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Darrick J. Wong : XFS Tests Dev.
# heads (aka `branches'):
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  djwong-wtf   xfs/559 debug (2024-06-20)
  fsverity     common/populate: add verity files to populate xfs images (2024-06-20)
  health-monitoring xfs: test io error reporting via healthmon (2024-06-20)
  capture-mount-failures check: capture dmesg of mount failures if test fails (2024-06-20)
  capture-time-statistics xfs: capture timestats at unmount time (2024-06-20)
  defrag-freespace xfs: test clearing of free space (2024-06-20)
  fix-64k-blocksize xfs/161: adapt the test case for LBS filesystem (2024-06-20)
  report-refcounts xfs: test output of new FSREFCOUNTS ioctl (2024-06-20)
  realtime-quotas xfs: regression testing of quota on the realtime device (2024-06-20)
  realtime-reflink common/xfs: fix _xfs_get_file_block_size when rtinherit is set and no rt section (2024-06-20)
  realtime-reflink-baseline xfs: baseline golden output for rt refcount btree fuzz tests (2024-06-20)
  realtime-reflink-extsize generic/303: avoid test failures on weird rt extent sizes (2024-06-20)
  realtime-rmap fuzzy: create missing fuzz tests for rt rmap btrees (2024-06-20)
  realtime-rmap-baseline fuzzy: create known output for rt rmap btree fuzz tests (2024-06-20)
  realtime-discard common/xfs: FITRIM now supports realtime volumes (2024-06-20)
  realtime-groups common/fuzzy: adapt the scrub stress tests to support rtgroups (2024-06-20)
  metadir      xfs: test metapath repairs (2024-06-20)
  atomic-file-commits xfs/122: add tests for commitrange structures (2024-06-20)
  fuzz-baseline xfs: bothrepair fuzz test known output (2024-06-20)
  upgrade-older-features xfs: test upgrading old features (2024-06-20)
  pptrs        xfs: add parent pointer inject test (2024-06-20)
  scrub-detect-deceptive-extensions generic/453: check xfs_scrub detection of confusing job offers (2024-06-20)
  scrub-directory-tree scrub: test correction of directory tree corruptions (2024-06-20)
  scrub-fstrim-minlen-freesp-histogram xfs/004: fix column extraction code (2024-06-20)
  scrub-improvements xfs: test xfs_scrub services (2024-06-20)
  vectorized-scrub xfs/122: update for vectored scrub (2024-06-20)
  xfs-6.10-fixes generic: test creating and removing symlink xattrs (2024-06-20)
  atomic-file-updates exchangerange: make sure that we don't swap unwritten extents unless they're part of a rt extent (2024-06-20)
  mkfs-scale-geo-on-ssds xfs: test scaling of the mkfs concurrency options (2024-06-20)
* master       generic: test Btrfs fsync vs. size-extending prealloc write crash (2024-06-07)
  fuzz-dquots  fuzzy: test other dquot ids (2024-06-03)
  random-fixes generic/747: redirect mkfs stderr to seqres.full (2024-06-03)
  v2024.02.04-fixed t_snapshot_deleted_subvolume: add check for BTRFS_IOC_SNAP_DESTROY_V2 (2024-02-06)
  random-fixes-2024.01.14 xfs/122: fix for xfs_attr_shortform removal in 6.8 (2024-02-06)
  test-swapfile-io generic: test swapping process pages in and out of a swapfile (2024-01-25)
  fix-iunlink-list xfs: test unlinked inode list repair on demand (2023-11-16)
  private-fiexchange misc: update xfs_io swapext usage (2023-11-16)
  xfs-merge-6.7 generic: test reads racing with slow reflink operations (2023-11-16)
  fiexchange-written swapext: make sure that we don't swap unwritten extents unless they're part of a rt extent(??) (2023-11-08)
