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nolibc - minimal header for libc-less early userland
# heads (aka `branches'):
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  next         tools/nolibc: implement strtol() and friends (2024-05-27)
  fixes        selftests/nolibc: fix printf format mismatch in expect_str_buf_eq() (2024-05-27)
  nolibc-fixes tools/nolibc/string: export strlen() (2024-04-10)
* master       Linux 6.9-rc1 (2024-03-24)
  20230806-for-6.6-1 tools/nolibc: stackprotector.h: make __stack_chk_init static (2023-08-06)
  20230801-nolibc-next-1 selftests/nolibc: add testcase for pipe (2023-08-01)
  20230715-nolibc-next-1 selftests/nolibc: allow test -include /path/to/nolibc.h (2023-07-15)
  20230710-nolibc-ser2-tom-syscall-configv4-report selftests/nolibc: avoid gaps in test numbers (2023-07-11)
  20230709-nolibc-ser2-tom-syscall-configv4 selftests/nolibc: add chmod_argv0 test (2023-07-09)
  20230705-nolibc-series2 tools/nolibc: unistd.h: reorder the syscall macros (2023-07-05)
  20230609-nolibc-rv32+stkp8-rebased selftests/nolibc: make sure gcc always use little endian on MIPS (2023-06-09)
  20230606-nolibc-rv32+stkp7a selftests/nolibc: make sure gcc always use little endian on MIPS (2023-06-07)
  20230605-nolibc-rv32+stkp7 selftests/nolibc: also count skipped and failed tests in output (2023-06-05)
  20230604-nolibc-rv32+stkp6 selftests/nolibc: also count skipped and failed tests in output (2023-06-04)
  20230528-nolibc-rv32+stkp5 tools/nolibc: ppoll/ppoll_time64: add a missing argument (2023-05-28)
  20230524-nolibc-rv32+stkp4 tools/nolibc: s390: disable stackprotector in _start (2023-05-24)
  20230523-nolibc-rv32+stkp3 EXP: tools/nolibc: partially revert stackprotector compiler flags (2023-05-23)
  20230520-nolibc-rv32+stkp2 selftests/nolibc: Fix up compile error for rv32 (2023-05-20)
  20230520-nolibc-rv32+stkp tools/nolibc: mips: add stackprotector support (2023-05-20)
  20230513-nolibc-updates-4b tools/nolibc: remove LINUX_REBOOT_ constants (2023-05-13)
  20230415-nolibc-updates-4a tools/nolibc: remove LINUX_REBOOT_ constants (2023-05-02)
  20230108-nolibc-fixes_s390_auxv_getauxval-1 selftests/nolibc: Add `getpagesize(2)` selftest (2023-01-08)
  20230108-nolibc-fixes_s390_auxv-1 tools/nolibc: add auxiliary vector retrieval for s390 (2023-01-08)
  20230108-nolibc-fixes-1 tools/nolibc: fix the O_* fcntl/open macro definitions for riscv (2023-01-08)
  20230108-nolibc-fixes_s390-1 rcutorture: build initrd for rcutorture with nolibc (2023-01-08)
  20221227-nolibc-weak-4 tools/nolibc: add auxiliary vector retrieval for mips (2022-12-29)
  20221227-nolibc-weak-2 WIP: add _auxv retrieval for arm (2022-12-28)
  20220717-nolibc-test-for-paul-1 selftests/nolibc: add a "help" target (2022-07-18)
  20220321-nolibc-split-9b tools/nolibc/test: on x86, support exiting with isa-debug-exit (2022-03-21)
  20220206-nolibc-split-2 tools/nolibc/stdlib: implement abort() (2022-02-06)
  20211024-nolibc-updates tools/nolibc: Implement gettid() (2021-10-24)
  20211018-fixes tools/nolibc: Implement gettid() (2021-10-19)
  fixes-for-4.21 MAINTAINERS: add myself as the maintainer for the nolibc header file(s) (2018-12-29)

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