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ASPEED and Nuvoton BMC SoC Development
# heads (aka `branches'):
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/heads \
	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
  dt-for-v6.11 ARM: dts: aspeed: System1: Updates to BMC board (2024-06-06)
  for-next     ARM: dts: aspeed: System1: Updates to BMC board (2024-06-06)
  dt-for-v6.10 ARM: dts: aspeed: Add ASRock E3C256D4I BMC (2024-05-02)
  soc-for-v6.7 soc/aspeed: Convert to platform remove callback returning void (2023-10-13)
  dt-for-v6.7  ARM: dts: aspeed: mtmitchell: Add I2C NVMe alias port (2023-10-13)
  defconfig-for-v6.7 ARM: config: aspeed: Remove FIRMWARE_MEMMAP (2023-10-13)
  maintainers-for-v6.6 MAINTAINERS: aspeed: Update Andrew's email address (2023-09-26)
  dt-for-v6.6  ARM: dts: aspeed: Add AST2600 I3C control pins (2023-08-10)
  dt-for-v6.4  ARM: dts: aspeed-g6: Add UDMA node (2023-04-13)
  dt-for-v6.3  ARM: dts: aspeed: p10bmc: Enable UART2 (2023-02-01)
  nuvoton-dt-for-v6.2 ARM: dts: nuvoton: wpcm450: Add missing aliases for serial0/serial1 (2022-11-22)
  dt-for-v6.2  ARM: dts: aspeed: mtjade: Add SMPro nodes (2022-11-20)
  defconfig-for-v6.1 ARM: config: aspeed_g5: Enable PECI (2022-09-28)
  dt-for-v6.1  ARM: dts: aspeed: ast2600-evb-a1: Add compatible (2022-09-28)
  dt-for-v5.19 ARM: dts: aspeed: nuvia: rename vendor nuvia to qcom (2022-05-26)
  dt-for-v5.18 ARM: dts: aspeed: ast2600-evb: Enable GFX device (2022-03-03)
  nuvoton-dt-for-v5.18 MAINTAINERS: ARM/WPCM450: Add 'W:' line with wiki (2022-02-21)
  defconfig-for-v5.17 ARM: configs: aspeed: Add support for USB flash drives (2021-12-21)
  soc-for-v5.17 ARM: aspeed: Add secure boot controller support (2021-12-21)
  dt-for-v5.17 ARM: dts: aspeed: add LCLK setting into LPC KCS nodes (2021-12-21)
  dt-for-v5.16 ARM: dts: aspeed: Add uart routing to device tree (2021-10-21)
  defconfig-for-v5.16 ARM: configs: aspeed: Remove unused USB gadget devices (2021-10-15)
  mutli-defconfig-for-v5.16 ARM: config: multi v7: Regenerate defconifg (2021-09-16)
  defconfig-for-v5.15 ARM: config: aspeed: Regenerate defconfigs (2021-08-19)
  soc-for-v5.15 soc: aspeed: Re-enable FWH2AHB on AST2600 (2021-08-19)
  dt-for-v5.15 ARM: dts: aspeed: p10bmc: Add power control pins (2021-08-17)
  dt-for-v5.14 ARM: dts: aspeed: everest: PSU #3 address change (2021-07-01)
  defconfig-for-v5.14 ARM: config: aspeed: Add DEBUG_FS and EXT4 (2021-06-04)
  dt-for-v5.13 ARM: dts: aspeed: tiogapass: add hotplug controller (2021-04-16)
  wpcm450-for-v5.13 ARM: config: Add WPCM to multi v5 (2021-04-09)
  lpc-for-v5.13 soc: aspeed: Adapt to new LPC device tree layout (2021-04-09)
  nuvoton-dt-for-v5.11 dt-bindings: vendor-prefixes: Add FII (2020-11-30)
* master       Linux 5.10-rc4 (2020-11-15)

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