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# tags:
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/tags \
	--format='%(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
nfc-fixes-4.4-1 NFC 4.4 fixes (2015-11-05) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.17-1 NFC: 3.17 fixes (2014-09-22) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.14-1 NFC: 3.14: First pull request (2014-02-23) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.13-1 This is the first NFC fixes pull request for 3.13. (2014-01-06) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.12-1 This is the first NFC fixes pull request for 3.12. (2014-01-05) tar.gz
master-2013-12-18 Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git:// (2013-12-18) tar.gz
master-2013-12-17 ath9k: Fix interrupt handling for the AR9002 family (2013-12-17) tar.gz
master-2013-12-09 ath9k: fix duration calculation for non-aggregated packets (2013-12-09) tar.gz
master-2013-12-02 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-12-02) tar.gz
v3.13-rc2    Linux 3.13-rc2 (2013-11-29) tar.gz
master-2013-11-25 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-11-25) tar.gz
v3.13-rc1    Linux 3.13-rc1 (2013-11-22) tar.gz
master-2013-11-18 brcmfmac: fix possible memory leak (2013-11-18) tar.gz
master-2013-11-15 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix more pointer arithmetic errors (2013-11-15) tar.gz
master-2013-11-11 prism54: set netdev type to "wlan" (2013-11-11) tar.gz
v3.12        Linux 3.12 (2013-11-03) tar.gz
v3.12-rc7    Linux 3.12-rc7 (2013-10-27) tar.gz
v3.12-rc6    Linux 3.12-rc6 (2013-10-19) tar.gz
master-2013-10-18 drivers: net: wireless: b43: Fix possible NULL ptr dereference (2013-10-18) tar.gz
master-2013-10-14 mwifiex: inform cfg80211 about disconnect for P2P client interface (2013-10-14) tar.gz
v3.12-rc5    Linux 3.12-rc5 (2013-10-13) tar.gz
master-2013-10-10-2 wireless: cw1200: acquire hwbus lock around cw1200_irq_handler() call. (2013-10-10) tar.gz
master-2013-10-10 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-10-10) tar.gz
master-2013-10-07 iwlwifi: pcie: fix merge damage (2013-10-07) tar.gz
v3.12-rc4    Linux 3.12-rc4 (2013-10-06) tar.gz
master-2013-09-30 ath9k: fix powersave response handling for BA session packets (2013-09-30) tar.gz
v3.12-rc3    Linux 3.12-rc3 (2013-09-29) tar.gz
master-2013-09-26 brcmsmac: call bcma_core_pci_power_save() from non-atomic context (2013-09-26) tar.gz
v3.12-rc2    Linux 3.12-rc2 (2013-09-23) tar.gz
v3.12-rc1    Linux 3.12-rc1 (2013-09-16) tar.gz
master-2013-09-09 rt2800: change initialization sequence to fix system freeze (2013-09-09) tar.gz
master-2013-09-05 sh_eth: fix napi_{en|dis}able() calls racing against interrupts (2013-09-04) tar.gz
v3.11        Linux 3.11 (2013-09-02) tar.gz
v3.11-rc7    Linux 3.11-rc7 (2013-08-25) tar.gz
master-2013-08-22-2 ath9k: Enable PLL fix only for AR9340/AR9330 (2013-08-22) tar.gz
master-2013-08-22 iwl4965: fix rfkill set state regression (2013-08-22) tar.gz
v3.11-rc6    Linux 3.11-rc6 (2013-08-18) tar.gz
master-2013-08-15 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-08-15) tar.gz
v3.11-rc5    Linux 3.11-rc5 (2013-08-11) tar.gz
master-2013-08-09 Hostap: copying wrong data prism2_ioctl_giwaplist() (2013-08-09) tar.gz
master-2013-08-05 cw1200: Fix spurious BUG_ON() trigger when starting AP mode. (2013-08-05) tar.gz
v3.11-rc4    Linux 3.11-rc4 (2013-08-04) tar.gz
master-2013-08-02 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-08-02) tar.gz
master-2013-07-31 Merge tag 'nfc-fixes-3.11-2' of git:// (2013-07-31) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.11-2 This is the second NFC fixes pull request for 3.11. (2013-07-31) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.11-1 This is the first NFC fixes pull request for 3.11. (2013-07-30) tar.gz
master-2013-07-29 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-07-29) tar.gz
v3.11-rc3    Linux 3.11-rc3 (2013-07-28) tar.gz
master-2013-07-26 brcmfmac: inform cfg80211 about disconnect when device is unplugged (2013-07-26) tar.gz
master-2013-07-22 brcmfmac: bail out of brcmf_txflowblock_if() for non-netdev interface (2013-07-22) tar.gz
v3.11-rc2    Linux 3.11-rc2 (2013-07-21) tar.gz
master-2013-07-18 ath9k_hw: Fix multicast search for AR9002 family (2013-07-18) tar.gz
master-2013-07-17 ath9k_htc: fix data race between request_firmware_nowait() callback and suspend() (2013-07-17) tar.gz
v3.11-rc1    Linux 3.11-rc1 (2013-07-14) tar.gz
v3.10        Linux 3.10 (2013-06-30) tar.gz
master-2013-06-24 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2013-06-24) tar.gz
v3.10-rc7    Linux 3.10-rc7 (2013-06-22) tar.gz
master-2013-06-19 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-06-19) tar.gz
v3.10-rc6    Linux 3.10-rc6 (2013-06-15) tar.gz
master-2013-06-13 brcmfmac: free primary net_device when brcmf_bus_start() fails (2013-06-13) tar.gz
master-2013-06-12-1 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-06-12) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.10-2 This is the 2nd NFC pull request for 3.10. (2013-06-12) tar.gz
master-2013-06-12 b43: stop format string leaking into error msgs (2013-06-12) tar.gz
v3.10-rc5    Linux 3.10-rc5 (2013-06-08) tar.gz
master-2013-06-05 Revert "ath9k_hw: Update rx gain initval to improve rx sensitivity" (2013-06-05) tar.gz
master-2013-06-03 Revert "ath9k_hw: Update rx gain initval to improve rx sensitivity" (2013-06-04) tar.gz
v3.10-rc4    Linux 3.10-rc4 (2013-06-02) tar.gz
master-2013-05-31 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix problem in connecting to WEP or WPA(1) networks (2013-05-31) tar.gz
master-2013-05-29 brcmsmac: fix regression observed in 3.10-rc1 (2013-05-29) tar.gz
master-2013-05-28 ath9k: use correct OTP register offsets for AR9550 (2013-05-28) tar.gz
v3.10-rc3    Linux 3.10-rc3 (2013-05-26) tar.gz
master-2013-05-24 ath9k_hw: improve performance for AR934x v1.3+ (2013-05-24) tar.gz
master-2013-05-22 atmel: printing bogus information (2013-05-22) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.10-1 This is the first batch of NFC fixes for 3.10, and it contains: (2013-05-22) tar.gz
v3.10-rc2    Linux 3.10-rc2 (2013-05-20) tar.gz
master-2013-05-17 ath9k: fix draining aggregation tid buffers (2013-05-17) tar.gz
v3.10-rc1    Linux 3.10-rc1 (2013-05-11) tar.gz
master-2013-05-08 mwifiex: fix setting of multicast filter (2013-05-08) tar.gz
master-2013-05-03 ath5k: do not reschedule tx_complete_work on stop (2013-05-03) tar.gz
master-2013-04-30 Merge tag 'nfc-next-3.10-4' of git:// (2013-04-29) tar.gz
v3.9         Linux 3.9 (2013-04-28) tar.gz
v3.9-rc8     Linux 3.9-rc8 (2013-04-21) tar.gz
v3.9-rc7     Linux 3.9-rc7 (2013-04-14) tar.gz
master-2013-04-12 ath9k_hw: change AR9580 initvals to fix a stability issue (2013-04-12) tar.gz
master-2013-04-10 ssb: implement spurious tone avoidance (2013-04-10) tar.gz
master-2013-04-08 brcmsmac: request firmware in .start() callback (2013-04-08) tar.gz
v3.9-rc6     Linux 3.9-rc6 (2013-04-07) tar.gz
master-2013-04-03 rt2x00: rt2x00pci: fix build error on Ralink RT3x5x SoCs (2013-04-03) tar.gz
master-2013-04-01 mwifiex: limit channel number not to overflow memory (2013-04-01) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.9-2 This is the 2nd batch of NFC fixes for 3.9. This time we have: (2013-04-01) tar.gz
v3.9-rc5     Linux 3.9-rc5 (2013-03-31) tar.gz
master-2013-03-27 b43: N-PHY: use more bits for offset in RSSI calibration (2013-03-27) tar.gz
master-2013-03-25 mwifiex: reset skb->data after processing PCIe sleep confirm cmd respose (2013-03-25) tar.gz
v3.9-rc4     Linux 3.9-rc4 (2013-03-23) tar.gz
master-2013-03-18 rtlwifi: usb: add missing freeing of skbuff (2013-03-18) tar.gz
v3.9-rc3     Linux 3.9-rc3 (2013-03-17) tar.gz
master-2013-03-13 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix problem that prevents reassociation (2013-03-13) tar.gz
master-2013-03-11 Merge tag 'nfc-fixes-3.9-1' of git:// (2013-03-11) tar.gz
v3.9-rc2     Linux 3.9-rc2 (2013-03-10) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.9-1 This is the first NFC pull request for 3.9 fixes (2013-03-11) tar.gz
master-2013-03-08 mwifiex: fix potential null dereference 'mef_entry' (2013-03-08) tar.gz
master-2013-03-08-2 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix schedule while atomic bug splat (2013-03-08) tar.gz
master-2013-03-06 mwifiex: add WOWLAN support (2013-03-06) tar.gz
master-2013-03-04 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-03-04) tar.gz
v3.9-rc1     Linux 3.9-rc1 (2013-03-03) tar.gz
master-2013-02-27 libertas: fix crash for SD8688 (2013-02-27) tar.gz
master-2013-02-22 brcmfmac: fix missing unlock on error in brcmf_notify_vif_event() (2013-02-22) tar.gz
v3.8         Linux 3.8 (2013-02-18) tar.gz
master-2013-02-18 net: wireless: hostap: hostap_ap.c: Return -ENOMEM instead of -1 for if kmalloc() fails. (2013-02-18) tar.gz
master-2013-02-15 Merge branch 'for-linville' of git:// (2013-02-15) tar.gz
master-2013-02-14 brcmsmac: Remove unnecessary memset casts (2013-02-14) tar.gz
master-2013-02-12 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2013-02-12) tar.gz
master-2013-02-11 ath6kl: provide 64-bit per-station byte counters (2013-02-11) tar.gz
nfc-next-3.9-3 This 3rd NFC pull request for 3.9 contains a fix for the microread MEI physical layer support, as the MEI bus API changed. (2013-02-11) tar.gz
v3.8-rc7     Linux 3.8-rc7 (2013-02-09) tar.gz
master-2013-02-08 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new USB ID (2013-02-08) tar.gz
nfc-next-3.9-2 This is the 2nd NFC pull request. (2013-02-08) tar.gz
master-2013-02-04 brcmsmac: rework of mac80211 .flush() callback operation (2013-02-04) tar.gz
master-2013-02-01 rtlwifi: rtl8723ae: Fix W=1 compile warnings (2013-02-01) tar.gz
v3.8-rc6     Linux 3.8-rc6 (2013-02-01) tar.gz
master-2013-01-30 wil6210: fix wil_vring_init_tx status (2013-01-30) tar.gz
master-2013-01-29 Merge branch 'for-linville' of git:// (2013-01-29) tar.gz
master-2013-01-28 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2013-01-28) tar.gz
v3.8-rc5     Linux 3.8-rc5 (2013-01-25) tar.gz
master-2013-01-22 ath9k_hw: remove a useless WARN_ON (2013-01-22) tar.gz
v3.8-rc4     Linux 3.8-rc4 (2013-01-17) tar.gz
master-2013-01-14 bcma: use consistent case for 'hex' constants (2013-01-14) tar.gz
nfc-next-3.9-1 This is the first NFC patchset targeted at the 3.9 merge window. (2013-01-14) tar.gz
master-2013-01-11 bcma: update pci configuration for bcm4706/bcm4716 (2013-01-11) tar.gz
v3.8-rc3     Linux 3.8-rc3 (2013-01-09) tar.gz
master-2013-01-09 ath9k: add spectral scan feature (2013-01-09) tar.gz
master-2013-01-07 mwifiex: use map/unmap APIs in TX and RX to reduce memcpy (2013-01-07) tar.gz
master-2013-01-05 wireless: add new wil6210 802.11ad 60GHz driver (2013-01-04) tar.gz
master-2013-01-04 ath9k: Fix Kconfig for ATH9K_HTC (2013-01-04) tar.gz
v3.8-rc2     Linux 3.8-rc2 (2013-01-02) tar.gz
master-2013-01-02 brcmfmac: fix parsing rsn ie for ap mode. (2013-01-02) tar.gz
v3.8-rc1     Linux 3.8-rc1 (2012-12-21) tar.gz
master-2012-12-17 wireless: fix Atheros drivers compilation (2012-12-17) tar.gz
master-2012-12-14 bridge: fix icmpv6 endian bug and other sparse warnings (2012-12-13) tar.gz
master-2012-12-11 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2012-12-11) tar.gz
v3.7         Linux 3.7 (2012-12-10) tar.gz
master-2012-12-10 b43: fix tx path skb leaks (2012-12-10) tar.gz
master-2012-12-06-02 rtlwifi: remove __dev* attributes (2012-12-06) tar.gz
master-2012-12-06 ssb: register watchdog driver (2012-12-06) tar.gz
v3.7-rc8     Linux 3.7-rc8 (2012-12-03) tar.gz
master-2012-12-03 mwl8k: remove useless pci shutdown callback and stray debugging (2012-12-03) tar.gz
master-2012-11-30 brcmsmac: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in _dma_ctrlflags() (2012-11-30) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.7-2 This is an NFC LLCP fix for 3.7 and contains only one patch. (2012-11-29) tar.gz
master-2012-11-28 brcmsmac: handle packet drop on enqueuing correctly (2012-11-28) tar.gz
master-2012-11-26 bcma: add more package IDs (2012-11-26) tar.gz