  iomap-fix-unshare generic: test FALLOC_FL_UNSHARE when pagecache is not loaded (2023-10-09)
  fix-larp-requirements xfs/018: make sure that larp mode actually works (2023-10-04)
  fix-ro-mounts xfs/{270,557,600}: update commit id for _fixed_by tag. (2023-10-04)
  uring-tweaks generic: only enable io_uring in fsstress explicitly (2023-09-12)
  fix-fsmap    xfs: test fix for an agbno overflow in __xfs_getfsmap_datadev (2023-08-29)
  fix-percpu-lists generic/650: race mount and unmount with cpu hotplug too (2023-08-29)
  xfs-merge-6.6 xfs/559: adapt to kernels that use large folios for writes (2023-08-29)
  testing-improvements check: generate gcov code coverage reports at the end of each section (2023-08-04)
  xfs-fixes-6.5 xfs/122: adjust test for flexarray conversions in 6.5 (2023-07-27)
  scrub-directory-loops scrub: test correction of directory loops (2023-07-18)
  fix-asciici-bugs xfs: add a couple more tests for ascii-ci problems (2023-07-18)
  scrub-test-speedups common/xfs: compress online repair rebuild output by default (2023-06-06)
  soak-duration misc: add duration for recovery loop tests (2023-04-25)
  metadir-baseline xfs: baseline golden output for metadata directory fuzz tests (2023-04-06)
  metadump-external-devices common/xfs: capture external logs during metadump/mdrestore (2023-04-06)
  populate-tweaks populate: create fewer holes in directories and xattrs (2023-04-06)
  pptrs-bugfixes xfs/122: fix parent pointer ioctl structure sizes (2023-04-04)
  pptrs-name-in-attr-key xfs/{021,122}: adjust parent pointer encoding format (2023-04-04)
  xunit-reporting-improvements report: allow test runners to inject arbitrary values (2023-03-24)
  repair-dirs  xfs: stress test cycling parent pointers with online repair (2023-03-16)
  pptrs-ioctl-flexarray xfs/122: adjust for flex-array XFS_IOC_GETPARENTS ioctl (2023-03-14)
  repair-rtsummary xfs: race fsstress with online repair of realtime summary files (2023-02-28)
  repair-xattrs xfs: race fsstress with online repair of extended attribute data (2023-02-28)
  scrub-optimize-by-default xfs: test xfs_scrub dry run, preen, and repair mode (2023-02-28)
  more-fuzz-testing fuzzy: fuzz test key/pointers of inode btrees (2023-02-16)
  fuzzer-improvements fuzzy: for fuzzing ag btrees, find the path to the AG header (2023-02-16)
  fix-populate-problems populate: fix some weirdness in __populate_check_xfs_agbtree_height (2023-02-16)
  repair-file-mappings xfs: race fsstress with online repair for special file metadata (2023-02-16)
  repair-fscounters xfs: race fsstress with online repair for summary counters (2023-02-16)
  repair-quota xfs: race fsstress with online scrub and repair for quota metadata (2023-02-16)
  repair-quotacheck xfs: race fsstress with online scrub and repair for quotacheck (2023-02-16)
  repair-rmap-btree xfs/422: don't freeze while racing rmap repair and fsstress (2023-02-16)
  scrub-nlinks xfs: race fsstress with inode link count check and repair (2023-02-16)
  repair-ag-btrees xfs: stress test ag repair functions (2023-02-16)
  repair-force-rebuild fuzzy: use FORCE_REBUILD over injecting force_repair (2023-02-16)
  repair-inodes xfs: race fsstress with online repair for inode record metadata (2023-02-16)
  scrub-rtsummary xfs: race fsstress with online scrubbers for file metadata (2023-01-31)
  fix-alwayscow-tests various: test is not appropriate for always_cow mode (2023-01-17)
  fix-populate-slowness populate: improve runtime of __populate_fill_fs (2023-01-17)
