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2010-08-28bump Unicorn dependency to 1.1.3
2010-08-28"keepalive_timeout 0" (really) disables keepalive
2010-08-28t0016: disable Rack::Lint for speed
2010-08-19add Rainbows::ThreadTimeout middleware
2010-08-17avoid EBADF with certain middlewares when proxying
2010-08-03t0500: avoid race condition with timestamps
2010-08-02revactor: implement sendfile and range support
2010-08-01t0015: cleanup after working directory test
2010-08-01tests: do not clobber existing RUBYLIB
2010-07-29revactor: Actor-aware dev_fd_response proxying
2010-07-28event_machine: better handling of staggered pipelines
2010-07-27rev_thread_pool: stop supporting this under Ruby 1.8
2010-07-27t0020: speed up rate limited tests
2010-07-27t00{2,3}1: beef tests up with more aborted requests
2010-07-27event_machine: fix pipelining of static files
2010-07-26rev*: properly handle pipelined responses w/sendfile
2010-07-23t9000: disable app_pool test for WriterThread*
2010-07-22t0501: workarounds for non-GNU awks
2010-07-22t0105: I/O reductions and speedups
2010-07-22enable Range: responses for static files for most models
2010-07-19ensure client aborted file/stream response bodies are closed
2010-07-19ensure file response bodies are properly closed
2010-07-19ensure stream response bodies get closed
2010-07-19rev + em: enable keepalive for pipe/socket responses
2010-07-19rev + em: more easily allow Content-Length in pipe responses
2010-07-19event_machine: avoid race in unchunked fast pipe responses
2010-07-11bump Unicorn dependency to 1.1.1
2010-07-10test_isolate: document why we test with Rack 1.1.0
2010-07-08restore Rainbows::HttpResponse.write for Cramp
2010-07-08dev: bump isolate dependency to 2.1.0
2010-07-08bump unicorn dependencies
2010-07-06fix string slicing under 1.9 after short writes
2010-07-06cleanup error handling for aborted downloads
2010-07-04refactor response body handling for sendfile(2)
2010-06-28add preliminary sendfile (1.0.0) gem support
2010-06-21tests: enable ActorSpawn test for rbx
2010-06-21test_isolate: bump unicorn dependency
2010-06-21test: no need for IO#sync=true in async-response tests
2010-06-21tests: avoid embedded command-line switches in tests
2010-06-21bump async_sinatra test dependencies
2010-06-16test_isolate: fix ruby engine usage
2010-06-11update test infrastructure to support Rubinius
2010-06-11alt working_directory test from Unicorn
2010-06-11rely on Unicorn 0.991.0 for tests
2010-06-10add Rainbows::ServerToken middleware
2010-06-10my-tap-lib: fix race condition in verbose mode
2010-06-06tests: t9001: avoid needless filesystem activity
2010-06-04doc: update test suite README and link with RDoc
2010-06-04tests: make -C $MODEL.tNNNN-foo.sh work again out-of-the box
2010-06-04tests: cleanup isolate usage