master-2012-11-28-2 mac80211: fix remain-on-channel (non-)cancelling (2012-11-26) tar.gz
v3.7-rc7     Linux 3.7-rc7 (2012-11-25) tar.gz
master-2012-11-21 rtl8723ae: fix build break from "mac80211: support RX_FLAG_MACTIME_END" (2012-11-21) tar.gz
master-2012-11-20 brcmfmac: include linux/vmalloc.h from usb.c (2012-11-20) tar.gz
nfc-next-3.8-2 This is the 2nd NFC pull request for 3.8. (2012-11-20) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.7-1 This is the first pull request for 3.7 NFC fixes. (2012-11-20) tar.gz
master-2012-11-19-2 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2012-11-19) tar.gz
master-2012-11-19 ath9k: Fix BTCOEX debugfs file usage (2012-11-19) tar.gz
v3.7-rc6     Linux 3.7-rc6 (2012-11-16) tar.gz
master-2012-11-16 ath9k_hw: Program filter coefficients correctly (2012-11-16) tar.gz
master-2012-11-14 mwl8k: Set packet timestamp to 0 when life time expiry is not used (2012-11-14) tar.gz
v3.7-rc5     Linux 3.7-rc5 (2012-11-11) tar.gz
v3.7-rc4     Linux 3.7-rc4 (2012-11-04) tar.gz
master-2012-10-30 ar5523: make buffer size variable unsigned (2012-10-30) tar.gz
master-2012-10-29-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-10-29) tar.gz
master-2012-10-29 ssb: handle BCM43222 in pmu code. (2012-10-29) tar.gz
nfc-next-3.8-1 This is the first NFC pull request for 3.8 (2012-10-29) tar.gz
v3.7-rc3     Linux 3.7-rc3 (2012-10-28) tar.gz
master-2012-10-24 b43: Fix oops on unload when firmware not found (2012-10-24) tar.gz
master-2012-10-23 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-10-23) tar.gz
v3.7-rc2     Linux 3.7-rc2 (2012-10-20) tar.gz
master-2012-10-18 brcm80211: remove some truely barftastic code (2012-10-19) tar.gz
master-2012-10-17 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2012-10-17) tar.gz
master-2012-10-15 net/wireless: ipw2200: Fix panic occurring in ipw_handle_promiscuous_tx() (2012-10-15) tar.gz
v3.7-rc1     Linux 3.7-rc1 (2012-10-14) tar.gz
master-2012-10-08 mac80211: use ieee80211_free_txskb to fix possible skb leaks (2012-10-08) tar.gz
master-2012-10-05 rt2x00/rt3352: Fix lnagain assignment to use register 66. (2012-10-05) tar.gz
v3.6         Linux 3.6 (2012-09-30) tar.gz
master-2012-09-28-2 ath9k: Fix BTCOEX weight initialization (2012-09-28) tar.gz
master-2012-09-28 Merge tag 'nfc-next-3.7-2' of git:// (2012-09-28) tar.gz
nfc-next-3.7-2 The 2nd NFC pull request for 3.7. (2012-09-27) tar.gz
master-2012-09-25 ath5k: add missing breaks in ath5k_hw_set_spur_mitigation_filter (2012-09-25) tar.gz
nfc-next-3.7-1 This is the first NFC pull request for the 3.7 merge window. (2012-09-25) tar.gz
master-2012-09-24 ath5k: disable HW crypto in management frame (2012-09-24) tar.gz
v3.6-rc7     Linux 3.6-rc7 (2012-09-23) tar.gz
master-2012-09-18 iwlwifi: don't double free the interrupt in failure path (2012-09-18) tar.gz
v3.6-rc6     Linux 3.6-rc6 (2012-09-16) tar.gz
master-2012-09-12 rtlwifi: Remove EXPERIMENTAL as pre-requisite for the drivers (2012-09-12) tar.gz
master-2012-09-11 libertas: set mac control synchronously during init (2012-09-11) tar.gz
master-2012-09-10 brcm80211: fix missing allocation failure check (2012-09-10) tar.gz
v3.6-rc5     Linux 3.6-rc5 (2012-09-08) tar.gz
master-2012-09-07 rt2x00: rt2800 - Make probe_hw function common between PCI and USB. (2012-09-07) tar.gz
master-2012-09-05 libertas sdio: fix suspend when interface is down (2012-09-05) tar.gz
v3.6-rc4     Linux 3.6-rc4 (2012-09-01) tar.gz
master-2012-08-23 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2012-08-23) tar.gz
v3.6-rc3     Linux 3.6-rc3 (2012-08-22) tar.gz
master-2012-08-22 Merge branch 'for-john' of git:// (2012-08-22) tar.gz
master-2012-08-21 carl9170: report A-MPDU status (2012-08-21) tar.gz
v3.6-rc2     Linux 3.6-rc2 (2012-08-16) tar.gz
master-2012-08-13 p54: fix powerpc gcc warnings (2012-08-13) tar.gz
master-2012-08-10 brcmsmac: document firmware dependencies (2012-08-10) tar.gz
master-2012-08-06 mwifiex: add AES_CMAC support in key_material cmd (2012-08-06) tar.gz
master-2012-08-03 ath9k: Add PID/VID support for AR1111 (2012-08-03) tar.gz
v3.6-rc1     Linux 3.6-rc1 (2012-08-02) tar.gz
master-2012-08-02 ath9k: Add PID/VID support for AR1111 (2012-08-02) tar.gz
master-2012-07-26 bcma: add missing iounmap on error path (2012-07-26) tar.gz
v3.5         Linux 3.5 (2012-07-21) tar.gz
master-2012-07-19 libertas: firmware.c: remove duplicated include (2012-07-19) tar.gz
master-2012-07-18 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-07-18) tar.gz
master-2012-07-17 b43: fix crash with OpenFWWF (2012-07-17) tar.gz
v3.5-rc7     Linux 3.5-rc7 (2012-07-14) tar.gz
master-2012-07-12 wireless: brcm80211: use %pM to print BSSID (2012-07-12) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.5-3-v2 Third NFC fixes patchset (2012-07-12) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.5-3 Third NFC fixes patchset (2012-07-12) tar.gz
master-2012-07-11 ath5k: replace modparam_all_channels with CONFIG_ATH5K_TEST_CHANNELS (2012-07-11) tar.gz
master-2012-07-10 ath9k_hw: remove debugging masks from AR_MCI_INTERRUPT_RX_MSG_DEFAULT (2012-07-10) tar.gz
master-2012-07-09 NFC: Check for llcp_sock and its device from llcp_sock_getname (2012-07-09) tar.gz
master-2012-07-09-2 iwlegacy: don't mess up the SCD when removing a key (2012-07-09) tar.gz
v3.5-rc6     Linux 3.5-rc6 (2012-07-07) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.5-2 2nd batch of fixes for 3.5 (2012-07-07) tar.gz
master-2012-07-06-2 Merge tag 'nfc-next-3.6-2' of git:// (2012-07-06) tar.gz
master-2012-07-06 ath9k: Stop the BTCOEX timers before disabling BTCOEX (2012-07-06) tar.gz
nfc-next-3.6-2 2nd NFC 3.6 pull request (2012-07-06) tar.gz
master-2012-07-02-4 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-07-02) tar.gz
master-2012-07-02-3 bcma: add mdelay bcma_pmu_resources_init() (2012-07-02) tar.gz
master-2012-07-02-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// into for-davem (2012-07-02) tar.gz
master-2012-07-02 bcma: add mdelay bcma_pmu_resources_init() (2012-07-02) tar.gz
v3.5-rc5     Linux 3.5-rc5 (2012-06-30) tar.gz
master-2012-06-29 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-06-29) tar.gz
master-2012-06-28 mwifiex: retrieve correct max_power information in reg_notifier handler (2012-06-28) tar.gz
master-2012-06-27-2 mwifiex: fix memory leak associated with IE manamgement (2012-06-27) tar.gz
master-2012-06-27 ath9k: Fix compilation breakage (2012-06-27) tar.gz
master-2012-06-26 ath9k_htc: Fix IDLE power save (2012-06-26) tar.gz
nfc-fixes-3.5-1 First batch of fixes for 3.5 (2012-06-26) tar.gz
master-2012-06-25 iwlwifi: fix activating inactive stations (2012-06-25) tar.gz
v3.5-rc4     Linux 3.5-rc4 (2012-06-24) tar.gz
master-2012-06-22 rtlwifi: Change debug level for deletion of an entry in CAM (2012-06-22) tar.gz
master-2012-06-20 rtlwifi: rtl8192se: Fix gcc 4.7.x warning (2012-06-20) tar.gz
master-2012-06-19 Merge branch 'master' of git:// into for-davem (2012-06-19) tar.gz
v3.5-rc3     Linux 3.5-rc3 (2012-06-16) tar.gz
master-2012-06-14 iwlwifi: unlock on error path (2012-06-14) tar.gz
master-2012-06-13-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-06-13) tar.gz
master-2012-06-13 Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git:// (2012-06-13) tar.gz
master-2012-06-12 mwifiex: fix incorrect privacy setting in beacon and probe response (2012-06-12) tar.gz
master-2012-06-11 ssb: add missing PCI ID for b/g/n single band BCM4322 (2012-06-11) tar.gz
v3.5-rc2     Linux 3.5-rc2 (2012-06-08) tar.gz
master-2012-06-08 wl18xx: avoid some -Wformat warnings (2012-06-08) tar.gz
master-2012-06-07 mac80211: add back channel change flag (2012-06-08) tar.gz
master-2012-06-06 mac80211: unify SW/offload remain-on-channel (2012-06-06) tar.gz
master-2012-06-05 net/wireless: ipw2200: introduce ipw_read_eeprom function (2012-06-05) tar.gz
nfc-next-3.6-1 1st NFC 3.6 pull request (2012-06-05) tar.gz
master-2012-06-04 iwlwifi: disable WoWLAN if !CONFIG_PM_SLEEP (2012-06-04) tar.gz
v3.5-rc1     Linux 3.5-rc1 (2012-06-02) tar.gz
master-2012-05-29 mac80211: fix ADDBA declined after suspend with wowlan (2012-05-29) tar.gz
master-2012-05-25 mac80211: Fix race in checking AP status by sending null frame (2012-05-25) tar.gz
master-2012-05-22 Merge git:// (2012-05-22) tar.gz
v3.4         Linux 3.4 (2012-05-20) tar.gz
master-2012-05-16-3 Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git:// (2012-05-16) tar.gz
master-2012-05-16-2 Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git:// (2012-05-16) tar.gz
master-2012-05-16 mac80211: Add debugfs entry for mesh ht_opmode (2012-05-16) tar.gz
master-2012-05-15 wlcore/wl12xx: implement better beacon loss handling (2012-05-15) tar.gz
master-2012-05-14 Bluetooth: mgmt: Fix device_connected sending order (2012-05-14) tar.gz
v3.4-rc7     Linux 3.4-rc7 (2012-05-12) tar.gz
master-2012-05-08-2 iwlwifi: fix-up some merge damage from commit 0d6c4a2 (2012-05-08) tar.gz
master-2012-05-08 {nl,cfg,mac}80211: Allow user to see/configure HT protection mode (2012-05-08) tar.gz
v3.4-rc6     Linux 3.4-rc6 (2012-05-06) tar.gz
master-2012-05-02 {nl,cfg,mac}80211: Allow user to see/configure HT protection mode (2012-05-02) tar.gz
master-2012-04-30 ipw2100: Fix order of device registration (2012-04-30) tar.gz
v3.4-rc5     Linux 3.4-rc5 (2012-04-29) tar.gz
master-2012-04-27 mac80211: don't transmit 40MHz frames to 20MHz peer (2012-04-27) tar.gz
master-2012-04-24-2 libertas: include sched.h on firmware.c (2012-04-24) tar.gz
master-2012-04-24 mac80211: Adds clean sdata helper (2012-04-24) tar.gz
master-2012-04-26 mac80211: Adds clean sdata helper (2012-04-24) tar.gz
master-2012-04-24-3 mac80211: call ieee80211_mgd_stop() on interface stop (2012-04-24) tar.gz
master-2012-04-23 rt2800: add chipset revision RT5390R support (2012-04-23) tar.gz
v3.4-rc4     Linux 3.4-rc4 (2012-04-21) tar.gz
master-2012-04-17 mwifiex: corrections in timestamp related code (2012-04-17) tar.gz
master-2012-04-16 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800pci add more RT539x ids (2012-04-16) tar.gz
v3.4-rc3     Linux 3.4-rc3 (2012-04-15) tar.gz
master-2012-04-13 brcm80211: smac: only provide valid regulatory hint (2012-04-13) tar.gz
master-2012-04-12 iwlwifi: dynamically determine lib_ops (2012-04-12) tar.gz
master-2012-04-11-2 rt2x00: do not generate seqno in h/w if QOS is disabled (2012-04-11) tar.gz
master-2012-04-11 rt2x00: do not generate seqno in h/w if QOS is disabled (2012-04-11) tar.gz
master-2012-04-10 b43: claim support for IBSS RSN (2012-04-10) tar.gz
master-2012-04-09 iwlwifi: split POWER_PMI status bit (2012-04-09) tar.gz
v3.4-rc2     Linux 3.4-rc2 (2012-04-07) tar.gz
v3.4-rc1     Linux 3.4-rc1 (2012-03-31) tar.gz
master-2012-03-28 mac80211: fix oper channel timestamp updation (2012-03-28) tar.gz
master-2012-03-26 rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: rtl8192cu: rtl8192de: Fix low-gain setting when scanning (2012-03-26) tar.gz
v3.3         Linux 3.3 (2012-03-18) tar.gz
master-2012-03-15 libertas: remove dump_survey implementation (2012-03-15) tar.gz
master-2012-03-14 mwifiex: correction in structure name passed to sizeof() (2012-03-14) tar.gz
master-2012-03-13 mac80211: Don't let regulatory make us deaf (2012-03-13) tar.gz
master-2012-03-12 mac80211: set basic rates earlier (2012-03-12) tar.gz
v3.3-rc7     Linux 3.3-rc7 (2012-03-10) tar.gz
master-2012-03-08-4 iwlwifi: fix the delta for remove max_txq_num patch (2012-03-09) tar.gz
master-2012-03-08-3 iwlwifi: remove max_txq_num from hw_params (take two) (2012-03-09) tar.gz
master-2012-03-08-2 iwlwifi: fix cmd_queue number merge (2012-03-09) tar.gz
master-2012-03-09 iwlwifi: restore PAN support (2012-03-09) tar.gz
master-2012-03-08 mwifiex: correction in number of bitrates (2012-03-08) tar.gz
master-2012-03-07 rtl8187: Add AD-HOC support (2012-03-07) tar.gz
master-2012-03-06 NFC: NCI code identation fixes (2012-03-06) tar.gz
master-2012-03-05 brcm80211: smac: cleanup couple of debug output statements (2012-03-05) tar.gz
mfd-for-linus-3.3 MFD fixes for Linux v3.3 (2012-03-04) tar.gz
v3.3-rc6     Linux 3.3-rc6 (2012-03-03) tar.gz
master-2012-02-27-2 carl9170: fix breakage from "mac80211: handle non-bufferable MMPDUs correctly" (2012-02-29) tar.gz
