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mac80211-next-for-net-next-2022-01-04 Just a few more changes:  * mac80211: allow non-standard VHT MCSes 10/11  * mac80211: add sleepable station iterator for drivers  * nl80211: clarify a comment  * mac80211: small cleanup to use typed element helpers (2022-01-04) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-12-21 This time we have:  * ndo_fill_forward_path support in mac80211, to let    drivers use it  * association comeback notification for userspace,    to be able to react more sensibly to long delays  * support for background radar detection hardware    in some chipsets  * SA Query Procedures offload on the AP side  * more logging if we find problems with HT/VHT/HE  * various cleanups and minor fixes (2021-12-21) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-10-21 Quite a few changes:  * the applicable eth_hw_addr_set() and const hw_addr changes  * various code cleanups/refactorings  * stack usage reductions across the wireless stack  * some unstructured find_ie() -> structured find_element()    changes  * a few more pieces of multi-BSSID support  * some 6 GHz regulatory support  * 6 GHz support in hwsim, for testing userspace code  * Light Communications (LC, 802.11bb) early band definitions    to be able to add a first driver soon (2021-10-21) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-08-26 A few more things:  * Use correct DFS domain for self-managed devices  * some preparations for transmit power element handling    and other 6 GHz regulatory handling  * TWT support in AP mode in mac80211 (2021-08-26) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-08-20 Minor updates:  * BSS coloring support  * MEI commands for Intel platforms  * various fixes/cleanups (2021-08-20) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-06-25 Lots of changes:  * aggregation handling improvements for some drivers  * hidden AP discovery on 6 GHz and other HE 6 GHz    improvements  * minstrel improvements for no-ack frames  * deferred rate control for TXQs to improve reaction    times  * virtual time-based airtime scheduler  * along with various little cleanups/fixups (2021-06-25) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-04-20 Another set of updates, all over the map:  * set sk_pacing_shift for 802.3->802.11 encap offload  * some monitor support for 802.11->802.3 decap offload  * HE (802.11ax) spec updates  * userspace API for TDLS HE support  * along with various other small features, cleanups and    fixups (2021-04-20) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-02-12 Last set of updates:  * more minstrel work from Felix to reduce the    probing overhead  * QoS for nl80211 control port frames  * STBC injection support  * and a couple of small fixes (2021-02-12) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-02-02 This time, only RTNL locking reduction fallout.  - cfg80211_dev_rename() requires RTNL  - cfg80211_change_iface() and cfg80211_set_encryption()    require wiphy mutex (was missing in wireless extensions)  - cfg80211_destroy_ifaces() requires wiphy mutex  - netdev registration can fail due to notifiers, and then    notifiers are "unrolled", need to handle this properly (2021-02-02) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-01-27 More updates:  * many minstrel improvements, including removal of the old    minstrel in favour of minstrel_ht  * speed improvements on FQ  * support for RX decapsulation (header conversion) offload  * RTNL reduction: limit RTNL usage in the wireless stack    mostly to where really needed (regulatory not yet) to    reduce contention on it  * various other small updates (2021-01-27) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-01-26 More updates:  * many minstrel improvements, including removal of the old    minstrel in favour of minstrel_ht  * speed improvements on FQ  * support for RX decapsulation (header conversion) offload  * RTNL reduction: limit RTNL usage in the wireless stack    mostly to where really needed (regulatory not yet) to    reduce contention on it  * various other small updates (2021-01-26) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-12-11 A new set of wireless changes:  * validate key indices for key deletion  * more preamble support in mac80211  * various 6 GHz scan fixes/improvements  * a common SAR power limitations API  * various small fixes & code improvements (2020-12-11) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-11-13 Some updates:  * injection/radiotap updates for new test capabilities  * remove WDS support - even years ago when we turned    it off by default it was already basically unusable  * support for HE (802.11ax) rates for beacons  * support for some vendor-specific HE rates  * many other small features/cleanups (2020-11-13) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-10-08 A handful of changes:  * fixes for the recent S1G work  * a docbook build time improvement  * API to pass beacon rate to lower-level driver (2020-10-08) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-10-02 Another set of changes, this time with:  * lots more S1G band support  * 6 GHz scanning, finally  * kernel-doc fixes  * non-split wiphy dump fixes in nl80211  * various other small cleanups/features (2020-10-02) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-09-21 This time we have:  * some AP-side infrastructure for FILS discovery and    unsolicited probe resonses  * a major rework of the encapsulation/header conversion    offload from Felix, to fit better with e.g. AP_VLAN    interfaces  * performance fix for VHT A-MPDU size, don't limit to HT  * some initial patches for S1G (sub 1 GHz) support, more    will come in this area  * minor cleanups (2020-09-21) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2020-08-28 This time we have:  * some code to support SAE (WPA3) offload in AP mode  * many documentation (wording) fixes/updates  * netlink policy updates, including the use of NLA_RANGE    with binary attributes  * regulatory improvements for adjacent frequency bands  * and a few other small additions/refactorings/cleanups (2020-08-28) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2020-08-03 A few more changes, notably:  * handle new SAE (WPA3 authentication) status codes in the correct way  * fix a while that should be an if instead, avoiding infinite loops  * handle beacon filtering changing better (2020-08-03) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2020-07-31 We have a number of changes  * code cleanups and fixups as usual  * AQL & internal TXQ improvements from Felix  * some mesh 802.1X support bits  * some injection improvements from Mathy of KRACK    fame, so we'll see what this results in ;-)  * some more initial S1G supports bits, this time    (some of?) the userspace APIs (2020-07-31) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2020-05-31 Another set of changes, including  * many 6 GHz changes, though it's not _quite_ complete    (I left out scanning for now, we're still discussing)  * allow userspace SA-query processing for operating channel    validation  * TX status for control port TX, for AP-side operation  * more per-STA/TID control options  * move to kHz for channels, for future S1G operation  * various other small changes (2020-05-31) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-04-25 One batch of changes, containing:  * hwsim improvements from Jouni and myself, to be able to    test more scenarios easily  * some more HE (802.11ax) support  * some initial S1G (sub 1 GHz) work for fractional MHz channels  * some (action) frame registration updates to help DPP support  * along with other various improvements/fixes (2020-05-25) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-03-20 Another set of changes:  * HE ranging (fine timing measurement) API support  * hwsim gets virtio support, for use with wmediumd,    to be able to simulate with multiple machines  * eapol-over-nl80211 improvements to exclude preauth  * IBSS reset support, to recover connections from    userspace  * and various others. (2020-03-20) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-02-24 A new set of changes:  * lots of small documentation fixes, from Jérôme Pouiller  * beacon protection (BIGTK) support from Jouni Malinen  * some initial code for TID configuration, from Tamizh chelvam  * I reverted some new API before it's actually used, because    it's wrong to mix controlled port and preauth  * a few other cleanups/fixes (2020-02-24) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-02-14 A few big new things:  * 802.11 frame encapsulation offload support  * more HE (802.11ax) support, including some for 6 GHz band  * powersave in hwsim, for better testing (2020-02-14) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2019-11-22 The interesting new thing here is AQL, the Airtime Queue Limit patchset from Kan Yan (Google) and Toke Høiland-Jørgensen (Redhat). The effect is intended to eventually be similar to BQL, but byte queue limits are not useful in wifi where the actual throughput can vary by around 4 orders of magnitude. There are more details in the patches themselves. (2019-11-22) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2019-11-08 Some relatively small changes:  * typo fixes in docs  * APIs for station separation using VLAN tags rather    than separate wifi netdevs  * some preparations for upcoming features (802.3 offload    and airtime queue limits (AQL)  * stack reduction in ieee80211_assoc_success()  * use DEFINE_DEBUGFS_ATTRIBUTE in hwsim (2019-11-08) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-net-next-2019-10-11 A few more small things, nothing really stands out:  * minstrel improvements from Felix  * a TX aggregation simplification  * some additional capabilities for hwsim  * minor cleanups & docs updates (2019-10-11) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2019-09-11 We have a number of changes, but things are settling down:  * a fix in the new 6 GHz channel support  * a fix for recent minstrel (rate control) updates    for an infinite loop  * handle interface type changes better wrt. management frame    registrations (for management frames sent to userspace)  * add in-BSS RX time to survey information  * handle HW rfkill properly if !CONFIG_RFKILL  * send deauth on IBSS station expiry, to avoid state mismatches  * handle deferred crypto tailroom updates in mac80211 better    when device restart happens  * fix a spectre-v1 - really a continuation of a previous patch  * advertise NL80211_CMD_UPDATE_FT_IES as supported if so  * add some missing parsing in VHT extended NSS support  * support HE in mac80211_hwsim  * let mac80211 drivers determine the max MTU themselves along with the usual cleanups etc. (2019-09-11) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2019-08-21 Here are a few groups of changes:  * EDMG channel support (60 GHz, just a single patch)  * initial 6/7 GHz band support (Arend)  * association timestamp recording (Ben)  * rate control improvements for better performance with    the mt76 driver (Felix)  * various fixes for previous HE support changes (John) (2019-08-21) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2019-07-31 We have a reasonably large number of changes:  * lots more HE (802.11ax) support, particularly things    relevant for the the AP side, but also mesh support  * debugfs cleanups from Greg  * some more work on extended key ID  * start using genl parallel_ops, as preparation for    weaning ourselves off RTNL and getting parallelism  * various other changes all over (2019-07-31) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2019-06-14 Many changes all over:  * HE (802.11ax) work continues  * WPA3 offloads  * work on extended key ID handling continues  * fixes to honour AP supported rates with auth/assoc frames  * nl80211 netlink policy improvements to fix some issues    with strict validation on new commands with old attrs (2019-06-14) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2019-04-26 Various updates, notably:  * extended key ID support (from 802.11-2016)  * per-STA TX power control support  * mac80211 TX performance improvements  * HE (802.11ax) updates  * mesh link probing support  * enhancements of multi-BSSID support (also related to HE)  * OWE userspace processing support (2019-04-26) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2019-02-22 This time we have, of note:  * the massive patch series for multi-BSSID support, I ended up    applying that through a side branch to record some