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2010-08-02doc: update TODO
2010-07-08TODO: documentation needs work, so document it :P
2010-07-06doc: update TODO
2010-06-28TODO: extra item for byte-range responses
2010-06-28add preliminary sendfile (1.0.0) gem support
2010-05-04TODO: fix rdoc link
2010-05-04TODO: update EventMachine-related bits
2009-12-30update TODO
2009-12-22update TODO
2009-12-08TODO: add EM Deferrables
2009-12-02Update TODO
2009-11-29preliminary NeverBlock support with EventMachine
2009-11-26TODO: add NeverBlock
2009-11-25Documentation updates for new concurrency models
2009-10-26doc: Update TODO and README
2009-10-19TODO: update with new items
2009-10-14documentation updates (mostly on network models)
2009-10-05huge documentation revamp