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  leds-on-v6.1-owrt net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Support LED control (2023-11-21)
* master       Merge tag 'for-6.7-rc1-tag' of git:// (2023-11-13)
  ixp4xx-dts   ARM: dts: ixp4xx: Use right restart keycode (2023-10-09)
  b4/marvell-88e6152-wan-led EDITME: cover title for marvell-88e6152-wan-led (2023-10-08)
  usr8200-openwrt-6.1 ARM: dts: ixp4xx: Add USRobotics USR8200 device tree (2023-10-07)
  b4/rtc-7301-regwidth rtc: rtc7301: Support byte-addressed IO (2023-10-07)
  b4/ixp4xx-usr8200 ARM: dts: ixp4xx: Add USRobotics USR8200 device tree (2023-10-07)
  b4/ixp4xx-usr8200-groundwork ARM: dts: Use only the Linksys compatible for now (2023-10-07)
  b4/ixp4xx-eth-mtu net: ixp4xx_eth: Support changing the MTU (2023-10-05)
  b4/ixp4xx-gpio-clocks gpio: ixp4xx: Handle clock output on pin 14 and 15 (2023-09-27)
  b4/ixp4xx-wdt-restart watchdog: ixp4xx: Make sure restart always works (2023-09-26)
  ux500-esram  sram: hack for debug (2023-09-25)
  ux500-dts    ARM: dts: st: href-tvk1281618: correct touchscreen syna,nosleep-mode (2023-09-25)
  b4/ac101l-phy net: phy: amd: Support the Altima AMI101L (2023-09-24)
  ixp4xx       ARM: dts: ixp4xx: Use right restart keycode (2023-09-19)
  gemini-cpuidle slask (2023-09-19)
  b4/rtl8366rb-link net: dsa: rtl8366rb: Implement setting up link on CPU port (2023-09-12)
  b4/ixp4xx-dts ARM: dts: ixp4xx: Use right restart keycode (2023-09-08)
  rtl8366rb    net: dsa: rtl8366rb: Always treat VLAN 0 as untagged (2023-08-13)
  ux500-crypto-test crypto: stm32 - remove flag HASH_FLAGS_DMA_READY (2023-07-15)
  mips-xg6846  Linux 6.4 (2023-06-25)
  ux500-codina-v6.4-rc1 horror hack (2023-06-21)
  ep93xx       ASoC: cirrus: edb93xx: Delete driver (2023-06-19)
  ux500-sound  debug (2023-06-14)
  pgtable-doc  Documentation/mm: Initial page table documentation (2023-06-14)
  ux500-charging-v6.4-fix power: supply: ab8500: Set typing and props (2023-06-13)
  ux500-charging-remove-chargalg power: supply: ab8500: Make charging algorithm a library (2023-06-12)
  openwrt-v6.1.29 mtd: cfi_cmdset_0001: Do not check for OTP outside device (2023-06-01)
  openwrt-v6.1 ARM: dts: gemini: Enable DNS313 FOTG210 as periph (2023-05-23)
  gemini-dma   tc hangup fix (2023-05-22)
  gemini-ethernet net: gemini: Avoid NULL dereference (2023-05-22)
  gemini-pata-phyreset ata: pata_ftide010: introduce phys reset (2023-05-22)
  gemini-fixes ARM: gemini: fix typos in comments (2023-05-22)
  gemini-usb   hack (2023-05-22)
  ux500-skomer-v6.4-rc1 mmc: mmci: Add busydetect timeout (2023-05-22)
  ux500-golden-v6.4-rc1 drm/panel: s6e63m0: Register ESD IRQ handler (2023-05-07)
  nomadik-dts  ARM: dts: nomadik: Replace deprecated spi-gpio properties (2023-04-11)
  ux500-skomer-v6.3-rc4-test Merge branch 'b4/pl180-busydetect-fix-v2.2' into ux500-skomer-v6.3-rc4-test (2023-04-08)
  ux500-codina-v6.3-rc4 mmc: mmci: Add busydetect timeout (2023-04-05)
