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QEMU I/O test suite
$ git log --pretty=format:'%h %s (%cs)%d'
4e1cfca common.config: Allow use of arbitrary qemu* paths (2011-12-08)
	(HEAD -> master)
1dfbf5d check: print relevant path information (2011-12-08)
75adf62 test loading internal snapshots (2011-11-20)
ca3fd1d Update filter for default cluster size (2011-06-09)
62e1238 add qed support to 025 image resize test (2011-05-25)
5aabfa4 Update rbd support (2011-04-21)
09f1920 common.config: Fix no $TEST_DIR directory (2011-04-21)
26e25ac only run 016 for file and sheepdog protocols (2011-04-21)
e723497 Use zero-based offsets for IO patterns (2011-02-04)
0a55cd6 add support for rbd and sheepdog protocols (2011-02-04)

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=== This is the QEMU I/O test suite ===

* Intro

This package contains a simple test suite for the I/O layer of qemu.
It does not require a guest, but only the qemu, qemu-img and qemu-io
binaries.  This does limit it to exercise the low-level I/O path only
but no actual block drivers like ide, scsi or virtio.

* Usage

Just run ./check to run all tests for the raw image format, or ./check
-qcow2 to test the qcow2 image format.  The output of ./check -h explains
additional options to test further image formats or I/O methods.

* Feedback and patches

Please send improvements to the test suite, general feedback or just
reports of failing tests cases to

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* master       common.config: Allow use of arbitrary qemu* paths (2011-12-08)

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