details  * CSA improvements  * HE (802.11ax) updates to Draft 3.3  * strongly typed element iteration/etc. to make such code more    readable - this came up in particular in multi-BSSID  * rhashtable conversion patches from Herbert Along, as usual, with various fixes and improvements. (2019-02-22) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2019-02-01 New features for the wifi stack:  * airtime fairness scheduling in mac80211, so we can share  * more authentication offloads to userspace - this is for    SAE which is part of WPA3 and is hard to do in firmware  * documentation fixes  * various mesh improvements  * various other small improvements/cleanups (2019-02-01) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-12-19 This time we have too many changes to list, highlights:  * virt_wifi - wireless control simulation on top of    another network interface  * hwsim configurability to test capabilities similar    to real hardware  * various mesh improvements  * various radiotap vendor data fixes in mac80211  * finally the nl_set_extack_cookie_u64() we talked    about previously, used for  * peer measurement APIs, right now only with FTM    (flight time measurement) for location  * made nl80211 radio/interface announcements more complete  * various new HE (802.11ax) things:    updates, TWT support, ... (2018-12-19) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-10-12 Highlights:  * merge net-next, so I can finish the hwsim workqueue removal  * fix TXQ NULL pointer issue that was reported multiple times  * minstrel cleanups from Felix  * simplify lib80211 code by not using skcipher, note that this    will conflict with the crypto tree (and this new code here    should be used)  * use new netlink policy validation in nl80211  * fix up SAE (part of WPA3) in client-mode  * FTM responder support in the stack (2018-10-12) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-09-05 This time, we have some pretty impactful work. Among the changes:  * changes to make PTK rekeying work better, or actually    better/safely if drivers get updated  * VHT extended NSS support - some APs had capabilities    that didn't fit into the VHT (11ac) spec, so the spec    was updated and we follow that now  * some TXQ and A-MSDU building work - will allow iwlwifi    to use this soon  * more HE work, including aligning to 802.11ax Draft 3.0  * L-SIG and 0-length-PSDU support in radiotap (2018-09-05) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-08-29 Only a few changes at this point:  * new channels in 60 GHz  * clarify (average) ACK signal reporting API  * expose ieee80211_send_layer2_update() for all drivers  * start/stop mac80211's TXQs properly when required  * avoid regulatory restore with IE ignoring  * spelling: contidion -> condition  * fully implement WFA Multi-AP backhaul (2018-08-29) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-07-24 Only a few things:  * HE (802.11ax) support in HWSIM  * bypass TXQ with NDP frames as they're special  * convert ahash -> shash in lib80211 TKIP  * avoid playing with tailroom counter defer unless    needed to avoid issues in some cases (2018-07-24) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-06-29 This round's updates:  * finally some of the promised HE code, but it turns    out to be small - but everything kept changing, so    one part I did in the driver was >30 patches for    what was ultimately <200 lines of code ... similar    here for this code.  * improved scan privacy support - can now specify scan    flags for randomizing the sequence number as well as    reducing the probe request element content  * rfkill cleanups  * a timekeeping cleanup from Arnd  * various other cleanups (2018-06-29) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-05-23 For this round, we have various things all over the place, notably  * a fix for a race in aggregation, which I want to let    bake for a bit longer before sending to stable  * some new statistics (ACK RSSI, TXQ)  * TXQ configuration  * preparations for HE, particularly radiotap  * replace confusing "country IE" by "country element" since it's    not referring to Ireland (2018-05-23) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-05-09 While we're still waiting for HE/802.11ax code, we just have a few things:  * some new statistics (ACK RSSI, TXQ)  * TXQ configuration  * infrastructure to handle CSA in firmware  * and some various cleanups/improvements (2018-05-09) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-03-29 We have a fair number of patches, but many of them are from the first bullet here:  * EAPoL-over-nl80211 from Denis - this will let us fix    some long-standing issues with bridging, races with    encryption and more  * DFS offload support from the qtnfmac folks  * regulatory database changes for the new ETSI adaptivity    requirements  * various other fixes and small enhancements (2018-03-29) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-03-02 Only a few new things:  * hwsim net namespace stuff from Kirill Tkhai  * A-MSDU support in fast-RX  * 4-addr mode support in fast-RX  * support for a spec quirk in Add-BA negotiation (2018-03-02) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-02-22 Various updates across wireless. (2018-02-22) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-01-22 Less than a handful of changes:  * possible memory leak fix in hwsim  * speed up hwsim  * add hwsim userspace rate control API  * code cleanups (2018-01-22) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2018-01-04 We have things all over the place, no point listing them. (2018-01-04) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2017-10-13 Three fixes for the recently added new code:  * make "make -s" silent for the certs file (Arnd)  * fix missing CONFIG_ in extra certs symbol (Arnd)  * use crypto_aead_authsize() to use the proper API and two other changes:  * remove a set-but-unused variable  * don't track HT *capability* changes, capabilities    are supposed to be constant (HT operation changes) (2017-10-13) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2017-10-11 Work continues in various areas:  * port authorized event for 4-way-HS offload (Avi)  * enable MFP optional for such devices (Emmanuel)  * Kees's timer setup patch for mac80211 mesh    (the part that isn't trivially scripted)  * improve VLAN vs. TXQ handling (myself)  * load regulatory database as firmware file (myself)  * with various other small improvements and cleanups (2017-10-11) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2017-06-13 A couple of weeks worth of updates - looks like things are quiet:  * merged net-next back to get a patch from net that another patch    here depends on  * various small improvements/cleanups across the board  * 4-way handshake offload (many thanks to Arend for shepherding that)  * mesh CSA/DFS support in mac80211  * the skb_put_zero() we discussed previously (2017-06-13) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2017-04-28 Another set of patches for -next:  * API support for concurrent scheduled scan requests  * API changes for roaming reporting  * BSS max idle support in mac80211  * API changes for TX status reporting in mac80211  * API changes for RX rate reporting in mac80211  * rewrite monitor logic to prepare for BPF filters  * bugfix for rare devices without 2.4 GHz support  * a bugfix for recent DFS changes  * some further cleanups (2017-04-28) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2017-04-18 My last pull request has been a while, we now have:  * connection quality monitoring with multiple thresholds  * support for FILS shared key authentication offload  * pre-CAC regulatory compliance - only ETSI allows this  * sanity check for some rate confusion that hit ChromeOS    (but nobody else uses it, evidently)  * some documentation updates  * lots of cleanups (2017-04-18) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2017-02-09 Some more updates:  * use shash in mac80211 crypto code where applicable  * some documentation fixes  * pass RSSI levels up in change notifications  * remove unused rfkill-regulator  * various other cleanups (2017-02-09) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2017-01-13 For 4.11, we seem to have more than in the past few releases:  * socket owner support for connections, so when the wifi    manager (e.g. wpa_supplicant) is killed, connections are    torn down - wpa_supplicant is critical to managing certain    operations, and can opt in to this where applicable  * minstrel & minstrel_ht updates to be more efficient (time and space)  * set wifi_acked/wifi_acked_valid for skb->destructor use in the    kernel, which was already available to userspace  * don't indicate new mesh peers that might be used if there's no    room to add them  * multicast-to-unicast support in mac80211, for better medium usage    (since unicast frames can use *much* higher rates, by ~3 orders of    magnitude)  * add API to read channel (frequency) limitations from DT  * add infrastructure to allow randomizing public action frames for    MAC address privacy (still requires driver support)  * many cleanups and small improvements/fixes across the board (2017-01-13) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-12-09 Three fixes:  * fix a logic bug introduced by a previous cleanup  * fix nl80211 attribute confusing (trying to use    a single attribute for two purposes)  * fix a long-standing BSS leak that happens when an    association attempt is abandoned (2016-12-09) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-10-28 Among various cleanups and improvements, we have the following:  * client FILS authentication support in mac80211 (Jouni)  * AP/VLAN multicast improvements (Michael Braun)  * config/advertising support for differing beacon intervals on    multiple virtual interfaces (Purushottam Kushwaha, myself)  * deprecate the old WDS mode for cfg80211-based drivers, the    mode is hardly usable since it doesn't support any "modern"    features like WPA encryption (2003), HT (2009) or VHT (2014),    I'm not even sure WEP (introduced in 1997) could be done. (2016-10-28) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-10-04 This time around, we have  * Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) APIs  * a fix for a previous patch that caused memory corruption    in wireless extensions key settings  * beacon rate configuration for AP and mesh  * memory limits for mac80211's internal TXQs  * a (fairly involved) fix for the TXQ vs. crypto problems  * direct cfg80211 driver API for WEP keys (2016-10-04) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-09-30 This time around, we have  * Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) APIs  * a fix for a previous patch that caused memory corruption    in wireless extensions key settings  * beacon rate configuration for AP and mesh  * memory limits for mac80211's internal TXQs  * a (fairly involved) fix for the TXQ vs. crypto problems  * direct cfg80211 driver API for WEP keys (2016-09-30) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-09-16 This time we have various things - all across the board:  * MU-MIMO sniffer support in mac80211  * a create_singlethread_workqueue() cleanup  * interface dump filtering that was documented but not implemented  * support for the new radiotap timestamp field  * send delBA in two unexpected conditions (as required by the spec)  * connect keys cleanups - allow only WEP with index 0-3  * per-station aggregation limit to work around broken APs  * debugfs improvement for the integrated codel algorithm and various other small improvements and cleanups. (2016-09-16) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-08-12 Not much for -next so far, but here it goes:  * send more nl80211 events for interfaces  * remove useless network/transport offset mangling code  * validate beacon intervals identically for all interface types  * use driver rate estimates for mesh  * fix a compiler type/signedness warning (2016-08-12) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-07-06 One more set of new features:  * beacon report (for radio measurement) support in cfg80211/mac80211  * hwsim: allow wmediumd in namespaces  * mac80211: extend 160MHz workaround to CSA IEs  * mesh: properly encrypt group-addressed privacy action frames  * mesh: allow setting peer AID  * first steps for MU-MIMO monitor mode  * along with various other cleanups and improvements (2016-07-06) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-06-09 For the next cycle, we