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apparmor-pr-2024-01-18 + Features   - switch policy hash fro sha1 to sha256 (2024-01-18) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2024-01-03 + Bug Fix   - Fix move_mount mediation regression when source is detached (2024-01-03) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2023-11-03 + Features   - optimize retrieving current task secid   - add base io_uring mediation   - add base userns mediation   - improve buffer allocation   - allow restricting unprivilege change_profile (2023-11-03) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2023-07-06 + Bug Fixes       apparmor: fix missing error check for rhashtable_insert_fast       apparmor: add missing failure check in compute_xmatch_perms       apparmor: fix policy_compat permission remap with extended permissions       apparmor: fix profile verification and enable it       apparmor: fix: kzalloc perms tables for shared dfas       apparmor: Fix kernel-doc header for verify_dfa_accept_index       apparmor: aa_buffer: Convert 1-element array to flexible array       apparmor: Return directly after a failed kzalloc() in two functions       apparmor: fix use of strcpy in policy_unpack_test       apparmor: fix kernel-doc complaints       AppArmor: Fix some kernel-doc comments (2023-07-06) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2023-05-03 + Cleanups   - make aa_set_current_onexec return void   - fix kernel-doc complaints (2023-05-03) tar.gz
apparmor-v6.2-rc9 Regression fix - getattr mediation of old policy (2023-02-15) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2022-12-14-merge apparmor: 6.2 merge conflict resolution (2022-12-14) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2022-12-14-merge-breakout apparmor: break out of the components of the 6.2 merge conflict resolution (2022-12-14) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2022-12-14 + Features   - switch to zstd compression for profile raw data (2022-12-14) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2022-08-08 + Features   - Convert secid mapping to XArrays instead of IDR   - Add a kernel label to use on kernel objects   - Extend policydb permission set by making use of the xbits   - Make export of raw binary profile to userspace optional   - Enable tuning of policy paranoid load for embedded systems   - Don't create raw_sha1 symlink if sha1 hashing is disabled   - Allow labels to carry debug flags (2022-08-08) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2021-11-10 + Features   - use per file locks for transactional queries   - update policy management capability checks to work with LSM stacking (2021-11-10) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2020-06-07 Tag summary (2020-06-07) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2020-05-21 + Bug Fixes   - Fix use-after-free in aa_audit_rule_init   - Fix refcnt leak in policy_update   - Fix potential label refcnt leak in aa_change_profile (2020-05-21) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2020-05-15 + Bug Fixes   - Fix use-after-free in aa_audit_rule_init   - Fix refcnt leak in policy_update   - Fix potential label refcnt leak in aa_change_profile (2020-05-15) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2020-01-04 + Bug fixes   - performance regression: only get a label reference if the fast     path check fails   - fix aa_xattrs_match() may sleep while holding a RCU lock   - fix bind mounts aborting with -ENOMEM (2020-01-04) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2019-12-16 + Revert buffer changes due to performance regression (2019-12-16) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2019-12-03 + Features   - increase left match history buffer size to provide inproved conflict     resolution in overlapping execution rules.   - switch buffer allocation to use a memory pool and GFP_KERNEL     where possible.   - add compression of policy blobs to reduce memory usage. + Cleanups   - fix spelling mistake "immutible" -> "immutable" + Bug fixes   - fix unsigned len comparison in update_for_len macro   - fix sparse warning for type-casting of current->real_cred (2019-12-03) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2019-06-18 + Bug Fixes   - Fix PROFILE_MEDIATES for untrusted input   - enforce nullbyte at end of tag string   - reset pos on failure to unpack for various functions (2019-06-18) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2019-06-10 + Bug Fixes   - Fix PROFILE_MEDIATES for untrusted input   - enforce nullbyte at end of tag string (2019-06-10) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2019-06-06 + Bug Fixes   - Fix PROFILE_MEDIATES for untrusted input   - enforce nullbyte at end of tag string (2019-06-06) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2019-03-12 + Bug Fixes   - fix double when failing to unpack secmark rules in policy   - fix leak of dentry when profile is removed (2019-03-12) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2019-02-01 Bug Fixes - Fix aa_label_build() error handling for failed merges - Fix warning about unused function apparmor_ipv6_postroute (2019-02-01) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2019-01-03 + Build Cleanup   - Fix warning about unused function apparmor_ipv6_postroute (2019-01-03) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2018-11-01 + Features/Improvements   - replace spin_is_locked() with lockdep   - add base support for secmark labeling and matching (2018-11-01) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2018-09-06 - Fix for bad debug check when converting secids to secctx (2018-09-06) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2018-08-23 + Cleanups   - apparmor: remove no-op permission check in policy_unpack (2018-08-23) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2018-06-13 + Features   - add support for mapping secids and using secctxes   - add the ability to get a task's secid   - add support for audit rule filtering (2018-06-13) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2018-04-10 + Features   - add base infrastructure for socket mediation. ABI bump and     additional checks to ensure only v8 compliant policy uses     socket af mediation.   - improve and cleanup dfa verification   - improve profile attachment logic     - improve overlapping expression handling     - add the xattr matching to the attachment logic   - improve signal mediation handling with stacked labels   - improve handling of no_new_privs in a label stack (2018-04-10) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2018-02-09 apparmor pull-request for 4.16 (2018-02-09) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2018-01-12 - apparmor: fix ptrace label match when matching stacked labels - apparmor: Fix regression in profile conflict logic (2018-01-12) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2018-01-07 - fix regression in mount mediation when feature set is pinned (2018-01-07) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2017-11-30 bug fixes: - apparmor: fix oops in audit_signal_cb hook (2017-11-30) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2017-11-21 + Cleanups   - apparmor: fix spelling mistake: "resoure" -> "resource"   - apparmor: remove unused redundant variable stop   - apparmor: Fix bool initialization/comparison (2017-11-21) tar.gz
apparmor-pr-2017-09-22 + Features   - in preparation for secid mapping add support for absolute root view     based labels   - add base infastructure for socket mediation   - add mount mediation   - add signal mediation (2017-09-22) tar.gz
v4.8         Linux 4.8 (2016-10-02) tar.gz
v4.8-rc8     Linux 4.8-rc8 (2016-09-25) tar.gz
v4.8-rc7     Linux 4.8-rc7 (2016-09-18) tar.gz
v4.8-rc6     Linux 4.8-rc6 (2016-09-11) tar.gz
v4.8-rc5     Linux 4.8-rc5 (2016-09-04) tar.gz
v4.8-rc4     Linux 4.8-rc4 (2016-08-28) tar.gz
v4.8-rc3     Linux 4.8-rc3 (2016-08-21) tar.gz
v4.8-rc2     Linux 4.8-rc2 (2016-08-14) tar.gz
v4.8-rc1     Linux 4.8-rc1 (2016-08-07) tar.gz
v4.7         Linux 4.7 (2016-07-24) tar.gz
v4.7-rc7     Linux 4.7-rc7 (2016-07-10) tar.gz
v4.7-rc6     Linux 4.7-rc6 (2016-07-03) tar.gz
v4.7-rc5     Linux 4.7-rc5 (2016-06-26) tar.gz
v4.7-rc4     Linux 4.7-rc4 (2016-06-19) tar.gz
v4.7-rc3     Linux 4.7-rc3 (2016-06-12) tar.gz
v4.7-rc2     Linux 4.7-rc2 (2016-06-05) tar.gz
v4.7-rc1     Linux 4.7-rc1 (2016-05-29) tar.gz
v4.6         Linux 4.6 (2016-05-15) tar.gz
v4.6-rc7     Linux 4.6-rc7 (2016-05-08) tar.gz
v4.6-rc6     Linux 4.6-rc6 (2016-05-01) tar.gz
v4.6-rc5     Linux 4.6-rc5 (2016-04-24) tar.gz
v4.6-rc4     Linux 4.6-rc4 (2016-04-17) tar.gz
v4.6-rc3     Linux 4.6-rc3 (2016-04-10) tar.gz
v4.6-rc2     Linux 4.6-rc2 (2016-04-03) tar.gz
v4.6-rc1     Linux 4.6-rc1 (2016-03-26) tar.gz
v4.5         Linux 4.5 (2016-03-13) tar.gz
v4.5-rc7     Linux 4.5-rc7 (2016-03-06) tar.gz
v4.5-rc6     Linux 4.5-rc6 (2016-02-28) tar.gz
v4.5-rc5     Linux 4.5-rc5 (2016-02-20) tar.gz
v4.5-rc4     Linux 4.5-rc4 (2016-02-14) tar.gz
v4.5-rc3     Linux 4.5-rc3 (2016-02-07) tar.gz
v4.5-rc2     Linux 4.5-rc2 (2016-01-31) tar.gz
v4.5-rc1     Linux 4.5-rc1 (2016-01-24) tar.gz
v4.4         Linux 4.4 (2016-01-10) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.4/onenand-corruption Last minute urgent pull request to prevent file system corruption on Nokia N900. (2016-01-08) tar.gz
v4.4-rc8     Linux 4.4-rc8 (2016-01-03) tar.gz
v4.4-rc7     Linux 4.4-rc7 (2015-12-27) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.4/fixes-rc6 Few fixes for omaps to allow am437x only builds to boot properly with CPU_IDLE and ARM TWD timer. This is probably a common configuration setup for people making products with these SoCs so let's make sure it works. (2015-12-21) tar.gz
v4.4-rc6     Linux 4.4-rc6 (2015-12-20) tar.gz
v4.4-rc5     Linux 4.4-rc5 (2015-12-13) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.4/fixes-rc4 Few fixes for omaps for v4.4-rc cycle: (2015-12-10) tar.gz
v4.4-rc4     Linux 4.4-rc4 (2015-12-06) tar.gz
v4.4-rc3     Linux 4.4-rc3 (2015-11-29) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.4-1 mvebu fixes for 4.4 (part 1) (2015-11-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.4/fixes-rc2 Fixes for omaps for v4.4-rc cycle: (2015-11-25) tar.gz
v4.4-rc2     Linux 4.4-rc2 (2015-11-22) tar.gz
v4.4-rc1     Linux 4.4-rc1 (2015-11-15) tar.gz
v4.3         Linux 4.3 (2015-11-01) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/fixes-rc7 Two omap regression fixes: (2015-10-28) tar.gz
v4.3-rc7     Linux 4.3-rc7 (2015-10-25) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.4/soc-clean-up Minimal omap SoC changes for v4.4 merge window. As we've spent quite a bit of time sorting out regressions for v4.3 and are very late with these, I've kept the changes down to minimum: (2015-10-24) tar.gz
samsung-dt64 Samsung arm64 DT update for v4.4 (2015-10-24) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/fixes-rc6 Fixes for omaps for v4.3-rc cycle: (2015-10-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.4/dt-pt2 Few more omap dts changes for v4.4 merge window, mostly to fix and clean up some omap5 issues to allow adding other omap5 boards. Also some other fixes and clean-up: (2015-10-20) tar.gz
v4.3-rc6     Linux 4.3-rc6 (2015-10-18) tar.gz
mvebu-config-4.4-1 mvebu config for 4.4 (part 1) (2015-10-17) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.4-2 mvebu dt for 4.4 (part 2) (2015-10-16) tar.gz
mvebu-cleanup-4.4-2 mvebu cleanup for 4.4 (part 2) (2015-10-16) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.3-2 mvebu fixes for 4.3 (part 2) (2015-10-16) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.4/dt-pt1 Device tree changes for omaps for v4.4 merge window: (2015-10-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.4/cleanup-pt1 Clean-up for omaps for v4.4 merge window: (2015-10-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/fixes-rc5 Fixes for omap against v4.3-rc5: (2015-10-14) tar.gz
v4.3-rc5     Linux 4.3-rc5 (2015-10-11) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.4-1 mvebu dt for 4.4 (part 1) (2015-10-09) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-4.4-1 mvebu soc for 4.4 (part 1) (2015-10-09) tar.gz
mvebu-cleanup-4.4-1 mvebu cleanup for 4.4 (part 1) (2015-10-09) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.3-1 mvebu fixes for 4.3 (part 1) (2015-10-09) tar.gz
v4.3-rc4     Linux 4.3-rc4 (2015-10-04) tar.gz
v4.3-rc3     Linux 4.3-rc3 (2015-09-27) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/fixes-rc2 Fixes for omaps for v4.3-rc cycle: (2015-09-24) tar.gz
v4.3-rc2     Linux 4.3-rc2 (2015-09-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/fixes-rc1 Fixes for omaps against v4.3-rc1: (2015-09-14) tar.gz
v4.3-rc1     Linux 4.3-rc1 (2015-09-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/fixes-merge-window Few omap bug fixes that have come up recently: (2015-09-02) tar.gz
armsoc-fixes-nc ARM: SoC non-urgent fixes for v4.3 (2015-08-31) tar.gz
v4.2         Linux 4.2 (2015-08-30) tar.gz
v4.2-rc8     Linux 4.2-rc8 (2015-08-23) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.2-1 mvebu fixes changes for v4.2 (2015-08-21) tar.gz
v4.2-rc7     Linux 4.2-rc7 (2015-08-16) tar.gz
samsung-defconfig-new Samsung defconfig updates for v4.3 (2015-08-14) tar.gz
samsung-late-cpufreq-driver Samsung cpufreq driver updates for v4.3 (2015-08-14) tar.gz
samsung-soc  Samsung SoC updates for v4.3 (2015-08-14) tar.gz
samsung-late-dt Samsung 2nd DT updates for v4.3 (2015-08-14) tar.gz
samsung-clk-driver Samsung clk driver updates for v4.3 (2015-08-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/dt-pt4-v2 Fix up bogus RTC compatible change for am4372 and add missing DPLL for am4372 cpsw Ethernet driver. Also add ARM global and local timers for am4372. (2015-08-13) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/soc-pt2 Fix omap PM regression in Linux next and kill set_irq_flags usage for GPMC. (2015-08-13) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/fixes-rc6 Fix a NULL pointer exception for omap GPMC bus code if probe fails. (2015-08-13) tar.gz
v4.2-rc6     Linux 4.2-rc6 (2015-08-09) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.3-3 mvebu dt changes for v4.3 (part #3) (2015-08-07) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-4.3-2 mvebu soc changes for v4.3 (part #2) (2015-08-07) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/dt-pt3 Omap device tree changes for v4.3 merge window. Pretty much all just trivial additions to configure devices for various SoCs and boards: (2015-08-06) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/fixes-rc5 Few trivial omap MMC regression fixes for card voltages where the syscon areas for PBIAS regulator were missing "simple-bus" that prevents probing of the children in the mapped region. (2015-08-06) tar.gz
samsung-dt-1 Samsung 1st DT updates for v4.3 (2015-08-04) tar.gz
samsung-non-critical-1 Samsung non-critical fixes for v4.3 (2015-08-04) tar.gz
v4.2-rc5     Linux 4.2-rc5 (2015-08-02) tar.gz
mvebu-config-4.3-2 mvebu config changes for v4.3 (part #2) (2015-07-31) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.3-2 mvebu dt changes for v4.3 (part #2) (2015-07-31) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-4.3-1 mvebu soc changes for v4.3 (part #1) (2015-07-31) tar.gz
v4.2-rc4     Linux 4.2-rc4 (2015-07-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/dt-dm814x omap dts changes for minimal dm814x support for v4.3 merge window. (2015-07-23) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/soc-signed SoC changes for omaps for v4.3 merge window: (2015-07-23) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/defconfig-signed Few defconfig changes for omap2plus_defconfig to enable SPI NOR, CPTS, touchscreen and ADC used on am335x, am437x and ra7 devices. (2015-07-22) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/legacy-v2-signed Drop more omap3 legacy board-*.c files for v4.3. This time we're dropping the board files for omap3logic and omap3pandora. (2015-07-22) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/dt-pt2 More omap dts changes for v4.3 merge window: (2015-07-22) tar.gz
v4.2-rc3     Linux 4.2-rc3 (2015-07-19) tar.gz
mvebu-config-4.3-1 mvebu config changes for v4.3 (part #1) (2015-07-17) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.3-1 mvebu dt changes for v4.3 (part #1) (2015-07-16) tar.gz
mvebu-cleanup-4.3-1 mvebu cleanup changes for v4.3 (part #1) (2015-07-16) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.3/dt-pt1 Omap dts changes for v4.3 merge window. There are also related changes for reemoteproc platform_data and audio options for omap2plus_defconfig to keep audio working when changing boards to use SIMPLE_CARD. The summary of changes is: (2015-07-15) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/fixes-rc2-v2 Fixes for omaps, all dts changes except for one: (2015-07-15) tar.gz
v4.2-rc2     Linux 4.2-rc2 (2015-07-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/fixes-rc1 Minor fixes for omaps against v4.2-rc1. Mostly just minor dts changes except for a GPMC fix to not use names for probing devices. Also a one liner clean-up to remove unecessary return from a void function. (2015-07-09) tar.gz
v4.2-rc1     Linux 4.2-rc1 (2015-07-05) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.2-0 mvebu fixes for 4.2 (part 0) (2015-06-30) tar.gz
v4.1         Linux 4.1 (2015-06-21) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.2-3 mvebu dt changes for v4.2 (part #3) (2015-06-18) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.1-4 mvebu fixes for 4.1 (part 4) (2015-06-18) tar.gz
v4.1-rc8     Linux 4.1-rc8 (2015-06-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/wakeirq-drivers-v2 Omap driver changes for v4.2 to switch drivers over to Linux generic wake IRQ events for omap_hsmmc, 8250_omap and omap-serial drivers. (2015-06-09) tar.gz
v4.1-rc7     Linux 4.1-rc7 (2015-06-07) tar.gz
samsung-mach-1 Samsung updates for v4.2 (2015-06-06) tar.gz
samsung-defconfig-2 exynos_defconfig updates for v4.2 (2015-06-06) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/soc-pt1-take2 Omap hwmod changes for v4.2 via Paul Walmsley <>: (2015-06-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/o2_dc Few omap2plus_defconfig changes for v4.2 merge window: (2015-06-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/dt-pt2 Few more omap device tree changes for v4.2 merge window: (2015-06-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.1/fixes-rc6 Omap fixes for the -rc cycle, including a fix for potential hardware breakage on BeagleBones: (2015-06-01) tar.gz
v4.1-rc6     Linux 4.1-rc6 (2015-05-31) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.2-2 mvebu dt changes for v4.2 (part #2) (2015-05-29) tar.gz
mvebu-drivers-4.2 mvebu drivers change for 4.2 (2015-05-29) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.1-3 mvebu fixes for 4.1 (part 3) (2015-05-29) tar.gz
v4.1-rc5     Linux 4.1-rc5 (2015-05-24) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/dt-pt1 Device tree related changes for omaps: (2015-05-22) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/omap1-v2 Add support for CONFIG_SPARSE_IRQ for omap1. This takes us a bit closer to making omap1 support multiarch. After this series we still need to make omap1 use the common clock framework and fix up the drivers to not rely on includes from mach and plat directories. (2015-05-21) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.2/clean Clean-up for omaps for v4.2 merge window: (2015-05-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.1/fixes-rc4 Few minimal omap device tree fixes for v4.1-rc series: (2015-05-20) tar.gz
v4.1-rc4     Linux 4.1-rc4 (2015-05-18) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.2 mvebu dt changes for v4.2 (part #1) (2015-05-15) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.1-2 mvebu fixes for 4.1 (part 2) (2015-05-15) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.1/fixes-rc2 Few fixes for omap clocks, PRM and hwmod code: (2015-05-11) tar.gz
v4.1-rc3     Linux 4.1-rc3 (2015-05-10) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.1/fixes-rc1 Fixes for omaps, mostly a fix for power power consumption creeping up during idle, and two l3-noc device fixes: (2015-05-04) tar.gz
v4.1-rc2     Linux 4.1-rc2 (2015-05-03) tar.gz
ccn/updates-for-4.2 Set of ARM CCN PMU driver updates: - fixed a nasty bitfield mangling bug - added new hints to the perf userspace tool - pinned events processing to a single PMU - modified events initialisation so they can be rotated now (2015-05-01) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.1 mvebu fix for 4.1 (2015-05-01) tar.gz
v4.1-rc1     Linux 4.1-rc1 (2015-04-26) tar.gz
armsoc-soc   ARM: SoC platform updates for v4.1 (2015-04-21) tar.gz
armsoc-multiplatform ARM: SoC multiplatform code changes for v4.1 (2015-04-21) tar.gz
armsoc-defconfig ARM: SoC defconfig updates for v4.1 (2015-04-21) tar.gz
armsoc-drivers ARM: SoC driver updates for v4.1 (2015-04-21) tar.gz
armsoc-dt    ARM: DT updates for v4.1 (2015-04-21) tar.gz
armsoc-cleanup ARM: SoC cleanups for v4.1 (2015-04-21) tar.gz
armsoc-fixes ARM: SoC fixes for v4.1 (2015-04-21) tar.gz
armsoc-late  ARM: SoC late changes for v4.1 (2015-04-21) tar.gz
armsoc-arm64 ARM: SoC 64-bit changes for v4.1 (2015-04-21) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.1/prcm-dts-mfd-syscon-fix Urgent pull request for v4.1 to booting for custom kernel .config files that do not have MFD_SYSCON set. (2015-04-20) tar.gz
v4.0         Linux 4.0 (2015-04-12) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.0-2 mvebu fix for 4.0 (2015-04-10) tar.gz
v4.0-rc7     Linux 4.0-rc7 (2015-04-06) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.1/prcm-dts Clean-up for omap PRCM (Power Reset Clock Management) and interconnects from Tero Kristo <>. (2015-04-03) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.1-3 mvebu dt changes for v4.1 (part #3) (2015-04-02) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-4.0 mvebu fix for 4.0 (2015-04-02) tar.gz
samsung-updates Samsung mach updates for v4.1 (2015-04-02) tar.gz
samsung-fixes-v4.1 Samsung non-critical fixes for v4.1 (2015-04-02) tar.gz
v4.0-rc6     Linux 4.0-rc6 (2015-03-29) tar.gz
v4.1-soc     SoC related changes for omaps. Mostly hwmod related changes via Paul Walmsley <>: (2015-03-27) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.1/fixes-0 Fixes for omaps that were not considered urgent enough for the -rc cycle. (2015-03-27) tar.gz
omap-for-v4.1/wl12xx-dt Wireless and omap changes to make wl12xx driver to use device tree data instead of platform data from Eliad Peller <>: (2015-03-25) tar.gz
v4.0-rc5     Linux 4.0-rc5 (2015-03-22) tar.gz
mvebu-clk-4.1 clock changes for mvebu for v4.1 (2015-03-20) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.1-2 mvebu dt changes for v4.1 (part #2) (2015-03-20) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-4.1-2 mvebu defconfig changes for v4.1 (part #2) (2015-03-20) tar.gz
