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Rainbows! 5.2.1 / 2020-01-29 23:34 UTC

Some documentation updates, mainly to to switch
to since the .org TLD won't be affordable in the near

It should also be easier for devs to build gems themselves,
since pandoc is no longer a dependency for building manpages.

Rainbows! 5.2.0 / 2019-01-05 20:38 UTC

Mainly fixes some mismatched indentation warnings with Ruby 2.6+
Some doc updates, too.

4 changes since v5.1.1 (2017-04-02)
      quiet mismatched indentation warnings
      t/ avoid shadow warning
      t/test_isolate: various version updates
      various documentation updates

Rainbows! 5.1.1 / 2017-04-02 02:06 UTC

This release fixes an incompatibility introduced with
the release of unicorn 5.3.0, yesterday :x.

Thanks to Claudio Poli for reporting the bug (and reminding
me this project exists).

Two changes since 5.1.0 (2017-01-12):
      workaround for unicorn 5.3.0
      tests: update isolate deps for unicorn and raindrops

Rainbows! 5.1.0 - rack 2.x compat, EM fixes / 2017-01-12 22:39 UTC

This release now supports rack 2.x along with existing rack 1.x
applications.  Additionally, we now wait for deferred actions
for EventMachine users on graceful shutdown.

Thanks to Julia López Aladro and <> for
bringing up these changes in the open-to-all mailing list:

There's also a few documentation and test fixes.

9 changes since Rainbows! 5.0.0:

      doc: bump olddoc to ~> 1.2 for extra NNTP URLs
      doc: move homepage and update URLs to HTTPS
      doc: Static_Files: remove Future section
      tests: use correct file:// URL for random_blob path
      support rack 2.x
      Revert "t/ remove test"
      tests: re-enable EventMachine tests, again
      eventmachine: wait for deferred actions to finish
      doc: additional disclaimers

Rainbows! 5.0.0 - maintained as long as anybody uses it! / 2015-11-25 00:58 UTC

This release syncs with unicorn 5 and drops some old compatibility
cruft from old releases.  Performance should be roughly unchanged
for Ruby 2.2 users while older Rubies (1.9.3 - 2.1) will see
minor, probably unnoticeable performance regressions.


* The horrible, proprietary (:P) "Status:" response header is
  finally gone, saving at least 16 precious bytes in every HTTP
  response.  This should make it easier to write custom HTTP clients
  which are compatible across all HTTP servers.  It will hopefully
  make migrating between different Rack servers easier for new

* Ruby 1.8 support removed.  Ruby 1.9.3 is currently the earliest
  supported version.  However, expect minor, likely-unnoticeable
  performance regressions if you use Ruby 2.1 or earlier.  Going
  forward, Rainbows! will favor the latest version (currently 2.2) of
  the mainline Ruby implementation, potentially sacrificing
  performance on older Rubies.

New features:

* sd_listen_fds(3) emulation added for systemd compatibility.
  You may now stop using PID files and other process monitoring
  software when using systemd.

* Newly-set TCP socket options are now applied to inherited sockets.

* Dynamic changes in the application to Rack::Utils::HTTP_STATUS
  hash is now supported; allowing users to set custom status lines
  in Rack to be reflected in unicorn.  This feature causes a minor
  performance regression, but is made up for Ruby 2.2 users with
  other optimizations.

* The monotonic clock is used under Ruby 2.1+, making the
  timeout feature immune to system clock changes.

As Rainbows! may be used anonymously without registration, the
project is committed to supporting anonymous and pseudonymous
help requests, contributions and feedback via plain-text mail to:

The mail submission port (587) is open to those behind firewalls
and allows access via Tor and anonymous remailers.
Archives are accessible via:

* nntp://
* nntp://

and mirrored to various other places, so you do not even need
to use a valid address when posting.

