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# heads (aka `branches'):
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/heads \
	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
  nfs-localio-for-6.11 nfs/nfsd: add Kconfig options to allow localio to be enabled (2024-06-21)
  nfs-localio-for-6.11.v6 nfs/nfsd: add Kconfig options to allow localio to be enabled (2024-06-19)
  nfs-localio-for-6.11.v5 nfs: add Documentation/filesystems/nfs/localio.rst (2024-06-18)
  nfs-localio-for-6.11.v4 nfs/localio: use dedicated workqueues for filesystem read and write (2024-06-17)
  nfs-localio-for-6.11.v3 nfsd/localio: use nfsd_serv_get/put in nfsd_open_local_fh (2024-06-13)
  nfs-localio-for-6.11.v2 nfs/nfsd: ensure localio server always uses its network namespace (2024-06-11)
  nfs-localio-for-6.11.v1 nfs/nfsd: ensure localio server always uses its network namespace (2024-06-07)
  dm-buffered  dm-buffered: use dm_bufio_mark_partial_buffer_dirty (2024-04-14)
  dm-6.10      dm-crypt: don't set WQ_CPU_INTENSIVE for WQ_UNBOUND crypt_queue (2024-04-12)
  dm-vdo.v3-with-bdev-changes-aka-v4 dm vdo: use block_device already opened by VDO target in indexer (2023-09-28)
  dm-6.5-vdo-v3 dm vdo wait-queue: rename to vdo_waitq_dequeue_waiter (2023-09-13)
  dm-6.5-vdo   dm vdo wait-queue: rename to vdo_waitq_dequeue_waiter (2023-08-30)
  dm-6.5-vdo-v2 dm vdo wait-queue: rename to vdo_waitq_dequeue_waiter (2023-08-30)
  dm-6.5       dm cache policy smq: ensure IO doesn't prevent cleaner policy progress (2023-07-25)
  dm-6.5-provision-support dm thin: complete interface for REQ_OP_PROVISION support (2023-06-09)
  dm-6.5-dev   review todo (2023-05-02)
  dm-6.3       dm: fix __send_duplicate_bios() to always allow for splitting IO (2023-03-30)
  dm-6.4-dev4  dm: improve hash_locks sizing and hash function (2023-03-29)
  dm-6.4-dev3  dm: improve sharded locks sizing and hash function (2023-03-29)
  dm-6.4-dev   dm bio prison v1: intelligently size dm_bio_prison's prison_regions (2023-03-27)
  dm-6.4-dev2  dm bio prison v1: improve concurrent IO performance (2023-03-24)
  dm-5.19      dm: simplify basic targets (2022-03-30)
  block-5.19   dm: conditionally enable BIOSET_PERCPU_CACHE for dm_io bioset (2022-03-24)
  dm-5.15      dm: add documentation for IMA measurement support (2021-07-28)
  block-5.15   block: remove support for delayed queue registrations (2021-07-27)
  wip          dm: simplify target code conditional on CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ZONED (2021-02-10)
  dm-5.10      dm: add support for REQ_NOWAIT and enable it for linear target (2020-09-23)
  dm-5.9-wip   dm mpath: fix racey management of PG initialization (2020-08-24)
  nvme-error-handling-fixes-5.9 nvme: allow retry for requests with REQ_FAILFAST_TRANSPORT set (2020-08-24)
  dm-5.4       dm: introduce DM_GET_TARGET_VERSION (2019-09-16)
  dm-5.1       dm cache: add support for discard passdown to the origin device (2019-02-25)
  dm-next      dm: fix request-based dm's use of dm_wait_for_completion (2018-12-10)
  4.21-jens-mq-conv dm: continued cleanup of legacy IO path (2018-10-11)
  dm-4.19      my OOMS fixups (2018-09-10)
  dm-4.18      dm: prevent DAX mounts if not supported (2018-06-27)
  dm-4.18-writecache-splitout dm writecache: rework writecache_flush_thread (2018-06-08)
  dm-4.17      dm bufio: fix buffer alignment (2018-04-19)
  dm-4.16      dm mpath: fix support for loading scsi_dh modules during table load (2018-03-29)
  block-4.16_dm-4.16 Merge branch 'dm-4.16' into block-4.16_dm-4.16 (2018-01-30)
  block-4.16   blk-mq: introduce BLK_STS_DEV_RESOURCE (2018-01-30)
  dm-4.15      dm crypt: fix error return code in crypt_ctr() (2018-01-17)
  jens-block-4.16 blk-mq: Reduce the number of if-statements in blk_mq_mark_tag_wait() (2018-01-11)
  block-4.16_NULL_disk_queue block: guard against disk->queue being NULL (2018-01-10)
