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2009-10-18tests: predictable and simpler tempfile management
2009-10-18tests: DWIM FIFO creation
2009-10-18tests: more reliable error checking
2009-10-18rev: async response bodies with DevFdResponse middleware
2009-10-17tests: for log reopening for all concurrency models
2009-10-17tests: rack.input hammer concurrency testing
2009-10-17tests: common basic HTTP tests for all models
2009-10-17tests: DRY require tests for Rev/Revactor
2009-10-17test-lib: quiet down pipefail error message
2009-10-17tests: DRY Ruby requires based on model
2009-10-17tests: DRY setting of the "model" environment var
2009-10-17tests: factor out a common parser error "library"
2009-10-17tests: fix random_blob dependency
2009-10-17tests: fix issues with non-portable shell constructs
2009-10-17tests: rack.input trailer tests for all models
2009-10-17tests: add unbuffered tee(1)-like helper
2009-10-17tests: introduce require_for_model function
2009-10-17refactor graceful shutdowns again, harder
2009-10-17tests: sleep.ru slurps rack.input stream
2009-10-17test-lib: dbgcat adds headers with key name
2009-10-17tests: sleep.ru handles "Expect: 100-continue"
2009-10-17Revactor tests can sleep more easily
2009-10-15t4003: chmod +x
2009-10-15Add Rainbows::AppPool Rack middleware
2009-10-14tests: enforce rack.multithread and rainbows.model
2009-10-14t3003: set executable bit
2009-10-14Rev: fix error handling for parser errors
2009-10-14preliminary Rev support
2009-10-12tests: add reopen logs test for revactor
2009-10-12tests: check for common exceptions with "Error"
2009-10-11Fix graceful shutdowns for threaded models
2009-10-11revactor: fix graceful shutdown timeouts
2009-10-10tests: create a bad exit code by default
2009-10-10tests: update TRACER examples in makefile
2009-10-10tests: TEST_OPTS => SH_TEST_OPTS
2009-10-10README for test suite
2009-10-10tests: enable pipefail shell option if possible
2009-10-08tests: add revactor pipelining/keepalive test
2009-10-08tests: add dbgcat() utility method
2009-10-08tests: simplify temporary file management
2009-10-07t0000: basic test includes keepalive + pipelining
2009-10-06tests: move trash files to their own trash/ directory
2009-10-06tests: generate random_blob once for all tests
2009-10-05cleanup temporary file usage in tests
2009-10-05tests: allow "make V=2" to set TEST_OPTS += -x
2009-10-05tests: quiet down bin installation
2009-10-05Avoid naming names in LICENSE/README files
2009-10-05test for Revactor::TeeInput
2009-10-04Add support for the ThreadSpawn concurrency model
2009-10-04Add new test suite and basic cases