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# heads (aka `branches'):
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/heads \
	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
  sti-dt-for-v6.7 dt-bindings: arm: sti: add STi boards and remove stih415/stih416 (2023-10-13)
  sti-next     dt-bindings: arm: sti: add STi boards and remove stih415/stih416 (2023-10-13)
  sti-dt-for-6.3 ARM: dts: stihxxx-b2120: fix polarity of reset line of tsin0 port (2023-02-03)
  sti-dt-for-v5.18 ARM: dts: sti: move usb picophy nodes out of soc in stih418.dtsi (2022-02-15)
  sti-dt-for-v5.15 ARM: dts: sti: remove clk_ignore_unused from bootargs for stih410-b2260 (2021-08-06)
  sti-dt-for-v5.8 dts: arm: stih407-family: remove duplicated rng nodes (2020-04-17)
  sti-dt-for-5.7 ARM: dts: sti: fixup sound frame-inversion for stihxxx-b2120.dtsi (2020-02-11)
  heads/sti-soc-for-v4.21-round1 ARM: sti: remove pen_release and boot_lock (2018-12-20)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.20-round1 ARM: dts: stih410: change syntax of multiple DAI (2018-09-25)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.18-round1 ARM: dts: stihxxx-b2120: Fix complain about IRQ_TYPE_NONE usage (2018-05-14)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.17-round2 ARM: dts: stih4xx: Add missing #sound-dai-cells (2018-03-15)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.17-round1 ARM: dts: STi: Remove unused clk_ext2f_a9 clock (2018-02-13)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.12-round1 ARM: dts: STiH407-family: update rproc node names to avoid conflict (2017-03-29)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.11-round2 ARM: dts: STiH407-family: Add missing pwm irq (2017-01-27)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.10-rc ARM: dts: STiH407-family: set snps,dis_u3_susphy_quirk (2017-01-27)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.11 ARM: dts: STiH407-family: Supply Mailbox properties to delta RProc (2017-01-12)
  heads/sti-defconfig-for-4.10-round3 ARM: multi_v7_defconfig: enable STMicroelectronics HVA driver (2016-11-28)
  heads/sti-defconfig-for-4.9-rc ARM: multi_v7_defconfig: enable STMicroelectronics HVA driver (2016-11-23)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.9-rc-round2 ARM: dts: STiH407-family: fix i2c nodes (2016-11-23)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.9-rc ARM: dts: STiH410-b2260: Fix typo in spi0 chipselect definition (2016-11-15)
  heads/sti-dt-for-4.10-round2 ARM: dts: STiHxxx-b2120: change sound card name (2016-11-10)
  heads/sti-defconfig-for-4.10-round2 ARM: multi_v7_defconfig: Remove ST_THERMAL_SYSCFG Kconfig symbol (2016-10-21)
  sti-soc-for-v4.10 ARM: sti: Remove STiH415/416 SoCs support (2016-10-21)
  heads/sti-defconfig-for-4.10 ARM: multi_v7_defconfig: Remove stih41x phy Kconfig symbol. (2016-10-20)
  heads/sti-dt-for-4.10 ARM: dts: stih410-clocks: Add PROC_STFE as a critical clock (2016-10-20)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.9-3 ARM: dts: STiH410: clock configuration to address 720p and 1080p (2016-09-16)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.9-2 ARM: DT: STi: stihxxx-b2120: Add DT nodes for STi audio card (2016-09-14)
  heads/sti-dt-fixes-for-v4.8-rcs ARM: dts: STiH407-family: Provide interconnect clock for consumption in ST SDHCI (2016-09-08)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.9-1 ARM: dts: STiH41x-b2020: Update gpio specifier (2016-09-02)
  sti-late     spi: st-ssc4: Remove 'no clocking' hack (2016-07-12)
  heads/sti-defconfig-for-v4.8 ARM: multi_v7_defconfig: enable STMicroelectronics DRM Support (2016-07-11)
  sti-soc_for_v4.8 ARM: sti: Implement dummy L2 cache's write_sec (2016-07-11)
  heads/sti-dt-for-v4.8 spi: st-ssc4: Remove 'no clocking' hack (2016-07-01)
* master       Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// (2016-06-20)

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