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# tags:
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/tags \
	--format='%(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
gfs2-for-v6.10 gfs2 updates (2024-05-13) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.8-fix gfs2 fix (2024-03-25) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.8-rc2-revert gfs2: revert this broken commit (2024-02-02) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.7-rc1-fixes gfs2 updates (2024-01-08) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.6-rc2-fixes gfs2 fixes (2023-11-07) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.6-rc1-fixes gfs2 fixes (2023-09-18) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.5-rc5-fixes gfs2 fixes (2023-09-05) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.4-fixes gfs2 fixes (2023-08-08) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.4-rc5-fixes gfs2 fixes (2023-07-04) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.4-rc4-fix gfs2 fix (2023-06-06) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.3-fix gfs2 fix (2023-05-10) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.3-rc3-fixes gfs2 fixes (2023-04-25) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.3-rc3-fix gfs2 fix (2023-03-23) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.2-rc5-fixes gfs2 fixes (2023-02-22) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.2-rc4-fix gfs2 writepage fix (2023-01-22) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.1-rc7-fixes gfs2 fixes (2022-12-16) tar.gz
gfs2-nopid-for-v6.1 gfs2 debugfs improvements (2022-10-09) tar.gz
gfs2-v6.0-rc2-fixes gfs2 fixes (2022-10-09) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.19-rc4-fixes gfs2 fixes (2022-08-05) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.18-rc6-fixes gfs2 fixes (2022-05-24) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.18-rc4-fix3 gfs2 fixes (2022-05-13) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.18-rc4-fix2 gfs2 fix (2022-04-28) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.18-rc4-fix gfs2 fix (2022-04-26) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.17-rc4-fixes gfs2 fixes (2022-03-31) tar.gz
write-page-prefaulting Fix buffered write page prefaulting (2022-03-25) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.16-rc3-fixes2 gfs2 fixes: * Revert debug commit that causes unexpected data corruption. * Fix muti-block reservation regression. (2022-02-11) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.16-rc3-fixes Various minor gfs2 cleanups and fixes (2022-01-11) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.16-rc4-fixes Fixes in gfs2: * Since commit 486408d690e1 ("gfs2: Cancel remote delete work   asynchronously"), inode create and lookup-by-number can overlap more   easily and we can end up with temporary duplicate inodes.  Fix the   code to prevent that. * Fix a BUG demoting weak glock holders from a remote node. (2021-12-04) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.16-rc2-fixes Fixes in gfs2: * The current iomap_file_buffered_write behavior of failing the entire   write when part of the user buffer cannot be faulted in leads to an   endless loop in gfs2.  Work around that in gfs2 for now. * Various other bugs all over the place. (2021-11-18) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.15-rc5-fixes Changes in gfs2: (2021-11-02) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.15-rc5-mmap-fault gfs2: Fix mmap + page fault deadlocks (2021-11-02) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.14-rc2-fixes Changes in gfs2: * Various withdraw related fixes (freeze glock recursion, thread   initialization / destruction order, journal recovery, glock cleanup,   withdraw under journal lock). * Some error message improvements. * Various minor cleanups. (2021-08-30) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.13-fixes Various minor gfs2 cleanups and fixes (2021-06-29) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.13-rc2-fixes3 gfs2: Recognize mmap + page fault self-recursion to prevent deadlocks (2021-06-02) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.13-rc2-fixes2 Revert broken commit (2021-06-01) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.13-rc2-fixes Various gfs2 fixes (2021-05-31) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.13 Changes in gfs2: (2021-04-29) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.12-rc2-fixes2 Two more gfs2 fixes (2021-04-03) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.12-rc2-fixes Various gfs2 fixes (2021-03-12) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.12 Changes in gfs2: * Log space and revoke accounting rework to fix some failed asserts. * Local resource group glock sharing for better local performance. * Add support for version 1802 filesystems: trusted xattr support and   '-o rgrplvb' mounts by default. * Actually synchronize on the inode glock's FREEING bit during withdraw   ("gfs2: fix glock confusion in function signal_our_withdraw"). * Fix parallel recovery of multiple journals ("gfs2: keep bios separate   for each journal"). * Various other bug fixes. (2021-02-23) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.11 Changes in gfs2: * Don't wait for unfreeze of the wrong filesystems. * Remove an obsolete delete_work_func hack and an incorrect sb_start_write. * Minor documentation updates and cosmetic care. (2020-12-19) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.10-rc5-fixes Various gfs2 fixes (2020-12-02) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.10-rc4-fixes Fix gfs2 freeze/thaw (2020-11-18) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.10-rc3-fixes Fix jdata data corruption and glock reference leak (2020-11-12) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.10-rc1-fixes Various gfs2 fixes (2020-11-05) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.10 Changes in gfs2: * Use iomap for non-journaled buffered I/O.  This largely eliminates buffer   heads on filesystems where the block size matches the page size.  