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authorEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>2009-10-15 13:42:07 -0700
committerEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>2009-10-15 13:42:07 -0700
commit08c52c81bc49023a645dd211c4c983a60ac64e13 (patch)
parent6611d1111d4e7cde671a77fa64348e4e9d8754db (diff)
Revactor does not use threads and blocking on a stock Queue
class does not work.  Eventually this should be made to work
with the Actor model, but until then, we'll at least document
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/lib/rainbows/app_pool.rb b/lib/rainbows/app_pool.rb
index c0e1df3..ccb0bdb 100644
--- a/lib/rainbows/app_pool.rb
+++ b/lib/rainbows/app_pool.rb
@@ -39,10 +39,11 @@ module Rainbows
   # AppPool should be used if you want to enforce a lower value of +P+
   # than +N+.
-  # AppPool has no effect on the Rainbows::Rev concurrency model as that is
+  # AppPool has no effect on the Rev concurrency model as that is
   # single-threaded/single-instance as far as application concurrency goes.
-  # In other words, +P+ is always +one+ when using \Rev (but not
-  # \Revactor) regardless of (or even if) this middleware is loaded.
+  # In other words, +P+ is always +one+ when using Rev.  AppPool currently
+  # only works with the ThreadSpawn and ThreadPool models.  It does not
+  # yet work reliably with the Revactor model, yet.
   # Since this is Rack middleware, you may load this in your Rack
   # config.ru file and even use it in servers other than \Rainbows!