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+= Tuning \Rainbows!
+Most of the {tuning notes}[]
+apply to \Rainbows! as well.  \Rainbows! is not particularly optimized
+at the moment and is designed for applications that spend large amounts
+of the time waiting on network activity.  Thus memory usage and memory
+bandwidth for keeping connections open are often limiting factors as
+== \Rainbows! configuration
+* Don't set +worker_connections+ too high.  It is often better to start
+  denying requests and only serve the clients you can than to be
+  completely bogged down and be unusable for everybody.
+* Increase +worker_processes+ if you have resources (RAM/DB connections)
+  available.  Additional worker processes can better utilize SMP, are more
+  robust against crashes and are more likely to be fairly scheduled by
+  the kernel.
+== nginx configuration
+If you intend to use nginx as a reverse-proxy in front of \Rainbows!  to
+handle Comet applications, make sure you disable proxy response
+buffering in nginx:
+  proxy_buffering off;
+This can be disabled on a per-backend basis in nginx, so under no
+circumstances should you disable response buffering to Unicorn
+backends, only to \Rainbows! backends.