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MFD Subsystem Tree - Next and Fixes
# heads (aka `branches'):
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/heads \
	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
  for-mfd-next mfd: tps65912: Use devm helper functions to simplify probe (2024-06-14)
  ib-mfd-regulator-pm8008-6.10 regulator: add pm8008 pmic regulator driver (2024-06-13)
  ib-mfd-regulator-pm8008-6.11 regulator: add pm8008 pmic regulator driver (2024-06-13)
  for-mfd-fixes Linux 6.10-rc1 (2024-05-26)
  ib-mfd-misc-pinctrl-regulator-6.10 pinctrl: pinctrl-tps6594: Add TPS65224 PMIC pinctrl and GPIO (2024-05-03)
  ib-mfd-pinctrl-regulator-6.10 regulator: rk808: Add RK816 support (2024-05-03)
  ib-mfd-regulator-6.10 regulator: axp20x: add support for the AXP717 (2024-03-28)
  ib-mfd-regulator-6.9 regulator: axp20x: add support for the AXP717 (2024-03-28)
  for-mfd-next-next mfd: intel-lpss: Switch over to MSI interrupts (2024-03-21)
  ib-mfd-input-thermal-6.9 dt-bindings: mfd: dlg,da9063: Convert da9062 to json-schema (2024-02-08)
  ib-mfd-cros-watchdog-6.9 watchdog: Add ChromeOS EC-based watchdog driver (2024-02-01)
  ib-mfd-spi-6.8 mfd: tps6594: Use spi_get_chipselect() API to access spi->chip_select (2023-12-07)
  mfd-fixes    dt-bindings: mfd: Revert "dt-bindings: mfd: maxim,max77693: Add USB connector" (2023-09-20)
  ib-mfd-regulator-6.6 mfd: tps65086: Read DEVICE ID register 1 from device (2023-08-18)
  ib-mfd-pinctrl-soundwire-6.6 pinctrl: cs42l43: Add support for the cs42l43 (2023-08-17)
  ib-mfd-i2c-reboot-6.7 mfd: tps6586x: Register restart handler (2023-07-28)
  ib-mfd-power-6.5 dt-bindings: Add rt5033 MFD, Regulator and Charger (2023-06-08)
  ib-mfd-regulator-max5970-6.5 mfd: max5970: Rename driver and remove wildcard (2023-06-02)
  ib-mfd-regulator-6.5 mfd: axp20x: Add support for AXP313a PMIC (2023-05-25)
  ib-mfd-tps6594-core-6.5 mfd: tps6594: Add driver for TI TPS6594 PMIC (2023-05-18)
  tb-mfd-clk-input-pinctrl-power-rtc-sound-6.5 pinctrl: rk805: Add rk806 pinctrl support (2023-05-15)
  ib-mfd-rtc-6.4 rtc: s5m: Drop S5M8763 support (2023-03-16)
  ib-mfd-extcon-i2c-6.3 extcon: intel-cht-wc: Add support for Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro YT3-X90F (2023-02-04)
  ib-mfd-fpga-hwmon-6.3-1 fpga: m10bmc-sec: Add support for N6000 (2023-01-30)
  ib-mfd-fpga-hwmon-6.3 mfd: intel-m10-bmc: Add PMCI driver (2023-01-27)
  ib-mfd-net-pinctrl-6.0 mfd: ocelot: Add support for the vsc7512 chip via spi (2022-09-09)
  ib-mfd-edac-i2c-leds-pinctrl-platform-watchdog-5.20 leds: simatic-ipc-leds-gpio: Add GPIO version of Siemens driver (2022-07-14)
  ib-mfd-soc-bcm-5.20 soc: bcm: bcm2835-power: Bypass power_on/off() calls (2022-07-04)
  ib-mfd-acpi-for-rafael-5.20 mfd: core: Use acpi_dev_for_each_child() (2022-06-27)
  backport-android12-5.10 BACKPORT: can: ems_usb: ems_usb_start_xmit(): fix double dev_kfree_skb() in error path (2022-05-16)
  ib-mfd-mediatek-mt6366-5.18 mfd: Add support for the MediaTek MT6366 PMIC (2022-03-07)
  ib-mfd-rtc-watchdog-5.18 rtc: max77686: Add MAX77714 support (2022-03-07)