master-2012-02-29 ath9k: decouple RX error checking for DFS (2012-02-29) tar.gz
master-2012-02-27 rt2800pci: Fix 'Error - MCU request failed' during initialization (2012-02-27) tar.gz
v3.3-rc5     Linux 3.3-rc5 (2012-02-25) tar.gz
master-2012-02-23 brcm80211: smac: only print block-ack timeout message at trace level (2012-02-23) tar.gz
master-2012-02-22 ath9k: remove unnecessary PS wrappers (2012-02-22) tar.gz
master-2012-02-21 mac80211: Fix a warning on changing to monitor mode from STA (2012-02-21) tar.gz
v3.3-rc4     Linux 3.3-rc4 (2012-02-18) tar.gz
master-2012-02-15 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-02-15) tar.gz
master-2012-02-09 rtlwifi: Modify rtl_pci_init to return 0 on success (2012-02-09) tar.gz
v3.3-rc3     Linux 3.3-rc3 (2012-02-08) tar.gz
master-2012-02-08-2 mac80211: do not call rate control .tx_status before .rate_init (2012-02-08) tar.gz
master-2012-02-08 mac80211: do not call rate control .tx_status before .rate_init (2012-02-08) tar.gz
master-2012-02-07 zd1211rw: firmware needs duration_id set to zero for non-pspoll frames (2012-02-07) tar.gz
master-2012-02-06-2 mac80211: call rate control only after init (2012-02-06) tar.gz
master-2012-02-06 iwlegacy: remove set_hw_params callback (2012-02-06) tar.gz
master-2012-02-03 ath9k: Fix kernel panic during driver initilization (2012-02-03) tar.gz
master-2012-02-01 mac80211: timeout a single frame in the rx reorder buffer (2012-02-01) tar.gz
v3.3-rc2     Linux 3.3-rc2 (2012-01-31) tar.gz
master-2012-01-30 rtlwifi: Convert to asynchronous firmware load (2012-01-30) tar.gz
master-2012-01-27 mwl8k: Configuring correct MAC address in broadcast key (2012-01-27) tar.gz
master-2012-01-24 ath9k_htc: claim support for IBSS RSN (2012-01-24) tar.gz
v3.3-rc1     Linux 3.3-rc1 (2012-01-19) tar.gz
master-2012-01-18-2 b43: add option to avoid duplicating device support with brcmsmac (2012-01-18) tar.gz
master-2012-01-18 mac80211: fix work removal on deauth request (2012-01-18) tar.gz
master-2012-01-17 mwl8k: Fixing Sparse ENDIAN CHECK warning (2012-01-17) tar.gz
master-2012-01-16 mac80211: fix tx->skb NULL pointer dereference (2012-01-16) tar.gz
master-2012-01-13 mac80211: fix no-op authorized transitions (2012-01-13) tar.gz
master-2012-01-11 wireless-testing 2012-01-11 (2012-01-11) tar.gz
master-2012-01-10 ath9k: Fix regression in channelwidth switch at the same channel (2012-01-10) tar.gz
master-2012-01-05-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// into for-davem (2012-01-05) tar.gz
master-2012-01-05 ath6kl: revert USB support (2012-01-05) tar.gz
master-2012-01-04-2 mwl8k: Changing the driver version to 0.13 (2012-01-04) tar.gz
v3.2         Linux 3.2 (2012-01-04) tar.gz
master-2012-01-04 Revert "b43: N-PHY: implement TX power control setup" (2012-01-04) tar.gz
master-2012-01-03 rtl8192cu: Fix WARNING on suspend/resume (2012-01-03) tar.gz
master-2012-01-02 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2012-01-02) tar.gz
v3.2-rc7     Linux 3.2-rc7 (2011-12-23) tar.gz
master-2011-12-21 mac80211: Keep skb->piority for relayed frames in AP mode (2011-12-21) tar.gz
master-2011-12-19 mac80211: Fixing sparse warning at sta_info.c (2011-12-19) tar.gz
v3.2-rc6     Linux 3.2-rc6 (2011-12-16) tar.gz
master-2011-12-16 ath9k: Support RSN Mesh (2011-12-16) tar.gz
master-2011-12-15 b43: N-PHY: check for bustype before touching BCMA CC PLLs (2011-12-15) tar.gz
master-2011-12-14 NFC: Initial LLCP support (2011-12-14) tar.gz
master-2011-12-13 mwifiex: do not advertise custom regulatory domain capability (2011-12-13) tar.gz
master-2011-12-12 ath9k: fix max phy rate at rate control init (2011-12-12) tar.gz
v3.2-rc5     Linux 3.2-rc5 (2011-12-09) tar.gz
master-2011-12-09 iwlwifi regression in 20111205 merge (2011-12-09) tar.gz
master-2011-12-08 Merge branch 'wl12xx-next' into for-linville (2011-12-08) tar.gz
master-2011-12-07 wireless: disable wext sysfs by default (2011-12-07) tar.gz
master-2011-12-06 mac80211: Remove WARN_ON in apply-ht-override logic. (2011-12-06) tar.gz
master-2011-12-02 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-12-02) tar.gz
v3.2-rc4     Linux 3.2-rc4 (2011-12-01) tar.gz
master-2011-12-01 Revert "mac80211: clear sta.drv_priv on reconfiguration" (2011-12-01) tar.gz
master-2011-11-30 ath9k_hw: add default chainmask for AR9462 (2011-11-30) tar.gz
master-2011-11-28 iwlwifi: help to debug AGG SM inconsistencies (2011-11-28) tar.gz
v3.2-rc3     Linux 3.2-rc3 (2011-11-23) tar.gz
master-2011-11-22 rtlwifi: squash warning in _usb_read_sync (2011-11-22) tar.gz
master-2011-11-21 mac80211: fix RCU warnings in mesh (2011-11-21) tar.gz
master-2011-11-17 mwifiex: add support for Marvell sd8797 device (2011-11-17) tar.gz
v3.2-rc2     Linux 3.2-rc2 (2011-11-15) tar.gz
master-2011-11-15 Net, libertas: Resolve memory leak in if_spi_host_to_card() (2011-11-15) tar.gz
master-2011-11-11 mac80211: fix warning in ieee80211_probe_client (2011-11-11) tar.gz
master-2011-11-09 mwifiex: prevent corruption instead of just warning (2011-11-09) tar.gz
master-2011-11-08 mac80211: allow frame aggregation for mesh (2011-11-08) tar.gz
v3.2-rc1     Linux 3.2-rc1 (2011-11-07) tar.gz
master-2011-11-07 mac80211: uAPSD - fix IEEE80211_FCTL_MOREDATA bit setting (2011-11-07) tar.gz
master-2011-11-04 mac80211: warn only once about not finding a rate (2011-11-04) tar.gz
master-2011-11-02 iwlwifi: don't perform "echo test" when cmd queue stuck (2011-11-02) tar.gz
v3.1         Linux v3.1 (2011-10-24) tar.gz
v3.1-rc10    Linux 3.1-rc10 (2011-10-17) tar.gz
master-2011-10-14 libertas: fix changing interface type when interface is down (2011-10-14) tar.gz
master-2011-10-12 net: wireless: brcm80211: replace ndo_set_multicast_list  with ndo_set_rx_mode (2011-10-12) tar.gz
master-2011-10-11 ath9k: only send FCS-fail packets to mac80211 if requested (2011-10-11) tar.gz
v3.1-rc9     Linux 3.1-rc9 (2011-10-04) tar.gz
master-2011-10-04 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-10-04) tar.gz
master-2011-10-03 ath9k_hw: set pci_express capability true for AR9480 (2011-10-03) tar.gz
master-2011-09-30 mac80211: dont assign seqno to or aggregate QoS Null frames (2011-09-30) tar.gz
v3.1-rc8     Linux 3.1-rc8 (2011-09-27) tar.gz
master-2011-09-27 mac80211: treat the WME sta flag as a bit (2011-09-27) tar.gz
master-2011-09-26 ath9k: Fix a dma warning/memory leak (2011-09-26) tar.gz
v3.1-rc7     Linux 3.1-rc7 (2011-09-21) tar.gz
master-2011-09-21 nfc: NFC_WILINK depends on NFC_NCI (2011-09-21) tar.gz
master-2011-09-20 rtlwifi: Combine instances of RTL_HAL_IS_CCK_RATE macros. (2011-09-20) tar.gz
master-2011-09-19 cfg80211/nl80211: Add PMKSA caching candidate event (2011-09-19) tar.gz
master-2011-09-16 MAINTAINERS: update ath6kl (2011-09-16) tar.gz
master-2011-09-14 libertas: prioritize usb8388_olpc.bin firmware on OLPC machines (2011-09-14) tar.gz
master-2011-09-13 cfg80211: print bandwidth in chan_reg_rule_print_dbg() (2011-09-13) tar.gz
v3.1-rc6     Linux 3.1-rc6 (2011-09-12) tar.gz
v3.1-rc5     Linux 3.1-rc5 (2011-09-04) tar.gz
master-2011-08-30 iwlwifi: iwl-agn-rs.c: remove old comment (2011-08-30) tar.gz
master-2011-08-29-2 wl12xx/sdio_test.c: fix build breakage from WL127X_FW_NAME change (2011-08-29) tar.gz
master-2011-08-29 b43: Fix swatch warning (2011-08-29) tar.gz
v3.1-rc4     Linux 3.1-rc4 (2011-08-28) tar.gz
master-2011-08-26 ath9k: add AR9580 support (2011-08-26) tar.gz
master-2011-08-24 libertas: update readme file (2011-08-24) tar.gz
master-2011-08-23 wl12xx: add max_sched_scan_ssids value to the hw description (2011-08-23) tar.gz
master-2011-08-22 b43: HT-PHY: init: add missing small-tables writes (2011-08-22) tar.gz
v3.1-rc3     Linux 3.1-rc3 (2011-08-22) tar.gz
v3.1-rc2     Linux 3.1-rc2 (2011-08-14) tar.gz
master-2011-08-13 staging: remove ath6kl (2011-08-13) tar.gz
master-2011-08-12 mwifiex: use cfg80211 dynamic scan table and cfg80211_get_bss API (2011-08-12) tar.gz
master-2011-08-11 nl80211/cfg80211: Make addition of new sinfo fields safer (2011-08-11) tar.gz
master-2011-08-10 ath9k: remove obselete comments (2011-08-10) tar.gz
master-2011-08-09 Merge branch 'ath6kl-next' of (2011-08-09) tar.gz
master-2011-08-08 ath9k: use the new channel noise value for signal strength and survey info (2011-08-08) tar.gz
v3.1-rc1     Linux 3.1-rc1 (2011-08-07) tar.gz
master-2011-08-03 Merge git:// into for-davem (2011-08-03) tar.gz
master-2011-08-02 iwlagn: 5000 do not support idle mode (2011-08-02) tar.gz
master-2011-08-01 rt2x00: rt2800: fix zeroing skb structure (2011-08-01) tar.gz
master-2011-07-26-2 wireless: fix a typo in ignore_reg_update (2011-07-26) tar.gz
master-2011-07-26 wireless: fix a typo in ignore_reg_update (2011-07-26) tar.gz
master-2011-07-25 wireless: fix a typo in ignore_reg_update (2011-07-25) tar.gz
master-2011-07-22-2 bcma: fix 'SSB_PCICORE_BFL_NOPCI' undeclared build breakage (2011-07-22) tar.gz
master-2011-07-22 b43legacy: dma: cache translation (routing bits) (2011-07-22) tar.gz
v3.0         Linux 3.0 (2011-07-21) tar.gz
master-2011-07-21 ath5k: use get_unaligned_le32() in ath5k_write_pwr_to_pdadc_table() (2011-07-21) tar.gz
master-2011-07-20 libertas: only enable mesh when interface is active (2011-07-20) tar.gz
master-2011-07-19-2 b43: bcma: implement full core reset (2011-07-19) tar.gz
master-2011-07-19 b43: correctly display longer chipsets ids (2011-07-19) tar.gz
master-2011-07-18 ath9k: Fix some smatch warnings (2011-07-18) tar.gz
master-2011-07-15 mac80211: be more careful in suspend/resume (2011-07-15) tar.gz
master-2011-07-13 mac80211: allow driver to disconnect after resume (2011-07-13) tar.gz
v3.0-rc7     Linux 3.0-rc7 (2011-07-11) tar.gz
master-2011-07-11 iwlagn: fix warning in testmode attribute table (2011-07-11) tar.gz
master-2011-07-08 ath9k_htc: Inform stack about tx ack status (2011-07-08) tar.gz
master-2011-07-08-2 ath9k_htc: Inform stack about tx ack status (2011-07-08) tar.gz
master-2011-07-07 rt2x00: Implement tx_frames_pending mac80211 callback function. (2011-07-07) tar.gz
master-2011-07-06 mwifiex: modify SDIO aggregation Tx/Rx buffer size (2011-07-06) tar.gz
master-2011-07-05 ssb: use pci_dev->subsystem_{vendor,device} (2011-07-05) tar.gz
v3.0-rc6     Linux 3.0-rc6 (2011-07-04) tar.gz
master-2011-06-29 rtlwifi: potential forever loop in rtl92de_hw_init() (2011-06-29) tar.gz
master-2011-06-28 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-06-28) tar.gz
v3.0-rc5     Linux 3.0-rc5 (2011-06-27) tar.gz
master-2011-06-27-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-06-27) tar.gz
master-2011-06-27 mac80211: dynamic PS - don't enter PS when TX frames are pending (2011-06-27) tar.gz
master-2011-06-24 Bluetooth: include scatterlist.h where needed (2011-06-24) tar.gz
master-2011-06-22 ssb: add __devinit to some functions (2011-06-22) tar.gz
v3.0-rc4     Linux 3.0-rc4 (2011-06-20) tar.gz
master-2011-06-20 rtlwifi: rtl8192{c,ce,cu,se}: Remove comparisons of booleans with true (2011-06-20) tar.gz
master-2011-06-17 b43: HT-PHY: implement switching analog (2011-06-17) tar.gz
master-2011-06-15 mwl8k: Tell firmware to generate CCMP header (2011-06-15) tar.gz
v3.0-rc3     Linux 3.0-rc3 (2011-06-13) tar.gz
master-2011-06-10 rtlwifi: Fix warnings on parisc arch (2011-06-10) tar.gz
master-2011-06-08 iwlegacy: fix channel switch locking (2011-06-08) tar.gz
master-2011-06-07 ath9k: make use of a helper to get paprd scale factor (2011-06-07) tar.gz
master-2011-06-06 iwl4965: set tx power after rxon_assoc (2011-06-06) tar.gz
v3.0-rc2     Linux 3.0-rc2 (2011-06-06) tar.gz
master-2011-06-03 iwlagn: call commit_rxon function directly (2011-06-03) tar.gz
master-2011-06-02 iwlagn: fix interface combinations (2011-06-02) tar.gz
master-2011-06-01 iwlagn: change log to better represent the state of aggregation process (2011-06-01) tar.gz
v3.0-rc1     Linux 3.0-rc1 (2011-05-29) tar.gz
master-2011-05-31 Merge git:// into for-davem (2011-05-27) tar.gz
master-2011-05-27 ath9k: Fix AR9287 calibration (2011-05-27) tar.gz
master-2011-05-26 ath9k: Fix AR9287 calibration (2011-05-26) tar.gz
master-2011-05-24 wireless: fix fatal kernel-doc error + warning in mac80211.h (2011-05-24) tar.gz