v4.1-legacy  Drop three omap3 legacy board-*.c files (2015-03-19) tar.gz
v4.1-defconfig Few omap2plus_defconfig updates to add commonly used drivers as loadable modules. (2015-03-19) tar.gz
v4.1-dt      Device tree related changes for omaps: (2015-03-19) tar.gz
fixes-v4.0-rc4 Fixes for omaps for the -rc cycle: (2015-03-19) tar.gz
v4.0-rc4     Linux 4.0-rc4 (2015-03-15) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-4.1 mvebu dt changes for v4.1 (part #1) (2015-03-09) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-4.1 mvebu defconfig changes for v4.1 (part #1) (2015-03-09) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-4.1 mvebu soc changes for v4.1 (part #1) (2015-03-09) tar.gz
mvebu-cleanup-4.1 mvebu clean-up changes for v4.1 (part #1) (2015-03-09) tar.gz
v4.0-rc3     Linux 4.0-rc3 (2015-03-08) tar.gz
fixes-v4.0-rc2 Fixes for various omap variants, mostly minor fixes for various SoCs with the bigger changes being for the dra7 clocks and hwmod data: (2015-03-06) tar.gz
v4.0-rc2     Linux 4.0-rc2 (2015-03-03) tar.gz
samsung-fixes-dt Samsung tmu and hdmi regression fixes for v4.0 (2015-03-03) tar.gz
fixes-v4.0-rc1 Fixes for various omap devices. It's all dts and defconfig changes for this set: (2015-02-24) tar.gz
v4.0-rc1     Linux 34.0-rc1 (2015-02-22) tar.gz
64bit-for-linus ARM: SoC 64-bit changes and additions (2015-02-16) tar.gz
v3.19        Linux 3.19 (2015-02-08) tar.gz
samsung-cpuidle Samsung CPUIdle updates for v3.20 (2015-02-04) tar.gz
samsung-defconfig Samsung exynos_defconfig updates for v3.20 (2015-02-04) tar.gz
samsung-dt-4 Samsung 4th DT updates for v3.20 (2015-02-04) tar.gz
v3.19-rc7    Linux 3.19-rc7 (2015-02-01) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/dt-pt3-v2 Device tree related chages for omaps to fix dm816x syscon, fix various devices for gta04, and add USB nodes for am57xx and dra7. (2015-01-30) tar.gz
samsung-update Samsung mach updates for v3.20 (2015-01-29) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.19-6 The previous fix for Armada XP, disabling I/O coherency, broke Armada 375/38x.  Only switch the PL310 to I/O coherent mode if I/O coherency is enabled. (2015-01-28) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.19-5 The previous fix for Armada XP, disabling I/O coherency, broke Armada 375/38x.  Only switch the PL310 to I/O coherent mode if I/O coherency is enabled. (2015-01-28) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.20-3 Relicense all Armada dts{i} files under dual license of GPLv2+ and X11. This should make it easier to reuse these files with other operating systems and boot loaders. (2015-01-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/fixes-not-urgent-pt2 Non-critical fixes for omap hwmod code via Paul Walmsley <>: (2015-01-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/dm816x-data Patches to add necessary SoC related clockdomain and interconnect data  to make dm816x boot with basic devices. This finally gets dm816x into a usable shape for further work to happen after a few years of stalled effort of making this SoC to work with the mainline kernel. (2015-01-26) tar.gz
v3.19-rc6    Linux 3.19-rc6 (2015-01-25) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.20-2 Second set of dt patches for mvebu for v3.20. (2015-01-21) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.20-2 Soc patches for mvebu for v3.20, part #2. (2015-01-21) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.19-4 mvebu fixes for 3.19. (Part 4) (2015-01-21) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/dt-pt2 More changes for omap dts files mostly to add support for dm816x devices and clocks. Also adds a qspi device for dra72x-evm. (2015-01-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/defconfig-modular Defconfig changes for omap2plus_defconfig to make it more modular, and to add few more drivers found on various boards. (2015-01-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/drop-legacy-3517-v2 We have had omap3517 booting in device tree mode for quite some time now and we have at least a minimal dts file for the 3517 based boards. Also almost all the drivers are usable in device tree mode. And if there are any drivers not yet supported in device tree mode, those can be enabled using pdata quirks. (2015-01-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/gic-regression-v2 A rather urgent pull request to fix omap4 legacy interrupts. (2015-01-19) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/drop-legacy-3517 We have had omap3517 booting in device tree mode for quite some time now and we have at least a minimal dts file for the 3517 based boards. Also almost all the drivers are usable in device tree mode. And if there are any drivers not yet supported in device tree mode, those can be enabled using pdata quirks. (2015-01-19) tar.gz
v3.19-rc5    Linux 3.19-rc5 (2015-01-18) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.19-3 mvebu fixes for 3.19-rc (part #3) (2015-01-17) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.10-3 mvebu fixes for 3.19-rc (Part #3) (2015-01-17) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/dt-pt1 Device tree changes for omaps. Mostly to add support for new am437x-idk and update am437x-sk boards. Also enabling new devices for multiple boards. (2015-01-16) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/cleanup-pt1 Clean-up for omaps to remove dead code found with cppcheck after we've made several SoCs to boot in device tree only mode. (2015-01-16) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.20/fixes-not-urgent-pt1 Non-urgent fixes for omap variant dm816x that has been in a sorry broken half merged state for a few years now. This gets us to the point where we can boot it properly once the related SoC data is added. Note that we've already made dm816x device tree only by removing the known broken board file. (2015-01-16) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.20 mvebu dt changes for v3.20 (part #1) (2015-01-13) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.20 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.20 (2015-01-13) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.20 mvebu SoC changes for v3.20 (part #1) (2015-01-13) tar.gz
samsung-fixes-3.19 Samsung fixes for v3.19 - exynos_defconfig: enable LM90 driver and display panel support    - HWMON    - SENSORS_LM90    - Direct Rendering Manager (DRM)    - DRM bridge registration and lookup framework    - Parade ps8622/ps8625 eDP/LVDS bridge    - NXP ptn3460 eDP/LVDS bridge    - Exynos Fully Interactive Mobile Display controller (FIMD)    - Panel registration and lookup framework    - Simple panels    - Backlight & LCD device support (2015-01-12) tar.gz
v3.19-rc4    linux 3.19-rc4 (2015-01-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/fixes-rc1 Fixes for omaps mostly to deal with dra7 timer issues and hypervisor mode. The other fixes are minor fixes for various boards. The summary of the fixes is: (2015-01-06) tar.gz
v3.19-rc3    Linux 3.19-rc3 (2015-01-05) tar.gz
v3.19-rc2    Linux 3.19-rc2 (2014-12-28) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.19 Fixes for 3.19 (2014-12-28) tar.gz
v3.19-rc1    Linux 3.19-rc1 (2014-12-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/fixes-for-merge-window Fixes for a few issues found that would be good to get into -rc1: (2014-12-10) tar.gz
dt2-for-linus ARM: SoC DT updates for 3.19, part 2 (2014-12-09) tar.gz
iommu-config-for-linus ARM: SoC/iommu configuration for 3.19 (2014-12-09) tar.gz
omap-gpmc-for-linus ARM: SoC/OMAP GPMC driver cleanup and move for 3.19 (2014-12-09) tar.gz
at91-cleanup-for-linus ARM: SoC cleanup on mach-at91 for 3.19 (2014-12-09) tar.gz
v3.18        Linux 3.18 (2014-12-07) tar.gz
v3.18-rc7    Linux 3.18-rc7 (2014-11-30) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-suspend-3.19 mvebu SoC suspend changes for v3.19 (2014-11-30) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/gpmc-move-v2 We can finally move the GPMC code to live in drivers/memory for further clean up work. (2014-11-28) tar.gz
armsoc-for-rc7 ARM: SoC fixes for 3.18-rc7 (2014-11-28) tar.gz
samsung-pm-3 Samsung PM 3rd updates for v3.19 (2014-11-27) tar.gz
samsung-driver Samsung driver update for v3.19 (2014-11-27) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-usb-phy-3.19-3 mvebu DT changes for v3.19 (round 3) (2014-11-26) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.19-2 mvebu DT changes for v3.19 (round 2) (2014-11-26) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.19-2 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.19 (round 2) (2014-11-26) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.19 mvebu SoC changes for v3.19 (2014-11-26) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.18-2 mvebu fixes for v3.18 (round 2) (2014-11-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/dt-part2-updated More dts changes for omaps to add support for new devices: (2014-11-24) tar.gz
v3.18-rc6    Linux 3.18-rc6 (2014-11-23) tar.gz
armsoc-for-rc6 ARM: SoC fixes for 3.18-rc6 (2014-11-23) tar.gz
samsung-exynos-v3.19 Samsung exynos updates in arch/arm/mach-exynos/ for v3.19 (2014-11-21) tar.gz
samsung-fixes-v3.19 Samsung non-critical-fixes for v3.19 (2014-11-21) tar.gz
samsung-defconfig-v3.18 Samsung defconfig update for v3.18 (2014-11-21) tar.gz
samsung-fixes-v3.18 Samsung fixes for v3.18 (2014-11-21) tar.gz
v3.18-rc5    Linux 3.18-rc5 (2014-11-16) tar.gz
armsoc-for-rc5 ARM: SoC fixes for 3.18-rc5 (2014-11-16) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/w1-and-l3-noc Few omap driver changes to add minimal device tree support for the omap 1w driver, and to fix resume and interrupt issues on the l3-noc driver. (2014-11-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/clocks-and-pm SoC related changes for omaps. Mostly to make PM easier to use for omap4 and later, and to fix clock DPLL fixes by adding determine_rate and set_rate_and_parent. (2014-11-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/cleanup-part1 Drop few unused omap board files. The support for ti81xx is known to be incomplete and broken, and the 3430sdp is only used in few automated boot test systems AFAIK and those have been booting in device tree only mode for quite some time now. (2014-11-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/gpmc-timings GPMC (General Purpose Memory Controller) changes for omaps. These changes allow us to drop dependencies to bootloader timings now that the known device tree entries have been fixed. So we can now require proper timings to be configured and get rid of the legacy smsc91x code. (2014-11-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/dt-part1 Device tree related changes for omaps: (2014-11-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/prcm-cleanup Clean-up series for omap PRCM (Power Reset Clock Module) from Tero Kristo to move things a bit closer to becoming a proper device driver. (2014-11-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.19/fixes-not-urgent-part1 Fixes for omap3 that are not urgent. Mostly to remove unnecessary noise during the boot with pointless errors and warnings. (2014-11-11) tar.gz
omap-fixes-against-v3.18-rc4 Few omap fixes for hangs and wrong pinctrl defines, and update MAINTAINERS file to avoid missing PMIC and SoC related patches: (2014-11-11) tar.gz
v3.18-rc4    Linux 3.18-rc4 (2014-11-09) tar.gz
armsoc-for-rc4 ARM: SoC fixes for 3.18-rc4 (2014-11-08) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.19 mvebu DT changes for v3.19 (2014-11-09) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.19 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.19 (2014-11-09) tar.gz
v3.18-rc3    Linux 3.18-rc3 (2014-11-02) tar.gz
armsoc-for-rc3 ARM: SoC fixes for 3.8-rc3 (2014-11-02) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.18 mvebu fixes for v3.18 (2014-11-01) tar.gz
fixes-against-v3.18-rc2 Few fixes for omaps to enable NAND BCH so devices won't produce errors when booted with omap2plus_defconfig, and reduce bloat by making IPV6 a loadable module. (2014-10-30) tar.gz
v3.18-rc2    Linux 3.18-rc2 (2014-10-26) tar.gz
armsoc-for-rc2 ARM: SoC fixes for -rc2 (2014-10-26) tar.gz
samsung-pm   Samsung PM updates for v3.19 (2014-10-21) tar.gz
v3.18-rc1    Linux 3.18-rc1 (2014-10-19) tar.gz
arm-soc-fixes-rc1 ARM: SoC fixes for -rc1 (2014-10-19) tar.gz
fixes-for-v3.18-merge-window Two omap fixes for issues noticed during the merge window: (2014-10-10) tar.gz
tiny/no-advice-fixup-3.18 Fixup for 3.18: use PATCHv2 of "mm: Support compiling out madvise and fadvise" (2014-10-10) tar.gz
defconfig-for-linus ARM: SoC defconfig changes for 3.18 (2014-10-06) tar.gz
v3.17        Linux 3.17 (2014-10-05) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.18-2 mvebu DT changes for v3.18 (round 2) (2014-10-02) tar.gz
clk-mvebu-3.18-2 clock mvebu changes for v3.18 (round 2) (2014-10-02) tar.gz
v3.17-rc7    Linux 3.17-rc7 (2014-09-28) tar.gz
avs-for-3.18 PM / AVS changes for v3.18 (2014-09-25) tar.gz
v3.17-rc6    Linux 3.17-rc6 (2014-09-21) tar.gz
dt-part2-v2-for-v3.18 Changes to add dra7 PMU, display support for cm-t54, misc changes needed for omap3 boards for device tree support. (2014-09-18) tar.gz
cleanup-for-v3.18 Clean-up for omaps for v3.18 merge window: (2014-09-18) tar.gz
soc-part2-for-v3.18 Few hwmod changes to support upcoming 8250 driver with DMA, start using the SRAM driver for some omaps, and update the defconfig. (2014-09-18) tar.gz
intc-part2-for-v3.18 Second part of omap intc interrupt controller changes to move it to drivers. (2014-09-18) tar.gz
fix-v3.17-io-chain-v3 Regression fix for early omap3 revisions for wake-up events that too some time to narrow down. Although a bit intrusive, this would be good to get into the -rc cycle as there are quite a few boards out there with omap3 es2.1 and es3.0, and we have those in at least three boot test systems too that show errors without this patch. (2014-09-16) tar.gz
v3.17-rc5    Linux 3.17-rc5 (2014-09-14) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.18 mvebu DT changes for v3.18 (2014-09-14) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.18 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.18 (2014-09-14) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.18 mvebu SoC changes for v3.18 (2014-09-14) tar.gz
clk-mvebu-3.18 clock changes for mvebu for v3.18 (2014-09-14) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.17 mvebu fixes for v3.17 (2014-09-14) tar.gz
dt-for-v3.18 Changes for .dts files for omaps for v3.18 merge window: (2014-09-11) tar.gz
mailbox-for-v3.18 Mailbox related changes for omaps to get it to work with device tree. (2014-09-11) tar.gz
intc-for-v3.18 Interrupt code related clean-up for omap2 and 3 to make it ready to move to drivers/irqchip. Note that this series does not yet move the interrupt code to drivers, that will be posted separately as a follow-up series. (2014-09-11) tar.gz
soc-for-v3.18 SoC related changes for omaps for v3.18 merge window: (2014-09-11) tar.gz
fixes-v3.18-not-urgent Fixes for omaps that were not considered urgent enough for the -rc cycle: (2014-09-11) tar.gz
fixes-v3.17-rc4 Few regression fixes for omaps for the -rc cycle: (2014-09-11) tar.gz
v3.17-rc4    Linux 3.17-rc4 (2014-09-07) tar.gz
omap-fixes-against-v3.17-rc3 Few fixes for omaps mostly for various devices to get them working properly on the new am437x and dra7 hardware for several devices such as I2C, NAND, DDR3 and USB. There's also a clock fix for omap3. (2014-09-04) tar.gz
v3.17-rc3    Linux 3.17-rc3 (2014-08-31) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.17/fixes-against-rc2 Fixes for omaps, mostly to revert NAND back to using software ECC by default as that's what many boards expect. Also fixes for omap5 clocks, PM wake-up events, GPIO interrupt cells for dra7, and few other minor fixes. (2014-08-26) tar.gz
v3.17-rc2    Linux 3.17-rc2 (2014-08-25) tar.gz
v3.17-rc1    Linux 3.17-rc1 (2014-08-16) tar.gz
v3.16        Linux 3.16 (2014-08-03) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.17/soc-fixes Few fixes for the v3.17 merge window: (2014-08-01) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.17/dt-gta04 GTA04 related changes for v3.17 merge window. Except for the last three patches they were ready to go earlier but I wanted to wait for the discussion to to settle on the last three patches as these are all related to GTA04. (2014-08-01) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.17/mailbox-cleanup Driver specific omap mailbox cleanup. Mostly to remove broken legacy code for omap1 and move things towards device tree. (2014-07-29) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/n900-regression Minimal regression fix for n900 display that got broken with enabling of twl4030 PM features. Turns out more work is needed before we can enable twl4030 PM on n900. (2014-07-29) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.17-4 mvebu DT changes for v3.17 (round 4) (2014-07-28) tar.gz
v3.16-rc7    Linux 3.16-rc7 (2014-07-27) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.17-4 mvebu SoC changes for v3.17 (round 4) (2014-07-25) tar.gz
s5pv210-dt   Samsung S5PV210 DT support for v3.17 (2014-07-25) tar.gz
power-exynos Samsung power management related updates for v3.17 (2014-07-25) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.17/soc-new SoC related changes for omaps for v3.17 merge window: (2014-07-24) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.17/fixes-not-urgent-signed Fixes for omaps that were not considered urgent enough for the rc series. Mostly a fix for GPMC allocation and omap5 ABB (Adaptive Body Bias). (2014-07-24) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/fixes-rc6 Two regression fixes for omaps and one fix for device signaling: (2014-07-24) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.17-3 mvebu DT changes for v3.17 (round 3) (2014-07-23) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.17-3 mvebu SoC changes for v3.17 (round 3) (2014-07-22) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.17/soc-cleanup SoC specific omap clean-up for v3.17 merge window: (2014-07-21) tar.gz
v3.16-rc6    Linux 3.16-rc6 (2014-07-20) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.17-2 mvebu DT changes for v3.17 (round 2) (2014-07-18) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.17-2 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.17 (round 2) (2014-07-18) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.17-2 mvebu SoC changes for v3.17 (round 2) (2014-07-18) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.16-3 mvebu fixes for v3.16 (round 3) (2014-07-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.17/dt-part1 First set of .dts changes for omaps for v3.17 merge window: (2014-07-16) tar.gz
gpio-v3.16-3 A GPIO fix for the v3.16 series - fixes up some merge confusion from the merge window. (2014-07-15) tar.gz
v3.16-rc5    Linux 3.16-rc5 (2014-07-13) tar.gz
s5p-cleanup-v2 Cleanup S5P SoCs for 3.17 - removing s5p64x0 SoCs and s5pc100 SoC in mainline because   no more user and if it is required next time, it will be   supported with DT. (2014-07-13) tar.gz
samsung-fixes-3 Samsung fixes-3 for v3.16 - update the parent for Auudss clock because kernel will be hang   during late boot if the parent clock is disabled in bootloader. - enable clk handing in power domain because while power domain   on/off, its regarding clock source will be reset and it causes   a problem so need to handle it. - add mux clocks to be used by power domain for exynos5420-mfc   during power domain on/off and property in device tree also. - register cpuidle only for exynos4210 and exynos5250 because a   system failure will be happened on other exynos SoCs. (2014-07-13) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/fixes-rc4 Fixes for omaps for the -rc series. It's mostly fixes for clock rates, restart handling and phy regulators and SATA interconnect data. (2014-07-09) tar.gz
samsung-fixes-2 Samsung fixes-2 for v3.16 - fix the check for SMP configuration with using CONFIG_SMP   not just SMP - fix the number of pwm-cells for exynos4 pwm - fix ftrace for exynos_mct - register exynos_mct for stable udely - fix secondary boot addr for secure mode for exynos SoCs (2014-07-08) tar.gz
v3.16-rc4    Linux 3.16-rc4 (2014-07-06) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.17 mvebu SoC changes for v3.17 (2014-07-01) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.16-2 mvebu fixes for v3.16 (round #2) (2014-07-01) tar.gz
gpio-h-purge This is a purge of all things <mach/gpio.h>, now I never want to see it again. (2014-06-30) tar.gz
v3.16-rc3    Linux 3.16-rc3 (2014-06-29) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.17 mvebu DT changes for v3.17 (2014-06-27) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.17 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.17 (2014-06-27) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.16 mvebu fixes for v3.16 (2014-06-25) tar.gz
v3.16-rc2    Linux 3.16-rc2 (2014-06-21) tar.gz
samsung-fixes-1 Samsung fixes for 3.16 (2014-06-21) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/fixes-against-rc1 Fixes for omaps for issues discovered during the merge window and enabling of a few features that had to wait for the driver dependencies to clear. (2014-06-17) tar.gz
v3.16-rc1    Linux 3.16-rc1 (2014-06-15) tar.gz
clk-for-linus-3.16-part2 This pull request contains the second half the of the clk changes for 3.16. They are simply fixes and code refactoring for the OMAP clock drivers. The sunxi clock driver changes include splitting out the one mega-driver into several smaller pieces and adding support for the A31 SoC clocks. (2014-06-14) tar.gz
gpio-v3.16-2 A first GPIO fix for the v3.16 series, this was serious since it blocks the OMAP boot. (2014-06-13) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.16-rc1-2 More ACPI and power management updates for 3.16-rc1 (2014-06-12) tar.gz
soc2-for-3.16 ARM: SoC updates for 3.16 (part 2) (2014-06-11) tar.gz
mmc-updates-for-3.16-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.16: (2014-06-10) tar.gz
v3.15        Linux 3.15 (2014-06-08) tar.gz
clk-for-linus-3.16 The clock framework changes for 3.16 are pretty typical: mostly clock driver additions and fixes. There are additions to the clock core code for some of the basic types (e.g. the common divider type has some fixes and featured added to it). (2014-06-06) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.16-rc1 ACPI and power management updates for 3.16-rc1 (2014-06-04) tar.gz
pm-3.15-final Final power management fixes for 3.15 (2014-06-03) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.16-1 This is the bulk of pin control changes for the v3.16 development cycle: (2014-06-03) tar.gz
staging-3.16-rc1 Staging driver patches for 3.16-rc1 (2014-06-02) tar.gz
staging-3.15-rc8 Staging driver fixes for 3.15-rc8 (2014-06-02) tar.gz