  ib-mfd-spi-dt-5.18 dt-bindings: mfd: maxim,max77802: Convert to dtschema (2022-03-07)
  ib-mfd-led-power-regulator-5.18 dt-bindings: mfd: maxim,max77693: Convert to dtschema (2022-02-14)
  ib-mfd-iio-5.18 iio: temperature: iqs620at-temp: Add support for V3 silicon (2022-02-14)
  ib-mfd-hwmon-regulator-5.18 hwmon: sy7636a: Add temperature driver for sy7636a (2022-02-08)
  ib-mfd-gpio-regulator-5.17 MAINTAINERS: bd70528: Drop ROHM BD70528 drivers (2021-11-29)
  ib-mfd-iio-touchscreen-clk-5.16 iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Add the am437x compatible (2021-10-21)
  ib-mfd-misc-regulator-5.16 mfd: hi6421-spmi-pmic: Cleanup drvdata to only include regmap (2021-10-05)
  tb-mfd-asoc-5.14-1 ASoC: rk817: fix a warning in rk817_probe() (2021-06-02)
  tb-mfd-regulator-rtc-5.14 regulator: mt6359: Add support for MT6359P regulator (2021-06-01)
  tb-mfd-asoc-5.14 dt-bindings: Add Rockchip rk817 audio CODEC support (2021-06-01)
  tb-mfd-gpio-regulator-5.14 mfd: lp87565: Move LP87565_regulator_id to .c file (2021-05-19)
  ib-mfd-clk-gpio-regulator-rtc-5.13 MAINTAINERS: Add ROHM BD71815AGW (2021-04-14)
  ib-mfd-power-5.13 mfd/power: ab8500: Push data to power supply code (2021-03-22)
  ib-mfd-extcon-5.13 ASoC/extcon: arizona: Move arizona jack code to sound/soc/codecs/arizona-jack.c (2021-03-18)
  ib-mfd-pwm-rtc-5.13 MAINTAINERS: Add entry for Netronix embedded controller (2021-03-10)
  ib-mfd-watchdog-5.13 mfd: bd9576: Add safety limit/monitoring registers (2021-03-10)
  ib-mfd-platform-x86-5.13 mfd: intel_pmt: Add support for DG1 (2021-03-10)
  ib-mfd-input-5.13 MAINTAINERS: Add entry for ATC260x PMIC (2021-03-09)
  ib-mfd-asoc-5.12 mfd: arizona: Add support for ACPI enumeration of WM5102 connected over SPI (2021-02-04)
  ib-mfd-bus-5.12 mfd/bus: sunxi-rsb: Make .remove() callback return void (2021-01-15)
  ib-mfd-gpio-regulator-5.12 mfd: bd9571mwv: Add support for BD9574MWF (2021-01-14)
  ib-mfd-mediatek-5.11 mfd: syscon: Add syscon_regmap_lookup_by_phandle_optional() function. (2020-11-19)
  ib-mfd-x86-5.11 platform/x86: Intel PMT Crashlog capability driver (2020-11-04)
  ib-mfd-gpio-hwmon-irqchip-pwm-watchdog-5.10 hwmon: Add support for the sl28cpld hardware monitoring controller (2020-09-17)
  for-mfd-next-testing mfd: rn5t618: Fix caching of battery related registers (2020-07-22)
  ib-mfd-clocksource-5.9 clocksource: Add Low Power STM32 timers driver (2020-06-18)
  ib-mfd-iio-power-5.8 MAINTAINERS: Add entry for mp2629 Battery Charger driver (2020-05-26)
  ib-mfd-power-rtc-5.8 rtc: mt6397: Add support for the MediaTek MT6358 RTC (2020-05-21)
  ib-mfd-hwmon-5.8 hwmon: Add Gateworks System Controller support (2020-05-20)
  ib-mfd-x86-usb-watchdog-5.7 MAINTAINERS: Update entry for Intel Broxton PMC driver (2020-04-24)
  ib-mfd-iio-rtc-5.7 mfd: rn5t618: Cleanup i2c_device_id (2020-03-27)
  ib-mfd-iio-input-5.7 iio: position: Add support for Azoteq IQS624/625 angle sensors (2020-03-27)
  ib-mfd-clk-gpio-regulator-rtc-5.6 gpio: bd71828: Initial support for ROHM BD71828 PMIC GPIOs (2020-01-24)