have the following:  * the biggest change is Michał's work on integrating FQ/codel    with the mac80211 internal software queues  * cfg80211 connect result gets clarified for the    "no connection at all" case  * advertisement of per-interface type capabilities, in case    they differ (which makes a lot of sense for some capabilities)  * most of the nl80211 & hwsim unprivileged namespace operation    changes  * human-readable VHT capabilities in debugfs  * some other cleanups, like spelling (2016-06-09) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-05-12 Some more work for 4.7, notably:  * completion and fixups of nla_put_64_64bit() work  * remove a/b/g/n from wext nickname to avoid confusion    with 11ac (which wouldn't even fit fully there due to    string length restrictions) (2016-05-12) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-04-13 To synchronize with Kalle, here's just a big change that affects all drivers - removing the duplicated enum ieee80211_band and replacing it by enum nl80211_band. On top of that, just a small documentation update. (2016-04-13) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-04-06 For the 4.6 cycle, we have a number of changes:  * Bob's mesh mode rhashtable conversion, this includes    the rhashtable API change for allocation flags  * BSSID scan, connect() command reassoc support (Jouni)  * fast (optimised data only) and support for RSS in mac80211 (myself)  * various smaller changes (2016-04-06) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-02-26 Here's another round of updates for -next:  * big A-MSDU RX performance improvement (avoid linearize of paged RX)  * rfkill changes: cleanups, documentation, platform properties  * basic PBSS support in cfg80211  * MU-MIMO action frame processing support  * BlockAck reordering & duplicate detection offload support  * various cleanups & little fixes (2016-02-26) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-02-23 Here's another round of updates for -next:  * big A-MSDU RX performance improvement (avoid linearize of paged RX)  * big rfkill changes: airplane mode indicator and cleanups  * basic PBSS support in cfg80211  * MU-MIMO action frame processing support  * BlockAck reordering & duplicate detection offload support  * various cleanups & little fixes (2016-02-23) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2016-01-07 More -next updates with the following changes that we accumulated over the holidays:  * constify address in SET_IEEE80211_PERM_ADDR()  * revert some hwsim API breakage - it's debug only but it    broke some tools and the other could be adjusted easily  * make regulatory messages less verbose  * remain-on-channel operation fixes  * sched scan vs. hardware restart fixes  * fix for PS-poll (broken in a previous commit in -next)  * track TX A-MSDU size limitations  * MU-MIMO group membership action frame handling  * preparations for handling BA reordering at a lower level  * a few other small fixes, cleanups, documentation (2016-01-07) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-12-18 A few more updates for the next cycle:  * remove pretty much unused and useless REG_DEBUG option  * make regdomain messages debugging only  * fix two bugs in the new remain-on-channel code  * fix the world regdomain data for consistency (2015-12-18) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-12-07 This pull request got a bit bigger than I wanted, due to needing to reshuffle and fix some bugs. I merged mac80211 to get the right base for some of these changes. (2015-12-07) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-10-21 Here's another set of patches for the current cycle:  * I merged net-next back to avoid a conflict with the  * cfg80211 scheduled scan API extensions  * preparations for better scan result timestamping  * regulatory cleanups  * mac80211 statistics cleanups  * a few other small cleanups and fixes (2015-10-21) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-10-05 For the current cycle, we have the following right now:  * many internal fixes, API improvements, cleanups, etc.  * full AP client state tracking in cfg80211/mac80211 from Ayala  * VHT support (in mac80211) for mesh  * some A-MSDU in A-MPDU support from Emmanuel  * show current TX power to userspace (from Rafał)  * support for netlink dump in vendor commands (myself) (2015-10-05) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-08-14 Another pull request for the next cycle, this time with quite a bit of content:  * mesh fixes/improvements from Alexis, Bob, Chun-Yeow and Jesse  * TDLS higher bandwidth support (Arik)  * OCB fixes from Bertold Van den Bergh  * suspend/resume fixes from Eliad  * dynamic SMPS support for minstrel-HT (Krishna Chaitanya)  * VHT bitrate mask support (Lorenzo Bianconi)  * better regulatory support for 5/10 MHz channels (Matthias May)  * basic support for MU-MIMO to avoid the multi-vif issue (Sara Sharon) along with a number of other cleanups. (2015-08-14) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-06-10 For this round we mostly have fixes:  * mesh fixes from Alexis Green and Chun-Yeow Yeoh,  * a documentation fix from Jakub Kicinski,  * a missing channel release (from Michal Kazior),  * a fix for a signal strength reporting bug (from Sara Sharon),  * handle deauth while associating (myself),  * don't report mangled TX SKB back to userspace for status (myself),  * handle aggregation session timeouts properly in fast-xmit (myself) (2015-06-10) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-05-29 As we get closer to the merge window, here are a few more things for -next:  * disconnect TDLS stations on CSA to avoid issues  * fix a memory leak introduced in a recent commit  * switch rfkill and cfg80211 to PM ops  * in an unlikely scenario, prevent a bookkeeping    value to get corrupted leading to dropped packets  * fix a crash in VLAN assignment  * switch rfkill-gpio to more modern gpiod API  * send disconnected event to userspace with proper    local/remote indication (2015-05-29) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-05-19 This just has a few fixes:  * LED throughput trigger was crashing  * fast-xmit wasn't treating QoS changes in IBSS correctly  * TDLS could use the wrong channel definition  * using a reserved channel context could use the wrong channel width (2015-05-19) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-05-06 Lots of updates for net-next for this cycle. As usual, we have a lot of small fixes and cleanups, the bigger items are:  * proper mac80211 rate control locking, to fix some random crashes    (this required changing other locking as well)  * mac80211 "fast-xmit", a mechanism to reduce, in most cases, the    amount of code we execute while going from ndo_start_xmit() to    the driver  * this also clears the way for properly supporting S/G and checksum    and segmentation offloads (2015-05-06) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-04-10 There isn't much left, but we have  * new mac80211 internal software queue to allow drivers to have    shorter hardware queues and pull on-demand  * use rhashtable for mac80211 station table  * minstrel rate control debug improvements and some refactoring  * fix noisy message about TX power reduction  * fix continuous message printing and activity if CRDA doesn't respond  * fix VHT-related capabilities with "iw connect" or "iwconfig ..."  * fix Kconfig for cfg80211 wireless extensions compatibility (2015-04-10) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-03-30 Lots of updates for net-next; along with the usual flurry of small fixes, cleanups and internal features we have:  * VHT support for TDLS and IBSS (conditional on drivers though)  * first TX performance improvements (the biggest will come later)  * many suspend/resume (race) fixes  * name_assign_type support from Tom Gundersen (2015-03-30) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-02-03 Last round of updates for net-next:  * revert a patch that caused a regression with mesh userspace (Bob)  * fix a number of suspend/resume related races    (from Emmanuel, Luca and myself - we'll look at backporting later)  * add software implementations for new ciphers (Jouni)  * add a new ACPI ID for Broadcom's rfkill (Mika)  * allow using netns FD for wireless (Vadim)  * some other cleanups (various) (2015-02-03) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-01-19 Some further updates for net-next:  * fix network-manager which was broken by the previous changes  * fix delete-station events, which were broken by me making the    genlmsg_end() mistake  * fix a timer left running during suspend in some race conditions    that would cause an annoying (but harmless) warning  * (less important, but in the tree already) remove 80+80 MHz rate    reporting since the spec doesn't distinguish it from 160 MHz;    as the bitrate they're both 160 MHz bandwidth (2015-01-19) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-davem-2015-01-15 Here's a big pile of changes for this round. (2015-01-15) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-john-2014-11-20 It has been a while since my last pull request, so we accumulated another relatively large set of changes:  * TDLS off-channel support set from Arik/Liad, with some support    patches I did  * custom regulatory fixes from Arik  * minstrel VHT fix (and a small optimisation) from Felix  * add back radiotap vendor namespace support (myself)  * random MAC address scanning for cfg80211/mac80211/hwsim (myself)  * CSA improvements (Luca)  * WoWLAN Net Detect (wake on network found) support (Luca)  * and lots of other smaller changes from many people (2014-11-20) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-john-2014-11-04 This relatively large batch of changes is comprised of the following:  * large mac80211-hwsim changes from Ben, Jukka and a bit myself  * OCB/WAVE/11p support from Rostislav on behalf of the Czech Technical    University in Prague and Volkswagen Group Research  * minstrel VHT work from Karl  * more CSA work from Luca  * WMM admission control support in mac80211 (myself)  * various smaller fixes, spelling corrections, and minor API additions (2014-11-04) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-john-2014-09-12 This time, I have some rate minstrel improvements, support for a very small feature from CCX that Steinar reverse-engineered, dynamic ACK timeout support, a number of changes for TDLS, early support for radio resource measurement and many fixes. Also, I'm changing a number of places to clear key memory when it's freed and Intel claims copyright for code they developed. (2014-09-12) tar.gz
mac80211-next-for-john-2014-08-29 Not that much content this time. Some RCU cleanups, crypto performance improvements, and various patches all over, rather than listing them one might as well look into the git log instead. (2014-08-29) tar.gz
v3.4         Linux 3.4 (2012-05-20) tar.gz
master-2012-05-16-3 Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git:// (2012-05-16) tar.gz
master-2012-05-16-2 Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git:// (2012-05-16) tar.gz
master-2012-05-16 mac80211: Add debugfs entry for mesh ht_opmode (2012-05-16) tar.gz
master-2012-05-15 wlcore/wl12xx: implement better beacon loss handling (2012-05-15) tar.gz
v3.4-rc7     Linux 3.4-rc7 (2012-05-12) tar.gz
master-2012-05-08-2 iwlwifi: fix-up some merge damage from commit 0d6c4a2 (2012-05-08) tar.gz
master-2012-05-08 {nl,cfg,mac}80211: Allow user to see/configure HT protection mode (2012-05-08) tar.gz
v3.4-rc6     Linux 3.4-rc6 (2012-05-06) tar.gz
master-2012-05-02 {nl,cfg,mac}80211: Allow user to see/configure HT protection mode (2012-05-02) tar.gz
master-2012-04-30 ipw2100: Fix order of device registration (2012-04-30) tar.gz
v3.4-rc5     Linux 3.4-rc5 (2012-04-29) tar.gz
master-2012-04-27 mac80211: don't transmit 40MHz frames to 20MHz peer (2012-04-27) tar.gz
master-2012-04-24-2 libertas: include sched.h on firmware.c (2012-04-24) tar.gz
master-2012-04-24 mac80211: Adds clean sdata helper (2012-04-24) tar.gz
master-2012-04-26 mac80211: Adds clean sdata helper (2012-04-24) tar.gz
master-2012-04-23 rt2800: add chipset revision RT5390R support (2012-04-23) tar.gz
v3.4-rc4     Linux 3.4-rc4 (2012-04-21) tar.gz
master-2012-04-17 mwifiex: corrections in timestamp related code (2012-04-17) tar.gz
master-2012-04-16 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800pci add more RT539x ids (2012-04-16) tar.gz
v3.4-rc3     Linux 3.4-rc3 (2012-04-15) tar.gz
