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B4 workflow tools
# heads (aka `branches'):
$ git for-each-ref --sort=-creatordate refs/heads \
	--format='%(HEAD) %(refname:short) %(subject) (%(creatordate:short))'
* master       Bump version to 0.15-dev (2024-06-14)
  stable-0.14.y Prepare for 0.14.0 release (2024-06-14)
  stable-0.13.y Add 'base-commit' and 'change-id' to badtrailers (2024-02-15)
  stable-0.12.y Properly write out bare-address trailers (2024-01-02)
  stable-0.11.y ez: refuse to invoke send if repo is not clean (2023-01-10)
  stable-0.10.y Fix crasher on handling renamed files (2022-11-30)
  stable-0.9.y Prepare for 0.9.1 release (2022-09-13)
  stable-0.8.y Allow whitespace at the start of non-wrapped trailers (2022-02-01)
  stable-0.7.y Prepare for 0.7.3 release (2021-08-13)
  stable-0.6.y Loosen compatible release identifiers for install_requires (2021-03-01)
  stable-0.5.y Release 0.5.4 with the fix for b4 ty bug (2020-12-01)
  stable-0.4.y Release 0.4.3 as final release in 0.4.y series (2020-05-25)
  stable-0.3.y Support file delete patches and binary patches (2020-04-20)

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