  fix-dax-reflink xfs/182: fix spurious direct write failure (2023-01-17)
  race-scrub-and-mount-state-changes xfs: stress test xfs_scrub(8) with freeze and ro-remount loops (2022-12-30)
  refactor-fsmap-stress xfs: race fsmap with readonly remounts to detect crash or livelock (2022-12-30)
  refactor-scrub-stress fuzzy: delay the start of the scrub loop when stress-testing scrub (2022-12-30)
  xfs-fixes-6.1 xfs/122: fix EFI/EFD log format structure size after flex array conversion (2022-12-20)
  xfs-merge-6.2 xfs/179: modify test to trigger refcount update bugs (2022-12-20)
  fix-broken-fuzz-mdrestore fuzzy: don't fail on compressed metadumps (2022-12-17)
  scrub-media-error-reporting xfs: test xfs_scrub phase 6 media error reporting (2022-11-06)
  refactor-xfs-geometry common: simplify grep pipe sed interactions (2022-10-26)
  cached-image-external-log fstests: refactor xfs_mdrestore calls (2022-10-14)
  compress-core-dumps check: optionally compress core dumps (2022-10-14)
  fix-fail-make-request fail_make_request: teach helpers about external devices (2022-08-09)
  fix-shutdown-test-hangs common: filter internal errors during io error testing (2022-08-09)
  dmerror-on-rt-devices dmerror: support external log and realtime devices (2022-08-09)
  refactor-ext4-helpers common/ext4: provide custom ext4 scratch fs options (2022-08-09)
  xfs-fixes-5.19 xfs/{015,042,076}: fix mkfs failures with nrext64=1 (2022-08-09)
  dmlogwrites-multidisk dmlogwrites: skip generic tests when external logdev in use (2022-07-28)
  check-blocksize-congruency punch: skip fpunch tests when page size not congruent with file allocation unit (2022-07-20)
  fix-fail-make-reqest fail_make_request: teach helpers about external devices (2022-07-20)
  xfs-merge-5.19 xfs/288: skip repair -n when checking empty root leaf block behavior (2022-07-05)
  xfs-merge-5.18 generic: ensure we drop suid after fallocate (2022-04-29)
  xfsprogs-merge-5.15 xfs/216: handle larger log sizes (2022-04-11)
  new-min-log-size xfs: test scaling of the mkfs concurrency options (2022-03-29)
  xfs-fixes-5.17 generic: ensure we drop suid after fallocate (2022-03-29)
  xfs-merge-5.17 fstests: skip tests that require XFS_IOC_ALLOCSP (2022-01-25)
  xfs-5.17-merge xfs: test fixes for new 5.17 behaviors (2021-12-28)
  repair-rmap-live xfs/422: don't freeze while racing rmap repair and fsstress (2021-12-15)
  repair-hard-problems xfs/422: use new -f option to xfs_io repair (2021-12-15)
  zero-initialize-pmem generic: test FALLOC_FL_ZEROINIT_RANGE (2021-09-16)
  document-test-groups new: only allow documented test group names (2021-09-16)
  new-script-cleanups new: don't allow new tests in group 'other' (2021-09-16)
  new-tests-for-5.14 generic: fsstress with cpu offlining (2021-09-16)
  realtime-fixes xfs: test adding realtime sections to filesystem (2021-09-16)
  new-tests-for-5.15 xfs: regresion test for fsmap problems with realtime (2021-09-03)
  deferred-inactivation xfs/108: sync filesystem before querying quota (2021-08-31)
  recovery-loop-tagging misc: tag all tests that examine crash recovery in a loop (2021-08-17)
  dmlogwrites- dmlogwrites: skip generic tests when realtime device in use (2021-07-27)
  fstests-fixes new: allow users to specify a new test id (2021-07-23)
  shrink-fixes xfs: test regression in shrink when the new EOFS splits a sparse inode cluster (2021-07-23)
  immutable-files generic: check that we can't modify immutable files (2021-07-06)
