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Freescale i.MX ARM sub-architecture kernel tree
# tags:
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/tags \
	--format='%(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
imx-fixes-6.10 i.MX fixes for 6.10: (2024-06-17) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-6.10 i.MX defconfig changes for 6.10: (2024-04-28) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.10 i.MX arm64 device tree for 6.10: (2024-04-28) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.10  i.MX ARM device tree for 6.10: (2024-04-28) tar.gz
imx-bindings-6.10 i.MX DT bindings for 6.10: (2024-04-28) tar.gz
imx-soc-6.10 i.MX SoC changes for 6.10: (2024-04-28) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.9-2 i.MX fixes for 6.9, round 2: (2024-04-25) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.9 i.MX fixes for 6.9: (2024-04-04) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-6.9 i.MX defconfig for 6.9: (2024-02-26) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.9 i.MX arm64 device tree for 6.9: (2024-02-26) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.9   i.MX ARM device tree for 6.9: (2024-02-26) tar.gz
imx-bindings-6.9 i.MX dt-bindings for 6.9: (2024-02-26) tar.gz
imx-soc-6.9  i.MX SoC changes for 6.9: (2024-02-26) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.8-2 i.MX fixes for 6.8, round 2: (2024-02-25) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.8 i.MX fixes for 6.8: (2024-02-06) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.8 i.MX arm64 device tree for 6.8: (2023-12-16) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.8   i.MX ARM device tree for 6.8: (2023-12-16) tar.gz
imx-bindgins-6.8 i.MX DT bindings for 6.8: (2023-12-16) tar.gz
imx-soc-6.8  i.MX SoC change for 6.8: (2023-12-16) tar.gz
imx-drivers-6.8 i.MX drivers change for 6.8: (2023-12-16) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.7 i.MX fixes for 6.7: (2023-12-07) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-6.7 i.MX defconfig changes for 6.7: (2023-10-15) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.7 i.MX arm64 device tree changes for 6.7 (2023-10-15) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.7   i.MX ARM device tree changes for 6.7: (2023-10-15) tar.gz
imx-bindings-6.7 i.MX dt-bindings for 6.7: (2023-10-15) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.6-2 i.MX fixes for 6.6, round 2: (2023-10-15) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.6 i.MX fixes for 6.6: (2023-09-26) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-6.6 i.MX defconfig change for 6.6: (2023-08-13) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.6 i.MX arm64 device tree chanage for 6.6: (2023-08-13) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.6   i.MX ARM device tree change for 6.6: (2023-08-13) tar.gz
imx-bindings-6.6 i.MX dt-bindings update for 6.6: (2023-08-13) tar.gz
imx-soc-6.6  i.MX SoC change for 6.6: (2023-08-13) tar.gz
imx-drivers-6.6 i.MX drivers update for 6.6: (2023-08-13) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.5-2 i.MX fixes for 6.5, 2nd round: (2023-08-09) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.5 i.MX fixes for 6.5: (2023-07-25) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-6.5 i.MX defconfig changes for 6.5: (2023-06-10) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.5 i.MX arm64 device tree for 6.5: (2023-06-10) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.5   i.MX ARM device tree for 6.5: (2023-06-10) tar.gz
imx-bindings-6.5 i.MX dt-bindings for 6.5: (2023-06-10) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.4-2 i.MX fixes for 6.4, round 2: (2023-06-07) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.4 i.MX fixes for 6.4: (2023-05-16) tar.gz
v6.4-rc1     Linux 6.4-rc1 (2023-05-07) tar.gz
imx-bindings-6.4 i.MX dt-bindings update for 6.4: (2023-04-12) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-6.4 i.MX defconfig updates for 6.4: (2023-04-08) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.4 i.MX arm64 device tree changes for 6.4: (2023-04-08) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.4   i.MX arm32 device tree changes for 6.4: (2023-04-08) tar.gz
imx-soc-6.4  i.MX SoC changes for 6.4: (2023-04-08) tar.gz
imx-drivers-6.4 i.MX drivers update for 6.4: (2023-04-08) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.3-2 i.MX fixes for 6.3, 2nd round: (2023-04-06) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.3 i.MX fixes for 6.3: (2023-03-15) tar.gz
v6.3-rc1     Linux 6.3-rc1 (2023-03-05) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-6.3 i.MX defconfig change for 6.3: (2023-01-30) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.3 i.MX arm64 device tree change for 6.3: (2023-01-30) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.3   i.MX arm device tree change for 6.3: (2023-01-30) tar.gz
imx-bindings-6.3 i.MX DT bindings for 6.3: (2023-01-30) tar.gz
imx-soc-6.3  i.MX SoC update for 6.3: (2023-01-30) tar.gz
imx-drivers-6.3 i.MX drivers change for 6.3: (2023-01-30) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.2-2 i.MX fixes for 6.2, round 2: (2023-01-30) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.2 i.MX fixes for 6.2: (2023-01-02) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-6.2 i.MX defconfig change for 6.2: (2022-11-19) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.2 i.MX arm64 device tree update for 6.2: (2022-11-19) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.2   i.MX arm device tree update for 6.2: (2022-11-19) tar.gz
imx-bindings-6.2 i.MX dt-bindings update for 6.2: (2022-11-19) tar.gz
imx-soc-6.2  i.MX SoC change for 6.2: (2022-11-19) tar.gz
imx-drivers-6.2 i.MX drivers change for 6.2: (2022-11-19) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.1-3 i.MX fixes for 6.1, part 3: (2022-11-19) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.1-2 i.MX fixes for 6.1, 2nd round: (2022-11-16) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.1 i.MX fixes for 6.1: (2022-11-01) tar.gz
v6.1-rc1     Linux 6.1-rc1 (2022-10-16) tar.gz
imx-dt64-6.1 i.MX arm64 device tree change for 6.1: (2022-09-18) tar.gz
imx-dt-6.1   i.MX device tree change for 6.1 (2022-09-18) tar.gz