master-2011-05-19-2 ath9k: use PS wakeup before REG_READ (2011-05-19) tar.gz
master-2011-05-19 ath9k: use PS wakeup before REG_READ (2011-05-19) tar.gz
v2.6.39      Linux 2.6.39 (2011-05-18) tar.gz
master-2011-05-18 ath9k: use PS wakeup before REG_READ (2011-05-18) tar.gz
master-2011-05-16-2 cfg80211: Use consistent BSS matching between scan and sme (2011-05-16) tar.gz
master-2011-05-16 mwifiex: use ieee80211_amsdu_to_8023s routine (2011-05-16) tar.gz
master-2011-05-13 mwifiex: use ieee80211_amsdu_to_8023s routine (2011-05-13) tar.gz
master-2011-05-12 mac80211: mesh: move some code to make it static (2011-05-12) tar.gz
master-2011-05-11 cfg80211/nl80211: add interval attribute for scheduled scans (2011-05-11) tar.gz
master-2011-05-10 mwifiex: remove unnecessary struct mwifiex_opt_sleep_confirm_buffer (2011-05-10) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc7  Linux 2.6.39-rc7 (2011-05-09) tar.gz
master-2011-05-05 mwl8k: Do not ask mac80211 to generate IV for crypto keys (2011-05-05) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc6  Linux 2.6.39-rc6 (2011-05-03) tar.gz
master-2011-05-02 mwifiex: fix missing tsf_val TLV (2011-05-02) tar.gz
master-2011-04-29 mwl8k: Reducing extra_tx_headroom for tx optimization in AP mode (2011-04-29) tar.gz
master-2011-04-28 mwifiex: fix bug in mwifiex_save_curr_bcn() (2011-04-28) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc5  Linux 2.6.39-rc5 (2011-04-26) tar.gz
master-2011-04-26 cfg80211: fix regresion on reg user timeout (2011-04-26) tar.gz
master-2011-04-25 ssb: cc: clear GPIOPULL registers on init (2011-04-25) tar.gz
master-2011-04-20 iwl4965: fix skb usage after free (2011-04-20) tar.gz
master-2011-04-22 iwl4965: fix skb usage after free (2011-04-20) tar.gz
master-2011-04-19 mac80211: explain padding in place of rate field (2011-04-19) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc4  Linux 2.6.39-rc4 (2011-04-18) tar.gz
master-2011-04-14 ath: Add a missing world regulatory domain 0x6C (2011-04-14) tar.gz
master-2011-04-13 mac80211: Allocate new mesh path and portal tables before taking locks (2011-04-13) tar.gz
master-2011-04-12 ath9k: Register id table for platform device (2011-04-12) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc3  Linux 2.6.39-rc3 (2011-04-11) tar.gz
master-2011-04-11 iwlegacy: make iwl3945 and iwl4965 select IWLWIFI_LEGACY (2011-04-11) tar.gz
master-2011-04-08-2 rt2800usb: Add three new USB IDs (2011-04-08) tar.gz
master-2011-04-08 rt2800usb: Add three new USB IDs (2011-04-08) tar.gz
master-2011-04-07 cfg80211: add a timer for invalid user reg hints (2011-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc2  Linux 2.6.39-rc2 (2011-04-05) tar.gz
master-2011-04-04 mac80211: clean up station cleanup timer (2011-04-04) tar.gz
master-2011-04-06 iwlwifi: accept EEPROM version 0x423 for iwl6000 (2011-04-04) tar.gz
master-2011-03-30 ath9k_hw: remove pCap->tx_triglevel_max (2011-03-30) tar.gz
master-2011-03-29 iwlegacy: fix bugs in change_interface (2011-03-29) tar.gz
master-2011-04-01 iwlegacy: fix bugs in change_interface (2011-03-29) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc1  Linux 2.6.39-rc1 (2011-03-29) tar.gz
master-2011-03-28 mac80211: fix aggregation frame release during timeout (2011-03-28) tar.gz
master-2011-03-23 ath9k: Fix TX queue stuck issue. (2011-03-23) tar.gz
master-2011-03-24 ath9k: Fix TX queue stuck issue. (2011-03-23) tar.gz
master-2011-03-21 mac80211: initialize sta->last_rx in sta_info_alloc (2011-03-21) tar.gz
master-2011-03-22 mac80211: initialize sta->last_rx in sta_info_alloc (2011-03-21) tar.gz
v2.6.38      Linux 2.6.38 (2011-03-14) tar.gz
master-2011-03-14 ath9k: fix aggregation related interoperability issues (2011-03-14) tar.gz
master-2011-03-15 ath9k: fix aggregation related interoperability issues (2011-03-14) tar.gz
master-2011-03-11 ath5k: implement ieee80211_ops->{get,set}_ringparam (2011-03-11) tar.gz
master-2011-03-09 mac80211: update minstrel_ht sample rate when probe is set (2011-03-09) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc8  Linux 2.6.38-rc8 (2011-03-07) tar.gz
master-2011-03-07 mac80211: fix scan race, simplify code (2011-03-07) tar.gz
master-2011-03-04 iwlwifi: avoid too frequent recover from statistics (2011-03-04) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc7  Linux 2.6.38-rc7 (2011-03-01) tar.gz
master-2011-03-01 mac80211: make rate control Kconfig warning depend on mac80211 (2011-03-01) tar.gz
master-2011-02-28 iwlwifi: move remaining iwl-agn-rx.c code into iwl-rx.c (2011-02-28) tar.gz
master-2011-02-25 iwlegacy: change some symbols duplicated from iwlwifi directory (2011-02-25) tar.gz
master-2011-02-24 rtl8192c: fix compilation errors (2011-02-24) tar.gz
master-2011-02-23 rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: rtl8192cu: Fix multiple def errors for allyesconfig build (2011-02-23) tar.gz
master-2011-02-22 Merge branch 'master' of git:// into for-davem (2011-02-22) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc6  Linux 2.6.38-rc6 (2011-02-21) tar.gz
master-2011-02-21 ath9k_hw: Fix power on reset (2011-02-21) tar.gz
master-2011-02-18-2 Merge ssh:// (2011-02-18) tar.gz
master-2011-02-18 mac80211: Clear PS related flag on disabling power save. (2011-02-18) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc5  Linux 2.6.38-rc5 (2011-02-15) tar.gz
master-2011-02-15 ath9k: Fix ath9k prevents CPU to enter C3 states (2011-02-15) tar.gz
master-2011-02-14 mac80211: reply to directed probes in IBSS (2011-02-14) tar.gz
master-2011-02-11 rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: Rework rtl8192ce/phy.c (2011-02-11) tar.gz
master-2011-02-09 ssb: extract boardflags2 for SPROMs rev 4 and 5 (2011-02-09) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc4  Linux 2.6.38-rc4 (2011-02-07) tar.gz
master-2011-02-07 mac80211: remove unneeded check (2011-02-07) tar.gz
master-2011-02-08 mac80211: remove unneeded check (2011-02-07) tar.gz
master-2011-02-04 mac80211: Optimize scans on current operating channel. (2011-02-04) tar.gz
master-2011-02-03 mac80211: Add testing functionality for TKIP (2011-02-03) tar.gz
master-2011-02-01 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-02-01) tar.gz
master-2011-02-02 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-02-01) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc3  Linux 2.6.38-rc3 (2011-02-01) tar.gz
master-2011-01-31-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-01-31) tar.gz
master-2011-01-31 wl12xx: fix warning due to missing arg in ampdu_action (2011-01-31) tar.gz
master-2011-01-28-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2011-01-28) tar.gz
master-2011-01-28 ath9k: fix compile error in non-debug ath_debug_stat_tx() stub (2011-01-28) tar.gz
master-2011-01-27 Merge branch 'master' of (2011-01-26) tar.gz
master-2011-01-26 ath9k: fix misplaced debug code (2011-01-26) tar.gz
master-2011-01-25 ath5k: ath5k_setup_channels cleanup and whitespace (2011-01-25) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc2  Linux 2.6.38-rc2 (2011-01-21) tar.gz
master-2011-01-21-2 ath9k_hw: replace magic values in register writes with proper defines (2011-01-21) tar.gz
master-2011-01-21 ath9k_hw: replace magic values in register writes with proper defines (2011-01-21) tar.gz
master-2011-01-19 mac80211: drop non-auth 3-addr data frames when running as a 4-addr station (2011-01-19) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc1  Linux 2.6.38-rc1 (2011-01-18) tar.gz
master-2011-01-18 iwlwifi: fix valid chain reading from EEPROM (2011-01-18) tar.gz
master-2011-01-17 ath9k_hw: do PA offset calibration only on longcal interval (2011-01-17) tar.gz
master-2011-01-13 mac80211: use maximum number of AMPDU frames as default in BA RX (2011-01-13) tar.gz
master-2011-01-10 hostap_cs: fix sleeping function called from invalid context (2011-01-10) tar.gz
master-2011-01-12 hostap_cs: fix sleeping function called from invalid context (2011-01-10) tar.gz
master-2011-01-05 ath9k: correct MODULE_PARM_DESC parameters for force_new_ani (2011-01-05) tar.gz
v2.6.37      Linux 2.6.37 (2011-01-04) tar.gz
master-2011-01-04 libertas: down_interruptible() can return -EINTR, not EINTR (2011-01-04) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc8  Linux 2.6.37-rc8 (2010-12-28) tar.gz
master-2010-12-22 rtlwifi: Fix large packet issue (2010-12-22) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc7  Linux 2.6.37-rc7 (2010-12-21) tar.gz
master-2010-12-20 rtlwifi: use alloc_workqueue (2010-12-20) tar.gz
master-2010-12-16 rtlwifi: Switch locking from semaphores to mutexes (2010-12-16) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc6  Linux 2.6.37-rc6 (2010-12-15) tar.gz
master-2010-12-15 wireless:mac80211: kill unuse macro MESH_CFG_CMP_LEN in mesh.h (2010-12-15) tar.gz
master-2010-12-14 p54usb: New USB ID for Gemtek WUBI-100GW (2010-12-14) tar.gz
master-2010-12-13 rt2x00: Fix firmware loading regression on x86_64. (2010-12-13) tar.gz
master-2010-12-09 ath: fix build break with ATH_DBG_WARN_ON_ONCE (2010-12-09) tar.gz
master-2010-12-08-2 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-12-08) tar.gz
master-2010-12-08 ath9k_hw: warn if we cannot change the power to the chip (2010-12-08) tar.gz
master-2010-12-10 orinoco: fix TKIP countermeasure behaviour (2010-12-08) tar.gz
master-2010-12-07 mac80211: Fix compilation error when mesh is disabled (2010-12-07) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc5  Linux 2.6.37-rc5 (2010-12-06) tar.gz
master-2010-12-06 iwlwifi: jiffies based tx queues watchdog (2010-12-06) tar.gz
master-2010-12-02 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-12-02) tar.gz
master-2010-12-03 Revert "ath9k: Fix STA disconnect issue due to received MIC failed bcast frames" (2010-12-02) tar.gz
master-2010-11-30 iwlagn: fix microcode error on 4965 (2010-11-30) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc4  Linux 2.6.37-rc4 (2010-11-29) tar.gz
master-2010-11-29 mac80211: fix RX aggregation locking (2010-11-29) tar.gz
master-2010-11-24-2 ath9k_hw: remove ath9k_hw_stoppcurecv (2010-11-24) tar.gz
master-2010-11-25 ath9k_hw: remove ath9k_hw_stoppcurecv (2010-11-24) tar.gz
master-2010-11-24 ath9k_hw: remove ath9k_hw_stoppcurecv (2010-11-24) tar.gz
master-2010-11-23 wireless: b43: fix error path in SDIO (2010-11-23) tar.gz
master-2010-11-22 ath9k_htc: fix eeprom access (2010-11-22) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc3  Linux 2.6.37-rc3 (2010-11-21) tar.gz
master-2010-11-18 ssb: drop BCM4328 hack for SPROM revision (2010-11-18) tar.gz
master-2010-11-17 mac80211: fix powersaving clients races (2010-11-17) tar.gz
master-2010-11-16 mac80211: fix powersaving clients races (2010-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc2  Linux 2.6.37-rc2 (2010-11-15) tar.gz
master-2010-11-15 carl9170: use generic sign_extend32 (2010-11-15) tar.gz
master-2010-11-10 carl9170: use generic sign_extend32 (2010-11-10) tar.gz
master-2010-11-09 iwlagn: use 6000g2b uCode for 130 series devices (2010-11-09) tar.gz
master-2010-11-08 ath9k_hw: Fix memory leak on ath9k_hw_rf_alloc_ext_banks failure (2010-11-08) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc1  Linux 2.6.37-rc1 (2010-11-01) tar.gz
master-2010-10-29 b43: Fix warning at drivers/mmc/core/core.c:237 in mmc_wait_for_cmd (2010-10-29) tar.gz
master-2010-10-27 ath5k: Fix double free on hw attach error path (2010-10-27) tar.gz
master-2010-10-25 iwlwifi: quiet a noisy printk (2010-10-25) tar.gz
master-2010-10-26 iwlwifi: quiet a noisy printk (2010-10-25) tar.gz
v2.6.36      Linux 2.6.36 (2010-10-20) tar.gz
master-2010-10-20 rfkill: remove dead code (2010-10-20) tar.gz
master-2010-10-19 ssb: Clear RETRY_TIMEOUT in PCI Configuration (2010-10-19) tar.gz
master-2010-10-18 carl9170: fix memory leak issue in async cmd macro wrappers (2010-10-18) tar.gz
master-2010-10-15 drivers/net/wireless/p54/eeprom.c: Return -ENOMEM on memory allocation failure (2010-10-15) tar.gz
master-2010-10-21 drivers/net/wireless/p54/eeprom.c: Return -ENOMEM on memory allocation failure (2010-10-15) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc8  Linux 2.6.36-rc8 (2010-10-14) tar.gz