soc-for-3.16 ARM: SoC updates for 3.16 (part 1) (2014-06-02) tar.gz
drivers-for-3.16 ARM: SoC driver changes (2014-06-02) tar.gz
fixes-for-3.16 ARM: SoC low-priority fixes for 3.16 (2014-06-02) tar.gz
dt-for-3.16  ARM: SoC devicetree updates for 3.16 (2014-06-02) tar.gz
boards-for-3.16 ARM: SoC board support updates for 3.16 (2014-06-02) tar.gz
defconfig-for-3.16 ARM: SoC defconfig updates for 3.16 (2014-06-02) tar.gz
cleanup-for-3.16 ARM: SoC cleanups for 3.16 (2014-06-02) tar.gz
gpio-v3.16-1 This is the bulk of GPIO changes for the v3.16 series: (2014-06-02) tar.gz
v3.15-rc8    Linux 3.15-rc8 (2014-06-01) tar.gz
samsung-drivers-2 Samsung 2nd drivers for 3.16 (2014-05-31) tar.gz
exynos-mcpm-2 Exynos 2nd MCPM updates for v3.16 (2014-05-31) tar.gz
samsung-exynos Samsung Exynos updates for 3.16 (2014-05-31) tar.gz
samsung-clk-3 Samsung 3rd clock updates for 3.16 (2014-05-31) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.15-rc8 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.15-rc8 (2014-05-29) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/dt-part3 Most likely the last pull request from me for omap changes for v3.16 that's dts fixes for clocks and enabling few features that were still being discussed earlier: (2014-05-28) tar.gz
fixes-for-3.15 ARM: SoC fixes for 3.15 (2014-05-27) tar.gz
irqchip-3.16 irqchip core changes for v3.16 (2014-05-27) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.15-4 A single last pinctrl fix for the v3.15 series: the vt8500 driver was failing to update the output value when the combined set direction output and set value was executed. (2014-05-27) tar.gz
v3.15-rc7    Linux 3.15-rc7 (2014-05-25) tar.gz
samsung-clk-2 Samsung 2nd clock updates for 3.16 (2014-05-26) tar.gz
exynos-cpuidle Samsung exynos-cpuidle updates for v3.16 (2014-05-26) tar.gz
samsung-fixes-2nd-tag Samsung-fixes-2 for 3.15 - keep LD04 always on for exynos5250-arndale - fix spi interrupt numbers for exynos5420 - fix ak8975 compatible for exynos4412-trats2 (2014-05-24) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.16-2 mvebu DT changes for v3.16 (incremental #2) (2014-05-22) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.16-2 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.16 (incremental #2) (2014-05-22) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.16-2 mvebu SoC changes for v3.16 (incremental #2) (2014-05-22) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.15-2 mvebu fixes for v3.15 (incremental #2) (2014-05-22) tar.gz
v3.15-rc6    Linux 3.15-rc6 (2014-05-22) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/dt-part2-v2 Device tree related changes for omaps. (2014-05-19) tar.gz
exynos-mcpm  Exynos MCPM support for v3.16 (2014-05-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/board-signed Board related changes for omaps. (2014-05-19) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/prcm-signed PRCM changes for omaps. I ended up merging these with the big endian changes because of the merge conflicts for read and write operations. Via Paul Walmsley <>: (2014-05-19) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/fixes-v3-signed Regression fixes for omaps for NAND, DMA, cpu_idle and audio. Also a minor one line fix for audio clock on 54xx. (2014-05-19) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/soc-signed SoC related changes for omaps. (2014-05-19) tar.gz
samsung-clk  Samsung clock updates for 3.16 (2014-05-20) tar.gz
berlin-dt-3.16 Quite a lot changes but it looks like DT approach is really paying off. BG2Q joins Berlin SoC family with corresponding development board, DW gpio nodes for all SoCs. Most notably, we have settled clock bindings to allow us to continue on drivers requiring clocks and pinctrl bindings. Last but not least, BG2Q gained SDHCI support and is able to properly boot into userspace. (2014-05-19) tar.gz
berlin-soc-3.16 Despite relatively young Berlin SoC support, we already have support for a BG2Q SoC provided by Alexandre Belloni and Antoine Tenart. Also, we gained support for DW gpio and a pinctrl driver. (2014-05-19) tar.gz
vexpress/updates-for-3.16 ARM Versatile Express updates for 3.16 (2014-05-15) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.15-rc6 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.15-rc6 (2014-05-15) tar.gz
asoc-v3.15-rc5-intel ASoC: Intel fixes for v3.15 (2014-05-14) tar.gz
gpio-v3.15-3 GPIO fixes for the v3.15 series: (2014-05-13) tar.gz
v3.15-rc5    Linux 3.15-rc5 (2014-05-09) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.16 mvebu SoC changes for v3.16 (2014-05-09) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/dt-signed Device tree related changes for omaps for v3.16 merge window. (2014-05-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/be-signed Trivial big endian changes for omaps to replace __raw_read/write with relaxed versions. Note that further changes are still needed to enable big endian support at least for the assembly code. The assembly changes are still being discussed. (2014-05-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/l3-noc-signed Improvments to omap l3-noc bus driver for v3.16 merge window to add support for am347x and dra7. (2014-05-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/fixes-not-urgent-signed Non urgent omap fixes for v3.16 merge window. (2014-05-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.16/pm-signed PM related fixes for omap3 that were discovered during omap3 conversion to device tree. This series sets up the PMIC signaling in a way where we can test for PM regressions easily by looking at state of the the sys_clkreq and sys_off_mode pins. (2014-05-08) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-orion5x-3.16 mvebu SoC orion5x DT conversion for v3.16 (2014-05-08) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.16 mvebu DT changes for v3.16 (2014-05-08) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.16 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.16 (2014-05-08) tar.gz
mvebu-drivers-3.16 mvebu driver changes for v3.16 (2014-05-08) tar.gz
clk-mvebu-3.16 clk mvebu changes for v3.16 (2014-05-08) tar.gz
irqchip-mvebu-3.16 irqchip mvebu changes for v3.16 (2014-05-08) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-fixes-3.15-2 mvebu DT fixes for v3.15 (incremental #2) (2014-05-08) tar.gz
staging-3.15-rc4 Staging / IIO fixes for 3.15-rc4 (2014-05-05) tar.gz
v3.15-rc4    Linux 3.15-rc4 (2014-05-04) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.15-rc4 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.15-rc4 (2014-05-03) tar.gz
mc13783-asoc ASoC: mc13783 DT support (2014-04-30) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.15-3 Pin control fixes for v3.15: (2014-04-30) tar.gz
mvebu-mbus_pci-fixes-3.15 mvebu drivers (mbus and pci) fixes for v3.15 (2014-04-29) tar.gz
mvebu-irqchip-fixes-3.15 mvebu irqchip ifxes for v3.15 (2014-04-29) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-fixes-3.15 mvebu DT fixes for v3.15 (2014-04-29) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.15 mvebu fixes for v3.15 (2014-04-29) tar.gz
v3.15-rc3    Linux 3.15-rc3 (2014-04-27) tar.gz
staging-3.15-rc3 Staging / IIO driver fixes for 3.15-rc3 (2014-04-26) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.15-rc3 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.15-rc3 (2014-04-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/fixes-gpmc Mostly fixes for occasional memory corruption caused by bad timings for smc911x LAN9220 (and potentially LAN9221) devices that were noted on a cm-t3730 system. Also fix THUMB mode for SMP, and mailbox related warnings when booted with device tree. (2014-04-25) tar.gz
fixes-3.15-rc3 ARM: SoC fixes for 3.15-rc3: (2014-04-25) tar.gz
vexpress/fixes-for-3.15 ARM Versatile Express fixes for 3.15 (2014-04-24) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/fixes-v2-signed Fixes for omaps, mostly to fix some GPMC, DSS and USB issues for device tree based booting. And turns out BeagleBoard xM A/B needs it's own minimal dts in addition to the related u-boot changes. Also few minor documentation and typo fixes are merged to get them out of the way. (2014-04-23) tar.gz
asoc-v3.15-rc2 ASoC: Fixes for v3.15 (2014-04-23) tar.gz
v3.15-rc2    Linux 3.15-rc2 (2014-04-20) tar.gz
staging-3.15-rc2 staging driver fixes for 3.15-rc2 (2014-04-18) tar.gz
gpio-v3.15-2 A few fixes for the GPIO tree: (2014-04-18) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.15-2 A first set of pin control fixes for the v3.15 series: (2014-04-15) tar.gz
v3.15-rc1    Linux 3.15-rc1 (2014-04-13) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.15-rc1-3 More ACPI and power management fixes and updates for 3.15-rc1 (2014-04-10) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-fixes-non-crit-3.15 mvebu DT fixes-non-critical (for v3.15-rc1) (2014-04-10) tar.gz
asoc-v3.15-5 ASoC: Fixes for v3.15 (2014-04-09) tar.gz
mmc-updates-for-3.15-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.15: (2014-04-08) tar.gz
cpu-hotplug-3.15-rc1 CPU hotplug notifiers registration fixes for 3.15-rc1 (2014-04-07) tar.gz
cleanup3-3.15 ARM: SoC: late cleanups (2014-04-05) tar.gz
tags/cleanup2-3.15 ARM: SoC: late cleanups (2014-04-05) tar.gz
sh-3.15      ARM: SoC: sh driver changes (2014-04-05) tar.gz
drivers-3.15 ARM: SoC: driver changes (2014-04-05) tar.gz
dt-3.15      ARM: SoC: device tree changes (2014-04-05) tar.gz
boards-3.15  ARM: SoC: board changes (2014-04-05) tar.gz
soc-3.15     ARM: SoC specific changes (2014-04-05) tar.gz
cleanup-3.15 ARM: SoC: cleanups for 3.15 (2014-04-05) tar.gz
fixes-non-critical-3.15 ARM: SoC non-critical bug fixes for 3.15 (2014-04-05) tar.gz
gpio-v3.15-1 This is the bulk of GPIO changes for v3.15: (2014-04-03) tar.gz
clk-for-linus-3.15 The clock framework changes for 3.15 look similar to past pull requests. Mostly clock driver updates, more Device Tree support in the form of common functions useful across platforms and a handful of features and fixes to the framework core. (2014-04-02) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.15-rc1-2 More ACPI and power management updates for 3.15-rc1 (2014-04-02) tar.gz
staging-3.15-rc1 Staging driver pull request for 3.15-rc1 (2014-04-01) tar.gz
asoc-v3.15-4 ASoC: Final updates for v3.15 merge window (2014-03-31) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.15-1 Pin control bulk changes for the v3.15 series, no new core functionality this time, just incremental driver updates: (2014-03-31) tar.gz
v3.14        Linux 3.14 (2014-03-30) tar.gz
v3.14-rc8    Linux 3.14-rc8 (2014-03-24) tar.gz
asoc-v3.15-rcar ASoC: A few more fixes for rcar (2014-03-24) tar.gz
asoc-v3.15-3 ASoC: Updates for v3.15 (2014-03-23) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.15-rc1 ACPI and power management updates for 3.15-rc1 (2014-03-22) tar.gz
samsung-pm-2 Samsung PM related 2nd updates for v3.15 (2014-03-21) tar.gz
exynos-cleanup Exynos cleanup for v3.15 (2014-03-21) tar.gz
samsung-dt-3 Samsung 3rd DT updates for v3.15 (2014-03-21) tar.gz
samsung-cleanup-3 Samsung 3rd cleanup for v3.15 (2014-03-21) tar.gz
samsung-dt-2 Samsung 2nd DT updates for v3.15 - add DT entry for AHCI SATA and SATA PHY with using generic   PHY framework for exynos5250 and arndale, smdk5250 boards. - add SSS DT node for exynos5420 and exynos5250 - remove leftover spi0 node for smdk5250 board - add ADC and thermistor nodes for exynos4412-trats2 board - move common irq-combiner node for exynos4x12 from exynos4212   and exynos4412 - add ADC, PMU and GPS_ALIVE power domain nodes for exynos4x12 (2014-03-18) tar.gz
samsung-cleanup-2 Samsung cleanup-2 for v3.15 - use generic uncompress.h and remove all custom   uncompress.h in mach-s3c24xx, s3c64xx, s5p64x0,   s5pc100, s5pv210 and plat-samsung directories. (2014-03-18) tar.gz
samsung-fixes Samsung non-critical fixes for v3.15 - fix typo CONFIG_CPU_S3C2443 in Kconfig - fix G3D regulator on because of entering low power mode   for exynos5250-arndale - fix CONFIG_USB_EHCI_EXYNOS for exynos_defconfig - fix initcall of mach-crag6410-module.c (2014-03-18) tar.gz
v3.14-rc7    Linux 3.14-rc7 (2014-03-16) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.14-rc7 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.14-rc7 (2014-03-14) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.15-5 mvebu dt changes for v3.15 (incremental #5) (2014-03-14) tar.gz
clk-mvebu-3xx-3.15-2 clock: mvebu new SoC changes for v3.15 (incremental pull #2) (2014-03-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/fixes-for-merge-window Fixes for omaps that would be good to get in before v3.15-rc1. (2014-03-13) tar.gz
omap/fixes   Fixes for omaps that would be good to get in before v3.15-rc1. (2014-03-13) tar.gz
tlv320aic31xx-fixes ASoC: Fixes for tlv320aic31xx (2014-03-13) tar.gz
asoc-v3.15-2 ASoC: Updates for v3.15 (2014-03-13) tar.gz
asoc-v3.15   ASoC: Updates for v3.15 (2014-03-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/dt-part3 Device tree related changes to the omap iommu driver as that is finally getting updated. Also few trivial board related .dts updates to add more devices. (2014-03-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/dt-overo-signed Updates to the .dts files to support more Gumstix boards. (2014-03-12) tar.gz
asoc-v3.14-rc6 ASoC: Fixes for v3.14 (2014-03-10) tar.gz
v3.14-rc6    Linux 3.14-rc6 (2014-03-09) tar.gz
for_3.15     Add new PHY drivers for SATA and USB in exynos, for USB in sunxi, and a multi-purpose PHY in APM, all adapted to generic PHY framework. Adapted USB3 PHY driver in OMAP to generic PHY driver and also used the same driver for SATA in OMAP. It also includes miscellaneous cleanups and fixes. (2014-03-09) tar.gz
staging-3.15-rc6 Staging driver tree fix for 3.14-rc6 (2014-03-08) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.14-rc6 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.14-rc6 (2014-03-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/dt-part2 Part two of omap device tree changes enabling driver features in the dts files. (2014-03-07) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.15-4 mvebu dt changes for v3.15 (incremental #4) (2014-03-07) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.15-3 mvebu soc changes for v3.15 (incremental #3) (2014-03-07) tar.gz
mvebu-drivers-3.15-2 mvebu driver changes for v3.15 (incremental pull #2) (2014-03-07) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.14-3 A set of pin control fixes for the v3.14 series: (2014-03-06) tar.gz
imx-soc-3.15 i.MX SoC changes for 3.15:  - Support suspend from ocram (DDR IO floating) for imx6 platforms  - Add cpuidle support for imx6sl  - Sparse warning fixes for imx6sl and vf610 clock code  - Remove PWM platform code  - Support ptp and rmii clock from pad  - Support WEIM CS GPR configuration  - Random cleanups and defconfig updates (2014-03-05) tar.gz
imx6-dt-3.15-2 i.MX6 device tree changes for 3.15, take 2:  - Add USB, GPMI and SATA support for imx6q-phytec board  - Update imx6sl-evk board support regarding PFUZE100, audio and    LED etc.  - Minor updates on a few imx6qdl boards (2014-03-05) tar.gz
imx-dt-3.15-2 i.MX device tree changes for 3.15, take 2:  - Cleanup and device additions for imx27-phytec-phycard boards  - eDMA and audio support for vf610-twr board  - Minor updates and fixes for a couple of imx28 and imx5 boards (2014-03-05) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.15-3 mvebu dt changes for v3.15 (incremental pull #3) (2014-03-04) tar.gz
kvm-for-3.15-1 This series fixes coherency issues on arm and arm64 when the guest runs with caches off, and fixes a couple of other bugs in the process. (2014-03-03) tar.gz
v3.14-rc5    Linux 3.14-rc5 (2014-03-02) tar.gz
exynos-clk   Samsung exynos clock related DT updates for v3.15 (2014-03-03) tar.gz
samsung-pm-1 Samsung S2R PM updates for v3.15 (2014-03-03) tar.gz
samsung-dt   Samsung DT updates for v3.15 (2014-03-03) tar.gz
samsung-drivers Samsung drivers update for v3.15 - remove inclusion <asm/mach/time.h> from exynos_mct.c - remove inclusion <asm/mach/irq.h> from exynos-combiner.c   and use calling handle_bad_irq() instead of do_bad_IRQ() (2014-03-03) tar.gz
samsung-cleanup Samsung cleanup for v3.15 - Use generic uncompress.h for exynos and   remove exynos <mach/uncompress.h> accordingly   (other uncompress.h files will be removed) - move <plat/rtc-core.h> into s3c24xx <mach/rtc-core.h> - remove unused header files - cleanup exynos related non-DT stuffs - use inclusion <linux/serial_s3c.h> instead of   <plat/regs-serial.h> - remove unneeded Kconfig entries:   S3C24XX_GPIO_EXTRA64 and S3C24XX_GPIO_EXTRA128 - remove unneeded function s3c24xx_init_cpu() - remove obsolete s3c24xx <mach/tick.h> (2014-03-03) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/crossbar-signed Add support for GIC crossbar that routes interrupts on newer omaps. (2014-03-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/dt-signed Device tree related changes for omaps with minor code changes also to platform data quirks that are still needed for some features. (2014-03-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/prcm-signed Power, reset and clock related changes via Paul Walmsley <>: (2014-03-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.15/soc-signed Few SoC related improvments for omaps. (2014-03-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.14/fixes-dt-rc4 Two omap3430 vs 3630 device tree regression fixes for issues booting 3430 based boards. (2014-03-02) tar.gz
mvebu-pinctrl-3.15 mvebu pinctrl changes for v3.15 (2014-03-01) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.15-2 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.15 (incremental pull #2) (2014-03-01) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.15-2 mvebu soc changes for v3.15 (incremental pull #2) (2014-03-01) tar.gz
mvebu-drivers-3.15 mvebu drivers for v3.15 (2014-03-01) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.14-rc5 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.14-rc5 (2014-03-01) tar.gz
mvebu-watchdog-3.15-2 mvebu watchdog driver changes for v3.15 (incremental #2) (2014-02-28) tar.gz
arm64-fixes  - !CONFIG_SMP build fix - pte bit testing macros conversion fix (int truncates top bits of long) - stack unwinding PC calculation fix (2014-02-28) tar.gz
for-linus    Three x86 fixes and one for ARM/ARM64.  In particular, nested virtualization on Intel is broken in 3.13 and fixed by this pull request. (2014-02-28) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.14/fixes-rc4 Fixes for omaps mostly to fix the 3430 display regression, and random crashes if booting n900 with device tree and thumb mode. Also few other regressions and fixes. (2014-02-27) tar.gz
asoc-v3.14-rc4-2 ASoC: Updates for v3.14 (2014-02-27) tar.gz
for-mvebu-pinctrl-3xx Sign for-mvebu/pinctrl-3xx (2014-02-25) tar.gz
for-mvebu-pinctrl-cleanup Sign for-mvebu/pinctrl-cleanup (2014-02-25) tar.gz
v3.14-rc4    Linux 3.14-rc4 (2014-02-23) tar.gz
asoc-v3.14-rc4 ASoC: Fixes for v3.14 (2014-02-23) tar.gz
staging-3.14-rc4 Staging tree fix for 3.14-rc4 (2014-02-22) tar.gz
mvebu-watchdog-3.15 mvebu watchdog driver changes for v3.15 (2014-02-22) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3xx-3.15 mvebu new SoCs for v3.15 (2014-02-22) tar.gz
irqchip-mvebu-3.15 irqchip mvebu changes for v3.15 (2014-02-22) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.15-2 mvebu dt changes for v3.15 (incremental round #2) (2014-02-22) tar.gz
clk-mvebu-3xx-3.15 clock: mvebu new SoC changes for v3.15 (2014-02-22) tar.gz
irqchip-mvebu-fixes-3.14 irqchip mvebu fixes for v3.14 (2014-02-21) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.14-rc4 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.14-rc4 (2014-02-21) tar.gz
asoc-v3.14-rc3 ASoC: Fixes for v3.14 (2014-02-19) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.15 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.15 (2014-02-18) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.15 mvebu soc changes for v3.15 (2014-02-18) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.15 mvebu DT changes for v3.15 (2014-02-18) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-fixes-3.14 mvebu dt fixes for v3.14 (2014-02-18) tar.gz
v3.14-rc3    Linux 3.14-rc3 (2014-02-16) tar.gz
staging-3.14-rc3 Staging driver fixes for 3.14-rc3 (2014-02-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.14/fixes-against-rc1 Fixes for omaps, mostly to deal with the 34xx vs 36xx SoC configuration for overo boards. (2014-02-14) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.14-rc3 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.14-rc3 (2014-02-14) tar.gz
fbdev-fixes-3.14 Minor fbdev fixes for 3.14. (2014-02-14) tar.gz
gpio-v3.14-2 A set of GPIO fixes for the v3.14 series: (2014-02-12) tar.gz
v3.14-rc2    Linux 3.14-rc2 (2014-02-09) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.14-2 First round of pin control fixes for v3.14: (2014-02-08) tar.gz
mvebu-clk-fixes-3.14 mvebu clock fixes for v3.14 (2014-02-08) tar.gz
mvebu-phy_ata-fixes-3.14 mvebu phy and ata fixes for v3.14 (2014-02-08) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.14-rc2 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.14-rc2 (2014-02-07) tar.gz
v3.14-rc1    Linus 3.14-rc1 (2014-02-02) tar.gz
arm64-upstream - Build fix with DMA_CMA enabled - Introduction of PTE_WRITE to distinguish between writable but clean   and truly read-only pages - FIQs enabling/disabling clean-up (they aren't used on arm64) - CPU resume fix for the per-cpu offset restoring - Code comment typos (2014-01-31) tar.gz
late-dt-for-linus ARM: SoC late changes for v3.14 (2014-01-30) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.14-rc1-2 ACPI and power management fixes and cleanups for 3.14-rc1 (2014-01-30) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.14-rc1-2 xfs: update #2 for v3.14-rc1 (2014-01-28) tar.gz
asoc-v3.14-rc1 ASoC: Fixes for v3.14 (2014-01-28) tar.gz
clk-for-linus-3.14-part2 The second half of the clock framework pull requeust for 3.14 is dominated by platform support for Qualcomm's MSM SoCs, DT binding updates for TI's OMAP-ish processors and additional support for Samsung chips. Additionally there are other smaller clock driver changes and several last minute fixes. This pull request also includes the HiSilicon support that depends on the already-merged arm-soc pull request. (2014-01-27) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.13-2 mvebu fixes for v3.13 (incremental #2) (2014-01-27) tar.gz
mmc-updates-for-3.14-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.14: (2014-01-25) tar.gz
fbdev-3.14   fbdev changes for 3.14 (2014-01-24) tar.gz
clk-for-linus-3.14-part1 The first half of the clk framework pull request is made up almost entirely of new platform/driver support. There are some conversions of existing drivers to the common-clock Device Tree binding, and a few non-critical fixes to the framework. (2014-01-23) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.14-rc1 xfs: update for v3.14-rc1 (2014-01-22) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.14-1 Bulk pin control changes for the v3.14 cycle: (2014-01-21) tar.gz
