This is the 4.4.83 stable release (2017-08-16) tar.gz
v3.18.66     This is the 3.18.66 stable release (2017-08-16) tar.gz
v4.13-rc5    Linux 4.13-rc5 (2017-08-13) tar.gz
v4.12.7      This is the 4.12.7 stable release (2017-08-12) tar.gz
v4.9.43      This is the 4.9.43 stable release (2017-08-12) tar.gz
v4.4.82      This is the 4.4.82 stable release (2017-08-12) tar.gz
v3.18.65     This is the 3.18.65 stable release (2017-08-12) tar.gz
v3.18.64     This is the 3.18.64 stable release (2017-08-11) tar.gz
v4.4.81      This is the 4.4.81 stable release (2017-08-11) tar.gz
v4.9.42      This is the 4.9.42 stable release (2017-08-11) tar.gz
v4.12.6      This is the 4.12.6 stable release (2017-08-11) tar.gz
v4.4.80      This is the 4.4.80 stable release (2017-08-06) tar.gz
v4.9.41      This is the 4.9.41 stable release (2017-08-06) tar.gz
v4.13-rc4    Linux 4.13-rc4 (2017-08-06) tar.gz
v4.12.5      This is the 4.12.5 stable release (2017-08-06) tar.gz
v4.1.43      Linux 4.1.43 (2017-08-05) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-fixes-3 Changes since last update: - Fix memory leak when issuing discard - Fix propagation of the dax inode flag (2017-08-04) tar.gz
v4.13-rc3    Linux 4.13-rc3 (2017-07-30) tar.gz
for-4.13/dm-fixes - A few DM integrity fixes that improve performance.  One that address   inefficiencies in the on-disk journal device layout.  Another that   makes use of the block layer's on-stack plugging when writing the   journal. (2017-07-28) tar.gz
v4.12.4      This is the 4.12.4 stable release (2017-07-27) tar.gz
v4.9.40      This is the 4.9.40 stable release (2017-07-27) tar.gz
v4.4.79      This is the 4.4.79 stable release (2017-07-27) tar.gz
v3.18.63     This is the 3.18.63 stable release (2017-07-27) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-fixes-2 Changes since last update: - Fix firstfsb variables that we left uninitialized, which could lead to   locking problems. - Check for NULL metadata buffer pointers before using them. - Don't allow btree cursor manipulation if the btree block is corrupt.   Better to just shut down. - Fix infinite loop problems in quotacheck. - Fix buffer overrun when validating directory blocks. - Fix deadlock problem in bunmapi. (2017-07-26) tar.gz
v4.13-rc2    Linux 4.13-rc2 (2017-07-23) tar.gz
v3.18.62     This is the 3.18.62 stable release (2017-07-21) tar.gz
v4.4.78      This is the 4.4.78 stable release (2017-07-21) tar.gz
v4.9.39      This is the 4.9.39 stable release (2017-07-21) tar.gz
v4.11.12     This is the 4.11.12 stable release (2017-07-21) tar.gz
v4.12.3      This is the 4.12.3 stable release (2017-07-21) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-fixes-1 Changes since last update: - Fix firstfsb variables that we left uninitialized, which could lead   locking problems. - Check for NULL metadata buffer pointers before using them. - Don't allow btree cursor manipulation if the btree block is corrupt.   Better to just shut down. (2017-07-20) tar.gz
v3.16.46     This is the 3.16.46 stable release (2017-07-18) tar.gz
v3.2.91      This is the 3.2.91 stable release (2017-07-18) tar.gz
v4.13-rc1    Linux v4.13-rc1 (2017-07-15) tar.gz
v4.12.2      This is the 4.12.2 stable release (2017-07-15) tar.gz
v4.11.11     This is the 4.11.11 stable release (2017-07-15) tar.gz
v4.9.38      This is the 4.9.38 stable release (2017-07-15) tar.gz
v4.4.77      This is the 4.4.77 stable release (2017-07-15) tar.gz
v3.18.61     This is the 3.18.61 stable release (2017-07-15) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-merge-6 Changes since last update: - Add some locking assertions for the _ilock helpers. - Revert the XFS_QMOPT_NOLOCK patch; after discussion with hch the   online fsck patch that would have needed it has been redesigned and   no longer needs it. - Fix behavioral regression of SEEK_HOLE/DATA with negative offsets to match   4.12-era XFS behavior. (2017-07-14) tar.gz
v4.12.1      This is the 4.12.1 stable release (2017-07-12) tar.gz
v4.11.10     This is the 4.11.10 stable release (2017-07-12) tar.gz
v4.9.37      This is the 4.9.37 stable release (2017-07-12) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-merge-5 Changes for 4.13: - Avoid quotacheck deadlocks - Fix transaction overflows when bunmapping fragmented files - Refactor directory readahead - Allow admin to configure if ASSERT is fatal - Improve transaction usage detail logging during overflows - Minor cleanups - Don't leak log items when the log shuts down - Remove double-underscore typedefs - Various preparation for online scrubbing - Introduce new error injection configuration sysfs knobs - Refactor dq_get_next to use extent map directly - Fix problems with iterating the page cache for unwritten data - Implement SEEK_{HOLE,DATA} via iomap - Refactor XFS to use iomap SEEK_HOLE and SEEK_DATA - Don't use MAXPATHLEN to check on-disk symlink target lengths (2017-07-07) tar.gz
for-4.13/dm-changes - Add the ability to use select or poll /dev/mapper/control to wait for   events from multiple DM devices. (2017-07-06) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-merge-4 Changes for 4.13: - Avoid quotacheck deadlocks - Fix transaction overflows when bunmapping fragmented files - Refactor directory readahead - Allow admin to configure if ASSERT is fatal - Improve transaction usage detail logging during overflows - Minor cleanups - Don't leak log items when the log shuts down - Remove double-underscore typedefs - Various preparation for online scrubbing - Introduce new error injection configuration sysfs knobs - Refactor dq_get_next to use extent map directly - Fix problems with iterating the page cache for unwritten data - Implement SEEK_{HOLE,DATA} via iomap - Refactor XFS to use iomap SEEK_HOLE and SEEK_DATA (2017-07-05) tar.gz
v4.11.9      This is the 4.11.9 stable release (2017-07-05) tar.gz
v4.9.36      This is the 4.9.36 stable release (2017-07-05) tar.gz
v4.4.76      This is the 4.4.76 stable release (2017-07-05) tar.gz
v3.18.60     This is the 3.18.60 stable release (2017-07-05) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-merge-3 Changes for 4.13: - Avoid quotacheck deadlocks - Fix transaction overflows when bunmapping fragmented files - Refactor directory readahead - Allow admin to configure if ASSERT is fatal - Improve transaction usage detail logging during overflows - Minor cleanups - Don't leak log items when the log shuts down - Remove double-underscore typedefs - Various preparation for online scrubbing - Introduce new error injection configuration sysfs knobs - Refactor dq_get_next to use extent map directly - Fix problems with iterating the page cache for unwritten data - Implement SEEK_{HOLE,DATA} via iomap - Refactor XFS to use iomap SEEK_HOLE and SEEK_DATA (2017-07-02) tar.gz
v4.12        Linux 4.12 (2017-07-02) tar.gz
v3.16.45     This is the 3.16.45 stable release (2017-07-02) tar.gz
v3.2.90      This is the 3.2.90 stable release (2017-07-02) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-merge-2 Changes for 4.13: - Avoid quotacheck deadlocks - Fix transaction overflows when bunmapping fragmented files - Refactor directory readahead - Allow admin to configure if ASSERT is fatal - Improve transaction usage detail logging during overflows - Minor cleanups - Don't leak log items when the log shuts down - Remove double-underscore typedefs - Various preparation for online scrubbing - Introduce new error injection configuration sysfs knobs - Refactor dq_get_next to use extent map directly (2017-07-01) tar.gz
for-4.12/dm-fixes-5 - A dm thinp fix for crash that will occur when metadata device failure   races with discard passdown to the underlying data device. (2017-06-29) tar.gz
v4.1.42      Linux 4.1.42 (2017-06-29) tar.gz
v4.11.8      This is the 4.11.8 stable release (2017-06-29) tar.gz
v4.9.35      This is the 4.9.35 stable release (2017-06-29) tar.gz
v4.4.75      This is the 4.4.75 stable release (2017-06-29) tar.gz
v3.18.59     This is the 3.18.59 stable release (2017-06-29) tar.gz
xfs-4.13-merge-1 Changes for 4.13: - Avoid quotacheck deadlocks - Fix transaction overflows when bunmapping fragmented files - Refactor directory readahead - Allow admin to configure if ASSERT is fatal - Improve transaction usage detail logging during overflows - Minor cleanups - Don't leak log items when the log shuts down - Remove double-underscore typedefs - Various preparation for online scrubbing - Introduce new error injection configuration sysfs knobs (2017-06-27) tar.gz
v3.10.107    This is the 3.10.107 stable release (2017-06-27) tar.gz
v4.4.74      This is the 4.4.74 stable release (2017-06-26) tar.gz
v3.18.58     This is the 3.18.58 stable release (2017-06-26) tar.gz
v4.12-rc7    Linux 4.12-rc7 (2017-06-25) tar.gz
v4.9.34      This is the 4.9.34 stable release (2017-06-24) tar.gz
v4.11.7      This is the 4.11.7 stable release (2017-06-24) tar.gz
for-4.12/dm-fixes-4 - a revert of a DM mirror commit that has proven to make the code prone   to crash (2017-06-22) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-fixes-5 Changes since last update: - don't allow swapon on files on the realtime device, because the swap   code will swap pages out to blocks on the data device, thereby   corrupting the filesystem (2017-06-21) tar.gz
v4.12-rc6    Linux 4.12-rc6 (2017-06-19) tar.gz
v4.11.6      This is the 4.11.6 stable release (2017-06-17) tar.gz
v4.9.33      This is the 4.9.33 stable release (2017-06-17) tar.gz
v4.4.73      This is the 4.4.73 stable release (2017-06-17) tar.gz
v3.10.106    This is the 3.10.106 stable release (2017-06-15) tar.gz
v4.1.41      Linux 4.1.41 (2017-06-15) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-fixes-4 Changes since last update: - Fix some bogus ASSERT failures on CONFIG_SMP=n and CONFIG_XFS_DEBUG=y. (2017-06-14) tar.gz
v4.11.5      This is the 4.11.5 stable release (2017-06-14) tar.gz
v4.9.32      This is the 4.9.32 stable release (2017-06-14) tar.gz
v4.4.72      This is the 4.4.72 stable release (2017-06-14) tar.gz
v3.18.57     This is the 3.18.57 stable release (2017-06-14) tar.gz
v4.12-rc5    Linux 4.12-rc5 (2017-06-11) tar.gz
v4.11.4      This is the 4.11.4 stable release (2017-06-07) tar.gz
v4.9.31      This is the 4.9.31 stable release (2017-06-07) tar.gz
v4.4.71      This is the 4.4.71 stable release (2017-06-07) tar.gz
v3.18.56     This is the 3.18.56 stable release (2017-06-07) tar.gz
v3.16.44     This is the 3.16.44 stable release (2017-06-05) tar.gz
v3.2.89      This is the 3.2.89 stable release (2017-06-05) tar.gz
v4.12-rc4    Linux 4.12-rc4 (2017-06-04) tar.gz
for-4.12/dm-fixes-3 - a DM verity fix for a mode when no salt is used (2017-06-02) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-fixes-3 Changes since last update: - Fix an unmount hang due to a race in io buffer accounting. (2017-06-01) tar.gz
v4.12-rc3    Linux 4.12-rc3 (2017-05-28) tar.gz
v4.1.40      Linux 4.1.40 (2017-05-28) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-fixes-2 Changed since last update: - Fix indlen block reservation accounting bug when splitting delalloc extent - Fix warnings about unused variables that appeared in -rc1. - Don't spew errors when bmapping a local format directory - Fix an off-by-one error in a delalloc eof assertion - Make fsmap only return inode information for CAP_SYS_ADMIN - Fix a potential mount time deadlock recovering cow extents - Fix unaligned memory access in _btree_visit_blocks - Fix various SEEK_HOLE/SEEK_DATA bugs (2017-05-25) tar.gz
v4.11.3      This is the 4.11.3 stable release (2017-05-25) tar.gz
v4.9.30      This is the 4.9.30 stable release (2017-05-25) tar.gz
v4.4.70      This is the 4.4.70 stable release (2017-05-25) tar.gz
v3.18.55     This is the 3.18.55 stable release (2017-05-25) tar.gz
v4.12-rc2    Linux 4.12-rc2 (2017-05-21) tar.gz
v4.11.2      This is the 4.11.2 stable release (2017-05-20) tar.gz
v4.10.17     This is the 4.10.17 stable release (2017-05-20) tar.gz
v4.9.29      This is the 4.9.29 stable release (2017-05-20) tar.gz
v4.4.69      This is the 4.4.69 stable release (2017-05-20) tar.gz
v3.18.54     This is the 3.18.54 stable release (2017-05-20) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-fixes-1 Changes since last update: - Fix indlen block reservation accounting bug when splitting delalloc extent - Fix warnings about unused variables that appeared in -rc1. - Don't spew errors when bmapping a local format directory - Fix an off-by-one error in a delalloc eof assertion - Make fsmap only return inode information for CAP_SYS_ADMIN - Fix a potential mount time deadlock recovering cow extents (2017-05-19) tar.gz
for-4.12/dm-fixes-2 - A couple DM thin provisioning fixes (2017-05-17) tar.gz
v3.18.53     This is the 3.18.53 stable release (2017-05-15) tar.gz
v4.10.16     This is the 4.10.16 stable release (2017-05-14) tar.gz
v4.11.1      This is the 4.11.1 stable release (2017-05-14) tar.gz
v4.9.28      This is the 4.9.28 stable release (2017-05-14) tar.gz
v4.4.68      This is the 4.4.68 stable release (2017-05-14) tar.gz
v4.12-rc1    Linux 4.12-rc1 (2017-05-13) tar.gz
v3.12.74     This is the 3.12.74 stable release (2017-05-09) tar.gz
v4.10.15     This is the 4.10.15 stable release (2017-05-08) tar.gz
v4.9.27      This is the 4.9.27 stable release (2017-05-08) tar.gz
v4.4.67      This is the 4.4.67 stable release (2017-05-08) tar.gz
v3.18.52     This is the 3.18.52 stable release (2017-05-08) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-merge-7 Changes for 4.12: - various code cleanups - introduce GETFSMAP ioctl - various refactoring - avoid dio reads past eof - fix memory corruption and other errors with fragmented directory blocks - fix accidental userspace memory corruptions - publish fs uuid in superblock - make fstrim terminatable - fix race between quotaoff and in-core inode creation - Avoid use-after-free when finishing up w/ buffer heads - Reserve enough space to handle bmap tree resizing during cow remap (2017-05-06) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-merge-6 Changes since last update: - Avoid use-after-free when finishing up w/ buffer heads - Reserve enough space to handle bmap tree resizing during cow remap (2017-05-05) tar.gz
for-4.12/dm-fixes - DM cache metadata fixes to short-circuit operations that require the   metadata not be in 'fail_io' mode.  Otherwise crashes are possible. (2017-05-05) tar.gz
v4.10.14     This is the 4.10.14 stable release (2017-05-03) tar.gz
v4.9.26      This is the 4.9.26 stable release (2017-05-03) tar.gz
v4.4.66      This is the 4.4.66 stable release (2017-05-02) tar.gz
for-4.12/dm-post-merge-changes - Cleanups to request-based DM and DM multipath from Christoph that   prepare for his block core error code type checking improvements. (2017-05-01) tar.gz
for-4.12/dm-changes - A major update for DM cache that reduces the latency for deciding   whether blocks should migrate to/from the cache.  The bio-prison-v2   interface supports this improvement by enabling direct dispatch of   work to workqueues rather than having to delay the actual work   dispatch to the DM cache core.  So the dm-cache policies are much more   nimble by being able to drive IO as they see fit.  One immediate   benefit from the improved latency is a cache that should be much more   adaptive to changing workloads. (2017-05-01) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-merge-4 Changes since last update: - fix race between quotaoff and in-core inode creation (2017-05-01) tar.gz
v4.11        Linux 4.11 (2017-04-30) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-merge-3 Changes since last update: - publish fs uuid in superblock - make fstrim terminatable (2017-04-30) tar.gz
v4.4.65      This is the 4.4.65 stable release (2017-04-30) tar.gz
v3.18.51     This is the 3.18.51 stable release (2017-04-30) tar.gz
v4.10.13     This is the 4.10.13 stable release (2017-04-27) tar.gz
v4.9.25      This is the 4.9.25 stable release (2017-04-27) tar.gz
v4.4.64      This is the 4.4.64 stable release (2017-04-27) tar.gz
xfs-4.12-merge-2 Changes for 4.12: - various code cleanups - introduce GETFSMAP ioctl - various refactoring - avoid dio reads past eof - fix memory corruption and other errors with fragmented directory blocks - fix accidental userspace memory corruptions (2017-04-25) tar.gz
v4.11-rc8    Linux 4.11-rc8 (2017-04-23) tar.gz
v3.18.50     This is the 3.18.50 stable release (2017-04-22) tar.gz
v4.10.12     This is the 4.10.12 stable release (2017-04-21) tar.gz
v4.9.24      This is the 4.9.24 stable release (2017-04-21) tar.gz
v4.4.63      This is the 4.4.63 stable release (2017-04-21) tar.gz
v3.18.49     This is the 3.18.49 stable release (2017-04-18) tar.gz
v4.4.62      This is the 4.4.62 stable release (2017-04-18) tar.gz
v4.9.23      This is the 4.9.23 stable release (2017-04-18) tar.gz
v4.10.11     This is the 4.10.11 stable release (2017-04-18) tar.gz
v4.11-rc7    Linux 4.11-rc7 (2017-04-16) tar.gz
v3.12.73     This is the 3.12.73 stable release (2017-04-13) tar.gz
v4.10.10     This is the 4.10.10 stable release (2017-04-12) tar.gz
v4.9.22      This is the 4.9.22 stable release (2017-04-12) tar.gz
v4.4.61      This is the 4.4.61 stable release (2017-04-12) tar.gz
v4.11-rc6    Linux 4.11-rc6 (2017-04-09) tar.gz
v4.4.60      This is the 4.4.60 stable release (2017-04-08) tar.gz
v4.10.9      This is the 4.10.9 stable release (2017-04-08) tar.gz
v4.9.21      This is the 4.9.21 stable release (2017-04-08) tar.gz
dm-4.11-fixes-2 - Two stable@ fixes for the verity target's FEC support (2017-04-07) tar.gz
v3.16.43     This is the 3.16.43 stable release (2017-04-04) tar.gz
v3.2.88      This is the 3.2.88 stable release (2017-04-04) tar.gz
xfs-4.11-fixes-3 Changes since last update: - Rework the inline directory verifier to avoid crashes on disk corruption - Don't change file size when punching holes w/ KEEP_SIZE - Close a kernel memory exposure bug (2017-04-03) tar.gz
v4.11-rc5    Linux 4.11-rc5 (2017-04-02) tar.gz
v4.10.8      This is the 4.10.8 stable release (2017-03-31) tar.gz
v4.9.20      This is the 4.9.20 stable release (2017-03-31) tar.gz
v4.4.59      This is the 4.4.59 stable release (2017-03-31) tar.gz
v4.10.7      This is the 4.10.7 stable release (2017-03-30) tar.gz
v4.9.19      This is the 4.9.19 stable release (2017-03-30) tar.gz
v4.4.58      This is the 4.4.58 stable release (2017-03-30) tar.gz
v4.11-rc4    Linux 4.11-rc4 (2017-03-26) tar.gz
v4.10.6      This is the 4.10.6 stable release (2017-03-26) tar.gz
v4.9.18      This is the 4.9.18 stable release (2017-03-26) tar.gz
v4.4.57      This is the 4.4.57 stable release (2017-03-26) tar.gz
v4.10.5      This is the 4.10.5 stable release (2017-03-22) tar.gz
v4.9.17      This is the 4.9.17 stable release (2017-03-22) tar.gz
v4.4.56      This is the 4.4.56 stable release (2017-03-22) tar.gz
v4.11-rc3    Linux 4.11-rc3 (2017-03-19) tar.gz
v4.10.4      This is the 4.10.4 stable release (2017-03-18) tar.gz
v4.9.16      This is the 4.9.16 stable release (2017-03-18) tar.gz
v4.4.55      This is the 4.4.55 stable release (2017-03-18) tar.gz
xfs-4.11-fixes-2 Changes since last time: - Validate inline directory data to prevent buffer overruns due to corrupt   metadata. (2017-03-16) tar.gz
v3.12.72     This is the 3.12.72 stable release (2017-03-16) tar.gz
v3.16.42     This is the 3.16.42 stable release (2017-03-16) tar.gz
v3.2.87      This is the 3.2.87 stable release (2017-03-16) tar.gz
v4.10.3      This is the 4.10.3 stable release (2017-03-15) tar.gz
v4.9.15      This is the 4.9.15 stable release (2017-03-15) tar.gz
v4.4.54      This is the 4.4.54 stable release (2017-03-15) tar.gz
v4.1.39      Linux 4.1.39 (2017-03-13) tar.gz
v4.11-rc2    Linux 4.11-rc2 (2017-03-12) tar.gz
v4.10.2      This is the 4.10.2 stable release (2017-03-12) tar.gz
v4.9.14      This is the 4.9.14 stable release (2017-03-12) tar.gz
v4.4.53      This is the 4.4.53 stable release (2017-03-12) tar.gz
xfs-4.11-fixes-1 Changes since last update: - Fix various iomap bugs - Fix overly aggressive CoW preallocation garbage collection - Fixes to CoW endio error handling - Fix some incorrect geometry calculations - Remove a potential system hang in bulkstat - Try to allocate blocks more aggressively to reduce ENOSPC errors (2017-03-09) tar.gz
v3.12.71     This is the 3.12.71 stable release (2017-03-09) tar.gz
v4.11-rc1    Linux 4.11-rc1 (2017-03-05) tar.gz
dm-4.11-fixes - A dm-raid stable@ fix for possible corruption when triggering a raid   reshape via lvm2; and an additional small patch ontop to bump version   of the dm-raid target outside of the stable@ fix (2017-03-02) tar.gz
v3.16.41     This is the 3.16.41 stable release (2017-02-26) tar.gz
v3.2.86      This is the 3.2.86 stable release (2017-02-26) tar.gz
v4.9.13      This is the 4.9.13 stable release (2017-02-26) tar.gz
v4.10.1      This is the 4.10.1 stable release (2017-02-26) tar.gz
v4.4.52      This is the 4.4.52 stable release (2017-02-26) tar.gz
v4.9.12      This is the 4.9.12 stable release (2017-02-23) tar.gz
v4.4.51      This is the 4.4.51 stable release (2017-02-23) tar.gz
v3.16.40     This is the 3.16.40 stable release (2017-02-23) tar.gz
v3.2.85      This is the 3.2.85 stable release (2017-02-23) tar.gz
dm-4.11-changes - Fix dm-raid transient device failure processing and other smaller   tweaks. (2017-02-21) tar.gz
v4.10        Linux 4.10 (2017-02-19) tar.gz
for-4.11/linus-merge-signed for-4.11/linus-merge-signed (2017-02-19) tar.gz
for-4.11/next-signed for-4.11/next (2017-02-19) tar.gz
for-4.11/block-signed for-4.11/block (2017-02-19) tar.gz
for-4.11/linus-merge for-4.11/linus-merge (2017-02-18) tar.gz
for-4.11/next for-4.11/next (2017-02-18) tar.gz
for-4.11/block for-4.11/block (2017-02-18) tar.gz
v4.4.50      This is the 4.4.50 stable release (2017-02-18) tar.gz
v4.9.11      This is the 4.9.11 stable release (2017-02-18) tar.gz
xfs-4.11-merge-7 Changes since last update:  - Various cleanups  - Livelock fixes for eofblocks scanning  - Improved input verification for on-disk metadata  - Fix races in the copy on write remap mechanism  - Fix buffer io error timeout controls  - Streamlining of directio copy on write  - Asynchronous discard support  - Fix asserts when splitting delalloc reservations  - Don't bloat bmbt when right shifting extents  - Inode alignment fixes for 32k block sizes (2017-02-17) tar.gz
next-20170217 next-20170217 (2017-02-17) tar.gz
xfs-4.11-merge-5 Changes since last update:     - Various cleanups     - Livelock fixes for eofblocks scanning     - Improved input verification for on-disk metadata     - Fix races in the copy on write remap mechanism     - Fix buffer io error timeout controls     - Streamlining of directio copy on write     - Asynchronous discard support     - Fix asserts when splitting delalloc reservations     - Don't bloat bmbt when right shifting extents (2017-02-16) tar.gz
xfs-4.11-merge-4 Changes since last update: - Various cleanups - Livelock fixes for eofblocks scanning - Improved input verification for on-disk metadata - Fix races in the copy on write remap mechanism - Fix buffer io error timeout controls - Streamlining of directio copy on write - Asynchronous discard support - Fix asserts when splitting delalloc reservations (2017-02-15) tar.gz
v4.9.10      This is the 4.9.10 stable release (2017-02-14) tar.gz
v4.4.49      This is the 4.4.49 stable release (2017-02-14) tar.gz
v4.10-rc8    Linux 4.10-rc8 (2017-02-12) tar.gz
scsi-fixes   SCSI fixes on 20170210 (2017-02-10) tar.gz
v3.10.105    This is the 3.10.105 stable release (2017-02-10) tar.gz
xfs-4.11-merge-3 Changes since last update: - Various cleanups - Livelock fixes for eofblocks scanning - Improved input verification for on-disk metadata - Fix races in the copy on write remap mechanism - Fix buffer io error timeout controls - Streamlining of directio copy on write - Asynchronous discard support (2017-02-09) tar.gz
v4.9.9       This is the 4.9.9 stable release (2017-02-09) tar.gz
v4.4.48      This is the 4.4.48 stable release (2017-02-09) tar.gz