imx-drivers-6.1 i.MX drivers change for 6.1: (2022-09-17) tar.gz
imx-bindings-6.1 i.MX DT bindings for 6.1: (2022-09-17) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.0-2 i.MX fixes for 6.0, 2nd round: (2022-09-14) tar.gz
imx-fixes-6.0 i.MX fixes for 6.0: (2022-08-23) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.20 i.MX defconfig update for 5.20: (2022-07-09) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.20 i.MX arm64 device tree update for 5.20: (2022-07-09) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.20  i.MX device tree change for 5.20: (2022-07-09) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.20 i.MX DT bindings update for 5.20: (2022-07-09) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.20 i.MX SoC update for 5.20: (2022-07-09) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.20 i.MX drivers change for 5.20: (2022-07-09) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.19-3 i.MX fixes for 5.19, round 3: (2022-07-09) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.19-2 i.MX fixes for 5.19, round 2: (2022-06-29) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.19 i.MX fixes for 5.19: (2022-06-14) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.19 i.MX defconfig update for 5.19: (2022-05-08) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.19 i.MX arm64 device tree update for 5.19: (2022-05-08) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.19  i.MX ARM device tree update for 5.19: (2022-05-08) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.19 i.MX drivers update for 5.19: (2022-05-08) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.19 i.MX dt-bindings update for 5.19: (2022-05-08) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.18-2 i.MX fixes for 5.18, 2nd round: (2022-04-26) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.18 i.MX fixes for 5.18: (2022-04-11) tar.gz
v5.18-rc1    Linux 5.18-rc1 (2022-04-03) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.18 i.MX defconfig change for 5.18: (2022-02-22) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.18 i.MX arm64 device tree change for 5.18: (2022-02-22) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.18  i.MX arm device tree change for 5.18: (2022-02-22) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.18 i.MX drivers update for 5.18: (2022-02-22) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.18 i.MX dt-bindings change for 5.18: (2022-02-22) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.18 i.MX SoC update for 5.18: (2022-02-22) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.17-2 i.MX fixes for 5.17, round 2: (2022-02-21) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.17 i.MX fixes for 5.17: (2022-01-29) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.17 i.MX defconfig update for 5.17: (2021-12-18) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.17 i.MX arm64 device tree change for 5.17: (2021-12-18) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.17  i.MX arm device tree change for 5.17: (2021-12-18) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.17 i.MX dt-bindings update for 5.17: (2021-12-18) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.17 i.MX SoC update for 5.17: (2021-12-18) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.17 i.MX drivers update for 5.17: (2021-12-18) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.16-3 i.MX fixes for 5.16, round 3: (2021-12-18) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.16-2 i.MX fixes for 5.16, round 2: (2021-12-11) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.16 i.MX fixes for 5.16: (2021-11-26) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.15-4 i.MX fixes for 5.15, round 4: (2021-10-18) tar.gz
imx-maintainers-5.16 i.MX maintainers update for 5.16: (2021-10-16) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.16 i.MX defconfig update for 5.16: (2021-10-16) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.16 i.MX arm64 device tree changes for 5.16: (2021-10-16) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.16  i.MX device tree changes for 5.16: (2021-10-16) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.16 i.MX DT bindings update for 5.16: (2021-10-16) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.16 i.MX drivers update for 5.16: (2021-10-16) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.15-3 i.MX fixes for 5.15, round 3: (2021-10-15) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.15-2 i.MX fixes for 5.15, round 2: (2021-10-06) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.15 i.MX fixes for 5.15: (2021-09-23) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.15 i.MX defconfig update for 5.15: (2021-08-14) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.15 i.MX arm64 device tree changes for 5.15: (2021-08-14) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.15  i.MX arm32 device tree changes for 5.15: (2021-08-14) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.15 i.MX DT bindings update for 5.15: (2021-08-14) tar.gz
imx-ecspi-5.15 i.MX eCSPI errata handling for 5.15: (2021-08-09) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.14 i.MX fixes for 5.14: (2021-07-26) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.14 i.MX defconfig update for 5.14: (2021-06-13) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.14 i.MX arm64 device tree chagnes for 5.14: (2021-06-13) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.14  i.MX device tree changes for 5.14: (2021-06-13) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.14 i.MX dt-bindings update for 5.14: (2021-06-13) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.14 i.MX SoC changes for 5.14: (2021-06-13) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.14 i.MX drivers update for 5.14: (2021-06-13) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.13 i.MX fixes for 5.13: (2021-05-27) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.13 i.MX defconfig change for 5.13: (2021-03-31) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.13 i.MX arm64 device tree update for 5.13: (2021-03-31) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.13  i.MX device tree change for 5.13: (2021-03-31) tar.gz