gpio-v3.14-1 GPIO tree bulk changes for v3.14 (2014-01-21) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.14-rc1 ACPI and power management updates for 3.14-rc1 (2014-01-21) tar.gz
staging-3.14-rc1 Staging driver tree patches for 3.14-rc1 (2014-01-20) tar.gz
v3.13        Linux 3.13 (2014-01-19) tar.gz
mvebu-fixes-3.13 mvebu late fixes for v3.13 (2014-01-14) tar.gz
v3.13-rc8    Linux 3.13-rc8 (2014-01-12) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc8 xfs: bugfixes for 3.13-rc8 (2014-01-10) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.13-rc8 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.13-rc8 (2014-01-10) tar.gz
omapdrm-3.14 omapdrm patches for 3.14 (2014-01-09) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.14/dt-signed Split omap3 core padconf area into two as some of the registers in the padconf area are not accessible and used for other devices. Also fix the interrupt number for omap2 RNG, and add basic support for sbc-3xxx with cm-t3730. (2014-01-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.14/fixes-not-urgent-signed Some non-urgent fixes to enable am335x features, update documentation, and to remove unnecessary double initialization for the GPMC code. (2014-01-08) tar.gz
v3.13-rc7    Linux 3.13-rc7 (2014-01-04) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.13-rc7 ACPI and power management fixes and new device IDs for 3.13-rc7 (2014-01-03) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.14-2 mvebu SoC changes for v3.14 (incremental #2) (2014-01-02) tar.gz
imx-soc-3.14 i.MX SoC changes for 3.14:  - Add the initial i.MX50 SoC support  - Support device tree boot for i.MX35  - Move imx5 clock driver to use macros for clock ID  - Some random updates and non-critical fixes on clock drivers  - A few defconfig updates and minor cleanups (2013-12-31) tar.gz
v3.13-rc6    Linux 3.13-rc6 (2013-12-29) tar.gz
kvm-arm64/next-3.14-1 First drop of 3.14 merge candidates for KVM/{arm,arm64} (2013-12-28) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.13-rc6 ACPI and power management fixes and new device IDs for 3.13-rc6 (2013-12-28) tar.gz
mvebu-drivers-3.14-2 mvebu driver changes for v3.14 (incremental #2) (2013-12-27) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.14-5 mvebu DT changes for v3.14 (incremental #5) (2013-12-27) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/intc-ldp-fix Fix a regression for wrong interrupt numbers for some devices after the sparse IRQ conversion, fix DRA7 console output for earlyprintk, and fix the LDP LCD backlight when DSS is built into the kernel and not as a loadable module. (2013-12-27) tar.gz
for_3.14     Pull request for PHY subsystem contains few fixes in PHY-CORE mostly w.r.t PM and reference counting and also a new PHY driver used by SATA in Marvell SoC. (2013-12-25) tar.gz
v3.13-rc5    Linux 3.13-rc5 (2013-12-22) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc5 xfs: bugfixes for 3.13-rc5 (2013-12-19) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/display-fix I accidentally removed some mux code for omap4 that I thought was dead code as omap4 has been booting with device tree only since v3.10. Turns out I also removed some display related mux code, so let's revert that except for the dead code parts. (2013-12-18) tar.gz
staging-3.13-rc5 Staging driver fixes for 3.13-rc5 (2013-12-18) tar.gz
berlin-3.14  Initial support for Marvell Berlin SoCs, e.g. Armada 1500 and Armada 1500-mini, found on various consumer devices like Google Chromecast and GoogleTV. (2013-12-18) tar.gz
mvebu-irqchip-fixes-3.13 mvebu irqchip fixes for v3.13 (2013-12-17) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.14-2 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.14 (incremental #2) (2013-12-17) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.14-4 mvebu DT changes for v3.14 (incremental #4) (2013-12-17) tar.gz
gpio-v3.13-4 GPIO fixes for the v3.13 development cycle: (2013-12-16) tar.gz
v3.13-rc4    Linux 3.13-rc4 (2013-12-15) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.14-3 mvebu DT changes for v3.14 (incr. #3) (2013-12-14) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc4 xfs: bugfixes for 3.13-rc4 (2013-12-10) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.14/board-removal-safe Make omap2420 and 2430 boot in device tree only mode and prepare things for removing omap3 legacy booting support. (2013-12-10) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/yet-more-dt-regressions-take2 A rather big fix for a regression where we have dropped omap4 hwmod data earlier but are not initializing it from device tree. In addition to this fix we eventually also be fix the issues in the .dts files and drivers, but that's too intrusive for the -rc cycle and must be done later on. (2013-12-08) tar.gz
pm-3.13-rc3-fixup Post-3.13-rc3 power management fixup (2013-12-08) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.14-2 mvebu DT changes for v3.14 (set #2) (2013-12-08) tar.gz
staging-3.13-rc3 staging driver fixes for 3.13-rc3 (2013-12-06) tar.gz
v3.13-rc3    Linux 3.13-rc3 (2013-12-06) tar.gz
pm-3.13-rc3  Power management fixes for 3.13-rc3 (2013-12-06) tar.gz
fbdev-fixes-3.13 Minor fbdev fixes for 3.13. (2013-12-05) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.13-2 Pin control fixes for the v3.13 series: (2013-12-05) tar.gz
gpio-v3.13-3 GPIO fixes for the v3.13 series: (2013-12-04) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/more-dt-regressions Few more legacy booting vs device tree booting fixes that people have noticed while booting things with device tree for things like omap4 WLAN, smsc911x, and beagle audio. Hopefully this will be it for the legacy booting vs device tree fixes for this -rc cycle. (2013-12-02) tar.gz
mvebu-defconfig-3.14 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.14 (2013-12-01) tar.gz
mvebu-drivers-3.14 mvebu driver changes for v3.14 (2013-12-01) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-3.14 mvebu DT changes for v3.14 (2013-12-01) tar.gz
mvebu-soc-3.14 mvebu soc changes for v3.14 (2013-12-01) tar.gz
mvebu-irqchip-3.14 mvebu irqchip changes for v3.14 (2013-12-01) tar.gz
mvebu-dt-fixes-3.13 mvebu DT fixes for v3.13 (2013-12-01) tar.gz
mvebu-clk-3.14 mvebu clock changes for v3.14 (2013-12-01) tar.gz
v3.13-rc2    Linux 3.13-rc2 (2013-11-29) tar.gz
gpio-v3.13-2 GPIO fixes for the v3.13 series: (2013-11-28) tar.gz
staging-3.13-rc2 Staging fixes for 3.13-rc2 (2013-11-27) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.13-rc2 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.13-rc2 (2013-11-27) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/fixes-against-rc1-take2 Some omap related fixes that have come up with people moving to device tree only based booting for omap2+. (2013-11-26) tar.gz
v3.13-rc1    Linux 3.13-rc1 (2013-11-22) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc1-2 xfs: update #2 for v3.13-rc1 (2013-11-21) tar.gz
pm+acpi-2-3.13-rc1 More ACPI and power management updates for 3.13-rc1 (2013-11-20) tar.gz
imx-fixes-3.13-2 The imx fixes for 3.13, part 2:  - Disable S/PDIF "rxtx5" clock option to fix the clocksource breakage    introduced by S/PDIF driver (2013-11-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/more-fixes-for-merge-window-take2 Few more fixes for issues found booting older omaps using device tree. Also few randconfig build fixes and removal of some dead code for omap4 as it no longer has legacy platform data based booting support. (2013-11-19) tar.gz
mmc-updates-for-3.13-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.13: Core:  - Improve runtime PM support, remove mmc_{suspend,resume}_host().  - Add MMC_CAP_RUNTIME_RESUME, for delaying MMC resume until we're    outside of the resume sequence (in runtime_resume) to decrease    system resume time. (2013-11-16) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/fixes-for-merge-window-take2 Few clock fixes, a runtime PM fix, and pinctrl-single fix along with few other fixes that popped up during the merge window. (2013-11-15) tar.gz
kvm-3.13-1   Here are the 3.13 KVM changes.  There was a lot of work on the PPC side: the HV and emulation flavors can now coexist in a single kernel is probably the most interesting change from a user point of view. On the x86 side there are nested virtualization improvements and a few bugfixes.  ARM got transparent huge page support, improved overcommit, and support for big endian guests. (2013-11-14) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.13-rc1 xfs: update for v3.13-rc1 (2013-11-13) tar.gz
fbdev-3.13   fbdev changes for 3.13 (2013-11-13) tar.gz
clk-for-linus-3.13 The clock changes for 3.13 are an even mix of framework improvements & bug fixes along with updates to existing clock drivers and the additional of new clock drivers. (2013-11-11) tar.gz
imx-fixes-3.13 The imx fixes for 3.13:  - A couple of imx5 and imx6 clock fixes  - Two follow-up patches for improving/fixing the commit "ARM: imx:    replace imx6q_restart()with mxc_restart()"  - One compile fix for imx6sl with randconfig  - Commits to fix pllv3 relock/power issues found in IPU/HDMI testing (2013-11-11) tar.gz
gpio-v3.13-1 GPIO bulk changes for the v3.13 development cycle (2013-11-11) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.13-1 Main pin control pull request for the v3.13 cycle: (2013-11-11) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.13-rc1 ACPI and power management updates for 3.13-rc1 (2013-11-08) tar.gz
kvm-arm64/for-3.13-1 A handful of fixes for KVM/arm64: (2013-11-08) tar.gz
staging-3.13-rc1 Staging driver update for 3.13-rc1 (2013-11-06) tar.gz
v3.12        Linux 3.12 (2013-11-03) tar.gz
dt-3.13-5    mvebu dt changes for v3.13 (round 5) (2013-10-31) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.12-late Last-minute ACPI and power management fixes for 3.12 (2013-10-31) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/dt-fixes-for-merge-window Few device tree changes that fix boot time warnings and make panda display work with recent u-boot. (2013-10-29) tar.gz
v3.12-rc7    Linux 3.12-rc7 (2013-10-27) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.12-rc7 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.12-rc7 (2013-10-25) tar.gz
dt-3.13-4    mvebu dt changes for v3.13 (round 4) (2013-10-23) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/dt-late Some more dts changes via  Benoit Cousson <>: (2013-10-23) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/fixes-not-urgent-part2 Few more omap fixes that are not regressions or oopses and can wait for the merge window. (2013-10-23) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/cpufreq-late Few patches to make cpufreq work for omap3 with device tree. (2013-10-23) tar.gz
imx-dt-3.13  The imx/mxs device tree changes for 3.13: (2013-10-21) tar.gz
imx-soc-3.13 The imx/mxs soc changes for 3.13: (2013-10-21) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/cm-scm-cleanup-signed Via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-10-20) tar.gz
v3.12-rc6    Linux 3.12-rc6 (2013-10-19) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/pinctrl-fix Looks like I managed to break the x86 build for some configs. Here's a fix for that on top of the pinctrl changes already merged with the signed tag omap-for-v3.13/quirk-signed. (2013-10-18) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.12-rc6 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.12-rc6 (2013-10-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/board-removal-signed-take2 Changes needed to drop legacy booting support for some omap3 boards. (2013-10-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/am43xx-hwmod-signed Changes needed for am43xx for the hwmod data. (2013-10-17) tar.gz
dt-3.13-3    mvebu dt changes for v3.13 (round 3) (2013-10-17) tar.gz
soc-3.13-2   mvebu soc changes for v3.13 (round 2) (2013-10-17) tar.gz
drivers-3.13-2 mvebu driver changes for v3.13 (round 2) (2013-10-17) tar.gz
gpio-v3.12-3 Three GPIO fixes for the v3.12 series: - A fix to the Lynxpoint IRQ handler - Two late fixes to fallout from the gpiod refactoring (2013-10-16) tar.gz
v3.12-rc5    Linux 3.12-rc5 (2013-10-13) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.12-rc5 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.12-rc5 (2013-10-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/soc-take2 SoC related changes for omaps to support the realtime counter on newer omaps, and to fail early for omap5 es1.0 SoCs that don't have any support merged for them in the mainline tree. (2013-10-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/soc-signed SoC related changes for omaps to support the realtime counter on newer omaps, and to fail early for omap5 es1.0 SoCs that don't have any support merged for them in the mainline tree. (2013-10-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/dt-signed omap device tree related changes via Benoit Cousson <>: (2013-10-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/hwmod-signed omap hwmod related changes via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-10-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/board-signed Platform data changes for omaps for the display subsystem and n900 secure mode changes. Note that the n900 secure mode changes will still be needed for device tree based booting also. (2013-10-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/fixes-not-urgent-signed Fixes for omaps that were not considered urgent for the -rc series. Just minor build fixes, removal of dead code, and a patch to use the die ID for increasing boot time entropy. (2013-10-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.13/quirk-signed Changes needed to prepare for making omap3 device tree only: (2013-10-11) tar.gz
pinctrl-single-for-linus-for-v3.13-signed Changes to pinctrl-single to allow handling the wake-up interrupts that most omaps have in each pinctrl register. (2013-10-10) tar.gz
fixes-against-v3.12-rc3-take2 Few fixes for omap3 related hangs and errors that people have noticed now that people are actually using the device tree based booting for omap3. (2013-10-08) tar.gz
dt-3.13-2    mvebu dt changes for v3.13 (round 2) (2013-10-08) tar.gz
soc-3.13     mvebu soc changes for v3.13 (2013-10-08) tar.gz
drivers-3.13 mvebu drivers changes for v3.13 (2013-10-08) tar.gz
v3.12-rc4    Linux 3.12-rc4 (2013-10-06) tar.gz
gpio-v3.12-2 Fixes for the GPIO tree for v3.12: - Two patches for the OMAP driver, dealing with setting up IRQs   properly on the device tree boot path. (2013-10-05) tar.gz
staging-3.12-rc4 Staging fixes for 3.12-rc4 (2013-10-05) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.12-rc4 xfs: bugfixes for 3.12-rc4 (2013-10-04) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.12-rc4 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.12-rc4 (2013-10-04) tar.gz
fixes-3.12-2 mvebu fixes for v3.12 (round 2) (2013-10-02) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.12-2 Pin control fixes for the v3.12 series: (2013-10-02) tar.gz
dt-3.13      mvebu dt changes for v3.13 (2013-09-30) tar.gz
v3.12-rc3    Linux 3.12-rc3 (2013-09-29) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.12-rc3 xfs: bugfixes for 3.12-rc3 (2013-09-28) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.12-rc3 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.12-rc3 (2013-09-28) tar.gz
fbdev-fixes-3.12 Small fbdev fixes for various fb drivers (2013-09-27) tar.gz
v3.12-rc2    Linux 3.12-rc2 (2013-09-23) tar.gz
staging-3.12-rc2 Staging fixes for 3.12-rc2 (2013-09-23) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.12-rc2 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.12-rc2 (2013-09-20) tar.gz
fixes-3.12   mvebu fixes for v3.12 (2013-09-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.12/fixes-signed omap fixes for build warnings and cpuidle, and a few trivial typo fixes. (2013-09-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.12/fixes-dt-signed omap device tree changes that are needed to fix regressions and avoid electrical issues on beaglebone black. (2013-09-18) tar.gz
imx-fixes-3.12 The imx fixes for 3.12: (2013-09-17) tar.gz
v3.12-rc1    Linux 3.12-rc1 (2013-09-16) tar.gz
kvm-3.12-1   The highlights of the release are nested EPT and pv-ticketlocks support (hypervisor part; guest part, which is most of the code, goes through tip tree).  Apart of that there are many fixes for all arches. (2013-09-14) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.12-rc1-2 xfs: update #2 for v3.12-rc1 (2013-09-12) tar.gz
pm+acpi-fixes-3.12-rc1 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.12-rc1 (2013-09-12) tar.gz
mmc-updates-for-3.12-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.12: Core:  - Support Allocation Units 8MB-64MB in SD3.0, previous max was 4MB.  - The slot-gpio helper can now handle GPIO debouncing card-detect.  - Read supported voltages from DT "voltage-ranges" property. (2013-09-10) tar.gz
clk-for-linus-3.12 The common clk framework changes for 3.12 are dominated by clock driver patches, both new drivers and fixes to existing. A high percentage of these are for Samsung platforms like Exynos. Core framework fixes and some new features like automagical clock re-parenting round out the patches. (2013-09-09) tar.gz
xfs-for-linus-v3.12-rc1 xfs: update for v3.12-rc1 (2013-09-09) tar.gz
arm64-for-linus - User tagged pointers support (top 8-bit of user pointers automatically   ignored by the CPU). - Kernel mode NEON (no users for arm64 yet but work in progress). - arm64 kernel Image header extended to accommodate future EFI stub. - Remove BogoMIPS reporting (not relevant, it's just the timer   frequency). - Clean-up (EM_AARCH64/EM_ARM to elf-em.h, ELF notes in read-only   segment, unused variable). - Bug-fixes (RAM boundaries not 2MB aligned, perf, includes). (2013-09-06) tar.gz
gpio-v3.12-1 This is the bulk of GPIO changes for the v3.12 series: (2013-09-06) tar.gz
fbdev-3.12-omap-legacy-removal OMAP specific fbdev changes for 3.12: (2013-09-05) tar.gz
fbdev-3.12   fbdev changes for 3.12: (2013-09-05) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.12-1 Bulk pin control changes for the v3.12 series: (2013-09-04) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.12-rc1 ACPI and power management updates for 3.12-rc1 (2013-09-03) tar.gz
staging-3.12-rc1 staging tree merge for 3.12-rc1 (2013-09-02) tar.gz
v3.11        Linux 3.11 (2013-09-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.12/prcm-signed OMAP PRCM and hwmod fixes and improvments via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-08-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.12/dra7xx-prcm Add basic support for devices on dra7xx by adding the PRCM and hwmod parts the same way as for other omaps. This is still needed in addition to device tree support for things like power management. (2013-08-26) tar.gz
v3.11-rc7    Linux 3.11-rc7 (2013-08-25) tar.gz
acpi-3.11-rc7 ACPI fix for 3.11-rc7 (2013-08-24) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.12/fixes-non-critical-signed Omap fixes for the merge window that are not urgent enough for the -rc series. (2013-08-22) tar.gz
v3.11-rc6    Linux 3.11-rc6 (2013-08-18) tar.gz
pm-3.11-rc6  Power management fix for 3.11-rc6 (2013-08-16) tar.gz
dt-3.12      mvebu dt changes for v3.12 (2013-08-16) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.12/dra7xx Minimal DRA7xx based SoC core support via Rajendra Nayak <> (2013-08-15) tar.gz
defconfig-3.12 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.12 (2013-08-14) tar.gz
boards-3.12-2 mvebu boards changes for v3.12 (2013-08-14) tar.gz
soc-3.12     mvebu soc changes for v3.12 (2013-08-14) tar.gz
msi-3.12     mvebu msi pci changes for v3.12 (2013-08-14) tar.gz
drivers-3.12 mvebu drivers changes for v3.12 (2013-08-14) tar.gz
fixes-non-3.12-2 mvebu fixes-non-critical for v3.12 (round 2) (2013-08-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.12/usb-signed USB nop phy rename via Felipe Balbi <>: (2013-08-14) tar.gz
msi-3.12-2   pci msi changes for v3.12 (round 2) (2013-08-13) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.11-3 Fixes for the sunxi (AllWinner) pin control driver. This was a new driver in this merge window, so some post-merge hardening is happening. (2013-08-13) tar.gz
msi-3.12-1   mvebu msi pci changes for v3.12 (2013-08-12) tar.gz
v3.11-rc5    Linux 3.11-rc5 (2013-08-11) tar.gz
staging-3.11-rc5 Staging driver fixes for 3.11-rc5 (2013-08-09) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.11-rc5 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.11-rc5 (2013-08-09) tar.gz
fbdev-fixes-3.11-rc5 fbdev fixes: (2013-08-09) tar.gz
tc2-pm       From Nicolas Pitre: - Fixes to the existing Vexpress DCSCB backend. (2013-08-07) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.12/cleanup-unused-defines Removal of unused omap defines via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-08-07) tar.gz
v3.11-rc4    Linux 3.11-rc4 (2013-08-04) tar.gz
boards-3.12  mvebu boards changes for v3.12 (2013-08-02) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.11-rc4 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.11-rc4 (2013-08-02) tar.gz
gpio-for-v3.11-3 GPIO fixes for v3.11: - Revert the OMAP fixes that caused more problems than they solved. - Fix a build error. (2013-08-01) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/fixes-omap5 Fixes for omap5-uevm regulators from Nishanth Menon <>: (2013-07-29) tar.gz
fbdev-fixes-3.11-rc2 Small fbdev fixes (2013-07-30) tar.gz
v3.11-rc3    Linux 3.11-rc3 (2013-07-28) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.11-2 Pin control fixes for the v3.11 series: (2013-07-28) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.11-rc3 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.11-rc3 (2013-07-26) tar.gz
staging-3.11-rc3 Staging fixes for 3.11-rc3 (2013-07-26) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.11-rc3 xfs: fix for 3.11-rc3 (2013-07-25) tar.gz
fixes-non-3.12 mvebu fixes-non-critical for v3.12 (2013-07-25) tar.gz
gpio-for-v3.11-2 A first round of GPIO fixes for the v3.11 series: - OMAP device tree boot fix - Handle an error condition in the MSM driver (2013-07-23) tar.gz
v3.11-rc2    Linux 3.11-rc2 (2013-07-21) tar.gz
acpi-video-3.11 ACPI video support fixes for 3.11 (2013-07-21) tar.gz
staging-3.11-rc2 Staging tree fixes for 3.11-rc2 (2013-07-20) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.11-rc2 Power management and ACPI fixes for 3.11-rc2 (2013-07-19) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/fixes-against-rc1 Omap fixes mostly to deal with the dropping of platform data for omap4, and to make v7_defconfig bootable on omap4 SDP with nfsroot. (2013-07-19) tar.gz