v3.18.48     This is the 3.18.48 stable release (2017-02-08) tar.gz
v4.10-rc7    Linux 4.10-rc7 (2017-02-05) tar.gz
v4.9.8       This is the 4.9.8 stable release (2017-02-04) tar.gz
v4.4.47      This is the 4.4.47 stable release (2017-02-04) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc7-1 Changes since last update: - Reset the buffer io error retry time when an io succeeds (or just dies entirely) (2017-02-03) tar.gz
dm-4.10-fixes - A fix for a race in .request_fn request-based DM request handling vs   DM device destruction (2017-02-03) tar.gz
dm-4.10-test dm crypt: replace RCU read-side section with rwsem (2017-02-03) tar.gz
v3.12.70     This is the 3.12.70 stable release (2017-02-01) tar.gz
v4.9.7       This is the 4.9.7 stable release (2017-02-01) tar.gz
v4.4.46      This is the 4.4.46 stable release (2017-02-01) tar.gz
v4.10-rc6    Linux 4.10-rc6 (2017-01-29) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc6-5 Contained in this update: - Fix race conditions in the CoW code - Fix some incorrect input validation checks - Avoid crashing fs by running out of space when freeing inodes - Fix toctou race wrt whether or not an inode has an attr - Fix build error on arm - Fix page refcount corruption when readahead fails - Don't corrupt userspace in the bmap ioctl (2017-01-27) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc6-4 Contained in this update: - Fix race conditions in the CoW code - Fix some incorrect input validation checks - Avoid crashing fs by running out of space when freeing inodes - Fix toctou race wrt whether or not an inode has an attr - Fix build error on arm - Fix page refcount corruption when readahead fails - Don't corrupt userspace in the bmap ioctl (2017-01-26) tar.gz
v4.9.6       This is the 4.9.6 stable release (2017-01-26) tar.gz
v4.4.45      This is the 4.4.45 stable release (2017-01-26) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc6-2 Contained in this update: - Fix race conditions in the CoW code - Fix some incorrect input validation checks - Avoid crashing fs by running out of space when freeing inodes - Fix toctou race wrt whether or not an inode has an attr - Fix build error on arm (2017-01-25) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc6-1 Contained in this update: - Fix race conditions in the CoW code - Fix some incorrect input validation checks (2017-01-24) tar.gz
v4.10-rc5    Linux 4.10-rc5 (2017-01-22) tar.gz
v4.4.44      This is the 4.4.44 stable release (2017-01-20) tar.gz
v4.9.5       This is the 4.9.5 stable release (2017-01-20) tar.gz
xfs-for-linux-4.10-rc5-1 Contained in this update: - Inode i_mode sanitization - Prevent overflows in getnextquota - Minor build fixes (2017-01-18) tar.gz
v3.18.47     Linux 3.18.47 (2017-01-18) tar.gz
v4.1.38      Linux 4.1.38 (2017-01-18) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc5 Contained in this update: - Inode i_mode sanitization - Prevent overflows in getnextquota (2017-01-17) tar.gz
v4.10-rc4    Linux 4.10-rc4 (2017-01-15) tar.gz
v4.9.4       This is the 4.9.4 stable release (2017-01-15) tar.gz
v4.4.43      This is the 4.4.43 stable release (2017-01-15) tar.gz
v4.9.3       This is the 4.9.3 stable release (2017-01-12) tar.gz
v4.4.42      This is the 4.4.42 stable release (2017-01-12) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc4-1 Contained in this update: - Fix free space request handling when low on disk space - Remove redundant log failure error messages - Free truncate dirty pages instead of letting them build up forever (2017-01-11) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc4 Contained in this update: - Fix free space request handling when low on disk space - Remove redundant log failure error messages (2017-01-09) tar.gz
v4.9.2       This is the 4.9.2 stable release (2017-01-09) tar.gz
v4.8.17      This is the 4.8.17 stable release (2017-01-09) tar.gz
v4.4.41      This is the 4.4.41 stable release (2017-01-09) tar.gz
v4.10-rc3    Linux 4.10-rc3 (2017-01-08) tar.gz
v4.8.16      This is the 4.8.16 stable release (2017-01-06) tar.gz
v4.4.40      This is the 4.4.40 stable release (2017-01-06) tar.gz
v4.9.1       This is the 4.9.1 stable release (2017-01-06) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc3-2 Changes since last update:  - Fix mangled minleft processing to avoid ENOSPC crashes. (2017-01-05) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc3 Contained in this update: - Fixes for crashes and double-cleanup errors - XFS maintainership handover - Fix to prevent absurdly large block reservations - Fix broken sysfs getter/setters (2017-01-03) tar.gz
v4.10-rc2    Linux 4.10-rc2 (2017-01-01) tar.gz
v4.10-rc1    Linux 4.10-rc1 (2016-12-25) tar.gz
v3.18.46     Linux 3.18.46 (2016-12-24) tar.gz
v4.1.37      Linux 4.1.37 (2016-12-24) tar.gz
scsi-for-linus SCSI for-linus on 20161222 (2016-12-22) tar.gz
v3.12.69     This is the 3.12.69 stable release (2016-12-17) tar.gz
v4.8.15      This is the 4.8.15 stable release (2016-12-15) tar.gz
v4.4.39      This is the 4.4.39 stable release (2016-12-15) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.10-rc1 xfs: updates for 4.10-rc1 (2016-12-15) tar.gz
dm-4.10-changes . various fixes and improvements to request-based DM and DM multipath (2016-12-14) tar.gz
scsi-misc    SCSI misc on 20161213 (2016-12-13) tar.gz
v4.9         Linux 4.9 (2016-12-11) tar.gz
v4.8.14      This is the 4.8.14 stable release (2016-12-10) tar.gz
v4.4.38      This is the 4.4.38 stable release (2016-12-10) tar.gz
v4.8.13      This is the 4.8.13 stable release (2016-12-08) tar.gz
v4.4.37      This is the 4.4.37 stable release (2016-12-08) tar.gz
v4.9-rc8     Linux 4.9-rc8 (2016-12-04) tar.gz
v4.8.12      This is the 4.8.12 stable release (2016-12-02) tar.gz
v4.4.36      This is the 4.4.36 stable release (2016-12-02) tar.gz
v3.18.45     Linux 3.18.45 (2016-11-29) tar.gz
v4.1.36      Linux 4.1.36 (2016-11-29) tar.gz
v3.12.68     This is the 3.12.68 stable release (2016-11-29) tar.gz
v4.9-rc7     Linux 4.9-rc7 (2016-11-27) tar.gz
v4.8.11      This is the 4.8.11 stable release (2016-11-26) tar.gz
v4.4.35      This is the 4.4.35 stable release (2016-11-26) tar.gz
v4.8.10      This is the 4.8.10 stable release (2016-11-21) tar.gz
v4.4.34      This is the 4.4.34 stable release (2016-11-21) tar.gz
v4.9-rc6     Linux 4.9-rc6 (2016-11-20) tar.gz
v3.16.39     This is the 3.16.39 stable release (2016-11-20) tar.gz
v3.2.84      This is the 3.2.84 stable release (2016-11-20) tar.gz
v4.8.9       This is the 4.8.9 stable release (2016-11-18) tar.gz
v4.4.33      This is the 4.4.33 stable release (2016-11-18) tar.gz
v4.8.8       This is the 4.8.8 stable release (2016-11-15) tar.gz
v4.4.32      This is the 4.4.32 stable release (2016-11-15) tar.gz
v4.9-rc5     Linux 4.9-rc5 (2016-11-13) tar.gz
v4.8.7       This is the 4.8.7 stable release (2016-11-10) tar.gz
v4.4.31      This is the 4.4.31 stable release (2016-11-10) tar.gz
xfs-fixes-for-linus-4.9-rc5 xfs: update for 4.9-rc5 (2016-11-10) tar.gz
v3.12.67     This is the 3.12.67 stable release (2016-11-09) tar.gz
v4.9-rc4     Linux 4.9-rc4 (2016-11-05) tar.gz
v4.4.30      This is the 4.4.30 stable release (2016-10-31) tar.gz
v4.4.29      This is the 4.4.29 stable release (2016-10-31) tar.gz
v4.8.6       This is the 4.8.6 stable release (2016-10-31) tar.gz
v4.9-rc3     Linux 4.9-rc3 (2016-10-29) tar.gz
v4.4.28      This is the 4.4.28 stable release (2016-10-28) tar.gz
v4.8.5       This is the 4.8.5 stable release (2016-10-28) tar.gz
dm-4.9-fixes - A couple DM raid and DM mirror fixes (2016-10-27) tar.gz
xfs-fixes-for-linus-4.9-rc3 xfs: updates for 4.9-rc3 (2016-10-27) tar.gz
v3.4.113     This is the 3.4.113 stable release (2016-10-26) tar.gz
v4.9-rc2     Linux 4.9-rc2 (2016-10-23) tar.gz
v4.1.35      Linux 4.1.35 (2016-10-23) tar.gz
v3.18.44     Linux 3.18.44 (2016-10-22) tar.gz
v4.8.4       This is the 4.8.4 stable release (2016-10-22) tar.gz
v4.4.27      This is the 4.4.27 stable release (2016-10-22) tar.gz
v4.7.10      This is the 4.7.10 stable release (2016-10-22) tar.gz
v3.10.104    This is the 3.10.104 stable release (2016-10-21) tar.gz
v3.12.66     This is the 3.12.66 stable release (2016-10-21) tar.gz
v3.16.38     This is the 3.16.38 stable release (2016-10-20) tar.gz
v3.2.83      This is the 3.2.83 stable release (2016-10-20) tar.gz
v4.8.3       This is the 4.8.3 stable release (2016-10-20) tar.gz
v4.7.9       This is the 4.7.9 stable release (2016-10-20) tar.gz
v4.4.26      This is the 4.4.26 stable release (2016-10-20) tar.gz
v3.12.65     This is the 3.12.65 stable release (2016-10-19) tar.gz
v4.8.2       This is the 4.8.2 stable release (2016-10-16) tar.gz
v4.7.8       This is the 4.7.8 stable release (2016-10-16) tar.gz
v4.4.25      This is the 4.4.25 stable release (2016-10-16) tar.gz
v4.9-rc1     Linux 4.9-rc1 (2016-10-15) tar.gz
xfs-reflink-for-linus-4.9-rc1 xfs: reflink update for 4.9-rc1 (2016-10-12) tar.gz
v3.18.43     Linux 3.18.43 (2016-10-09) tar.gz
v4.1.34      Linux 4.1.34 (2016-10-09) tar.gz
v4.4.24      This is the 4.4.24 stable release (2016-10-07) tar.gz
v4.7.7       This is the 4.7.7 stable release (2016-10-07) tar.gz
v4.8.1       This is the 4.8.1 stable release (2016-10-07) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.9-rc1 xfs: updates for 4.9-rc1 (2016-10-06) tar.gz
v3.12.64     This is the 3.12.64 stable release (2016-10-03) tar.gz
v4.8         Linux 4.8 (2016-10-02) tar.gz
dm-4.9-changes . various fixes and cleanups for request-based DM core (2016-09-30) tar.gz
v4.4.23      This is the 4.4.23 stable release (2016-09-30) tar.gz
v4.7.6       This is the 4.7.6 stable release (2016-09-30) tar.gz
v4.8-rc8     Linux 4.8-rc8 (2016-09-25) tar.gz
v4.7.5       This is the 4.7.5 stable release (2016-09-24) tar.gz
v4.4.22      This is the 4.4.22 stable release (2016-09-24) tar.gz
v4.8-rc7     Linux 4.8-rc7 (2016-09-18) tar.gz
v3.18.42     Linux 3.18.42 (2016-09-17) tar.gz
v4.1.33      Linux 4.1.33 (2016-09-17) tar.gz
v4.4.21      This is the 4.4.21 stable release (2016-09-15) tar.gz
v4.7.4       This is the 4.7.4 stable release (2016-09-15) tar.gz
v4.8-rc6     Linux 4.8-rc6 (2016-09-11) tar.gz
v3.14.79     This is the 3.14.79 stable release (2016-09-11) tar.gz
v4.7.3       This is the 4.7.3 stable release (2016-09-07) tar.gz
v4.4.20      This is the 4.4.20 stable release (2016-09-07) tar.gz
v3.14.78     This is the 3.14.78 stable release (2016-09-07) tar.gz
v3.12.63     This is the 3.12.63 stable release (2016-09-06) tar.gz
v4.8-rc5     Linux 4.8-rc5 (2016-09-04) tar.gz
v3.18.41     Linux 3.18.41 (2016-09-03) tar.gz
v4.1.32      Linux 4.1.32 (2016-09-03) tar.gz
dm-4.8-fixes-4 - a stable fix in both DM crypt and DM log-writes for too large bios (as   generated by bcache) (2016-09-02) tar.gz
xfs-iomap-for-linus-4.8-rc5 xfs: updates for 4.8-rc5 (2016-09-02) tar.gz
v4.8-rc4     Linux 4.8-rc4 (2016-08-28) tar.gz
v3.10.103    This is the 3.10.103 stable release (2016-08-28) tar.gz
dm-4.8-fixes-3 - Another stable fix for DM flakey (that tweaks the previous fix that   didn't factor in expected 'drop_writes' behavior for read IO). (2016-08-26) tar.gz
v3.16.37     This is the 3.16.37 stable release (2016-08-22) tar.gz
v3.2.82      This is the 3.2.82 stable release (2016-08-22) tar.gz
v3.18.40     Linux 3.18.40 (2016-08-22) tar.gz
v4.1.31      Linux 4.1.31 (2016-08-22) tar.gz
v4.8-rc3     Linux 4.8-rc3 (2016-08-21) tar.gz
v4.7.2       This is the 4.7.2 stable release (2016-08-20) tar.gz
v4.4.19      This is the 4.4.19 stable release (2016-08-20) tar.gz
v3.14.77     This is the 3.14.77 stable release (2016-08-20) tar.gz
dm-4.8-fixes-2 - a stable fix for DM round robin multipath path selector to disable   preemption before using this_cpu_ptr() (2016-08-19) tar.gz
xfs-iomap-for-linus-4.8-rc3 xfs, iomap: update for 4.8-rc3 (2016-08-19) tar.gz
v4.7.1       This is the 4.7.1 stable release (2016-08-16) tar.gz
v4.6.7       This is the 4.6.7 stable release (2016-08-16) tar.gz
v4.4.18      This is the 4.4.18 stable release (2016-08-16) tar.gz
v3.14.76     This is the 3.14.76 stable release (2016-08-16) tar.gz
next-20160815 next-20160815 (2016-08-15) tar.gz
v4.8-rc2     Linux 4.8-rc2 (2016-08-14) tar.gz
v4.6.6       This is the 4.6.6 stable release (2016-08-10) tar.gz
v4.4.17      This is the 4.4.17 stable release (2016-08-10) tar.gz
v3.14.75     This is the 3.14.75 stable release (2016-08-10) tar.gz
v3.18.39     Linux 3.18.39 (2016-08-08) tar.gz
v4.1.30      Linux 4.1.30 (2016-08-08) tar.gz
v4.8-rc1     Linux 4.8-rc1 (2016-08-07) tar.gz
xfs-rmap-for-linus-4.8-rc1 xfs: reverse block mapping support for 4.8-rc1 (2016-08-06) tar.gz
dm-4.8-fixes - A stable dm-flakey fix to error read IO during the 'down_interval' (2016-08-05) tar.gz
v3.18.38     Linux 3.18.38 (2016-07-29) tar.gz
v4.1.29      Linux 4.1.29 (2016-07-29) tar.gz
v3.14.74     This is the 3.14.74 stable release (2016-07-27) tar.gz
v4.4.16      This is the 4.4.16 stable release (2016-07-27) tar.gz
v4.6.5       This is the 4.6.5 stable release (2016-07-27) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.8-rc1 xfs: update for 4.8-rc1 (2016-07-27) tar.gz
v4.7         Linux 4.7 (2016-07-24) tar.gz
dm-4.8-changes - initially based on Jens' 'for-4.8/core' (given all the flag churn) and   later merged with 'for-4.8/core' to pickup the QUEUE_FLAG_DAX commits   that DM depends on to provide its DAX support (2016-07-21) tar.gz
v3.12.62     This is the 3.12.62 stable release (2016-07-21) tar.gz
next-20160721 next-20160721 (2016-07-21) tar.gz
v3.18.37     Linux 3.18.37 (2016-07-13) tar.gz
v4.1.28      Linux 4.1.28 (2016-07-13) tar.gz
v4.4.15      This is the 4.4.15 stable release (2016-07-11) tar.gz
v4.6.4       This is the 4.6.4 stable release (2016-07-11) tar.gz
v4.7-rc7     Linux 4.7-rc7 (2016-07-10) tar.gz
v4.7-rc6     Linux 4.7-rc6 (2016-07-03) tar.gz
v4.7-rc5     Linux 4.7-rc5 (2016-06-26) tar.gz
v4.6.3       This is the 4.6.3 stable release (2016-06-24) tar.gz
v4.4.14      This is the 4.4.14 stable release (2016-06-24) tar.gz
v3.14.73     This is the 3.14.73 stable release (2016-06-24) tar.gz
v3.18.36     Linux 3.18.36 (2016-06-23) tar.gz
v4.1.27      Linux 4.1.27 (2016-06-23) tar.gz
v3.12.61     This is the 3.12.61 stable release (2016-06-20) tar.gz
v4.7-rc4     Linux 4.7-rc4 (2016-06-19) tar.gz
v3.16.36     This is the 3.16.36 stable release (2016-06-15) tar.gz
v3.2.81      This is the 3.2.81 stable release (2016-06-15) tar.gz
v4.7-rc3     Linux 4.7-rc3 (2016-06-12) tar.gz
v3.10.102    This is the 3.10.102 stable release (2016-06-12) tar.gz
next-20160609 next-20160609 (2016-06-09) tar.gz
v4.6.2       This is the 4.6.2 stable release (2016-06-07) tar.gz
v4.5.7       This is the 4.5.7 stable release (2016-06-07) tar.gz
v4.4.13      This is the 4.4.13 stable release (2016-06-07) tar.gz
v3.14.72     This is the 3.14.72 stable release (2016-06-07) tar.gz
v3.18.35     Linux 3.18.35 (2016-06-06) tar.gz
v4.1.26      Linux 4.1.26 (2016-06-06) tar.gz
v4.7-rc2     Linux 4.7-rc2 (2016-06-05) tar.gz
v4.6.1       This is the 4.6.1 stable release (2016-06-01) tar.gz
v4.5.6       This is the 4.5.6 stable release (2016-06-01) tar.gz
v4.4.12      This is the 4.4.12 stable release (2016-06-01) tar.gz
v3.14.71     This is the 3.14.71 stable release (2016-06-01) tar.gz
v4.7-rc1     Linux 4.7-rc1 (2016-05-29) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.7-rc1 xfs: update for 4.7-rc1 (2016-05-26) tar.gz
v3.12.60     This is the 3.12.60 stable release (2016-05-23) tar.gz
v3.18.34     Linux 3.18.34 (2016-05-20) tar.gz
v4.1.25      Linux 4.1.25 (2016-05-20) tar.gz
v4.5.5       This is the 4.5.5 stable release (2016-05-18) tar.gz
v4.4.11      This is the 4.4.11 stable release (2016-05-18) tar.gz
v3.14.70     This is the 3.14.70 stable release (2016-05-18) tar.gz
v4.6         Linux 4.6 (2016-05-15) tar.gz
dm-4.7-changes - based on Jens' 'for-4.7/core' to have DM thinp's discard support use   bio_inc_remaining() and the block core's new async   __blkdev_issue_discard() interface (2016-05-13) tar.gz
v4.4.10      This is the 4.4.10 stable release (2016-05-11) tar.gz
v3.14.69     This is the 3.14.69 stable release (2016-05-11) tar.gz
v4.5.4       This is the 4.5.4 stable release (2016-05-11) tar.gz
v4.1.24      Linux 4.1.24 (2016-05-11) tar.gz
v3.18.33     Linux 3.18.33 (2016-05-11) tar.gz
v4.6-rc7     Linux 4.6-rc7 (2016-05-08) tar.gz
v3.14.68     This is the 3.14.68 stable release (2016-05-04) tar.gz
v4.5.3       This is the 4.5.3 stable release (2016-05-04) tar.gz
v4.4.9       This is the 4.4.9 stable release (2016-05-04) tar.gz
v4.6-rc6     Linux 4.6-rc6 (2016-05-01) tar.gz
v3.16.35     This is the 3.16.35 stable release (2016-05-01) tar.gz
v3.2.80      This is the 3.2.80 stable release (2016-05-01) tar.gz
v3.4.112     This is the 3.4.112 stable release (2016-04-27) tar.gz
v3.12.59     This is the 3.12.59 stable release (2016-04-27) tar.gz
v4.1.23      Linux 4.1.23 (2016-04-25) tar.gz
v4.6-rc5     Linux 4.6-rc5 (2016-04-24) tar.gz
v3.18.32     Linux 3.18.32 (2016-04-23) tar.gz
v4.5.2       This is the 4.5.2 stable release (2016-04-20) tar.gz
v4.4.8       This is the 4.4.8 stable release (2016-04-20) tar.gz
v3.14.67     This is the 3.14.67 stable release (2016-04-20) tar.gz
v3.18.31     Linux 3.18.31 (2016-04-19) tar.gz
v4.1.22      Linux 4.1.22 (2016-04-19) tar.gz
v4.6-rc4     Linux 4.6-rc4 (2016-04-17) tar.gz
dm-4.6-fix-2 - Fix for earlier 4.6-rc4 stable@ commit that introduced improper use of   write lock in cmd_read_lock() -- due to cut-n-paste gone awry (and   sparse didn't catch it). (2016-04-17) tar.gz
dm-4.6-fixes - fix a 4.6-rc1 bio-based DM 'struct dm_target_io' leak in an error path (2016-04-14) tar.gz
v3.12.58     This is the 3.12.58 stable release (2016-04-13) tar.gz
v3.14.66     This is the 3.14.66 stable release (2016-04-12) tar.gz
v4.4.7       This is the 4.4.7 stable release (2016-04-12) tar.gz
v4.5.1       This is the 4.5.1 stable release (2016-04-12) tar.gz
v4.6-rc3     Linux 4.6-rc3 (2016-04-10) tar.gz
v4.1.21      Linux 4.1.21 (2016-04-03) tar.gz
v3.18.30     Linux 3.18.30 (2016-04-03) tar.gz
v4.6-rc2     Linux 4.6-rc2 (2016-04-03) tar.gz
v3.2.79      This is the 3.2.79 stable release (2016-04-01) tar.gz
v4.6-rc1     Linux 4.6-rc1 (2016-03-26) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.6-rc1 xfs: Changes for 4.6-rc1 (2016-03-21) tar.gz
v3.4.111     This is the 3.4.111 stable release (2016-03-21) tar.gz
v3.12.57     This is the 3.12.57 stable release (2016-03-18) tar.gz
v4.1.20      Linux 4.1.20 (2016-03-17) tar.gz
v3.18.29     Linux 3.18.29 (2016-03-17) tar.gz
v4.4.6       This is the 4.4.6 stable release (2016-03-16) tar.gz
v3.14.65     This is the 3.14.65 stable release (2016-03-16) tar.gz
v3.10.101    This is the 3.10.101 stable release (2016-03-16) tar.gz
dm-4.6-changes - Most attention this cycle went to optimizing blk-mq request-based DM   (dm-mq) that is used exclussively by DM multipath. (2016-03-16) tar.gz
v4.5         Linux 4.5 (2016-03-13) tar.gz
v2.6.32.71   This is the stable release (2016-03-12) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.5-rc7 xfs: fixes for 4.5-rc7 (2016-03-11) tar.gz
v4.4.5       This is the 4.4.5 stable release (2016-03-09) tar.gz
v3.14.64     This is the 3.14.64 stable release (2016-03-09) tar.gz
v3.10.100    This is the 3.10.100 stable release (2016-03-09) tar.gz
v3.12.56     This is the 3.12.56 stable release (2016-03-08) tar.gz
v4.5-rc7     Linux 4.5-rc7 (2016-03-06) tar.gz
v3.18.28     Linux 3.18.28 (2016-03-04) tar.gz
v4.1.19      Linux 4.1.19 (2016-03-04) tar.gz
v4.4.4       This is the 4.4.4 stable release (2016-03-03) tar.gz
v3.14.63     This is the 3.14.63 stable release (2016-03-03) tar.gz
v3.10.99     This is the 3.10.99 stable release (2016-03-03) tar.gz
v4.5-rc6     Linux 4.5-rc6 (2016-02-28) tar.gz
v3.2.78      This is the 3.2.78 stable release (2016-02-27) tar.gz
v3.12.55     This is the 3.12.55 stable release (2016-02-26) tar.gz
v4.4.3       This is the 4.4.3 stable release (2016-02-25) tar.gz
v3.14.62     This is the 3.14.62 stable release (2016-02-25) tar.gz
v3.10.98     This is the 3.10.98 stable release (2016-02-25) tar.gz
dm-4.5-fix   Fix a 112 byte leak for each IO request that is requeued while DM multipath is handling faults due to path failures.  This leak does not happen if blk-mq DM multipath is used.  It only occurs if .request_fn DM multipath is stacked ontop of blk-mq paths (e.g. scsi-mq devices). (2016-02-23) tar.gz
v4.5-rc5     Linux 4.5-rc5 (2016-02-20) tar.gz
v4.3.6       This is the 4.3.6 stable release (2016-02-19) tar.gz
v3.10.97     This is the 3.10.97 stable release (2016-02-19) tar.gz
v3.14.61     This is the 3.14.61 stable release (2016-02-17) tar.gz
v4.4.2       This is the 4.4.2 stable release (2016-02-17) tar.gz
v4.1.18      Linux 4.1.18 (2016-02-15) tar.gz
v3.18.27     Linux 3.18.27 (2016-02-15) tar.gz
v3.12.54     This is the 3.12.54 stable release (2016-02-15) tar.gz
v4.5-rc4     Linux 4.5-rc4 (2016-02-14) tar.gz
v3.2.77      This is the 3.2.77 stable release (2016-02-13) tar.gz
xfs-fixes-for-linus-4.5 xfs: updates for 4.5-rc4 (2016-02-12) tar.gz
v4.5-rc3     Linux 4.5-rc3 (2016-02-07) tar.gz
v4.5-rc2     Linux 4.5-rc2 (2016-01-31) tar.gz
v4.4.1       This is the 4.4.1 stable release (2016-01-31) tar.gz
v4.3.5       This is the 4.3.5 stable release (2016-01-31) tar.gz
v4.1.17      This is the 4.1.17 stable release (2016-01-31) tar.gz
v2.6.32.70   This is the stable release (2016-01-29) tar.gz
v3.14.60     This is the 3.14.60 stable release (2016-01-28) tar.gz
v3.10.96     This is the 3.10.96 stable release (2016-01-28) tar.gz
v3.12.53     This is the 3.12.53 stable release (2016-01-27) tar.gz
v3.18.26     Linux 3.18.26 (2016-01-25) tar.gz
v4.5-rc1     Linux 4.5-rc1 (2016-01-24) tar.gz
v4.3.4       This is the 4.3.4 stable release (2016-01-22) tar.gz
v4.1.16      This is the 4.1.16 stable release (2016-01-22) tar.gz
v3.14.59     This is the 3.14.59 stable release (2016-01-22) tar.gz
v3.10.95     This is the 3.10.95 stable release (2016-01-22) tar.gz
v3.2.76      This is the 3.2.76 stable release (2016-01-22) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.5-2 xfs: Update 2 for 4.5-rc1 (2016-01-22) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.5 xfs: updates for 4.5-rc1 (2016-01-14) tar.gz
dm-4.5-changes - The most significant set of changes this cycle is the Forward Error   Correction (FEC) support that has been added to the DM verity target.   Google uses DM verity on all Android devices and it is believed that   this FEC support will enable DM verity to recover from storage   failures seen since DM verity was first deployed as part of Android. (2016-01-11) tar.gz
v4.4         Linux 4.4 (2016-01-10) tar.gz
v3.12.52     This is the 3.12.52 stable release (2016-01-09) tar.gz
v4.4-rc8     Linux 4.4-rc8 (2016-01-03) tar.gz
v3.2.75      This is the 3.2.75 stable release (2015-12-30) tar.gz
v4.4-rc7     Linux 4.4-rc7 (2015-12-27) tar.gz
v4.4-rc6     Linux 4.4-rc6 (2015-12-20) tar.gz
v3.18.25     Linux 3.18.25 (2015-12-15) tar.gz
v4.3.3       This is the 4.3.3 stable release (2015-12-14) tar.gz
v4.2.8       This is the 4.2.8 stable release (2015-12-14) tar.gz
v4.1.15      This is the 4.1.15 stable release (2015-12-14) tar.gz
v4.4-rc5     Linux 4.4-rc5 (2015-12-13) tar.gz
dm-4.4-fixes-2 Five stable fixes: (2015-12-11) tar.gz
v4.3.2       This is the 4.3.2 stable release (2015-12-10) tar.gz
v4.3.1       This is the 4.3.1 stable release (2015-12-09) tar.gz
v4.2.7       This is the 4.2.7 stable release (2015-12-09) tar.gz
v4.1.14      This is the 4.1.14 stable release (2015-12-09) tar.gz
v3.14.58     This is the 3.14.58 stable release (2015-12-09) tar.gz
v3.10.94     This is the 3.10.94 stable release (2015-12-09) tar.gz
v4.4-rc4     Linux 4.4-rc4 (2015-12-06) tar.gz
v2.6.32.69   This is the stable release (2015-12-06) tar.gz
v4.4-rc3     Linux 4.4-rc3 (2015-11-29) tar.gz
v3.2.74      This is the 3.2.74 stable release (2015-11-27) tar.gz
v3.12.51     This is the 3.12.51 stable release (2015-11-25) tar.gz
dm-4.4-fixes Two fixes for 4.4-rc1's DM ioctl changes that introduced the potential for infinite recursion on ioctl (with DM multipath). (2015-11-24) tar.gz