imx-bindgins-5.13 i.MX bindings update for 5.13: (2021-03-31) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.13 i.MX SoC update for 5.13: (2021-03-31) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.13 i.MX drivers change for 5.13: (2021-03-31) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.12-2 i.MX fixes for 5.12, round 2: (2021-03-30) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.12 i.MX fixes for 5.12: (2021-03-18) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.12 i.MX defconfig change for 5.12: (2021-02-04) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.12 i.MX arm64 device tree update for 5.12: (2021-02-04) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.12  i.MX device tree change for 5.12: (2021-02-04) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.12 i.MX DT bindings update for 5.12: (2021-02-04) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.12 i.MX SoC update for 5.12: (2021-02-04) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.12 i.MX drivers change for 5.12: (2021-02-04) tar.gz
clk-imx-5.12 i.MX clock changes for 5.12: (2021-02-02) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.11-3 i.MX fixes for 5.11, round 3: (2021-02-02) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.11-2 i.MX fixes for 5.11, round 2: (2021-01-19) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.11 i.MX fixes for 5.11: (2021-01-12) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.11 i.MX defconfig update for 5.11: (2020-12-02) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.11 i.MX arm64 device tree changes for 5.11: (2020-12-02) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.11  i.MX device tree update for 5.11: (2020-12-02) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.11 i.MX DT bindings update for 5.11: (2020-12-02) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.11 i.MX SoC update for 5.11: (2020-12-02) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.11 i.MX drivers change for 5.11: (2020-12-02) tar.gz
clk-imx-5.11 i.MX clock update for 5.11: (2020-12-01) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.10-5 i.MX fixes for 5.10, round 5: (2020-12-01) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.10-4 i.MX fixes for 5.10, round 4: (2020-11-16) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.10-3 i.MX fixes for 5.10, 3rd round: (2020-11-02) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.10-2 i.MX fixes for 5.10, 2nd round: (2020-10-27) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.10 i.MX fixes for 5.10: (2020-10-26) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.10 i.MX defconfig update for 5.10: (2020-09-23) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.10 i.MX arm64 device tree change for 5.10: (2020-09-23) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.10  i.MX arm32 device tree change for 5.10: (2020-09-23) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.10 i.MX DT bindings update for 5.10: (2020-09-23) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.10 i.MX SoC update for 5.10: (2020-09-23) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.10 i.MX drivers update for 5.10: (2020-09-23) tar.gz
clk-imx-5.10 i.MX clock change for 5.10: (2020-09-22) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.9-2 i.MX fixes for 5.9, round 2: (2020-09-09) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.9 i.MX fixes for 5.9: (2020-08-24) tar.gz
v5.9-rc1     Linux 5.9-rc1 (2020-08-16) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.9 i.MX defconfig update for 5.9: (2020-07-20) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.9   i.MX device tree update for 5.9: (2020-07-20) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.9 i.MX arm64 device tree update for 5.9: (2020-07-20) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.9 i.MX DT bindings for 5.9: (2020-07-20) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.9 i.MX drivers change for 5.9: (2020-07-20) tar.gz
clk-imx-5.9  i.MX clock changes for 5.9: (2020-07-20) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.8-3 i.MX fixes for 5.8, round 3: (2020-07-20) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.8-2 i.MX fixes for 5.8, round 2: (2020-07-14) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.8 i.MX fixes for 5.8: (2020-06-24) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.8 i.MX defconfig update for 5.8: (2020-05-23) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.8 i.MX arm64 device tree changes: (2020-05-23) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.8   i.MX device tree changes for 5.8: (2020-05-23) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.8 i.MX bindings change for 5.8: (2020-05-23) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.8  i.MX SoC changes for 5.8: (2020-05-23) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.8 i.MX drivers update for 5.8: (2020-05-23) tar.gz
clk-imx-5.8  i.MX clock updates for 5.8: (2020-05-23) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.7-2 i.MX fixes for 5.7, round 2: (2020-05-21) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.7 i.MX fixes for 5.7: (2020-04-29) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.7 i.MX defconfig changes for 5.7: (2020-03-18) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.7 i.MX arm64 DTS update for 5.7: (2020-03-18) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.7   i.MX arm DTS changes for 5.7: (2020-03-18) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.7 i.MX DT bindings update for 5.7: (2020-03-18) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.7  i.MX SoC changes for 5.7: (2020-03-18) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.7 i.MX drivers update for 5.7: (2020-03-18) tar.gz
clk-imx-5.7  i.MX clock drivers update for 5.7: (2020-03-16) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.6-2 i.MX fixes for 5.6, round 2: (2020-03-16) tar.gz
imx-clk-fixes-5.6-2 i.MX clock fixes for 5.6, round 2: (2020-03-16) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.6 i.MX fixes for 5.6: (2020-02-24) tar.gz
imx-clk-fixes-5.6 i.MX clock fixes for 5.6: (2020-02-17) tar.gz