v3.11-rc1    Linux 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-14) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.11-rc1-2 xfs: update (#2) for 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-12) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.11-rc1-more More power management and ACPI updates for 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-10) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/fixes-for-merge-window Omap fixes and minor defconfig updates that would be good to get in before -rc1. (2013-07-10) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.11-rc1 xfs: update for 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-09) tar.gz
u3.10        u3.10 (2013-07-09) tar.gz
for-v3.11    Nothing exciting this time, just assorted fixes and cleanups. (2013-07-08) tar.gz
mmc-updates-for-3.11-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.11: (2013-07-08) tar.gz
drivers-for-linus ARM SoC driver specific changes (2013-07-02) tar.gz
boards-for-linus ARM SoC board specific changes (2013-07-02) tar.gz
late-for-linus ARM SoC late changes (2013-07-02) tar.gz
fixes-non-critical-for-linus ARM SoC non-cricitical bug fixes (2013-07-02) tar.gz
kvm-3.11-1   KVM fixes for 3.11 (2013-07-02) tar.gz
clk-for-linus-3.11 The common clock framework changes for 3.11 include new clock drivers across several different platforms and architectures, fixes to existing drivers, a MAINTAINERS file fix and improvements to the basic clock types that allow them to be of use to more platforms than before. Only a few fixes to the core framework are included with most all of the changes landing in the various clock drivers themselves. (2013-07-01) tar.gz
staging-3.11-rc1 Staging tree merge for 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-01) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.11-1 Pin control changes for the v3.11 kernel cycle: (2013-07-01) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.11-rc1 Power management and ACPI updates for 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-01) tar.gz
gpio-for-v3.11-1 GPIO changes for the v3.11 development cycle: - Incremental development for the Langwell (Atom SoC),   Xilinx, ICH and RCAR drivers. - Cleanups from Jingoo Han, Axel Lin, Wei Jongjun,   Wolfram Sang, Tushar Behera, Sachin Kamat and Yijing Wang. (2013-07-01) tar.gz
v3.10        Linux 3.10 (2013-06-30) tar.gz
kvm-arm-3.11 KVM/ARM pull request for 3.11 merge window (2013-06-26) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.10-late Late power management and ACPI fixes for 3.10 (2013-06-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/gpio-signed Fix for omap1 GPIO breaking regression. (2013-06-25) tar.gz
fixes-non-3.11-2 mvebu fixes non-critical for v3.11 (round 2) (2013-06-23) tar.gz
v3.10-rc7    Linux 3.10-rc7 (2013-06-22) tar.gz
dt-3.11-6    mvebu dt changes for v3.11 (round 6) (2013-06-21) tar.gz
regmap-3.11-2 mvebu register map changes for v3.11 (round 2) (2013-06-21) tar.gz
acpi-3.10-rc7 ACPI fixes for 3.10-rc7 (2013-06-20) tar.gz
arm64-stable Perf fix (user-mode PC recording). (2013-06-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/board-signed Minor board changes for v3.11 merge window. These are tapering down finally as we're getting closer to making omap2+ DT only. (2013-06-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/gpmc-part2-signed GPMC suspend patch that was left out of the earlier omap-for-v3.11/gpmc-signed branch because of a compile error it caused. The compile error is fixed in this version. (2013-06-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/soc-part2-signed Fix am43x minimal booting as I accidentally left out one patch from the already merged omap-for-v3.11/soc-signed branch. Also fixes for ti81x booting and  revision check updates. (2013-06-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/dma-signed Non-critical omap DMA fixes and removal of unused legacy code. (2013-06-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/pm-voltdomain-signed PM voltage domain clean-up via Kevin Hilman <>: (2013-06-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/pm-serial-signed Serial driver platform init code clean-up via Kevin Hilman <>: (2013-06-17) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/mailbox-signed Move OMAP Mailbox framework to drivers via Suman Anna <> (2013-06-17) tar.gz
v3.10-rc6    Linux 3.10-rc6 (2013-06-15) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc6 xfs: fixes for 3.10-rc6 (2013-06-14) tar.gz
regmap-3.11  mvebu register map changes for v3.11 (2013-06-13) tar.gz
dt-3.11-5    mvebu dt changes for v3.11 (round 5) (2013-06-13) tar.gz
cleanup-3.11-4 mvebu cleanup for v3.11 (round 4) (2013-06-13) tar.gz
acpi-3.10-rc6 ACPI fix for 3.10-rc6 (2013-06-13) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/omap5-signed Omap5 SoC data via Paul Walmsley < (2013-06-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/soc-signed Omap SoC changes. Mostly improves am33xx support, and adds minimal support for am43x SoCs. (2013-06-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/gpmc-signed Omap GPMC (General Purpose Memory Controller) changes. (2013-06-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/pm-signed Omap PM changes via Kevin Hilman <>: (2013-06-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/cleanup-signed Move omap4 over to device tree based booting. This allows us to get rid a big pile of platform init code for things that are already handled by device tree related code. As am33xx is already device tree based, we can also remove the same data for am33xx. (2013-06-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.11/fixes-non-critical-signed Non-critical fixes for omaps for v3.11 merge window. (2013-06-12) tar.gz
fixes-3.10-4 mvebu fixes for v3.10 round 4 (2013-06-10) tar.gz
asoc-v3.10-rc5 ASoC: Updates for v3.10 (2013-06-10) tar.gz
v3.10-rc5    Linux 3.10-rc5 (2013-06-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/fixes-v3.10-rc4 A set of small fixes for omaps for the -rc cycle: (2013-06-08) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.10-rc5 Power management and ACPI fixes for 3.10-rc5 (2013-06-07) tar.gz
staging-3.10-rc4 Staging driver fixes for 3.10-rc5 (2013-06-06) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc5 xfs: update for 3.10-rc5 (2013-06-06) tar.gz
pcie_kw-3.11-2 mvebu pcie driver (kirkwood) for v3.11 (round 2) (2013-06-04) tar.gz
dt-3.11-4    mvebu dt changes for v3.11 (round 4) (2013-06-04) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.10-rc5 MMC fixes for 3.10-rc5:  - sdhci-acpi: Fix initial runtime PM status, add more ACPI IDs  - atmel-mci, omap_hsmmc: DT handling fixes  - esdhc-imx: Fix SDIO IRQs, fix multiblock reads (both h/w errata) (2013-06-02) tar.gz
v3.10-rc4    Linux 3.10-rc4 (2013-06-02) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc4-crc-xattr-fixes xfs: extended attribute fixes for CRCs (2013-05-31) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc4 xfs: fixes for 3.10-rc4 (2013-05-31) tar.gz
soc-3.11-2   mvebu soc changes for v3.11 (round 2) (2013-05-29) tar.gz
seb_clk-3.11 mvebu clock restructuring for v3.11 (2013-05-29) tar.gz
pinctrl-fixes-v3.10-3 Pin control fixes for v3.10: - Six patches fixing up the suspend/resume and wakeup   handling of the Samsung and Exynos drivers. - Errorpath fixes for four different drivers. All on   the probe() errorpath. - Make the debugfs code for pin config take the right   mutex. (2013-05-29) tar.gz
pcie_bridge-3.11 mvebu pcie driver (bridge) for v3.11 (2013-05-28) tar.gz
pcie_kw-3.11 mvebu pcie driver (kirkwood) for v3.11 (2013-05-28) tar.gz
pcie-3.11-2  mvebu pcie driver for v3.11 (round 2, bugfix) (2013-05-28) tar.gz
dt-3.11-3    mvebu dt changes for v3.11 (round 3) (2013-05-28) tar.gz
defconfig-3.11-3 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.11 (round 3) (2013-05-28) tar.gz
boards-3.11-2 mvebu board changes for v3.11 (round 2) (2013-05-28) tar.gz
cleanup-3.11-3 mvebu cleanup for v3.11 (round 3) (2013-05-28) tar.gz
fixes-non-3.11-1 mvebu fixes non-critical for v3.11 (round 1) (2013-05-28) tar.gz
fixes-3.10-3 mvebu fixes for v3.10 round 3 (2013-05-28) tar.gz
asoc-v3.10-rc3 ASoC: Updates for v3.10 (2013-05-28) tar.gz
v3.10-rc3    Linux 3.10-rc3 (2013-05-26) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.10-rc3 Power management and ACPI fixes for 3.10-rc3 (2013-05-25) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc3 xfs: fixes for 3.10-rc3 (2013-05-24) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-v3.10-1 GPIO fixes for the v3.10 series: - An OMAP fix that makes ethernet work again. - Fix for build problem when building the MCP23S08 driver   as module. - IRQ conflicts in the Langwell driver. - Fix IRQ coherency issues in the MXS driver. - Return correct errorcode on errorpath when removing   GPIO chips. (2013-05-23) tar.gz
staging-3.10-rc2 Staging driver fixes for 3.10-rc2 (2013-05-23) tar.gz
v3.10-rc2    Linux 3.10-rc2 (2013-05-20) tar.gz
of_pci-3.11  of/pci changes for v3.11 (2013-05-20) tar.gz
dt-3.11-2    mvebu dt changes for v3.11 (round 2) (2013-05-20) tar.gz
defconfig-3.11-2 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.11 (round 2) (2013-05-20) tar.gz
boards-3.11-1 mvebu boards for v3.11 (round 1) (2013-05-20) tar.gz
soc-3.11-1   mvebu soc changes for v3.11 (round 1) (2013-05-20) tar.gz
cleanup-3.11-2 mvebu cleanup for v3.11 (round 2) (2013-05-20) tar.gz
fixes-3.10-2 mvebu fixes for v3.10 (round 2) (2013-05-20) tar.gz
pcie-3.11-1  mvebu pcie DT support for v3.11 (round 1) (2013-05-20) tar.gz
pinctrl-fixes-v3.10-2 Pinctrl fixes for the v3.10 series: - Three fixes to make the boot path for device tree work   properly on the Nomadik pin controller. - Compile warning fix for the vt8500 driver. - Fix error path in pinctrl-single. - Free mappings in error path of the Lantiq controller. - Documentation fixes. (2013-05-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10-rc1/fixes Fixes for omaps: (2013-05-17) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.10-rc2 Power management and ACPI fixes for 3.10-rc2 (2013-05-16) tar.gz
asoc-v3.10-rc1 ASoC: Fixes for v3.10 (2013-05-15) tar.gz
defconfig-3.11-1 mvebu defconfig changes for v3.11 (round 1) (2013-05-13) tar.gz
dt-3.11-1    mvebu dt changes for v3.11 (round 1) (2013-05-13) tar.gz
cleanup-3.11-1 mvebu cleanup for v3.11 (round 1) (2013-05-13) tar.gz
fixes-3.10-1 mvebu fixes for v3.10 round 1 (2013-05-13) tar.gz
for-grant    Linux 3.10-rc1 (2013-05-11) tar.gz
v3.10-rc1    Linux 3.10-rc1 (2013-05-11) tar.gz
for-v3.10-fixes Last minute one-liners: wrong kfree usage fix, module alias fixup and kconfig adjustments. (2013-05-10) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc1-2 xfs: update (#2) for v3.10-rc1 (2013-05-09) tar.gz
acpi-fixes-3.10-rc1 ACPICA fixes for 3.10-rc1 (2013-05-09) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/fixes-for-merge-window-part2 Omap fixes for things that were discovered during the merge window: (2013-05-09) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/dt-fixes-for-merge-window Omap device tree fixes for issue discovered during the merge window: (2013-05-09) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/fixes-for-merge-window An urgent fix for a timer mismerge for and a regression fix for musb device naming change. (2013-05-06) tar.gz
fixes-for-linus-2 ARM: arm-soc late bug fixes (2013-05-06) tar.gz
multiplatform-for-linus-2 ARM: late Exynos multiplatform changes (2013-05-06) tar.gz
cleanup-for-linus-2 ARM: arm-soc: late cleanups (2013-05-06) tar.gz
dt-for-linus-2 ARM: arm-soc device tree changes, part 2 (2013-05-06) tar.gz
soc-for-linus-3 ARM: arm-soc platform updates for 3.10, part 3 (2013-05-06) tar.gz
soc-for-linus-2 ARM: arm-soc platform updates for 3.10, part 2 (2013-05-06) tar.gz
firmware-for-linus ARM: platform specific firmware interfaces for 3.10 (2013-05-03) tar.gz
renesas-pinctrl-for-linus ARM: arm-soc pinctrl changes for Renesas for 3.10 (2013-05-03) tar.gz
asoc-v3.10-4 ASoC: Updates for v3.10 (2013-05-03) tar.gz
pinctrl-fixes-v3.10-1 Two fixes to the pinctrl subsystem for v3.10: - A quite apparent mutex fix in an untested codepath - A compile warning fix in the plgpio driver (2013-05-02) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.10-rc1 xfs: update for v3.10-rc1 (2013-05-02) tar.gz
dt-for-linus ARM: arm-soc device-tree updates for 3.10, part 1 (2013-05-02) tar.gz
soc-for-linus ARM: arm-soc platform updates for 3.10, part 1 (2013-05-02) tar.gz
multiplatform-for-linus ARM: arm-soc multiplatform updates for 3.10 (2013-05-02) tar.gz
fixes-nc-for-linus ARM: arm-soc non-critical fixes for 3.10 (2013-05-01) tar.gz
cleanup-for-linus ARM: arm-soc cleanup for 3.10 (2013-05-01) tar.gz
u3.9         u3.9 (2013-05-01) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.10-rc1 Power management and ACPI updates for 3.10-rc1 (2013-04-30) tar.gz
for-v3.10    Highlights: (2013-04-29) tar.gz
mmc-updates-for-3.10-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.10: (2013-04-29) tar.gz
clk-for-linus-3.10 The common clock framework changes for 3.10 include many fixes for existing platforms, as well as adoption of the framework by new platforms and devices.  Some long-needed fixes to the core framework are here as well as new features such as improved initialization of clocks from DT as well as framework reentrancy for nested clock operations. (2013-04-29) tar.gz
staging-3.10-rc1 Staging driver tree update for 3.10-rc1 (2013-04-29) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.10 These are the pinctrl changes for v3.10: - Patrice Chotard contributed a new configuration debugfs interface   and reintroduced fine-grained locking into the core: instead of   having a "big pinctrl lock" we have a per-controller lock and   specialized locks for the global controller and pinctrl handle   lists. - Haoijan Zhuang deleted all the PXA and MMP2 pinctrl drivers and   replaced them with pinctrl-single (which is also used by other SoCs)   so we are gaining consolidation. The platform particulars now come   in through the device tree. - Haoijan also added support for generic pin config into the   pinctrl-single driver which is another big consolidation win. - Finally also GPIO ranges are now supported by the pinctrl-single   driver. - Tomasz Figa contributed a new Samsung S3C pinctrl driver, bringing   more of the older Samsung platforms under the pinctrl umbrella and   out of arch/arm. - Maxime Ripard contributed new Allwinner A10/A13 drivers. - Sachin Kamat, Wei Yongjun and Axel Lin did a lot of cleanups. (2013-04-29) tar.gz
v3.9         Linux 3.9 (2013-04-28) tar.gz
aa-3.10      apparmor patches for 3.10 (2013-04-28) tar.gz
asoc-v3.10-3 ASoC: More updates for v3.10 (2013-04-25) tar.gz
gpio-v3.9-lastminute This is a last minute revert for the GPIO tree, as Mike Dunn noticed breakage on some older PXA machines due to moving PXA GPIO initcalls to the module_init initlevel. (2013-04-24) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9-rc6/fixes-signed One MUSB regression fix that I forgot to send earlier. Without this MUSB no longer works on omap4 based devices. (2013-04-23) tar.gz
v3.9-rc8     Linux 3.9-rc8 (2013-04-21) tar.gz
asoc-v3.10-2 ASoC: More updates for v3.10 (2013-04-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/dss-signed Display related clean-up from Tomi Valkeinen. (2013-04-17) tar.gz
irqchip-3.10 mvebu driver irqchip for v3.10 (2013-04-15) tar.gz
dt-3.10-3    mvebu dt for v3.10 round 3 (2013-04-15) tar.gz
boards-3.10  mvebu boards for v3.10 (2013-04-15) tar.gz
dt-3.10-4    mvebu dt for v3.10 round 4 (2013-04-15) tar.gz
soc_for_v3.10 mvebu soc changes for v3.10 (2013-04-15) tar.gz
drivers_for_v3.10 mvebu drivers for v3.10 (2013-04-15) tar.gz
asoc-v3.10   ASoC: Updates for v3.10 (2013-04-15) tar.gz
v3.9-rc7     Linux 3.9-rc7 (2013-04-14) tar.gz
asoc-maintainers-v3.9-rc6 MAINTAINERS: Update e-mail address (2013-04-12) tar.gz
mvebu_dt_v3.10-2 mvebu dt changes for v3.10 round 2 (2013-04-12) tar.gz
pm-3.9-rc7   Power management fixes for 3.9-rc7 (2013-04-11) tar.gz
clksrc-cleanup-for-3.10-part2 This is the 2nd part of ARM timer clean-ups for 3.10. This series has the following changes: (2013-04-11) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-v3.9-rc6 Oneliner fix for the PCA 953x driver. (2013-04-11) tar.gz
asoc-v3.9-rc6 ASoC: Updates for v3.9 (2013-04-11) tar.gz
arm-soc-fixes arm-soc: bug fixes for 3.9-rc6 (2013-04-11) tar.gz
mvebu_fixes_for_v3.9_round3 mvebu fixes for v3.9 round 3 (2013-04-10) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/dt-signed-v2 Device tree updates for omaps via Benoit Cousson <>. (2013-04-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/board-signed Board related changes for v3.10 merge window. These are pretty much all non-critical fixes for platform device initialization that will be needed until we can drop the board-*.c files and move to DT based boot. (2013-04-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/soc-signed Changes needed for enabling SOC_BUS for the SoC revision information. Also enable few HW errata workarounds for omap4. (2013-04-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/fixes-pm-signed Non-critical PM fix via Kevin Hilman <>: (2013-04-08) tar.gz
v3.9-rc6     Linux 3.9-rc6 (2013-04-07) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.9-rc6 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.9-rc6 (2013-04-04) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/gpmc-signed GPMC updates from Jon Hunter <>: (2013-04-04) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-v3.9 Two GPIO fixes for the v3.9 series: - Fix erroneous return value in the ICH driver - Make the STMPE driver proper properly on device tree boots (2013-04-04) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/timer-signed Clean-up for omap2+ timers from Jon Hunter <>: (2013-04-03) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/usb-signed EHCI platform data related changes for v3.10 merge window. These are needed for the USB PHY support, and are based on commit 1f0972f5 from Felipe Balbi's tree as agreed on the mailing lists. (2013-04-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/crypto-signed Omap crypto related bus level changes via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-04-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/cleanup-v2-signed Clean up related changes for v3.10 merge window. Mostly clock and PM related with removal of now unused DMA channel definitions. The clock change to use SoC specific lists will make it a little bit easier to add support for new SoCs variants without having to patch all over the place. (2013-04-02) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.10/fixes-non-critical-signed Non critical omap fixes for v3.10 merge window. A big chunk of these fixes are needed to support omap5 es2 version that includes PM features while the earlier version es1 did not. (2013-04-02) tar.gz
v3.9-rc5     Linux 3.9-rc5 (2013-03-31) tar.gz
mvebu_fixes_for_v3.9_round2 mvebu fixes for v3.9 (round 2) (2013-03-28) tar.gz
staging-3.9-rc4 Staging driver fixes for 3.9-rc4 (2013-03-28) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.9-rc5 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.9-rc5 (2013-03-28) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9-rc3/fixes-signed A clock regression fix that happened with the common clock conversion, and few USB regression fixes. (2013-03-27) tar.gz
asoc-fix-v3.9-rc4 ASoC: Fixes for v3.9 (2013-03-26) tar.gz
v3.9-rc4     Linux 3.9-rc4 (2013-03-23) tar.gz
pinctrl-fixes-for-v3.9 Here are a few pinctrl fixes for the v3.9 rc series: - Usecount bounds checking so we do not go below zero on   mux usecounts. - Loop range checking in GPIO ranges in the DT range parser. - Proper print in debugfs for pinconf state. - Fix compilation bug in generic pinconf code. - Minor bugfixes to abx500 and mvebu drivers. (2013-03-21) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.9-rc4 - Fix for a potential infinite loop which was introduced in 4d559a3bcb73 - Fix for the return type of xfs_iomap_eof_prealloc_initial_size   from a1e16c26660b - Fix for a failed buffer readahead causing subsequent callers to   fail incorrectly (2013-03-19) tar.gz
v3.9-rc3     Linux 3.9-rc3 (2013-03-17) tar.gz
cleanup_for_v3.10 mvebu cleanup for v3.10 (2013-03-17) tar.gz
staging-3.9-rc2 Staging tree fixes for 3.9-rc2 (2013-03-13) tar.gz
mvebu_dt_for_v3.10 mvebu DT changes for v3.10 (2013-03-12) tar.gz
clksrc-cleanup-for-3.10 - Add device_node ptr to clocksource init functions - Add CLKSRC_OF support to twd_smp timer (2013-03-11) tar.gz
v3.9-rc2     Linux 3.9-rc2 (2013-03-10) tar.gz
mvebu_fixes_for_v3.9 mvebu fixes for v3.9 (2013-03-08) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.9-rc2 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.9-rc2 (2013-03-07) tar.gz
asoc-v3.9-rc1 ASoC: Updates for v3.9 (2013-03-07) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9-rc1/fixes-signed Fix few regressions, omap3 pm init with device tree, and some issues with the legacy mux code. (2013-03-05) tar.gz
v3.9-rc1     Linux 3.9-rc1 (2013-03-03) tar.gz
late-omap    arm-soc: late OMAP changes (2013-02-28) tar.gz
late-dt      arm-soc: i.MX DT changes (2013-02-28) tar.gz
late-mvebu-rebased arm-soc: mvebu platform changes (2013-02-28) tar.gz
u3.8         u3.8 (2013-02-26) tar.gz
u3.7         u3.7 (2013-02-26) tar.gz
mmc-updates-for-3.9-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.9: (2013-02-24) tar.gz
pm+acpi-fixes-3.9-rc1 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.9-rc1 (2013-02-24) tar.gz
sh-pinmux    arm-soc: pin muxing for sh-mobile (2013-02-21) tar.gz
drivers      arm-soc: driver specific changes (2013-02-21) tar.gz
kvm-3.9-1    KVM updates for the 3.9 merge window. (2013-02-20) tar.gz
virt         arm-soc: virtualization changes (2013-02-20) tar.gz
dt           arm-soc: device tree conversions (2013-02-20) tar.gz
boards       arm-soc: board specific changes (2013-02-20) tar.gz
soc          arm-soc: soc-specific updates (2013-02-20) tar.gz
multiplatform arm-soc: multiplatform support (2013-02-20) tar.gz
cleanup      arm-soc: cleanups (2013-02-20) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.9-rc1 xfs: update for 3.9-rc1 (2013-02-19) tar.gz
for-v3.9     - Four new drivers: (2013-02-18) tar.gz
v3.8         Linux 3.8 (2013-02-18) tar.gz
pm+acpi-3.9-rc1 ACPI and power management updates for 3.9-rc1 (2013-02-19) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.9 These are the main pinctrl changes for the v3.9 merge window: (2013-02-15) tar.gz
cleanup_for_v3.9_round3 mvebu cleanup vor v3.9 round3 (2013-02-15) tar.gz