master-2010-10-13 ath9k: Fix potential use-after-free. (2010-10-13) tar.gz
master-2010-10-12 ath5k: fix build break from "ath5k: Print out opmode in debugfs" (2010-10-12) tar.gz
master-2010-10-11 rt2x00: Fix URB error handling (2010-10-11) tar.gz
master-2010-10-07 ath9k_hw: Fix hw reset failure with HTC driver (2010-10-07) tar.gz
master-2010-10-08 ath9k_hw: Fix hw reset failure with HTC driver (2010-10-07) tar.gz
master-2010-10-06 mac80211: avoid uninitialized var warning in ieee80211_scan_cancel (2010-10-06) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc7  Linux 2.6.36-rc7 (2010-10-06) tar.gz
master-2010-10-05 Merge branch 'wireless-next' of git:// (2010-10-05) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc6  Linux 2.6.36-rc6 (2010-09-28) tar.gz
master-2010-09-28 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-09-28) tar.gz
master-2010-10-01 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-09-28) tar.gz
master-2010-09-29 iwl3945: queue the right work if the scan needs to be aborted (2010-09-28) tar.gz
master-2010-09-27 ath9k_htc: Fix TKIP disconnect failure with HTC drivers (2010-09-27) tar.gz
master-2010-09-24 ath9k_htc: Fix TKIP disconnect failure with HTC drivers (2010-09-24) tar.gz
master-2010-09-21 ath9k: make the driver specific rate control module optional (2010-09-21) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc5  Linux 2.6.36-rc5 (2010-09-20) tar.gz
master-2010-09-20 ath9k: make the driver specific rate control module optional (2010-09-20) tar.gz
master-2010-09-16 ath9k: fix regression which disabled ps on ath9k (2010-09-16) tar.gz
master-2010-09-14 wl1271: remove warnings in wl1271_sdio_set_power (2010-09-14) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc4  Linux 2.6.36-rc4 (2010-09-12) tar.gz
master-2010-09-07 drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl-agn.c: Fix return value from an unsigned function (2010-09-07) tar.gz
master-2010-09-02 mac80211: only cancel software-based scans on suspend (2010-09-01) tar.gz
master-2010-09-01 mac80211: cancel scan in ieee80211_restart_hw if software scan pending (2010-08-31) tar.gz
master-2010-08-31 rt2x00: Cleanup rt2x00usb_watchdog_reset_tx (2010-08-31) tar.gz
master-2010-08-30 wireless extensions: fix kernel heap content leak (2010-08-30) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc3  Linux 2.6.36-rc3 (2010-08-29) tar.gz
master-2010-08-27 mac80211: fix offchannel queue stop (2010-08-27) tar.gz
master-2010-08-25 iwlwifi: fix compile error without debugging support (2010-08-25) tar.gz
master-2010-08-24 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-08-24) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc2  Linux 2.6.36-rc2 (2010-08-22) tar.gz
master-2010-08-19 cfg80211: add some documentation (2010-08-19) tar.gz
master-2010-08-18 iwlwifi: do not spuriously call ieee80211_scan_completed (2010-08-18) tar.gz
master-2010-08-17 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-08-17) tar.gz
master-2010-08-16 drivers/net/wireless/wl12xx: Use available error codes (2010-08-16) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc1  Linux 2.6.36-rc1 (2010-08-15) tar.gz
master-2010-08-13 ath5k: disable ASPM L0s for all cards (2010-08-13) tar.gz
master-2010-08-11 ath9k_htc: fix panic on packet injection using airbase-ng tool. (2010-08-11) tar.gz
master-2010-08-10 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-08-10) tar.gz
master-2010-08-09 iwlagn: fix rts cts protection (2010-08-09) tar.gz
master-2010-08-06 iwlwifi: fix locking assertions (2010-08-06) tar.gz
master-2010-08-05 rtl8180: avoid potential NULL deref in rtl8180_beacon_work (2010-08-05) tar.gz
master-2010-08-04 iwlagn: Improve aggregation failure error messages (2010-08-04) tar.gz
v2.6.35      Linux 2.6.35 (2010-08-01) tar.gz
master-2010-07-29 cfg80211: fix dev <-> wiphy typo (2010-07-29) tar.gz
master-2010-07-28 wl1251: add get_survey callback in order to get channel noise (2010-07-28) tar.gz
master-2010-07-27 wireless: Convert wiphy_debug macro to function (2010-07-27) tar.gz
master-2010-07-26 rt2x00: Fix regression for rt2500pci (2010-07-26) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc6  Linux 2.6.35-rc6 (2010-07-22) tar.gz
master-2010-07-21 mac80211: proper IBSS locking (2010-07-21) tar.gz
master-2010-07-23 mac80211: proper IBSS locking (2010-07-21) tar.gz
master-2010-07-20 rtl8180: improve signal reporting for rtl8185 hardware (2010-07-20) tar.gz
master-2010-07-16 mac80211: improve error checking if WEP fails to init (2010-07-16) tar.gz
master-2010-07-19 rt2x00: Fix lockdep warning in rt2x00lib_probe_dev() (2010-07-16) tar.gz
master-2010-07-14 iwlwifi: convert new uses of __attribute__ ((packed)) to __packed (2010-07-14) tar.gz
master-2010-07-13 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc5  Linux 2.6.35-rc5 (2010-07-12) tar.gz
master-2010-07-12 p54: update MAINTAINERS (2010-07-12) tar.gz
master-2010-07-08 wl1271: use per-channel max tx power passed by mac80211 when scanning (2010-07-08) tar.gz
master-2010-07-07 ath9k: fix a buffer leak in A-MPDU completion (2010-07-07) tar.gz
master-2010-07-11 ath9k_htc: fix memory leak in ath9k_hif_usb_alloc_urbs (2010-07-07) tar.gz
master-2010-07-06 wl12xx: Use MODULE_ALIAS macro at correct postion for SPI bus (2010-07-06) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc4  Linux 2.6.35-rc4 (2010-07-04) tar.gz
master-2010-07-02 minstrel_ht: fix check for downgrading of top2 rate (2010-07-02) tar.gz
master-2010-06-30 ath9k_htc: Add LED support for AR7010 (2010-06-30) tar.gz
master-2010-07-01 ath9k_htc: Add LED support for AR7010 (2010-06-30) tar.gz
master-2010-06-28 mac80211: fix the for_each_sta_info macro (2010-06-28) tar.gz
master-2010-06-24 ath9k: Wakeup the chip in an appropriate place in ath_paprd_calibrate() (2010-06-24) tar.gz
master-2010-06-23 ath9k: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE for ath9k_htc (2010-06-23) tar.gz
master-2010-06-22 ath9k: Add a module parameter to disable led blinking. (2010-06-22) tar.gz
master-2010-06-21 mac80211: Add interface for driver to temporarily disable dynamic ps (2010-06-21) tar.gz
master-2010-06-18 mac80211: fix sw scan bracketing (2010-06-18) tar.gz
master-2010-06-17 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-06-17) tar.gz
master-2010-06-16-v2 mac80211: fix warn, enum may be used uninitialized (2010-06-16) tar.gz
master-2010-06-16 ath5k: report PHY error frames only for chips which need it (2010-06-16) tar.gz
master-2010-06-15 ath9k_htc: Fix ampdu_action callback (2010-06-15) tar.gz
master-2010-06-14 mac80211: Fix circular locking dependency in ARP filter handling (2010-06-14) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc3  Linux 2.6.35-rc3 (2010-06-11) tar.gz
master-2010-06-08 wl1251: fix ELP_CTRL register reads (2010-06-08) tar.gz
master-2010-06-09 wl1251: fix ELP_CTRL register reads (2010-06-08) tar.gz
master-2010-06-07 ath: Fix uninitialized variable warnings (2010-06-07) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc2  Linux 2.6.35-rc2 (2010-06-05) tar.gz
master-2010-06-04 ssb: remove the ssb DMA API (2010-06-04) tar.gz
master-2010-06-03 mac80211: reduce debugfs code size (2010-06-03) tar.gz
master-2010-06-02 ath9k_htc: fix build error when ATH9K_HTC_DEBUGFS not enabled (2010-06-02) tar.gz
master-2010-06-01 mac80211: fix dialog token allocator (2010-06-01) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc1  Linux 2.6.35-rc1 (2010-05-30) tar.gz
master-2010-05-28 ssb: fix NULL ptr deref when pcihost_wrapper is used (2010-05-28) tar.gz
master-2010-05-26 ath9k: Fix ath_print in xmit for hardware reset. (2010-05-26) tar.gz
master-2010-05-25 ath9k: remove VEOL support for ad-hoc (2010-05-25) tar.gz
master-2010-05-24 ath9k: Fix rx of mcast/bcast frames in PS mode with auto sleep (2010-05-24) tar.gz
master-2010-05-21 wireless: update gfp/slab.h includes (2010-05-21) tar.gz
master-2010-05-17 Merge branch 'master' of git:// (2010-05-17) tar.gz
v2.6.34      Linux 2.6.34 (2010-05-16) tar.gz
master-2010-05-12 rt2x00: In debugfs frame dumping allow the TX descriptor to be part of the skb. (2010-05-12) tar.gz
master-2010-05-11 ath9k: Remove unused rx_edma in ath_rx_addbuffer_edma() (2010-05-11) tar.gz
master-2010-05-10 wireless: depends on NET (2010-05-10) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc7  Linux 2.6.34-rc7 (2010-05-09) tar.gz
master-2010-05-07 rt2x00: rt2800: use correct txop value in tx descriptor (2010-05-07) tar.gz
master-2010-05-05 mac80211: use fixed channel in ibss join when appropriate (2010-05-05) tar.gz
master-2010-05-04 rt2x00: Register frame length in TX entry descriptor instead of L2PAD. (2010-05-04) tar.gz
master-2010-05-03 iwmc3200wifi: fix busted iwm_debugfs_init definition (2010-05-03) tar.gz
master-2010-04-30 mac80211: tell driver about IBSS merge (2010-04-30) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc6  Linux 2.6.34-rc6 (2010-04-29) tar.gz
master-2010-04-28 mac80211: notify driver about IBSS status (2010-04-28) tar.gz
master-2010-04-27 mac80211: fix rts threshold check (2010-04-27) tar.gz
master-2010-04-26 libertastf: add configurable debug messages (2010-04-26) tar.gz
master-2010-04-21 radiotap parser: fix endian annotation (2010-04-21) tar.gz
master-2010-04-23 radiotap parser: fix endian annotation (2010-04-21) tar.gz
master-2010-04-20 mac80211: Fix ieee80211_sta_conn_mon_timer with hw connection monitoring (2010-04-20) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc5  Linux 2.6.34-rc5 (2010-04-19) tar.gz
master-2010-04-19 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb: identify Allwin devices (2010-04-19) tar.gz
master-2010-04-16 iwlwifi: initialize iwl_wimax_coex_cmd.flags (2010-04-16) tar.gz
master-2010-04-14 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb: identify Sitecom devices (2010-04-14) tar.gz
master-2010-04-15 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb: identify Sitecom devices (2010-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc4  Linux 2.6.34-rc4 (2010-04-12) tar.gz
master-2010-04-12 rt2x00: Add rt3390 support in rt2800 register initialization. (2010-04-12) tar.gz
master-2010-04-09 mac80211: check whether scan is in progress before queueing scan_work (2010-04-09) tar.gz
master-2010-04-08 mac80211_hwsim: add sw_scan sw_scan_complete (2010-04-08) tar.gz
master-2010-04-07 mac80211: fix paged RX crypto (2010-04-07) tar.gz
master-2010-04-06 Revert "mwl8k: use the dma state API instead of the pci equivalents" (2010-04-06) tar.gz
master-2010-04-05 iwlwifi: avoid Tx queue memory allocation in interface down (2010-04-02) tar.gz
master-2010-03-31 mac80211: Fix drop_unencrypted for MFP with hwaccel (2010-03-31) tar.gz
master-2010-03-30 net/wireless/libertas: do not call wiphy_unregister() w/o wiphy_register() (2010-03-30) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc3  Linux 2.6.34-rc3 (2010-03-30) tar.gz
master-2010-03-29 iwlwifi: fix build error for CONFIG_IWLAGN=n (2010-03-24) tar.gz
master-2010-03-24 mac80211: remove unneed variable from ieee80211_tx_pending() (2010-03-24) tar.gz
master-2010-03-23 drivers/net/wireless/b43/main.c:4351: Fixed coding style (2010-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc2  Linux 2.6.34-rc2 (2010-03-19) tar.gz
master-2010-03-19 rename new rfkill sysfs knobs (2010-03-19) tar.gz
master-2010-03-18 iwlwifi: Silence tfds_in_queue message (2010-03-16) tar.gz
master-2010-03-16 mac80211: (really) fix rates setup on IBSS merge (2010-03-16) tar.gz
master-2010-03-15 rt2x00: fix warning when building rt2800pci with just soc support (2010-03-15) tar.gz
master-2010-03-10 ssb: Export ssb_chipco_gpio_control - needed by N PHY code (2010-03-10) tar.gz
master-2010-03-12 Merge branch 'wireless-2.6' of git:// (2010-03-10) tar.gz
master-2010-03-09 b43: N-PHY: switch to chanspec ops (2010-03-09) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc1  Linux 2.6.34-rc1 (2010-03-08) tar.gz
master-2010-03-03 rt2x00: Export rt2x00soc_probe from rt2x00soc (2010-03-03) tar.gz
master-2010-03-08 rt2x00: Export rt2x00soc_probe from rt2x00soc (2010-03-03) tar.gz
master-2010-03-02 iwlwifi: load firmware asynchronously before mac80211 registration (2010-03-02) tar.gz
