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# heads (aka `branches'):
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/heads \
	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
  kdevops      nfsd: fix oops when reading pool_stats before server is started (2024-06-17)
  mgtime       fs: add percpu counters to count fine vs. coarse timestamps (2024-06-13)
  nfsd-next    nfsd: new netlink ops to get/set server pool_mode (2024-06-05)
  bakeathon    Merge branch 'dir-deleg' into bakeathon (2024-04-23)
  nfsdctl      nfsd: add new grace-time and lease-time attrs to netlink thread ops (2024-04-12)
  nfsd-fixes   nfsd: add tracepoint in mark_client_expired_locked (2024-04-05)
  dir-deleg    nfs: add a module parameter to disable directory delegations (2024-03-21)
  flsplit4     filelock: fix FL_POSIX check in __locks_insert_block (2024-02-18)
  flsplit3     filelock: split leases out of struct file_lock (2024-01-31)
  nfs-6.8      nfs: print fileid in lookup tracepoints (2023-11-01)
  amtime       fat: fix mtime handing in __fat_write_inode (2023-10-18)
  nfsd-cltrack nfsd: new Kconfig option for legacy client tracking (2023-10-13)
  ctime        xfs: switch to multigrain timestamps (2023-09-22)
* master       Merge remote-tracking branch 'mrchuck/nfsd-next' into kdevops (2023-09-18)
  20230918-crash overlayfs: set ctime when setting mtime and atime (2023-09-14)
  iversion-next Merge tag 'riscv-for-linus-6.6-mw1' of git:// (2023-09-01)
  locks-next   Merge tag 'riscv-for-linus-6.6-mw1' of git:// (2023-09-01)
  locks-6.6    locks: fix KASAN: use-after-free in trace_event_raw_event_filelock_lock (2023-08-24)
  mgctime      btrfs: convert to multigrain timestamps (2023-08-10)
  vfs.all      Revert "fs: Protect reconfiguration of sb read-write from racing writes" (2023-08-01)
  wdeleg       nfsd: don't hand out write delegations on O_WRONLY opens (2023-08-01)
  ctime-next   fs: rename i_ctime field to __i_ctime (2023-07-07)
  mgctime-experimental gfs2: convert to multigrain timestamps (2023-07-06)
  ctime.3.experimental fs: rename i_ctime field to __i_ctime (2023-07-05)
  bisect       Merge tag 'mm-stable-2023-06-24-19-15' of git:// (2023-06-28)
  mgctime.2    ext4: FIXUP (2023-06-22)
  mgctime-next gfs2: convert to multigrain timestamps (2023-06-22)
  errseq       errseq_t: split the ERRSEQ_SEEN flag into two (2023-06-13)
  rpctls       Merge remote-tracking branch 'mrchuck/topic-rpc-with-tls-upcall' into nfsd-next (2023-04-21)
  tmpfs        shmem: fix error handling in symlink path (2023-04-05)
  integ        NFSD: Watch for rq_pages bounds checking errors in nfsd_splice_actor() (2023-03-20)
  locks-6.4    fs/locks: Remove redundant assignment to cmd (2023-03-08)
  lockd-next   lockd: add some client-side tracepoints (2023-03-03)
  iversion     btrfs: update i_version after a write (2023-01-25)
  locks-6.3    fs: drop the fl_owner_t argument from ->flush (2022-12-23)
  locks-6.2    Add process name and pid to locks warning (2022-11-30)
  nfsd-v2-disable nfsd: allow disabling NFSv2 at compile time (2022-10-14)
  ceph-fscrypt ceph: report STATX_ATTR_ENCRYPTED on encrypted inodes (2022-08-25)
  filelock-6.0 locks: Fix dropped call to ->fl_release_private() (2022-08-17)
  fscache-fixes fscache: don't leak cookie refs if an invalidation is already in progress (2022-08-03)
  locks-5.20   fs/lock: Rearrange ops in flock syscall. (2022-07-18)
  nfsd-deleg-race nfsd: vet the opened dentry after setting a delegation (2022-07-15)
  ceph-netfs-llist netfs: returning 0 from init_write_context is not an error (2022-07-08)
