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2011-03-15Rainbows! 3.2.0 - trying to send files to slow clients v3.2.0
We now use IO#trysendfile in the sendfile 1.1.0 to reduce the cost of generating backtraces for slow clients (from EAGAIN). Nothing new for people not serving static files (but more on the way). Existing "sendfile" gem users must upgrade to 1.1.0 or risk being left without sendfile support at all: http://bogomips.org/rainbows.git/patch?id=cd8a874d
2011-03-15bump Unicorn dependency to 3.5.0
Latest and greatest :D
2011-03-10doc: update Static_Files for new sendfile gem
Ugh, and still no usable IO.copy_stream under 1.9.2 :<
2011-03-10switch from IO#sendfile_nonblock to IO#trysendfile
IO#trysendfile does not raise exceptions for common EAGAIN errors, making it far less expensive to use with the following concurrency models: * Coolio * CoolioFiberSpawn * Revactor * FiberSpawn * FiberPool This requires the new sendfile 1.1.0 RubyGem and removes support for the sendfile 1.0.0. All sendfile users must upgrade or be left without sendfile(2) support. IO#sendfile behaves the same if you're using a multi-threaded concurrency option, but we don't detect nor use it unless IO#trysendfile exists.
2011-03-10test_isolate: bump dependencies
New sendfile gem will give us IO#trysendfile. We might as well use and test the latest and greatest versions of everything else since thats what users pull in by default.
2011-02-28use IO#wait instead of IO.select for single readers
It's a simpler interface and avoids allocating an array which is nice.
2011-02-16README: clarify license terms and versions
Ruby 1.9.3dev switched to BSD but we remain under the same terms as the old Ruby 1.8 license. Mongrel2 exists now and also uses the BSD, so don't confuse people with that, either.
2011-02-15tests: updates for cramp 0.12
The Cramp::Controller namespace is gone.
2011-02-11Rainbows! 3.1.0 - minor updates v3.1.0
Small bug fixes that have been sitting around, not much but it's already been one month since our last release. * Unicorn dependency updated to 3.4.0, so we get IPv6 support and Kgio.autopush support for ":tcp_nopush => true" users. * Optional :pool_size argument is fixed for NeverBlock and CoolioThreadPool users. * Mostly minor internal code cleanups * Sunshowers support removed, it was out-of-date and unmaintained. Cramp remains supported for now. * X-Rainbows-* response headers support removed, nobody used it. There are severalnew features in this release not documented here. Consider any new features not mentioned in these release notes to be subject to removal/renaming in future releases.
2011-02-11pkg.mk: update to the latest
* Fixes Ruby 1.9.3dev deprecation warnings * Fixes some documentation dependency issues
2011-02-11reverse_proxy: document as "not ready for production"
Of course some folks believe nothing in Rainbows! is :.
2011-02-07Revert t/bin/unused_listen simplification
This conflicts with ports clients may automatically use in the ephemeral range. This reverts commit c9a7560bb684bbdadb641ebc7597303f38c37d4f.
2011-02-07new test for optional :pool_size handling
This will help prevent us from breaking :pool_size in the future.
2011-02-07fix optional "use" argument handling
Actually use the Rainbows::O constant for use [ew: rewritten commit message subject] Acked-by: Eric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
2011-02-07gemspec: remove unnecessary statements
No need for these
2011-02-07doc: rdoc cleanups and fixes
Don't need to document things that aren't ready, yet.
2011-02-06minimize &block usage for yield
No need to allocate a proc every time when we can just yield much more efficiently.
2011-02-06kill some unnecessary &block usage
We were needlessly allocating objects even when using yield.
2011-02-05*epoll: refactor common loop code
acceptor thread pools could use some work, still
2011-02-05*epoll: consolidate re-run logic
There's a lot of code duplication here :<
2011-02-05writer_thread_pool: needless use of Array#map
Array#each will do..
2011-02-05less expensive QUIT processing
Avoid constantly nuking the method cache and raising repeated exceptions while our master process is shutting us down.
2011-02-05http_server: kill a warning
Ugh, I need to think of a way to clean this up...
2011-02-04bump required Unicorn dependency for Kgio
We want to use the singleton methods in Kgio to reduce conditionals.
2011-02-04bump wrongdoc development dependency
1.5 is nicer than older versions
2011-02-04rename XAcceptEpoll to XEpoll
It's too long especially since XEpollThreadPool is planned :>
2011-02-04test_isolate: use latest Unicorn
It supports IPv6 and pulls in a better Kgio. Since Unicorn defaults to ":tcp_nopush => true", we need to flip it back to false to be compatible with the types of apps Rainbows! is targetted as.
2011-02-04tests: replace several sed invocations with ed
ed can do in-place editing portably, unlike sed.
2011-02-04reverse_proxy: small reorganization
Put all of our constants in one place for easy reference
2011-02-04reverse_proxy: properly read IPv6 addreses in upstreams
Yes it's fugly
2011-02-04epoll: handle EINTR properly in Ruby-space
We can't work around it effectively in the C extension itself. This requires the latest sleepy_penguin gem.
2011-02-04test_isolate: only load sleepy_penguin under Linux
It's Linux-only, after all
2011-02-04t/bin/unused_listen: simplify this
Binding to a random port is much easier this way
2011-02-01preliminary reverse proxy Rack application
This can be a starting point for developing Cool.io or EventMachine-based reverse proxy applications on Rainbows! Eventually Rainbows! could replace nginx for Unicorn users! Just don't consider this code production ready, yet, at all, it doesn't handle any sort of failover and has no automated tests, yet.
2011-01-31coolio/client: on_write_complete triggers read
This allows us to more aggressively handle pipelining as well as trigger future Kgio autopush behavior.
2011-01-27test for client_max_body_size being zero
Some users never, ever accept uploads, so we should test for it.
2011-01-26epoll/client: avoid unnecessary Epoll#set calls
We should only attempt to modify the descriptor when we block, and not for subsequent events.
2011-01-26GNUmakefile: only enable epoll-based models in Linux
epoll is Linux-only right now. kqueue probably isn't worth supporting directly (and even direct epoll support is debatable given the current GVL situation)
2011-01-24initial XAcceptEpoll concurrency model
Edge-triggered epoll concurrency model with blocking accept() in a (hopefully) native thread. This is recommended over Epoll for Ruby 1.9 users as it can workaround accept()-scalability issues on multicore machines.
2011-01-24epoll/client: thread-safety for write queuing
We're living on the EDGE and mixing epoll with threads :D
2011-01-24epoll: make Epoll.quit more reusable
We'll be using this more in the future
2011-01-24neverblock: fix app_call under 1.8.7
super doesn't seem to capture arguments inside a block under 1.8.7 :<
2011-01-24clear LISTENERS array on close
No reason to keep it around
2011-01-21epoll/client: minor optimization
We know @wr_queue is empty since we just initialized it and the first thing an HTTP client does is read.
2011-01-21ev_core: force input to be given to app_call
No need to setting an ivar for most requests
2011-01-21epoll/client: factor out on_close method
We'll override it, maybe...
2011-01-21epoll/client: remove unused client
We don't do Level-Triggered I/O around here
2011-01-21extract common tasks to pkg.mk to simplify our makefile
2011-01-21epoll: reduce expiration calls and Time objects
We'll lower our precision for keepalive timeouts a little and and reduce our Time object allocation rate.
2011-01-21ev_core: garbage reduction
We don't need to allocate new string objects for short-lived strings. We'll pay the price of a constant lookup instead.