master-2010-02-26 b43: fall back gracefully to PIO mode after fatal DMA errors (2010-02-26) tar.gz
v2.6.33      Linux 2.6.33 (2010-02-24) tar.gz
master-2010-02-22 mwl8k: convert to new station add/remove callbacks (2010-02-22) tar.gz
master-2010-02-19 ath9k: convert to new station add/remove callbacks (2010-02-19) tar.gz
master-2010-02-16 ath9k: Use the Beacon TX rate from mac80211 (2010-02-16) tar.gz
master-2010-02-15 cfg80211/mac80211: allow registering for and sending action frames (2010-02-15) tar.gz
master-2010-02-12 ath9k: add a workaround for ack timeout issues (2010-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc8  Linux 2.6.33-rc8 (2010-02-12) tar.gz
master-2010-02-10 mac80211: Deny TX BA session requests during disassociation (2010-02-10) tar.gz
master-2010-02-09 ath9k: Enable IEEE80211_HW_REPORTS_TX_ACK_STATUS flag for ath9k. (2010-02-09) tar.gz
master-2010-02-08 mac80211: Reset dynamic ps timer in Rx path. (2010-02-08) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc7  Linux 2.6.33-rc7 (2010-02-06) tar.gz
master-2010-02-02 ath9k: add support for 802.11n bonded out AR2427 (2010-02-02) tar.gz
master-2010-02-03 ath9k: add support for 802.11n bonded out AR2427 (2010-02-02) tar.gz
master-2010-02-01 ath9k: fix access to freed data on unload (2010-02-01) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc6  Linux 2.6.33-rc6 (2010-01-29) tar.gz
master-2010-01-29 iwlwifi: iwl_power_update_mode always hold mutex (2010-01-29) tar.gz
master-2010-01-28 ps3_gelic_wireless: fix directed ssid scan (2010-01-28) tar.gz
master-2010-01-27 cfg80211: fix wext-compat for setting rate to 'auto' (2010-01-27) tar.gz
master-2010-01-26 mac80211: wait for beacon before enabling powersave (2010-01-26) tar.gz
master-2010-01-25 mac80211: fill jiffies/vif on filtered frames (2010-01-25) tar.gz
master-2010-01-23 mac80211: fix tx select key null pointer crash with hostapd (2010-01-23) tar.gz
master-2010-01-22 mac80211: add missing key check (2010-01-22) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc5  Linux 2.6.33-rc5 (2010-01-21) tar.gz
master-2010-01-19 libertas/assoc.c: rearrange some strange line breaks (2010-01-19) tar.gz
master-2010-01-15 b43: N-PHY: drop unused definition, uncomment needed call (2010-01-15) tar.gz
master-2010-01-18 b43: N-PHY: drop unused definition, uncomment needed call (2010-01-15) tar.gz
master-2010-01-14 Staging: r8187se: Fix compile error from wireless-testing commit 7044cc56 (2010-01-14) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc4  Linux 2.6.33-rc4 (2010-01-12) tar.gz
master-2010-01-12 mwl8k: update version number (to 0.12) and copyright (2010-01-12) tar.gz
master-2010-01-11 cfg80211: fix refcount imbalance when wext is disabled (2010-01-11) tar.gz
master-2010-01-08 iwlwifi: disable tx on beacon update notification (2010-01-08) tar.gz
master-2010-01-06 Merge git:// (2010-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc3  Linux 2.6.33-rc3 (2010-01-05) tar.gz
master-2010-01-05 Merge git:// (2010-01-05) tar.gz
master-2010-01-04 mac80211: fix typo added by "mac80211: fix propagation of failed..." (2010-01-04) tar.gz
master-2009-12-30 Merge git:// (2009-12-30) tar.gz
master-2009-12-29 Revert "b43: Enforce DMA descriptor memory constraints" (2009-12-29) tar.gz
master-2009-12-28 mac80211: annotate sleeping driver ops (2009-12-28) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc2  Linux 2.6.33-rc2 (2009-12-24) tar.gz
master-2009-12-22 ath9k: Fix TX poll routine (2009-12-22) tar.gz
master-2009-12-24 ath9k: Fix TX poll routine (2009-12-22) tar.gz
master-2009-12-21 wireless: report reasonable bitrate for MCS rates through wext (2009-12-21) tar.gz
master-2009-12-18 wireless: report reasonable bitrate for MCS rates through wext (2009-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc1  Linux 2.6.33-rc1 (2009-12-17) tar.gz
master-2009-12-15 rt2x00: Fix calculation of rt2800 iveiv entry offset. (2009-12-15) tar.gz
master-2009-12-14 rt2x00: Disable powersaving for rt61pci. (2009-12-14) tar.gz
master-2009-12-10 wireless: update old static regulatory domain rules (2009-12-10) tar.gz
master-2009-12-11 wireless: update old static regulatory domain rules (2009-12-10) tar.gz
master-2009-12-07 ath5k: add support for Dell Vostro A860 LED (2009-12-07) tar.gz
master-2009-12-08 ath5k: add support for Dell Vostro A860 LED (2009-12-07) tar.gz
master-2009-12-04 iwmc3200wifi: Enable wimax core through module parameter (2009-12-04) tar.gz
v2.6.32      Linux 2.6.32 (2009-12-02) tar.gz
master-2009-11-30 airo: Fix integer overflow warning (2009-11-30) tar.gz
master-2009-11-28 iwmc3200wifi: Implement cfg80211 PMKSA API (2009-11-28) tar.gz
master-2009-11-25 iwmc3200wifi: Implement cfg80211 PMKSA API (2009-11-25) tar.gz
master-2009-11-23 ath9k: set ps_default as false (2009-11-23) tar.gz
master-2009-11-24 ath9k: set ps_default as false (2009-11-23) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc8  Linux 2.6.32-rc8 (2009-11-19) tar.gz
master-2009-11-19 mac80211: fix endianess on mesh_path_error_tx() calls (2009-11-19) tar.gz
master-2009-11-18 b43: Enforce DMA descriptor memory constraints (2009-11-18) tar.gz
master-2009-11-17 znet: fix build failure from i82593.h relocation (2009-11-17) tar.gz
master-2009-11-16 mac80211: Do not queue Probe Request frames for station MLME (2009-11-16) tar.gz
master-2009-11-13 rt2800lib: fix some typos and punctuation in comments (2009-11-13) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc7  Linux 2.6.32-rc7 (2009-11-12) tar.gz
master-2009-11-11 rt2x00: Fix typo in rf programming of rt2800lib. (2009-11-11) tar.gz
master-2009-11-10 mac80211: implement support for 4-address frames for AP and client mode (2009-11-10) tar.gz
master-2009-11-06 mwl8k: use integral index instead of pointer for driver_data (2009-11-06) tar.gz
master-2009-11-09 mwl8k: use integral index instead of pointer for driver_data (2009-11-06) tar.gz
master-2009-11-04 wl1271: use __dev_alloc_skb() on RX (2009-11-04) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc6  Linux 2.6.32-rc6 (2009-11-03) tar.gz
master-2009-11-02 wl1271: Generalize command response reading (2009-11-02) tar.gz
master-2009-10-30 b43legacy: Fix DMA TX bounce buffer copying (2009-10-30) tar.gz
master-2009-10-27 ath: Updates for regulatory and country codes. (2009-10-27) tar.gz
master-2009-10-28 ath: Updates for regulatory and country codes. (2009-10-27) tar.gz
master-2009-10-16 b43: Fix Bugzilla #14181 and the bug from the previous 'fix' (2009-10-16) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc5  Linux 2.6.32-rc5 (2009-10-15) tar.gz
master-2009-10-15 wl1251: add support for PG11 chips. (2009-10-15) tar.gz
master-2009-10-14 ath5k: use noise calibration from madwifi hal (2009-10-14) tar.gz
master-2009-10-12 iwlwifi: use paged Rx (2009-10-12) tar.gz
master-2009-10-13 libertas: fix build (2009-10-12) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc4  Linux 2.6.32-rc4 (2009-10-11) tar.gz
master-2009-10-09 wireless: make wireless drivers select core (2009-10-09) tar.gz
master-2009-10-08 cfg80211: fix netns error unwinding bug (2009-10-08) tar.gz
master-2009-10-07 libertas: remove extraneous select FW_LOADER (2009-10-07) tar.gz
master-2009-10-06 libertas: first stab at cfg80211 support (2009-10-06) tar.gz
master-2009-10-05 at76c50x-usb: set firmware and hardware version in wiphy (2009-10-05) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc3  Linux 2.6.32-rc3 (2009-10-04) tar.gz
master-2009-09-30 atheros: define a common priv struct (2009-09-30) tar.gz
master-2009-09-29 iwlwifi: add module firmware info for 1000 series (2009-09-29) tar.gz
master-2009-10-01 ar9170: fix bug in iq-auto calibration value calculation (2009-09-29) tar.gz
master-2009-09-28 sony-laptop: re-read the rfkill state when resuming from suspend (2009-09-28) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc1  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc2  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
master-2009-09-23 ath9k: Initialize txgain and rxgain for newer AR9287 chipsets. (2009-09-23) tar.gz
master-2009-09-16 cfg80211: fix SME connect (2009-09-16) tar.gz
master-2009-09-14 ssb: Fix error when V1 SPROM extraction is forced (2009-09-14) tar.gz
v2.6.31      Linux 2.6.31 (2009-09-09) tar.gz
master-2009-09-09 cfg80211: allow scanning on specified frequencies when using wext-compatibility (2009-09-09) tar.gz
master-2009-09-08 b44/b43/b43legacy: Fix switch warnings introduced by SSB-SDIO (2009-09-08) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc9  Linux 2.6.31-rc9 (2009-09-05) tar.gz
master-2009-09-04 ar9170: implement frequency calibration for one-stage/openfw (2009-09-04) tar.gz
master-2009-09-02 ath9k: Reconfigure beacon timers after the scan is completed. (2009-09-02) tar.gz
master-2009-09-01 iwmc3200wifi: Add a last_fw_err debugfs entry (2009-09-01) tar.gz
master-2009-08-31 ath9k: Do an AHB reset before doing RTC reset (2009-08-31) tar.gz
master-2009-08-28 libertas: add NULL check on return value of get_zeroed_page (2009-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc8  Linux 2.6.31-rc8 (2009-08-27) tar.gz
master-2009-08-26 rt2x00: Cleanup rt2x00mac_bss_info_changed() (2009-08-26) tar.gz
master-2009-08-25 mac80211: Check pending scan request after having processed mgd work (2009-08-25) tar.gz
master-2009-08-24 mwl8k: separate driver and device info reporting during probe (2009-08-24) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc7  Linux 2.6.31-rc7 (2009-08-21) tar.gz
master-2009-08-21 rtl8187: always set MSR_LINK_ENEDCA flag with RTL8187B (2009-08-21) tar.gz
master-2009-08-20 MAINTAINERS: add information for mwl8k wireless driver (2009-08-20) tar.gz
master-2009-08-19 MAINTAINERS: add information for mwl8k wireless driver (2009-08-19) tar.gz
master-2009-08-18 wl1271: remove print_mac usage (2009-08-18) tar.gz
master-2009-08-17 wl1251: correct definitions for 0th bit defines (2009-08-17) tar.gz
master-2009-08-14 b43: Implement RC calibration for rev.0/1 LP-PHYs (2009-08-14) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc6  Linux 2.6.31-rc6 (2009-08-13) tar.gz
master-2009-08-13 b43: Implement RC calibration for rev.0/1 LP-PHYs (2009-08-13) tar.gz
master-2009-08-11 mac80211: Fix unresolved mesh frames queued without valid control.vif (2009-08-11) tar.gz
master-2009-08-10 b43: Implement LP-PHY baseband table initialization (2009-08-10) tar.gz
master-2009-08-07 cfg80211: fix alignment problem in scan request (2009-08-07) tar.gz
master-2009-08-04 ath9k: fix compile warning on ath9k_hw_AR9287_check_eeprom() (2009-08-04) tar.gz
master-2009-08-06 ath9k: fix compile warning on ath9k_hw_AR9287_check_eeprom() (2009-08-04) tar.gz
master-2009-08-03 neigh: Convert garbage collection from softirq to workqueue (2009-08-02) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc5  Linux 2.6.31-rc5 (2009-07-31) tar.gz
master-2009-07-29 iwlwifi: debugFs to enable/disable HT40 support (2009-07-29) tar.gz
master-2009-07-27 ath9k: remove unused ATH_PCI_VERSION (2009-07-27) tar.gz
master-2009-07-24 mac80211: Fix regression in mesh forwarding path. (2009-07-24) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc4  Linux 2.6.31-rc4 (2009-07-22) tar.gz
master-2009-07-22 adm8211: remove uneeded code during suspend/resume (2009-07-22) tar.gz
master-2009-07-21 wl12xx: fix spelling (2009-07-21) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc3  Linux 2.6.31-rc3 (2009-07-13) tar.gz
master-2009-07-10 hwsim: make testmode_cmd static (2009-07-10) tar.gz
master-2009-07-08 includecheck fix: include/linux, rfkill.h (2009-07-08) tar.gz
master-2009-07-07 Merge branch 'tmp' (2009-07-07) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc2  Linux 2.6.31-rc2 (2009-07-04) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc1  Linux 2.6.31-rc1 (2009-06-24) tar.gz
master-2009-06-19 cfg80211: validate station settings (2009-06-19) tar.gz
master-2009-06-17 acer-wmi: fix rfkill conversion (2009-06-17) tar.gz
master-2009-06-15 mac80211: fix wext bssid/ssid setting (2009-06-15) tar.gz
master-2009-06-10 cfg80211: fix rfkill locking problem (2009-06-10) tar.gz
v2.6.30      Linux 2.6.30 (2009-06-09) tar.gz