master-2012-04-13 brcm80211: smac: only provide valid regulatory hint (2012-04-13) tar.gz
master-2012-04-12 iwlwifi: dynamically determine lib_ops (2012-04-12) tar.gz
master-2012-04-11-2 rt2x00: do not generate seqno in h/w if QOS is disabled (2012-04-11) tar.gz
master-2012-04-11 rt2x00: do not generate seqno in h/w if QOS is disabled (2012-04-11) tar.gz
master-2012-04-10 b43: claim support for IBSS RSN (2012-04-10) tar.gz
master-2012-04-09 iwlwifi: split POWER_PMI status bit (2012-04-09) tar.gz
v3.4-rc2     Linux 3.4-rc2 (2012-04-07) tar.gz
v3.4-rc1     Linux 3.4-rc1 (2012-03-31) tar.gz
v3.3         Linux 3.3 (2012-03-18) tar.gz
master-2012-03-15 libertas: remove dump_survey implementation (2012-03-15) tar.gz
master-2012-03-14 mwifiex: correction in structure name passed to sizeof() (2012-03-14) tar.gz
master-2012-03-13 mac80211: Don't let regulatory make us deaf (2012-03-13) tar.gz
master-2012-03-12 mac80211: set basic rates earlier (2012-03-12) tar.gz
v3.3-rc7     Linux 3.3-rc7 (2012-03-10) tar.gz
master-2012-03-08-4 iwlwifi: fix the delta for remove max_txq_num patch (2012-03-09) tar.gz
master-2012-03-08-3 iwlwifi: remove max_txq_num from hw_params (take two) (2012-03-09) tar.gz
master-2012-03-08-2 iwlwifi: fix cmd_queue number merge (2012-03-09) tar.gz
master-2012-03-09 iwlwifi: restore PAN support (2012-03-09) tar.gz
master-2012-03-08 mwifiex: correction in number of bitrates (2012-03-08) tar.gz
master-2012-03-07 rtl8187: Add AD-HOC support (2012-03-07) tar.gz
master-2012-03-06 NFC: NCI code identation fixes (2012-03-06) tar.gz
master-2012-03-05 brcm80211: smac: cleanup couple of debug output statements (2012-03-05) tar.gz
v3.3-rc6     Linux 3.3-rc6 (2012-03-03) tar.gz
master-2012-02-27-2 carl9170: fix breakage from "mac80211: handle non-bufferable MMPDUs correctly" (2012-02-29) tar.gz
master-2012-02-29 ath9k: decouple RX error checking for DFS (2012-02-29) tar.gz
master-2012-02-27 rt2800pci: Fix 'Error - MCU request failed' during initialization (2012-02-27) tar.gz
v3.3-rc5     Linux 3.3-rc5 (2012-02-25) tar.gz
master-2012-02-22 ath9k: remove unnecessary PS wrappers (2012-02-22) tar.gz
v3.3-rc4     Linux 3.3-rc4 (2012-02-18) tar.gz
master-2012-02-15 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-02-15) tar.gz
master-2012-02-09 rtlwifi: Modify rtl_pci_init to return 0 on success (2012-02-09) tar.gz
v3.3-rc3     Linux 3.3-rc3 (2012-02-08) tar.gz
master-2012-02-08-2 mac80211: do not call rate control .tx_status before .rate_init (2012-02-08) tar.gz
master-2012-02-08 mac80211: do not call rate control .tx_status before .rate_init (2012-02-08) tar.gz
master-2012-02-06-2 mac80211: call rate control only after init (2012-02-06) tar.gz
master-2012-02-06 iwlegacy: remove set_hw_params callback (2012-02-06) tar.gz
v3.3-rc2     Linux 3.3-rc2 (2012-01-31) tar.gz
master-2012-01-30 rtlwifi: Convert to asynchronous firmware load (2012-01-30) tar.gz
master-2012-01-27 mwl8k: Configuring correct MAC address in broadcast key (2012-01-27) tar.gz
master-2012-01-24 ath9k_htc: claim support for IBSS RSN (2012-01-24) tar.gz
v3.3-rc1     Linux 3.3-rc1 (2012-01-19) tar.gz
master-2012-01-11 wireless-testing 2012-01-11 (2012-01-11) tar.gz
master-2012-01-05-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// into for-davem (2012-01-05) tar.gz
master-2012-01-05 ath6kl: revert USB support (2012-01-05) tar.gz
master-2012-01-04-2 mwl8k: Changing the driver version to 0.13 (2012-01-04) tar.gz
v3.2         Linux 3.2 (2012-01-04) tar.gz
master-2012-01-04 Revert "b43: N-PHY: implement TX power control setup" (2012-01-04) tar.gz
master-2012-01-02 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-01-02) tar.gz
v3.2-rc7     Linux 3.2-rc7 (2011-12-23) tar.gz
master-2011-12-21 mac80211: Keep skb->piority for relayed frames in AP mode (2011-12-21) tar.gz
master-2011-12-19 mac80211: Fixing sparse warning at sta_info.c (2011-12-19) tar.gz
v3.2-rc6     Linux 3.2-rc6 (2011-12-16) tar.gz
master-2011-12-16 ath9k: Support RSN Mesh (2011-12-16) tar.gz
master-2011-12-15 b43: N-PHY: check for bustype before touching BCMA CC PLLs (2011-12-15) tar.gz
master-2011-12-14 NFC: Initial LLCP support (2011-12-14) tar.gz
master-2011-12-13 mwifiex: do not advertise custom regulatory domain capability (2011-12-13) tar.gz
v3.2-rc5     Linux 3.2-rc5 (2011-12-09) tar.gz
master-2011-12-09 iwlwifi regression in 20111205 merge (2011-12-09) tar.gz
master-2011-12-08 Merge branch 'wl12xx-next' into for-linville (2011-12-08) tar.gz
master-2011-12-07 wireless: disable wext sysfs by default (2011-12-07) tar.gz
master-2011-12-06 mac80211: Remove WARN_ON in apply-ht-override logic. (2011-12-06) tar.gz
master-2011-12-02 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-12-02) tar.gz
v3.2-rc4     Linux 3.2-rc4 (2011-12-01) tar.gz
master-2011-11-30 ath9k_hw: add default chainmask for AR9462 (2011-11-30) tar.gz
master-2011-11-28 iwlwifi: help to debug AGG SM inconsistencies (2011-11-28) tar.gz
v3.2-rc3     Linux 3.2-rc3 (2011-11-23) tar.gz
master-2011-11-22 rtlwifi: squash warning in _usb_read_sync (2011-11-22) tar.gz
master-2011-11-21 mac80211: fix RCU warnings in mesh (2011-11-21) tar.gz
master-2011-11-17 mwifiex: add support for Marvell sd8797 device (2011-11-17) tar.gz
v3.2-rc2     Linux 3.2-rc2 (2011-11-15) tar.gz
master-2011-11-11 mac80211: fix warning in ieee80211_probe_client (2011-11-11) tar.gz
master-2011-11-09 mwifiex: prevent corruption instead of just warning (2011-11-09) tar.gz
master-2011-11-08 mac80211: allow frame aggregation for mesh (2011-11-08) tar.gz
v3.2-rc1     Linux 3.2-rc1 (2011-11-07) tar.gz
v3.1         Linux v3.1 (2011-10-24) tar.gz
v3.1-rc10    Linux 3.1-rc10 (2011-10-17) tar.gz
master-2011-10-14 libertas: fix changing interface type when interface is down (2011-10-14) tar.gz
master-2011-10-12 net: wireless: brcm80211: replace ndo_set_multicast_list  with ndo_set_rx_mode (2011-10-12) tar.gz
master-2011-10-11 ath9k: only send FCS-fail packets to mac80211 if requested (2011-10-11) tar.gz
v3.1-rc9     Linux 3.1-rc9 (2011-10-04) tar.gz
master-2011-10-04 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-10-04) tar.gz
master-2011-10-03 ath9k_hw: set pci_express capability true for AR9480 (2011-10-03) tar.gz
master-2011-09-30 mac80211: dont assign seqno to or aggregate QoS Null frames (2011-09-30) tar.gz
v3.1-rc8     Linux 3.1-rc8 (2011-09-27) tar.gz
master-2011-09-27 mac80211: treat the WME sta flag as a bit (2011-09-27) tar.gz
v3.1-rc7     Linux 3.1-rc7 (2011-09-21) tar.gz
master-2011-09-21 nfc: NFC_WILINK depends on NFC_NCI (2011-09-21) tar.gz
master-2011-09-20 rtlwifi: Combine instances of RTL_HAL_IS_CCK_RATE macros. (2011-09-20) tar.gz
master-2011-09-19 cfg80211/nl80211: Add PMKSA caching candidate event (2011-09-19) tar.gz
master-2011-09-16 MAINTAINERS: update ath6kl (2011-09-16) tar.gz
master-2011-09-14 libertas: prioritize usb8388_olpc.bin firmware on OLPC machines (2011-09-14) tar.gz
master-2011-09-13 cfg80211: print bandwidth in chan_reg_rule_print_dbg() (2011-09-13) tar.gz
v3.1-rc6     Linux 3.1-rc6 (2011-09-12) tar.gz
v3.1-rc5     Linux 3.1-rc5 (2011-09-04) tar.gz
master-2011-08-30 iwlwifi: iwl-agn-rs.c: remove old comment (2011-08-30) tar.gz
master-2011-08-29-2 wl12xx/sdio_test.c: fix build breakage from WL127X_FW_NAME change (2011-08-29) tar.gz
master-2011-08-29 b43: Fix swatch warning (2011-08-29) tar.gz
v3.1-rc4     Linux 3.1-rc4 (2011-08-28) tar.gz
master-2011-08-26 ath9k: add AR9580 support (2011-08-26) tar.gz
master-2011-08-24 libertas: update readme file (2011-08-24) tar.gz
master-2011-08-22 b43: HT-PHY: init: add missing small-tables writes (2011-08-22) tar.gz
v3.1-rc3     Linux 3.1-rc3 (2011-08-22) tar.gz
v3.1-rc2     Linux 3.1-rc2 (2011-08-14) tar.gz
master-2011-08-13 staging: remove ath6kl (2011-08-13) tar.gz
master-2011-08-12 mwifiex: use cfg80211 dynamic scan table and cfg80211_get_bss API (2011-08-12) tar.gz
master-2011-08-11 nl80211/cfg80211: Make addition of new sinfo fields safer (2011-08-11) tar.gz
master-2011-08-10 ath9k: remove obselete comments (2011-08-10) tar.gz
master-2011-08-09 Merge branch 'ath6kl-next' of (2011-08-09) tar.gz
master-2011-08-08 ath9k: use the new channel noise value for signal strength and survey info (2011-08-08) tar.gz
v3.1-rc1     Linux 3.1-rc1 (2011-08-07) tar.gz
master-2011-08-02 iwlagn: 5000 do not support idle mode (2011-08-02) tar.gz
master-2011-08-01 rt2x00: rt2800: fix zeroing skb structure (2011-08-01) tar.gz
master-2011-07-26-2 wireless: fix a typo in ignore_reg_update (2011-07-26) tar.gz
master-2011-07-26 wireless: fix a typo in ignore_reg_update (2011-07-26) tar.gz
master-2011-07-25 wireless: fix a typo in ignore_reg_update (2011-07-25) tar.gz
master-2011-07-22-2 bcma: fix 'SSB_PCICORE_BFL_NOPCI' undeclared build breakage (2011-07-22) tar.gz
master-2011-07-22 b43legacy: dma: cache translation (routing bits) (2011-07-22) tar.gz
v3.0         Linux 3.0 (2011-07-21) tar.gz
master-2011-07-21 ath5k: use get_unaligned_le32() in ath5k_write_pwr_to_pdadc_table() (2011-07-21) tar.gz
master-2011-07-20 libertas: only enable mesh when interface is active (2011-07-20) tar.gz
master-2011-07-19-2 b43: bcma: implement full core reset (2011-07-19) tar.gz
master-2011-07-19 b43: correctly display longer chipsets ids (2011-07-19) tar.gz
master-2011-07-18 ath9k: Fix some smatch warnings (2011-07-18) tar.gz
master-2011-07-15 mac80211: be more careful in suspend/resume (2011-07-15) tar.gz
master-2011-07-13 mac80211: allow driver to disconnect after resume (2011-07-13) tar.gz
v3.0-rc7     Linux 3.0-rc7 (2011-07-11) tar.gz
master-2011-07-11 iwlagn: fix warning in testmode attribute table (2011-07-11) tar.gz
master-2011-07-08 ath9k_htc: Inform stack about tx ack status (2011-07-08) tar.gz
master-2011-07-08-2 ath9k_htc: Inform stack about tx ack status (2011-07-08) tar.gz
master-2011-07-07 rt2x00: Implement tx_frames_pending mac80211 callback function. (2011-07-07) tar.gz
master-2011-07-06 mwifiex: modify SDIO aggregation Tx/Rx buffer size (2011-07-06) tar.gz
master-2011-07-05 ssb: use pci_dev->subsystem_{vendor,device} (2011-07-05) tar.gz
v3.0-rc6     Linux 3.0-rc6 (2011-07-04) tar.gz
master-2011-06-29 rtlwifi: potential forever loop in rtl92de_hw_init() (2011-06-29) tar.gz
master-2011-06-28 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-06-28) tar.gz
v3.0-rc5     Linux 3.0-rc5 (2011-06-27) tar.gz
master-2011-06-27-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-06-27) tar.gz
master-2011-06-27 mac80211: dynamic PS - don't enter PS when TX frames are pending (2011-06-27) tar.gz
master-2011-06-24 Bluetooth: include scatterlist.h where needed (2011-06-24) tar.gz
master-2011-06-22 ssb: add __devinit to some functions (2011-06-22) tar.gz
v3.0-rc4     Linux 3.0-rc4 (2011-06-20) tar.gz
master-2011-06-20 rtlwifi: rtl8192{c,ce,cu,se}: Remove comparisons of booleans with true (2011-06-20) tar.gz
master-2011-06-17 b43: HT-PHY: implement switching analog (2011-06-17) tar.gz
v3.0-rc3     Linux 3.0-rc3 (2011-06-13) tar.gz
master-2011-06-10 rtlwifi: Fix warnings on parisc arch (2011-06-10) tar.gz
master-2011-06-07 ath9k: make use of a helper to get paprd scale factor (2011-06-07) tar.gz
v3.0-rc2     Linux 3.0-rc2 (2011-06-06) tar.gz
master-2011-06-03 iwlagn: call commit_rxon function directly (2011-06-03) tar.gz
master-2011-06-02 iwlagn: fix interface combinations (2011-06-02) tar.gz
master-2011-06-01 iwlagn: change log to better represent the state of aggregation process (2011-06-01) tar.gz
v3.0-rc1     Linux 3.0-rc1 (2011-05-29) tar.gz
master-2011-05-31 Merge git:// into for-davem (2011-05-27) tar.gz
master-2011-05-27 ath9k: Fix AR9287 calibration (2011-05-27) tar.gz
master-2011-05-26 ath9k: Fix AR9287 calibration (2011-05-26) tar.gz
master-2011-05-24 wireless: fix fatal kernel-doc error + warning in mac80211.h (2011-05-24) tar.gz
master-2011-05-19-2 ath9k: use PS wakeup before REG_READ (2011-05-19) tar.gz
master-2011-05-19 ath9k: use PS wakeup before REG_READ (2011-05-19) tar.gz
v2.6.39      Linux 2.6.39 (2011-05-18) tar.gz
master-2011-05-18 ath9k: use PS wakeup before REG_READ (2011-05-18) tar.gz
master-2011-05-16-2 cfg80211: Use consistent BSS matching between scan and sme (2011-05-16) tar.gz
master-2011-05-16 mwifiex: use ieee80211_amsdu_to_8023s routine (2011-05-16) tar.gz
master-2011-05-13 mwifiex: use ieee80211_amsdu_to_8023s routine (2011-05-13) tar.gz
master-2011-05-12 mac80211: mesh: move some code to make it static (2011-05-12) tar.gz
master-2011-05-11 cfg80211/nl80211: add interval attribute for scheduled scans (2011-05-11) tar.gz
master-2011-05-10 mwifiex: remove unnecessary struct mwifiex_opt_sleep_confirm_buffer (2011-05-10) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc7  Linux 2.6.39-rc7 (2011-05-09) tar.gz