  ib-mfd-drm-5.6 mfd: atmel-hlcdc: Return in case of error (2020-01-07)
  ib-mfd-doc-sparc-libdevres-5.5 docs: driver-model: add devm_ioremap_uc (2019-11-11)
  ib-mfd-power-rtc-5.5 MAINTAINERS: add Mediatek shutdown drivers (2019-10-24)
  ib-mfd-extcon-hid-i2c-iio-input-media-chrome-power-pwm-rtc-sound-5.4 mfd: cros_ec: Use mfd_add_hotplug_devices() helper (2019-09-02)
  ib-mfd-regulator-5.3 regulator: lp87565: Fix missing break in switch statement (2019-07-02)
  ib-mfd-clk-regulator-rtc-5.3 clk: RK808: Add RK809 and RK817 support. (2019-06-27)
  ib-mfd-clk-gpio-power-regulator-rtc-5.3 power: supply: Initial support for ROHM BD70528 PMIC charger block (2019-06-27)
  ib-mfd-cros-5.3 mfd: cros_ec: Update I2S API (2019-06-10)
  ib-mfd-pinctrl-5.2-2 pinctrl: stmfx: Fix 'warn: bitwise AND condition is false here' (2019-05-13)
  ib-mfd-pinctrl-5.2-1 pinctrl: Kconfig: Fix STMFX GPIO expander Pinctrl/GPIO driver dependencies (2019-05-10)
  ib-mfd-pinctrl-5.2 pinctrl: Add STMFX GPIO expander Pinctrl/GPIO driver (2019-05-10)
  ib-mfd-regulator-5.2 mfd: max77620: Provide system power-off functionality (2019-05-08)
  ib-mfd-gpio-input-leds-power-5.2 MAINTAINERS: Add an entry for MAX77650 PMIC driver (2019-05-08)
  ib-mfd-arm-net arm64: dts: stratix10: New System Manager compatible (2019-04-02)
  ib-mfd-platform-5.1 platform/chrome: cros_ec_lightbar: Instantiate only if the EC has a lightbar (2019-02-01)
  ib-mfd-input-watchdog-5.1 watchdog: stpmic1: Add STPMIC1 watchdog driver (2019-01-16)
  ib-mfd-arm-iio-input-v5.1 iio: adc: add STMPE ADC devicetree bindings (2019-01-16)
  ib-mfd-iio-input-5.1 iio: adc: add STMPE ADC devicetree bindings (2019-01-16)
  ib-mfd-iio-4.21 iio: adc: ti_am335x_tscadc: Improve accuracy of measurement (2018-12-03)
  ib-mfd-iio-input-4.20 Input: ti_am335x_tsc: Mark IRQ as wakeup capable (2018-10-09)
  ib-mfd-rtc-4.20 mfd: menelaus: Fix possible race condition and leak (2018-09-11)
  ib-mfd-spi-tty-4.20-1 mfd: at91-usart: Include Device Tree header (2018-09-11)
  ib-mfd-irqchip-4.20 mfd: madera: Add irqchip data pointer into struct madera (2018-09-10)
  ib-mfd-spi-tty-4.20 tty/serial: atmel: Change the driver to work under at91-usart MFD (2018-09-10)
  ib-mfd-i915-media-platform-4.19 media: platform: Add ChromeOS EC CEC driver (2018-07-13)
  ib-mfd-regulator-4.19 mfd: da9063: Add DA9063L support (2018-07-04)
  ib-mfd-4.19  mfd: cros_ec_dev: Register cros_usbpd-charger driver as a subdevice. (2018-07-04)
  ib-mfd-gpio-pinctrl-4.19 gpio: madera: Support Cirrus Logic Madera class codecs (2018-06-05)
  ib-mfd-pwm-4.18 dt-bindings: mfd: stm32-timers: Add support for dmas (2018-05-16)
  ib-mfd-input-rtc-4.18 mfd: mt6397: Add PMIC keys support to MT6397 driver (2018-04-16)
  ib-mfd-hwmon-4.18 hwmon: MC13783: Add uid and die temperature sensor inputs (2018-04-16)
  ib-mfd-tty-watchdog-4.16 dt-bindings: watchdog: Add bindings for RAVE SP watchdog driver (2018-01-08)
  ib-mfd-platform-4.16 cros_ec: Move cros_ec_dev module to drivers/mfd (2017-12-15)
  ib-mfd-memstick-misc-mmc-4.16 misc: rtsx: Fix symbol clashes (2017-12-04)