  netfs-linked-list SQUASH: fix up some netfs_i_cookie calls (2022-06-28)
  ceph-testing ceph: call netfs_subreq_terminated with was_async == false (2022-06-07)
  libceph-iter-experimental libceph: add v2 receive fastpath for CEPH_MSG_DATA_ITER (2022-05-25)
  ceph-netfs-lib ceph: switch to netfs_direct_read_iter (2022-05-18)
  ceph-sparse-read-experimental rbd: add support for sparse reads (2022-03-31)
  ceph-fscrypt-sparse ceph: fscrypt support for writepages (2022-03-24)
  ceph-sparse-read ceph: add new mount option to enable sparse reads (2022-03-24)
  ceph-fscrypt-experimental SQUASH: libceph: msgr2 (2022-02-11)
  ceph-uninline-on-open ceph: Uninline the data on a file opened for writing (2022-01-21)
  ceph-fscrypt-content DEBUG: turn dout into pr_warn (2021-12-16)
  ceph-fscrypt-size SQUASH: only set last_objver iff we're returning success (2021-12-08)
  ceph-fscrypt-content-experimental HACK: allow for "clear" encryption for file contents (2021-12-07)
  ceph-fscrypt-fnames ceph: add some fscrypt guardrails (2021-12-07)
  ceph-fscache-rewrite ceph: add fscache writeback support (2021-12-07)
  locks-5.17   fs/locks: fix fcntl_getlk64/fcntl_setlk64 stub prototypes (2021-11-24)
  locks-5.16   fs: remove leftover comments from mandatory locking removal (2021-10-26)
  ceph-setlease ceph: implement lease support (2021-10-04)
  ceph-fscache-iter-experimental HACK: work around mem corruption in fscache_resize_cookie (2021-09-17)
  libceph-queue libceph: allow tasks to submit messages without taking con->mutex (2021-09-16)
  ceph-fscrypt-fnames-experimental ceph: add some fscrypt guardrails (2021-09-10)
  netfs-folio-regions-experimental ceph: convert to new netfs API (2021-08-24)
  ceph-fscrypt-size-experimental ceph: make client zero partial trailing block on truncate (2021-08-24)
  locks-5.15   fs: clean up after mandatory file locking support removal (2021-08-24)
  locks-5.14   fs: warn about impending deprecation of mandatory locks (2021-08-21)
  wip-46419    ceph: create a mdsdir-specific snaprealm on mdsc creation (2021-08-02)
  ceph-write-begin ceph: fix test for whether we can skip read when writing beyond EOF (2021-06-22)
  locks-5.13   fs/locks: remove useless assignment in fcntl_getlk (2021-04-13)
  locks-5.12   fcntl: make F_GETOWN(EX) return 0 on dead owner task (2021-02-08)
  errseq-flagsplit errseq: split the ERRSEQ_SEEN flag into two new flags (2020-12-17)
  locks-5.11   fcntl: Fix potential deadlock in send_sig{io, urg}() (2020-11-05)
  ceph-setlease-experimental ceph: implement lease support (2020-10-28)
  locks-5.10   locks: Remove extra "0x" in tracepoint format specifier (2020-09-01)
  ceph-rcu-sessions ceph: move mdsc->sessions array to new struct (2020-06-30)
  fsinfo-wberr samples: add error state information to test-fsinfo.c (2020-06-26)
  locks-5.9    locks: add locks_move_blocks in posix_lock_inode (2020-06-02)
  ceph-async-dirops ceph: implement async rename (2020-05-05)
  syncfs       buffer: record blockdev write errors in super_block that it backs (2020-04-15)
  ceph-sync-stall ceph: request expedited service on session's last cap flush (2020-04-02)
  ceph-5.7     ceph: break up send_cap_msg (2020-03-30)
  locks-5.7    locks: reinstate locks_delete_block optimization (2020-03-16)
  filelock-5.6 locks: fix a potential use-after-free problem when wakeup a waiter (2020-03-06)
  ceph-idle-open ceph: check all mds' caps after page writeback (2020-03-04)
  locks-5.6    locks: fix a potential use-after-free problem when wakeup a waiter (2020-03-04)
  ceph-tracepoints ceph: add sync and async create tracepoints (2020-02-12)