master-2011-05-05 mwl8k: Do not ask mac80211 to generate IV for crypto keys (2011-05-05) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc6  Linux 2.6.39-rc6 (2011-05-03) tar.gz
master-2011-05-02 mwifiex: fix missing tsf_val TLV (2011-05-02) tar.gz
master-2011-04-29 mwl8k: Reducing extra_tx_headroom for tx optimization in AP mode (2011-04-29) tar.gz
master-2011-04-28 mwifiex: fix bug in mwifiex_save_curr_bcn() (2011-04-28) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc5  Linux 2.6.39-rc5 (2011-04-26) tar.gz
master-2011-04-26 cfg80211: fix regresion on reg user timeout (2011-04-26) tar.gz
master-2011-04-25 ssb: cc: clear GPIOPULL registers on init (2011-04-25) tar.gz
master-2011-04-19 mac80211: explain padding in place of rate field (2011-04-19) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc4  Linux 2.6.39-rc4 (2011-04-18) tar.gz
master-2011-04-14 ath: Add a missing world regulatory domain 0x6C (2011-04-14) tar.gz
master-2011-04-13 mac80211: Allocate new mesh path and portal tables before taking locks (2011-04-13) tar.gz
master-2011-04-12 ath9k: Register id table for platform device (2011-04-12) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc3  Linux 2.6.39-rc3 (2011-04-11) tar.gz
master-2011-04-07 cfg80211: add a timer for invalid user reg hints (2011-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc2  Linux 2.6.39-rc2 (2011-04-05) tar.gz
master-2011-04-04 mac80211: clean up station cleanup timer (2011-04-04) tar.gz
master-2011-03-30 ath9k_hw: remove pCap->tx_triglevel_max (2011-03-30) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc1  Linux 2.6.39-rc1 (2011-03-29) tar.gz
v2.6.38      Linux 2.6.38 (2011-03-14) tar.gz
master-2011-03-14 ath9k: fix aggregation related interoperability issues (2011-03-14) tar.gz
master-2011-03-15 ath9k: fix aggregation related interoperability issues (2011-03-14) tar.gz
master-2011-03-11 ath5k: implement ieee80211_ops->{get,set}_ringparam (2011-03-11) tar.gz
master-2011-03-09 mac80211: update minstrel_ht sample rate when probe is set (2011-03-09) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc8  Linux 2.6.38-rc8 (2011-03-07) tar.gz
master-2011-03-07 mac80211: fix scan race, simplify code (2011-03-07) tar.gz
master-2011-03-04 iwlwifi: avoid too frequent recover from statistics (2011-03-04) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc7  Linux 2.6.38-rc7 (2011-03-01) tar.gz
master-2011-03-01 mac80211: make rate control Kconfig warning depend on mac80211 (2011-03-01) tar.gz
master-2011-02-28 iwlwifi: move remaining iwl-agn-rx.c code into iwl-rx.c (2011-02-28) tar.gz
master-2011-02-25 iwlegacy: change some symbols duplicated from iwlwifi directory (2011-02-25) tar.gz
master-2011-02-24 rtl8192c: fix compilation errors (2011-02-24) tar.gz
master-2011-02-23 rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: rtl8192cu: Fix multiple def errors for allyesconfig build (2011-02-23) tar.gz
master-2011-02-22 Merge branch 'master' of git:// into for-davem (2011-02-22) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc6  Linux 2.6.38-rc6 (2011-02-21) tar.gz
master-2011-02-21 ath9k_hw: Fix power on reset (2011-02-21) tar.gz
master-2011-02-18-2 Merge ssh:// (2011-02-18) tar.gz
master-2011-02-18 mac80211: Clear PS related flag on disabling power save. (2011-02-18) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc5  Linux 2.6.38-rc5 (2011-02-15) tar.gz
master-2011-02-14 mac80211: reply to directed probes in IBSS (2011-02-14) tar.gz
master-2011-02-11 rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: Rework rtl8192ce/phy.c (2011-02-11) tar.gz
master-2011-02-09 ssb: extract boardflags2 for SPROMs rev 4 and 5 (2011-02-09) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc4  Linux 2.6.38-rc4 (2011-02-07) tar.gz
master-2011-02-07 mac80211: remove unneeded check (2011-02-07) tar.gz
master-2011-02-08 mac80211: remove unneeded check (2011-02-07) tar.gz
master-2011-02-04 mac80211: Optimize scans on current operating channel. (2011-02-04) tar.gz
master-2011-02-03 mac80211: Add testing functionality for TKIP (2011-02-03) tar.gz
master-2011-02-01 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-02-01) tar.gz
master-2011-02-02 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-02-01) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc3  Linux 2.6.38-rc3 (2011-02-01) tar.gz
master-2011-01-31-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-01-31) tar.gz
master-2011-01-31 wl12xx: fix warning due to missing arg in ampdu_action (2011-01-31) tar.gz
master-2011-01-28-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-01-28) tar.gz
master-2011-01-28 ath9k: fix compile error in non-debug ath_debug_stat_tx() stub (2011-01-28) tar.gz
master-2011-01-27 Merge branch 'master' of (2011-01-26) tar.gz
master-2011-01-26 ath9k: fix misplaced debug code (2011-01-26) tar.gz
master-2011-01-25 ath5k: ath5k_setup_channels cleanup and whitespace (2011-01-25) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc2  Linux 2.6.38-rc2 (2011-01-21) tar.gz
master-2011-01-21-2 ath9k_hw: replace magic values in register writes with proper defines (2011-01-21) tar.gz
master-2011-01-21 ath9k_hw: replace magic values in register writes with proper defines (2011-01-21) tar.gz
master-2011-01-19 mac80211: drop non-auth 3-addr data frames when running as a 4-addr station (2011-01-19) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc1  Linux 2.6.38-rc1 (2011-01-18) tar.gz
master-2011-01-05 ath9k: correct MODULE_PARM_DESC parameters for force_new_ani (2011-01-05) tar.gz
v2.6.37      Linux 2.6.37 (2011-01-04) tar.gz
master-2011-01-04 libertas: down_interruptible() can return -EINTR, not EINTR (2011-01-04) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc8  Linux 2.6.37-rc8 (2010-12-28) tar.gz
master-2010-12-22 rtlwifi: Fix large packet issue (2010-12-22) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc7  Linux 2.6.37-rc7 (2010-12-21) tar.gz
master-2010-12-20 rtlwifi: use alloc_workqueue (2010-12-20) tar.gz
master-2010-12-16 rtlwifi: Switch locking from semaphores to mutexes (2010-12-16) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc6  Linux 2.6.37-rc6 (2010-12-15) tar.gz
master-2010-12-15 wireless:mac80211: kill unuse macro MESH_CFG_CMP_LEN in mesh.h (2010-12-15) tar.gz
master-2010-12-13 rt2x00: Fix firmware loading regression on x86_64. (2010-12-13) tar.gz
master-2010-12-09 ath: fix build break with ATH_DBG_WARN_ON_ONCE (2010-12-09) tar.gz
master-2010-12-08-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-12-08) tar.gz
master-2010-12-08 ath9k_hw: warn if we cannot change the power to the chip (2010-12-08) tar.gz
master-2010-12-07 mac80211: Fix compilation error when mesh is disabled (2010-12-07) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc5  Linux 2.6.37-rc5 (2010-12-06) tar.gz
master-2010-12-06 iwlwifi: jiffies based tx queues watchdog (2010-12-06) tar.gz
master-2010-12-02 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-12-02) tar.gz
master-2010-11-30 iwlagn: fix microcode error on 4965 (2010-11-30) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc4  Linux 2.6.37-rc4 (2010-11-29) tar.gz
master-2010-11-29 mac80211: fix RX aggregation locking (2010-11-29) tar.gz
master-2010-11-24-2 ath9k_hw: remove ath9k_hw_stoppcurecv (2010-11-24) tar.gz
master-2010-11-25 ath9k_hw: remove ath9k_hw_stoppcurecv (2010-11-24) tar.gz
master-2010-11-24 ath9k_hw: remove ath9k_hw_stoppcurecv (2010-11-24) tar.gz
master-2010-11-22 ath9k_htc: fix eeprom access (2010-11-22) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc3  Linux 2.6.37-rc3 (2010-11-21) tar.gz
master-2010-11-18 ssb: drop BCM4328 hack for SPROM revision (2010-11-18) tar.gz
master-2010-11-17 mac80211: fix powersaving clients races (2010-11-17) tar.gz
master-2010-11-16 mac80211: fix powersaving clients races (2010-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc2  Linux 2.6.37-rc2 (2010-11-15) tar.gz
master-2010-11-15 carl9170: use generic sign_extend32 (2010-11-15) tar.gz
master-2010-11-10 carl9170: use generic sign_extend32 (2010-11-10) tar.gz
master-2010-11-09 iwlagn: use 6000g2b uCode for 130 series devices (2010-11-09) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc1  Linux 2.6.37-rc1 (2010-11-01) tar.gz
v2.6.36      Linux 2.6.36 (2010-10-20) tar.gz
master-2010-10-20 rfkill: remove dead code (2010-10-20) tar.gz
master-2010-10-19 ssb: Clear RETRY_TIMEOUT in PCI Configuration (2010-10-19) tar.gz
master-2010-10-18 carl9170: fix memory leak issue in async cmd macro wrappers (2010-10-18) tar.gz
master-2010-10-15 drivers/net/wireless/p54/eeprom.c: Return -ENOMEM on memory allocation failure (2010-10-15) tar.gz
master-2010-10-21 drivers/net/wireless/p54/eeprom.c: Return -ENOMEM on memory allocation failure (2010-10-15) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc8  Linux 2.6.36-rc8 (2010-10-14) tar.gz
master-2010-10-13 ath9k: Fix potential use-after-free. (2010-10-13) tar.gz
master-2010-10-12 ath5k: fix build break from "ath5k: Print out opmode in debugfs" (2010-10-12) tar.gz
master-2010-10-11 rt2x00: Fix URB error handling (2010-10-11) tar.gz
master-2010-10-07 ath9k_hw: Fix hw reset failure with HTC driver (2010-10-07) tar.gz
master-2010-10-08 ath9k_hw: Fix hw reset failure with HTC driver (2010-10-07) tar.gz
master-2010-10-06 mac80211: avoid uninitialized var warning in ieee80211_scan_cancel (2010-10-06) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc7  Linux 2.6.36-rc7 (2010-10-06) tar.gz
master-2010-10-05 Merge branch 'wireless-next' of git:// (2010-10-05) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc6  Linux 2.6.36-rc6 (2010-09-28) tar.gz
master-2010-09-28 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-09-28) tar.gz
master-2010-10-01 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-09-28) tar.gz
master-2010-09-27 ath9k_htc: Fix TKIP disconnect failure with HTC drivers (2010-09-27) tar.gz
master-2010-09-24 ath9k_htc: Fix TKIP disconnect failure with HTC drivers (2010-09-24) tar.gz
master-2010-09-21 ath9k: make the driver specific rate control module optional (2010-09-21) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc5  Linux 2.6.36-rc5 (2010-09-20) tar.gz
master-2010-09-20 ath9k: make the driver specific rate control module optional (2010-09-20) tar.gz
master-2010-09-16 ath9k: fix regression which disabled ps on ath9k (2010-09-16) tar.gz
master-2010-09-14 wl1271: remove warnings in wl1271_sdio_set_power (2010-09-14) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc4  Linux 2.6.36-rc4 (2010-09-12) tar.gz
master-2010-09-07 drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl-agn.c: Fix return value from an unsigned function (2010-09-07) tar.gz
master-2010-09-02 mac80211: only cancel software-based scans on suspend (2010-09-01) tar.gz
master-2010-09-01 mac80211: cancel scan in ieee80211_restart_hw if software scan pending (2010-08-31) tar.gz
master-2010-08-31 rt2x00: Cleanup rt2x00usb_watchdog_reset_tx (2010-08-31) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc3  Linux 2.6.36-rc3 (2010-08-29) tar.gz
master-2010-08-27 mac80211: fix offchannel queue stop (2010-08-27) tar.gz
master-2010-08-25 iwlwifi: fix compile error without debugging support (2010-08-25) tar.gz
master-2010-08-24 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-08-24) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc2  Linux 2.6.36-rc2 (2010-08-22) tar.gz
master-2010-08-19 cfg80211: add some documentation (2010-08-19) tar.gz
master-2010-08-18 iwlwifi: do not spuriously call ieee80211_scan_completed (2010-08-18) tar.gz
master-2010-08-17 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-08-17) tar.gz
master-2010-08-16 drivers/net/wireless/wl12xx: Use available error codes (2010-08-16) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc1  Linux 2.6.36-rc1 (2010-08-15) tar.gz
master-2010-08-05 rtl8180: avoid potential NULL deref in rtl8180_beacon_work (2010-08-05) tar.gz
master-2010-08-04 iwlagn: Improve aggregation failure error messages (2010-08-04) tar.gz
v2.6.35      Linux 2.6.35 (2010-08-01) tar.gz
master-2010-07-29 cfg80211: fix dev <-> wiphy typo (2010-07-29) tar.gz
master-2010-07-28 wl1251: add get_survey callback in order to get channel noise (2010-07-28) tar.gz
master-2010-07-27 wireless: Convert wiphy_debug macro to function (2010-07-27) tar.gz
master-2010-07-26 rt2x00: Fix regression for rt2500pci (2010-07-26) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc6  Linux 2.6.35-rc6 (2010-07-22) tar.gz
master-2010-07-21 mac80211: proper IBSS locking (2010-07-21) tar.gz
