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2020-01-09doc: switch bogomips.org to yhbt.net
bogomips.org is due to expire, soon, and I'm not willing to pay extortionists at Ethos Capital/PIR/ICANN to keep a .org. So it's at yhbt.net, for now... Identity is overrated. Tor users can use .onions and kick ICANN to the curb: torsocks w3m http://rainbows.ou63pmih66umazou.onion/ torsocks git clone http://ou63pmih66umazou.onion/rainbows.git/ torsocks w3m http://ou63pmih66umazou.onion/rainbows-public/ While we're at it, switch news.gmane.org => news.gmane.io (but I suspect that'll need to be resynched since our mail "List-Id:" header is changing).
2011-02-01preliminary reverse proxy Rack application
This can be a starting point for developing Cool.io or EventMachine-based reverse proxy applications on Rainbows! Eventually Rainbows! could replace nginx for Unicorn users! Just don't consider this code production ready, yet, at all, it doesn't handle any sort of failover and has no automated tests, yet.