asoc-3.9-updates ASoC: Final updates for v3.9 (2013-02-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/usb-signed These changes contain the OMAP USB related platform data changes that were dropped from linux next because of the merge conflicts as requested by me and Olof. The reason was that at this point we really should be able to do the arch/arm related changes separately from driver changes to avoid dependencies between branches. (2013-02-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/pm-wfi-take2-signed-v2 omap pm wfi changes via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-02-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/pm-omap4-signed omap4 pm changes via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-02-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/clock-signed omap clock changes via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-02-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/pm-wfi-take2-signed omap pm wfi changes via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-02-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/am33xx-signed am33xx updates via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-02-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/soc-signed am33xx specific updates for restart and revision detection. Also get rid of OMAP_32K_TIMER_HZ as that no longer is needed. (2013-02-11) tar.gz
asoc-3.9     ASoC: Updates for v3.9 (2013-02-11) tar.gz
v3.8-rc7     Linux 3.8-rc7 (2013-02-09) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.8-late Late pinctrl fixes. Luckily just two patches: - Exynos Kconfig fixup - SIRF DT translation bug (2013-02-06) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/twl-signed-v2 OMAP TWL updates from Peter Ujfalusi <>: (2013-02-05) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/board-signed Minimal updates to OMAP board-*.c files while converting things to device tree based booting. (2013-02-04) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/pm-signed OMAP PM related updates via Paul Walmsley <>: (2013-02-04) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/twl-signed OMAP TWL updates from Peter Ujfalusi <>: (2013-02-04) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/fixes-non-critical-signed-v2 Few fixes for v3.9 merge window that are not urgent for the -rc series. (2013-02-04) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/gpmc-signed OMAP GPMC (General Purpose Memory Controller) changes to add device tree bindings. (2013-02-04) tar.gz
highbank-fixes-for-3.8 highbank fixes for 3.8 (2013-02-02) tar.gz
v3.8-rc6     Linux 3.8-rc6 (2013-02-01) tar.gz
drivers_for_v3.9 mvebu drivers for v3.9  - use rtc-mv in mvebu armv7 SoCs  - add pci-e hotplug for kirkwood (2013-01-31) tar.gz
cleanup_for_v3.9_round2 cleanup for v3.9 round2  - remove unneeded #includes for mach-dove  - remove unneeded #includes and code for the nsa310 (2013-01-31) tar.gz
pinctrl-fixes-rc6 Pinctrl fixes for the v3.8 series: - Revert gpio request/free backend, new patch set   in the works, will be for v3.9. Get this old cruft   out before anyone hurts himself on it. - Kconfig buzz - Various compile warnings - MPP6 value for the Kirkwood (2013-01-29) tar.gz
mvebu_fixes_for_v3.8-rc6 fixes for v3.8-rc6 (2013-01-29) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.8-rc6 xfs: bugfixes for 3.8-rc6 (2013-01-28) tar.gz
v3.8-rc5     Linux 3.8-rc5 (2013-01-25) tar.gz
fixes-for-linus2 ARM: arm-soc: Fixes for 3.8-rc, take 2 (2013-01-24) tar.gz
pm+acpi-for-3.8-rc5 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.8-rc5 (2013-01-24) tar.gz
mvebu_fixes_for_v3.8-rc5 mvebu fixes for v3.8-rc5  - fix memory leak in mvebu/clk-cpu.c  - use devm_ to correct/simplify error paths in mvsdio  - add missing #interrupt-cells property in kirkwood (2013-01-23) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8-rc4/fixes-signed Minimal omap fixes for the -rc series: (2013-01-22) tar.gz
fixes-for-v3.8-rc4 GPIO fixes for the v3.8 series: - Remove a bad #include from the Samsung driver - Some Kconfig hazzle for the Samsungs - Skip gpiolib registration on EXYNOS5440 - Don't free the MVEBU label (2013-01-22) tar.gz
asoc-3.8-rc4 ASoC: Updates for v3.8-rc4 (2013-01-22) tar.gz
staging-3.8-rc4 Staging bugfixes for 3.8-rc4 (2013-01-18) tar.gz
v3.8-rc4     Linux 3.8-rc4 (2013-01-17) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.8-rc4 xfs: bugfixes for 3.8-rc4 (2013-01-16) tar.gz
pm+acpi-for-3.8-rc4 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.8-rc4 (2013-01-16) tar.gz
dt-fixes-for-3.8 DeviceTree fixes for 3.8 (2013-01-14) tar.gz
staging-3.8-rc3 Staging fixes for 3.8-rc3 (2013-01-13) tar.gz
cleanup_for_v3.9 mvebu cleanup for v3.9  - remove unneeded includes due to DT conversion (2013-01-12) tar.gz
gic-vic-to-irqchip Initial irqchip init infrastructure and GIC and VIC clean-ups (2013-01-12) tar.gz
asoc-atmel-pinctrl ASoC: atmel: Fixes for pinctrl (2013-01-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/multiplatform-enable-signed-v2 The last dependency for enabling multiplatform support for omap2+ is now finally gone with commit 62e4d357 (ARM: 7609/1: disable errata work-arounds which access secure registers) that was preventing booting omap4. (2013-01-11) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.9/multiplatform-signed-v2 The last dependency for enabling multiplatform support for omap2+ is now finally gone with commit 62e4d357 (ARM: 7609/1: disable errata work-arounds which access secure registers) that was preventing booting omap4. (2013-01-11) tar.gz
mvebu_fixes_for_v3.8-rc3 mvebu fixes for v3.8-rc3  - gpio fixes in mvebu, kirkwood, and dove  - small DT fix for mvebu (correct RAM size) (2013-01-10) tar.gz
asoc-fix-3.8-rc2 ASoC: Fixes for v3.8 (2013-01-10) tar.gz
v3.8-rc3     Linux 3.8-rc3 (2013-01-09) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8-rc2/fixes-signed-v2 The biggest change is a fix to deal with different power state on omap2 registers that causes issues trying to use common PM code. Also fix few incorrect registers, and an issue for omap1 USB, and few sparse fixes for issues that sneaked in with all the clean-up. (2013-01-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8-rc2/fixes-signed Fix few incorrect registers, and an issue for omap1 USB. Also contains few sparse fixes for issues that sneaked in with all the clean-up. (2013-01-08) tar.gz
pm+acpi-for-3.8-rc3 ACPI and power management fixes for 3.8-rc3 (2013-01-08) tar.gz
mvebu_fixes_for_v3.8 fixes for mvebu/kirkwood v3.8  - use correct uart driver for mvebu boards  - add a missing DT clocks  - gpio-poweroff level vs. edge triggering, use gpio_is_valid()  - remove an inappropriate __init, modules need to access function.  - various DT fixes  - error handling in mv_xor (2013-01-07) tar.gz
v3.8-rc2     Linux 3.8-rc2 (2013-01-02) tar.gz
pinctrl-fixes A first round of pinctrl fixes for v3.8: - i.MX5 register configuration - Swap a kfree to devm_kfree() to avoid memory   corruption in the at91 driver - Add the missing device tree binding doc for the   SIRF pin controller - Enable the SIRF GPIO pull up/down configuration   from the device tree, it was previously retired   from the hard-coded approach. - NULL check for the prcm_base in the Nomadik pin   controller. - Provide the prcm_base from the device tree in the   DT boot path for the Nomadik pin controller. (2013-01-01) tar.gz
fixes        ARM: arm-soc: fixes for -rc2 (2012-12-28) tar.gz
omap-late-cleanups ARM: arm-soc: late cleanups for omap (2012-12-28) tar.gz
v3.8-rc1     Linux 3.8-rc1 (2012-12-21) tar.gz
fixes2       ARM: arm-soc fixes for 3.8, part 2 (2012-12-20) tar.gz
for-v3.8-part2 In part2: (2012-12-18) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-for-merge-window-signed Here are few more patches to finish the omap changes for multiplatform conversion that are not strictly fixes, but were too complex to do with the dependencies during the merge window. Those are to move of serial-omap.h to platform_data, and the removal of remaining cpu_is_omap macro usage outside mach-omap2. (2012-12-17) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/fixes-for-merge-window-v4-signed These patches fixes a build error caused by a merge conflict with the fb code, few timer warnings, and longer term regressions for tfp410 and omap h4 ethernet. Also included is a GPIO mode fix for the legacy mux code. (2012-12-17) tar.gz
asoc-3.8p1   ASoC: More updates for v3.8 (2012-12-15) tar.gz
mvebu        ARM: arm-soc: Updates for Marvell mvebu/kirkwood (2012-12-14) tar.gz
pm-merge     ARM: arm-soc: power management and clock changes (2012-12-12) tar.gz
for-v3.8-merged Highlights: (2012-12-12) tar.gz
for-v3.8     Highlights: (2012-12-11) tar.gz
kvm-3.8-1    KVM updates for the 3.8 merge window (2012-12-12) tar.gz
staging-3.8-rc1 Staging driver tree merge for 3.8-rc1 (2012-12-11) tar.gz
headers      ARM: arm-soc: Header cleanups (2012-12-11) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.8-rc1 xfs: update for 3.8-rc1 (2012-12-11) tar.gz
pm+acpi-for-3.8-rc1 ACPI and power management updates for 3.8-rc1 (2012-12-11) tar.gz
v3.7         Linux 3.7 (2012-12-10) tar.gz
mmc-updates-for-3.8-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.8: Core:  - Expose access to the eMMC RPMB ("Replay Protected Memory Block") area    by extending the existing mmc_block ioctl.  - Add SDIO powered-suspend DT properties to the core MMC DT binding.  - Add no-1-8-v DT flag for boards where the SD controller reports that it    supports 1.8V but the board itself has no way to switch to 1.8V.  - More work on switching to 1.8V UHS support using a vqmmc regulator.  - Fix up a case where the slot-gpio helper may fail to reset the host    controller properly if a card was removed during a transfer.  - Fix several cases where a broken device could cause an infinite loop    while we wait for a register to update. (2012-12-10) tar.gz
asoc-3.8     ASoC: Updates for v3.8 (2012-12-10) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.7 MMC fixes for 3.7:  - sdhci-s3c: Fix runtime PM regression against 3.7-rc1  - sh-mmcif: Fix oops against 3.6 (2012-12-06) tar.gz
v3.7-rc8     Linux 3.7-rc8 (2012-12-03) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.8 This is the pinctrl big pull request for v3.8. (2012-12-02) tar.gz
tags/omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-multiplatform-no-clock-signed Remaining patches to allow omap2+ to build with multiplatform enabled. Unfortunately the DMA header patch had to be redone to avoid adding new multiplatform specific include paths, the other patches are just trivial compile fixes. (2012-11-30) tar.gz
tags/omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-multiplatform-v2-signed Remaining patches to allow omap2+ to build with multiplatform enabled. Unfortunately the DMA header patch had to be redone to avoid adding new multiplatform specific include paths, the other patches are just trivial compile fixes. (2012-11-30) tar.gz
ixp4xx-fixes ARM: ixp4xx bug fixes (2012-11-29) tar.gz
fixes-for-linus ARM: SoC fixes for 3.7 (2012-11-29) tar.gz
mvebu_cache_l2x0_for_3.8 mvebu cache-l2x0 for v3.8 (2012-11-27) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/devel-prcm-signed omap prcm changes via Paul Walmsley <>: (2012-11-26) tar.gz
v3.7-rc7     Linux 3.7-rc7 (2012-11-25) tar.gz
mvebu_everything_for_3.8 mvebu everything for v3.8  - due to the complex interdependencies of the received pull requests    I decided to keep this in one branch the way they recommended merging it  - this was their first attempt at doing pull requests, we'll work on it    with them (2012-11-24) tar.gz
orion_dt_for_3.8 orion dt for v3.8 (2012-11-24) tar.gz
pm-for-3.7-rc7 Power management update for 3.7-rc7 (2012-11-23) tar.gz
gpio-for-grant-v3.8 This is my GPIO patch stack for the v3.8 merge window: (2012-11-22) tar.gz
orion_boards_for_3.8 orion boards for v3.8 (2012-11-22) tar.gz
orion_cleanup_for_3.8 orion cleanup for v3.8 (2012-11-22) tar.gz
orion_fixes_for_3.7 orion fixes for v3.7 (2012-11-22) tar.gz
ixp4xx_fixes_for_3.7 ixp4xx fixes for v3.7 (2012-11-22) tar.gz
marvell-openblocks-i2c-sata-for-3.8 Marvell SATA and I2C enabling for OpenBlocks AX3-4 (2012-11-21) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-headers-iommu-signed Move most of remaining omap iommu code to drivers/iommu. This is needed for the multiplatform kernels as the plat and mach headers cannot be included. (2012-11-21) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc5/fixes-signed Few more regression fixes related to u-boot only muxing essential pins. (2012-11-21) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-timer-signed Timer clean-up to get us closer to moving timer code to drivers, and to get rid of CONFIG_OMAP_32K_TIMER and rely on the board or devicetree provided timer configuration. (2012-11-21) tar.gz
marvell-hwiocc-for-3.8 Add hardware I/O coherency support for Armada 370/XP (2012-11-21) tar.gz
marvell-armadaxp-smp-for-3.8 SMP support for Armada XP (2012-11-21) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.7-late A simple pinctrl Kconfig oneliner arriving late. (2012-11-21) tar.gz
marvell-net-xor-defconfig-for-3.8 Marvell mvebu defconfig updates for 3.8 (2012-11-20) tar.gz
marvell-xor-board-dt-changes-3.8-v2 Marvell XOR driver DT changes for 3.8 (2012-11-20) tar.gz
marvell-xor-cleanup-dt-binding-3.8 Marvell XOR driver cleanup and DT binding for 3.8 (2012-11-20) tar.gz
marvell-neta-dt-clk-updates-3.8 Marvell Ethernet DT update for clk support (2012-11-20) tar.gz
marvell-mvneta-fix-and-clk-support-3.8 Marvell Ethernet driver fix + clk support (2012-11-20) tar.gz
marvell-net-mdio-checkpatch-fixes-3.8 Marvell network/MDIO driver checkpatch fixes (2012-11-20) tar.gz
marvell-sata-3.8 Marvell Armada 370/XP support for 3.8 (2012-11-20) tar.gz
marvell-mvebu-clk-3.8 Marvell MVEBU clk support, for 3.8 (2012-11-20) tar.gz
highbank-debugll-cleanup Use common debug_ll_init function and remove the static mapping code from mach-highbank. (2012-11-19) tar.gz
highbank-cpuidle Add cpuidle driver support for Calxeda Highbank SOC. (2012-11-19) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-for-v3.7 Last minute GPIO fixes for the v3.7 series: - Disable blinking on the Orion GPIO driver - Two Kconfig-style fixes to avoid broken builds (2012-11-17) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.7-rc7 xfs: bugfixes for 3.7-rc7 (2012-11-17) tar.gz
v3.7-rc6     Linux 3.7-rc6 (2012-11-16) tar.gz
fixes-for-3.7 arm-soc: fixes for v3.7-rc6 (2012-11-16) tar.gz
staging-3.7-rc5 Staging tree fix for 3.7-rc5 (2012-11-16) tar.gz
marvell-boards-net-for-3.8 Marvell boards changes related to Ethernet, for 3.8 (2012-11-16) tar.gz
marvell-neta-for-3.8 Marvell mvneta network driver, for 3.8 (2012-11-16) tar.gz
for-v3.7-fixes A small fixup for the persistent storage subsystem. The bug can prevent kernel booting on a APEI-enabled machines w/ CONFIG_PSTORE_CONSOLE=y (this is N by default, though). (2012-11-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/pm-part2-v3-signed PM changes via Kevin Hilman <>: (2012-11-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/fixes-non-critical-v4-signed Non critical omap fixes that were not considered urgent for the -rc cycle. (2012-11-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-fixes-part2-v2-signed One build fix for recent clean up when CONFIG_PM is not set and clean up related improvment to the SoC detection. (2012-11-14) tar.gz
marvell-boards-for-3.8 Marvell boards changes for 3.8 (2012-11-14) tar.gz
marvell-cleanups-for-3.8 Marvell cleanups for 3.8 (2012-11-14) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/timer-signed Timer fixes for omaps via Jon Hunter <>: (2012-11-13) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/clock-signed Common clock framework for omap2+ via Paul Walmsley <>: (2012-11-13) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-prcm-part2-signed More PRCM cleanups via Paul Walmsley <>: (2012-11-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-fixes-signed Minor fixes to the clean-up done for ARM common multi-platform support for omaps. (2012-11-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/gpmc-signed omap GPMC (General Purpose Memory Controller) updates via Afzal Mohammed <>: (2012-11-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/board-v2-signed Board updates for omaps mostly to deal with enabling display support with device tree until the bindings are ready. (2012-11-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/pm-signed PM updates for omaps via Kevin Hilman <>: (2012-11-12) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/dt-signed Device tree related changes for omaps updating the various .dts files, and timer related changes to allow configuring the timer via device tree. (2012-11-12) tar.gz
v3.7-rc5     Linux 3.7-rc5 (2012-11-11) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.7-rc5 MMC fixes for 3.7-rc5:  - sdhci: fix a NULL dereference at resume-time, seen on OLPC XO-4  - sdhci: fix against 3.7-rc1 for UHS modes without a vqmmc regulator  - sdhci-of-esdhc: disable CMD23 on boards where it's broken  - sdhci-s3c: fix against 3.7-rc1 for card detection with runtime PM  - dw_mmc, omap_hsmmc: fix potential NULL derefs, compiler warnings (2012-11-08) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.7-rc5 xfs: bugfixes for 3.7-rc5 (2012-11-08) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.7-rc5 Some pinctrl fixes for the v3.7 series: - A set of SPEAr pinctrl fixes that recently arrived - A fixup for the Samsung/Exynos Kconfig deps (2012-11-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc4/musb-regression-signed This series fixes an annoying regression to make MUSB working on omap4 again. Although it's getting rather late for these changes for the -rc cycle, it is important as many devices are using MUSB for charging and connectivity. (2012-11-07) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-headers-prepare-multiplatform-v3-signed These changes deal with the issues of relative includes introduced by the earlier clean-up and clean up few more things for enabling multiplatform support. (2012-11-06) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc4/fixes-signed Minor OMAP PM and hwmod fixes for v3.7-rc series via Kevin Hilman and Paul Walmsley. (2012-11-06) tar.gz
kill-plat-sparse-irq This patchset will: - Move all remaining headers out of arch/arm/plat-nomadik/include/plat   out to e.g. include/linux/platform_data - Delete arch/arm/plat-nomadik - Convert Nomadik and Ux500 to SPARSE_IRQ (2012-11-05) tar.gz
v3.7-rc4     Linux 3.7-rc4 (2012-11-04) tar.gz
pm-for-3.7-rc4 Power management update for 3.7-rc4 (2012-11-03) tar.gz
calxeda-ecx-2000 Support for Calxeda ECX-2000 SOC (2012-10-31) tar.gz
gpio-fixes-v3.7-rc4 Some GPIO fixes for the v3.7 series since -rc1: - Fix a potential bit wrap issue in the Timberdale driver - Fix up the buffer allocation size in the 74x164 driver - Set the value in direction_output() right in the mvebu driver - Return proper error codes for invalid GPIOs - Fix an off-mode bug for the OMAP - Don't initialized the mask_cach on the mvebu driver (2012-10-30) tar.gz
v3.7-rc3     Linux 3.7-rc3 (2012-10-28) tar.gz
pm+acpi-for-3.7-rc3 Power management and ACPI fixes for 3.7-rc3 (2012-10-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-headers-part3-signed Here is the third set of plat header removal for omap2+. (2012-10-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-prcm-part1-take2-signed From Paul Walmsley <>: (2012-10-26) tar.gz
staging-3.7-rc2 Staging driver fixes for 3.7-rc3 (2012-10-26) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-headers-serial-take2-signed These changes remove plat/serial.h usage for omap2+. (2012-10-24) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc2/fixes-signed Timer fix for am33xx, runtime PM fix for UART, audio McBSP fixes, mux and pinctrl fixes, and Beagle OPP fix. (2012-10-24) tar.gz
pinctrl-v3.7-rc3 This fixes a few pinctrl problems seen since v3.7-rc1: - Section tagging for init code - Use proper pointers to lookup struct device * in the   bcm2835 (a.k.a. Raspberry Pi) - Remove duplicate #includes - Fix bad return values in errorpath - Remove extraneous pull function from the sirf driver   causing build errors - Provide compilation stubs for the Nomadik pinctrl driver   when used with legacy systems without PRCMU units - Various irqdomain fixes in the Nomadik driver as predicted - Various smallish bugs in the Tegra driver, most also   targeted for stable - Removed a deadlocking mutex in the groups debugfs show   function (2012-10-24) tar.gz
kvm-3.7-2    KVM updates for 3.7-rc2 (2012-10-23) tar.gz
u3.6         u3.6 (2012-10-22) tar.gz
v3.7-rc2     Linux 3.7-rc2 (2012-10-20) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.8/cleanup-headers-signed This is the first set of omap cleanup patches for v3.8 merge window to remove most of the remaining plat includes to get us closer to ARM common zImage support. (2012-10-18) tar.gz
kirkwood_fixes_for_v3.7  - improve #ifdef logic to prevent linker errors with CACHE_FEROCEON_L2  - lsxl board dts fixes (2012-10-18) tar.gz
dt-fixes-for-3.7 A handful of fixes for DeviceTree: (2012-10-17) tar.gz
mvebu_gpio_fixes_for_v3.7 Depends:  - Based on v3.7-rc1 (2012-10-17) tar.gz
mvebu_dove_late_fixes_for_v3.7 Depends:  - Based against v3.7-rc1  - Latest changes to arch/arm/mm/cache-tauros2.c     c2b7e05 ARM: cache: add dt support for tauros2 cache (2012-10-17) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc1/fixes-take5-signed A boot problem fix for am33xx beaglebone caused by GPMC, a regression fix for local timer, and a clockdomain locking fix. Also few minor fixes for boot time and sparse warnings. (2012-10-17) tar.gz
pinctrl-fixes-v3.7-rc2 A number of pinctrl fixes for the v3.7 series: - duplicate includes, section markup, code mishaps - erroneous return value in errorpath on the bcm2835 driver - remove an unused sirf function that was causing build errors - multiple-platform compilation stubs and a missed code review   comment fixup on the nomadik pin controller (2012-10-16) tar.gz
v3.7-rc1     Linux 3.7-rc1 (2012-10-14) tar.gz
mmc-merge-for-3.7-rc1-part2  - Disintegrate UAPI, fix a mismerge that caused a build error. (2012-10-11) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-3.7-late A second round of pinctrl patches for v3.7: - Complement the Nomadik pinctrl driver with alternate Cx functions   so it handles all oddities. - A patch to the IRQdomain to reform the simple irqdomain to handle   IRQ descriptor allocation dynamically. - Use the above feature in the Nomadik pin controller. (2012-10-11) tar.gz
fixes-for-rmk These bug fixes all address problems found with automated build testing. Some of them have been around for a long time, other bugs are regressions since the merge window. (2012-10-09) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc1/fixes-hwmod-clock-signed-v3 From Paul Walmsley <>: (2012-10-09) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc1/fixes-signed This branch contains one counter locking fix and an alignment fix. Other fixes are warning fixes, fixes for return value checks. (2012-10-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc1/fixes-asoc-regression-signed This branch contains regression fixes for omap4/5 ASoC audio that were caused by the fact that u-boot stopped muxing non essential pins. (2012-10-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc1/fixes-pm-signed From Kevin Hilman <>: (2012-10-08) tar.gz