master-2009-06-09 mac80211: clean up return value of __ieee80211_parse_tx_radiotap (2009-06-09) tar.gz
master-2009-06-07 mac80211 : fix unaligned rx skb (2009-06-07) tar.gz
master-2009-06-04 wimax: depend on rfkill properly (2009-06-04) tar.gz
master-2009-06-03 cfg80211: fix Kconfig for users of cfg80211 (2009-06-03) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc8  Linux 2.6.30-rc8 (2009-06-02) tar.gz
master-2009-06-02 ath9k: Fix write callback of 'debug' which configures debug mask (2009-06-02) tar.gz
master-2009-06-01 mac80211_hwsim: remove deprecated radio_enabled (2009-06-01) tar.gz
master-2009-05-29 rtl8187: add USB ID for Linksys WUSB54GC-EU v2 USB wifi dongle (2009-05-29) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc7  Linux 2.6.30-rc7 (2009-05-23) tar.gz
master-2009-05-22 iwlwifi: check for valid band for channel info (2009-05-22) tar.gz
master-2009-05-20 mac80211: fix managed mode BSSID handling (2009-05-20) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc6  Linux 2.6.30-rc6 (2009-05-15) tar.gz
master-2009-05-13 mac80211: make noack test available (2009-05-13) tar.gz
master-2009-05-11 cfg80211: implement wext key handling (2009-05-11) tar.gz
master-2009-05-12 iwlwifi: fix device id registration for 6000 series 2x2 devices (2009-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc5  Linux 2.6.30-rc5 (2009-05-08) tar.gz
master-2009-05-06 mac80211: Update SA Query transaction id length (2009-05-06) tar.gz
master-2009-05-08 mac80211: Update SA Query transaction id length (2009-05-06) tar.gz
master-2009-05-04 ar9170: fix build when !CONFIG_PM (2009-05-04) tar.gz
master-2009-05-05 mac80211: pid, fix memory corruption (2009-05-04) tar.gz
master-2009-04-30 rt2x00: Synchronize initialization with rt2870 driver (2009-04-30) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc4  Linux 2.6.30-rc4 (2009-04-29) tar.gz
master-2009-04-29 mac80211: default to automatic power control (2009-04-29) tar.gz
master-2009-04-28 ath5k: correct interrupt storm warning (2009-04-28) tar.gz
master-2009-04-24 wireless: remove some (bogus?) 'may be used uninitialized' warnings (2009-04-24) tar.gz
master-2009-04-22 nl80211: Add event for authentication/association timeout (2009-04-22) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc3  Linux 2.6.30-rc3 (2009-04-21) tar.gz
master-2009-04-21 cfg80211: mark all WEXT handlers _GPL (2009-04-21) tar.gz
master-2009-04-20 mac80211: fix basic rate bitmap calculation (2009-04-20) tar.gz
master-2009-04-17 ar9170usb: add ZyXEL NWD271N (2009-04-17) tar.gz
master-2009-04-16 ar9170: fix struct layout on arm (2009-04-16) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc2  Linux 2.6.30-rc2 (2009-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc1  Linux 2.6.30-rc1 (2009-04-07) tar.gz
master-2009-03-27 RDMA/nes: Fix mis-merge (2009-03-26) tar.gz
master-2009-03-24 iwlwifi: show current driver status in user readable format (2009-03-24) tar.gz
v2.6.29      Linux 2.6.29 (2009-03-23) tar.gz
master-2009-03-23 p54: Kconfig maintenance (2009-03-23) tar.gz
master-2009-03-21 nl80211: Check iftype in cfg80211 code (2009-03-20) tar.gz
master-2009-03-20 mac80211: Fix memleak in nl80211 authentication on deinit (2009-03-20) tar.gz
master-2009-03-19 b43: Mask PHY TX error interrupt, if not debugging (2009-03-19) tar.gz
master-2009-03-16 iwlwifi: correct log level when error occurs (2009-03-16) tar.gz
master-2009-03-17 iwlwifi: correct log level when error occurs (2009-03-16) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc8  Linux 2.6.29-rc8 (2009-03-12) tar.gz
master-2009-03-11 iwlwifi: correct log level when error occurs (2009-03-11) tar.gz
master-2009-03-10 airo_cs: cleanups (2009-03-10) tar.gz
master-2009-03-06 b43: Fix compilation for devices without PCI core (2009-03-05) tar.gz
master-2009-03-05 iwlwifi: fix error flow in iwl*_pci_probe (2009-03-05) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc7  Linux 2.6.29-rc7 (2009-03-03) tar.gz
master-2009-03-03 mac80211: Always send a null data frame if TIM bit is set. (2009-03-03) tar.gz
master-2009-02-27 at76c50x-usb: use dev_name() instead of struct device.bus_id (2009-02-27) tar.gz
master-2009-02-26 nl80211: Avoid AP mode BUG_ON hang with invalid lock assert (2009-02-26) tar.gz
master-2009-02-23 iwlagn: default to MAX_UCODE_BEACON_INTERVAL in iwl_adjust_beacon_interval (2009-02-23) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc6  Linux 2.6.29-rc6 (2009-02-22) tar.gz
master-2009-02-17 cfg80211: age scan results on resume (2009-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc5  Linux 2.6.29-rc5 (2009-02-13) tar.gz
master-2009-02-13 ath9k: add udelay() for AR5416 on ath9k_hw_configpcipowersave() (2009-02-13) tar.gz
master-2009-02-12 ath9k: add udelay() for AR5416 on ath9k_hw_configpcipowersave() (2009-02-12) tar.gz
master-2009-02-11 ath9k: add udelay() for AR5416 on ath9k_hw_configpcipowersave() (2009-02-11) tar.gz
master-2009-02-09 b43: (b2062) Fix crystal frequency calculations (2009-02-09) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc4  Linus 2.6.29-rc4 (2009-02-08) tar.gz
master-2009-02-05 iwlwifi: save PCI state before suspend, restore after resume (2009-02-04) tar.gz
master-2009-02-04 b43: (b2062) Fix crystal frequency calculations (2009-02-04) tar.gz
master-2009-01-30 mac80211: Cancel the dynamic ps timer in ioctl_siwpower. (2009-01-30) tar.gz
master-2009-02-03 mac80211: Cancel the dynamic ps timer in ioctl_siwpower. (2009-01-30) tar.gz
master-2009-01-29 mac80211: Cancel the dynamic ps timer in ioctl_siwpower. (2009-01-29) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc3  Linux 2.6.29-rc3 (2009-01-28) tar.gz
master-2009-01-23 rtl8187: Add termination packet to prevent stall (2009-01-23) tar.gz
master-2009-01-22 iwlwifi: return NETDEV_TX_OK from _tx ops (2009-01-22) tar.gz
master-2009-01-16 p54: fix p54_set_key's return code (2009-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc2  Linux 2.6.29-rc2 (2009-01-16) tar.gz
master-2009-01-13 p54: fix "‘ret’ may be used uninitialized" warning (2009-01-13) tar.gz
master-2009-01-12 p54: fix "‘ret’ may be used uninitialized" warning (2009-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc1  Linux 2.6.29-rc1 (2009-01-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28      Linux 2.6.28 (2008-12-24) tar.gz
master-2008-12-19 b43: Add key memory dumping (2008-12-19) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc9  Linux 2.6.28-rc9 (2008-12-18) tar.gz
master-2008-12-12 iwlwifi: add contact email to MODULE_AUTHOR (2008-12-12) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc8  Linux 2.6.28-rc8 (2008-12-10) tar.gz
master-2008-12-05 ath9k: Use GFP_ATOMIC when allocating TX private area (2008-12-05) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc7  Linux 2.6.28-rc7 (2008-12-01) tar.gz
master-2008-11-26 mac80211_hwsim: fix-up some print_mac merge damage (2008-11-26) tar.gz
master-2008-11-25 mac80211_hwsim: fix-up some print_mac merge damage (2008-11-25) tar.gz
master-2008-11-21 wireless: missing include in lib80211.h (2008-11-21) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc6  Linux 2.6.28-rc6 (2008-11-20) tar.gz
master-2008-11-18 rtl8187: Update file authorship in comments (2008-11-18) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc5  Linux 2.6.28-rc5 (2008-11-15) tar.gz
master-2008-11-12 hostap: pad the skb->cb usage in lieu of a proper fix (2008-11-12) tar.gz
master-2008-11-10 rtl8187: Change TX power settings (2008-11-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc4  Linux 2.6.28-rc4 (2008-11-09) tar.gz
master-2008-11-06 iwl3945: fix deadlock on suspend (2008-11-06) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc3  Linux 2.6.28-rc3 (2008-11-02) tar.gz
master-2008-10-31 mac80211: fix two kernel-doc warnings (2008-10-31) tar.gz
master-2008-10-29 ath5k: add self to MAINTAINERS (2008-10-29) tar.gz
master-2008-10-27 mac80211.h: fix kernel-doc excesses (2008-10-27) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc2  Linux 2.6.28-rc2 (2008-10-26) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc1  Linux 2.6.28-rc1 (2008-10-23) tar.gz
master-2008-10-22 p54: enable 2.4/5GHz spectrum by eeprom bits. (2008-10-22) tar.gz
master-2008-10-14 rt2x00: fix regression introduced by "mac80211: free up 2 bytes in skb->cb" (2008-10-14) tar.gz
v2.6.27      Linux 2.6.27 (2008-10-09) tar.gz
master-2008-10-08 ath9k: fix oops on trying to hold the wrong spinlock (2008-10-08) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc9  Linux 2.6.27-rc9 (2008-10-06) tar.gz
master-2008-10-06 mac80211: avoid "Wireless Event too big" message for assoc response (2008-10-06) tar.gz
master-2008-09-30 ath5k: Add support for AR2417 v2 (2008-09-30) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc8  Linux 2.6.27-rc8 (2008-09-29) tar.gz
master-2008-09-24 iwlwifi: don't fail if scan is issued too early (2008-09-24) tar.gz
master-2008-09-22 ath9k: Fix IRQ nobody cared issue with ath9k (2008-09-22) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc7  Linux 2.6.27-rc7 (2008-09-21) tar.gz
master-2008-09-15 libertas: correct "limited range of data type" warning (2008-09-15) tar.gz
master-2008-09-11 libertas: Improvements on automatic tx power control via SIOCSIWTXPOW. (2008-09-11) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc6  Linux 2.6.27-rc6 (2008-09-09) tar.gz
master-2008-09-08 iwlwifi: enable packet injection for iwlagn (2008-09-08) tar.gz
master-2008-09-03 ath9k: Fix TX control flag use for no ACK and RTS/CTS (2008-09-03) tar.gz
master-2008-09-02 ath9: Fix ath_rx_flush_tid() for IRQs disabled kernel warning message. (2008-09-02) tar.gz
master-2008-08-29 b43: Rewrite TX power adjustment (2008-08-29) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc5  Linux 2.6.27-rc5 (2008-08-28) tar.gz
master-2008-08-26 iwlwifi: fix 64bit platform firmware loading (2008-08-26) tar.gz
master-2008-08-22 orinoco: Add MIC on TX and check on RX (2008-08-22) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc4  Linux 2.6.27-rc4 (2008-08-20) tar.gz
master-2008-08-18 removed unused #include <version.h> (2008-08-18) tar.gz
master-2008-08-17 removed unused #include <version.h> (2008-08-17) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc3  Linux 2.6.27-rc3 (2008-08-12) tar.gz
master-2008-08-07 p54: swap short slot time dcf values (2008-08-07) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc2  Linux 2.6.27-rc2 (2008-08-05) tar.gz
master-2008-08-04 ath9k: Add new Atheros IEEE 802.11n driver (2008-08-04) tar.gz
master-2008-08-05 iwl3945: fix merge mistake for packet injection (2008-08-04) tar.gz
master-2008-08-01 iwl3945: Fix statistics in monitor mode (2008-08-01) tar.gz
master-2008-07-29 mac80211: fix mesh beaconing (2008-07-29) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc1  Linux 2.6.27-rc1 (2008-07-28) tar.gz
master-2008-07-14 rt2x00: Reset LED assoc status after firmware update (2008-07-14) tar.gz
v2.6.26      Linux 2.6.26 (2008-07-13) tar.gz
master-2008-07-09 libertas: fix memory alignment problems on the blackfin (2008-07-09) tar.gz
master-2008-07-08 net/wireless/nl80211.c: fix endless Netlink callback loop. (2008-07-08) tar.gz
master-2008-07-07 mac80211: don't report selected IBSS when not found (2008-07-07) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc9  Linux 2.6.26-rc9 (2008-07-05) tar.gz
master-2008-07-02 p54: Add quality output to iwlist and iwconfig (2008-07-02) tar.gz
master-2008-06-30 p54: Add quality output to iwlist and iwconfig (2008-06-30) tar.gz
master-2008-06-27 wireless: remove RFKILL_STATE_HARD_BLOCKED warnings (2008-06-27) tar.gz
master-2008-06-25 iwlwifi: improve scanning band selection management (2008-06-25) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc8  Linux 2.6.26-rc8 (2008-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc7  Linux 2.6.26-rc7 (2008-06-20) tar.gz
master-2008-06-14 mac80211: eliminate IBSS warning in rate_lowest_index() (2008-06-14) tar.gz
master-2008-06-13 mac80211: eliminate IBSS warning in rate_lowest_index() (2008-06-13) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc6  Linux 2.6.26-rc6 (2008-06-12) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc5  Linux 2.6.26-rc5 (2008-06-04) tar.gz