  ux500-defconfig ARM: configs: Update U8500 defconfig (2023-04-05)
  ux500-skomer-v6.3-rc4 mmc: mmci: Add busydetect timeout (2023-04-05)
  ux500-skomer-v6.3-rc4-debug horror hack that works (2023-04-04)
  ux500-golden-v6.3-rc1 drm/mcde: Do not use dirty GEM FB handling (2023-03-09)
  ux500-janice-v6.3-rc1 NFC hack (2023-03-06)
  ux500-skomer-v6.2-rc5-just-disable-busy-detect Disable busy detect on Ux400 MMCI (2023-01-27)
  ux500-skomer-v6.2-rc5 hack (2023-01-27)
  ux500-power-domains ARM: ux500: Implement more power domains (2023-01-27)
  ux500-janice-v6.2-rc1 NFC hack (2023-01-05)
  ux500-charging-v6.2-rc1 usb: phy: phy-ab8500-usb: Support set_power() (2022-12-19)
  ux500-charging-v6.1-rc1 usb: phy: phy-ab8500-usb: Support set_power() (2022-11-29)
  ux500-skomer-v6.1-rc1 hack (2022-11-28)
  ux500-golden-v6.1-rc1 ARM: dts: ux500: Add trips to battery thermal zones (2022-10-30)
  ux500-golden-v6.0-rc1 pinctrl: nomadik: Make gpio irqchip immutable (2022-09-17)
  ixp4xx-wg302-nfsroot nfsroot (2022-08-26)
  ux500-skomer-v6.0-rc1 Disable busy detect on Ux500 MMCI (2022-08-16)
  ux500-kyle-v6.0-rc1 MMC debug code (2022-08-16)
  ux500-gavini-v6.0-rc1 DB7430 MTP readout hack (2022-08-15)
  ux500-janice-v6.0-rc1 ARM: dts: ux500: Fix up the Janice NFC chip (2022-08-15)
  ux500-codina-v6.0-rc1 restore old OCR op_cond behaviour (2022-08-15)
  ux500-codina-tmo-v6.0-rc1 brcmfmac: Obtain reset GPIO (2022-08-15)
  ux500-charging-v6.0-rc1 set power (2022-08-15)
  arm-cpu-domains ARM: domain: Modify Kconfig help text (2022-06-19)
  ux500-codina-v5.19-rc1 ARM: dts: ux500: Fix Codina accelerometer mounting matrix (2022-06-11)
  ux500-codina-v5.18-rc1-speed-step-down speed step down hacks (2022-04-16)
  ux500-codina-v5.18-rc1-busy-detect-quirk mmc: core: Add a card quirk for non-hw busy detection (2022-04-16)
  openwrt-v5.15 net: dsa: rtl8366rb: remove unneeded semicolon (2022-04-11)
  nomadik      arm: nomadik: drop selecting obsolete CLKSRC_NOMADIK_MTU_SCHED_CLOCK (2022-04-10)
  mmc3280ms-magnetometer iio: magnetometer: mmc35240: Optionally get and handle reset (2021-11-23)
  ixp4xx-debug-uart2 Uglydebug hack for IXP4xx UART2 (2021-09-08)
  nomadik-nhk15-smsc SMSC slask (2021-05-10)
  nomadik-nhk15-usb slask (2021-05-10)
  nomadik-nhk15-tsc2003 ARM: dts: Add touchscreen to the Nomadik NHK-15 (2021-05-10)
  openwrt-v5.10 ARM: dts: Augment DIR-685 partition table for OpenWrt (2021-04-09)
  ux500-samsung-boot-without-u-boot HACK: ARM: Take only initrd/serialno from ATAGS (2021-03-09)
  ftwdt010     ARM: dts: Add PCLK to the Aspeed watchdogs (2020-10-26)
  ux500-golden-sound more tmp (2019-12-17)
  mtdparts     mtd: partitions: Implement squashfs partition splitting (2019-08-13)
  l2x0-extended-dtprops ARM: nomadik: get the cache running normally (2019-03-18)
  pl180-polling slask polling mode (2018-04-16)
  pl08x-dma-mmc-sync-callback MMC uglyhack (2016-06-11)

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