omap-for-v3.7-rc1/fixes-cpufreq-signed These were agreed to be merged via arm soc tree as Rafael is on vacation. (2012-10-08) tar.gz
mmc-merge-for-3.7-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.7: (2012-10-07) tar.gz
soc-late     ARM: soc: late platform updates (2012-10-04) tar.gz
for-v3.7     1. New drivers:    - Marvell 88pm860x charger and battery drivers;    - Texas Instruments LP8788 charger driver; 2. Two new power supply properties: whether a battery is authentic, and    chargers' maximal currents and voltages; 3. A lot of TI LP8727 Charger cleanups; 4. New features for Charger Manager, mainly now we can disable specific    regulators; 5. Random fixes and cleanups for other drivers. (2012-10-04) tar.gz
kvm-3.7-1    KVM updates for the 3.7 merge window (2012-10-04) tar.gz
dt-for-3.7   Devicetree updates for 3.7 (2012-10-03) tar.gz
pm-for-3.7-rc1 Power management updates for 3.7-rc1 (2012-10-02) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.7-rc1 xfs: update for 3.7-rc1 (2012-10-02) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-v3.7 These are the bulk pinctrl changes for kernel v3.7: - Add subdrivers for the DB8540 and NHK8815 Nomadik-type ASICs,   provide platform config for the Nomadik. - Add a driver for the i.MX35. - Add a driver for the BCM2835, an advanced GPIO expander. - Various fixes and clean-ups and minor improvements for the core,   Nomadik, pinctr-single, sirf drivers. - Some platform config for the ux500. (2012-10-02) tar.gz
staging-3.6  Staging tree update for 3.7-rc1 (2012-10-01) tar.gz
clk-for-linus The common clk framework changes for 3.7 are dominated by ARM platform ports to the framework along with one MIPS port, one MFD port, one minor framework enhancement and one helper function for platforms expressing their clock data through device tree. (2012-10-01) tar.gz
docs         ARM: soc: documentation updates (2012-09-30) tar.gz
v3.6         Linux 3.6 (2012-09-30) tar.gz
v3.6-rc7     Linux 3.6-rc7 (2012-09-23) tar.gz
asoc-3.7     ASoC: Additional updates for v3.7 (2012-09-22) tar.gz
mvebu_drivers_for_v3.7 Depends:  - Based on v3.6-rc5  - kirkwood/addr_decode (2012-09-22) tar.gz
mvebu_cleanup_for_v3.7 Depends:  - Based on v3.6-rc5  - kirkwood/dt (gpio-fan bindings caused removal of includes in board-dnskw.c) (2012-09-22) tar.gz
mvebu_dt_for_v3.7 Depends:   - Based on v3.6-rc5 (2012-09-22) tar.gz
mvebu_defconfig_for_v3.7 Depends:  - Based on v3.6-rc5  - branches:     - kirkwood/boards (2012-09-21) tar.gz
mvebu_addr_decode_for_v3.7 Depends:  - based on v3.6-rc5 (2012-09-21) tar.gz
mvebu_boards_for_v3.7 Depends:  - Based on v3.6-rc5 (2012-09-21) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.6-rc7 xfs: bugfixes for 3.6-rc7 (2012-09-18) tar.gz
v3.6-rc6     Linux 3.6-rc6 (2012-09-16) tar.gz
pm-for-3.6-rc6 Power management fixes for 3.6-rc6 (2012-09-15) tar.gz
multi-platform-for-3.7 Enable initial ARM multi-platform support for highbank, mvebu, socfpga, picoxcell, and vexpress. (2012-09-14) tar.gz
staging-3.6-rc6 Staging tree fixes for 3.6-rc6 (2012-09-13) tar.gz
kvm-3.6-2    KVM updates for 3.6-rc5 (2012-09-10) tar.gz
v3.6-rc5     Linux 3.6-rc5 (2012-09-08) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.6-rc5 MMC fixes for 3.6-rc5:  - a firmware bug on several Samsung MoviNAND eMMC models causes    permanent corruption on the device when secure erase and secure trim    requests are made, so we disable those requests on these eMMC devices.  - atmel-mci: fix a hang with some SD cards by waiting for not-busy flag.  - dw_mmc: low-power mode breaks SDIO interrupts; fix PIO error handling;    fix handling of error interrupts.  - mxs-mmc: fix deadlocks; fix compile error due to dma.h arch change.  - omap: fix broken PIO mode causing memory corruption.  - sdhci-esdhc: fix card detection. (2012-09-05) tar.gz
v3.6-rc4     Linux 3.6-rc4 (2012-09-01) tar.gz
kirkwood_build_fix-v2 This request contains a single patch to fix building a legacy kirkwood board. (2012-08-31) tar.gz
arm-perf-3.7 Bunch of perf updates for the ARM backend that pave the way for big.LITTLE support in the future. The separation of CPU and PMU code is also the start of being able to move some of this stuff under drivers/. (2012-08-28) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.6-rc4 xfs: bugfixes for 3.6-rc4 (2012-08-24) tar.gz
fixes-3.6-rc3 arm-soc fixes for v3.6-rc3 (2012-08-23) tar.gz
v3.6-rc3     Linux 3.6-rc3 (2012-08-22) tar.gz
pinctrl-fixes-v3.6-rc3 Pin control fixes for v3.6: - Fixed Nomadik errorpath - Fixed documentation spelling errors - Forward-declare struct device in a header file - Remove some extraneous code lines when getting pinctrl states - Correct the i.MX51 configure register number - Fix the Nomadik keypad function group list (2012-08-20) tar.gz
pm-for-3.6-rc3 Power management fixes for 3.6-rc3 (2012-08-18) tar.gz
staging-3.6-rc3 Staging fixes for 3.6-rc3 (2012-08-17) tar.gz
v3.6-rc2     Linux 3.6-rc2 (2012-08-16) tar.gz
omap-fixes-for-v3.6-rc1 Omap fixes for issues noted during the merge window, mostly PM related. (2012-08-14) tar.gz
pm-for-3.6-rc2 Power management fixes for 3.6-rc2 (2012-08-10) tar.gz
pinctrl-fixes-for-v3.6-rc1 pinctrl fixes for v3.6-rc1: - Move MXS pinctrl registration to poscore_initcall - Fix up various devm_* managed resources code paths - Fix one function group in the Nomadik driver - Update MAINTAINERS (2012-08-08) tar.gz
clk-v3.6     This is a tag of the clk-next branches which were pulled in Linus' 3.6 merge window.  Below is a dummy request-pull against v3.5-rc6 to illustrate the interesting stuff.  Please send any questions to and Cc (2012-08-07) tar.gz
v3.6-rc1-fixes Just a few fixes for v3.6-rc1, plus added maintainers for pstore. (2012-08-06) tar.gz
3.6-rc1      Tagging 3.6-rc1 (2012-08-03) tar.gz
v3.6-rc1     Linux 3.6-rc1 (2012-08-02) tar.gz
pm2          ARM: arm-soc: cpuidle enablement for OMAP (2012-08-02) tar.gz
for-v3.6     The tag contains just a few battery-related changes for v3.6. It's is all pretty straightforward, except one thing. (2012-07-31) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.6-rc1 xfs: update for 3.6-rc1 (2012-07-30) tar.gz
boards2      ARM: arm-soc board updates, take 2 (2012-07-29) tar.gz
staging-3.6-rc1 Staging tree patches for 3.6-rc1 (2012-07-25) tar.gz
dt-for-3.6   Devicetree updates for 3.6 (2012-07-24) tar.gz
clk          arm-soc: clk changes (2012-07-23) tar.gz
irq          arm-soc: sparse IRQ conversion (2012-07-23) tar.gz
newsoc       arm-soc: new SoC support (2012-07-23) tar.gz
timer        arm-soc: timer updates (2012-07-23) tar.gz
spi          arm-soc: spi updates (2012-07-23) tar.gz
dma          arm-soc: samsung dma changes (2012-07-23) tar.gz
fixes-non-critical arm-soc: non-critical bug fixes (2012-07-23) tar.gz
u3.5         u3.5 (2012-07-23) tar.gz
kvm-3.6-1    KVM updates for the 3.6 merge window (2012-07-23) tar.gz
mmc-merge-for-3.6-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.6: (2012-07-22) tar.gz
pm-for-3.6-rc1 Power management updates for 3.6 (2012-07-22) tar.gz
v3.5         Linux 3.5 (2012-07-21) tar.gz
asoc-3.6     ASoC: Updates for 3.6 (2012-07-18) tar.gz
pm-post-3.5-rc7 Last-minute PM update for 3.5 (2012-07-17) tar.gz
3.5-rc7      Tagging 3.5-rc7 (2012-07-16) tar.gz
v3.5-rc7     Linux 3.5-rc7 (2012-07-14) tar.gz
cpufreq-for-3.5-rc7 cpufreq fix for 3.5-rc7 (2012-07-14) tar.gz
for-linus-v3.5-rc7 xfs: regression fixes for 3.5-rc7 (2012-07-13) tar.gz
davinci-v3.6-dt DaVinci DT support (2012-07-13) tar.gz
pm-for-3.5-rc7 Power management fix for 3.5-rc7 (2012-07-11) tar.gz
3.5-rc6      Tagging 3.5-rc6 (2012-07-11) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.5-rc7 MMC fixes for 3.5-rc7:  - Revert a patch that made failing to select power class fatal;    it turns out that it fails non-fatally on Tegra boards.    Regression against 3.5-rc1.  - Add the IRQF_ONESHOT flag to the cd-gpio driver, which turned    into a regression in 3.5-rc1 when IRQF_ONESHOT became required    for threaded IRQs with no handler. (2012-07-10) tar.gz
omap-fixes-for-v3.5-rc6 Here is one PM regression fix and a defconfig change to disable echi-omap because the driver currently causes issues with PM. This annoys Kevin as it makes it harder for him to validate that PM is working. The proper fixes for the echi-omap are being discussed, but looks like it will not be properly working with PM until in v3.7. (2012-07-10) tar.gz
omap-devel-omap5-for-v3.6 This branch contains minimal support for omap5 to boot to a console without clock framework support. This branch depends on omap-cleanup-part2-for-v3.6. (2012-07-10) tar.gz
omap-devel-am33xx-data-for-v3.6 This branch adds clock data for am33xx. Note that eventually these will use the common clock framework, but those patches are not quite ready yet for omaps. This branch depends on omap-cleanup-part2-for-v3.6 branch. (2012-07-10) tar.gz
omap-devel-board-for-v3.6 Board and platform data related changes for omaps (2012-07-10) tar.gz
omap-devel-dt-for-v3.6 Device tree related patches for omaps (2012-07-10) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-part2-for-v3.6 This branch contains more clean-up like changes and minor fixes for making it easier to support new omap SoCs, such as omap5 and am33xx. (2012-07-09) tar.gz
davinci-v3.6-fixes DaVinci fixes for v3.6 (2012-07-09) tar.gz
davinci-v3.6-soc DaVinci SoC updates for v3.6 (2012-07-09) tar.gz
davinci-v3.6-cleanup DaVinci cleanups for v3.6 (2012-07-09) tar.gz
v3.5-rc6     Linux 3.5-rc6 (2012-07-07) tar.gz
omap-fixes-for-v3.5-rc5 PM related fixes for omaps mostly to get suspend/resume working again. (2012-07-05) tar.gz
clk-fixes-for-linus The previous set of common clk fixes for -rc5 left an uninitialized int which could lead to bad array indexing when switching clock parents. The issue is fixed with a trivial change to the code flow in __clk_set_parent. (2012-07-03) tar.gz
omap-devel-pm-for-v3.6 Here are some omap PM changes that reimplement omap PRCM I/O chain code for wake-ups, and improve idle latencies for cpuidle. (2012-07-01) tar.gz
omap-devel-am33xx-for-v3.6 Here are changes to add support for am33xx processors for the clock, power, and voltagedomains. (2012-07-01) tar.gz
omap-devel-driver-for-v3.6 Here are omap driver changes for v3.6 that were agreed to be merged via the omap tree. These changes convert omap HDQ1W driver to use runtime PM, and finally move omap SmartReflex driver from arch/arm to live under drivers. (2012-07-01) tar.gz
omap-devel-dmtimer-for-v3.6 Here are some omap dmtimer changes to make it easier to add device tree support for dmtimer by simplifying the platform data structure used by dmtimr. (2012-07-01) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-for-v3.6 Here is some more omap clean-up. The biggest changes are hwmod, clock, and System Control Module cleanup, and the removal of the last instance of omap_read/write usage for omap2+ with the removal of unused USB OHCI Full Speed driver support. The removed OHCI is only currently used for omap1 as the actively used omap2+ boards have either MUSB or another instance of OHCI+EHCI that's more usable. (2012-07-01) tar.gz
omap-fixes-non-critical-for-v3.6 This branch contains fixes that were too intrusive or not critical enough for the 3.5 -rc cycle. The biggest changes are fixes for the am35xx clock and hwmod data, and the removal of dead code for the 730 and 850 headers. (2012-07-01) tar.gz
v3.5-rc5     Linux 3.5-rc5 (2012-06-30) tar.gz
pm-for-3.5-rc5 Power management fixes for 3.5-rc5 (2012-06-29) tar.gz
omap-fixes-for-v3.5-rc4 Here's one more regression fix that I missed earlier, and a trivial fix to get omap4470 booting. (2012-06-27) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.5-rc5 MMC fixes for 3.5-rc5:  - omap_hsmmc: Using AUTO_CMD12 (enabled by default in 3.5-rc1) has    been found to cause data corruption on the BeagleBoard, but no    other OMAP boards so far.  Revert the patch until there's a root    cause explanation that makes sense, at which point we might    decide to use a blacklist or whitelist.  - mmc_block: Fix incorrect data timeouts for the case of multiblock    (ACMD22) writes for block-addressed cards. (2012-06-26) tar.gz
v3.5-rc4     Linux 3.5-rc4 (2012-06-24) tar.gz
for-linus-Jun-21-2012 Fixes for 3.5-rc (2012-06-21) tar.gz
omap-fixes-for-v3.5-rc3 Here are a few fixes with the biggest one being fix for Beagle DVI reset. All of them are regression fixes, except for the missing omap2 interrupt controller binding that somehow got missed earlier. (2012-06-21) tar.gz
staging-3.5-rc4 staging tree fixes for 3.5-rc4 (2012-06-20) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.5-rc4 MMC fixes for 3.5-rc4: (2012-06-17) tar.gz
v3.5-rc3     Linux 3.5-rc3 (2012-06-16) tar.gz
perf-urgent-for-mingo Fixes for perf/urgent (2012-06-13) tar.gz
clk-v3.5     This is a tag of the clk-next branches which were pulled in Linus' 3.5 merge window.  Below is a dummy request-pull against v3.4 to illustrate the interesting stuff.  Please send any questions to and Cc (2012-06-11) tar.gz
v3.5-rc2     Linux 3.5-rc2 (2012-06-08) tar.gz
omap-fixes-for-v3.5-rc1 The biggest fix here is the long pending patch mux UART pins so PM retention idle works again. (2012-06-08) tar.gz
v3.5-rc1     Linux 3.5-rc1 (2012-06-02) tar.gz
for-v3.5     A bunch of fixes for v3.5, nothing extraordinary. (2012-05-30) tar.gz
devel-late   arm-soc: late-merged development and first fixes (2012-05-30) tar.gz
perf-core-for-mingo Annotation improvements for perf/core (2012-05-29) tar.gz
cleanup-initcall arm-soc: sweeping late_initcall cleanup (2012-05-25) tar.gz
mmc-merge-for-3.5-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.5: (2012-05-24) tar.gz
pm-for-3.5   Power management updates for 3.5 (2012-05-22) tar.gz
u3.4         u3.4 (2012-05-22) tar.gz
pinctrl      arm-soc: soc-specific pinctrl changes (2012-05-21) tar.gz
staging-3.5-rc1 Staging tree pull request for 3.5-rc1 (2012-05-21) tar.gz
asoc-3.5     ASoC: Last minute updates (2012-05-21) tar.gz
soc2         arm-soc: soc specific changes, part 2 (2012-05-21) tar.gz
dt2          arm-soc: device tree conversions, part 2 (2012-05-21) tar.gz
stmp-dev     arm-soc: add stmp-dev library code (2012-05-21) tar.gz
clock        arm-soc: clock driver changes (2012-05-21) tar.gz
cleanup2     arm-soc: cleanups, part 2 (2012-05-21) tar.gz
defconfig    arm-soc: defconfig updates (2012-05-21) tar.gz
pm           arm-soc: power management changes (2012-05-21) tar.gz
maintainers  arm-soc: updates for MAINTAINERS file (2012-05-21) tar.gz
v3.4         Linux 3.4 (2012-05-20) tar.gz
linuxbase_k34_rc7 linus base rc7 tree (2012-05-16) tar.gz
asoc-3.4     ASoC: Last minute fixes (2012-05-15) tar.gz
v3.4-rc7     Linux 3.4-rc7 (2012-05-12) tar.gz
omap-fixes-for-cleanup-for-v3.5 Turns out the earlier omap-cleanup-sparse-for-v3.5 up introduced one compile issue and a new warning. (2012-05-11) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-renames-for-v3.5 Simplify some SoC config options before things get too unreadable. (2012-05-10) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-for-v3.5 Clean up to make it easier to add support for new SoCs. (2012-05-10) tar.gz
omap-dt-for-v3.5 Minor DT updates based on the dt-missed-3.4 branch (2012-05-09) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-timer-for-v3.5 Timer changes to make it easier to support various SoCs (2012-05-09) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-devices-for-v3.5 Changes to split plat-omap/devices.c into mach-omap1 and mach-omap2 except for the RNG driver that will be done later on. (2012-05-09) tar.gz
omap-devel-hwmod-data-for-v3.5 Data changes related to omap hwmod (2012-05-09) tar.gz
omap-board-for-v3.5 Board specific changes for omap. (2012-05-09) tar.gz
omap-devel-prcm-for-v3.5 Updates for PRCM (Power, Reset, Clock Management). (2012-05-09) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-dss-for-v3.5 Clean up for omap DSS board init in preparation for adding DT support. (2012-05-09) tar.gz
omap-fixes-non-critical-for-v3.5 Omap fixes that were considered too intrusive or not critical for the -rc cycle (2012-05-09) tar.gz
v3.5-soc     DaVinci SoC updates for v3.5 (2012-05-09) tar.gz
v3.5-fixes-and-cleanups DaVinci fixes and cleanups for v3.5 (2012-05-09) tar.gz
os_k3.4_rc6 rc6 head (2012-05-09) tar.gz
k3.4_rc6 rc6 head (2012-05-09) tar.gz
omap-fixes-for-v3.4-rc6-take-2 Fix two board spefific regressions and one regression caused by bad documentation (2012-05-09) tar.gz
omap-devel-hwmod-for-v3.5 Add most of remaining hwmods for omap4 (2012-05-07) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-hwmod-for-v3.5 Clean up of hwmod to shrink down the IP block interconnections (2012-05-07) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-sparse-for-v3.5 Sparse and cppcheck warning fixes (2012-05-07) tar.gz
omap-cleanup-cpuidle-for-v3.5 CPUidle cleanup (2012-05-07) tar.gz
omap-pm-regulator-for-v3.5 Add support for vdd1 and vdd2 regulators and make voltage code to use them (2012-05-07) tar.gz
v3.4-rc6     Linux 3.4-rc6 (2012-05-06) tar.gz
perf-annotate-for-mingo Perf annotate browser improvements. (2012-05-03) tar.gz
v3.4-rc5     Linux 3.4-rc5 (2012-04-29) tar.gz
pm-for-3.4-rc5 Power management fixes for 3.4 (2012-04-29) tar.gz
staging-3.4-rc4 Staging tree fixes for 3.4-rc4 (2012-04-29) tar.gz
v3.4-rc4     Linux 3.4-rc4 (2012-04-21) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.4-rc4 MMC fixes for 3.4-rc4:  The major fixes here are:   * Build fix for omap_hsmmc with OF against 3.4-rc1.   * Fix CONFIG_MMC_UNSAFE_RESUME semantics regression against 3.3,     which broke hotplug card detection when UNSAFE_RESUME is set.   * Fix a race condition in omap_hsmmc with runtime PM.   * Fix two libertas SDIO-powered-resume regressions.  Also small fixes for discard/sanitize, dw_mmc, cd-gpio and esdhc-imx. (2012-04-20) tar.gz
omap-fixes-for-v3.4-rc3 Fix regression for bad uart muxing and oops when PM is not set. Revert one softreset regression and few other minor fixes. (2012-04-17) tar.gz
v3.4-rc3     Linux 3.4-rc3 (2012-04-15) tar.gz
staging-3.4-rc2 Staging tree fixes for 3.4-rc2 (2012-04-12) tar.gz
v3.4-rc2     Linux 3.4-rc2 (2012-04-07) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.4-rc2 MMC fixes for 3.4-rc2:  The major fixes here are:   * Disable use of MSI in sdhci-pci, which caused multiple chipsets to     stop working in 3.4-rc1.  I'll wait to turn this on again until we     have a chipset whitelist for it.   * Fix a libertas SDIO powered-resume regression introduced in 3.3;     thanks to Neil Brown and Rafael Wysocki for this fix.   * Fix module reloading on omap_hsmmc.   * Stop trusting the spec/card's specified maximum data timeout length,     and use three seconds instead.  Previously we used 300ms. (2012-04-06) tar.gz
v3.4-rc1     Linux 3.4-rc1 (2012-03-31) tar.gz
pm-for-3.4-part-2 More power management updates for 3.4 (2012-03-31) tar.gz
for-v3.4-rc1 Various small bugfixes and enhancements, plus two new drivers: (2012-03-31) tar.gz
devicetree-for-linus Devicetree documentation update for v3.4 (2012-03-29) tar.gz
common-clk-api drivers/clk: common clock framework (2012-03-27) tar.gz
drivers2     ARM: More SoC driver updates (2012-03-27) tar.gz
mmc-merge-for-3.4-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.4: Core:  * Support for MMC 4.5 Data Tag feature -- we tag REQ_META, so devices    that support Data Tag will provide increased throughput for metadata.  * Faster detection of card removal on I/O errors. (2012-03-27) tar.gz
gpio-for-linus GPIO changes for v3.4 (2012-03-26) tar.gz
pinctrl-for-3.4 Pinctrl updates for v3.4: - Switches the PXA 168, 910 and MMP over to use pinctrl - Locking revamped - Massive refactorings... - Reform the driver API to use multiple states - Support pin config in the mapping tables - Pinctrl drivers for the nVidia Tegra series - Generic pin config support lib for simple pin controllers - Implement pin config for the U300 (2012-03-22) tar.gz
rpmsg        remoteproc/rpmsg: new subsystem (2012-03-21) tar.gz
u3.3         u3.3 (2012-03-21) tar.gz
staging-3.3  staging driver merge for 3.4-rc1 (2012-03-19) tar.gz
spi-for-linus SPI changes for v3.4. (2012-03-19) tar.gz
irqdomain-for-linus Generialize powerpc's irq_host as irq_domain (2012-03-19) tar.gz
pm-for-3.4   Power management updates for 3.4 (2012-03-19) tar.gz
v3.3         Linux 3.3 (2012-03-18) tar.gz
v3.3-rc7     Linux 3.3-rc7 (2012-03-10) tar.gz
fixes-urgent Last minute fixes for 3.3 (2012-03-08) tar.gz
rafael-pm-qos Rafael's pm-qos branch at 2012.03.06 (2012-03-07) tar.gz
rafael-pm-devfreq Rafael's pm-devfreq branch HEAD at 2012.03.06 (2012-03-07) tar.gz
fixes-3.3-rc7 arm-soc fixes for v3.3-rc7 (2012-03-06) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.3 MMC fixes for 3.3: * atmel-mci: oops fix against regression introduced in 3.2 * core: power saving regression fix against 3.3-rc1 * core: suspend/resume fix for UHS-I cards * esdhc-imx: MMC card regression fix against 3.0 * mmci: oops fix for ARM systems with large (64k) pages * MAINTAINERS update for atmel-mci. (2012-03-05) tar.gz
asoc-3.3     A driver specific fix that wasn't noticed as the OpenMoko guys have been stuck on 2.6.39 for a very long time now and are just starting to catch up again. (2012-03-04) tar.gz
v3.3-rc6     Linux 3.3-rc6 (2012-03-03) tar.gz
fixes-3.3-rc6 arm-soc fixes for v3.3-rc6 (2012-02-29) tar.gz
v3.3-rc5     Linux 3.3-rc5 (2012-02-25) tar.gz
v3.3-rc4     Linux 3.3-rc4 (2012-02-18) tar.gz
fixes-3.3-rc4 These are the bug fixes that have accumulated since 3.3-rc3 in arm-soc. The majority of them are regression fixes for stuff that broke during the merge 3.3 window. (2012-02-15) tar.gz
mmc-fixes-for-3.3-rc4 MMC fixes for 3.3-rc4:  * The most visible fix here is against a regression introduced in 3.3-rc1    that ran cards in Ultra High Speed mode even when they failed to initialize    in that mode, leading to lower-speed cards failing to mount.  * A lockdep warning introduced in 3.3-rc1 is fixed.  * Various other small driver fixes, most notably for a NULL dereference    when using highmem with dw_mmc. (2012-02-13) tar.gz
staging-3.3-rc3 Staging tree patches for 3.3-rc3 (2012-02-09) tar.gz
v3.3-rc3     Linux 3.3-rc3 (2012-02-08) tar.gz
pm-fixes-for-3.3-rc3 Power management fixes for 3.3-rc3 (2012-02-05) tar.gz
v3.3-rc2     Linux 3.3-rc2 (2012-01-31) tar.gz
pm-fix-for-3.3-rc2 Power management fix for 3.3-rc2 (2012-01-29) tar.gz
pm-fixes-for-3.3 Power management fixes for 3.3 (2012-01-23) tar.gz
v3.3-rc1     Linux 3.3-rc1 (2012-01-19) tar.gz
arm-soc-imx-move Consolidate i.MX 5 platforms to be under the new shared i.MX 3/5/6 tree. (2012-01-17) tar.gz