master-2008-06-04 USB ID for Philips CPWUA054/00 Wireless USB Adapter 11g (2008-06-04) tar.gz
master-2008-06-03 ipw2200: queue direct scans (2008-06-03) tar.gz
master-2008-06-09 libertas: unify various CF-related defines (2008-06-03) tar.gz
master-2008-05-28 mac80211: fix alignment issue with compare_ether_addr() (2008-05-28) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc4  Linux 2.6.26-rc4 (2008-05-26) tar.gz
master-2008-05-21 mac80211: remove channel use statistics (2008-05-21) tar.gz
master-2008-05-20 libertas: Fix ethtool statistics (2008-05-20) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc3  Linux 2.6.26-rc3 (2008-05-18) tar.gz
master-2008-05-16 wireless: Create 'device' symlink in sysfs (2008-05-16) tar.gz
master-2008-05-15 wireless: Create 'device' symlink in sysfs (2008-05-15) tar.gz
master-2008-05-14 libertas: remove lbs_get_data_rate() (2008-05-14) tar.gz
master-2008-05-12 mac80211: add missing newlines in printk() (2008-05-12) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc2  Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
master-2008-05-07 mac80211: fix wme code (2008-05-07) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc1  Linux 2.6.26-rc1 (2008-05-03) tar.gz
master-2008-05-01 rt2x00: Fix quality/activity led handling (2008-05-01) tar.gz
master-2008-04-30 libertas: fix use-before-check violation (2008-04-30) tar.gz
master-2008-04-23 iwlwifi: Don't unlock priv->mutex if it isn't locked (2008-04-23) tar.gz
v2.6.25      Linux 2.6.25 (2008-04-16) tar.gz
master-2008-04-16 mac80211: rework scanning to account for probe response/beacon difference (2008-04-16) tar.gz
master-2008-04-15 PS3: gelic: fix the oops on the broken IE returned from the hypervisor (2008-04-15) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc9  Linux 2.6.25-rc9 (2008-04-11) tar.gz
master-2008-04-09 rt61pci: rt61pci_beacon_update do not free skb twice (2008-04-09) tar.gz
master-2008-04-08 mac80211: fix key debugfs default_key link (2008-04-08) tar.gz
master-2008-04-07 nl80211: fix STA AID bug (2008-04-07) tar.gz
master-2008-04-01 wireless: fix various printk warnings on ia64 (and others) (2008-04-01) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc8  Linux 2.6.25-rc8 (2008-04-01) tar.gz
master-2008-03-27 libertas: reduce debug output (2008-03-27) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc7  Linux 2.6.25-rc7 (2008-03-25) tar.gz
master-2008-03-25 rt2x00: Fix in_atomic() usage (2008-03-25) tar.gz
master-2008-03-24 b43: Remove irqs_disabled() sanity checks (2008-03-24) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc6  Linux 2.6.25-rc6 (2008-03-16) tar.gz
master-2008-03-13 iwlwifi: fix bug to show hidden APs during scan (2008-03-13) tar.gz
master-2008-03-11 rt2x00: Add new D-Link USB ID (2008-03-11) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc5  Linux 2.6.25-rc5 (2008-03-09) tar.gz
master-2008-03-07 iwlwifi: fix potential lock inversion deadlock (2008-03-07) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc4  Linux 2.6.25-rc4 (2008-03-04) tar.gz
master-2008-02-29 mac80211: fix key replacing, hw accel (2008-02-29) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc3  Linux 2.6.25-rc3 (2008-02-24) tar.gz
master-2008-02-21 mac80211: fix incorrect use of CONFIG_MAC80211_IBSS_DEBUG (2008-02-21) tar.gz
master-2008-02-20 p54: fix sparse warnings (2008-02-20) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc2  Linux 2.6.25-rc2 (2008-02-15) tar.gz
master-2008-02-14 mac80211: Add cooked monitor mode support (2008-02-14) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc1  Linux 2.6.25-rc1 (2008-02-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24      Linux 2.6.24 (2008-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc8  Linux 2.6.24-rc8 (2008-01-15) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc7  Linux 2.6.24-rc7 (2008-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc6  Linux 2.6.24-rc6 (2007-12-20) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc5  Linux 2.6.24-rc5 (2007-12-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc4  Linux 2.6.24-rc4 (2007-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc3  Linux 2.6.24-rc3 (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc2  Linux 2.6.24-rc2 (2007-11-06) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc1  Linux 2.6.24-rc1 (2007-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.23      Linux 2.6.23 (2007-10-09) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc9  Linux 2.6.23-rc9 (2007-10-01) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc8  Linux 2.6.23-rc8 (2007-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc7  Linux 2.6.23-rc7 (2007-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc6  Linux 2.6.23-rc6 (2007-09-10) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc5  Linux 2.6.23-rc5 (2007-08-31) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc4  Linux 2.6.23-rc4 (2007-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc3  Linux 2.6.23-rc3 (2007-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc2  Linus 2.6.23-rc2 (2007-08-03) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc1  Linux 2.6.23-rc1 (2007-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.22      Linux 2.6.22 (2007-07-08) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc7  Linux 2.6.22-rc7 (2007-07-01) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc6  Linux 2.6.22-rc6 (2007-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc5  Linux 2.6.22-rc5 (2007-06-16) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc4  Linus 2.6.22-rc4 (2007-06-04) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc3  Linux 2.6.22-rc3 (2007-05-25) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc2  Linux 2.6.22-rc2 (2007-05-18) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc1  Linus 2.6.22-rc1 (2007-05-12) tar.gz
v2.6.21      Linux 2.6.21 (2007-04-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc7  Linux 2.6.21-rc7 (2007-04-15) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc6  Linux 2.6.21-rc6 (2007-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc5  Linux 2.6.21-rc5 (2007-03-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc4  Linux 2.6.21-rc4 (2007-03-15) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc3  Linux 2.6.21-rc3 (2007-03-06) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc2  Linux 2.6.21-rc2 (2007-02-27) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc1  Linux 2.6.21-rc1 (2007-02-20) tar.gz
v2.6.20      Linux 2.6.20 (2007-02-04) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc7  Linux 2.6.20-rc7 (2007-01-30) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc6  Linux 2.6.20-rc6 (2007-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc5  Linux 2.6.20-rc5 (2007-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc4  Linux 2.6.20-rc4 (2007-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc3  Linux 2.6.20-rc3 (2006-12-31) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc2  Linux 2.6.20-rc2 (2006-12-23) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc1  Linux v2.6.20-rc1 (2006-12-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19      Linux 2.6.19 (2006-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc6  Linux 2.6.19-rc6 (2006-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc5  Linux 2.6.19-rc5 (2006-11-07) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc4  Linux 2.6.19-rc4 (2006-10-30) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc3  Linux 2.6.19-rc3 release (2006-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc2  Linux 2.6.19-rc2 (2006-10-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc1  Linux v2.6.19-rc1 (2006-10-04) tar.gz
v2.6.18      Raise the Jolly Roger! (2006-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc7  Linux 2.6.18-rc7 (2006-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc6  Linux 2.6.18-rc6 release (2006-09-03) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc5  Linux 2.6.18-rc5 (2006-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc4  Linux v2.6.18-rc4 (2006-08-06) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc3  Linux v2.6.18-rc3 (2006-07-29) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc2  Linux v2.6.18-rc2 (2006-07-15) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc1  Linux v2.6.18-rc1 (2006-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.17      Linux v2.6.17 (2006-06-17) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc6  Linux v2.6.17-rc6 (2006-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc5  Linux 2.6.17-rc5 release (2006-05-24) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc4  Linux v2.6.17-rc4 release (2006-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc3  Linux v2.6.17-rc3 (2006-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc2  Linux v2.6.17-rc2 (2006-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc1  Linux v2.6.17-rc1 (2006-04-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16      Linux v2.6.16 release (2006-03-19) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc6  Linux v2.6.16-rc6 release (2006-03-11) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc5  Linux v2.6.16-rc5 release (2006-02-26) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc4  Linux v2.6.16-rc4 release (2006-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc3  Linux v2.6.16-rc3 (2006-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc2  Linux v2.6.16-rc2 (2006-02-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc1  Linux v2.6.16-rc1 (2006-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.15      Linux 2.6.15 release (2006-01-02) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc7  Christmas eve is when the _real_ celebrations take place. (2005-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc6  Linux 2.6.15-rc6 (2005-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc5  Linux v2.6.15-rc5 release (2005-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc4  Linux v2.6.15-rc4 (2005-11-30) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc3  Linux v2.6.15-rc3 (2005-11-28) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc2  Linux v2.6.15-rc2 (2005-11-19) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc1  Linux v2.6.15-rc1 (2005-11-11) tar.gz
v2.6.14      Linux 2.6.14 release (2005-10-27) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc5  Linux v2.6.14-rc5 release (2005-10-19) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc4  Linux 2.6.14-rc4 release (2005-10-10) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc3  Linux v2.6.14-rc3 release (2005-09-30) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc2  Linux v2.6.14-rc2 release (2005-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc1  Linux v2.6.14-rc1 (2005-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.13      Linux 2.6.13 release (2005-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc7  Linux v2.6.13-rc7 (2005-08-23) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc6  Linux 2.6.13-rc6 release (2005-08-07) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc5  Aiming for final. Sure. (2005-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc4  Get out from LKS flood (2005-07-28) tar.gz
v2.6.11      This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.11-tree This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.12      This is the final 2.6.12 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc2  Linux v2.6.12-rc2 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc3  Linux v2.6.12-rc3 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc4  Linux v2.6.12-rc4 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc5  Linux-2.6.12-rc5 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc6  Linux-v2.6.12-rc6 release () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc1  Linux v2.6.13-rc1 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc2  Linux v2.6.13-rc2 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc3  Linux v2.6.13-rc3 () tar.gz

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