18 changes since Rainbows! 4.7.0

      README: remove Zbatery references
      http_parser: handle keepalive_requests internally
      kill the moronic Status: header
      reflect changes in Rack::Utils::HTTP_STATUS_CODES
      reduce constant lookup dependencies
      http_parser: workaround hijack changes in unicorn 5
      http_server: add master_pid attribute
      stream_response_epoll: remove hijack_prepare call
      bump to unicorn 5.0.1, use monotonic clock
      add .gitattributes for Ruby method detection
      response: avoid garbage string entirely
      tiny bytecode reductions for cold paths
      Ruby 1.9.3+-only cleanups
      revactor: remove fcntl dependency
      response: simplify regexp
      t0105: fix test reliability
      fix definition for old Rubies
      fix broken constant lookups in unmaintained bits

Rainbows! 4.7.0 - updates for ruby 2.3.0dev / 2015-10-19 21:24 UTC

This release includes fixes for upcoming changes in Ruby 2.3.0
(due December 2015).  Use of Rainbows! for new projects is not
recommended, try other servers instead.

* update dependencies for Ruby 2.2.0dev
* switch docs + website to olddoc
* gemspec: fix bad reference to rdoc_options
* README: reference yahns
* build: fix quoting issue with double parens
* response: avoid unnecessary args to IO.copy_stream
* t/ ensure close is idempotent
* sync_close: This fix breakage from Ruby-trunk r50118
* t/ remove test
* t/test_isolate.rb: updates for various gem versions
* response: convert source arg to path before IO.copy_stream
* speed up QUIT for users of the unicorn worker_loop
* gemspec: use SPDX-compatible license for GPL-2.0+

Rainbows! 4.6.2 - see you on the other side / 2014-05-12 07:32 UTC

This release updates documentation to reflect the migration of the
mailing list to a new public-inbox[1] instance.  This is necessary
due to the impending RubyForge shutdown on May 15, 2014.

The public-inbox address is:
(no subscription required, plain text only)
ssoma[2] git archives: git://
browser-friendly archives:

As evidenced by our git history, Rainbows! development has stagnated
over the years.  Rainbows! was designed to be an unopinionated
exploration into various concurrency options offered in the Ruby

In recent years, I have come to favor the one-shot-based,
worst-of-all-worlds design of yahns:
Without the exploration from Rainbows!, yahns may not exist today.

Disclaimer: Rainbows! has always been intolerant of buggy/broken code in
libraries and apps.  yahns is even less tolerant of buggy/broken code,
as the SIGKILL-based timeout mechanism inherited unicorn is completely
gone. On the other hand, yahns has reasonable defaults so you do not
have to read documentation to configure it.

[1] policy: - git://
    an "archives first" approach to mailing lists
[2] mechanism: - git://
    some sort of mail archiver (using git)

rainbows 4.6.1 - EventMachine fixes / 2014-02-02 00:30 UTC

* event_machine: update for unicorn 4.8.x
* disable cramp tests for now
* update EventMachine tests
* set executable bit rainbows executable

Nothing relevant for non-EM users.

Rainbows! 4.6.0 - fix unicorn 4.8.0 compatibility / 2014-01-17 20:25 UTC

The unicorn 4.8.0 internal changes unfortunately broke some
unoffically supported behavior we depended on.  This release fixes
that, but as a result, we lose compatibility of older unicorn
versions.  (Oops!, oh well... :x)

There's also minor bugfixes and documentation updates.
The website is now at since
RubyForge is shutting down.  The mailing list will be migrated

In order to ease transitions to future versions of the GPL, we are
now "GPLv2 or later" instead of explicitly GPLv2 + GPLv3(-only).
The old Ruby 1.8 license remains an option.  If the FSF turns out
a horrible GPLv4, users are free to continue using GPLv2 or GPLv3.

Rainbows! 4.5.0 - hijacking support / 2013-02-27 10:28 UTC

This release adds hijacking support for Rack 1.5.x users.
See Rack documentation for more information about hijacking.
Lin Jen-Shin also provided the -N/--no-default-middleware option.
Minor packaging cleanups and new HACKING document.

There are also some corner-case bugfixes for *Epoll* users
(sleepy_penguin, these bugs do not affect EM or users)
and test suite portability improvements.

Rainbows! 4.4.3 - bugfixes for EventMachine users / 2013-01-18 11:23 UTC

This release fixes two EventMachine bugfixes from Lin Jen-Shin
and Mark J. Titorenko.  There are also some minor cleanups.