Many thanks   to Christoph Hellwig for this patch! * Fixes for some more journaled data filesystem bugs, found by running xfstests   with data journaling on for all files (chattr +j $MNT) (Bob Peterson). * gfs2_evict_inode refactoring (Bob Peterson). * Use the statfs data in the journal during recovery instead of reading it in   from the local statfs inodes (Abhi Das). * Several other minor fixes by various people. (2020-10-23) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.9-rc2-fixes Fix memory leak on filesystem withdraw (2020-08-28) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.9 Changes in gfs2: (2020-08-10) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.8-rc4.fixes Fix gfs2 readahead deadlocks (2020-07-10) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.8-rc3.fixes Various gfs2 fixes (2020-07-03) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.8-rc2.fixes Various gfs2 fixes (2020-06-24) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.8 Changes in gfs2: (2020-06-08) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.7-rc7.fixes Fix the previous, flawed gfs2_find_jhead commit (2020-05-29) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.7-rc1.fixes Various gfs2 fixes (2020-05-12) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.7 We've got a lot of patches (39) for this merge window. Most of these patches are related to corruption that occurs when journals are replayed. For example: (2020-03-31) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.6-2 Changes in gfs2: (2020-02-07) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.6 Changes in gfs2: (2020-01-31) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.5 GFS2 changes for this merge window: (2019-12-05) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.4-rc5.fixes Fix remounting (broken in -rc1). (2019-10-30) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.4-rc4.fixes Fix a memory leak introduced in -rc1. (2019-10-24) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.4 Changes for gfs2: (2019-09-19) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.3-rc3.fixes Fix incorrect lseek / fiemap results (2019-08-10) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.3-rc2.fixes Fix gfs2 cluster coherency bug (2019-08-01) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.3 Some relatively minor changes for gfs2: (2019-07-10) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.2.fixes2 Fix rounding error in gfs2_iomap_page_prepare (2019-06-14) tar.gz
gfs2-v5.2.fixes Revert commit "gfs2: Replace gl_revokes with a GLF flag". (2019-06-06) tar.gz
gfs2-5.1.fixes2 Fix a gfs2 sign extension bug introduced in v4.3. (2019-05-22) tar.gz
gfs2-for-5.2 We've got the following patches ready for this merge window: (2019-05-08) tar.gz
gfs2-5.1.fixes We've only got three patches ready for this merge window: (2019-03-08) tar.gz
gfs2-4.21.fixes We've got 11 patches for this merge window: (2018-12-19) tar.gz
gfs2-4.20.fixes3 Fix two bugs leading to leaked buffer head references: (2018-11-15) tar.gz
gfs2-4.20.fixes2 Fix two bugs leading to leaked buffer head references: (2018-11-15) tar.gz
gfs2-4.20.fixes We've got 18 patches for this merge window, none of which are very major. (2018-10-23) tar.gz
gfs2-4.19.fixes3 gfs2 4.19 fixes (2018-10-12) tar.gz
gfs2-4.19.fixes2 gfs2 4.19 fixes (2018-10-09) tar.gz
gfs2-4.19.fixes gfs2 4.19 merge (2018-08-13) tar.gz
gfs2-4.18.fixes We've got 9 more patches for this merge window. (2018-06-04) tar.gz
gfs2-4.17.fixes2 We decided to request the latest three patches to be merged into this merge window while it's still open. (2018-04-12) tar.gz
gfs2-4.17.fixes We've only got 9 GFS2 patches for this merge window: (2018-04-03) tar.gz
gfs2-4.16.rc4.fixes This tag is meant for pulling a patch called gfs2: Fixes to "Implement iomap for block_map" (2). The patch fixes a regression we discovered in commit 49edd5bf42. (2018-03-07) tar.gz
gfs2-4.16.rc1.fixes Fix regressions in patch Implement iomap for block_map (2018-02-14) tar.gz
gfs2-4.16.fixes2 Andreas Gruenbacher wrote two additional patches that we would like merged in this time. Both are regressions: (2018-02-02) tar.gz
gfs2-4.16.fixes We've got 30 patches for this merge window. These generally fall into five categories: (1) code cleanups, (2) patches related to adding PUNCH_HOLE support to GFS2, (3) support for new fields in resource group headers, (4) a few bug fixes, and (5) support for new fields in journal log headers. These new fields, which were previously unused, are designed to make it easier to track down file system corruption, and allow fsck.gfs2 to make more intelligent decisions when finding and fixing file system corruption. (2018-01-31) tar.gz
gfs2-4.15.fixes We've got a total of 17 GFS2 patches for this merge window. The patches are basically in three categories: (1) patches related to broken xfstest cases, (2) patches related to improving iomap and start using it in GFS2, and (3) general typos and clarifications. (2017-11-14) tar.gz
gfs2-for-linus-4.14-rc3 GFS2: Fix an old regression in GFS2's debugfs interface (2017-09-25) tar.gz
gfs2-4.14.fixes We've got a whopping 29 GFS2 patches for this merge window, mainly because we held some back from the previous merge window until we could get them perfected and well tested. We have a couple patch sets, including my patch set for protecting glock gl_object and Andreas Gruenbacher's patch set to fix the long-standing shrink- slab hang, plus a bunch of assorted bugs and cleanups: (2017-09-03) tar.gz
gfs2-4.13.fixes.addendum This is a high-priority addendum patch for a regression introduced by commit 88ffbf3e03. Some code was reverted that should not have been. This patch from Andreas Gruenbacher adds it back in. (2017-07-07) tar.gz
gfs2-4.13.fixes We've got eight GFS2 patches for this merge window: (2017-07-05) tar.gz
gfs2-4.12.fixes We've got ten GFS2 patches for this merge window. (2017-05-05) tar.gz
gfs2-4.11-rc3.fixes This is an emergency patch for 4.11-rc3 (2017-03-15) tar.gz
gfs2-4.11.addendum This is an addendum for the 4.11 merge window. (2017-02-23) tar.gz
gfs2-4.11.fixes We've got eight GFS2 patches for this merge window: (2017-02-21) tar.gz
gfs2-4.8.fixes We've only got six GFS2 patches for this merge window. In patch order: (2016-10-03) tar.gz
gfs2-4.7.fixes We've got ten patches this time, half of which are related to a plethora of nasty outcomes when inodes are transitioned from the unlinked state to the free state. Small file systems are particularly vulnerable to these problems, and it can manifest as mainly hangs, but also file system corruption. The patches have been tested for literally many weeks, with a very gruelling test, so I have a high level of confidence. (2016-07-22) tar.gz
gfs2-merge-window GFS2: merge window (2016-03-17) tar.gz

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