v4.4-rc2     Linux 4.4-rc2 (2015-11-22) tar.gz
v3.2.73      This is the 3.2.73 stable release (2015-11-17) tar.gz
next-20151116 next-20151116 (2015-11-16) tar.gz
v4.4-rc1     Linux 4.4-rc1 (2015-11-15) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.4 xfs: updates for 4.4-rc1 (2015-11-12) tar.gz
v4.2.6       This is the 4.2.6 stable release (2015-11-09) tar.gz
v4.1.13      This is the 4.1.13 stable release (2015-11-09) tar.gz
v3.14.57     This is the 3.14.57 stable release (2015-11-09) tar.gz
v3.10.93     This is the 3.10.93 stable release (2015-11-09) tar.gz
dm-4.4-changes - Revert a dm-multipath change that caused a regression for unprivledged   users (e.g. kvm guests) that issued ioctls when a multipath device had   no available paths. (2015-11-04) tar.gz
v3.12.50     This is the 3.12.50 stable release (2015-11-02) tar.gz
next-20151102 next-20151102 (2015-11-02) tar.gz
v4.3         Linux 4.3 (2015-11-01) tar.gz
v3.18.24     Linux 3.18.24 (2015-10-31) tar.gz
v3.18.23     Linux 3.18.23 (2015-10-29) tar.gz
v4.2.5       This is the 4.2.5 stable release (2015-10-27) tar.gz
v4.1.12      This is the 4.1.12 stable release (2015-10-27) tar.gz
v3.14.56     This is the 3.14.56 stable release (2015-10-27) tar.gz
v3.10.92     This is the 3.10.92 stable release (2015-10-27) tar.gz
v4.3-rc7     Linux 4.3-rc7 (2015-10-25) tar.gz
dm-4.3-fixes-4 Three stable fixes (two in btree code used by DM thinp and one to properly store flags in DM cache metadata's superblock). (2015-10-23) tar.gz
v4.2.4       This is the 4.2.4 stable release (2015-10-22) tar.gz
v4.1.11      This is the 4.1.11 stable release (2015-10-22) tar.gz
v3.14.55     This is the 3.14.55 stable release (2015-10-22) tar.gz
v3.10.91     This is the 3.10.91 stable release (2015-10-22) tar.gz
v3.4.110     This is the 3.4.110 stable release (2015-10-22) tar.gz
v4.3-rc6     Linux 4.3-rc6 (2015-10-18) tar.gz
dm-4.3-fixes-3 Two DM target error path cleanup fixes (one for stable in DM thinp and one for a v4.3-rc5 thinko in DM snapshot). (2015-10-16) tar.gz
v3.2.72      This is the 3.2.72 stable release (2015-10-13) tar.gz
v4.3-rc5     Linux 4.3-rc5 (2015-10-11) tar.gz
dm-4.3-fixes-2 3 stable@ fixes: (2015-10-09) tar.gz
v3.12.49     This is the 3.12.49 stable release (2015-10-06) tar.gz
v4.3-rc4     Linux 4.3-rc4 (2015-10-04) tar.gz
v4.2.3       This is the 4.2.3 stable release (2015-10-03) tar.gz
v4.1.10      This is the 4.1.10 stable release (2015-10-03) tar.gz
v3.18.22     Linux 3.18.22 (2015-10-01) tar.gz
v3.10.90     This is the 3.10.90 stable release (2015-10-01) tar.gz
v3.14.54     This is the 3.14.54 stable release (2015-10-01) tar.gz
v4.2.2       This is the 4.2.2 stable release (2015-09-29) tar.gz
v4.1.9       This is the 4.1.9 stable release (2015-09-29) tar.gz
v4.3-rc3     Linux 4.3-rc3 (2015-09-27) tar.gz
dm-4.3-fixes Two stable@ fixes: (2015-09-22) tar.gz
v4.2.1       This is the 4.2.1 stable release (2015-09-21) tar.gz
v4.1.8       This is the 4.1.8 stable release (2015-09-21) tar.gz
v3.14.53     This is the 3.14.53 stable release (2015-09-21) tar.gz
v3.10.89     This is the 3.10.89 stable release (2015-09-21) tar.gz
v4.3-rc2     Linux 4.3-rc2 (2015-09-20) tar.gz
v2.6.32.68   This is the stable release (2015-09-18) tar.gz
v3.12.48     This is the 3.12.48 stable release (2015-09-18) tar.gz
v3.4.109     This is the 3.4.109 stable release (2015-09-18) tar.gz
v4.1.7       This is the 4.1.7 stable release (2015-09-13) tar.gz
v3.14.52     This is the 3.14.52 stable release (2015-09-13) tar.gz
v3.10.88     This is the 3.10.88 stable release (2015-09-13) tar.gz
v4.3-rc1     Linux 4.3-rc1 (2015-09-12) tar.gz
next-20150908 next-20150908 (2015-09-08) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.3 xfs: updates for 4.3-rc1 (2015-09-07) tar.gz
dm-4.3-changes - a couple small cleanups in dm-cache, dm-verity, persistent-data's   dm-btree, and DM core. (2015-09-02) tar.gz
next-20150902 next-20150902 (2015-09-02) tar.gz
next-20150901 next-20150901 (2015-09-01) tar.gz
v3.18.21     Linux 3.18.21 (2015-08-31) tar.gz
v4.2         Linux 4.2 (2015-08-30) tar.gz
v3.12.47     This is the 3.12.47 stable release (2015-08-27) tar.gz
v4.2-rc8     Linux 4.2-rc8 (2015-08-23) tar.gz
v3.14.51     This is the 3.14.51 stable release (2015-08-16) tar.gz
v4.1.6       This is the 4.1.6 stable release (2015-08-16) tar.gz
v3.10.87     This is the 3.10.87 stable release (2015-08-16) tar.gz
v4.2-rc7     Linux 4.2-rc7 (2015-08-16) tar.gz
dm-4.2-fixes-5 - two stable fixes for corruption seen in a snapshot of thinp metadata;   metadata snapshots aren't widely used but help provide a consistent   view of the metadata associated with an active thin-pool. (2015-08-13) tar.gz
v3.2.71      This is the 3.2.71 stable release (2015-08-12) tar.gz
v3.14.50     This is the 3.14.50 stable release (2015-08-10) tar.gz
v3.10.86     This is the 3.10.86 stable release (2015-08-10) tar.gz
v4.1.5       This is the 4.1.5 stable release (2015-08-10) tar.gz
v4.2-rc6     Linux 4.2-rc6 (2015-08-09) tar.gz
v3.18.20     Linux 3.18.20 (2015-08-07) tar.gz
dm-4.2-fixes-4 - Stable fix for a dm_merge_bvec() regression on 32 bit Fedora systems. (2015-08-07) tar.gz
v3.12.46     This is the 3.12.46 stable release (2015-08-07) tar.gz
v3.2.70      This is the 3.2.70 stable release (2015-08-07) tar.gz
v3.14.49     This is the 3.14.49 stable release (2015-08-03) tar.gz
v3.10.85     This is the 3.10.85 stable release (2015-08-03) tar.gz
v4.1.4       This is the 4.1.4 stable release (2015-08-03) tar.gz
v4.2-rc5     Linux 4.2-rc5 (2015-08-02) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.2-rc4 xfs: updates for 4.2-rc4 (2015-07-31) tar.gz
v3.12.45     This is the 3.12.45 stable release (2015-07-30) tar.gz
dm-4.2-fixes-3 - Fix DM thinp to consistently return -ENOSPC when out of data space (2015-07-29) tar.gz
v4.2-rc4     Linux 4.2-rc4 (2015-07-26) tar.gz
v4.0.9       This is the 4.0.9 stable release (2015-07-21) tar.gz
v4.1.3       This is the 4.1.3 stable release (2015-07-21) tar.gz
v3.18.19     Linux 3.18.19 (2015-07-20) tar.gz
v4.2-rc3     Linux 4.2-rc3 (2015-07-19) tar.gz
dm-4.2-fixes-2 - Revert a request-based DM core change that caused IO latency to   increase and adversely impact both throughput and system load (2015-07-17) tar.gz
v4.2-rc2     Linux 4.2-rc2 (2015-07-12) tar.gz
v3.10.84     This is the 3.10.84 stable release (2015-07-10) tar.gz
v3.14.48     This is the 3.14.48 stable release (2015-07-10) tar.gz
v4.1.2       This is the 4.1.2 stable release (2015-07-10) tar.gz
v4.0.8       This is the 4.0.8 stable release (2015-07-10) tar.gz
v3.18.18     Linux 3.18.18 (2015-07-09) tar.gz
v4.2-rc1     Linux 4.2-rc1 (2015-07-05) tar.gz
v3.14.47     This is the 3.14.47 stable release (2015-07-03) tar.gz
v3.10.83     This is the 3.10.83 stable release (2015-07-03) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.2-rc1 xfs: update for 4.2-rc1 (2015-06-30) tar.gz
v4.1.1       This is the 4.1.1 stable release (2015-06-29) tar.gz
v4.0.7       This is the 4.0.7 stable release (2015-06-29) tar.gz
v3.14.46     This is the 3.14.46 stable release (2015-06-29) tar.gz
v3.10.82     This is the 3.10.82 stable release (2015-06-29) tar.gz
v3.18.17     Linux 3.18.17 (2015-06-28) tar.gz
dm-4.2-fixes - Revert block and DM core changes the removed request-based DM's   ability to handle partial request completions -- otherwise with the   current SCSI LLDs these changes could lead to silent data corruption. (2015-06-26) tar.gz
v4.0.6       This is the 4.0.6 stable release (2015-06-22) tar.gz
v3.14.45     This is the 3.14.45 stable release (2015-06-22) tar.gz
v3.10.81     This is the 3.10.81 stable release (2015-06-22) tar.gz
dm-4.2-changes - DM core cleanups   - blk-mq request-based DM no longer uses any mempools now that partial     completions are no longer handled as part of cloned requests (2015-06-22) tar.gz
v4.1         Linux 4.1 (2015-06-21) tar.gz
v3.4.108     This is the 3.4.108 stable release (2015-06-19) tar.gz
v3.12.44     This is the 3.12.44 stable release (2015-06-15) tar.gz
v4.1-rc8     Linux 4.1-rc8 (2015-06-14) tar.gz
v3.18.16     Linux 3.18.16 (2015-06-14) tar.gz
v3.18.15     Linux 3.18.15 (2015-06-13) tar.gz
v4.1-rc7     Linux 4.1-rc7 (2015-06-07) tar.gz
v4.0.5       This is the 4.0.5 stable release (2015-06-06) tar.gz
v3.14.44     This is the 3.14.44 stable release (2015-06-06) tar.gz
v3.10.80     This is the 3.10.80 stable release (2015-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.32.67   This is the  stable release (2015-06-03) tar.gz
v4.1-rc6     Linux 4.1-rc6 (2015-05-31) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.1-rc6 xfs: update for 4.1-rc6 (2015-05-30) tar.gz
dm-4.1-fixes-3 Quite a few fixes for DM's blk-mq support thanks to extra DM multipath testing from Junichi Nomura and Bart Van Assche. (2015-05-29) tar.gz
v4.1-rc5     Linux 4.1-rc5 (2015-05-24) tar.gz
v2.6.32.66   This is the stable release (2015-05-24) tar.gz
v3.18.14     Linux 3.18.14 (2015-05-20) tar.gz
v3.12.43     This is the 3.12.43 stable release (2015-05-20) tar.gz
v4.1-rc4     Linux 4.1-rc4 (2015-05-18) tar.gz
v4.0.4       This is the 4.0.4 stable release (2015-05-17) tar.gz
v3.14.43     This is the 3.14.43 stable release (2015-05-17) tar.gz
v3.10.79     This is the 3.10.79 stable release (2015-05-17) tar.gz
v3.14.42     This is the 3.14.42 stable release (2015-05-13) tar.gz
v3.10.78     This is the 3.10.78 stable release (2015-05-13) tar.gz
v4.0.3       This is the 4.0.3 stable release (2015-05-13) tar.gz
v3.19.8      This is the 3.19.8 stable release (2015-05-11) tar.gz
v4.1-rc3     Linux 4.1-rc3 (2015-05-10) tar.gz
v3.2.69      This is the 3.2.69 stable release (2015-05-09) tar.gz
dm-4.1-fixes-2 Two additional fixes for changes introduced via DM during the 4.1 merge window: The first reverts a dm-crypt change that wasn't correct.  The second fixes a device format regression that impacted userspace. (2015-05-08) tar.gz
v4.0.2       This is the 4.0.2 stable release (2015-05-06) tar.gz
v3.19.7      This is the 3.19.7 stable release (2015-05-06) tar.gz
v3.14.41     This is the 3.14.41 stable release (2015-05-06) tar.gz
v3.10.77     This is the 3.10.77 stable release (2015-05-06) tar.gz
v3.18.13     Linux 3.18.13 (2015-05-05) tar.gz
v3.12.42     This is the 3.12.42 stable release (2015-05-04) tar.gz
v4.1-rc2     Linux 4.1-rc2 (2015-05-03) tar.gz
dm-4.1-fixes Fix 2 bugs in the request-based DM blk-mq support that was added during the 4.1 merge. (2015-04-30) tar.gz
v3.12.41     This is the 3.12.41 stable release (2015-04-30) tar.gz
v3.10.76     This is the 3.10.76 stable release (2015-04-29) tar.gz
v3.14.40     This is the 3.14.40 stable release (2015-04-29) tar.gz
v3.19.6      This is the 3.19.6 stable release (2015-04-29) tar.gz
v4.0.1       This is the 4.0.1 stable release (2015-04-29) tar.gz
v4.1-rc1     Linux 4.1-rc1 (2015-04-26) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.1-rc1 xfs: update for 4.1-rc1 (2015-04-23) tar.gz
v3.18.12     Linux 3.18.12 (2015-04-20) tar.gz
v3.10.75     This is the 3.10.75 stable release (2015-04-19) tar.gz
v3.14.39     This is the 3.14.39 stable release (2015-04-19) tar.gz
v3.19.5      This is the 3.19.5 stable release (2015-04-19) tar.gz
dm-4.1-changes - Most extensive changes this cycle are the DM core improvements to add   full blk-mq support to request-based DM.   - disabled by default but user can opt-in with CONFIG_DM_MQ_DEFAULT   - depends on some blk-mq changes from Jens' for-4.1/core branch so     that explains why this pull is built on linux-block.git (2015-04-16) tar.gz
next-20150415 next-20150415 (2015-04-15) tar.gz
v3.4.107     This is the 3.4.107 stable release (2015-04-14) tar.gz
next-20150414 next-20150414 (2015-04-14) tar.gz
next-20150413 next-20150413 (2015-04-13) tar.gz
v3.19.4      This is the 3.19.4 stable release (2015-04-13) tar.gz
v3.14.38     This is the 3.14.38 stable release (2015-04-13) tar.gz
v3.10.74     This is the 3.10.74 stable release (2015-04-13) tar.gz
v4.0         Linux 4.0 (2015-04-12) tar.gz
next-20150410 next-20150410 (2015-04-10) tar.gz
v3.12.40     This is the 3.12.40 stable release (2015-04-09) tar.gz
next-20150409 next-20150409 (2015-04-09) tar.gz
next-20150408 next-20150408 (2015-04-08) tar.gz
next-20150407 next-20150407 (2015-04-07) tar.gz
v4.0-rc7     Linux 4.0-rc7 (2015-04-06) tar.gz
v3.18.11     Linux 3.18.11 (2015-04-03) tar.gz
next-20150402 next-20150402 (2015-04-02) tar.gz
next-20150401 next-20150401 (2015-04-01) tar.gz
next-20150331 next-20150331 (2015-03-31) tar.gz
next-20150330 next-20150330 (2015-03-30) tar.gz
v4.0-rc6     Linux 4.0-rc6 (2015-03-29) tar.gz
next-20150327 next-20150327 (2015-03-27) tar.gz
v3.14.37     This is the 3.14.37 stable release (2015-03-26) tar.gz
v3.10.73     This is the 3.10.73 stable release (2015-03-26) tar.gz
v3.19.3      This is the 3.19.3 stable release (2015-03-26) tar.gz
next-20150326 next-20150326 (2015-03-26) tar.gz
dm-4.0-fix-2 . Fix DM core device cleanup regression -- due to a latent race that was   exposed by the bdi changes that were introduced during the 4.0 merge. (2015-03-25) tar.gz
next-20150325 next-20150325 (2015-03-25) tar.gz
next-20150324 next-20150324 (2015-03-24) tar.gz
v3.18.10     Linux 3.18.10 (2015-03-23) tar.gz
next-20150323 next-20150323 (2015-03-23) tar.gz
v4.0-rc5     Linux 4.0-rc5 (2015-03-22) tar.gz
dm-4.0-fixes A handful of stable fixes for DM: - fix thin target to always zero-fill reads to unprovisioned blocks - fix to interlock device destruction's suspend from internal suspends - fix 2 snapshot exception store handover bugs - fix dm-io to cope with DISCARD and WRITE_SAME capabilities changing (2015-03-20) tar.gz
next-20150320 next-20150320 (2015-03-20) tar.gz
v3.12.39     This is the 3.12.39 stable release (2015-03-19) tar.gz
next-20150319 next-20150319 (2015-03-19) tar.gz
v3.19.2      This is the 3.19.2 stable release (2015-03-18) tar.gz
v3.14.36     This is the 3.14.36 stable release (2015-03-18) tar.gz
v3.10.72     This is the 3.10.72 stable release (2015-03-18) tar.gz
next-20150318 next-20150318 (2015-03-18) tar.gz
next-20150317 next-20150317 (2015-03-17) tar.gz
next-20150316 next-20150316 (2015-03-16) tar.gz
v4.0-rc4     Linux 4.0-rc4 (2015-03-15) tar.gz
next-20150313 next-20150313 (2015-03-13) tar.gz
next-20150312 next-20150312 (2015-03-12) tar.gz
next-20150311 next-20150311 (2015-03-11) tar.gz
next-20150310 next-20150310 (2015-03-10) tar.gz
v4.0-rc3     Linux 4.0-rc3 (2015-03-08) tar.gz
v3.19.1      This is the 3.19.1 stable release (2015-03-06) tar.gz
v3.18.9      This is the 3.18.9 stable release (2015-03-06) tar.gz
v3.14.35     This is the 3.14.35 stable release (2015-03-06) tar.gz
v3.10.71     This is the 3.10.71 stable release (2015-03-06) tar.gz
next-20150306 next-20150306 (2015-03-06) tar.gz
v3.2.68      This is the 3.2.68 stable release (2015-03-06) tar.gz
next-20150305 next-20150305 (2015-03-05) tar.gz
next-20150304 next-20150304 (2015-03-04) tar.gz
v4.0-rc2     Linux 4.0-rc2 (2015-03-03) tar.gz
next-20150303 next-20150303 (2015-03-03) tar.gz
next-20150302 next-20150302 (2015-03-02) tar.gz
next-20150227 next-20150227 (2015-02-27) tar.gz
v3.14.34     This is the 3.14.34 stable release (2015-02-26) tar.gz
v3.18.8      This is the 3.18.8 stable release (2015-02-26) tar.gz
v3.10.70     This is the 3.10.70 stable release (2015-02-26) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-4.0-rc2 xfs: fixes for v4.0-rc2 (2015-02-27) tar.gz
next-20150226 next-20150226 (2015-02-26) tar.gz
next-20150225 next-20150225 (2015-02-25) tar.gz
next-20150224 next-20150224 (2015-02-24) tar.gz
next-20150223 next-20150223 (2015-02-23) tar.gz
v4.0-rc1     Linux 34.0-rc1 (2015-02-22) tar.gz
next-20150222 next-20150222 (2015-02-22) tar.gz
xfs-pnfs-for-linus-3.20-rc1 xfs: pnfs block layout support for 3.20-rc1 (2015-02-21) tar.gz
dm-3.20-changes-2 - Significant dm-crypt CPU scalability performance improvements thanks   to changes that enable effective use of an unbound workqueue across   all available CPUs.  A large battery of tests were performed to   validate these changes, summary of results is available here: (2015-02-20) tar.gz
next-20150220 next-20150220 (2015-02-20) tar.gz
v3.2.67      This is the 3.2.67 stable release (2015-02-20) tar.gz
v3.12.38     This is the 3.12.38 stable release (2015-02-19) tar.gz
next-20150219 next-20150219 (2015-02-19) tar.gz
next-20150218 next-20150218 (2015-02-18) tar.gz
next-20150217 next-20150217 (2015-02-17) tar.gz
next-20150216 next-20150216 (2015-02-16) tar.gz
next-20150213 next-20150213 (2015-02-13) tar.gz
dm-3.20-changes - Most significant change this cycle is request-based DM now supports   stacking ontop of blk-mq devices.  This blk-mq support changes the   model request-based DM uses for cloning a request to relying on   calling blk_get_request() directly from the underlying blk-mq device.   Early consumer of this code is Intel's emerging NVMe hardware; thanks   to Keith Busch for working on, and pushing for, these changes. (2015-02-12) tar.gz
next-20150212 next-20150212 (2015-02-12) tar.gz
v3.18.7      This is the 3.18.7 stable release (2015-02-11) tar.gz
v3.14.33     This is the 3.14.33 stable release (2015-02-11) tar.gz
v3.10.69     This is the 3.10.69 stable release (2015-02-11) tar.gz
next-20150211 next-20150211 (2015-02-11) tar.gz
next-20150210 next-20150210 (2015-02-10) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.20-rc1 xfs: update for 3.20-rc1 (2015-02-10) tar.gz
next-20150209 next-20150209 (2015-02-09) tar.gz
v3.19        Linux 3.19 (2015-02-08) tar.gz
v3.18.6      This is the 3.18.6 stable release (2015-02-06) tar.gz
v3.14.32     This is the 3.14.32 stable release (2015-02-06) tar.gz
v3.10.68     This is the 3.10.68 stable release (2015-02-06) tar.gz
next-20150204 next-20150204 (2015-02-04) tar.gz
next-20150203 next-20150203 (2015-02-03) tar.gz
v3.4.106     This is the 3.4.106 stable release (2015-02-02) tar.gz
next-20150202 next-20150202 (2015-02-02) tar.gz
v3.19-rc7    Linux 3.19-rc7 (2015-02-01) tar.gz
v3.12.37     This is the 3.12.37 stable release (2015-01-30) tar.gz
next-20150130 next-20150130 (2015-01-30) tar.gz
v3.10.67     This is the 3.10.67 stable release (2015-01-29) tar.gz
v3.14.31     This is the 3.14.31 stable release (2015-01-29) tar.gz
v3.18.5      This is the 3.18.5 stable release (2015-01-29) tar.gz
next-20150129 next-20150129 (2015-01-29) tar.gz
dm-3.19-fixes-3 1 stable fix for a dm-cache 3.19-rc6 regression and 1 stable fix for dm-thin: (2015-01-28) tar.gz
next-20150128 next-20150128 (2015-01-28) tar.gz
v3.18.4      This is the 3.18.4 stable release (2015-01-27) tar.gz
v3.14.30     This is the 3.14.30 stable release (2015-01-27) tar.gz
v3.10.66     This is the 3.10.66 stable release (2015-01-27) tar.gz
next-20150127 next-20150127 (2015-01-27) tar.gz
v3.19-rc6    Linux 3.19-rc6 (2015-01-25) tar.gz
dm-3.19-fixes-2 2 stable fixes for dm-cache and 1 3.19 DM core fix: (2015-01-24) tar.gz
next-20150123 next-20150123 (2015-01-23) tar.gz
next-20150122 next-20150122 (2015-01-22) tar.gz
next-20150121 next-20150121 (2015-01-21) tar.gz
next-20150120 next-20150120 (2015-01-20) tar.gz
next-20150119 next-20150119 (2015-01-19) tar.gz
v3.19-rc5    Linux 3.19-rc5 (2015-01-18) tar.gz
v3.18.3      This is the 3.18.3 stable release (2015-01-16) tar.gz
v3.14.29     This is the 3.14.29 stable release (2015-01-16) tar.gz
v3.10.65     This is the 3.10.65 stable release (2015-01-16) tar.gz
next-20150116 next-20150116 (2015-01-16) tar.gz
v3.12.36     This is the 3.12.36 stable release (2015-01-14) tar.gz
v3.19-rc4    linux 3.19-rc4 (2015-01-11) tar.gz
v3.18.2      This is the 3.18.2 stable release (2015-01-08) tar.gz
v3.17.8      This is the 3.17.8 stable release (2015-01-08) tar.gz
v3.14.28     This is the 3.14.28 stable release (2015-01-08) tar.gz
v3.10.64     This is the 3.10.64 stable release (2015-01-08) tar.gz
v3.19-rc3    Linux 3.19-rc3 (2015-01-05) tar.gz
v3.2.66      This is the 3.2.66 stable release (2015-01-01) tar.gz
v3.19-rc2    Linux 3.19-rc2 (2014-12-28) tar.gz
dm-3.19-fixes 3 stable fixes and 1 fix for a regression introduced during 3.19 merge: (2014-12-22) tar.gz
v3.19-rc1    Linux 3.19-rc1 (2014-12-20) tar.gz
v3.18.1      This is the 3.18.1 stable release (2014-12-16) tar.gz
v3.17.7      This is the 3.17.7 stable release (2014-12-16) tar.gz
v3.14.27     This is the 3.14.27 stable release (2014-12-16) tar.gz
v3.10.63     This is the 3.10.63 stable release (2014-12-16) tar.gz
v3.2.65      This is the 3.2.65 stable release (2014-12-14) tar.gz
v2.6.32.65   This is the stable release (2014-12-13) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.19-rc1 xfs: update for 3.19-rc1 (2014-12-12) tar.gz
v3.12.35     This is the 3.12.35 stable release (2014-12-10) tar.gz
dm-3.19-changes - Significant DM thin-provisioning performance improvements to meet   performance requirements that were requested by the Gluster   distributed filesystem.  Specifically, dm-thinp now takes care to   aggregate IO that will be issued to the same thinp block before   issuing IO to the underlying devices.  This really helps improve   performance on HW RAID6 devices that have a writeback cache because it   avoids RMW in the HW RAID controller. (2014-12-08) tar.gz
v3.18        Linux 3.18 (2014-12-07) tar.gz
v3.17.6      This is the 3.17.6 stable release (2014-12-07) tar.gz
v3.17.5      This is the 3.17.5 stable release (2014-12-06) tar.gz
v3.14.26     This is the 3.14.26 stable release (2014-12-06) tar.gz
v3.10.62     This is the 3.10.62 stable release (2014-12-06) tar.gz
v3.12.34     This is the 3.12.34 stable release (2014-12-05) tar.gz
v3.4.105     This is the 3.4.105 stable release (2014-12-01) tar.gz
v3.18-rc7    Linux 3.18-rc7 (2014-11-30) tar.gz
v3.18-rc6    Linux 3.18-rc6 (2014-11-23) tar.gz
v2.6.32.64   This is the stable release (2014-11-23) tar.gz
v3.17.4      This is the 3.17.4 stable release (2014-11-21) tar.gz
v3.14.25     This is the 3.14.25 stable release (2014-11-21) tar.gz
v3.10.61     This is the 3.10.61 stable release (2014-11-21) tar.gz
v3.12.33     This is the 3.12.33 stable release (2014-11-20) tar.gz
v3.18-rc5    Linux 3.18-rc5 (2014-11-16) tar.gz
v3.17.3      This is the 3.17.3 stable release (2014-11-14) tar.gz
v3.14.24     This is the 3.14.24 stable release (2014-11-14) tar.gz
v3.10.60     This is the 3.10.60 stable release (2014-11-14) tar.gz
dm-3.18-fixes . stable fix for dm-thin that avoids normal IO racing with discard (2014-11-12) tar.gz
v3.18-rc4    Linux 3.18-rc4 (2014-11-09) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.18-rc3 xfs: fixes for v3.18-rc3 (2014-11-08) tar.gz
v3.2.64      This is the 3.2.64 stable release (2014-11-05) tar.gz
v3.12.32     This is the 3.12.32 stable release (2014-11-05) tar.gz
v3.18-rc3    Linux 3.18-rc3 (2014-11-02) tar.gz
v3.17.2      This is the 3.17.2 stable release (2014-10-30) tar.gz
v3.16.7      This is the 3.16.7 stable release (2014-10-30) tar.gz
v3.14.23     This is the 3.14.23 stable release (2014-10-30) tar.gz
v3.10.59     This is the 3.10.59 stable release (2014-10-30) tar.gz
v3.18-rc2    Linux 3.18-rc2 (2014-10-26) tar.gz
v3.12.31     This is the 3.12.31 stable release (2014-10-22) tar.gz
v3.18-rc1    Linux 3.18-rc1 (2014-10-19) tar.gz
dm-3.18      . fix DM's long-standing excessive use of memory by leveraging the new   bioset_create_nobvec() interface when creating the DM's bioset (2014-10-17) tar.gz
v3.17.1      This is the 3.17.1 stable release (2014-10-15) tar.gz
v3.16.6      This is the 3.16.6 stable release (2014-10-15) tar.gz
v3.14.22     This is the 3.14.22 stable release (2014-10-15) tar.gz
v3.10.58     This is the 3.10.58 stable release (2014-10-15) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.18-rc1 xfs: update for 3.18-rc1 (2014-10-13) tar.gz
v3.16.5      This is the 3.16.5 stable release (2014-10-09) tar.gz
v3.14.21     This is the 3.14.21 stable release (2014-10-09) tar.gz
v3.10.57     This is the 3.10.57 stable release (2014-10-09) tar.gz
v3.12.30     This is the 3.12.30 stable release (2014-10-08) tar.gz
v3.10.56     This is the 3.10.56 stable release (2014-10-05) tar.gz