Lin Jen-Shin (1):
      event_machine: avoid close on deferred response

Mark J. Titorenko (1):
      event_machine: join reactor_thread if it is already running

Eric Wong (2):
      event_machine: cleanup confusing assignment
      t/GNUmakefile: cleanup test dependencies

Rainbows! 4.4.2 - EventMachine async.callback fix / 2012-12-06 11:41 UTC

One bugfix allows stream(:keep_open) in Sinatra to work

Thanks to W. Andrew Loe III for the informative bug report
and reproducible test case.


Rainbows! 4.4.1 - a minor bugfix for Fiber users / 2012-08-31 01:54 UTC

Fiber-based concurrency options avoids negative sleep
intervals.  Thanks to Lin Jen-Shin for pointing this out.

Rainbows! 4.4.0 - minor improvements / 2012-08-18 07:32 UTC

For epoll/ concurrency models, shutdown() is now
used to timeout keepalive clients to avoid race conditions.
Minor documentation improvements.

Rainbows! 4.3.1 - small bugfix / 2011-09-02 02:18 UTC

This release fixes a potential reentrancy deadlock when
using the default logger from the Ruby standard library.

Rainbows! 4.3.0 - pull in changes from unicorn 4.1.0 / 2011-08-20 01:20 UTC

The deprecated Rainbows::HttpResponse class is finally gone
thanks to Pratik Naik.  Logging of errors is more consistent
with the changes in unicorn 4.1.0.  There are also minor
documentation updates.  See the unicorn 4.1.0 release notes
for more details:

Rainbows! 4.2.0 - Cramp WebSocket updates! / 2011-08-05 23:35 UTC

This release includes updates to support WebSockets
under Cramp 0.14 and later.  This will be the last
release which supports Cramp 0.13.

There are no changes in this release for non-Cramp

Rainbows! 4.1.0 - minor internal cleanups / 2011-07-30 22:43 UTC

There are only some minor cleanups in this release and a bump to
kgio 2.5 to remove the dependency on io/wait.  kgio 2.5 or later
is now required (kgio 2.6+ will be required in the next

Rainbows! 4.0.0 - MOAR concurrency for MOAR COARS / 2011-06-27 09:33 UTC

Rainbows! now scales to more than 1024 worker processes without
special privileges.  To enable this, Rainbows! now depends on
Unicorn 4.x and thus raindrops[1].

client_max_header_size directive is added to limit per-client
memory usage in headers.

An experimental StreamResponseEpoll concurrency option now
exists to buffer outgoing responses without any thread-safe
dependencies.  Unlike the rest of Rainbows! which works fine
without nginx, this concurrency option is /only/ supported
behind nginx, even more strongly so than Unicorn itself.
non-nginx LAN clients are NOT supported for this.  This relies
on the sleepy_penguin[2] RubyGem (and Linux).

There are some minor bug fixes and cleanups all around.  See
"git log v3.4.0.." for details.


Rainbows 3.4.0 - minor updates and fixes / 2011-05-21 03:19 UTC

SIGQUIT (graceful shutdown) now drops idle keepalive clients for
the concurrency models where maintaining an idle client is
relatively inexpensive: Coolio, CoolioThreadPool,
CoolioThreadSpawn, Epoll, EventMachine, XEpoll,
XEpollThreadPool, XEpollThreadSpawn.

Kgio.autopush now works properly for all multi-threaded
concurrency models (if you're using :tcp_nopush).

Rainbows! 3.3.0 - doc improvements and more / 2011-05-16 21:15 UTC

* improved documentation all around, suggestions/comments to further
  improve documentation is greatly welcome at:

* added GPLv3 option to the license (now (Ruby|GPLv2|GPLv3), though
  Unicorn is still (Ruby|GPLv2) for now)

* added client_header_buffer_size config directive (default 1K)

* small default header buffer size (16K => 1K) to reduce memory usage,
  Rails apps with cookie sessions may want to increase this (~2K)

* all concurrency models default to 50 connections per process

* all concurrency models with a secondary :pool_size parameter also
  default to 50 (threads/fibers/whatever)