imx-clk-5.6  i.MX clock changes for 5.6: (2020-01-15) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.6 i.MX defconfig update for 5.6: (2020-01-13) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.6 i.MX arm64 device tree update for 5.6: (2020-01-13) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.6   i.MX device tree update for 5.6: (2020-01-13) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.6 i.MX DT bindings update for 5.6: (2020-01-12) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.6  i.MX SoC changes for 5.6: (2020-01-12) tar.gz
imx-driver-5.6 i.MX driver changes for 5.6: (2020-01-12) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.5-2 i.MX fixes for 5.5, round 2: (2020-01-10) tar.gz
imx-clk-fixes-5.5 i.MX clock fixes for 5.5:  - Add missing lock to divider in the composite driver for exclusive    register access.  - Add missing sentinel for ulp_div_table in clk-imx7ulp driver.  - Fix clk_pll14xx_wait_lock() function which calls into    readl_poll_timeout() with incorrect parameter. (2019-12-12) tar.gz
imx-fixes-5.5 i.MX fixes for 5.5:  - Add missing jedec,spi-nor compatible for imx6ul-14x14-evk board,    so that SPI NOR device can be probed.  - Fix power button of E60K02 board by removing LDORTC2 regulator.  - A couple of fixes on serial number support of i.MX6ULL/ULZ SoCs to    remove the boot regression caused by 8267ff89b713 ("ARM: imx: Add    serial number support for i.MX6/7 SoCs").  - A couple of fixes on LS1028A SoC TMU regarding to calibration data    and reboot register configuration.  - Fix a regression seen on imx6ul-evk board by marking always-on for    the regulator that is shared by many peripherals.  - Explicitly restore CONFIG_DEBUG_FS in imx_v6_v7_defconfig. (2019-12-12) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.5 i.MX defconfig update for 5.5:  - Enable i.MX7ULP watchdog, DA9052 touch and USB configfs support    in imx_v6_v7_defconfig.  - Enable newly added S32V234 SoC and its UART driver support in arm64    defconfig.  - Built i.MX8QXP SCU key driver as module in arm64 defconfig.  - Change AT803X Ethernet PHY driver from module to built-in, so that    we can boot i.MX8MM EVK board with rootfs on NFS. (2019-11-05) tar.gz
imx-dt64-tmu-5.5 LX2160A TMU support for 5.5:  - Add TMU (Thermal Monitoring Unit) device node to enable thermal    support on LX2160A SoC. (2019-11-05) tar.gz
imx-dt64-5.5 i.MX arm64 device tree changes for 5.5:  - Add the initial support for a new arm64 family SoC from NXP:    S32V234 ("Treerunner") vision microprocessors which are targeted for    high-performance, computationally intensive vision and sensor fusion    applications that require automotive safety levels.  - New board support: i.MX8MN LPDDR4 EVK, i.MX8QXP Colibri and    S32V234 EVB.  - A series of patch from Andrey Smirnov to improve zii-ultra support by    fixing regulator and adding accelerometer, switch watchdog.  - Add system counter device and enable cpuidle support for i.MX8MN.  - Move usdhc clocks assignment from SoC to board level DTS for    i.MX8 based boards.  - Add PCA6416 on I2C3 bus for imx8mm-evk, and enable SCU key for    imx8qxp-mek board.  - Enable GPU passive throttling on i.MX8MQ SoC, and add DDR PMU device    for i.MX8MN.  - A series from Fabio Estevam to fix DTC W=1 warnings for LS1028A device.  - Update the clock providers for the Mali DP500 and '#clock-cells' of    DPCLK node for LS1028A SoC.  - Misc small updates on various boards. (2019-11-05) tar.gz
imx-dt-5.5   i.MX device tree changes for 5.5:  - New board support: Netronix E60K02 and Kobo Clara HD, Kontron N6311    and N6411, OPOS6UL and OPOS6ULDev.  - Correct speed grading fuse settings and add opp-suspend property for    i.MX7D device tree.  - Move usdhc clocks assignment from SoC to board level DTS for imx7ulp,    and use APLL_PFD1 as usdhc's clock source on imx7ulp-evk board.  - Add missing cooling device properties for CPUs for i.MX6/7 SoCs.  - Add sensor GPIO regulator and assign power supplies for magnetometer    for imx6ul-14x14-evk board.  - Replace "simple-bus" with "simple-mfd" for ANATOP device for i.MX6/7    SoCs.  - Fix DTC W=1 warnings by not using simple-audio-card,dai-link on    imx6qdl-gw551x and imx6q-gw54xx board.  - Move to use DRM bindings for the Seiko 43WVF1G panel on imx53-qsb.  - A series from Frieder Schrempf to support more i.MX6UL/ULL-based SoMs    and boards from Kontron Electronics GmbH.  - A few patches from Michal Vokáč to enable more devices support on    imx6dl-yapp4 board.  - A patch series from Philippe Schenker to improve i.MX6/7 Apalis and    Colibri board support.  - A patch series from Sébastien Szymanski to update i.MX6 APF6/APF6Dev    device tree with more devices added and adopting DRM bindings for    display.  - Random improvements, clean-up and device additions on various boards. (2019-11-05) tar.gz
imx-bindings-5.5 i.MX dt-bindings update for 5.5:  - Update fsl.yaml to include DT compatibles for following devices:    Kobo Clara HD, i.MX8MN LPDDR4 EVK, S32V234-EVB, Kontron i.MX6UL/ULL    boards, Toradex apalis/colibri boards, Variscite and Armadeus i.MX6    boards. (2019-11-05) tar.gz
imx-soc-5.5  i.MX SoC update for 5.5:  - Add arm64 Kconfig option for the NXP S32 platform.  - Drop imx_anatop_usb_chrg_detect_disable() function which becomes    unneeded, since all the necessary charger setup is done by the USB    PHY driver now.  - Add serial number support for i.MX6/7 SoCs by reading 64-bit SoC    unique ID from OCOTP block.  - Replace i.MX machine specific coherency exit implementation using    the generic v7_exit_coherency_flush() function. (2019-11-05) tar.gz
imx-drivers-5.5 i.MX drivers update for 5.5:  - Skip return check for those SCU firmware APIs that are defined as    void function in firmware.  - Use established serial_number attribute instead of custom one to show    SoC's unique ID for i.MX8 SoC drivers.  - Read i.MX8MQ SOC revision from TF-A which parses ROM and exposes the    value through a SMC call. This improves the situation that SOC    revision reports 'unknown' on some older revisions.  - Add a check and warn on unexpected SCU RX to avoid potential stack    corruption in imx-scu driver.  - Fix a sparse warning in imx-scu-irq driver by adding missing header.  - Remove an unneeded call to devm_of_platform_populate() from imx-dsp    driver. (2019-11-05) tar.gz
