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2011-01-21epoll: use newer sleepy_penguin
2011-01-21max_body: disable for epoll
2011-01-21doc: git.bogomips.org => bogomips.org
2011-01-21epoll: use sleepy_penguin default size for epoll_wait
2011-01-20epoll: close epoll descriptor on graceful shutdown
2011-01-20remove support for Sunshowers
2011-01-20epoll: ignore ECONNRESET errors
2011-01-20ev_core: simplify setup steps
2011-01-20merge rack_input into process_client
2011-01-20ev_core: localize 413 error constant
2011-01-20remove unused 416 error constants/exceptions
2011-01-20dev_fd_response: garbage reduction
2011-01-19dev_fd_response: do not send chunks to 1.0 clients
2011-01-19t0035: kgio-pipe-response works everywhere
2011-01-19t0023: use skip_models helper
2011-01-19remove support for X-Rainbows-* headers
2011-01-19initial edge-triggered epoll model
2011-01-19tests: content-md5 tests shut down connection
2011-01-17ev_core: reuse buffer to avoid GC thrashing
2011-01-14t0050: improve test reliability
2011-01-14tests: bump rack-fiber_pool version to 0.9.1
2011-01-11Rainbows! 3.0.0 - serving the fastest apps to slow clients faster! v3.0.0
2011-01-11add write-on-close test from Unicorn
2011-01-11event_machine: buffer reads when waiting for async.callback
2011-01-11event_machine/client: rename ivar for consistency with Coolio
2011-01-11event_machine/client: remove unused :body accessor
2011-01-11coolio: enable async.callback for one-shot body responses
2011-01-07rainbows/coolio/client: set LOOP constant in module
2011-01-07coolio/client: small optimizations
2011-01-07coolio_thread_*: lazy load Rainbows::Coolio::Client
2011-01-07redirect unexpected test output to /dev/null
2011-01-07event_machine: fold write_response back into client
2011-01-07event_machine: cleanup async logic
2011-01-07ev_core: small organization cleanup
2011-01-07more consistent use/avoidance of HeaderHash
2011-01-07favor Hash#include? for some existence checks
2011-01-07test_isolate: bump versions and simplify
2011-01-07test_isolate: prevent concurrent execution
2011-01-07tests: bump async_sinatra dependency to 0.4.0
2011-01-07bump dependency on Rack to 1.2.1
2011-01-07response: do not skip Status header set by app
2011-01-07response: fix skipping of Status: header from app
2011-01-07ev_core: garbage reduction with const strings
2011-01-06event_machine: refactor async.callback for keepalive
2011-01-06event_machine: factor out async.callback handling
2011-01-06minor cleanups following state cleanups
2011-01-06eliminate G constant and just use the Rainbows! module
2011-01-06rainbows.rb: unindent
2011-01-06eliminate timed_read module
2011-01-06simplify keepalive_timeout accounting