  ceph-iops    ceph: don't allow type or device number to change on non-I_NEW inodes (2020-01-29)
  ceph-caps-nongreedy SQUASH: fix mds_wanted setting in inode release (2020-01-28)
  ceph-5.6     ceph: print hashes in hex in dout messages (2020-01-02)
  ceph-5.5     ceph: don't leave ino field in ceph_mds_request_head uninitialized (2019-11-19)
  fscache-5.4  cachefiles: properly clean up object when buffer allocation fails (2019-10-25)
  ceph-5.4     ceph: convert int fields in ceph_mount_options to unsigned int (2019-09-19)
  locks-5.4    locks: fix a memory leak bug in __break_lease() (2019-08-20)
  mm-5.4       mm: check for sleepable context in kvfree (2019-07-23)
  ceph-smutex  ceph: only invalidate page after clearing dirty bit (2019-07-22)
  ceph-uninline-race ceph: handle inlined files in copy_file_range (2019-07-12)
  ceph-inline-write ceph: add ceph_inline_page_write (2019-07-09)
  ceph-5.3     ceph: fix end offset in truncate_inode_pages_range call (2019-07-02)
  ceph-xattr   ceph: don't NULL terminate virtual xattrs (2019-06-25)
  locks-5.3    locks: eliminate false positive conflicts for write lease (2019-06-19)
  ceph-chattr  ceph: increment change_attribute on local changes (2019-06-17)
  ceph-btime   ceph: allow querying of STATX_BTIME in ceph_getattr (2019-06-17)
  ceph-addr2   libceph: rename ceph_encode_addr to ceph_encode_banner_addr (2019-06-17)
  ceph-5.2     ceph: fix ceph_mdsc_build_path to not stop on first component (2019-05-09)
  ceph-5.1     ceph: use __getname/__putname in ceph_mdsc_build_path (2019-04-30)
  name-snap    audit: fix audit_compare_dname_path to take a qstr (2019-04-26)
  nfsd-5.2     nfsd: wake waiters blocked on file_lock before deleting it (2019-04-20)
  locks-5.1    locks: wake any locks blocked on request before deadlock check (2019-03-25)
  locks-4.21   locks: fix error in locks_move_blocks() (2019-01-02)
  locks-execve exec: do unshare_files after de_thread (2018-09-13)
  locks-4.20   fs/locks: create a tree of dependent requests. (2018-08-14)
  locks-4.19   locks: remove misleading obsolete comment (2018-08-08)
  locks-4.18   fasync: Fix deadlock between task-context and interrupt-context kill_fasync() (2018-05-01)
  errseq-4.17  errseq: Always report a writeback error once (2018-04-27)
  locks-4.17   locks: change POSIX lock ownership on execve when files_struct is displaced (2018-03-17)
  nfs-4.17     nfs4: wake any lock waiters on successful RECLAIM_COMPLETE (2018-03-16)
  nfsd-4.17    nfsd: move nfs4_client allocation to dedicated slabcache (2018-03-16)
  iversion-refactor fs: convert i_version counter to an atomic64_t (2017-12-07)
  locks-4.15   fcntl: don't cap l_start and l_end values for F_GETLK64 in compat syscall (2017-11-15)
  nfsd-4.15    grace: make __state_in_grace static (2017-10-30)
  ceph-4.15    ceph: clean up spinlocking and list handling around cleanup_cap_releases (2017-10-18)
  wberr        fs: add a write_one_page_since (2017-09-07)
  wberr-next   Merge branch 'for-4.14' of git:// (2017-09-06)
  locks-4.14   fs/locks: Remove fl_nspid and use fs-specific l_pid for remote locks (2017-07-16)
  wberr.base   btrfs: minimal conversion to errseq_t writeback error reporting on fsync (2017-07-06)
  wberr.trivial fs: remove call_fsync helper function (2017-07-05)
  wberr.prep   mm: clean up error handling in write_one_page (2017-07-05)
  wberr-prep   fs: sync_filesystem should not discard sync_fs return code (2017-05-30)
  svc-wq       sunrpc: add a svc_create_wq wrapper (2015-03-20)
  use-gssp     sunrpc: get rid of use_gssp_lock (2014-01-04)

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