imx-clk-5.5  i.MX clock changes for 5.5:  - Make 1443X/1416X PLL clock structure common for reusing among i.MX8    SoCs.  - A couple of imx7ulp clock multiplexer option corrections.  - Drop IMX7ULP_CLK_MIPI_PLL clock, as it's a MIPI DSI local clock and    shouldn't be used externally.  - Add VIDEO2_PLL clock for imx8mq which is needed by DCSS when high    resolutions are used.  - Add missing gate clock for pll1/2 fixed dividers on i.MX8 SoCs.  - Register SYS_PLL1 and SYS_PLL2 as fixed clock rather than pll14xx    type of clock.  - Use imx_obtain_fixed_clk_hw() to simplify i.MX6/7/8 clock driver code    a little bit.  - One cosmetic change on clk-pll14xx code to make variables static. (2019-11-04) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.4 i.MX defconfig update for 5.4:  - Enable pinctrl and clock driver support for i.MX8MN SoC.  - Enable SDMA support for i.MX8MQ and i.MX8MM SoC, including    FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER and FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK to support    SDMA firmware loading via udev.  - Enable module build of i.MX8 DDR PMU driver and ETNAVIV GPU driver.  - Enable module build of OV5645 camera driver in imx_v6_v7_defconfig. (2019-08-25) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.3 i.MX defconfig changes for 5.3:  * imx_v6_v7_defconfig:    - PCF857X GPIO expander    - SIOX bus driver    - thermal statistics    - TPM PWM driver    - OV2680 camera driver    - SNVS LPGPR NVMEM driver    - i.MX DT based cpufreq driver  * arm64 defconfig built-in:    - i.MX8MM pinctrl and clock    - i.MX LPI2C driver    - ROHM_BD718XX PMIC    - OCOTP NVMEM support    - i.MX SCU based SoC bus driver  * arm64 defconfig modules:    - i.MX SPI driver    - i.MX system controller watchdog    - SNVS RTC driver    - ISL29018 light and proximity sensor driver    - MPL3115 pressure sensor driver    - i.MX8 DT based cpufreq support    - QorIQ Thermal Monitoring Unit driver    - SNVS power key driver (2019-06-26) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.2 i.MX defconfig update for 5.2:  - Enable PCF857X GPIO expander and SIOX bus driver support for    imx_v6_v7_defconfig.  - Enable more drivers for i.MX8 platform support in arm64 defconfig:    SNVS RTC, SCU Watchdog, SPI, i.MX8MM pinctrl and clock, LPI2C,    ROHM_BD718XX PMIC and OCOTP NVMEM. (2019-05-04) tar.gz
imx-defconfig-5.1 i.MX defconfig updates for 5.1:  - Enable a number of i.MX SoC and driver options in arm64 defconfig.    The built-in drivers include: clock, pinctrl, power domain, serial,    MBox, SCU, Ethernet, MMC, regulator and watchdog, which are mostly    essential for building an useful kernel image for i.MX8 platform,    booting with rootfs on NFS or eMMC. (2019-02-12) tar.gz
zte-fixes-4.16 ZTE ZX fixes for 4.16:  - Remove all the leading "0x" and zeros from ZX296702 device tree to    fix the dtc warnings. (2018-02-22) tar.gz
v4.0         Linux 4.0 (2015-04-12) tar.gz
v3.19        Linux 3.19 (2015-02-08) tar.gz
v3.18        Linux 3.18 (2014-12-07) tar.gz
v3.17        Linux 3.17 (2014-10-05) tar.gz
v3.16        Linux 3.16 (2014-08-03) tar.gz
v3.15        Linux 3.15 (2014-06-08) tar.gz
v3.14        Linux 3.14 (2014-03-30) tar.gz
v3.13        Linux 3.13 (2014-01-19) tar.gz
v3.12        Linux 3.12 (2013-11-03) tar.gz
v3.11        Linux 3.11 (2013-09-02) tar.gz
v3.10        Linux 3.10 (2013-06-30) tar.gz
v3.7-rc6     Linux 3.7-rc6 (2012-11-16) tar.gz
v3.7-rc5     Linux 3.7-rc5 (2012-11-11) tar.gz
v3.7-rc4     Linux 3.7-rc4 (2012-11-04) tar.gz
v3.7-rc3     Linux 3.7-rc3 (2012-10-28) tar.gz
v3.7-rc2     Linux 3.7-rc2 (2012-10-20) tar.gz
v3.7-rc1     Linux 3.7-rc1 (2012-10-14) tar.gz
v3.6         Linux 3.6 (2012-09-30) tar.gz
v3.6-rc7     Linux 3.6-rc7 (2012-09-23) tar.gz
v3.6-rc6     Linux 3.6-rc6 (2012-09-16) tar.gz
v3.6-rc5     Linux 3.6-rc5 (2012-09-08) tar.gz
v3.6-rc4     Linux 3.6-rc4 (2012-09-01) tar.gz
v3.6-rc3     Linux 3.6-rc3 (2012-08-22) tar.gz
v3.6-rc2     Linux 3.6-rc2 (2012-08-16) tar.gz
v3.6-rc1     Linux 3.6-rc1 (2012-08-02) tar.gz
v3.5         Linux 3.5 (2012-07-21) tar.gz
v3.5-rc7     Linux 3.5-rc7 (2012-07-14) tar.gz
v3.5-rc6     Linux 3.5-rc6 (2012-07-07) tar.gz
v3.5-rc5     Linux 3.5-rc5 (2012-06-30) tar.gz
v3.5-rc4     Linux 3.5-rc4 (2012-06-24) tar.gz
v3.5-rc3     Linux 3.5-rc3 (2012-06-16) tar.gz
v3.5-rc2     Linux 3.5-rc2 (2012-06-08) tar.gz
v3.5-rc1     Linux 3.5-rc1 (2012-06-02) tar.gz
v3.4         Linux 3.4 (2012-05-20) tar.gz
v3.4-rc7     Linux 3.4-rc7 (2012-05-12) tar.gz
v3.4-rc6     Linux 3.4-rc6 (2012-05-06) tar.gz
v3.4-rc5     Linux 3.4-rc5 (2012-04-29) tar.gz
v3.4-rc4     Linux 3.4-rc4 (2012-04-21) tar.gz
v3.4-rc3     Linux 3.4-rc3 (2012-04-15) tar.gz
v3.4-rc2     Linux 3.4-rc2 (2012-04-07) tar.gz
v3.4-rc1     Linux 3.4-rc1 (2012-03-31) tar.gz
v3.3         Linux 3.3 (2012-03-18) tar.gz
v3.3-rc7     Linux 3.3-rc7 (2012-03-10) tar.gz
v3.3-rc6     Linux 3.3-rc6 (2012-03-03) tar.gz
v3.3-rc5     Linux 3.3-rc5 (2012-02-25) tar.gz
v3.3-rc4     Linux 3.3-rc4 (2012-02-18) tar.gz
v3.3-rc3     Linux 3.3-rc3 (2012-02-08) tar.gz
v3.3-rc2     Linux 3.3-rc2 (2012-01-31) tar.gz
v3.3-rc1     Linux 3.3-rc1 (2012-01-19) tar.gz
v3.2         Linux 3.2 (2012-01-04) tar.gz
v3.2-rc7     Linux 3.2-rc7 (2011-12-23) tar.gz
v3.2-rc6     Linux 3.2-rc6 (2011-12-16) tar.gz
v3.2-rc5     Linux 3.2-rc5 (2011-12-09) tar.gz
v3.2-rc4     Linux 3.2-rc4 (2011-12-01) tar.gz
v3.2-rc3     Linux 3.2-rc3 (2011-11-23) tar.gz
v3.2-rc2     Linux 3.2-rc2 (2011-11-15) tar.gz
v3.2-rc1     Linux 3.2-rc1 (2011-11-07) tar.gz
v3.1         Linux v3.1 (2011-10-24) tar.gz
v3.1-rc10    Linux 3.1-rc10 (2011-10-17) tar.gz
v3.1-rc9     Linux 3.1-rc9 (2011-10-04) tar.gz
v3.1-rc8     Linux 3.1-rc8 (2011-09-27) tar.gz
v3.1-rc7     Linux 3.1-rc7 (2011-09-21) tar.gz
v3.1-rc6     Linux 3.1-rc6 (2011-09-12) tar.gz
v3.1-rc5     Linux 3.1-rc5 (2011-09-04) tar.gz
v3.1-rc4     Linux 3.1-rc4 (2011-08-28) tar.gz
v3.1-rc3     Linux 3.1-rc3 (2011-08-22) tar.gz
v3.1-rc2     Linux 3.1-rc2 (2011-08-14) tar.gz
v3.1-rc1     Linux 3.1-rc1 (2011-08-07) tar.gz
v3.0         Linux 3.0 (2011-07-21) tar.gz
v3.0-rc7     Linux 3.0-rc7 (2011-07-11) tar.gz
v3.0-rc6     Linux 3.0-rc6 (2011-07-04) tar.gz
v3.0-rc5     Linux 3.0-rc5 (2011-06-27) tar.gz
v3.0-rc4     Linux 3.0-rc4 (2011-06-20) tar.gz
v3.0-rc3     Linux 3.0-rc3 (2011-06-13) tar.gz
v3.0-rc2     Linux 3.0-rc2 (2011-06-06) tar.gz
