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Some folks may be interested in setting up Rainbows!
as a static file server.
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+= Static file serving with \Rainbows!
+While Ruby application servers aren't traditionally used to serve static
+files, it'll be fun for us to see how far we can go with \Rainbows!
+We aren't delusional enough (yet :) to compete with C-based servers like
+nginx or lighttpd in terms of raw performance, but wouldn't it be nice
+to simplify your deployments and only deploy one server?
+== {sendfile}[] RubyGem
+To enable the "sendfile" gem, just make sure you have 1.0.0 or later and
+"require" it in your Rainbows!/Unicorn config file (not your Rack
+    require 'sendfile' # that's it! nothing else to do
+    # the rest of you Rainbows! config goes below:
+    worker_processes 4
+    stderr_path "/var/log/app/rainbows.err.log"
+    Rainbows! do
+      use :RevFiberSpawn
+      worker_connections 100
+    end
+The sendfile gem is works for all of our concurrency models except
+Revactor, NeverBlock and EventMachine (see below).
+The sendfile gem is less buggy than current (Ruby 1.9.2-rc1)
+IO.copy_stream and supports FreeBSD and Solaris in addition to Linux.
+This RubyGem also works under Ruby 1.8 (even with threads) and should
+work with rubinius.git, too.
+\Rainbows! supports the sendfile gem since v0.95.0
+== IO.copy_stream (Ruby 1.9 only)
+Users of pure-Ruby Thread-based models ThreadPool, ThreadSpawn, and
+their Writer* variants use the core IO.copy_stream method under Ruby
+1.9.  IO.copy_stream uses sendfile() under Linux, and a pread()/write()
+loop (implemented in C) on other systems.
+IO.copy_stream under Linux with Ruby 1.9.2-rc1 (and before) is also
+subject to hanging indefinitely when a client disconnected prematurely.
+This issue is fixed in Ruby trunk (July 2010) and will be in the next
+Ruby 1.9.2 release.
+\Rainbows! supports IO.copy_stream since v0.93.0
+== EventMachine FileStreamer
+EventMachine and NeverBlock users automatically take advantage of
+the mmap()-based FileStreamer class distributed with EventMachine.
+\Rainbows! supports EventMachine FileStreamer since v0.4.0
+== Performance
+With large files and high-throughput clients, there should be little
+performance difference compared to optimal C implementation such as
+nginx and lighttpd.  Ruby runtime overhead matters more when serving
+slower clients and smaller files.
+== The Future...
+Future releases of \Rainbows! will have byte-range support to serve
+partial and multipart responses, too.  We'll also support an open file
+cache (similar to nginx) which allows us to reuse open file descriptors.
+Under Linux, we'll support the splice(2) system call for zero-copy
+proxying {io_splice}[], too.