* RLIMIT_NOFILE and RLIMIT_NPROC are automatically increased if needed

* Rainbows::ThreadTimeout middleware rewritten, still not recommended,
  lazy people should be using Unicorn anyways :)

* Several experimental Linux-only edge-triggered epoll options:
  XEpollThreadSpawn, XEpollThreadPool, XEpoll, and Epoll.
  The latter two were in previous releases but never announced.
  These require the "sleepy_penguin", "raindrops", and "sendfile" RubyGems

=== Deprecations

* Rainbows::Fiber::IO* APIs all deprecated, Rainbows! will avoid
  having any concurrency model-specific APIs in the future and
  also avoid introducing new APIs for applications.

* Fiber-based concurrency models are no longer recommended, they're
  too fragile for most apps, use at your own risk (they'll continue to
  be supported, however).  Linux NPTL + Ruby 1.9 is pretty lightweight
  and will be even lighter in Ruby 1.9.3 if you're careful with stack
  usage in your C extensions.

Rainbows! 3.2.0 - trying to send files to slow clients / 2011-03-15 12:45 UTC

We now use IO#trysendfile in the sendfile 1.1.0 to reduce the
cost of generating backtraces for slow clients (from EAGAIN).
Nothing new for people not serving static files (but more
on the way).

Existing "sendfile" gem users must upgrade to 1.1.0
or risk being left without sendfile support at all:

Rainbows! 3.1.0 - minor updates / 2011-02-11 11:13 UTC

Small bug fixes that have been sitting around, not much but
it's already been one month since our last release.

* Unicorn dependency updated to 3.4.0, so we get IPv6 support
  and Kgio.autopush support for ":tcp_nopush => true" users.

* Optional :pool_size argument is fixed for NeverBlock and
  CoolioThreadPool users.

* Mostly minor internal code cleanups

* Sunshowers support removed, it was out-of-date and
  unmaintained.  Cramp remains supported for now.

* X-Rainbows-* response headers support removed, nobody used it.

There are severalnew features in this release not documented
here.  Consider any new features not mentioned in these release
notes to be subject to removal/renaming in future releases.

Rainbows! 3.0.0 - serving the fastest apps to slow clients faster! / 2011-01-12 01:12 UTC

There is one incompatible change: We no longer assume application
authors are crazy and use strangely-cased headers for "Content-Length",
"Transfer-Encoding", and "Range".  This allows us to avoid the
case-insensitivity of Rack::Utils::HeaderHash for a speed boost on the
few apps that already serve thousands of requests/second per-worker.

:Coolio got "async.callback" support like :EventMachine, but it
currently lacks EM::Deferrables which would allow us to call
"succeed"/"fail" callbacks.  This means only one-shot response writes
are supported.

There are numerous internal code cleanups and several bugfixes for
handling partial static file responses.

Rainbows! 2.1.0 -, bugfixes and more! / 2010-12-29 02:18 UTC (new version of Rev) support is explicitly added
(it always worked before).  ":Coolio" may be used in place
of ":Rev" anywhere in your Rainbows! config file.

There is a new "keepalive_requests" config directive to limit
the number of requests a single connection may make (default:
100, same as nginx).  This may be useful for better
load-balancing characteristics.

The old "Rev" prefixes remain supported as long as
remains compatible with Rev (likely forever).

Bug fixes:

* Rainbows::ThreadTimeout middleware with multiple clients
* large, pipelined upload errors with Revactor+Coolio(Rev)
* high CPU usage for maintaining idle keepalive on *Fiber*
* needless ThreadPool wakeups
* request env prematurely cleared keepalive requests,
  breaking some middlewares such as Clogger.
* "close" not called on body if wrapper and sendfile used together

Various code cleanups, and our RDoc website is JavaScript-free.
See the ChangeLog or git for all changes.

Rainbows! 2.0.1 - upload pipelining fixes / 2010-12-03 01:26 UTC

For HTTP clients living on the edge and pipelining uploads, we
now fully support pipelined requests (as long as the application
consumes each request in its entirety).