master-2010-07-23 mac80211: proper IBSS locking (2010-07-21) tar.gz
master-2010-07-20 rtl8180: improve signal reporting for rtl8185 hardware (2010-07-20) tar.gz
master-2010-07-16 mac80211: improve error checking if WEP fails to init (2010-07-16) tar.gz
master-2010-07-14 iwlwifi: convert new uses of __attribute__ ((packed)) to __packed (2010-07-14) tar.gz
master-2010-07-13 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc5  Linux 2.6.35-rc5 (2010-07-12) tar.gz
master-2010-07-12 p54: update MAINTAINERS (2010-07-12) tar.gz
master-2010-07-08 wl1271: use per-channel max tx power passed by mac80211 when scanning (2010-07-08) tar.gz
master-2010-07-07 ath9k: fix a buffer leak in A-MPDU completion (2010-07-07) tar.gz
master-2010-07-06 wl12xx: Use MODULE_ALIAS macro at correct postion for SPI bus (2010-07-06) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc4  Linux 2.6.35-rc4 (2010-07-04) tar.gz
master-2010-07-02 minstrel_ht: fix check for downgrading of top2 rate (2010-07-02) tar.gz
master-2010-06-30 ath9k_htc: Add LED support for AR7010 (2010-06-30) tar.gz
master-2010-07-01 ath9k_htc: Add LED support for AR7010 (2010-06-30) tar.gz
master-2010-06-28 mac80211: fix the for_each_sta_info macro (2010-06-28) tar.gz
master-2010-06-24 ath9k: Wakeup the chip in an appropriate place in ath_paprd_calibrate() (2010-06-24) tar.gz
master-2010-06-23 ath9k: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE for ath9k_htc (2010-06-23) tar.gz
master-2010-06-22 ath9k: Add a module parameter to disable led blinking. (2010-06-22) tar.gz
master-2010-06-21 mac80211: Add interface for driver to temporarily disable dynamic ps (2010-06-21) tar.gz
master-2010-06-18 mac80211: fix sw scan bracketing (2010-06-18) tar.gz
master-2010-06-17 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-06-17) tar.gz
master-2010-06-16 ath5k: report PHY error frames only for chips which need it (2010-06-16) tar.gz
master-2010-06-15 ath9k_htc: Fix ampdu_action callback (2010-06-15) tar.gz
master-2010-06-14 mac80211: Fix circular locking dependency in ARP filter handling (2010-06-14) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc3  Linux 2.6.35-rc3 (2010-06-11) tar.gz
master-2010-06-08 wl1251: fix ELP_CTRL register reads (2010-06-08) tar.gz
master-2010-06-09 wl1251: fix ELP_CTRL register reads (2010-06-08) tar.gz
master-2010-06-07 ath: Fix uninitialized variable warnings (2010-06-07) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc2  Linux 2.6.35-rc2 (2010-06-05) tar.gz
master-2010-06-04 ssb: remove the ssb DMA API (2010-06-04) tar.gz
master-2010-06-03 mac80211: reduce debugfs code size (2010-06-03) tar.gz
master-2010-06-02 ath9k_htc: fix build error when ATH9K_HTC_DEBUGFS not enabled (2010-06-02) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc1  Linux 2.6.35-rc1 (2010-05-30) tar.gz
master-2010-05-17 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-05-17) tar.gz
v2.6.34      Linux 2.6.34 (2010-05-16) tar.gz
master-2010-05-12 rt2x00: In debugfs frame dumping allow the TX descriptor to be part of the skb. (2010-05-12) tar.gz
master-2010-05-11 ath9k: Remove unused rx_edma in ath_rx_addbuffer_edma() (2010-05-11) tar.gz
master-2010-05-10 wireless: depends on NET (2010-05-10) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc7  Linux 2.6.34-rc7 (2010-05-09) tar.gz
master-2010-05-07 rt2x00: rt2800: use correct txop value in tx descriptor (2010-05-07) tar.gz
master-2010-05-05 mac80211: use fixed channel in ibss join when appropriate (2010-05-05) tar.gz
master-2010-05-04 rt2x00: Register frame length in TX entry descriptor instead of L2PAD. (2010-05-04) tar.gz
master-2010-05-03 iwmc3200wifi: fix busted iwm_debugfs_init definition (2010-05-03) tar.gz
master-2010-04-30 mac80211: tell driver about IBSS merge (2010-04-30) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc6  Linux 2.6.34-rc6 (2010-04-29) tar.gz
master-2010-04-28 mac80211: notify driver about IBSS status (2010-04-28) tar.gz
master-2010-04-27 mac80211: fix rts threshold check (2010-04-27) tar.gz
master-2010-04-26 libertastf: add configurable debug messages (2010-04-26) tar.gz
master-2010-04-21 radiotap parser: fix endian annotation (2010-04-21) tar.gz
master-2010-04-23 radiotap parser: fix endian annotation (2010-04-21) tar.gz
master-2010-04-20 mac80211: Fix ieee80211_sta_conn_mon_timer with hw connection monitoring (2010-04-20) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc5  Linux 2.6.34-rc5 (2010-04-19) tar.gz
master-2010-04-19 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb: identify Allwin devices (2010-04-19) tar.gz
master-2010-04-16 iwlwifi: initialize iwl_wimax_coex_cmd.flags (2010-04-16) tar.gz
master-2010-04-14 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb: identify Sitecom devices (2010-04-14) tar.gz
master-2010-04-15 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb: identify Sitecom devices (2010-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc4  Linux 2.6.34-rc4 (2010-04-12) tar.gz
master-2010-04-12 rt2x00: Add rt3390 support in rt2800 register initialization. (2010-04-12) tar.gz
master-2010-04-09 mac80211: check whether scan is in progress before queueing scan_work (2010-04-09) tar.gz
master-2010-04-08 mac80211_hwsim: add sw_scan sw_scan_complete (2010-04-08) tar.gz
master-2010-04-07 mac80211: fix paged RX crypto (2010-04-07) tar.gz
master-2010-04-06 Revert "mwl8k: use the dma state API instead of the pci equivalents" (2010-04-06) tar.gz
master-2010-03-31 mac80211: Fix drop_unencrypted for MFP with hwaccel (2010-03-31) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc3  Linux 2.6.34-rc3 (2010-03-30) tar.gz
master-2010-03-29 iwlwifi: fix build error for CONFIG_IWLAGN=n (2010-03-24) tar.gz
master-2010-03-24 mac80211: remove unneed variable from ieee80211_tx_pending() (2010-03-24) tar.gz
master-2010-03-23 drivers/net/wireless/b43/main.c:4351: Fixed coding style (2010-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc2  Linux 2.6.34-rc2 (2010-03-19) tar.gz
master-2010-03-19 rename new rfkill sysfs knobs (2010-03-19) tar.gz
master-2010-03-16 mac80211: (really) fix rates setup on IBSS merge (2010-03-16) tar.gz
master-2010-03-15 rt2x00: fix warning when building rt2800pci with just soc support (2010-03-15) tar.gz
master-2010-03-10 ssb: Export ssb_chipco_gpio_control - needed by N PHY code (2010-03-10) tar.gz
master-2010-03-09 b43: N-PHY: switch to chanspec ops (2010-03-09) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc1  Linux 2.6.34-rc1 (2010-03-08) tar.gz
master-2010-03-03 rt2x00: Export rt2x00soc_probe from rt2x00soc (2010-03-03) tar.gz
master-2010-03-08 rt2x00: Export rt2x00soc_probe from rt2x00soc (2010-03-03) tar.gz
master-2010-03-02 iwlwifi: load firmware asynchronously before mac80211 registration (2010-03-02) tar.gz
master-2010-02-26 b43: fall back gracefully to PIO mode after fatal DMA errors (2010-02-26) tar.gz
v2.6.33      Linux 2.6.33 (2010-02-24) tar.gz
master-2010-02-22 mwl8k: convert to new station add/remove callbacks (2010-02-22) tar.gz
master-2010-02-19 ath9k: convert to new station add/remove callbacks (2010-02-19) tar.gz
master-2010-02-16 ath9k: Use the Beacon TX rate from mac80211 (2010-02-16) tar.gz
master-2010-02-15 cfg80211/mac80211: allow registering for and sending action frames (2010-02-15) tar.gz
master-2010-02-12 ath9k: add a workaround for ack timeout issues (2010-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc8  Linux 2.6.33-rc8 (2010-02-12) tar.gz
master-2010-02-10 mac80211: Deny TX BA session requests during disassociation (2010-02-10) tar.gz
master-2010-02-09 ath9k: Enable IEEE80211_HW_REPORTS_TX_ACK_STATUS flag for ath9k. (2010-02-09) tar.gz
master-2010-02-08 mac80211: Reset dynamic ps timer in Rx path. (2010-02-08) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc7  Linux 2.6.33-rc7 (2010-02-06) tar.gz
master-2010-02-02 ath9k: add support for 802.11n bonded out AR2427 (2010-02-02) tar.gz
master-2010-02-03 ath9k: add support for 802.11n bonded out AR2427 (2010-02-02) tar.gz
master-2010-02-01 ath9k: fix access to freed data on unload (2010-02-01) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc6  Linux 2.6.33-rc6 (2010-01-29) tar.gz
master-2010-01-29 iwlwifi: iwl_power_update_mode always hold mutex (2010-01-29) tar.gz
master-2010-01-28 ps3_gelic_wireless: fix directed ssid scan (2010-01-28) tar.gz
master-2010-01-27 cfg80211: fix wext-compat for setting rate to 'auto' (2010-01-27) tar.gz
master-2010-01-26 mac80211: wait for beacon before enabling powersave (2010-01-26) tar.gz
master-2010-01-25 mac80211: fill jiffies/vif on filtered frames (2010-01-25) tar.gz
master-2010-01-23 mac80211: fix tx select key null pointer crash with hostapd (2010-01-23) tar.gz
master-2010-01-22 mac80211: add missing key check (2010-01-22) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc5  Linux 2.6.33-rc5 (2010-01-21) tar.gz
master-2010-01-19 libertas/assoc.c: rearrange some strange line breaks (2010-01-19) tar.gz
master-2010-01-15 b43: N-PHY: drop unused definition, uncomment needed call (2010-01-15) tar.gz
master-2010-01-18 b43: N-PHY: drop unused definition, uncomment needed call (2010-01-15) tar.gz
master-2010-01-14 Staging: r8187se: Fix compile error from wireless-testing commit 7044cc56 (2010-01-14) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc4  Linux 2.6.33-rc4 (2010-01-12) tar.gz
master-2010-01-12 mwl8k: update version number (to 0.12) and copyright (2010-01-12) tar.gz
master-2010-01-06 Merge git:// (2010-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc3  Linux 2.6.33-rc3 (2010-01-05) tar.gz
master-2010-01-05 Merge git:// (2010-01-05) tar.gz
master-2010-01-04 mac80211: fix typo added by "mac80211: fix propagation of failed..." (2010-01-04) tar.gz
master-2009-12-30 Merge git:// (2009-12-30) tar.gz
master-2009-12-28 mac80211: annotate sleeping driver ops (2009-12-28) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc2  Linux 2.6.33-rc2 (2009-12-24) tar.gz
master-2009-12-22 ath9k: Fix TX poll routine (2009-12-22) tar.gz
master-2009-12-24 ath9k: Fix TX poll routine (2009-12-22) tar.gz
master-2009-12-21 wireless: report reasonable bitrate for MCS rates through wext (2009-12-21) tar.gz
master-2009-12-18 wireless: report reasonable bitrate for MCS rates through wext (2009-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc1  Linux 2.6.33-rc1 (2009-12-17) tar.gz
master-2009-12-07 ath5k: add support for Dell Vostro A860 LED (2009-12-07) tar.gz
master-2009-12-08 ath5k: add support for Dell Vostro A860 LED (2009-12-07) tar.gz
master-2009-12-04 iwmc3200wifi: Enable wimax core through module parameter (2009-12-04) tar.gz
v2.6.32      Linux 2.6.32 (2009-12-02) tar.gz
master-2009-11-28 iwmc3200wifi: Implement cfg80211 PMKSA API (2009-11-28) tar.gz
master-2009-11-25 iwmc3200wifi: Implement cfg80211 PMKSA API (2009-11-25) tar.gz
master-2009-11-23 ath9k: set ps_default as false (2009-11-23) tar.gz
master-2009-11-24 ath9k: set ps_default as false (2009-11-23) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc8  Linux 2.6.32-rc8 (2009-11-19) tar.gz
master-2009-11-19 mac80211: fix endianess on mesh_path_error_tx() calls (2009-11-19) tar.gz
master-2009-11-18 b43: Enforce DMA descriptor memory constraints (2009-11-18) tar.gz
master-2009-11-17 znet: fix build failure from i82593.h relocation (2009-11-17) tar.gz
master-2009-11-16 mac80211: Do not queue Probe Request frames for station MLME (2009-11-16) tar.gz
master-2009-11-13 rt2800lib: fix some typos and punctuation in comments (2009-11-13) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc7  Linux 2.6.32-rc7 (2009-11-12) tar.gz
master-2009-11-11 rt2x00: Fix typo in rf programming of rt2800lib. (2009-11-11) tar.gz
master-2009-11-10 mac80211: implement support for 4-address frames for AP and client mode (2009-11-10) tar.gz
master-2009-11-06 mwl8k: use integral index instead of pointer for driver_data (2009-11-06) tar.gz
master-2009-11-09 mwl8k: use integral index instead of pointer for driver_data (2009-11-06) tar.gz
master-2009-11-04 wl1271: use __dev_alloc_skb() on RX (2009-11-04) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc6  Linux 2.6.32-rc6 (2009-11-03) tar.gz
master-2009-11-02 wl1271: Generalize command response reading (2009-11-02) tar.gz
master-2009-10-30 b43legacy: Fix DMA TX bounce buffer copying (2009-10-30) tar.gz
master-2009-10-27 ath: Updates for regulatory and country codes. (2009-10-27) tar.gz
master-2009-10-28 ath: Updates for regulatory and country codes. (2009-10-27) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc5  Linux 2.6.32-rc5 (2009-10-15) tar.gz
master-2009-10-15 wl1251: add support for PG11 chips. (2009-10-15) tar.gz