  online-labelling xfs: test xfs_admin label commands on mounted fs (2021-07-06)
  autogenerate-groupfiles-5.14 misc: update documentation to reflect auto-generated group files (2021-06-21)
  autogenerate-groupfiles fstests: remove test group management code (2021-05-25)
  regression-fixes xfs: test fsx with extent size hints set on a realtime file (2021-05-25)
  bigtime      xfs: test upgrading filesystem to bigtime (2021-04-27)
  swapfile-fixes common/rc: relax xfs swapfile support checks (2021-04-27)
  xfsprogs-regressions xfs/010: filter out bad finobt levels complaint (2021-04-27)
  inobt-counters xfs: test inobtcount upgrade (2021-04-21)
  needsrepair  xfs: test that the needsrepair feature works as advertised (2021-04-21)
  eofblocks-consolidation xfs/23[12]: abstractify the XFS cow prealloc trimming interval (2021-03-31)
  kernel-regressions generic: test a deadlock in xfs_rename when whiteing out files (2021-03-25)
  xfs_db-directory-navigation xfs: test the xfs_db ls command (2021-03-25)
  fix-fsx-and-fsstress-warnings fstests: remove libattr dependencies (2021-03-08)
  remove-dmapi fstests: remove DMAPI support from build system (2021-03-08)
  rtextsize    xfs: test fallocate ops when rt extent size is and isn't a power of 2 (2021-03-08)
  better-metadumps common: capture qcow2 dumps of corrupt ext* filesystems (2021-03-08)
  testsuite-improvements fuzzy: capture core dumps from repair utilities (2021-03-02)
  remove-no-rtinherit common: remove _require_no_rtinherit (2021-02-12)
  mkfs-config-profiles xfs: test mkfs.xfs config files (2020-12-31)
  test-fixes-5.11 generic: test file writers racing with FIDEDUPERANGE (2020-12-31)
  test-fixes-5.10 xfs/122: fix test for xfs_attr_shortform_t conversion (2020-11-29)
  repair-part-two xfs/422: use new -f option to xfs_io repair (2020-11-10)
  random-stuff xfs/194: actually check if we got the desired block size before proceeding (2020-10-10)
  vfs-timestamp-tests generic: check time (2020-08-25)
  corruption-health-reports common: check xfs health (2020-08-11)
  remove-xfs-check evaluate xfs_check vs xfs_repair (2020-08-11)
  remove-quota-qcore xfs/{263,106} erase max warnings printout (2020-07-24)
  splice-files generic: test splice() with pipes (2020-07-24)
  new-tests    xfs: test sunit/swidth updates (2020-04-23)
  quota-timer-tests xfs: make sure our default quota warning limits and grace periods survive quotacheck (2020-03-03)
  repair-find-rootdir xfs: test sunit/swidth updates (2020-03-03)
  online-label-setting xfs: test setting labels with xfs_admin (2020-02-19)
  immutable-swapfiles generic: check that we can't write to swap files (2019-09-23)
  bulkstat-v5  xfs: test new v5 bulkstat commands (2019-07-31)
  widen-idelayed xfs: check for COW overflows in i_delayed_blks (2019-06-28)
  health-tracking xfs: basic testing of new xfs_spaceman health command (2019-05-20)
  repair-part-one xfs/122: ignore inode geometry structure (2019-05-20)
  djwong-experimental xfs: validate unicode filesystem labels (2019-03-19)
  djwong-devel misc: fix broken _require_scratch usage (2019-03-19)
  incore-unlinked-list generic: check the behavior of programs opening a lot of O_TMPFILE files (2019-02-12)
  fsstress-clone generic: long fsx soak tests (2018-11-22)
  for-next     generic: test fsync new file after removing hard link (2018-03-04)
  mmap-truncate generic: add write vs fcollapse test (2014-09-17)
  upstream-queue 1.1.0 release (2011-10-14)

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