  dm-4.16_nvme-4.16 Revert "nvmet-fc: cleanup nvmet add_port/remove_port" (2018-01-03)
  dm-4.16-nvme_bio dm mpath: skip calls to end_io_bio if using NVMe bio-based and round-robin (2017-12-19)
  dm-4.14      Linux 4.14-rc5 (2017-10-15)
  dm-4.13      dm integrity: optimize writing dm-bufio buffers that are partially changed (2017-07-19)
  for-4.12/dm  dm thin: do not queue freed thin mapping for next stage processing (2017-06-26)
  dm-zoned     dm zoned: drive-managed zoned block device target (2017-06-14)
  dm-4.12-merge-with-block Merge branch 'dm-4.12' into dm-4.12-merge-with-block (2017-04-24)
  dm-4.12      dm verity: switch to using asynchronous hash crypto API (2017-04-24)
  dm-thinp-write-zeroes-support dm thin: debugging messages for WRITE_ZEROES support (2017-04-13)
  dm-4.12-blk-deadlock-fix block_dev: make blkdev_dio_pool a non-rescuing bioset (2017-03-10)
  dm-4.12-new-dm-cache-change-history [dm-cache] add a warning to check we're tracking io to the origin correctly. (2017-03-06)
  blk-merge-dm-4.11 Merge branch 'dm-4.11' into blk-merge-test-4.11 (2017-02-20)
  dm-4.11      dm: flush queued bios when process blocks to avoid deadlock (2017-02-17)
  ejt-pulling-all-the-cache-work-together dm cache policy smq: remove debugging code (2017-02-15)
  dm-4.11-hch  Merge remote-tracking branch 'jens/for-4.11/next' into dm-4.11-hch (2017-01-27)
  dm-4.10-on-block-4.10 dm crypt: reject key strings containing whitespace chars (2016-12-06)
  dm-4.10      dm cache metadata: use cursor api in blocks_are_clean_separate_dirty() (2016-11-18)
  dm-4.9       dm block manager: make block locking optional (2016-10-14)
  devel        dm mpath: delay the requeue of blk-mq requests while all paths down (2016-09-14)
  devel.bart   dm path selector: Avoid that device removal triggers an infinite loop (2016-09-01)
  dm-4.8       dm bufio: remove use of deprecated create_singlethread_workqueue() (2016-08-30)
  wip2         block: generic_make_request() recursive bios: process deepest levels first (2016-07-07)
  writecache   dm writecache: attempt to port to latest 4.8 (linux-next) kernel (2016-07-01)
  dm-4.7       Linux 4.7-rc5 (2016-06-26)
  dm-4.7-async-discard-longer-chains dm thin: unroll issue_discard() to create longer discard bio chains (2016-05-05)
  dm-4.7-async-discard dm thin: use bio_inc_remaining() rather than a duplicate of it (2016-05-04)
  devel3       dm snapshot: disallow the COW and origin devices from being identical (2016-02-29)
  devel2       dm mpath: fix sparse warnings about RCU (2016-02-10)
  dm-4.5       dm: fix excessive dm-mq context switching (2016-02-05)
  dm-verity-fec dm verity: add ignore_zero_blocks feature (2015-12-04)
  dm-4.4       dm switch: simplify conditional in alloc_region_table() (2015-10-29)
  enospc       dm: factor out dm_get_live_table_single_target helper (2015-10-20)
  dm-4.3       dm snapshot: add new persistent store option to support overflow (2015-10-09)
  bip          dm table: fixup block integrity profile processing (2015-09-21)
  block-late-bio-splitting Merge remote-tracking branch 'mlin/block-generic-req' into block-late-bio-splitting-v6 (2015-08-12)
  dm-4.2       dm cache: fix device destroy hang due to improper prealloc_used accounting (2015-07-29)
  dm-for-4.0   block: fix blk_stack_limits() regression relative to lcm() (2015-03-30)
  dm-for-3.20  dm space map disk: fix sm_disk_count_is_more_than_one() (2015-02-12)
  dm-dedup     dm dedup: fix all 64bit divides when ARCH=i386 (2014-09-22)
* master       Linux 3.16-rc1 (2014-06-15)
  for-3.15-insitu-comp dm insitu comp: account for potential cpu removal with queue_work_on (2014-03-19)
  thin-blocks-per-allocation dm thin: add blocks_per_allocation feature (2014-01-18)
  dm-cache-for-3.13 dm: sync with latest linux-dm.git 'for-next' (2013-11-05)

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