v3.14.20     This is the 3.14.20 stable release (2014-10-05) tar.gz
v3.16.4      This is the 3.16.4 stable release (2014-10-05) tar.gz
v3.17        Linux 3.17 (2014-10-05) tar.gz
v3.12.29     This is the 3.12.29 stable release (2014-09-30) tar.gz
v3.17-rc7    Linux 3.17-rc7 (2014-09-28) tar.gz
v3.4.104     This is the 3.4.104 stable release (2014-09-25) tar.gz
v3.17-rc6    Linux 3.17-rc6 (2014-09-21) tar.gz
v3.16.3      This is the 3.16.3 stable release (2014-09-17) tar.gz
v3.14.19     This is the 3.14.19 stable release (2014-09-17) tar.gz
v3.10.55     This is the 3.10.55 stable release (2014-09-17) tar.gz
v3.17-rc5    Linux 3.17-rc5 (2014-09-14) tar.gz
v3.2.63      This is the 3.2.63 stable release (2014-09-13) tar.gz
dm-3.17-fix2 Fix a race in the DM cache target that caused dirty blocks to be marked as clean.  This could cause no writeback to occur or spurious dirty block counts. (2014-09-10) tar.gz
v3.17-rc4    Linux 3.17-rc4 (2014-09-07) tar.gz
v3.12.28     This is the 3.12.28 stable release (2014-09-07) tar.gz
v3.16.2      This is the 3.16.2 stable release (2014-09-05) tar.gz
v3.14.18     This is the 3.14.18 stable release (2014-09-05) tar.gz
v3.10.54     This is the 3.10.54 stable release (2014-09-05) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.17-rc3 xfs: fixes for v3.17-rc3 (2014-09-06) tar.gz
v3.17-rc3    Linux 3.17-rc3 (2014-08-31) tar.gz
dm-3.17-fix  Fix 3.17-rc1 regression introduced by switching the DM crypt target to using per-bio data. (2014-08-29) tar.gz
v3.12.27     This is the 3.12.27 stable release (2014-08-26) tar.gz
v3.17-rc2    Linux 3.17-rc2 (2014-08-25) tar.gz
v3.17-rc1    Linux 3.17-rc1 (2014-08-16) tar.gz
v3.16.1      This is the 3.16.1 stable release (2014-08-14) tar.gz
v3.15.10     This is the 3.15.10 stable release (2014-08-14) tar.gz
v3.14.17     This is the 3.14.17 stable release (2014-08-14) tar.gz
v3.10.53     This is the 3.10.53 stable release (2014-08-14) tar.gz
v3.4.103     This is the 3.4.103 stable release (2014-08-14) tar.gz
dm-3.17-changes . Allow the thin target to paired with any size external origin; also   allow thin snapshots to be larger than the external origin. (2014-08-13) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.17-rc1 xfs: update for 3.17-rc1 (2014-08-12) tar.gz
for-3.17     dm table: propagate QUEUE_FLAG_NO_SG_MERGE (2014-08-10) tar.gz
v3.15.9      This is the 3.15.9 stable release (2014-08-07) tar.gz
v3.14.16     This is the 3.14.16 stable release (2014-08-07) tar.gz
v3.10.52     This is the 3.10.52 stable release (2014-08-07) tar.gz
v3.4.102     This is the 3.4.102 stable release (2014-08-07) tar.gz
v3.2.62      This is the 3.2.62 stable release (2014-08-06) tar.gz
v3.16        Linux 3.16 (2014-08-03) tar.gz
dm-3.16-fixes-3 Fix dm bufio shrinker to properly zero-fill all fields. (2014-08-01) tar.gz
v3.12.26     This is the 3.12.26 stable release (2014-08-01) tar.gz
v3.4.101     This is the 3.4.101 stable release (2014-07-31) tar.gz
v3.10.51     This is the 3.10.51 stable release (2014-07-31) tar.gz
v3.14.15     This is the 3.14.15 stable release (2014-07-31) tar.gz
v3.15.8      This is the 3.15.8 stable release (2014-07-31) tar.gz
v3.15.7      This is the 3.15.7 stable release (2014-07-28) tar.gz
v3.14.14     This is the 3.14.14 stable release (2014-07-28) tar.gz
v3.10.50     This is the 3.10.50 stable release (2014-07-28) tar.gz
v3.4.100     This is the 3.4.100 stable release (2014-07-28) tar.gz
v3.16-rc7    Linux 3.16-rc7 (2014-07-27) tar.gz
urgent-slab-fix This fixes the broken duplicate slab name check in kmem_cache_sanity_check() that has been repeatedly reported (as recently as today against Fedora rawhide).  Pekka seemed to have it staged for a late 3.15-rc in his 'slab/urgent' branch but never sent a pull request, see: (2014-07-22) tar.gz
v3.12.25     This is the 3.12.25 stable release (2014-07-22) tar.gz
v3.16-rc6    Linux 3.16-rc6 (2014-07-20) tar.gz
dm-3.16-fixes-2 Fix the dm-thinp and dm-cache targets to disallow changing the data device's block size. (2014-07-17) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.16-rc5 xfs: fixes for 3.15-rc5 (2014-07-18) tar.gz
v3.15.6      This is the 3.15.6 stable release (2014-07-17) tar.gz
v3.14.13     This is the 3.14.13 stable release (2014-07-17) tar.gz
v3.10.49     This is the 3.10.49 stable release (2014-07-17) tar.gz
v3.4.99      This is the 3.4.99 stable release (2014-07-17) tar.gz
for-3.18     dm crypt: sort writes (2014-07-15) tar.gz
v3.16-rc5    Linux 3.16-rc5 (2014-07-13) tar.gz
dm-3.16-fixes . Fix DM multipath IO hang regression from 3.15 due to logic bug in   multipath_busy.  This impacted cable-pull testing and also the ability   to boot with IPR SCSI on a POWER8 box. (2014-07-11) tar.gz
v3.2.61      This is the 3.2.61 stable release (2014-07-11) tar.gz
v3.15.5      This is the 3.15.5 stable release (2014-07-09) tar.gz
v3.14.12     This is the 3.14.12 stable release (2014-07-09) tar.gz
v3.10.48     This is the 3.10.48 stable release (2014-07-09) tar.gz
v3.4.98      This is the 3.4.98 stable release (2014-07-09) tar.gz
v3.15.4      This is the 3.15.4 stable release (2014-07-06) tar.gz
v3.14.11     This is the 3.14.11 stable release (2014-07-06) tar.gz
v3.10.47     This is the 3.10.47 stable release (2014-07-06) tar.gz
v3.4.97      This is the 3.4.97 stable release (2014-07-06) tar.gz
v3.16-rc4    Linux 3.16-rc4 (2014-07-06) tar.gz
v3.12.24     This is the 3.12.24 stable release (2014-07-04) tar.gz
v3.15.3      This is the 3.15.3 stable release (2014-06-30) tar.gz
v3.14.10     This is the 3.14.10 stable release (2014-06-30) tar.gz
v3.10.46     This is the 3.10.46 stable release (2014-06-30) tar.gz
v3.4.96      This is the 3.4.96 stable release (2014-06-30) tar.gz
v3.16-rc3    Linux 3.16-rc3 (2014-06-29) tar.gz
v3.15.2      This is the 3.15.2 stable release (2014-06-26) tar.gz
v3.14.9      This is the 3.14.9 stable release (2014-06-26) tar.gz
v3.10.45     This is the 3.10.45 stable release (2014-06-26) tar.gz
v3.4.95      This is the 3.4.95 stable release (2014-06-26) tar.gz
v3.12.23     This is the 3.12.23 stable release (2014-06-25) tar.gz
v3.16-rc2    Linux 3.16-rc2 (2014-06-21) tar.gz
v2.6.32.63   This is the stable release (2014-06-19) tar.gz
v3.4.94      This is the 3.4.94 stable release (2014-06-16) tar.gz
v3.15.1      This is the 3.15.1 stable release (2014-06-16) tar.gz
v3.10.44     This is the 3.10.44 stable release (2014-06-16) tar.gz
v3.14.8      This is the 3.14.8 stable release (2014-06-16) tar.gz
v3.16-rc1    Linux 3.16-rc1 (2014-06-15) tar.gz
dm-3.16-changes . Add dm_accept_partial_bio interface to DM core to allow DM targets   to only process a portion of a bio, the remainder being sent in the   next bio.  This enables the old dm snapshot-origin target to only   split write bios on chunk boundaries, read bios are now sent to the   origin device unchanged. (2014-06-12) tar.gz
v3.4.93      This is the 3.4.93 stable release (2014-06-11) tar.gz
v3.10.43     This is the 3.10.43 stable release (2014-06-11) tar.gz
v3.14.7      This is the 3.14.7 stable release (2014-06-11) tar.gz
v3.12.22     This is the 3.12.22 stable release (2014-06-11) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.16-rc1 xfs: update for 3.16-rc1 (2014-06-11) tar.gz
v3.2.60      This is the 3.2.60 stable release (2014-06-09) tar.gz
v3.15        Linux 3.15 (2014-06-08) tar.gz
v3.4.92      This is the 3.4.92 stable release (2014-06-07) tar.gz
v3.10.42     This is the 3.10.42 stable release (2014-06-07) tar.gz
v3.14.6      This is the 3.14.6 stable release (2014-06-07) tar.gz
v3.12.21     This is the 3.12.21 stable release (2014-06-02) tar.gz
v3.15-rc8    Linux 3.15-rc8 (2014-06-01) tar.gz
v3.14.5      This is the 3.14.5 stable release (2014-05-31) tar.gz
v3.10.41     This is the 3.10.41 stable release (2014-05-31) tar.gz
dm-3.15-fixes-3 A dm-cache stable fix to split discards on cache block boundaries because dm-cache cannot yet handle discards that span cache blocks. (2014-05-29) tar.gz
v3.15-rc7    Linux 3.15-rc7 (2014-05-25) tar.gz
v3.15-rc6    Linux 3.15-rc6 (2014-05-22) tar.gz
v2.6.32.62   This is the stable release (2014-05-19) tar.gz
v3.2.59      This is the 3.2.59 stable release (2014-05-18) tar.gz
v3.4.91      This is the 3.4.91 stable release (2014-05-18) tar.gz
dm-3.15-fixes-2 A dm-crypt fix for a cpu hotplug crash that switches from using per-cpu data to a mempool allocation (which offers allocation with cpu locality, and there is no inter-cpu communication on slab allocation). (2014-05-16) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.15-rc6 xfs: fixes for 3.15-rc6 (2014-05-16) tar.gz
v3.12.20     This is the 3.12.20 stable release (2014-05-15) tar.gz
v3.4.90      This is the 3.4.90 stable release (2014-05-13) tar.gz
v3.10.40     This is the 3.10.40 stable release (2014-05-13) tar.gz
v3.14.4      This is the 3.14.4 stable release (2014-05-13) tar.gz
v3.15-rc5    Linux 3.15-rc5 (2014-05-09) tar.gz
v3.12.19     This is the 3.12.19 stable release (2014-05-09) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.15-rc5 Fixes for 3.15-rc5: - fix a remote attribute size calculation bug that leads to a   transaction overrun - add default ACLs to O_TMPFILE files - Remove the EXPERIMENTAL tag from filesystems with metadata CRC   support (2014-05-09) tar.gz
v3.14.3      This is the 3.14.3 stable release (2014-05-06) tar.gz
v3.10.39     This is the 3.10.39 stable release (2014-05-06) tar.gz
v3.4.89      This is the 3.4.89 stable release (2014-05-06) tar.gz
v3.15-rc4    Linux 3.15-rc4 (2014-05-04) tar.gz
dm-3.15-fixes A few dm-thinp fixes for changes merged in 3.15-rc1. (2014-05-02) tar.gz
v3.2.58      This is the 3.2.58 stable release (2014-04-30) tar.gz
v3.15-rc3    Linux 3.15-rc3 (2014-04-27) tar.gz
v3.14.2      This is the 3.14.2 stable release (2014-04-26) tar.gz
v3.10.38     This is the 3.10.38 stable release (2014-04-26) tar.gz
v3.4.88      This is the 3.4.88 stable release (2014-04-26) tar.gz
v3.12.18     This is the 3.12.18 stable release (2014-04-23) tar.gz
v3.13.11     This is the 3.13.11 stable release (2014-04-22) tar.gz
v3.15-rc2    Linux 3.15-rc2 (2014-04-20) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.15-rc2 xfs: bug fixes for 3.15-rc2 (2014-04-18) tar.gz
v3.14.1      This is the 3.14.1 stable release (2014-04-14) tar.gz
v3.13.10     This is the 3.13.10 stable release (2014-04-14) tar.gz
v3.4.87      This is the 3.4.87 stable release (2014-04-14) tar.gz
v3.10.37     This is the 3.10.37 stable release (2014-04-14) tar.gz
v3.15-rc1    Linux 3.15-rc1 (2014-04-13) tar.gz
v3.2.57      This is the 3.2.57 stable release (2014-04-09) tar.gz
v3.12.17     This is the 3.12.17 stable release (2014-04-07) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-3.15-rc1 xfs: update for 3.15-rc1 (2014-04-05) tar.gz
dm-3.15-changes . Fix dm-cache corruption caused by discard_block_size >   cache_block_size (2014-04-04) tar.gz
v3.13.9      This is the 3.13.9 stable release (2014-04-03) tar.gz
v3.10.36     This is the 3.10.36 stable release (2014-04-03) tar.gz
v3.4.86      This is the 3.4.86 stable release (2014-04-03) tar.gz
v3.12.16     This is the 3.12.16 stable release (2014-04-02) tar.gz
v3.2.56      This is the 3.2.56 stable release (2014-04-02) tar.gz
v3.13.8      This is the 3.13.8 stable release (2014-03-31) tar.gz
v3.10.35     This is the 3.10.35 stable release (2014-03-31) tar.gz
v3.4.85      This is the 3.4.85 stable release (2014-03-30) tar.gz
v3.14        Linux 3.14 (2014-03-30) tar.gz
v3.12.15     This is the 3.12.15 stable release (2014-03-26) tar.gz
v3.14-rc8    Linux 3.14-rc8 (2014-03-24) tar.gz
v3.13.7      This is the 3.13.7 stable release (2014-03-23) tar.gz
v3.10.34     This is the 3.10.34 stable release (2014-03-23) tar.gz
v3.4.84      This is the 3.4.84 stable release (2014-03-23) tar.gz
v3.14-rc7    Linux 3.14-rc7 (2014-03-16) tar.gz
dm-3.14-fixes-4 Two small fixes for the DM cache target: - fix corruption with >2TB fast device due to truncation bug - fix access beyond end of origin device due to a partial block (2014-03-14) tar.gz
v3.4.83      This is the 3.4.83 stable release (2014-03-11) tar.gz
v3.12.14     This is the 3.12.14 stable release (2014-03-10) tar.gz
v3.14-rc6    Linux 3.14-rc6 (2014-03-09) tar.gz
dm-3.14-fixes-3 A dm-cache memory allocation failure fix, fix DM's Kconfig identation, a dm-snapshot metadata corruption fix for bug introduced in 3.14-rc1, an important refcount < 0 fix for the DM persistent data library's space map metadata interface which fixes corruption reported by a few dm-thinp users, and last but not least: more extensive fixes than ideal for dm-thinp's data resize capability (which has had growing pain much like we've seen from -ENOSPC handling of filesystems that mature).  The end result is dm-thinp now handles metadata operation failure and no data space error conditions much better than before. (2014-03-07) tar.gz
v3.13.6      This is the 3.13.6 stable release (2014-03-06) tar.gz
v3.10.33     This is the 3.10.33 stable release (2014-03-06) tar.gz
dm-3.14-fixes-2 A dm-cache memory allocation failure fix, fix DM's Kconfig identation, a dm-snapshot metadata corruption fix for bug introduced in 3.14-rc1, and last but not least: more extensive fixes than ideal for dm-thinp's data resize capability (which has had growing pain much like we've seen from -ENOSPC handling of filesystems that mature).  The end result is dm-thinp now handles metadata operation failure and no data space error conditions much better than before. (2014-03-06) tar.gz
v3.14-rc5    Linux 3.14-rc5 (2014-03-02) tar.gz
dm-3.14-fixes-1 A few dm-cache fixes, an invalid ioctl handling fix for dm multipath, a couple immutable biovec fixups for dm mirror, and a few dm-thin fixes. (2014-02-28) tar.gz
v3.14-rc4    Linux 3.14-rc4 (2014-02-23) tar.gz
v3.13.5      This is the 3.13.5 stable release (2014-02-22) tar.gz
v3.12.13     This is the 3.12.13 stable release (2014-02-22) tar.gz
v3.10.32     This is the 3.10.32 stable release (2014-02-22) tar.gz
v3.4.82      This is the 3.4.82 stable release (2014-02-22) tar.gz
v3.13.4      This is the 3.13.4 stable release (2014-02-20) tar.gz
v3.12.12     This is the 3.12.12 stable release (2014-02-20) tar.gz
v3.10.31     This is the 3.10.31 stable release (2014-02-20) tar.gz
v3.4.81      This is the 3.4.81 stable release (2014-02-20) tar.gz
v3.14-rc3    Linux 3.14-rc3 (2014-02-16) tar.gz
v3.2.55      This is the 3.2.55 stable release (2014-02-15) tar.gz
v3.13.3      This is the 3.13.3 stable release (2014-02-13) tar.gz
v3.12.11     This is the 3.12.11 stable release (2014-02-13) tar.gz
v3.10.30     This is the 3.10.30 stable release (2014-02-13) tar.gz
v3.4.80      This is the 3.4.80 stable release (2014-02-13) tar.gz
v2.6.34.15   This is the stable release (2014-02-10) tar.gz
v3.14-rc2    Linux 3.14-rc2 (2014-02-09) tar.gz
v3.13.2      This is the 3.13.2 stable release (2014-02-06) tar.gz
v3.12.10     This is the 3.12.10 stable release (2014-02-06) tar.gz
v3.10.29     This is the 3.10.29 stable release (2014-02-06) tar.gz
v3.4.79      This is the 3.4.79 stable release (2014-02-06) tar.gz
v3.14-rc1    Linus 3.14-rc1 (2014-02-02) tar.gz
v3.4.78      This is the 3.4.78 stable release (2014-01-29) tar.gz
v3.13.1      This is the 3.13.1 stable release (2014-01-29) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.14-rc1-2 xfs: update #2 for v3.14-rc1 (2014-01-28) tar.gz
v3.12.9      This is the 3.12.9 stable release (2014-01-25) tar.gz
v3.10.28     This is the 3.10.28 stable release (2014-01-25) tar.gz
dm-3.14-changes A set of device-mapper changes for 3.14. (2014-01-22) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.14-rc1 xfs: update for v3.14-rc1 (2014-01-22) tar.gz
v3.13        Linux 3.13 (2014-01-19) tar.gz
v3.12.8      This is the 3.12.8 stable release (2014-01-15) tar.gz
v3.10.27     This is the 3.10.27 stable release (2014-01-15) tar.gz
v3.4.77      This is the 3.4.77 stable release (2014-01-15) tar.gz
v3.13-rc8    Linux 3.13-rc8 (2014-01-12) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc8 xfs: bugfixes for 3.13-rc8 (2014-01-10) tar.gz
v3.12.7      This is the 3.12.7 stable release (2014-01-09) tar.gz
v3.10.26     This is the 3.10.26 stable release (2014-01-09) tar.gz
v3.4.76      This is the 3.4.76 stable release (2014-01-08) tar.gz
v3.13-rc7    Linux 3.13-rc7 (2014-01-04) tar.gz
v3.2.54      This is the 3.2.54 stable release (2014-01-03) tar.gz
v3.13-rc6    Linux 3.13-rc6 (2013-12-29) tar.gz
v3.13-rc5    Linux 3.13-rc5 (2013-12-22) tar.gz
v3.12.6      This is the 3.12.6 stable release (2013-12-20) tar.gz
v3.10.25     This is the 3.10.25 stable release (2013-12-20) tar.gz
v3.4.75      This is the 3.4.75 stable release (2013-12-20) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc5 xfs: bugfixes for 3.13-rc5 (2013-12-19) tar.gz
v3.13-rc4    Linux 3.13-rc4 (2013-12-15) tar.gz
dm-3.13-fixes A set of device-mapper fixes for 3.13. (2013-12-13) tar.gz
v3.12.5      This is the 3.12.5 stable release (2013-12-11) tar.gz
v3.10.24     This is the 3.10.24 stable release (2013-12-11) tar.gz
v3.4.74      This is the 3.4.74 stable release (2013-12-11) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc4 xfs: bugfixes for 3.13-rc4 (2013-12-10) tar.gz
v3.12.4      This is the 3.12.4 stable release (2013-12-08) tar.gz
v3.10.23     This is the 3.10.23 stable release (2013-12-08) tar.gz
v3.4.73      This is the 3.4.73 stable release (2013-12-08) tar.gz
v3.13-rc3    Linux 3.13-rc3 (2013-12-06) tar.gz
v3.12.3      This is the 3.12.3 stable release (2013-12-04) tar.gz
v3.10.22     This is the 3.10.22 stable release (2013-12-04) tar.gz
v3.4.72      This is the 3.4.72 stable release (2013-12-04) tar.gz
v3.13-rc2    Linux 3.13-rc2 (2013-11-29) tar.gz
v3.12.2      This is the 3.12.2 stable release (2013-11-29) tar.gz
v3.10.21     This is the 3.10.21 stable release (2013-11-29) tar.gz
v3.4.71      This is the 3.4.71 stable release (2013-11-29) tar.gz
v3.11.10     This is the 3.11.10 stable release (2013-11-29) tar.gz
v3.2.53      This is the 3.2.53 stable release (2013-11-28) tar.gz
v3.13-rc1    Linux 3.13-rc1 (2013-11-22) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc1-2 xfs: update #2 for v3.13-rc1 (2013-11-21) tar.gz
v3.12.1      This is the 3.12.1 stable release (2013-11-20) tar.gz
v3.11.9      This is the 3.11.9 stable release (2013-11-20) tar.gz
v3.10.20     This is the 3.10.20 stable release (2013-11-20) tar.gz
v3.4.70      This is the 3.4.70 stable release (2013-11-20) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc1 xfs: update for v3.13-rc1 (2013-11-13) tar.gz
v3.11.8      This is the 3.11.8 stable release (2013-11-13) tar.gz
v3.10.19     This is the 3.10.19 stable release (2013-11-13) tar.gz
v3.4.69      This is the 3.4.69 stable release (2013-11-13) tar.gz
dm-3.13-changes A set of device-mapper changes for 3.13. (2013-11-12) tar.gz
v3.11.7      This is the 3.11.7 stable release (2013-11-04) tar.gz
v3.10.18     This is the 3.10.18 stable release (2013-11-04) tar.gz
v3.4.68      This is the 3.4.68 stable release (2013-11-04) tar.gz
v3.12        Linux 3.12 (2013-11-03) tar.gz
v3.12-rc7    Linux 3.12-rc7 (2013-10-27) tar.gz
v3.2.52      This is the 3.2.52 stable release (2013-10-26) tar.gz
v3.4.67      This is the 3.4.67 stable release (2013-10-22) tar.gz
v3.0.101     This is the 3.0.101 stable release (2013-10-22) tar.gz
fcoe-3.13    Pull Request for 3.13 (2013-10-21) tar.gz
v3.12-rc6    Linux 3.12-rc6 (2013-10-19) tar.gz
v3.11.6      This is the 3.11.6 stable release (2013-10-18) tar.gz
v3.10.17     This is the 3.10.17 stable release (2013-10-18) tar.gz
dm-3.12-fix-cve A patch to avoid data corruption in a device-mapper snapshot. (2013-10-16) tar.gz
v3.11.5      This is the 3.11.5 stable release (2013-10-13) tar.gz
v3.10.16     This is the 3.10.16 stable release (2013-10-13) tar.gz
v3.4.66      This is the 3.4.66 stable release (2013-10-13) tar.gz
v3.12-rc5    Linux 3.12-rc5 (2013-10-13) tar.gz
v3.0.100     This is the 3.0.100 stable release (2013-10-13) tar.gz
v3.12-rc4    Linux 3.12-rc4 (2013-10-06) tar.gz
v3.11.4      This is the 3.11.4 stable release (2013-10-05) tar.gz
v3.10.15     This is the 3.10.15 stable release (2013-10-05) tar.gz
v3.4.65      This is the 3.4.65 stable release (2013-10-05) tar.gz
v3.0.99      This is the 3.0.99 stable release (2013-10-05) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.12-rc4 xfs: bugfixes for 3.12-rc4 (2013-10-04) tar.gz
v3.11.3      This is the 3.11.3 stable release (2013-10-01) tar.gz
v3.10.14     This is the 3.10.14 stable release (2013-10-01) tar.gz
v3.4.64      This is the 3.4.64 stable release (2013-10-01) tar.gz
v3.0.98      This is the 3.0.98 stable release (2013-10-01) tar.gz
v3.12-rc3    Linux 3.12-rc3 (2013-09-29) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.12-rc3 xfs: bugfixes for 3.12-rc3 (2013-09-28) tar.gz
v3.11.2      This is the 3.11.2 stable release (2013-09-26) tar.gz
v3.10.13     This is the 3.10.13 stable release (2013-09-26) tar.gz
v3.4.63      This is the 3.4.63 stable release (2013-09-26) tar.gz
v3.0.97      This is the 3.0.97 stable release (2013-09-26) tar.gz
v3.12-rc2    Linux 3.12-rc2 (2013-09-23) tar.gz
dm-3.12-fixes A set of device-mapper fixes for 3.12. (2013-09-23) tar.gz
v3.12-rc1    Linux 3.12-rc1 (2013-09-16) tar.gz
v3.11.1      This is the 3.11.1 stable release (2013-09-14) tar.gz
v3.10.12     This is the 3.10.12 stable release (2013-09-14) tar.gz
v3.4.62      This is the 3.4.62 stable release (2013-09-14) tar.gz
v3.0.96      This is the 3.0.96 stable release (2013-09-14) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.12-rc1-2 xfs: update #2 for v3.12-rc1 (2013-09-12) tar.gz
dm-3.12-changes Add the ability to collect I/O statistics on user-defined regions of a device-mapper device.  This dm-stats code required the reintroduction of a div64_u64_rem() helper, but as a separate method that doesn't slow down div64_u64() -- especially on 32-bit systems. (2013-09-10) tar.gz
v3.2.51      This is the 3.2.51 stable release (2013-09-10) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.12-rc1 xfs: update for v3.12-rc1 (2013-09-09) tar.gz
v3.10.11     This is the 3.10.11 stable release (2013-09-07) tar.gz
v3.4.61      This is the 3.4.61 stable release (2013-09-07) tar.gz
v3.0.95      This is the 3.0.95 stable release (2013-09-07) tar.gz
v3.11        Linux 3.11 (2013-09-02) tar.gz
v3.4.60      This is the 3.4.60 stable release (2013-08-29) tar.gz
v3.10.10     This is the 3.10.10 stable release (2013-08-29) tar.gz
v3.0.94      This is the 3.0.94 stable release (2013-08-29) tar.gz
v3.11-rc7    Linux 3.11-rc7 (2013-08-25) tar.gz
v3.10.9      This is the 3.10.9 stable release (2013-08-20) tar.gz
dm-3.11-fixes A patch to fix dm-cache-policy-mq's remove_mapping() conflict with sparc32. (2013-08-20) tar.gz
v3.0.93      This is the 3.0.93 stable release (2013-08-20) tar.gz
v3.10.8      This is the 3.10.8 stable release (2013-08-20) tar.gz
v3.4.59      This is the 3.4.59 stable release (2013-08-20) tar.gz
v3.0.92      This is the 3.0.92 stable release (2013-08-20) tar.gz
v3.11-rc6    Linux 3.11-rc6 (2013-08-18) tar.gz
v3.10.7      This is the 3.10.7 stable release (2013-08-14) tar.gz
v3.4.58      This is the 3.4.58 stable release (2013-08-14) tar.gz
v3.0.91      This is the 3.0.91 stable release (2013-08-14) tar.gz
v3.4.57      This is the 3.4.57 stable release (2013-08-11) tar.gz
v3.0.90      This is the 3.0.90 stable release (2013-08-11) tar.gz
v3.10.6      This is the 3.10.6 stable release (2013-08-11) tar.gz
v3.11-rc5    Linux 3.11-rc5 (2013-08-11) tar.gz
v3.11-rc4    Linux 3.11-rc4 (2013-08-04) tar.gz
v3.10.5      This is the 3.10.5 stable release (2013-08-04) tar.gz
v3.4.56      This is the 3.4.56 stable release (2013-08-04) tar.gz
v3.0.89      This is the 3.0.89 stable release (2013-08-04) tar.gz
v3.2.50      This is the 3.2.50 stable release (2013-08-02) tar.gz
v3.11-rc3    Linux 3.11-rc3 (2013-07-28) tar.gz
v3.10.4      This is the 3.10.4 stable release (2013-07-28) tar.gz
v3.4.55      This is the 3.4.55 stable release (2013-07-28) tar.gz