  ib-mfd-leds-4.16 leds: pm8058: Silence pointer to integer size warning (2017-12-01)
  ib-mfd-iio-pwm-4.14 iio: adc: stm32: add support for lptimer triggers (2017-09-04)
  ib-mfd-many-4.14 mfd: twl: Move header file out of I2C realm (2017-09-04)
  ib-mfd-hwmon-4.14 hwmon: da9052: Add support for TSI channel (2017-08-22)
  ib-mfd-pinctrl-regulator-4.14 mfd: rk808: Add RK805 power key support (2017-08-21)
  ib-mfd-arm-usb-video-4.14 mfd: tps65010: Move header file out of I2C realm (2017-08-15)
  ib-mfd-input-rtc-4.14 mfd: dm355evm_msp: Move header file out of I2C realm (2017-08-15)
  ib-mfd-arm-i2c-4.14 ARM: ux500: Add vendor prefix to tps61052 node (2017-07-18)
  ib-mfd-x86-4.13 platform/x86: intel_bxtwc_tmu: Remove first level IRQ unmask (2017-06-19)
  ib-mfd-gpio-thermal-x86-4.13 platform: x86: intel_bxtwc_tmu: remove first level irq unmask (2017-05-30)
  ib-mfd-input-4.12 input: cpcap-pwrbutton: New driver (2017-04-11)
  ib-mfd-iio   iio: adc: add support for X-Powers AXP20X and AXP22X PMICs ADCs (2017-04-11)
  ib-mfd-leds-4.12 mfd: cpcap: Add missing include dependencies (2017-03-28)
  ib-mfd-iio-input-4.12 dt-bindings: mfd: Move mxs-lradc binding document from IIO to MFD (2017-03-23)
  ib-mfd-gpio-4.12 mfd: wm831x: Add device tree binding document (2017-03-23)
  ib-mfd-phy-4.12 mfd: exynos-lpass: Use common soc/exynos-regs-pmu.h header (2017-03-23)
  ib-mfd-input-4.11-1 input: cros_ec_keyb: Add Tablet Mode switch (2017-02-13)
  ib-mfd-input-4.11 input: cros_ec_keyb: Add non-matrix buttons and switches (2017-02-08)
  ib-mfd-arm-iio-pwm-4.11 iio: Add STM32 timer trigger driver (2017-01-25)
  ib-mfd-mtd-4.11 mfd: lpc_ich: Add support for Intel Apollo Lake SoC (2017-01-03)
  ib-mfd-arm-leds-4.10 mfd: qcom-pm8xxx: Clean up PM8XXX namespace (2016-11-21)
  ib-mfd-gpio-input-regulator-4.10 regulator: tps65218: Remove all the compatibles (2016-10-26)
  ib-mfd-regulator-4.9-1 mfd: arizona: Add gating of external MCLKn clocks (2016-10-04)
  ib-mfd-regulator-4.9 mfd: axp20x: Add support for AXP806 PMIC (2016-09-13)
  ib-mfd-regulator-rtc-4.9-1 rtc: Kconfig: Name RK818 in Kconfig for RTC_DRV_RK808 (2016-08-31)
  ib-mfd-gpio-regulator-4.9 regulator: lp873x: Change the MFD config option as per latest naming (2016-08-31)
  ib-mfd-input-4.9 Input: cros_ec_keyb: Stop handling interrupts directly (2016-08-31)
  ib-mfd-regulator-rtc-4.9 regulator: qcom_rpm-regulator: Add support for pm8018 rpm regulator (2016-08-31)
  ib-mfd-regulator-arm-4.8 mfd: rn5t618: Register restart handler (2016-06-29)
  ib-mfd-regulator-4.6 regulator: axp20x: Support new AXP223 PMIC (2016-02-12)
  ib-mfd-regulator-gpio-4.5 gpio: tps65912: Add GPIO driver for the TPS65912 PMIC (2016-02-11)
  ib-mfd-regulator-gpio-4.6 gpio: tps65912: Add GPIO driver for the TPS65912 PMIC (2016-02-11)
  ib-mfd-input-iio-4.6 Input: touchscreen: Add imx25 TCQ driver (2016-02-11)
  ib-mfd-clk-4.6 mfd: intel_quark_i2c_gpio: Use clkdev_create() (2016-02-11)
  ib-mfd-regulator-rtc-4.5 rtc: s5m.c: Add support for S2MPS15 RTC (2015-11-23)