master-2009-10-14 ath5k: use noise calibration from madwifi hal (2009-10-14) tar.gz
master-2009-10-12 iwlwifi: use paged Rx (2009-10-12) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc4  Linux 2.6.32-rc4 (2009-10-11) tar.gz
master-2009-10-09 wireless: make wireless drivers select core (2009-10-09) tar.gz
master-2009-10-07 libertas: remove extraneous select FW_LOADER (2009-10-07) tar.gz
master-2009-10-06 libertas: first stab at cfg80211 support (2009-10-06) tar.gz
master-2009-10-05 at76c50x-usb: set firmware and hardware version in wiphy (2009-10-05) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc3  Linux 2.6.32-rc3 (2009-10-04) tar.gz
master-2009-09-30 atheros: define a common priv struct (2009-09-30) tar.gz
master-2009-09-29 iwlwifi: add module firmware info for 1000 series (2009-09-29) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc1  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc2  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
master-2009-09-23 ath9k: Initialize txgain and rxgain for newer AR9287 chipsets. (2009-09-23) tar.gz
master-2009-09-16 cfg80211: fix SME connect (2009-09-16) tar.gz
master-2009-09-14 ssb: Fix error when V1 SPROM extraction is forced (2009-09-14) tar.gz
v2.6.31      Linux 2.6.31 (2009-09-09) tar.gz
master-2009-09-09 cfg80211: allow scanning on specified frequencies when using wext-compatibility (2009-09-09) tar.gz
master-2009-09-08 b44/b43/b43legacy: Fix switch warnings introduced by SSB-SDIO (2009-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc9  Linux 2.6.31-rc9 (2009-09-05) tar.gz
master-2009-09-04 ar9170: implement frequency calibration for one-stage/openfw (2009-09-04) tar.gz
master-2009-09-02 ath9k: Reconfigure beacon timers after the scan is completed. (2009-09-02) tar.gz
master-2009-09-01 iwmc3200wifi: Add a last_fw_err debugfs entry (2009-09-01) tar.gz
master-2009-08-31 ath9k: Do an AHB reset before doing RTC reset (2009-08-31) tar.gz
master-2009-08-28 libertas: add NULL check on return value of get_zeroed_page (2009-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc8  Linux 2.6.31-rc8 (2009-08-27) tar.gz
master-2009-08-26 rt2x00: Cleanup rt2x00mac_bss_info_changed() (2009-08-26) tar.gz
master-2009-08-25 mac80211: Check pending scan request after having processed mgd work (2009-08-25) tar.gz
master-2009-08-24 mwl8k: separate driver and device info reporting during probe (2009-08-24) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc7  Linux 2.6.31-rc7 (2009-08-21) tar.gz
master-2009-08-20 MAINTAINERS: add information for mwl8k wireless driver (2009-08-20) tar.gz
master-2009-08-19 MAINTAINERS: add information for mwl8k wireless driver (2009-08-19) tar.gz
master-2009-08-18 wl1271: remove print_mac usage (2009-08-18) tar.gz
master-2009-08-17 wl1251: correct definitions for 0th bit defines (2009-08-17) tar.gz
master-2009-08-14 b43: Implement RC calibration for rev.0/1 LP-PHYs (2009-08-14) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc6  Linux 2.6.31-rc6 (2009-08-13) tar.gz
master-2009-08-13 b43: Implement RC calibration for rev.0/1 LP-PHYs (2009-08-13) tar.gz
master-2009-08-11 mac80211: Fix unresolved mesh frames queued without valid control.vif (2009-08-11) tar.gz
master-2009-08-10 b43: Implement LP-PHY baseband table initialization (2009-08-10) tar.gz
master-2009-08-07 cfg80211: fix alignment problem in scan request (2009-08-07) tar.gz
master-2009-08-04 ath9k: fix compile warning on ath9k_hw_AR9287_check_eeprom() (2009-08-04) tar.gz
master-2009-08-06 ath9k: fix compile warning on ath9k_hw_AR9287_check_eeprom() (2009-08-04) tar.gz
master-2009-08-03 neigh: Convert garbage collection from softirq to workqueue (2009-08-02) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc5  Linux 2.6.31-rc5 (2009-07-31) tar.gz
master-2009-07-29 iwlwifi: debugFs to enable/disable HT40 support (2009-07-29) tar.gz
master-2009-07-27 ath9k: remove unused ATH_PCI_VERSION (2009-07-27) tar.gz
master-2009-07-24 mac80211: Fix regression in mesh forwarding path. (2009-07-24) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc4  Linux 2.6.31-rc4 (2009-07-22) tar.gz
master-2009-07-22 adm8211: remove uneeded code during suspend/resume (2009-07-22) tar.gz
master-2009-07-21 wl12xx: fix spelling (2009-07-21) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc3  Linux 2.6.31-rc3 (2009-07-13) tar.gz
master-2009-07-10 hwsim: make testmode_cmd static (2009-07-10) tar.gz
master-2009-07-07 Merge branch 'tmp' (2009-07-07) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc2  Linux 2.6.31-rc2 (2009-07-04) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc1  Linux 2.6.31-rc1 (2009-06-24) tar.gz
master-2009-06-19 cfg80211: validate station settings (2009-06-19) tar.gz
master-2009-06-17 acer-wmi: fix rfkill conversion (2009-06-17) tar.gz
master-2009-06-15 mac80211: fix wext bssid/ssid setting (2009-06-15) tar.gz
master-2009-06-10 cfg80211: fix rfkill locking problem (2009-06-10) tar.gz
v2.6.30      Linux 2.6.30 (2009-06-09) tar.gz
master-2009-06-09 mac80211: clean up return value of __ieee80211_parse_tx_radiotap (2009-06-09) tar.gz
master-2009-06-07 mac80211 : fix unaligned rx skb (2009-06-07) tar.gz
master-2009-06-04 wimax: depend on rfkill properly (2009-06-04) tar.gz
master-2009-06-03 cfg80211: fix Kconfig for users of cfg80211 (2009-06-03) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc8  Linux 2.6.30-rc8 (2009-06-02) tar.gz
master-2009-06-02 ath9k: Fix write callback of 'debug' which configures debug mask (2009-06-02) tar.gz
master-2009-06-01 mac80211_hwsim: remove deprecated radio_enabled (2009-06-01) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc7  Linux 2.6.30-rc7 (2009-05-23) tar.gz
master-2009-05-22 iwlwifi: check for valid band for channel info (2009-05-22) tar.gz
master-2009-05-20 mac80211: fix managed mode BSSID handling (2009-05-20) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc6  Linux 2.6.30-rc6 (2009-05-15) tar.gz
master-2009-05-13 mac80211: make noack test available (2009-05-13) tar.gz
master-2009-05-11 cfg80211: implement wext key handling (2009-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc5  Linux 2.6.30-rc5 (2009-05-08) tar.gz
master-2009-05-06 mac80211: Update SA Query transaction id length (2009-05-06) tar.gz
master-2009-05-08 mac80211: Update SA Query transaction id length (2009-05-06) tar.gz
master-2009-05-04 ar9170: fix build when !CONFIG_PM (2009-05-04) tar.gz
master-2009-04-30 rt2x00: Synchronize initialization with rt2870 driver (2009-04-30) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc4  Linux 2.6.30-rc4 (2009-04-29) tar.gz
master-2009-04-28 ath5k: correct interrupt storm warning (2009-04-28) tar.gz
master-2009-04-24 wireless: remove some (bogus?) 'may be used uninitialized' warnings (2009-04-24) tar.gz
master-2009-04-22 nl80211: Add event for authentication/association timeout (2009-04-22) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc3  Linux 2.6.30-rc3 (2009-04-21) tar.gz
master-2009-04-21 cfg80211: mark all WEXT handlers _GPL (2009-04-21) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc2  Linux 2.6.30-rc2 (2009-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc1  Linux 2.6.30-rc1 (2009-04-07) tar.gz
master-2009-03-27 RDMA/nes: Fix mis-merge (2009-03-26) tar.gz
master-2009-03-24 iwlwifi: show current driver status in user readable format (2009-03-24) tar.gz
v2.6.29      Linux 2.6.29 (2009-03-23) tar.gz
master-2009-03-23 p54: Kconfig maintenance (2009-03-23) tar.gz
master-2009-03-21 nl80211: Check iftype in cfg80211 code (2009-03-20) tar.gz
master-2009-03-20 mac80211: Fix memleak in nl80211 authentication on deinit (2009-03-20) tar.gz
master-2009-03-19 b43: Mask PHY TX error interrupt, if not debugging (2009-03-19) tar.gz
master-2009-03-16 iwlwifi: correct log level when error occurs (2009-03-16) tar.gz
master-2009-03-17 iwlwifi: correct log level when error occurs (2009-03-16) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc8  Linux 2.6.29-rc8 (2009-03-12) tar.gz
master-2009-03-11 iwlwifi: correct log level when error occurs (2009-03-11) tar.gz
master-2009-03-10 airo_cs: cleanups (2009-03-10) tar.gz
master-2009-03-06 b43: Fix compilation for devices without PCI core (2009-03-05) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc7  Linux 2.6.29-rc7 (2009-03-03) tar.gz
master-2009-03-03 mac80211: Always send a null data frame if TIM bit is set. (2009-03-03) tar.gz
master-2009-02-27 at76c50x-usb: use dev_name() instead of struct device.bus_id (2009-02-27) tar.gz
master-2009-02-26 nl80211: Avoid AP mode BUG_ON hang with invalid lock assert (2009-02-26) tar.gz
master-2009-02-23 iwlagn: default to MAX_UCODE_BEACON_INTERVAL in iwl_adjust_beacon_interval (2009-02-23) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc6  Linux 2.6.29-rc6 (2009-02-22) tar.gz
master-2009-02-17 cfg80211: age scan results on resume (2009-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc5  Linux 2.6.29-rc5 (2009-02-13) tar.gz
master-2009-02-13 ath9k: add udelay() for AR5416 on ath9k_hw_configpcipowersave() (2009-02-13) tar.gz
master-2009-02-12 ath9k: add udelay() for AR5416 on ath9k_hw_configpcipowersave() (2009-02-12) tar.gz
master-2009-02-11 ath9k: add udelay() for AR5416 on ath9k_hw_configpcipowersave() (2009-02-11) tar.gz
master-2009-02-09 b43: (b2062) Fix crystal frequency calculations (2009-02-09) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc4  Linus 2.6.29-rc4 (2009-02-08) tar.gz
master-2009-02-04 b43: (b2062) Fix crystal frequency calculations (2009-02-04) tar.gz
master-2009-01-30 mac80211: Cancel the dynamic ps timer in ioctl_siwpower. (2009-01-30) tar.gz
master-2009-02-03 mac80211: Cancel the dynamic ps timer in ioctl_siwpower. (2009-01-30) tar.gz
master-2009-01-29 mac80211: Cancel the dynamic ps timer in ioctl_siwpower. (2009-01-29) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc3  Linux 2.6.29-rc3 (2009-01-28) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc2  Linux 2.6.29-rc2 (2009-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc1  Linux 2.6.29-rc1 (2009-01-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28      Linux 2.6.28 (2008-12-24) tar.gz
master-2008-12-19 b43: Add key memory dumping (2008-12-19) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc9  Linux 2.6.28-rc9 (2008-12-18) tar.gz
master-2008-12-12 iwlwifi: add contact email to MODULE_AUTHOR (2008-12-12) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc8  Linux 2.6.28-rc8 (2008-12-10) tar.gz
master-2008-12-05 ath9k: Use GFP_ATOMIC when allocating TX private area (2008-12-05) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc7  Linux 2.6.28-rc7 (2008-12-01) tar.gz
master-2008-11-26 mac80211_hwsim: fix-up some print_mac merge damage (2008-11-26) tar.gz
master-2008-11-25 mac80211_hwsim: fix-up some print_mac merge damage (2008-11-25) tar.gz
master-2008-11-21 wireless: missing include in lib80211.h (2008-11-21) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc6  Linux 2.6.28-rc6 (2008-11-20) tar.gz
master-2008-11-18 rtl8187: Update file authorship in comments (2008-11-18) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc5  Linux 2.6.28-rc5 (2008-11-15) tar.gz
master-2008-11-10 rtl8187: Change TX power settings (2008-11-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc4  Linux 2.6.28-rc4 (2008-11-09) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc3  Linux 2.6.28-rc3 (2008-11-02) tar.gz
master-2008-10-31 mac80211: fix two kernel-doc warnings (2008-10-31) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc2  Linux 2.6.28-rc2 (2008-10-26) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc1  Linux 2.6.28-rc1 (2008-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.27      Linux 2.6.27 (2008-10-09) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc9  Linux 2.6.27-rc9 (2008-10-06) tar.gz
master-2008-10-06 mac80211: avoid "Wireless Event too big" message for assoc response (2008-10-06) tar.gz
master-2008-09-30 ath5k: Add support for AR2417 v2 (2008-09-30) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc8  Linux 2.6.27-rc8 (2008-09-29) tar.gz
master-2008-09-24 iwlwifi: don't fail if scan is issued too early (2008-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc7  Linux 2.6.27-rc7 (2008-09-21) tar.gz
master-2008-09-15 libertas: correct "limited range of data type" warning (2008-09-15) tar.gz
master-2008-09-11 libertas: Improvements on automatic tx power control via SIOCSIWTXPOW. (2008-09-11) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc6  Linux 2.6.27-rc6 (2008-09-09) tar.gz
master-2008-09-08 iwlwifi: enable packet injection for iwlagn (2008-09-08) tar.gz