fixes-rc1    ARM: fixes for ARM platforms (2012-01-16) tar.gz
arm-soc-fixes-20120116 ARM: fixes for ARM platforms (2012-01-16) tar.gz
next_queue   Start of next-queue. (2012-01-17) tar.gz
mmc-merge-for-3.3-rc1 MMC highlights for 3.3: (2012-01-12) tar.gz
devel        New feature development (2012-01-09) tar.gz
devicetree-for-linus-20120104 devicetree/next changes queued for v3.3 merge window (2012-01-05) tar.gz
spi-for-linus-20120104 spi changes queued up for v3.3 merge window (2012-01-04) tar.gz
gpio-for-linus-20120104 Changes queued in gpio/next for the start of the 3.3 merge window (2012-01-04) tar.gz
u3.1         u3.1 (2012-01-05) tar.gz
u3.2         u3.2 (2012-01-05) tar.gz
v3.2         Linux 3.2 (2012-01-04) tar.gz
v3.2-rc7     Linux 3.2-rc7 (2011-12-23) tar.gz
v3.2-rc6     Linux 3.2-rc6 (2011-12-16) tar.gz
v3.2-rc5     Linux 3.2-rc5 (2011-12-09) tar.gz
v3.2-rc4     Linux 3.2-rc4 (2011-12-01) tar.gz
v3.2-rc3     Linux 3.2-rc3 (2011-11-23) tar.gz
v3.2-rc2     Linux 3.2-rc2 (2011-11-15) tar.gz
u3.0         u3.0 (2011-11-10) tar.gz
u2.6.38      u2.6.38 (2011-11-10) tar.gz
u2.6.35      u2.6.35 (2011-11-10) tar.gz
u2.6.32      u2.6.32 (2011-11-10) tar.gz
u2.6.24      u2.6.24 (2011-11-10) tar.gz
v3.2-rc1     Linux 3.2-rc1 (2011-11-07) tar.gz
xfs_for_3.2-rc1_v1 Initial XFS code for Linux 3.2-rc1 (2011-10-27) tar.gz
v3.1         Linux v3.1 (2011-10-24) tar.gz
v3.1-rc10    Linux 3.1-rc10 (2011-10-17) tar.gz
v3.1-rc9     Linux 3.1-rc9 (2011-10-04) tar.gz
v3.1-rc8     Linux 3.1-rc8 (2011-09-27) tar.gz
v3.1-rc7     Linux 3.1-rc7 (2011-09-21) tar.gz
v3.1-rc6     Linux 3.1-rc6 (2011-09-12) tar.gz
v3.1-rc5     Linux 3.1-rc5 (2011-09-04) tar.gz
v3.1-rc4     Linux 3.1-rc4 (2011-08-28) tar.gz
v3.1-rc3     Linux 3.1-rc3 (2011-08-22) tar.gz
v3.1-rc2     Linux 3.1-rc2 (2011-08-14) tar.gz
v3.1-rc1     Linux 3.1-rc1 (2011-08-07) tar.gz
v3.0         Linux 3.0 (2011-07-21) tar.gz
v3.0-rc7     Linux 3.0-rc7 (2011-07-11) tar.gz
v3.0-rc6     Linux 3.0-rc6 (2011-07-04) tar.gz
v3.0-rc5     Linux 3.0-rc5 (2011-06-27) tar.gz
v3.0-rc4     Linux 3.0-rc4 (2011-06-20) tar.gz
v3.0-rc3     Linux 3.0-rc3 (2011-06-13) tar.gz
v3.0-rc2     Linux 3.0-rc2 (2011-06-06) tar.gz
v3.0-rc1     Linux 3.0-rc1 (2011-05-29) tar.gz
v2.6.39      Linux 2.6.39 (2011-05-18) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc7  Linux 2.6.39-rc7 (2011-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc6  Linux 2.6.39-rc6 (2011-05-03) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc5  Linux 2.6.39-rc5 (2011-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc4  Linux 2.6.39-rc4 (2011-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc3  Linux 2.6.39-rc3 (2011-04-11) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc2  Linux 2.6.39-rc2 (2011-04-05) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc1  Linux 2.6.39-rc1 (2011-03-29) tar.gz
v2.6.38      Linux 2.6.38 (2011-03-14) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc8  Linux 2.6.38-rc8 (2011-03-07) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc7  Linux 2.6.38-rc7 (2011-03-01) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc6  Linux 2.6.38-rc6 (2011-02-21) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc5  Linux 2.6.38-rc5 (2011-02-15) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc4  Linux 2.6.38-rc4 (2011-02-07) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc3  Linux 2.6.38-rc3 (2011-02-01) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc2  Linux 2.6.38-rc2 (2011-01-21) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc1  Linux 2.6.38-rc1 (2011-01-18) tar.gz
v2.6.37      Linux 2.6.37 (2011-01-04) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc8  Linux 2.6.37-rc8 (2010-12-28) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc7  Linux 2.6.37-rc7 (2010-12-21) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc6  Linux 2.6.37-rc6 (2010-12-15) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc5  Linux 2.6.37-rc5 (2010-12-06) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc4  Linux 2.6.37-rc4 (2010-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc3  Linux 2.6.37-rc3 (2010-11-21) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc2  Linux 2.6.37-rc2 (2010-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.36_rc3  Linux 2.6.36-rc3 (2010-11-04) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc1  Linux 2.6.37-rc1 (2010-11-01) tar.gz
v2.6.36      Linux 2.6.36 (2010-10-20) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc8  Linux 2.6.36-rc8 (2010-10-14) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc7  Linux 2.6.36-rc7 (2010-10-06) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc6  Linux 2.6.36-rc6 (2010-09-28) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc5  Linux 2.6.36-rc5 (2010-09-20) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc4  Linux 2.6.36-rc4 (2010-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc3  Linux 2.6.36-rc3 (2010-08-29) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc2  Linux 2.6.36-rc2 (2010-08-22) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc1  Linux 2.6.36-rc1 (2010-08-15) tar.gz
v2.6.35      Linux 2.6.35 (2010-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc6  Linux 2.6.35-rc6 (2010-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc5  Linux 2.6.35-rc5 (2010-07-12) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc4  Linux 2.6.35-rc4 (2010-07-04) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc3  Linux 2.6.35-rc3 (2010-06-11) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc2  Linux 2.6.35-rc2 (2010-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc1  Linux 2.6.35-rc1 (2010-05-30) tar.gz
v2.6.34      Linux 2.6.34 (2010-05-16) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc7  Linux 2.6.34-rc7 (2010-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc6  Linux 2.6.34-rc6 (2010-04-29) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc5  Linux 2.6.34-rc5 (2010-04-19) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc4  Linux 2.6.34-rc4 (2010-04-12) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc3  Linux 2.6.34-rc3 (2010-03-30) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc2  Linux 2.6.34-rc2 (2010-03-19) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc1  Linux 2.6.34-rc1 (2010-03-08) tar.gz
v2.6.33      Linux 2.6.33 (2010-02-24) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc8  Linux 2.6.33-rc8 (2010-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc7  Linux 2.6.33-rc7 (2010-02-06) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc6  Linux 2.6.33-rc6 (2010-01-29) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc5  Linux 2.6.33-rc5 (2010-01-21) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc4  Linux 2.6.33-rc4 (2010-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc3  Linux 2.6.33-rc3 (2010-01-05) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc2  Linux 2.6.33-rc2 (2009-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc1  Linux 2.6.33-rc1 (2009-12-17) tar.gz
v2.6.32      Linux 2.6.32 (2009-12-02) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc8  Linux 2.6.32-rc8 (2009-11-19) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc7  Linux 2.6.32-rc7 (2009-11-12) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc6  Linux 2.6.32-rc6 (2009-11-03) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc5  Linux 2.6.32-rc5 (2009-10-15) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc4  Linux 2.6.32-rc4 (2009-10-11) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc3  Linux 2.6.32-rc3 (2009-10-04) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc1  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc2  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
v2.6.31      Linux 2.6.31 (2009-09-09) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc9  Linux 2.6.31-rc9 (2009-09-05) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc8  Linux 2.6.31-rc8 (2009-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc7  Linux 2.6.31-rc7 (2009-08-21) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc6  Linux 2.6.31-rc6 (2009-08-13) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc5  Linux 2.6.31-rc5 (2009-07-31) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc4  Linux 2.6.31-rc4 (2009-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc3  Linux 2.6.31-rc3 (2009-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc2  Linux 2.6.31-rc2 (2009-07-04) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc1  Linux 2.6.31-rc1 (2009-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.30      Linux 2.6.30 (2009-06-09) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc8  Linux 2.6.30-rc8 (2009-06-02) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc7  Linux 2.6.30-rc7 (2009-05-23) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc6  Linux 2.6.30-rc6 (2009-05-15) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc5  Linux 2.6.30-rc5 (2009-05-08) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc4  Linux 2.6.30-rc4 (2009-04-29) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc3  Linux 2.6.30-rc3 (2009-04-21) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc2  Linux 2.6.30-rc2 (2009-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc1  Linux 2.6.30-rc1 (2009-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.29      Linux 2.6.29 (2009-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc8  Linux 2.6.29-rc8 (2009-03-12) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc7  Linux 2.6.29-rc7 (2009-03-03) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc6  Linux 2.6.29-rc6 (2009-02-22) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc5  Linux 2.6.29-rc5 (2009-02-13) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc4  Linus 2.6.29-rc4 (2009-02-08) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc3  Linux 2.6.29-rc3 (2009-01-28) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc2  Linux 2.6.29-rc2 (2009-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc1  Linux 2.6.29-rc1 (2009-01-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28      Linux 2.6.28 (2008-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc9  Linux 2.6.28-rc9 (2008-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc8  Linux 2.6.28-rc8 (2008-12-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc7  Linux 2.6.28-rc7 (2008-12-01) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc6  Linux 2.6.28-rc6 (2008-11-20) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc5  Linux 2.6.28-rc5 (2008-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc4  Linux 2.6.28-rc4 (2008-11-09) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc3  Linux 2.6.28-rc3 (2008-11-02) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc2  Linux 2.6.28-rc2 (2008-10-26) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc1  Linux 2.6.28-rc1 (2008-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.27      Linux 2.6.27 (2008-10-09) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc9  Linux 2.6.27-rc9 (2008-10-06) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc8  Linux 2.6.27-rc8 (2008-09-29) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc7  Linux 2.6.27-rc7 (2008-09-21) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc6  Linux 2.6.27-rc6 (2008-09-09) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc5  Linux 2.6.27-rc5 (2008-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc4  Linux 2.6.27-rc4 (2008-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc3  Linux 2.6.27-rc3 (2008-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc2  Linux 2.6.27-rc2 (2008-08-05) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc1  Linux 2.6.27-rc1 (2008-07-28) tar.gz
v2.6.26      Linux 2.6.26 (2008-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc9  Linux 2.6.26-rc9 (2008-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc8  Linux 2.6.26-rc8 (2008-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc7  Linux 2.6.26-rc7 (2008-06-20) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc6  Linux 2.6.26-rc6 (2008-06-12) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc5  Linux 2.6.26-rc5 (2008-06-04) tar.gz
tip-x86-setup-2008-05-31_10.10_Sat Linux 2.6.26-rc4 (2008-05-26) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc4  Linux 2.6.26-rc4 (2008-05-26) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc3  Linux 2.6.26-rc3 (2008-05-18) tar.gz
tip-x86-build-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-cleanups-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-cpa-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-defconfig-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-gart-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-intel-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-irq-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-kconfig-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-mce-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-memtest-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-nmi-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-numa-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-pat-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-pebs-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-ptemask-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-threadinfo-2008-05-12-10-09-30 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
tip-x86-timers-2008-05-12-10-09-40 Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc2  Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc1  Linux 2.6.26-rc1 (2008-05-03) tar.gz
v2.6.25      Linux 2.6.25 (2008-04-16) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc9  Linux 2.6.25-rc9 (2008-04-11) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc8  Linux 2.6.25-rc8 (2008-04-01) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc7  Linux 2.6.25-rc7 (2008-03-25) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc6  Linux 2.6.25-rc6 (2008-03-16) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc5  Linux 2.6.25-rc5 (2008-03-09) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc4  Linux 2.6.25-rc4 (2008-03-04) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc3  Linux 2.6.25-rc3 (2008-02-24) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc2  Linux 2.6.25-rc2 (2008-02-15) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc1  Linux 2.6.25-rc1 (2008-02-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24      Linux 2.6.24 (2008-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc8  Linux 2.6.24-rc8 (2008-01-15) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc7  Linux 2.6.24-rc7 (2008-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc6  Linux 2.6.24-rc6 (2007-12-20) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc5  Linux 2.6.24-rc5 (2007-12-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc4  Linux 2.6.24-rc4 (2007-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc3  Linux 2.6.24-rc3 (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc2  Linux 2.6.24-rc2 (2007-11-06) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc1  Linux 2.6.24-rc1 (2007-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.23      Linux 2.6.23 (2007-10-09) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc9  Linux 2.6.23-rc9 (2007-10-01) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc8  Linux 2.6.23-rc8 (2007-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc7  Linux 2.6.23-rc7 (2007-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc6  Linux 2.6.23-rc6 (2007-09-10) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc5  Linux 2.6.23-rc5 (2007-08-31) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc4  Linux 2.6.23-rc4 (2007-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc3  Linux 2.6.23-rc3 (2007-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc2  Linus 2.6.23-rc2 (2007-08-03) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc1  Linux 2.6.23-rc1 (2007-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.22      Linux 2.6.22 (2007-07-08) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc7  Linux 2.6.22-rc7 (2007-07-01) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc6  Linux 2.6.22-rc6 (2007-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc5  Linux 2.6.22-rc5 (2007-06-16) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc4  Linus 2.6.22-rc4 (2007-06-04) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc3  Linux 2.6.22-rc3 (2007-05-25) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc2  Linux 2.6.22-rc2 (2007-05-18) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc1  Linus 2.6.22-rc1 (2007-05-12) tar.gz
v2.6.21      Linux 2.6.21 (2007-04-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc7  Linux 2.6.21-rc7 (2007-04-15) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc6  Linux 2.6.21-rc6 (2007-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc5  Linux 2.6.21-rc5 (2007-03-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc4  Linux 2.6.21-rc4 (2007-03-15) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc3  Linux 2.6.21-rc3 (2007-03-06) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc2  Linux 2.6.21-rc2 (2007-02-27) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc1  Linux 2.6.21-rc1 (2007-02-20) tar.gz
v2.6.20      Linux 2.6.20 (2007-02-04) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc7  Linux 2.6.20-rc7 (2007-01-30) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc6  Linux 2.6.20-rc6 (2007-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc5  Linux 2.6.20-rc5 (2007-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc4  Linux 2.6.20-rc4 (2007-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc3  Linux 2.6.20-rc3 (2006-12-31) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc2  Linux 2.6.20-rc2 (2006-12-23) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc1  Linux v2.6.20-rc1 (2006-12-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19      Linux 2.6.19 (2006-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc6  Linux 2.6.19-rc6 (2006-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc5  Linux 2.6.19-rc5 (2006-11-07) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc4  Linux 2.6.19-rc4 (2006-10-30) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc3  Linux 2.6.19-rc3 release (2006-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc2  Linux 2.6.19-rc2 (2006-10-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc1  Linux v2.6.19-rc1 (2006-10-04) tar.gz
v2.6.18      Raise the Jolly Roger! (2006-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc7  Linux 2.6.18-rc7 (2006-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc6  Linux 2.6.18-rc6 release (2006-09-03) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc5  Linux 2.6.18-rc5 (2006-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc4  Linux v2.6.18-rc4 (2006-08-06) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc3  Linux v2.6.18-rc3 (2006-07-29) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc2  Linux v2.6.18-rc2 (2006-07-15) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc1  Linux v2.6.18-rc1 (2006-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.17      Linux v2.6.17 (2006-06-17) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc6  Linux v2.6.17-rc6 (2006-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc5  Linux 2.6.17-rc5 release (2006-05-24) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc4  Linux v2.6.17-rc4 release (2006-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc3  Linux v2.6.17-rc3 (2006-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc2  Linux v2.6.17-rc2 (2006-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc1  Linux v2.6.17-rc1 (2006-04-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16      Linux v2.6.16 release (2006-03-19) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc6  Linux v2.6.16-rc6 release (2006-03-11) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc5  Linux v2.6.16-rc5 release (2006-02-26) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc4  Linux v2.6.16-rc4 release (2006-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc3  Linux v2.6.16-rc3 (2006-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc2  Linux v2.6.16-rc2 (2006-02-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc1  Linux v2.6.16-rc1 (2006-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.15      Linux 2.6.15 release (2006-01-02) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc7  Christmas eve is when the _real_ celebrations take place. (2005-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc6  Linux 2.6.15-rc6 (2005-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc5  Linux v2.6.15-rc5 release (2005-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc4  Linux v2.6.15-rc4 (2005-11-30) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc3  Linux v2.6.15-rc3 (2005-11-28) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc2  Linux v2.6.15-rc2 (2005-11-19) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc1  Linux v2.6.15-rc1 (2005-11-11) tar.gz
v2.6.14      Linux 2.6.14 release (2005-10-27) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc5  Linux v2.6.14-rc5 release (2005-10-19) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc4  Linux 2.6.14-rc4 release (2005-10-10) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc3  Linux v2.6.14-rc3 release (2005-09-30) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc2  Linux v2.6.14-rc2 release (2005-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc1  Linux v2.6.14-rc1 (2005-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.13      Linux 2.6.13 release (2005-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc7  Linux v2.6.13-rc7 (2005-08-23) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc6  Linux 2.6.13-rc6 release (2005-08-07) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc5  Aiming for final. Sure. (2005-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc4  Get out from LKS flood (2005-07-28) tar.gz
v2.6.11      This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.11-tree This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.12      This is the final 2.6.12 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc2  Linux v2.6.12-rc2 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc3  Linux v2.6.12-rc3 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc4  Linux v2.6.12-rc4 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc5  Linux-2.6.12-rc5 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc6  Linux-v2.6.12-rc6 release () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc1  Linux v2.6.13-rc1 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc2  Linux v2.6.13-rc2 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc3  Linux v2.6.13-rc3 () tar.gz

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