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# heads (aka `branches'):
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	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
* master       Merge git:// (2022-01-09)
  iosm         iosm: convert to generic wwan ops (2021-05-27)
  rtnl         cfg80211: avoid holding the RTNL when calling the driver (2021-01-22)
  genetlink-op-policy-export genetlink: properly support per-op policy dumping (2020-10-02)
  netlink-validation nl80211: use NLA_POLICY_RANGE(NLA_BINARY, ...) for a few attributes (2020-08-18)
  um-orc-unwind try ARCH=um ORC unwinder (2020-08-13)
  pending      nl80211: add ability to report TX status for control port TX (2020-05-26)
  uml-time-travel arch: um: support time travel mode (2019-05-28)
  netlink-policy-export netlink: limit recursion depth in policy validation (2019-04-12)
  cfg80211-mac80211-multi-bssid cfg80211: add missing kernel-doc for multi-BSSID fields (2019-02-08)
  ftm          mac80211: allow drivers to use peer measurement API (2018-10-17)
  lib80211-test lib80211 WEP/TKIP test (2018-10-10)
  heads/refs/heads/ftm cfg80211: add peer measurement with FTM API (2018-09-18)
  txq          add my notes (2017-10-25)
  regulatory   cfg80211: implement regdb signature checking (2017-10-09)
  txq-filter   mac80211: only remove AP VLAN frames from TXQ (2017-10-05)
  vht-ext-nss  mac80211: copy VHT EXT NSS BW Support/Capable data to station (2017-09-27)
  skb-access-cleanups networking: add and use skb_put_u8() (2017-06-16)
  bpf          wifimon example program (2017-04-13)
  nl-err       nl80211: add a few extended error strings (2017-04-12)
  hwflags-elide iwlwifi: mvm: add Kconfig settings for hw flags (2015-11-13)
  hwflags-static-key mac80211: use Kconfig counters to determine feature optimisation (2015-11-12)
  statistics   mac80211: support rate-control based TX ratestats (2015-01-28)
  roaming-wip  nl80211: add roaming key clear feature (2014-02-25)

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