master-2008-08-29 b43: Rewrite TX power adjustment (2008-08-29) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc5  Linux 2.6.27-rc5 (2008-08-28) tar.gz
master-2008-08-22 orinoco: Add MIC on TX and check on RX (2008-08-22) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc4  Linux 2.6.27-rc4 (2008-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc3  Linux 2.6.27-rc3 (2008-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc2  Linux 2.6.27-rc2 (2008-08-05) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc1  Linux 2.6.27-rc1 (2008-07-28) tar.gz
master-2008-07-14 rt2x00: Reset LED assoc status after firmware update (2008-07-14) tar.gz
v2.6.26      Linux 2.6.26 (2008-07-13) tar.gz
master-2008-07-08 net/wireless/nl80211.c: fix endless Netlink callback loop. (2008-07-08) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc9  Linux 2.6.26-rc9 (2008-07-05) tar.gz
master-2008-07-02 p54: Add quality output to iwlist and iwconfig (2008-07-02) tar.gz
master-2008-06-30 p54: Add quality output to iwlist and iwconfig (2008-06-30) tar.gz
master-2008-06-27 wireless: remove RFKILL_STATE_HARD_BLOCKED warnings (2008-06-27) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc8  Linux 2.6.26-rc8 (2008-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc7  Linux 2.6.26-rc7 (2008-06-20) tar.gz
master-2008-06-14 mac80211: eliminate IBSS warning in rate_lowest_index() (2008-06-14) tar.gz
master-2008-06-13 mac80211: eliminate IBSS warning in rate_lowest_index() (2008-06-13) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc6  Linux 2.6.26-rc6 (2008-06-12) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc5  Linux 2.6.26-rc5 (2008-06-04) tar.gz
master-2008-06-03 ipw2200: queue direct scans (2008-06-03) tar.gz
master-2008-06-09 libertas: unify various CF-related defines (2008-06-03) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc4  Linux 2.6.26-rc4 (2008-05-26) tar.gz
master-2008-05-21 mac80211: remove channel use statistics (2008-05-21) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc3  Linux 2.6.26-rc3 (2008-05-18) tar.gz
master-2008-05-14 libertas: remove lbs_get_data_rate() (2008-05-14) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc2  Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
master-2008-05-07 mac80211: fix wme code (2008-05-07) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc1  Linux 2.6.26-rc1 (2008-05-03) tar.gz
v2.6.25      Linux 2.6.25 (2008-04-16) tar.gz
master-2008-04-16 mac80211: rework scanning to account for probe response/beacon difference (2008-04-16) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc9  Linux 2.6.25-rc9 (2008-04-11) tar.gz
master-2008-04-08 mac80211: fix key debugfs default_key link (2008-04-08) tar.gz
master-2008-04-01 wireless: fix various printk warnings on ia64 (and others) (2008-04-01) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc8  Linux 2.6.25-rc8 (2008-04-01) tar.gz
master-2008-03-27 libertas: reduce debug output (2008-03-27) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc7  Linux 2.6.25-rc7 (2008-03-25) tar.gz
master-2008-03-25 rt2x00: Fix in_atomic() usage (2008-03-25) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc6  Linux 2.6.25-rc6 (2008-03-16) tar.gz
master-2008-03-13 iwlwifi: fix bug to show hidden APs during scan (2008-03-13) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc5  Linux 2.6.25-rc5 (2008-03-09) tar.gz
master-2008-03-07 iwlwifi: fix potential lock inversion deadlock (2008-03-07) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc4  Linux 2.6.25-rc4 (2008-03-04) tar.gz
master-2008-02-29 mac80211: fix key replacing, hw accel (2008-02-29) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc3  Linux 2.6.25-rc3 (2008-02-24) tar.gz
master-2008-02-21 mac80211: fix incorrect use of CONFIG_MAC80211_IBSS_DEBUG (2008-02-21) tar.gz
master-2008-02-20 p54: fix sparse warnings (2008-02-20) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc2  Linux 2.6.25-rc2 (2008-02-15) tar.gz
master-2008-02-14 mac80211: Add cooked monitor mode support (2008-02-14) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc1  Linux 2.6.25-rc1 (2008-02-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24      Linux 2.6.24 (2008-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc8  Linux 2.6.24-rc8 (2008-01-15) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc7  Linux 2.6.24-rc7 (2008-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc6  Linux 2.6.24-rc6 (2007-12-20) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc5  Linux 2.6.24-rc5 (2007-12-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc4  Linux 2.6.24-rc4 (2007-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc3  Linux 2.6.24-rc3 (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc2  Linux 2.6.24-rc2 (2007-11-06) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc1  Linux 2.6.24-rc1 (2007-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.23      Linux 2.6.23 (2007-10-09) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc9  Linux 2.6.23-rc9 (2007-10-01) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc8  Linux 2.6.23-rc8 (2007-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc7  Linux 2.6.23-rc7 (2007-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc6  Linux 2.6.23-rc6 (2007-09-10) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc5  Linux 2.6.23-rc5 (2007-08-31) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc4  Linux 2.6.23-rc4 (2007-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc3  Linux 2.6.23-rc3 (2007-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc2  Linus 2.6.23-rc2 (2007-08-03) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc1  Linux 2.6.23-rc1 (2007-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.22      Linux 2.6.22 (2007-07-08) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc7  Linux 2.6.22-rc7 (2007-07-01) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc6  Linux 2.6.22-rc6 (2007-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc5  Linux 2.6.22-rc5 (2007-06-16) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc4  Linus 2.6.22-rc4 (2007-06-04) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc3  Linux 2.6.22-rc3 (2007-05-25) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc2  Linux 2.6.22-rc2 (2007-05-18) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc1  Linus 2.6.22-rc1 (2007-05-12) tar.gz
v2.6.21      Linux 2.6.21 (2007-04-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc7  Linux 2.6.21-rc7 (2007-04-15) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc6  Linux 2.6.21-rc6 (2007-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc5  Linux 2.6.21-rc5 (2007-03-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc4  Linux 2.6.21-rc4 (2007-03-15) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc3  Linux 2.6.21-rc3 (2007-03-06) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc2  Linux 2.6.21-rc2 (2007-02-27) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc1  Linux 2.6.21-rc1 (2007-02-20) tar.gz
v2.6.20      Linux 2.6.20 (2007-02-04) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc7  Linux 2.6.20-rc7 (2007-01-30) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc6  Linux 2.6.20-rc6 (2007-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc5  Linux 2.6.20-rc5 (2007-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc4  Linux 2.6.20-rc4 (2007-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc3  Linux 2.6.20-rc3 (2006-12-31) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc2  Linux 2.6.20-rc2 (2006-12-23) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc1  Linux v2.6.20-rc1 (2006-12-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19      Linux 2.6.19 (2006-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc6  Linux 2.6.19-rc6 (2006-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc5  Linux 2.6.19-rc5 (2006-11-07) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc4  Linux 2.6.19-rc4 (2006-10-30) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc3  Linux 2.6.19-rc3 release (2006-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc2  Linux 2.6.19-rc2 (2006-10-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc1  Linux v2.6.19-rc1 (2006-10-04) tar.gz
v2.6.18      Raise the Jolly Roger! (2006-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc7  Linux 2.6.18-rc7 (2006-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc6  Linux 2.6.18-rc6 release (2006-09-03) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc5  Linux 2.6.18-rc5 (2006-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc4  Linux v2.6.18-rc4 (2006-08-06) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc3  Linux v2.6.18-rc3 (2006-07-29) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc2  Linux v2.6.18-rc2 (2006-07-15) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc1  Linux v2.6.18-rc1 (2006-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.17      Linux v2.6.17 (2006-06-17) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc6  Linux v2.6.17-rc6 (2006-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc5  Linux 2.6.17-rc5 release (2006-05-24) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc4  Linux v2.6.17-rc4 release (2006-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc3  Linux v2.6.17-rc3 (2006-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc2  Linux v2.6.17-rc2 (2006-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc1  Linux v2.6.17-rc1 (2006-04-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16      Linux v2.6.16 release (2006-03-19) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc6  Linux v2.6.16-rc6 release (2006-03-11) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc5  Linux v2.6.16-rc5 release (2006-02-26) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc4  Linux v2.6.16-rc4 release (2006-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc3  Linux v2.6.16-rc3 (2006-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc2  Linux v2.6.16-rc2 (2006-02-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc1  Linux v2.6.16-rc1 (2006-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.15      Linux 2.6.15 release (2006-01-02) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc7  Christmas eve is when the _real_ celebrations take place. (2005-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc6  Linux 2.6.15-rc6 (2005-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc5  Linux v2.6.15-rc5 release (2005-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc4  Linux v2.6.15-rc4 (2005-11-30) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc3  Linux v2.6.15-rc3 (2005-11-28) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc2  Linux v2.6.15-rc2 (2005-11-19) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc1  Linux v2.6.15-rc1 (2005-11-11) tar.gz
v2.6.14      Linux 2.6.14 release (2005-10-27) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc5  Linux v2.6.14-rc5 release (2005-10-19) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc4  Linux 2.6.14-rc4 release (2005-10-10) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc3  Linux v2.6.14-rc3 release (2005-09-30) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc2  Linux v2.6.14-rc2 release (2005-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc1  Linux v2.6.14-rc1 (2005-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.13      Linux 2.6.13 release (2005-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc7  Linux v2.6.13-rc7 (2005-08-23) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc6  Linux 2.6.13-rc6 release (2005-08-07) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc5  Aiming for final. Sure. (2005-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc4  Get out from LKS flood (2005-07-28) tar.gz
v2.6.11      This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.11-tree This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.12      This is the final 2.6.12 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc2  Linux v2.6.12-rc2 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc3  Linux v2.6.12-rc3 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc4  Linux v2.6.12-rc4 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc5  Linux-2.6.12-rc5 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc6  Linux-v2.6.12-rc6 release () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc1  Linux v2.6.13-rc1 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc2  Linux v2.6.13-rc2 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc3  Linux v2.6.13-rc3 () tar.gz

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