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tag namev0.1.1 (48d1f2c3fc5fe8494b80833be786718cd05e4ec6)
tag date2009-10-05 20:51:41 -0700
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit ad5ed778e5...
Rainbows! v0.1.1
Fixed Ruby 1.8 support (and all 1.9 systems without Revactor).
Process-wide timeout handling for the ThreadSpawn concurrency
model should now work properly.  Small cleanups everywhere.

Eric Wong (16):
      Rakefile: add publish_news target
      Fix NEWS generation on single-paragraph tag messages
      README: move RDoc links down to fix gem description
      README: add install instructions
      summary: s/slow apps/sleepy apps/g
      Avoid naming names in LICENSE/README files
      rainbows/base: cleanup constant include
      tests: quiet down bin installation
      Add top-level "test" target for make
      local.mk.sample: sync to my current version
      tests: allow "make V=2" to set TEST_OPTS += -x
      cleanup temporary file usage in tests
      local.mk.sample: fix revactor dependency
      Thread* models: cleanup timeout management
      thread_spawn: fix timeout leading to worker death
      less error-prone timeouts for Thread models