v3.0-rc1     Linux 3.0-rc1 (2011-05-29) tar.gz
v2.6.39      Linux 2.6.39 (2011-05-18) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc7  Linux 2.6.39-rc7 (2011-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc6  Linux 2.6.39-rc6 (2011-05-03) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc5  Linux 2.6.39-rc5 (2011-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc4  Linux 2.6.39-rc4 (2011-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc3  Linux 2.6.39-rc3 (2011-04-11) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc2  Linux 2.6.39-rc2 (2011-04-05) tar.gz
v2.6.39-rc1  Linux 2.6.39-rc1 (2011-03-29) tar.gz
v2.6.38      Linux 2.6.38 (2011-03-14) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc8  Linux 2.6.38-rc8 (2011-03-07) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc7  Linux 2.6.38-rc7 (2011-03-01) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc6  Linux 2.6.38-rc6 (2011-02-21) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc5  Linux 2.6.38-rc5 (2011-02-15) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc4  Linux 2.6.38-rc4 (2011-02-07) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc3  Linux 2.6.38-rc3 (2011-02-01) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc2  Linux 2.6.38-rc2 (2011-01-21) tar.gz
v2.6.38-rc1  Linux 2.6.38-rc1 (2011-01-18) tar.gz
v2.6.37      Linux 2.6.37 (2011-01-04) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc8  Linux 2.6.37-rc8 (2010-12-28) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc7  Linux 2.6.37-rc7 (2010-12-21) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc6  Linux 2.6.37-rc6 (2010-12-15) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc5  Linux 2.6.37-rc5 (2010-12-06) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc4  Linux 2.6.37-rc4 (2010-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc3  Linux 2.6.37-rc3 (2010-11-21) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc2  Linux 2.6.37-rc2 (2010-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.37-rc1  Linux 2.6.37-rc1 (2010-11-01) tar.gz
v2.6.36      Linux 2.6.36 (2010-10-20) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc8  Linux 2.6.36-rc8 (2010-10-14) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc7  Linux 2.6.36-rc7 (2010-10-06) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc6  Linux 2.6.36-rc6 (2010-09-28) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc5  Linux 2.6.36-rc5 (2010-09-20) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc4  Linux 2.6.36-rc4 (2010-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc3  Linux 2.6.36-rc3 (2010-08-29) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc2  Linux 2.6.36-rc2 (2010-08-22) tar.gz
v2.6.36-rc1  Linux 2.6.36-rc1 (2010-08-15) tar.gz
v2.6.35      Linux 2.6.35 (2010-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc6  Linux 2.6.35-rc6 (2010-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc5  Linux 2.6.35-rc5 (2010-07-12) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc4  Linux 2.6.35-rc4 (2010-07-04) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc3  Linux 2.6.35-rc3 (2010-06-11) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc2  Linux 2.6.35-rc2 (2010-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.35-rc1  Linux 2.6.35-rc1 (2010-05-30) tar.gz
v2.6.34      Linux 2.6.34 (2010-05-16) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc7  Linux 2.6.34-rc7 (2010-05-09) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc6  Linux 2.6.34-rc6 (2010-04-29) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc5  Linux 2.6.34-rc5 (2010-04-19) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc4  Linux 2.6.34-rc4 (2010-04-12) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc3  Linux 2.6.34-rc3 (2010-03-30) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc2  Linux 2.6.34-rc2 (2010-03-19) tar.gz
v2.6.34-rc1  Linux 2.6.34-rc1 (2010-03-08) tar.gz
v2.6.33      Linux 2.6.33 (2010-02-24) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc8  Linux 2.6.33-rc8 (2010-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc7  Linux 2.6.33-rc7 (2010-02-06) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc6  Linux 2.6.33-rc6 (2010-01-29) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc5  Linux 2.6.33-rc5 (2010-01-21) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc4  Linux 2.6.33-rc4 (2010-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc3  Linux 2.6.33-rc3 (2010-01-05) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc2  Linux 2.6.33-rc2 (2009-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.33-rc1  Linux 2.6.33-rc1 (2009-12-17) tar.gz
v2.6.32      Linux 2.6.32 (2009-12-02) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc8  Linux 2.6.32-rc8 (2009-11-19) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc7  Linux 2.6.32-rc7 (2009-11-12) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc6  Linux 2.6.32-rc6 (2009-11-03) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc5  Linux 2.6.32-rc5 (2009-10-15) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc4  Linux 2.6.32-rc4 (2009-10-11) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc3  Linux 2.6.32-rc3 (2009-10-04) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc1  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
v2.6.32-rc2  Linux 2.6.32-rc1 (2009-09-27) tar.gz
v2.6.31      Linux 2.6.31 (2009-09-09) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc9  Linux 2.6.31-rc9 (2009-09-05) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc8  Linux 2.6.31-rc8 (2009-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc7  Linux 2.6.31-rc7 (2009-08-21) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc6  Linux 2.6.31-rc6 (2009-08-13) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc5  Linux 2.6.31-rc5 (2009-07-31) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc4  Linux 2.6.31-rc4 (2009-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc3  Linux 2.6.31-rc3 (2009-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc2  Linux 2.6.31-rc2 (2009-07-04) tar.gz