v3.0.88      This is the 3.0.88 stable release (2013-07-28) tar.gz
v3.2.49      This is the 3.2.49 stable release (2013-07-27) tar.gz
v3.10.3      This is the 3.10.3 stable release (2013-07-25) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.11-rc3 xfs: fix for 3.11-rc3 (2013-07-25) tar.gz
v3.10.2      This is the 3.10.2 stable release (2013-07-21) tar.gz
v3.4.54      This is the 3.4.54 stable release (2013-07-21) tar.gz
v3.0.87      This is the 3.0.87 stable release (2013-07-21) tar.gz
v3.11-rc2    Linux 3.11-rc2 (2013-07-21) tar.gz
v3.9.11      This is the 3.9.11 stable release (2013-07-20) tar.gz
v3.11-rc1    Linux 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-14) tar.gz
v3.10.1      This is the 3.10.1 stable release (2013-07-13) tar.gz
v3.9.10      This is the 3.9.10 stable release (2013-07-13) tar.gz
v3.4.53      This is the 3.4.53 stable release (2013-07-13) tar.gz
v3.0.86      This is the 3.0.86 stable release (2013-07-13) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.11-rc1-2 xfs: update (#2) for 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-12) tar.gz
dm-3.11-changes Add a device-mapper target called dm-switch to provide a multipath framework for storage arrays that dynamically reconfigure their preferred paths for different device regions. (2013-07-10) tar.gz
fcoe         A short series of fixes to libfc, libfcoe and fcoe. Most patches fix formatting problems, one changes the behavior of which discovered ports can/will be logged into and another fixes a memory leak. (2013-07-09) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.11-rc1 xfs: update for 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-09) tar.gz
v3.0.85      This is the 3.0.85 stable release (2013-07-03) tar.gz
v3.4.52      This is the 3.4.52 stable release (2013-07-03) tar.gz
v3.9.9       This is the 3.9.9 stable release (2013-07-03) tar.gz
v3.10        Linux 3.10 (2013-06-30) tar.gz
v3.2.48      This is the 3.2.48 stable release (2013-06-29) tar.gz
v3.4.51      This is the 3.4.51 stable release (2013-06-27) tar.gz
v3.9.8       This is the 3.9.8 stable release (2013-06-27) tar.gz
v3.0.84      This is the 3.0.84 stable release (2013-06-27) tar.gz
fcoe1        This patch fixes a critical bug that was introduced in 3.9 related to VLAN tagging FCoE frames. (2013-06-25) tar.gz
v3.10-rc7    Linux 3.10-rc7 (2013-06-22) tar.gz
v3.9.7       This is the 3.9.7 stable release (2013-06-20) tar.gz
v3.4.50      This is the 3.4.50 stable release (2013-06-20) tar.gz
v3.0.83      This is the 3.0.83 stable release (2013-06-20) tar.gz
v3.2.47      This is the 3.2.47 stable release (2013-06-19) tar.gz
v3.10-rc6    Linux 3.10-rc6 (2013-06-15) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc6 xfs: fixes for 3.10-rc6 (2013-06-14) tar.gz
v3.9.6       This is the 3.9.6 stable release (2013-06-13) tar.gz
v3.4.49      This is the 3.4.49 stable release (2013-06-13) tar.gz
v3.0.82      This is the 3.0.82 stable release (2013-06-13) tar.gz
v2.6.32.61   This is the stable release (2013-06-10) tar.gz
v3.10-rc5    Linux 3.10-rc5 (2013-06-08) tar.gz
v3.9.5       This is the 3.9.5 stable release (2013-06-07) tar.gz
v3.4.48      This is the 3.4.48 stable release (2013-06-07) tar.gz
v3.0.81      This is the 3.0.81 stable release (2013-06-07) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc5 xfs: update for 3.10-rc5 (2013-06-06) tar.gz
v3.10-rc4    Linux 3.10-rc4 (2013-06-02) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc4-crc-xattr-fixes xfs: extended attribute fixes for CRCs (2013-05-31) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc4 xfs: fixes for 3.10-rc4 (2013-05-31) tar.gz
v3.2.46      This is the 3.2.46 stable release (2013-05-30) tar.gz
v3.10-rc3    Linux 3.10-rc3 (2013-05-26) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc3 xfs: fixes for 3.10-rc3 (2013-05-24) tar.gz
v3.9.4       This is the 3.9.4 stable release (2013-05-24) tar.gz
v3.4.47      This is the 3.4.47 stable release (2013-05-24) tar.gz
v3.0.80      This is the 3.0.80 stable release (2013-05-24) tar.gz
v3.10-rc2    Linux 3.10-rc2 (2013-05-20) tar.gz
v3.9.3       This is the 3.9.3 stable release (2013-05-19) tar.gz
v3.4.46      This is the 3.4.46 stable release (2013-05-19) tar.gz
dm-3.10-fixes A patch to fix metadata resizing with device-mapper thin devices. (2013-05-19) tar.gz
v3.0.79      This is the 3.0.79 stable release (2013-05-19) tar.gz
v3.2.45      This is the 3.2.45 stable release (2013-05-13) tar.gz
v3.10-rc1    Linux 3.10-rc1 (2013-05-11) tar.gz
v3.8.13      This is the 3.8.13 stable release (2013-05-11) tar.gz
v3.4.45      This is the 3.4.45 stable release (2013-05-11) tar.gz
v3.0.78      This is the 3.0.78 stable release (2013-05-11) tar.gz
v3.9.2       This is the 3.9.2 stable release (2013-05-11) tar.gz
dm-3.10-changes-fixup Additional patch to fix up the thin metadata threshold registration. (2013-05-10) tar.gz
dm-3.10-changes-2 Allow devices that hold metadata for the device-mapper thin provisioning target to be extended easily; allow WRITE SAME on multipath devices; an assortment of little fixes and clean-ups. (2013-05-10) tar.gz
dm-3.10-changes Allow devices that hold metadata for the device-mapper thin provisioning target to be extended easily; allow WRITE SAME on multipath devices; an assortment of little fixes and clean-ups. (2013-05-10) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc1-2 xfs: update (#2) for v3.10-rc1 (2013-05-09) tar.gz
v3.9.1       This is the 3.9.1 stable release (2013-05-07) tar.gz
v3.8.12      This is the 3.8.12 stable release (2013-05-07) tar.gz
v3.4.44      This is the 3.4.44 stable release (2013-05-07) tar.gz
v3.0.77      This is the 3.0.77 stable release (2013-05-07) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc1 xfs: update for v3.10-rc1 (2013-05-02) tar.gz
v3.8.11      This is the 3.8.11 stable release (2013-05-01) tar.gz
v3.4.43      This is the 3.4.43 stable release (2013-05-01) tar.gz
v3.0.76      This is the 3.0.76 stable release (2013-05-01) tar.gz
v3.9         Linux 3.9 (2013-04-28) tar.gz
v3.8.10      This is the 3.8.10 stable release (2013-04-26) tar.gz
v3.0.75      This is the 3.0.75 stable release (2013-04-25) tar.gz
v3.4.42      This is the 3.4.42 stable release (2013-04-25) tar.gz
v3.8.9       This is the 3.8.9 stable release (2013-04-25) tar.gz
v3.2.44      This is the 3.2.44 stable release (2013-04-25) tar.gz
v3.9-rc8     Linux 3.9-rc8 (2013-04-21) tar.gz
v3.8.8       This is the 3.8.8 stable release (2013-04-16) tar.gz
v3.4.41      This is the 3.4.41 stable release (2013-04-16) tar.gz
v3.0.74      This is the 3.0.74 stable release (2013-04-16) tar.gz
v3.9-rc7     Linux 3.9-rc7 (2013-04-14) tar.gz
v3.8.7       This is the 3.8.7 stable release (2013-04-12) tar.gz
v3.4.40      This is the 3.4.40 stable release (2013-04-12) tar.gz
v3.0.73      This is the 3.0.73 stable release (2013-04-12) tar.gz
v3.2.43      This is the 3.2.43 stable release (2013-04-10) tar.gz
for-linus-20130409 for-linus-20130409 (2013-04-09) tar.gz
v3.9-rc6     Linux 3.9-rc6 (2013-04-07) tar.gz
v3.0.72      This is the 3.0.72 stable release (2013-04-05) tar.gz
v3.4.39      This is the 3.4.39 stable release (2013-04-05) tar.gz
v3.8.6       This is the 3.8.6 stable release (2013-04-05) tar.gz
dm-3.9-fixes-2 A pair of patches to fix the writethrough mode of the device-mapper cache target when the device being cached is not itself wrapped with device-mapper. (2013-04-05) tar.gz
v3.9-rc5     Linux 3.9-rc5 (2013-03-31) tar.gz
for-linus-20130331 for-linus-20130331 (2013-03-31) tar.gz
v3.8.5       This is the 3.8.5 stable release (2013-03-28) tar.gz
v3.4.38      This is the 3.4.38 stable release (2013-03-28) tar.gz
v3.0.71      This is the 3.0.71 stable release (2013-03-28) tar.gz
v3.2.42      This is the 3.2.42 stable release (2013-03-27) tar.gz
v3.9-rc4     Linux 3.9-rc4 (2013-03-23) tar.gz
v3.8.4       This is the 3.8.4 stable release (2013-03-20) tar.gz
v3.4.37      This is the 3.4.37 stable release (2013-03-20) tar.gz
v3.0.70      This is the 3.0.70 stable release (2013-03-20) tar.gz
origin       origin (2013-03-20) tar.gz
dm-3.9-fixes A set of device-mapper fixes for 3.9. (2013-03-20) tar.gz
v3.2.41      This is the 3.2.41 stable release (2013-03-20) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.9-rc4 - Fix for a potential infinite loop which was introduced in 4d559a3bcb73 - Fix for the return type of xfs_iomap_eof_prealloc_initial_size   from a1e16c26660b - Fix for a failed buffer readahead causing subsequent callers to   fail incorrectly (2013-03-19) tar.gz
v3.9-rc3     Linux 3.9-rc3 (2013-03-17) tar.gz
v3.0.69      This is the 3.0.69 stable release (2013-03-14) tar.gz
v3.4.36      This is the 3.4.36 stable release (2013-03-14) tar.gz
v3.8.3       This is the 3.8.3 stable release (2013-03-14) tar.gz
v3.9-rc2     Linux 3.9-rc2 (2013-03-10) tar.gz
v3.2.40      This is the 3.2.40 stable release (2013-03-06) tar.gz
v3.9-rc1     Linux 3.9-rc1 (2013-03-03) tar.gz
v3.0.68      This is the 3.0.68 stable release (2013-03-04) tar.gz
v3.4.35      This is the 3.4.35 stable release (2013-03-04) tar.gz
v3.8.2       This is the 3.8.2 stable release (2013-03-04) tar.gz
dm-3.9-changes The main addition here is a long-desired target framework to allow an SSD to be used as a cache in front of a slower device.  Cache tuning is delegated to interchangeable policy modules so these can be developed independently of the mechanics needed to shuffle the data around. (2013-03-01) tar.gz
v3.4.34      This is the 3.4.34 stable release (2013-02-28) tar.gz
for-3.9/drivers for-3.9/drivers (2013-02-28) tar.gz
for-3.9/core for-3.9/core (2013-02-28) tar.gz
v3.0.67      This is the 3.0.67 stable release (2013-02-28) tar.gz
v3.8.1       This is the 3.8.1 stable release (2013-02-28) tar.gz
v3.7.10      This is the 3.7.10 stable release (2013-02-27) tar.gz
v3.4.33      This is the 3.4.33 stable release (2013-02-21) tar.gz
v3.0.66      This is the 3.0.66 stable release (2013-02-21) tar.gz
v3.2.39      This is the 3.2.39 stable release (2013-02-20) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.9-rc1 xfs: update for 3.9-rc1 (2013-02-19) tar.gz
v3.8         Linux 3.8 (2013-02-18) tar.gz
v3.7.9       This is the 3.7.9 stable release (2013-02-17) tar.gz
v3.4.32      This is the 3.4.32 stable release (2013-02-17) tar.gz
v3.0.65      This is the 3.0.65 stable release (2013-02-17) tar.gz
v3.7.8       This is the 3.7.8 stable release (2013-02-14) tar.gz
v3.4.31      This is the 3.4.31 stable release (2013-02-14) tar.gz
v3.0.64      This is the 3.0.64 stable release (2013-02-14) tar.gz
v3.7.7       This is the 3.7.7 stable release (2013-02-11) tar.gz
v3.4.30      This is the 3.4.30 stable release (2013-02-11) tar.gz
v3.0.63      This is the 3.0.63 stable release (2013-02-11) tar.gz
v3.8-rc7     Linux 3.8-rc7 (2013-02-09) tar.gz
for-linus-20130206 for-linus-20130206 (2013-02-06) tar.gz
v3.2.38      This is the 3.2.38 stable release (2013-02-06) tar.gz
v3.7.6       This is the 3.7.6 stable release (2013-02-03) tar.gz
v3.4.29      This is the 3.4.29 stable release (2013-02-03) tar.gz
v3.0.62      This is the 3.0.62 stable release (2013-02-03) tar.gz
v3.8-rc6     Linux 3.8-rc6 (2013-02-01) tar.gz
dm-3.8-fixes-2 A fix for stacked dm thin devices and a fix for the new dm WRITE SAME support. (2013-01-31) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.8-rc6 xfs: bugfixes for 3.8-rc6 (2013-01-28) tar.gz
v3.0.61      This is the 3.0.61 stable release (2013-01-27) tar.gz
v3.4.28      This is the 3.4.28 stable release (2013-01-27) tar.gz
v3.7.5       This is the 3.7.5 stable release (2013-01-27) tar.gz
v3.8-rc5     Linux 3.8-rc5 (2013-01-25) tar.gz
v3.0.60      This is the 3.0.60 stable release (2013-01-21) tar.gz
v3.4.27      This is the 3.4.27 stable release (2013-01-21) tar.gz
v3.7.4       This is the 3.7.4 stable release (2013-01-21) tar.gz
v3.8-rc4     Linux 3.8-rc4 (2013-01-17) tar.gz
v3.4.26      This is the 3.4.26 stable release (2013-01-17) tar.gz
v3.0.59      This is the 3.0.59 stable release (2013-01-17) tar.gz
v3.7.3       This is the 3.7.3 stable release (2013-01-17) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.8-rc4 xfs: bugfixes for 3.8-rc4 (2013-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.34.14   This is the stable release (2013-01-16) tar.gz
v3.2.37      This is the 3.2.37 stable release (2013-01-16) tar.gz
v3.7.2       This is the 3.7.2 stable release (2013-01-11) tar.gz
v3.4.25      This is the 3.4.25 stable release (2013-01-11) tar.gz
v3.0.58      This is the 3.0.58 stable release (2013-01-11) tar.gz
v3.8-rc3     Linux 3.8-rc3 (2013-01-09) tar.gz
v3.2.36      This is the 3.2.36 stable release (2013-01-03) tar.gz
v3.8-rc2     Linux 3.8-rc2 (2013-01-02) tar.gz
v3.8-rc1     Linux 3.8-rc1 (2012-12-21) tar.gz
dm-3.8-fixes Miscellaneous device-mapper fixes, cleanups and performance improvements. (2012-12-21) tar.gz
for-3.8/drivers for-3.8/drivers (2012-12-17) tar.gz
v3.7.1       This is the 3.7.1 stable release (2012-12-17) tar.gz
v3.0.57      This is the 3.0.57 stable release (2012-12-17) tar.gz
v3.4.24      This is the 3.4.24 stable release (2012-12-17) tar.gz
v3.6.11      This is the 3.6.11 stable release (2012-12-17) tar.gz
for-3.8/core for-3.8/core (2012-12-17) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.8-rc1 xfs: update for 3.8-rc1 (2012-12-11) tar.gz
v3.7         Linux 3.7 (2012-12-10) tar.gz
v3.6.10      This is the 3.6.10 stable release (2012-12-10) tar.gz
v3.4.23      This is the 3.4.23 stable release (2012-12-10) tar.gz
v3.0.56      This is the 3.0.56 stable release (2012-12-10) tar.gz
v3.2.35      This is the 3.2.35 stable release (2012-12-06) tar.gz
v3.0.55      This is the 3.0.55 stable release (2012-12-05) tar.gz
v3.4.22      This is the 3.4.22 stable release (2012-12-05) tar.gz
v3.0.54      This is the 3.0.54 stable release (2012-12-03) tar.gz
v3.4.21      This is the 3.4.21 stable release (2012-12-03) tar.gz
v3.6.9       This is the 3.6.9 stable release (2012-12-03) tar.gz
v3.7-rc8     Linux 3.7-rc8 (2012-12-03) tar.gz
v3.6.8       This is the 3.6.8 stable release (2012-11-26) tar.gz
v3.4.20      This is the 3.4.20 stable release (2012-11-26) tar.gz
v3.0.53      This is the 3.0.53 stable release (2012-11-26) tar.gz
v3.7-rc7     Linux 3.7-rc7 (2012-11-25) tar.gz
for-linus-20121123 for-linus-20121123 (2012-11-23) tar.gz
v3.6.7       This is the 3.6.7 stable release (2012-11-17) tar.gz
v3.4.19      This is the 3.4.19 stable release (2012-11-17) tar.gz
v3.0.52      This is the 3.0.52 stable release (2012-11-17) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.7-rc7 xfs: bugfixes for 3.7-rc7 (2012-11-17) tar.gz
v3.7-rc6     Linux 3.7-rc6 (2012-11-16) tar.gz
v3.2.34      This is the 3.2.34 stable release (2012-11-16) tar.gz
v3.7-rc5     Linux 3.7-rc5 (2012-11-11) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.7-rc5 xfs: bugfixes for 3.7-rc5 (2012-11-08) tar.gz
v3.6.6       This is the 3.6.6 stable release (2012-11-05) tar.gz
v3.4.18      This is the 3.4.18 stable release (2012-11-05) tar.gz
v3.0.51      This is the 3.0.51 stable release (2012-11-05) tar.gz
v3.7-rc4     Linux 3.7-rc4 (2012-11-04) tar.gz
v3.6.5       This is the 3.6.5 stable release (2012-10-31) tar.gz
v3.4.17      This is the 3.4.17 stable release (2012-10-31) tar.gz
v3.0.50      This is the 3.0.50 stable release (2012-10-31) tar.gz
v3.2.33      This is the 3.2.33 stable release (2012-10-30) tar.gz
for-3.7/drivers for-3.7/drivers (2012-10-29) tar.gz
v3.7-rc3     Linux 3.7-rc3 (2012-10-28) tar.gz
v3.6.4       This is the 3.6.4 stable release (2012-10-28) tar.gz
v3.4.16      This is the 3.4.16 stable release (2012-10-28) tar.gz
v3.0.49      This is the 3.0.49 stable release (2012-10-28) tar.gz
v3.0.48      This is the 3.0.48 stable release (2012-10-22) tar.gz
v3.6.3       This is the 3.6.3 stable release (2012-10-21) tar.gz
v3.4.15      This is the 3.4.15 stable release (2012-10-21) tar.gz
v3.0.47      This is the 3.0.47 stable release (2012-10-21) tar.gz
v3.7-rc2     Linux 3.7-rc2 (2012-10-20) tar.gz
v3.2.32      This is the 3.2.32 stable release (2012-10-17) tar.gz
v3.7-rc1     Linux 3.7-rc1 (2012-10-14) tar.gz
v3.6.2       This is the 3.6.2 stable release (2012-10-13) tar.gz
v3.5.7       This is the 3.5.7 stable release (2012-10-13) tar.gz
v3.4.14      This is the 3.4.14 stable release (2012-10-13) tar.gz
v3.0.46      This is the 3.0.46 stable release (2012-10-13) tar.gz
dm-3.7-changes Remove the power-of-2 block size constraint on discards in dm thin provisioning and factor the bio_prison code out into a separate module (for sharing with the forthcoming cache target). (2012-10-12) tar.gz
for-3.7/core for-3.7/core (2012-10-10) tar.gz
v3.2.31      This is the 3.2.31 stable release (2012-10-10) tar.gz
v2.6.32.60   This is the stable release (2012-10-07) tar.gz
v3.6.1       This is the 3.6.1 stable release (2012-10-07) tar.gz
v3.5.6       This is the 3.5.6 stable release (2012-10-07) tar.gz
v3.4.13      This is the 3.4.13 stable release (2012-10-07) tar.gz
v3.0.45      This is the 3.0.45 stable release (2012-10-07) tar.gz
v3.5.5       This is the 3.5.5 stable release (2012-10-02) tar.gz
v3.4.12      This is the 3.4.12 stable release (2012-10-02) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.7-rc1 xfs: update for 3.7-rc1 (2012-10-02) tar.gz
v3.0.44      This is the 3.0.44 stable release (2012-10-02) tar.gz
v3.6         Linux 3.6 (2012-09-30) tar.gz
dm-3.6-fixes-2 A few fixes for problems discovered during the 3.6 cycle. (2012-09-27) tar.gz
dm-3.6-fixes A few fixes for problems discovered during the 3.6 cycle. (2012-09-27) tar.gz
v3.6-rc7     Linux 3.6-rc7 (2012-09-23) tar.gz
v3.2.30      This is the 3.2.30 stable release (2012-09-19) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.6-rc7 xfs: bugfixes for 3.6-rc7 (2012-09-18) tar.gz
v3.6-rc6     Linux 3.6-rc6 (2012-09-16) tar.gz
v3.5.4       This is the 3.5.4 stable release (2012-09-14) tar.gz
v3.4.11      This is the 3.4.11 stable release (2012-09-14) tar.gz
v3.0.43      This is the 3.0.43 stable release (2012-09-14) tar.gz
v3.2.29      This is the 3.2.29 stable release (2012-09-12) tar.gz
v3.6-rc5     Linux 3.6-rc5 (2012-09-08) tar.gz
v3.6-rc4     Linux 3.6-rc4 (2012-09-01) tar.gz
v3.0.42      This is the 3.0.42 stable release (2012-08-26) tar.gz
v3.4.10      This is the 3.4.10 stable release (2012-08-26) tar.gz
v3.5.3       This is the 3.5.3 stable release (2012-08-25) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.6-rc4 xfs: bugfixes for 3.6-rc4 (2012-08-24) tar.gz
v3.6-rc3     Linux 3.6-rc3 (2012-08-22) tar.gz
v2.6.34.13   This is the stable release (2012-08-20) tar.gz
v3.2.28      Linux 3.2.28 (2012-08-19) tar.gz
v3.6-rc2     Linux 3.6-rc2 (2012-08-16) tar.gz
v3.0.41      This is the 3.0.41 stable release (2012-08-15) tar.gz
v3.4.9       This is the 3.4.9 stable release (2012-08-15) tar.gz
v3.5.2       This is the 3.5.2 stable release (2012-08-15) tar.gz
v3.2.27      This is the 3.2.27 stable release (2012-08-10) tar.gz
v3.4.8       This is the 3.4.8 stable release (2012-08-09) tar.gz
v3.0.40      This is the 3.0.40 stable release (2012-08-09) tar.gz
v3.5.1       This is the 3.5.1 stable release (2012-08-09) tar.gz
v3.2.26      This is the 3.2.26 stable release (2012-08-04) tar.gz
v3.6-rc1     Linux 3.6-rc1 (2012-08-02) tar.gz
v3.2.25      This is the 3.2.25 stable release (2012-08-02) tar.gz
v3.0.39      This is the 3.0.39 stable release (2012-08-01) tar.gz
for-3.6/drivers for-3.6/drivers (2012-08-01) tar.gz
for-3.6/core for-3.6/core (2012-08-01) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.6-rc1 xfs: update for 3.6-rc1 (2012-07-30) tar.gz
dm-3.6-changes Device-mapper updates for 3.6: - Flip the thin target into new read-only or failed modes if errors   are detected; - Handle chunk sizes that are not powers of two in the snapshot and   thin targets; - Provide a way for userspace to avoid replacing an already-loaded   multipath hardware handler while booting; - Reduce dm_thin_endio_hook slab size to avoid allocation failures; - Numerous small changes and cleanups to the code. (2012-07-30) tar.gz
v3.4.7       This is the 3.4.7 stable release (2012-07-29) tar.gz
v3.2.24      This is the 3.2.24 stable release (2012-07-25) tar.gz
v3.5         Linux 3.5 (2012-07-21) tar.gz
dm-3.5-fixes-2 Three fixes for device-mapper discard processing:   - avoid a crash in dm-raid1 when discards coincide with mirror recovery;   - avoid discarding shared data that's still needed in dm-thin;   - don't guarantee that discarded blocks will be wiped in dm-raid1. (2012-07-20) tar.gz
v3.0.38      This is the 3.0.38 stable release (2012-07-19) tar.gz
v3.4.6       This is the 3.4.6 stable release (2012-07-19) tar.gz
v3.4.5       This is the 3.4.5 stable release (2012-07-16) tar.gz
v3.0.37      This is the 3.0.37 stable release (2012-07-16) tar.gz
v3.5-rc7     Linux 3.5-rc7 (2012-07-14) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.5-rc7 xfs: regression fixes for 3.5-rc7 (2012-07-13) tar.gz
v3.2.23      This is the 3.2.23 stable release (2012-07-12) tar.gz
v3.5-rc6     Linux 3.5-rc6 (2012-07-07) tar.gz
v3.2.22      This is the 3.2.22 stable release (2012-07-04) tar.gz
dm-3.5-fixes Four minor thin provisioning fixes and correct and update dm-verity documentation. (2012-07-03) tar.gz
v3.5-rc5     Linux 3.5-rc5 (2012-06-30) tar.gz
v3.5-rc4     Linux 3.5-rc4 (2012-06-24) tar.gz
v3.4.4       This is the 3.4.4 stable release (2012-06-22) tar.gz
v3.0.36      This is the 3.0.36 stable release (2012-06-22) tar.gz
for-linus-Jun-21-2012 Fixes for 3.5-rc (2012-06-21) tar.gz
v3.2.21      This is the 3.2.21 stable release (2012-06-19) tar.gz
v3.0.35      This is the 3.0.35 stable release (2012-06-17) tar.gz
v3.4.3       This is the 3.4.3 stable release (2012-06-17) tar.gz
v3.5-rc3     Linux 3.5-rc3 (2012-06-16) tar.gz
v3.2.20      This is the 3.2.20 stable release (2012-06-10) tar.gz
v3.4.2       This is the 3.4.2 stable release (2012-06-10) tar.gz
v3.0.34      This is the 3.0.34 stable release (2012-06-10) tar.gz
v3.5-rc2     Linux 3.5-rc2 (2012-06-08) tar.gz
v3.5-rc1     Linux 3.5-rc1 (2012-06-02) tar.gz
dm-3.5-changes-1 Improve multipath's retrying mechanism in some defined circumstances and provide a simple reserve/release mechanism for userspace tools to access thin provisioning metadata while the pool is in use. (2012-06-03) tar.gz
dm-3.5-changes Improve multipath's retrying mechanism in some defined circumstances and provide a simple reserve/release mechanism for userspace tools to access thin provisioning metadata while the pool is in use. (2012-06-02) tar.gz
v3.4.1       This is the 3.4.1 stable release (2012-06-01) tar.gz
v3.3.8       This is the 3.3.8 stable release (2012-06-01) tar.gz
v3.0.33      This is the 3.0.33 stable release (2012-06-01) tar.gz
for-linus-20120531 for-linus-20120531 (2012-05-31) tar.gz
v3.2.19      This is the 3.2.19 stable release (2012-05-31) tar.gz
v3.3.7       This is the 3.3.7 stable release (2012-05-21) tar.gz
v3.0.32      This is the 3.0.32 stable release (2012-05-21) tar.gz
v3.4         Linux 3.4 (2012-05-20) tar.gz
v3.2.18      This is the 3.2.18 stable release (2012-05-20) tar.gz
dm-3.4-fixes-2 A fix to the thin provisioning userspace interface. (2012-05-19) tar.gz
v2.6.34.12   This is the stable release (2012-05-17) tar.gz
v3.4-rc7     Linux 3.4-rc7 (2012-05-12) tar.gz
v3.3.6       This is the 3.3.6 stable release (2012-05-12) tar.gz
dm-3.4-fixes Device-mapper fixes for 3.4. (2012-05-12) tar.gz
v3.2.17      This is the 3.2.17 stable release (2012-05-11) tar.gz
v3.0.31      This is the 3.0.31 stable release (2012-05-07) tar.gz
v3.3.5       This is the 3.3.5 stable release (2012-05-07) tar.gz
v3.4-rc6     Linux 3.4-rc6 (2012-05-06) tar.gz
v3.4-rc5     Linux 3.4-rc5 (2012-04-29) tar.gz
v3.3.4       This is the 3.3.4 stable release (2012-04-27) tar.gz
v3.0.30      This is the 3.0.30 stable release (2012-04-27) tar.gz
v3.0.29      This is the 3.0.29 stable release (2012-04-22) tar.gz
v3.3.3       This is the 3.3.3 stable release (2012-04-22) tar.gz
v3.2.16      This is the 3.2.16 stable release (2012-04-22) tar.gz