  ib-mfd-power-4.4 mfd: da9150: Use DEFINE_RES_IRQ_NAMED() help macro for IRQ resource (2015-10-13)
  ib-mfd-regulator-4.3 mfd: tps6105x: Use i2c regmap to access registers (2015-10-05)
  ib-mfd-regmap-4.3 regmap: Add generic macro to define regmap_irq (2015-09-24)
  ib-mfd-i2c-x86-watchdog-4.3 watchdog: iTCO_wdt: Add support for TCO on Intel Sunrisepoint (2015-08-11)
  ib-mfd-base-acpi-dma-4.3 mfd: Add support for Intel Sunrisepoint LPSS devices (2015-07-28)
  ib-mfd-clocksource-rtc-watchdog-4.3 MAINTAINERS: Add the LPC Clocksource to STi maintained driver list (2015-07-23)
  ib-mfd-i2c-input-chrome-4.2 mfd: cros_ec: spi: Add delay for asserting CS (2015-06-15)
  ib-mfd-regulator-4.2 mfd: axp20x: Enable AXP22X regulators (2015-05-13)
  ib-mfd-arm-4.2 mfd: dt-bindings: Provide human readable defines for LPC mode choosing (2015-04-30)
  ib-mfd-extcon-gpio-regulator-4.1 ASoC: arizona: Add support for WM8280/WM8281 (2015-02-26)
  ib-mfd-regulator-clk-3.19 mfd: s2mps11: Add binding documentation for Samsung S2MPS13 PMIC (2014-11-25)
  ib-mfd-gpio-i2c-3.19 mfd: dln2: A couple endian fixes (2014-11-19)
  ib-mfd-iio-3.19 iio/axp288_adc: remove THIS_MODULE owner (2014-11-18)
  for-mfd-next-v3.19 mfd: arizona-spi: Add lines after declarations - checkpatch catch (2014-10-15)
  ib-mfd-power-charger-regulator-3.18 Documentation: charger: max14577: Document exported sysfs entry (2014-09-24)
  ib-mfd-hwmod-leds-watchdog Fix (2014-09-24)
  ib-mfd-power-charger-regulator Documentation: charger: max14577: Document exported sysfs entry (2014-09-24)
  ib-mfd-hwmon-leds-watchdog hwmon: (menf21bmc) Introduce MEN14F021P00 BMC HWMON driver (2014-09-24)
  tb-mfd-regulator-power-3.17 Documentation: charger: max14577: Document exported sysfs entry (2014-09-24)
  ibs-for-mfd-merged devicetree: Dialog Semiconductor consolidate existing vendor prefixes to standardise on 'dlg' (2014-08-29)
  ib-mfd-mmc-3.17 mmc: rtsx: add support for async request (2014-07-09)
  ib-mfd-gpio-3.17 gpio: crystalcove: Fix implicit declaration of function 'seq_printf' error (2014-06-19)
  ib-mfd-gpio  gpio: Add support for Intel Crystal Cove PMIC (2014-06-17)
  ib-mfd-extcon-regulator mfd: max77693: Handle IRQs using regmap (2014-06-17)
  heads/ib-mfd-omap-3.16 mfd: twl4030-power: Add a configuration to turn off oscillator during off-idle (2014-05-28)
  ib-mfd-gpio-3.16 mfd: stmpe: root out static GPIO and IRQ assignments (2014-05-23)
  heads/ib-mfd-regulator-3.16 regulator: bcm590xx: Add support for regulators on secondary I2C slave (2014-05-21)
  ib-mfd-mmc-memstick-3.16 memstick: Add realtek USB memstick host driver (2014-04-28)
  heads/ib-mfd-extcon-3.16 regulator: max14577: Add support for MAX77836 regulators (2014-04-23)
  ib-mfd-regulator-3.15 Documentation: mfd: Add binding document for S2MPA01 (2014-03-18)
  ib-mfd-io-3.15 mfd: twl4030-madc: Move driver to drivers/iio/adc (2014-03-18)
  ib-mfd-omap  mfd: omap-usb-tll: Update DT clock binding information (2014-03-13)
* master       Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew Morton) (2014-03-10)

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