v2.6.31-rc1  Linux 2.6.31-rc1 (2009-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.30      Linux 2.6.30 (2009-06-09) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc8  Linux 2.6.30-rc8 (2009-06-02) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc7  Linux 2.6.30-rc7 (2009-05-23) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc6  Linux 2.6.30-rc6 (2009-05-15) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc5  Linux 2.6.30-rc5 (2009-05-08) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc4  Linux 2.6.30-rc4 (2009-04-29) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc3  Linux 2.6.30-rc3 (2009-04-21) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc2  Linux 2.6.30-rc2 (2009-04-14) tar.gz
v2.6.30-rc1  Linux 2.6.30-rc1 (2009-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.29      Linux 2.6.29 (2009-03-23) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc8  Linux 2.6.29-rc8 (2009-03-12) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc7  Linux 2.6.29-rc7 (2009-03-03) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc6  Linux 2.6.29-rc6 (2009-02-22) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc5  Linux 2.6.29-rc5 (2009-02-13) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc4  Linus 2.6.29-rc4 (2009-02-08) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc3  Linux 2.6.29-rc3 (2009-01-28) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc2  Linux 2.6.29-rc2 (2009-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.29-rc1  Linux 2.6.29-rc1 (2009-01-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28      Linux 2.6.28 (2008-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc9  Linux 2.6.28-rc9 (2008-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc8  Linux 2.6.28-rc8 (2008-12-10) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc7  Linux 2.6.28-rc7 (2008-12-01) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc6  Linux 2.6.28-rc6 (2008-11-20) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc5  Linux 2.6.28-rc5 (2008-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc4  Linux 2.6.28-rc4 (2008-11-09) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc3  Linux 2.6.28-rc3 (2008-11-02) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc2  Linux 2.6.28-rc2 (2008-10-26) tar.gz
v2.6.28-rc1  Linux 2.6.28-rc1 (2008-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.27      Linux 2.6.27 (2008-10-09) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc9  Linux 2.6.27-rc9 (2008-10-06) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc8  Linux 2.6.27-rc8 (2008-09-29) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc7  Linux 2.6.27-rc7 (2008-09-21) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc6  Linux 2.6.27-rc6 (2008-09-09) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc5  Linux 2.6.27-rc5 (2008-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc4  Linux 2.6.27-rc4 (2008-08-20) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc3  Linux 2.6.27-rc3 (2008-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc2  Linux 2.6.27-rc2 (2008-08-05) tar.gz
v2.6.27-rc1  Linux 2.6.27-rc1 (2008-07-28) tar.gz
v2.6.26      Linux 2.6.26 (2008-07-13) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc9  Linux 2.6.26-rc9 (2008-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc8  Linux 2.6.26-rc8 (2008-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc7  Linux 2.6.26-rc7 (2008-06-20) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc6  Linux 2.6.26-rc6 (2008-06-12) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc5  Linux 2.6.26-rc5 (2008-06-04) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc4  Linux 2.6.26-rc4 (2008-05-26) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc3  Linux 2.6.26-rc3 (2008-05-18) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc2  Linux 2.6.26-rc2 (2008-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.26-rc1  Linux 2.6.26-rc1 (2008-05-03) tar.gz
v2.6.25      Linux 2.6.25 (2008-04-16) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc9  Linux 2.6.25-rc9 (2008-04-11) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc8  Linux 2.6.25-rc8 (2008-04-01) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc7  Linux 2.6.25-rc7 (2008-03-25) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc6  Linux 2.6.25-rc6 (2008-03-16) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc5  Linux 2.6.25-rc5 (2008-03-09) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc4  Linux 2.6.25-rc4 (2008-03-04) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc3  Linux 2.6.25-rc3 (2008-02-24) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc2  Linux 2.6.25-rc2 (2008-02-15) tar.gz
v2.6.25-rc1  Linux 2.6.25-rc1 (2008-02-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24      Linux 2.6.24 (2008-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc8  Linux 2.6.24-rc8 (2008-01-15) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc7  Linux 2.6.24-rc7 (2008-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc6  Linux 2.6.24-rc6 (2007-12-20) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc5  Linux 2.6.24-rc5 (2007-12-10) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc4  Linux 2.6.24-rc4 (2007-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc3  Linux 2.6.24-rc3 (2007-11-16) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc2  Linux 2.6.24-rc2 (2007-11-06) tar.gz
v2.6.24-rc1  Linux 2.6.24-rc1 (2007-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.23      Linux 2.6.23 (2007-10-09) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc9  Linux 2.6.23-rc9 (2007-10-01) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc8  Linux 2.6.23-rc8 (2007-09-24) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc7  Linux 2.6.23-rc7 (2007-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc6  Linux 2.6.23-rc6 (2007-09-10) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc5  Linux 2.6.23-rc5 (2007-08-31) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc4  Linux 2.6.23-rc4 (2007-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc3  Linux 2.6.23-rc3 (2007-08-12) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc2  Linus 2.6.23-rc2 (2007-08-03) tar.gz
v2.6.23-rc1  Linux 2.6.23-rc1 (2007-07-22) tar.gz