v3.4-rc4     Linux 3.4-rc4 (2012-04-21) tar.gz
v3.4-rc3     Linux 3.4-rc3 (2012-04-15) tar.gz
v3.3.2       This is the 3.3.2 stable release (2012-04-13) tar.gz
v3.2.15      This is the 3.2.15 stable release (2012-04-13) tar.gz
v3.0.28      This is the 3.0.28 stable release (2012-04-13) tar.gz
for-3.4/drivers for-3.4/drivers (2012-04-13) tar.gz
for-3.4/core for-3.4/core (2012-04-13) tar.gz
v3.4-rc2     Linux 3.4-rc2 (2012-04-07) tar.gz
v3.3.1       This is the 3.3.1 stable release (2012-04-02) tar.gz
v3.2.14      This is the 3.2.14 stable release (2012-04-02) tar.gz
v3.0.27      This is the 3.0.27 stable release (2012-04-02) tar.gz
v3.4-rc1     Linux 3.4-rc1 (2012-03-31) tar.gz
dm-3.4-changes Device-mapper changes for 3.4. (2012-03-28) tar.gz
v3.0.26      This is the 3.0.26 stable release (2012-03-23) tar.gz
v3.2.13      This is the 3.2.13 stable release (2012-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.34.11   This is the stable release (2012-03-21) tar.gz
v3.2.12      This is the 3.2.12 stable release (2012-03-19) tar.gz
v3.0.25      This is the 3.0.25 stable release (2012-03-19) tar.gz
v3.3         Linux 3.3 (2012-03-18) tar.gz
v2.6.27.62   This is the stable release (2012-03-17) tar.gz
v2.6.32.59   This is the stable release (2012-03-17) tar.gz
v2.6.35.13   This is the stable release (2012-03-13) tar.gz
v3.2.11      This is the 3.2.11 stable release (2012-03-13) tar.gz
v3.2.10      This is the 3.2.10 stable release (2012-03-12) tar.gz
v3.0.24      This is the 3.0.24 stable release (2012-03-12) tar.gz
v3.3-rc7     Linux 3.3-rc7 (2012-03-10) tar.gz
dm-3.3-fixes Device-mapper fixes for 3.3. (2012-03-07) tar.gz
v2.6.32.58   This is the stable release (2012-03-04) tar.gz
v3.3-rc6     Linux 3.3-rc6 (2012-03-03) tar.gz
v3.0.23      This is the 3.0.23 stable release (2012-02-29) tar.gz
v3.2.9       This is the 3.2.9 stable release (2012-02-29) tar.gz
v3.2.8       This is the 3.2.8 stable release (2012-02-27) tar.gz
v3.3-rc5     Linux 3.3-rc5 (2012-02-25) tar.gz
v3.0.22      This is the 3.0.22 stable release (2012-02-20) tar.gz
v3.2.7       This is the 3.2.7 stable release (2012-02-20) tar.gz
v3.3-rc4     Linux 3.3-rc4 (2012-02-18) tar.gz
v2.6.32.57   This is the stable release (2012-02-13) tar.gz
v3.2.6       This is the 3.2.6 stable release (2012-02-13) tar.gz
v3.0.21      This is the 3.0.21 stable release (2012-02-13) tar.gz
v2.6.27.61   This is the stable release (2012-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.27.60   This is the stable release (2012-02-11) tar.gz
for-linus-20120211 for-linus-20120211 (2012-02-11) tar.gz
v3.3-rc3     Linux 3.3-rc3 (2012-02-08) tar.gz
v3.2.5       This is the 3.2.5 stable release (2012-02-06) tar.gz
v3.0.20      This is the 3.0.20 stable release (2012-02-06) tar.gz
pm-fixes-for-3.3-rc3 Power management fixes for 3.3-rc3 (2012-02-05) tar.gz
v3.2.4       This is the 3.2.4 stable release (2012-02-03) tar.gz
v2.6.32.56   This is the stable release (2012-02-03) tar.gz
v3.2.3       This is the 3.2.3 stable release (2012-02-03) tar.gz
v3.0.19      This is the 3.0.19 stable release (2012-02-03) tar.gz
v3.3-rc2     Linux 3.3-rc2 (2012-01-31) tar.gz
pm-fix-for-3.3-rc2 Power management fix for 3.3-rc2 (2012-01-29) tar.gz
v3.0.18      This is the 3.0.18 stable release (2012-01-25) tar.gz
v3.2.2       This is the 3.2.2 stable release (2012-01-25) tar.gz
v2.6.32.55   This is the stable release (2012-01-25) tar.gz
pm-fixes-for-3.3 Power management fixes for 3.3 (2012-01-23) tar.gz
v3.3-rc1     Linux 3.3-rc1 (2012-01-19) tar.gz
v3.1.10      This is the 3.1.10 stable release (2012-01-18) tar.gz
v3.0.17      This is the 3.0.17 stable release (2012-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.32.54   This is the stable release (2012-01-12) tar.gz
v3.1.9       This is the 3.1.9 stable release (2012-01-12) tar.gz
v3.2.1       This is the 3.2.1 stable release (2012-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.32.53   This is the stable release (2012-01-06) tar.gz
v3.1.8       This is the 3.1.8 stable release (2012-01-06) tar.gz
v3.0.16      This is the 3.0.16 stable release (2012-01-06) tar.gz
v3.2         Linux 3.2 (2012-01-04) tar.gz
v3.0.15      This is the 3.0.15 stable release (2012-01-03) tar.gz
v3.1.7       This is the 3.1.7 stable release (2012-01-03) tar.gz
v2.6.32.52   This is the stable release (2012-01-03) tar.gz
v3.2-rc7     Linux 3.2-rc7 (2011-12-23) tar.gz
v2.6.32.51   This is the stable release (2011-12-21) tar.gz
v3.1.6       This is the 3.1.6 stable release (2011-12-21) tar.gz
v3.0.14      This is the 3.0.14 stable release (2011-12-21) tar.gz
v3.2-rc6     Linux 3.2-rc6 (2011-12-16) tar.gz
v3.2-rc5     Linux 3.2-rc5 (2011-12-09) tar.gz
v2.6.32.50   This is the stable release (2011-12-09) tar.gz
v3.1.5       This is the 3.1.5 stable release (2011-12-09) tar.gz
v3.0.13      This is the 3.0.13 stable release (2011-12-09) tar.gz
v3.2-rc4     Linux 3.2-rc4 (2011-12-01) tar.gz
v3.1.4       This is the 3.1.4 stable release (2011-11-29) tar.gz
v3.0.12      This is the 3.0.12 stable release (2011-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.32.49   This is the stable release (2011-11-26) tar.gz
v3.0.11      This is the 3.0.11 stable release (2011-11-26) tar.gz
v3.1.3       This is the 3.1.3 stable release (2011-11-26) tar.gz
v3.2-rc3     Linux 3.2-rc3 (2011-11-23) tar.gz
v3.1.2       This is the 3.1.2 stable release (2011-11-21) tar.gz
v3.0.10      This is the 3.0.10 stable release (2011-11-21) tar.gz
v3.2-rc2     Linux 3.2-rc2 (2011-11-15) tar.gz
v3.1.1       This is the 3.1.1 stable release (2011-11-11) tar.gz
v3.0.9       This is the 3.0.9 stable release (2011-11-11) tar.gz
v2.6.32.48   This is the stable release (2011-11-08) tar.gz
v3.2-rc1     Linux 3.2-rc1 (2011-11-07) tar.gz
v2.6.33.20   This is the stable release (2011-11-07) tar.gz
v2.6.32.47   This is the stable release (2011-11-07) tar.gz
xfs_for_3.2-rc1_v1 Initial XFS code for Linux 3.2-rc1 (2011-10-27) tar.gz
v3.0.8       This is the 3.0.8 stable release (2011-10-25) tar.gz
v3.1         Linux v3.1 (2011-10-24) tar.gz
v3.1-rc10    Linux 3.1-rc10 (2011-10-17) tar.gz
v3.0.7       This is the 3.0.7 stable release (2011-10-17) tar.gz
v3.1-rc9     Linux 3.1-rc9 (2011-10-04) tar.gz
v3.0.6       This is the 3.0.6 stable release (2011-10-03) tar.gz
v3.0.5       This is the 3.0.5 stable release (2011-10-03) tar.gz
v3.1-rc8     Linux 3.1-rc8 (2011-09-27) tar.gz
v3.1-rc7     Linux 3.1-rc7 (2011-09-21) tar.gz
v3.1-rc6     Linux 3.1-rc6 (2011-09-12) tar.gz
v3.1-rc5     Linux 3.1-rc5 (2011-09-04) tar.gz
v2.6.33.19   This is the stable release (2011-08-29) tar.gz
v2.6.32.46   This is the stable release (2011-08-29) tar.gz
v3.0.4       This is the 3.0.4 stable release (2011-08-29) tar.gz
v3.1-rc4     Linux 3.1-rc4 (2011-08-28) tar.gz
v3.1-rc3     Linux 3.1-rc3 (2011-08-22) tar.gz
v3.0.3       This is the 3.0.3 stable release (2011-08-17) tar.gz
v2.6.33.18   This is the stable release (2011-08-15) tar.gz
v2.6.32.45   This is the stable release (2011-08-15) tar.gz
v3.0.2       This is the 3.0.2 stable release (2011-08-15) tar.gz
v3.1-rc2     Linux 3.1-rc2 (2011-08-14) tar.gz
v2.6.33.17   This is the stable release (2011-08-08) tar.gz
v2.6.32.44   This is the stable release (2011-08-08) tar.gz
v3.1-rc1     Linux 3.1-rc1 (2011-08-07) tar.gz
v3.0.1       This is the 3.0.1 stable release (2011-08-04) tar.gz
v2.6.39.4    This is the stable release (2011-08-03) tar.gz
v2.6.35.14 (2011-08-01) tar.gz
v3.0         Linux 3.0 (2011-07-21) tar.gz
v2.6.33.16   This is the stable release (2011-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.32.43   This is the stable release (2011-07-13) tar.gz
v3.0-rc7     Linux 3.0-rc7 (2011-07-11) tar.gz
v2.6.39.3    This is the stable release (2011-07-08) tar.gz
v3.0-rc6     Linux 3.0-rc6 (2011-07-04) tar.gz
v3.0-rc5     Linux 3.0-rc5 (2011-06-27) tar.gz
v2.6.34.10   This is the stable release (2011-06-26) tar.gz
v2.6.33.15   This is the stable release (2011-06-23) tar.gz
v2.6.32.42   This is the stable release (2011-06-23) tar.gz
v2.6.39.2    This is the stable release (2011-06-23) tar.gz
v3.0-rc4     Linux 3.0-rc4 (2011-06-20) tar.gz
v3.0-rc3     Linux 3.0-rc3 (2011-06-13) tar.gz
v3.0-rc2     Linux 3.0-rc2 (2011-06-06) tar.gz
v2.6.38.8    This is the stable release (2011-06-03) tar.gz
v2.6.39.1    This is the stable release (2011-06-03) tar.gz
v3.0-rc1     Linux 3.0-rc1 (2011-05-29) tar.gz
v2.6.33.14   This is the stable release (2011-05-23) tar.gz
v2.6.32.41   This is the stable release (2011-05-23) tar.gz
v2.6.38.7    This is the stable release (2011-05-21) tar.gz
v2.6.39      Linux 2.6.39 (2011-05-18) tar.gz
latest       Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// (2011-05-18) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc7  Linux 2.6.39-rc7 (2011-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.33.13   This is the stable release (2011-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.32.40   This is the stable release (2011-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.38.6    This is the stable release (2011-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc6  Linux 2.6.39-rc6 (2011-05-03) tar.gz
v2.6.38.5    This is the stable release (2011-05-02) tar.gz
v2.6.27.59   This is the stable release (2011-04-30) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc5  Linux 2.6.39-rc5 (2011-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.33.12   This is the stable release (2011-04-22) tar.gz
v2.6.32.39   This is the stable release (2011-04-22) tar.gz
v2.6.38.4    This is the stable release (2011-04-21) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc4  Linux 2.6.39-rc4 (2011-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.34.9    This is the stable release (2011-04-17) tar.gz
v2.6.32.38   This is the stable release (2011-04-15) tar.gz
v2.6.33.11   This is the stable release (2011-04-15) tar.gz
v2.6.32.37   This is the stable release (2011-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.33.10   This is the stable release (2011-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.38.3    This is the stable release (2011-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc3  Linux 2.6.39-rc3 (2011-04-11) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc2  Linux 2.6.39-rc2 (2011-04-05) tar.gz
v2.6.35.12   Release (2011-03-31) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc1  Linux 2.6.39-rc1 (2011-03-29) tar.gz
v2.6.33.9    This is the stable release (2011-03-28) tar.gz
v2.6.37.6    This is the stable release (2011-03-27) tar.gz
v2.6.38.2    This is the stable release (2011-03-27) tar.gz
v2.6.32.36   This is the stable release (2011-03-27) tar.gz
v2.6.32.35   This is the stable release (2011-03-24) tar.gz
v2.6.32.34   This is the stable release (2011-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.38.1    This is the stable release (2011-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.37.5    This is the stable release (2011-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.33.8    This is the stable release (2011-03-21) tar.gz
v2.6.38      Linux 2.6.38 (2011-03-14) tar.gz
v2.6.32.33   This is the stable release (2011-03-14) tar.gz
v2.6.37.4    This is the stable release (2011-03-14) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc8  Linux 2.6.38-rc8 (2011-03-07) tar.gz
v2.6.32.32   This is the stable release (2011-03-07) tar.gz
v2.6.37.3    This is the stable release (2011-03-07) tar.gz
v2.6.32.31   This is the stable release (2011-03-03) tar.gz
v2.6.32.30   This is the stable release (2011-03-02) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc7  Linux 2.6.38-rc7 (2011-03-01) tar.gz
v2.6.37.2    This is the stable release (2011-02-24) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc6  Linux 2.6.38-rc6 (2011-02-21) tar.gz
v2.6.32.29   This is the stable release (2011-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.37.1    This is the stable release (2011-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.36.4    This is the stable release (2011-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc5  Linux 2.6.38-rc5 (2011-02-15) tar.gz
v2.6.27.58   This is the stable release (2011-02-09) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc4  Linux 2.6.38-rc4 (2011-02-07) tar.gz
v2.6.35.11   Release (2011-02-06) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc3  Linux 2.6.38-rc3 (2011-02-01) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc2  Linux 2.6.38-rc2 (2011-01-21) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc1  Linux 2.6.38-rc1 (2011-01-18) tar.gz
v2.6.32.28   This is the stable release (2011-01-07) tar.gz
v2.6.36.3    This is the stable release (2011-01-07) tar.gz
v2.6.34.8    This is the stable release (2011-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.37      Linux 2.6.37 (2011-01-04) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc8  Linux 2.6.37-rc8 (2010-12-28) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc7  Linux 2.6.37-rc7 (2010-12-21) tar.gz
v2.6.35.10   Signing tag (2010-12-16) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc6  Linux 2.6.37-rc6 (2010-12-15) tar.gz
v2.6.36.2    This is the stable release (2010-12-09) tar.gz
v2.6.32.27   This is the stable release (2010-12-09) tar.gz
v2.6.27.57   This is the stable release (2010-12-09) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc5  Linux 2.6.37-rc5 (2010-12-06) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc4  Linux 2.6.37-rc4 (2010-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.36.1    This is the stable release (2010-11-22) tar.gz
v2.6.35.9    This is the stable release (2010-11-22) tar.gz
v2.6.32.26   This is the stable release (2010-11-22) tar.gz
v2.6.27.56   This is the stable release (2010-11-22) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc3  Linux 2.6.37-rc3 (2010-11-21) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc2  Linux 2.6.37-rc2 (2010-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc1  Linux 2.6.37-rc1 (2010-11-01) tar.gz
v2.6.35.8    This is the stable release (2010-10-28) tar.gz
v2.6.32.25   This is the stable release (2010-10-28) tar.gz
v2.6.27.55   This is the stable release (2010-10-28) tar.gz
v2.6.36      Linux 2.6.36 (2010-10-20) tar.gz
2010-10-31-21-24 Linux 2.6.36 (2010-10-20) tar.gz
2010-11-03-12-17 Linux 2.6.36 (2010-10-20) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc8  Linux 2.6.36-rc8 (2010-10-14) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc7  Linux 2.6.36-rc7 (2010-10-06) tar.gz
v2.6.32.24   This is the stable release (2010-10-01) tar.gz
v2.6.35.7    This is the stable release (2010-09-28) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc6  Linux 2.6.36-rc6 (2010-09-28) tar.gz
v2.6.32.23   This is the stable release (2010-09-26) tar.gz
v2.6.35.6    This is the stable release (2010-09-26) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc5  Linux 2.6.36-rc5 (2010-09-20) tar.gz
v2.6.35.5    This is the stable release (2010-09-20) tar.gz
v2.6.32.22   This is the stable release (2010-09-20) tar.gz
v2.6.27.54   This is the stable release (2010-09-20) tar.gz
v2.6.34.7    This is the stable release (2010-09-13) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc4  Linux 2.6.36-rc4 (2010-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc3  Linux 2.6.36-rc3 (2010-08-29) tar.gz
v2.6.35.4    This is the stable release (2010-08-26) tar.gz
v2.6.34.6    This is the stable release (2010-08-26) tar.gz
v2.6.32.21   This is the stable release (2010-08-26) tar.gz
v2.6.27.53   This is the stable release (2010-08-26) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc2  Linux 2.6.36-rc2 (2010-08-22) tar.gz
v2.6.35.3    This is the stable release (2010-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.34.5    This is the stable release (2010-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.32.20   This is the stable release (2010-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.27.52   This is the stable release (2010-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc1  Linux 2.6.36-rc1 (2010-08-15) tar.gz
v2.6.27.51   This is the stable release (2010-08-13) tar.gz
v2.6.35.2    This is the stable release (2010-08-13) tar.gz
v2.6.34.4    This is the stable release (2010-08-13) tar.gz
v2.6.32.19   This is the stable release (2010-08-13) tar.gz
v2.6.35.1    This is the stable release (2010-08-10) tar.gz
v2.6.34.3    This is the stable release (2010-08-10) tar.gz
v2.6.32.18   This is the stable release (2010-08-10) tar.gz
v2.6.27.50   This is the stable release (2010-08-10) tar.gz
v2.6.34.2    This is the stable release (2010-08-02) tar.gz
v2.6.33.7    This is the stable release (2010-08-02) tar.gz
v2.6.32.17   This is the stable release (2010-08-02) tar.gz
v2.6.27.49   This is the stable release (2010-08-02) tar.gz
v2.6.35      Linux 2.6.35 (2010-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc6  Linux 2.6.35-rc6 (2010-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc5  Linux 2.6.35-rc5 (2010-07-12) tar.gz
v2.6.34.1    This is the stable release (2010-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.33.6    This is the stable release (2010-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.32.16   This is the stable release (2010-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.27.48   This is the stable release (2010-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.31.14   This is the stable release (2010-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc4  Linux 2.6.35-rc4 (2010-07-04) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc3  Linux 2.6.35-rc3 (2010-06-11) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc2  Linux 2.6.35-rc2 (2010-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.32.15   This is the stable release (2010-06-01) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc1  Linux 2.6.35-rc1 (2010-05-30) tar.gz
v2.6.33.5    This is the stable release (2010-05-26) tar.gz
v2.6.32.14   This is the stable release (2010-05-26) tar.gz
v2.6.27.47   This is the stable release (2010-05-26) tar.gz
v2.6.34      Linux 2.6.34 (2010-05-16) tar.gz
v2.6.33.4    This is the stable release (2010-05-12) tar.gz
v2.6.32.13   This is the stable release (2010-05-12) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc7  Linux 2.6.34-rc7 (2010-05-09) tar.gz
2010-05-11-18-20 Linux 2.6.34-rc7 (2010-05-09) tar.gz
2010-05-14-13-33 Linux 2.6.34-rc7 (2010-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc6  Linux 2.6.34-rc6 (2010-04-29) tar.gz
v2.6.33.3    This is the stable release (2010-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.32.12   This is the stable release (2010-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc5  Linux 2.6.34-rc5 (2010-04-19) tar.gz
2010-04-22-16-38 Linux 2.6.34-rc5 (2010-04-19) tar.gz
2010-04-28-16-53 Linux 2.6.34-rc5 (2010-04-19) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc4  Linux 2.6.34-rc4 (2010-04-12) tar.gz
2010-04-15-14-42 Linux 2.6.34-rc4 (2010-04-12) tar.gz
v2.6.33.2    This is the stable release (2010-04-01) tar.gz
v2.6.32.11   This is the stable release (2010-04-01) tar.gz
v2.6.31.13   This is the stable release (2010-04-01) tar.gz
v2.6.27.46   This is the stable release (2010-04-01) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc3  Linux 2.6.34-rc3 (2010-03-30) tar.gz
2010-04-05-16-09 Linux 2.6.34-rc3 (2010-03-30) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc2  Linux 2.6.34-rc2 (2010-03-19) tar.gz
2010-03-23-15-34 Linux 2.6.34-rc2 (2010-03-19) tar.gz
2010-03-24-14-48 Linux 2.6.34-rc2 (2010-03-19) tar.gz
v2.6.33.1    This is the stable release (2010-03-15) tar.gz
v2.6.32.10   This is the stable release (2010-03-15) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc1  Linux 2.6.34-rc1 (2010-03-08) tar.gz
2010-03-09-19-15 Linux 2.6.34-rc1 (2010-03-08) tar.gz
2010-03-11-13-13 Linux 2.6.34-rc1 (2010-03-08) tar.gz
v2.6.33      Linux 2.6.33 (2010-02-24) tar.gz
v2.6.32.9    This is the stable release (2010-02-23) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc8  Linux 2.6.33-rc8 (2010-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.32.8    This is the stable release (2010-02-09) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc7  Linux 2.6.33-rc7 (2010-02-06) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc6  Linux 2.6.33-rc6 (2010-01-29) tar.gz
v2.6.27.45   This is the stable release (2010-01-28) tar.gz
v2.6.32.7    This is the stable release (2010-01-28) tar.gz
v2.6.32.6    This is the stable release (2010-01-25) tar.gz
v2.6.32.5    This is the stable release (2010-01-22) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc5  Linux 2.6.33-rc5 (2010-01-21) tar.gz
v2.6.27.44   This is the stable release (2010-01-18) tar.gz
v2.6.31.12   This is the stable release (2010-01-18) tar.gz
v2.6.32.4    This is the stable release (2010-01-18) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc4  Linux 2.6.33-rc4 (2010-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.31.11   This is the stable release (2010-01-07) tar.gz
v2.6.27.43   This is the stable release (2010-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.32.3    This is the stable release (2010-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.31.10   This is the stable release (2010-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc3  Linux 2.6.33-rc3 (2010-01-05) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc2  Linux 2.6.33-rc2 (2009-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.32.2    This is the stable release (2009-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.31.9    This is the stable release (2009-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.27.42   This is the stable release (2009-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc1  Linux 2.6.33-rc1 (2009-12-17) tar.gz
v2.6.32.1    This is the stable release (2009-12-14) tar.gz
v2.6.31.8    This is the stable release (2009-12-14) tar.gz
v2.6.27.41   This is the stable release (2009-12-08) tar.gz
v2.6.27.40   This is the stable release (2009-12-08) tar.gz
v2.6.31.7    This is the stable release (2009-12-08) tar.gz
v2.6.30.10   This is the stable release (2009-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.32      Linux 2.6.32 (2009-12-02) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc8  Linux 2.6.32-rc8 (2009-11-19) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc7  Linux 2.6.32-rc7 (2009-11-12) tar.gz
v2.6.27.39   This is the stable release (2009-11-09) tar.gz
v2.6.31.6    This is the stable release (2009-11-09) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc6  Linux 2.6.32-rc6 (2009-11-03) tar.gz
v2.6.31.5    This is the stable release (2009-10-22) tar.gz
v2.6.27.38   This is the stable release (2009-10-22) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc5  Linux 2.6.32-rc5 (2009-10-15) tar.gz
v2.6.31.4    This is the stable release (2009-10-12) tar.gz
v2.6.27.37   This is the stable release (2009-10-12) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc4  Linux 2.6.32-rc4 (2009-10-11) tar.gz
v2.6.31.3    This is the stable release (2009-10-07) tar.gz
v2.6.31.2    This is the stable release (2009-10-05) tar.gz
v2.6.30.9    This is the stable release (2009-10-05) tar.gz
v2.6.27.36   This is the stable release (2009-10-05) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc3  Linux 2.6.32-rc3 (2009-10-04) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc1  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc2  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
v2.6.27.35   This is the stable release (2009-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.31.1    This is the stable release (2009-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.30.8    This is the stable release (2009-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.30.7    This is the stable release (2009-09-15) tar.gz
v2.6.27.34   This is the stable release (2009-09-15) tar.gz
v2.6.31      Linux 2.6.31 (2009-09-09) tar.gz
v2.6.27.33   This is the stable release (2009-09-09) tar.gz
