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path: root/lib/rainbows/event_machine.rb
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authorEric Wong <e@yhbt.net>2010-08-25 13:58:11 -0700
committerEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>2010-08-26 08:47:36 +0000
commit47e1ee2d90161abf92ce14562bf508398fdfa6c9 (patch)
treed4fb816d9874ec0b0bdfd285e9ca10e4f17d0227 /lib/rainbows/event_machine.rb
parentbd3ed0b04f826b20cce83f9b77fc13c0eefd3902 (diff)
Trying to avoid adding singleton methods since it's too easily
accessible by the public and not needed by the general public.
This also allows us (or just Zbatery) to more easily add support
systems without FD_CLOEXEC or fcntl, and also to optimize
away a fcntl call for systems that inherit FD_CLOEXEC.
Diffstat (limited to 'lib/rainbows/event_machine.rb')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/lib/rainbows/event_machine.rb b/lib/rainbows/event_machine.rb
index a0b9ca6..2a41015 100644
--- a/lib/rainbows/event_machine.rb
+++ b/lib/rainbows/event_machine.rb
@@ -169,6 +169,7 @@ module Rainbows
     module Server # :nodoc: all
+      include Rainbows::Acceptor
       def close
@@ -177,7 +178,7 @@ module Rainbows
       def notify_readable
         return if CUR.size >= MAX
-        io = Rainbows.accept(@io) or return
+        io = accept(@io) or return
         sig = EM.attach_fd(io.fileno, false)
         CUR[sig] = CL.new(sig, io)