v2.6.22      Linux 2.6.22 (2007-07-08) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc7  Linux 2.6.22-rc7 (2007-07-01) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc6  Linux 2.6.22-rc6 (2007-06-24) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc5  Linux 2.6.22-rc5 (2007-06-16) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc4  Linus 2.6.22-rc4 (2007-06-04) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc3  Linux 2.6.22-rc3 (2007-05-25) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc2  Linux 2.6.22-rc2 (2007-05-18) tar.gz
v2.6.22-rc1  Linus 2.6.22-rc1 (2007-05-12) tar.gz
v2.6.21      Linux 2.6.21 (2007-04-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc7  Linux 2.6.21-rc7 (2007-04-15) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc6  Linux 2.6.21-rc6 (2007-04-07) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc5  Linux 2.6.21-rc5 (2007-03-25) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc4  Linux 2.6.21-rc4 (2007-03-15) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc3  Linux 2.6.21-rc3 (2007-03-06) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc2  Linux 2.6.21-rc2 (2007-02-27) tar.gz
v2.6.21-rc1  Linux 2.6.21-rc1 (2007-02-20) tar.gz
v2.6.20      Linux 2.6.20 (2007-02-04) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc7  Linux 2.6.20-rc7 (2007-01-30) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc6  Linux 2.6.20-rc6 (2007-01-24) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc5  Linux 2.6.20-rc5 (2007-01-12) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc4  Linux 2.6.20-rc4 (2007-01-06) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc3  Linux 2.6.20-rc3 (2006-12-31) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc2  Linux 2.6.20-rc2 (2006-12-23) tar.gz
v2.6.20-rc1  Linux v2.6.20-rc1 (2006-12-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19      Linux 2.6.19 (2006-11-29) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc6  Linux 2.6.19-rc6 (2006-11-15) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc5  Linux 2.6.19-rc5 (2006-11-07) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc4  Linux 2.6.19-rc4 (2006-10-30) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc3  Linux 2.6.19-rc3 release (2006-10-23) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc2  Linux 2.6.19-rc2 (2006-10-13) tar.gz
v2.6.19-rc1  Linux v2.6.19-rc1 (2006-10-04) tar.gz
v2.6.18      Raise the Jolly Roger! (2006-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc7  Linux 2.6.18-rc7 (2006-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc6  Linux 2.6.18-rc6 release (2006-09-03) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc5  Linux 2.6.18-rc5 (2006-08-27) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc4  Linux v2.6.18-rc4 (2006-08-06) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc3  Linux v2.6.18-rc3 (2006-07-29) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc2  Linux v2.6.18-rc2 (2006-07-15) tar.gz
v2.6.18-rc1  Linux v2.6.18-rc1 (2006-07-05) tar.gz
v2.6.17      Linux v2.6.17 (2006-06-17) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc6  Linux v2.6.17-rc6 (2006-06-05) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc5  Linux 2.6.17-rc5 release (2006-05-24) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc4  Linux v2.6.17-rc4 release (2006-05-11) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc3  Linux v2.6.17-rc3 (2006-04-26) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc2  Linux v2.6.17-rc2 (2006-04-18) tar.gz
v2.6.17-rc1  Linux v2.6.17-rc1 (2006-04-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16      Linux v2.6.16 release (2006-03-19) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc6  Linux v2.6.16-rc6 release (2006-03-11) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc5  Linux v2.6.16-rc5 release (2006-02-26) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc4  Linux v2.6.16-rc4 release (2006-02-17) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc3  Linux v2.6.16-rc3 (2006-02-12) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc2  Linux v2.6.16-rc2 (2006-02-02) tar.gz
v2.6.16-rc1  Linux v2.6.16-rc1 (2006-01-16) tar.gz
v2.6.15      Linux 2.6.15 release (2006-01-02) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc7  Christmas eve is when the _real_ celebrations take place. (2005-12-24) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc6  Linux 2.6.15-rc6 (2005-12-18) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc5  Linux v2.6.15-rc5 release (2005-12-03) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc4  Linux v2.6.15-rc4 (2005-11-30) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc3  Linux v2.6.15-rc3 (2005-11-28) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc2  Linux v2.6.15-rc2 (2005-11-19) tar.gz
v2.6.15-rc1  Linux v2.6.15-rc1 (2005-11-11) tar.gz
v2.6.14      Linux 2.6.14 release (2005-10-27) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc5  Linux v2.6.14-rc5 release (2005-10-19) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc4  Linux 2.6.14-rc4 release (2005-10-10) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc3  Linux v2.6.14-rc3 release (2005-09-30) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc2  Linux v2.6.14-rc2 release (2005-09-19) tar.gz
v2.6.14-rc1  Linux v2.6.14-rc1 (2005-09-12) tar.gz
v2.6.13      Linux 2.6.13 release (2005-08-28) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc7  Linux v2.6.13-rc7 (2005-08-23) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc6  Linux 2.6.13-rc6 release (2005-08-07) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc5  Aiming for final. Sure. (2005-08-01) tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc4  Get out from LKS flood (2005-07-28) tar.gz
v2.6.11      This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.11-tree This is the 2.6.11 tree object. () tar.gz
v2.6.12      This is the final 2.6.12 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc2  Linux v2.6.12-rc2 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc3  Linux v2.6.12-rc3 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc4  Linux v2.6.12-rc4 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc5  Linux-2.6.12-rc5 release () tar.gz
v2.6.12-rc6  Linux-v2.6.12-rc6 release () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc1  Linux v2.6.13-rc1 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc2  Linux v2.6.13-rc2 () tar.gz
v2.6.13-rc3  Linux v2.6.13-rc3 () tar.gz

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