v2.6.30.6    This is the stable release (2009-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.27.32   This is the stable release (2009-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc9  Linux 2.6.31-rc9 (2009-09-05) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc8  Linux 2.6.31-rc8 (2009-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc7  Linux 2.6.31-rc7 (2009-08-21) tar.gz
v2.6.27.31   This is the stable release (2009-08-17) tar.gz
v2.6.27.30   This is the stable release (2009-08-16) tar.gz
v2.6.30.5    This is the stable release (2009-08-16) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc6  Linux 2.6.31-rc6 (2009-08-13) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc5  Linux 2.6.31-rc5 (2009-07-31) tar.gz
v2.6.27.29   This is the stable release (2009-07-30) tar.gz
v2.6.30.4    This is the stable release (2009-07-30) tar.gz
v2.6.30.3    This is the stable release (2009-07-24) tar.gz
v2.6.27.28   This is the stable release (2009-07-24) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc4  Linux 2.6.31-rc4 (2009-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.27.27   This is the stable release (2009-07-19) tar.gz
v2.6.30.2    This is the stable release (2009-07-19) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc3  Linux 2.6.31-rc3 (2009-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc2  Linux 2.6.31-rc2 (2009-07-04) tar.gz
v2.6.30.1    This is the stable release (2009-07-02) tar.gz
v2.6.29.6    This is the stable release (2009-07-02) tar.gz
v2.6.27.26   This is the stable release (2009-07-02) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc1  Linux 2.6.31-rc1 (2009-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.29.5    This is the stable release (2009-06-15) tar.gz
v2.6.27.25   This is the stable release (2009-06-11) tar.gz
v2.6.30      Linux 2.6.30 (2009-06-09) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc8  Linux 2.6.30-rc8 (2009-06-02) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc7  Linux 2.6.30-rc7 (2009-05-23) tar.gz
v2.6.27.24   This is the v2.6.27.24 stable release (2009-05-19) tar.gz
v2.6.29.4    This is the stable release (2009-05-18) tar.gz
kernel-org-may-16 page-writeback: fix the calculation of the oldest_jif in wb_kupdate() (2009-05-17) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc6  Linux 2.6.30-rc6 (2009-05-15) tar.gz
linux-omap-v2.6.30-rc6 Linux 2.6.30-rc6 (2009-05-15) tar.gz
10           Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// (2009-05-12) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc5  Linux 2.6.30-rc5 (2009-05-08) tar.gz
v2.6.29.3    This is the stable release (2009-05-08) tar.gz
v2.6.27.23   This is the stable release (2009-05-08) tar.gz
v2.6.28.10   This is the stable release (2009-05-02) tar.gz
v2.6.27.22   This is the stable release (2009-05-02) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc4  Linux 2.6.30-rc4 (2009-04-29) tar.gz
v2.6.29.2    This is the stable release (2009-04-27) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc3  Linux 2.6.30-rc3 (2009-04-21) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc2  Linux 2.6.30-rc2 (2009-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc1  Linux 2.6.30-rc1 (2009-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.29.1    This is the stable release (2009-04-02) tar.gz
v2.6.29      Linux 2.6.29 (2009-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.27.21   This is the stable release (2009-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.28.9    This is the stable release (2009-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.27.20   This is the stable release (2009-03-16) tar.gz
v2.6.28.8    This is the stable release (2009-03-16) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc8  Linux 2.6.29-rc8 (2009-03-12) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc7  Linux 2.6.29-rc7 (2009-03-03) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc6  Linux 2.6.29-rc6 (2009-02-22) tar.gz
v2.6.28.7    This is the v2.6.28.7 stable release (2009-02-20) tar.gz
v2.6.27.19   This is the v2.6.27.19 stable release (2009-02-20) tar.gz
v2.6.27.18   This is the v2.6.27.18 stable release (2009-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.28.6    This is the v2.6.28.6 stable release (2009-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc5  Linux 2.6.29-rc5 (2009-02-13) tar.gz
v2.6.27.17   This is the v2.6.27.17 stable release (2009-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.28.5    This is the v2.6.28.5 stable release (2009-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.27.16   This is the v2.6.27.16 stable release (2009-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc4  Linus 2.6.29-rc4 (2009-02-08) tar.gz
v2.6.27.15   This is the v2.6.27.15 stable release (2009-02-06) tar.gz
v2.6.28.4    This is the v2.6.28.4 stable release (2009-02-06) tar.gz
v2.6.28.3    This is the v2.6.28.3 stable release (2009-02-02) tar.gz
v2.6.27.14   This is the v2.6.27.14 stable release (2009-02-02) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc3  Linux 2.6.29-rc3 (2009-01-28) tar.gz
v2.6.28.2    This is the v2.6.28.2 stable release (2009-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.27.13   This is the v2.6.27.13 stable release (2009-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.28.1    This is the v2.6.28.1 stable release (2009-01-18) tar.gz
v2.6.27.12   This is the v2.6.27.12 stable release (2009-01-18) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc2  Linux 2.6.29-rc2 (2009-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.27.11   This is the stable release (2009-01-14) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc1  Linux 2.6.29-rc1 (2009-01-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28      Linux 2.6.28 (2008-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc9  Linux 2.6.28-rc9 (2008-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.27.10   This is the stable release (2008-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.27.9    This is the stable release (2008-12-13) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc8  Linux 2.6.28-rc8 (2008-12-10) tar.gz
v2.6.27.8    This is the stable release (2008-12-05) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc7  Linux 2.6.28-rc7 (2008-12-01) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc6  Linux 2.6.28-rc6 (2008-11-20) tar.gz
v2.6.27.7    This is the v2.6.27.7 stable release (2008-11-20) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc5  Linux 2.6.28-rc5 (2008-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.27.6    This is the v2.6.27.6 stable release (2008-11-13) tar.gz
v2.6.26.8    This is the stable release (2008-11-10) tar.gz
v2.6.25.20   This is the stable release (2008-11-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc4  Linux 2.6.28-rc4 (2008-11-09) tar.gz
v2.6.27.5    This is the stable release (2008-11-07) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc3  Linux 2.6.28-rc3 (2008-11-02) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc2  Linux 2.6.28-rc2 (2008-10-26) tar.gz
v2.6.27.4    This is the stable release (2008-10-25) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc1  Linux 2.6.28-rc1 (2008-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.26.7    This is the v2.6.26.7 stable release (2008-10-22) tar.gz
v2.6.27.3    This is the v2.6.27.3 stable release (2008-10-22) tar.gz
v2.6.25.19   This is the v2.6.25.19 stable release (2008-10-22) tar.gz
v2.6.27.2    This is the v2.6.27.2 stable release (2008-10-18) tar.gz
v2.6.27.1    This is the v2.6.27.1 stable release (2008-10-15) tar.gz
v2.6.27      Linux 2.6.27 (2008-10-09) tar.gz
v2.6.26.6    This is the stable release (2008-10-08) tar.gz
v2.6.25.18   This is the stable release (2008-10-08) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc9  Linux 2.6.27-rc9 (2008-10-06) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc8  Linux 2.6.27-rc8 (2008-09-29) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc7  Linux 2.6.27-rc7 (2008-09-21) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc6  Linux 2.6.27-rc6 (2008-09-09) tar.gz
v2.6.26.5    This is the stable release (2008-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.26.4    This is the stable release (2008-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.25.17   This is the stable release (2008-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc5  Linux 2.6.27-rc5 (2008-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc4  Linux 2.6.27-rc4 (2008-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.25.16   This is the stable release (2008-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.26.3    This is the stable release (2008-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc3  Linux 2.6.27-rc3 (2008-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.25.15   This is the stable release (2008-08-06) tar.gz
v2.6.26.2    This is the stable release (2008-08-06) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc2  Linux 2.6.27-rc2 (2008-08-05) tar.gz
v2.6.26.1    This is the stable release (2008-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.25.14   This is the stable release (2008-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc1  Linux 2.6.27-rc1 (2008-07-28) tar.gz
v2.6.25.13   This is the v2.6.25.13 stable release (2008-07-28) tar.gz
v2.6.25.12   This is the v2.6.25.12 stable release (2008-07-24) tar.gz
v2.6.16.62   Linux (2008-07-21) tar.gz
v2.6.16.62-rc1 Linux (2008-07-20) tar.gz
v2.6.16.61   Linux (2008-07-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16.61-rc1 Linux (2008-07-14) tar.gz
v2.6.26      Linux 2.6.26 (2008-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.25.11   This is the stable release (2008-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc9  Linux 2.6.26-rc9 (2008-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.25.10   This is the stable release (2008-07-02) tar.gz
tip-x86-timers-2008-06-25_10.37_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/timers (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-pebs-2008-06-25_10.32_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/pebs (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-nmi-2008-06-25_10.31_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/nmi (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-memtest-2008-06-25_10.31_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/memtest (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-kconfig-2008-06-25_10.30_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/kconfig (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-irq-2008-06-25_10.30_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/irq (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-i8259-2008-06-25_10.30_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/i8259 (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-gart-2008-06-25_10.30_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/gart (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-fixmap-2008-06-25_10.30_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/fixmap (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-delay-2008-06-25_10.30_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/delay (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-x86-cleanups-2008-06-25_10.29_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into x86/cleanups (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-tracing-sysprof-2008-06-25_10.29_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/sysprof (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-tracing-mmiotrace-mergefixups-2008-06-25_10.28_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/mmiotrace-mergefixups (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-tracing-ftrace-2008-06-25_10.27_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/ftrace (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-stackprotector-2008-06-25_10.27_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into stackprotector (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-sched-new-API-sched_setscheduler-2008-06-25_10.27_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into sched/new-API-sched_setscheduler (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-sched-devel-2008-06-25_10.27_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into sched/devel (2008-06-25) tar.gz
tip-core-softirq-2008-06-25_10.23_Wed Merge branch 'linus' into core/softirq (2008-06-25) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc8  Linux 2.6.26-rc8 (2008-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.25.9    This is the stable release (2008-06-24) tar.gz
tip-x86-threadinfo-2008-06-23_09.53_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/threadinfo (2008-06-23) tar.gz
tip-sched-devel-2008-06-23_09.30_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into sched/devel (2008-06-23) tar.gz
tip-core-rcu-2008-06-23_09.29_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into core/rcu (2008-06-23) tar.gz
tip-tracing-ftrace-2008-06-23_09.11_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/ftrace (2008-06-23) tar.gz
tip-sched-urgent-2008-06-23_09.00_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into sched/urgent (2008-06-23) tar.gz
tip-core-softirq-2008-06-23_08.53_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into core/softirq (2008-06-23) tar.gz
v2.6.25.8    This is the stable release (2008-06-21) tar.gz
tip-core-urgent-2008-06-23_08.56_Mon Slab: Fix memory leak in fallback_alloc() (2008-06-21) tar.gz
tip-x86-idle-2008-06-23_09.16_Mon Slab: Fix memory leak in fallback_alloc() (2008-06-21) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc7  Linux 2.6.26-rc7 (2008-06-20) tar.gz
tip-core-urgent-2008-06-19_09.38_Thu agp: brown paper bag patch - put back two lines that got lost (2008-06-18) tar.gz
tip-sched-new-API-sched_setscheduler-2008-06-23_09.00_Mon agp: brown paper bag patch - put back two lines that got lost (2008-06-18) tar.gz
tip-sched-urgent-2008-06-19_09.38_Thu agp: brown paper bag patch - put back two lines that got lost (2008-06-18) tar.gz
tip-x86-fixmap-2008-06-23_09.02_Mon agp: brown paper bag patch - put back two lines that got lost (2008-06-18) tar.gz
tip-x86-urgent-2008-06-19_09.38_Thu agp: brown paper bag patch - put back two lines that got lost (2008-06-18) tar.gz
tip-core-debugobjects-2008-06-23_08.51_Mon Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// (2008-06-17) tar.gz
tip-x86-mm-debug-2008-06-23_09.04_Mon Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// (2008-06-17) tar.gz
tip-x86-mm-remove-arch-get-ram-range-2008-06-23_09.06_Mon Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// (2008-06-17) tar.gz
tip-x86-pci-ioapic-boot-irq-quirks-2008-06-23_09.52_Mon Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// (2008-06-17) tar.gz
v2.6.25.7    This is the stable release (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-kconfig-2008-06-16_09.28_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/kconfig (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-irqstats-2008-06-16_09.27_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/irqstats (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-irq-2008-06-16_09.27_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/irq (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-gart-2008-06-16_09.27_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/gart (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-timers-hpet-2008-06-16_09.25_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into timers/hpet (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-core-softlockup-2008-06-16_09.24_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into core/softlockup (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-core-softirq-2008-06-16_09.24_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into core/softirq (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-core-rodata-2008-06-16_09.24_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into core/rodata (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-core-rcu-2008-06-16_09.23_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into core/rcu (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-xen-2008-06-16_09.21_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/xen (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-timers-2008-06-16_09.20_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/timers (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-ptemask-2008-06-16_09.20_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/ptemask (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-pat-2008-06-16_09.20_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/pat (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-memtest-2008-06-16_09.19_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/memtest (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-cleanups-2008-06-16_09.17_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/cleanups (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-tracing-sysprof-2008-06-16_09.17_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/sysprof (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-tracing-mmiotrace-mergefixups-2008-06-16_09.16_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/mmiotrace-mergefixups (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-tracing-ftrace-2008-06-16_09.16_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/ftrace (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-tracing-ftrace-2008-06-16_09.26_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/ftrace (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-sched-devel-2008-06-16_09.15_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into sched-devel (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-x86-nmi-2008-06-16_09.20_Mon Merge branch 'linus' into x86/nmi (2008-06-16) tar.gz
tip-mm-xen-2008-06-23_08.59_Mon Merge git:// (2008-06-15) tar.gz
tip-pci-for-jesse-2008-06-16_09.25_Mon Merge git:// (2008-06-15) tar.gz
tip-sched-2008-06-16_09.15_Mon Merge git:// (2008-06-15) tar.gz
tip-sched-2008-06-16_09.25_Mon Merge git:// (2008-06-15) tar.gz
tip-x86-delay-2008-06-23_09.02_Mon Merge git:// (2008-06-15) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc6  Linux 2.6.26-rc6 (2008-06-12) tar.gz
tip-core-iter-div-2008-06-16_09.11_Mon always_inline timespec_add_ns (2008-06-12) tar.gz
v2.6.25.6    This is the stable release (2008-06-09) tar.gz
v2.6.25.5    This is the stable release (2008-06-06) tar.gz
tip-core-misc-2008-06-16_09.11_Mon uml: activate_mm: remove the dead PF_BORROWED_MM check (2008-06-06) tar.gz
tip-core-topology-2008-06-16_09.13_Mon uml: activate_mm: remove the dead PF_BORROWED_MM check (2008-06-06) tar.gz
tip-x86-idle-2008-06-16_09.18_Mon Merge (2008-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc5  Linux 2.6.26-rc5 (2008-06-04) tar.gz
tip-sched-2008-06-04_18.04_Wed Smack: fuse mount hang fix (2008-06-04) tar.gz
tip-genirq-2008-06-06_07.38_Fri Merge git:// (2008-06-02) tar.gz
tip-build-2008-06-04_18.00_Wed Merge git:// (2008-05-30) tar.gz
tip-core-futex-64bit-2008-06-04_18.00_Wed Merge git:// (2008-05-30) tar.gz
tip-x86-cpu-2008-05-31_08_53_Sat Merge git:// (2008-05-30) tar.gz
tip-x86-mmio-2008-06-04_18.09_Wed Merge git:// (2008-05-30) tar.gz
tip-x86-uv-2008-06-04_18.11_Wed Merge git:// (2008-05-30) tar.gz
tip-timers-nohz-2008-05-30_12.28_Fri Merge git:// (2008-05-29) tar.gz
tip-x86-setup-2008-05-31_10.10_Sat Linux 2.6.26-rc4 (2008-05-26) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc4  Linux 2.6.26-rc4 (2008-05-26) tar.gz
tip-auto-ftrace-next-base-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git:// (2008-05-24) tar.gz
tip-auto-latest-base-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git:// (2008-05-24) tar.gz
tip-auto-sched-next-base-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git:// (2008-05-24) tar.gz
tip-auto-x86-next-base-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git:// (2008-05-24) tar.gz
tip-checkme-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-core-checkme-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-core-percpu-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-core-printk-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-core-rodata-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-core-softirq-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-core-softlockup-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-core-stacktrace-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-core-urgent-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-out-of-tree-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-sched-devel-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-scratch-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-timers-clockevents-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-timers-posixtimers-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-x86-apm-2008-05-26_08_53_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-x86-bitops-2008-05-26_08_53_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-x86-checkme-2008-05-26_08_53_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-x86-i8259-2008-05-26_08_53_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-x86-resumetrace-2008-05-26_08_54_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-x86-scratch-2008-05-26_08_54_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-x86-vdso-2008-05-26_08_54_Mon Merge git:// (2008-05-22) tar.gz
tip-pci-for-jesse-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon HTC_EGPIO is ARM-only (2008-05-21) tar.gz
tip-x86-ldt-2008-05-26_08_53_Mon HTC_EGPIO is ARM-only (2008-05-21) tar.gz
tip-x86-cpu-2008-05-26_08_53_Mon Merge branch 'for-2.6.26' of git:// (2008-05-20) tar.gz
tip-x86-xsave-2008-05-26_08_54_Mon Merge branch 'for-2.6.26' of git:// (2008-05-20) tar.gz
tip-x86-numa-fixes-2008-05-26_08_53_Mon Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// (2008-05-19) tar.gz
tip-x86-pat-2008-05-19-07-23-07 Merge branch 'linus' into x86/pat (2008-05-19) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc3  Linux 2.6.26-rc3 (2008-05-18) tar.gz
tip-x86-gart-2008-05-17-15-12-25 Merge branch 'linus' into x86/gart (2008-05-17) tar.gz
tip-x86-pebs-2008-05-17-14-01-06 Merge branch 'linus' into x86/pebs (2008-05-17) tar.gz
tip-core-locking-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge branch 'merge' of git:// (2008-05-15) tar.gz
tip-sched-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge branch 'merge' of git:// (2008-05-15) tar.gz
tip-timers-hpet-2008-05-30_12.09_Fri Merge branch 'merge' of git:// (2008-05-15) tar.gz
tip-timers-hrtimers-2008-05-30_12.09_Fri Merge branch 'merge' of git:// (2008-05-15) tar.gz
tip-tip-2008-05-26_08_52_Mon Merge branch 'merge' of git:// (2008-05-15) tar.gz
tip-x86-cleanups-2008-05-16-11-16-08 Merge branch 'merge' of git:// (2008-05-15) tar.gz
tip-x86-mtrr-2008-05-16-12-09-30 Merge branch 'merge' of git:// (2008-05-15) tar.gz
tip-x86-setup-2008-05-30_12.10_Fri Merge branch 'merge' of git:// (2008-05-15) tar.gz
tip-x86-urgent-2008-05-17-17-16-08 Merge branch 'merge' of git:// (2008-05-15) tar.gz
v2.6.25.4    This is the stable release (2008-05-15) tar.gz
tip-x86-build-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-cleanups-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-cpa-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-defconfig-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-gart-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-intel-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-irq-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-kconfig-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-mce-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-memtest-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-nmi-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-numa-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-pat-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-pebs-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-ptemask-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-threadinfo-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-timers-2008-05-12-10-09-40 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc2  Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.25.3    This is the stable release (2008-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.24.7    This is the stable release (2008-05-06) tar.gz
v2.6.25.2    This is the stable release (2008-05-06) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc1  Linux 2.6.26-rc1 (2008-05-03) tar.gz
v2.6.24.6    This is the stable release (2008-05-01) tar.gz
v2.6.25.1    This is the stable release (2008-05-01) tar.gz
v2.6.24.5    This is the stable release (2008-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.25      Linux 2.6.25 (2008-04-16) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc9  Linux 2.6.25-rc9 (2008-04-11) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc8  Linux 2.6.25-rc8 (2008-04-01) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc7  Linux 2.6.25-rc7 (2008-03-25) tar.gz
v2.6.24.4    This is the stable release (2008-03-24) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc6  Linux 2.6.25-rc6 (2008-03-16) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc5  Linux 2.6.25-rc5 (2008-03-09) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc4  Linux 2.6.25-rc4 (2008-03-04) tar.gz
v2.6.24.3    This is the stable release (2008-02-25) tar.gz
v2.6.23.17   This is the stable release (2008-02-25) tar.gz
v2.6.22.19   This is the stable release (2008-02-25) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc3  Linux 2.6.25-rc3 (2008-02-24) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc2  Linux 2.6.25-rc2 (2008-02-15) tar.gz
v2.6.22.18   This is the stable release (2008-02-10) tar.gz
v2.6.23.16   This is the stable release (2008-02-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24.2    This is the stable release (2008-02-10) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc1  Linux 2.6.25-rc1 (2008-02-10) tar.gz
v2.6.23.15   This is the stable release (2008-02-08) tar.gz
v2.6.24.1    Linux (2008-02-08) tar.gz
v2.6.22.17   This is the stable release (2008-02-06) tar.gz
v2.6.16.60   Linux (2008-01-27) tar.gz
v2.6.24      Linux 2.6.24 (2008-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.16.60-rc1 Linux (2008-01-21) tar.gz
v2.6.16.59   Linux (2008-01-19) tar.gz
v2.6.16.59-rc1 Linux (2008-01-17) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc8  Linux 2.6.24-rc8 (2008-01-15) tar.gz
v2.6.23.14   This is the stable release (2008-01-14) tar.gz
v2.6.22.16   This is the stable release (2008-01-14) tar.gz
v2.6.23.13   This is the stable release (2008-01-09) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc7  Linux 2.6.24-rc7 (2008-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.16.58   Linux (2008-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.16.58-rc1 Linux (2008-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc6  Linux 2.6.24-rc6 (2007-12-20) tar.gz
v2.6.23.12   This is the stable release (2007-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.23.11   This is the stable release (2007-12-14) tar.gz
v2.6.22.15   This is the stable release (2007-12-14) tar.gz
v2.6.23.10   This is the stable release (2007-12-14) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc5  Linux 2.6.24-rc5 (2007-12-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc4  Linux 2.6.24-rc4 (2007-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.23.9    This is the v2.6.23.9 stable release (2007-11-26) tar.gz
v2.6.22.14   This is the stable release (2007-11-21) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc3  Linux 2.6.24-rc3 (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.22.13   This is the stable release (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.23.8    This is the stable release (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.23.7    This is the stable release (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.23.6    This is the stable release (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.23.5    This is the stable release (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.23.4    This is the stable release (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.23.3    This is the stable release (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.23.2    This is the stable release (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc2  Linux 2.6.24-rc2 (2007-11-06) tar.gz
v2.6.16.57   Linux (2007-11-05) tar.gz
v2.6.22.12   This is the v2.6.22.12 stable release (2007-11-05) tar.gz
v2.6.16.57-rc1 Linux (2007-11-04) tar.gz
v2.6.22.11   This is the stable release (2007-11-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16.56   Linux (2007-11-01) tar.gz
v2.6.16.56-rc2 Linux (2007-10-28) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc1  Linux 2.6.24-rc1 (2007-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.16.56-rc1 Linux (2007-10-20) tar.gz
v2.6.20.21   This is the stable release (2007-10-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16.55   Linux (2007-10-12) tar.gz
v2.6.23.1    This is the stable release (2007-10-12) tar.gz
v2.6.22.10   This is the stable release (2007-10-10) tar.gz
v2.6.23      Linux 2.6.23 (2007-10-09) tar.gz
v2.6.16.55-rc1 Linux (2007-10-07) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc9  Linux 2.6.23-rc9 (2007-10-01) tar.gz
v2.6.22.9    This is the stable release (2007-09-26) tar.gz
v2.6.22.8    This is the v2.6.22.8 stable release (2007-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc8  Linux 2.6.23-rc8 (2007-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.16.54   Linux (2007-09-25) tar.gz
v2.6.16.54-rc1 Linux (2007-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.20.20   This is the stable release (2007-09-23) tar.gz
v2.6.22.7    This is the stable release (2007-09-21) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc7  Linux 2.6.23-rc7 (2007-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc6  Linux 2.6.23-rc6 (2007-09-10) tar.gz
v2.6.20.19   This is the stable release (2007-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc5  Linux 2.6.23-rc5 (2007-08-31) tar.gz
v2.6.22.6    This is the stable release (2007-08-30) tar.gz
v2.6.20.18   This is the stable release (2007-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc4  Linux 2.6.23-rc4 (2007-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.20.17   This is the stable release (2007-08-25) tar.gz
v2.6.22.5    This is the stable release (2007-08-22) tar.gz
v2.6.22.4    This is the stable release (2007-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.22.3    This is the stable release (2007-08-15) tar.gz
v2.6.20.16   Linux (2007-08-15) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc3  Linux 2.6.23-rc3 (2007-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.22.2    This is the v2.6.22.2 stable release (2007-08-09) tar.gz
v2.6.21.7    This is the v2.6.21.7 stable release (2007-08-04) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc2  Linus 2.6.23-rc2 (2007-08-03) tar.gz
v2.6.16.53   Linux (2007-07-25) tar.gz
v2.6.16.53-rc1 Linux (2007-07-23) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc1  Linux 2.6.23-rc1 (2007-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.22.1    This is the v2.6.22.1 stable release (2007-07-10) tar.gz
v2.6.22      Linux 2.6.22 (2007-07-08) tar.gz
v2.6.20.15   This is the v2.6.21.15 stable release (2007-07-06) tar.gz
v2.6.21.6    This is the v2.6.21.6 stable release (2007-07-06) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc7  Linux 2.6.22-rc7 (2007-07-01) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc6  Linux 2.6.22-rc6 (2007-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc5  Linux 2.6.22-rc5 (2007-06-16) tar.gz
v2.6.20.14   This is the stable release (2007-06-11) tar.gz
v2.6.21.5    This is the stable release (2007-06-11) tar.gz
v2.6.21.4    This is the stable release (2007-06-07) tar.gz
v2.6.20.13   This is the stable release (2007-06-07) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc4  Linus 2.6.22-rc4 (2007-06-04) tar.gz
v2.6.16.52   Linux (2007-05-30) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc3  Linux 2.6.22-rc3 (2007-05-25) tar.gz
v2.6.16.52-rc1 Linux (2007-05-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21.3    This is the stable release (2007-05-24) tar.gz
v2.6.20.12   This is the stable release (2007-05-24) tar.gz
v2.6.21.2    This is the stable release (2007-05-23) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc2  Linux 2.6.22-rc2 (2007-05-18) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc1  Linus 2.6.22-rc1 (2007-05-12) tar.gz
v2.6.16.51   Linux (2007-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.16.51-rc1 Linux (2007-05-05) tar.gz
v2.6.16.50   Linux (2007-05-04) tar.gz
v2.6.20.11   This is the stable release (2007-05-01) tar.gz
v2.6.16.50-rc1 Linux (2007-05-01) tar.gz
v2.6.21.1    This is the stable release (2007-04-27) tar.gz
v2.6.20.10   This is the stable release (2007-04-27) tar.gz
v2.6.20.9    This is the v2.6.20.9 stable release (2007-04-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21      Linux 2.6.21 (2007-04-25) tar.gz
v2.6.20.8    This is the stable release (2007-04-25) tar.gz
v2.6.16.49   Linux (2007-04-23) tar.gz
v2.6.16.49-rc1 Linux (2007-04-21) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc7  Linux 2.6.21-rc7 (2007-04-15) tar.gz
v2.6.16.48   Linux (2007-04-15) tar.gz
v2.6.20.7    This is the stable release (2007-04-13) tar.gz
v2.6.16.47   Linux (2007-04-13) tar.gz
v2.6.16.47-rc1 Linux (2007-04-10) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc6  Linux 2.6.21-rc6 (2007-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.20.6    This is the stable release (2007-04-06) tar.gz
v2.6.20.5    This is the stable release (2007-04-06) tar.gz
v2.6.16.46   Linux (2007-03-31) tar.gz
v2.6.16.46-rc1 Linux (2007-03-28) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc5  Linux 2.6.21-rc5 (2007-03-25) tar.gz
v2.6.16.45   Linux (2007-03-24) tar.gz
v2.6.16.45-rc1 Linux (2007-03-24) tar.gz
v2.6.20.4    This is the v2.6.20.4 stable release (2007-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.16.44   Linux (2007-03-20) tar.gz
v2.6.16.44-rc2 Linux (2007-03-16) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc4  Linux 2.6.21-rc4 (2007-03-15) tar.gz
v2.6.20.3    This is the stable release (2007-03-13) tar.gz
v2.6.16.44-rc1 Linux (2007-03-11) tar.gz
v2.6.20.2    This is the stable release (2007-03-09) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc3  Linux 2.6.21-rc3 (2007-03-06) tar.gz
v2.6.19.7    This is the stable release (2007-03-02) tar.gz
v2.6.19.6    This is the v2.6.19.6 stable release (2007-03-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16.43   Linux (2007-03-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16.43-rc1 Linux (2007-03-01) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc2  Linux 2.6.21-rc2 (2007-02-27) tar.gz
v2.6.16.42   Linux (2007-02-25) tar.gz
v2.6.19.5    This is the v2.6.19.5 stable release (2007-02-23) tar.gz
v2.6.18.8    This is the v2.6.18.8 stable release (2007-02-23) tar.gz
v2.6.16.42-rc1 Linux (2007-02-23) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc1  Linux 2.6.21-rc1 (2007-02-20) tar.gz
v2.6.18.7    This is the stable release (2007-02-19) tar.gz
v2.6.20.1    This is the stable release (2007-02-19) tar.gz
v2.6.19.4    This is the stable release (2007-02-19) tar.gz
v2.6.16.41   Linux (2007-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16.41-rc1 Linux (2007-02-15) tar.gz
v2.6.16.40   Linux (2007-02-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19.3    This is the stable release (2007-02-05) tar.gz
v2.6.20      Linux 2.6.20 (2007-02-04) tar.gz
v2.6.16.40-rc1  (2007-02-03) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc7  Linux 2.6.20-rc7 (2007-01-30) tar.gz
v2.6.16.39    (2007-01-30) tar.gz
v2.6.16.39-rc1  (2007-01-26) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc6  Linux 2.6.20-rc6 (2007-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.16.38    (2007-01-20) tar.gz
v2.6.16.38-rc2  (2007-01-18) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc5  Linux 2.6.20-rc5 (2007-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.19.2    This is the stable release (2007-01-10) tar.gz
v2.6.16.38-rc1  (2007-01-09) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc4  Linux 2.6.20-rc4 (2007-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc3  Linux 2.6.20-rc3 (2006-12-31) tar.gz
v2.6.16.37    (2006-12-28) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc2  Linux 2.6.20-rc2 (2006-12-23) tar.gz
v2.6.16.37-rc1  (2006-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.18.6    This is the stable release (2006-12-16) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc1  Linux v2.6.20-rc1 (2006-12-13) tar.gz
v2.6.16.36    (2006-12-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19.1    This is the stable release (2006-12-11) tar.gz
v2.6.16.36-rc1  (2006-12-09) tar.gz
v2.6.16.35    (2006-12-06) tar.gz
v2.6.16.35-rc1  (2006-12-04) tar.gz
v2.6.18.5    This is the stable release (2006-12-01) tar.gz
v2.6.19      Linux 2.6.19 (2006-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.18.4    This is the stable release (2006-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.16.34    (2006-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.16.34-rc1  (2006-11-25) tar.gz
v2.6.16.33    (2006-11-22) tar.gz
v2.6.16.33-rc1  (2006-11-20) tar.gz
v2.6.18.3    This is the stable release (2006-11-18) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc6  Linux 2.6.19-rc6 (2006-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.16.32    (2006-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.16.32-rc1  (2006-11-11) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc5  Linux 2.6.19-rc5 (2006-11-07) tar.gz
v2.6.16.31    (2006-11-07) tar.gz
v2.6.16.31-rc1  (2006-11-05) tar.gz
v2.6.18.2    This is the stable release (2006-11-03) tar.gz
v2.6.16.30    (2006-11-02) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc4  Linux 2.6.19-rc4 (2006-10-30) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc3  Linux 2.6.19-rc3 release (2006-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.16.30-rc1  (2006-10-17) tar.gz
v2.6.18.1    This is the stable release (2006-10-13) tar.gz
v2.6.17.14   This is the stable release (2006-10-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc2  Linux 2.6.19-rc2 (2006-10-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc1  Linux v2.6.19-rc1 (2006-10-04) tar.gz
v2.6.16.30-pre1  (2006-09-22) tar.gz
v2.6.18      Raise the Jolly Roger! (2006-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.16.29    (2006-09-13) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc7  Linux 2.6.18-rc7 (2006-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.16.29-rc2  (2006-09-09) tar.gz
v2.6.17.13   This is the stable release (2006-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.17.12   This is the stable release (2006-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.16.29-rc1  (2006-09-06) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc6  Linux 2.6.18-rc6 release (2006-09-03) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc5  Linux 2.6.18-rc5 (2006-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.16.28    (2006-08-25) tar.gz
v2.6.17.11   This is the stable release (2006-08-23) tar.gz
v2.6.16.28-rc3  (2006-08-23) tar.gz
v2.6.17.10   This is the stable release (2006-08-22) tar.gz
v2.6.16.28-rc2  (2006-08-22) tar.gz
v2.6.17.9    This is the stable release (2006-08-18) tar.gz
v2.6.16.28-rc1  (2006-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.17.8    This is the stable release. (2006-08-06) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc4  Linux v2.6.18-rc4 (2006-08-06) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc3  Linux v2.6.18-rc3 (2006-07-29) tar.gz
v2.6.17.7    This is the stable release (2006-07-24) tar.gz
v2.6.16.27   This is the stable release (2006-07-17) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc2  Linux v2.6.18-rc2 (2006-07-15) tar.gz
v2.6.16.26   This is the stable release (2006-07-15) tar.gz
v2.6.17.6    This is the stable release (2006-07-15) tar.gz
v2.6.17.5    This is the stable release (2006-07-14) tar.gz
v2.6.16.25   This is the stable release (2006-07-14) tar.gz
v2.6.16.24   This is the stable release (2006-07-06) tar.gz
v2.6.17.4    This is the stable release (2006-07-06) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc1  Linux v2.6.18-rc1 (2006-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.16.23   This is the stable release (2006-06-30) tar.gz
v2.6.17.3    This is the stable release (2006-06-30) tar.gz
v2.6.17.2    This is the stable release (2006-06-29) tar.gz
v2.6.16.22   This is the stable release (2006-06-22) tar.gz
v2.6.17.1    This is the stable release (2006-06-20) tar.gz
v2.6.16.21   This is the stable release (2006-06-20) tar.gz
v2.6.17      Linux v2.6.17 (2006-06-17) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc6  Linux v2.6.17-rc6 (2006-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.16.20   This is the stable release (2006-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.16.19   This is the stable release (2006-05-30) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc5  Linux 2.6.17-rc5 release (2006-05-24) tar.gz
v2.6.16.18   This is the stable release (2006-05-22) tar.gz
v2.6.16.17   This is the stable release (2006-05-20) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc4  Linux v2.6.17-rc4 release (2006-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.16.16   This is the stable release (2006-05-10) tar.gz
v2.6.16.15   This is the stable release (2006-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.16.14   This is the stable release (2006-05-04) tar.gz
v2.6.16.13   This is the stable release (2006-05-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16.12   This is the stable release (2006-05-01) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc3  Linux v2.6.17-rc3 (2006-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.16.11   This is the stable release (2006-04-24) tar.gz
v2.6.16.10   This is the stable release (2006-04-24) tar.gz
v2.6.16.9    This is the stable release (2006-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc2  Linux v2.6.17-rc2 (2006-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.16.8    This is the stable release (2006-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.16.7    This is the stable release (2006-04-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16.6    This is the stable release (2006-04-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16.5    This is the stable release (2006-04-12) tar.gz
v2.6.16.4    This is the stable release (2006-04-11) tar.gz
v2.6.16.3    This is the stable release (2006-04-10) tar.gz
v2.6.16.2    This is the stable release (2006-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc1  Linux v2.6.17-rc1 (2006-04-02) tar.gz
v2.6.15.7    This is the stable release (2006-03-27) tar.gz
v2.6.16.1    This is the stable release (2006-03-27) tar.gz
v2.6.16      Linux v2.6.16 release (2006-03-19) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc6  Linux v2.6.16-rc6 release (2006-03-11) tar.gz
v2.6.15.6    This is the stable release (2006-03-05) tar.gz
v2.6.15.5    This is the stable release (2006-03-01) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc5  Linux v2.6.16-rc5 release (2006-02-26) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc4  Linux v2.6.16-rc4 release (2006-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc3  Linux v2.6.16-rc3 (2006-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.15.4    This is the stable release (2006-02-09) tar.gz
v2.6.15.3    This is the stable release (2006-02-06) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc2  Linux v2.6.16-rc2 (2006-02-02) tar.gz
v2.6.14.7    This is the stable release (2006-01-30) tar.gz
v2.6.15.2    This is the stable release (2006-01-30) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc1  Linux v2.6.16-rc1 (2006-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.15.1    This is the stable release (2006-01-14) tar.gz
v2.6.14.6    This is the stable release (2006-01-07) tar.gz
v2.6.15      Linux 2.6.15 release (2006-01-02) tar.gz
v2.6.14.5    This is the stable release (2005-12-26) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc7  Christmas eve is when the _real_ celebrations take place. (2005-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc6  Linux 2.6.15-rc6 (2005-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.13.5    This is the stable release (2005-12-15) tar.gz
v2.6.14.4    This is the stable release (2005-12-14) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc5  Linux v2.6.15-rc5 release (2005-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc4  Linux v2.6.15-rc4 (2005-11-30) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc3  Linux v2.6.15-rc3 (2005-11-28) tar.gz
v2.6.14.3    This is the stable release (2005-11-24) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc2  Linux v2.6.15-rc2 (2005-11-19) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc1  Linux v2.6.15-rc1 (2005-11-11) tar.gz
v2.6.14.2    Linux (2005-11-10) tar.gz
v2.6.14.1    Linux (2005-11-08) tar.gz
v2.6.14      Linux 2.6.14 release (2005-10-27) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc5  Linux v2.6.14-rc5 release (2005-10-19) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc4  Linux 2.6.14-rc4 release (2005-10-10) tar.gz
v2.6.13.4    Linux (2005-10-10) tar.gz
v2.6.13.3    This is the stable release (2005-10-03) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc3  Linux v2.6.14-rc3 release (2005-09-30) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc2  Linux v2.6.14-rc2 release (2005-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.13.2    This is the stable release (2005-09-17) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc1  Linux v2.6.14-rc1 (2005-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.13.1    This is the stable release (2005-09-09) tar.gz
v2.6.12.6    This is the stable release (2005-08-29) tar.gz
v2.6.13      Linux 2.6.13 release (2005-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc7  Linux v2.6.13-rc7 (2005-08-23) tar.gz
v2.6.12.5    This is the stable release (2005-08-14) tar.gz
v2.6.12.4    This is the stable release (2005-08-08) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc6  Linux 2.6.13-rc6 release (2005-08-07) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc5  Aiming for final. Sure. (2005-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc4  Get out from LKS flood (2005-07-28) tar.gz
v2.6.11      This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.11-tree This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.12      This is the final 2.6.12 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc2  Linux v2.6.12-rc2 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc3  Linux v2.6.12-rc3 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc4  Linux v2.6.12-rc4 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc5  Linux-2.6.12-rc5 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc6  Linux-v2.6.12-rc6 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12.1    This is the stable release () tar.gz
v2.6.12.2    This is the stable release () tar.gz
v2.6.12.3    This is the stable release () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc1  Linux v2.6.13-rc1 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc2  Linux v2.6.13-rc2 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc3  Linux v2.6.13-rc3 () tar.gz

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