Rainbows! 2.0.0 - minority rules! / 2010-11-20 03:10 UTC

This release is targeted at the minority of web applications
that deal heavily with uploads.

Thanks to Unicorn 3.x, we now support HTTP keepalive for
requests with bodies as long as the application consumes them.
Unicorn 3.x also allows disabling the rewindability requirement
of "rack.input" (in violation of the Rack 1.x spec).

The global client_body_max_size may also be applied per-endpoint
using the Rainbows::MaxBody middleware described in:

Rainbows! 1.0.0 - internal cleanups / 2010-10-28 09:01 UTC

This release is merely a milestone in our evolving internal API.
Use of kgio may result in performance improvements under Ruby
1.9.2 with non-blocking I/O-intensive workloads.

The only bugfix is that SIGHUP reloads restores defaults on
unset settings.  A similar fix is included in Unicorn 2.0.0
as well.

Rainbows! 1.0.0pre1 - kinder, gentler I/O / 2010-10-26 21:33 UTC

Mostly internal changes for kgio (and Unicorn) integration.
There should be no (supported) user-visible changes from
Rainbows! 0.97.0.  kgio should improve performance for
concurrency models that use non-blocking I/O internally,
especially under Ruby 1.9.2

Rainbows! 0.97.0 / 2010-08-28 19:46 UTC

We now depend on Unicorn 1.1.3 to avoid race conditions during
log cycling.  This bug mainly affected folks using Rainbows! as
a multithreaded static file server.

"keepalive_timeout 0" now works as documented for all backends
to completely disable keepalive.  This was previously broken
under EventMachine, Rev, and Revactor.

There is a new Rainbows::ThreadTimeout Rack middleware which
gives soft timeouts to apps running on multithreaded backends.

There are several bugfixes for proxying IO objects and the usual
round of small code cleanups and documentation updates.

See the commits in git for all the details.

Rainbows! 0.96.0 - range support / 2010-08-03 09:04 UTC

For concurrency models that use sendfile or IO.copy_stream, HTTP
Range requests are honored when serving static files.  Due to
the lack of known use cases, multipart range responses are not

When serving static files with sendfile and proxying
pipe/socket bodies, responses bodies are always properly closed
and we have more test cases for dealing with prematurely
disconnecting clients.

Concurrency model specific changes:

EventMachine, NeverBlock -
* keepalive is now supported when proxying pipes/sockets
* pipelining works properly when using EM::FileStreamer
* these remain the only concurrency models _without_
  Range support (EM::FileStreamer doesn't support ranges)

Rev, RevThreadSpawn, RevThreadPool -
* keepalive is now supported when proxying pipes/sockets
* pipelining works properly when using sendfile

RevThreadPool -
* no longer supported under 1.8, it pegs the CPU at 100%.
  Use RevThreadSpawn (or any other concurrency model) if
  you're on 1.8, or better yet, switch to 1.9.

Revactor -
* proxying pipes/sockets with DevFdResponse is much faster
  thanks to a new Actor-aware IO wrapper (used transparently
  with DevFdResponse)
* sendfile support added, along with Range responses

FiberSpawn, FiberPool, RevFiberSpawn -
* Range responses supported when using sendfile

ThreadPool, ThreadSpawn, WriterThreadPool, WriterThreadSpawn -
* Range responses supported when using sendfile or

See the full git logs for a list of all changes.

Rainbows! v0.95.1 - depend on newer Unicorn / 2010-07-11 02:53 UTC

Eric Wong (3):
  test_isolate: document why we test with Rack 1.1.0
  doc: make RDoc skip private methods
  bump Unicorn dependency to 1.1.1

Rainbows! 0.95.0 - sendfile() support! / 2010-07-10 08:45 UTC

In addition to the 1.9-only IO.copy_stream, the new sendfile
1.0.0 gem may optionally be used with most concurrency models
(even under 1.8).

See for more info

Other changes:

* 1.9 encoding bugfix for (Rev)FiberSpawn and FiberPool
* fixed potential rack.input corruption with Revactor
* ThreadPool graceful shutdown no longer blocks until timeout
* optional ServerToken middleware for to display Server: header
* Dependencies bumped to Rack 1.1+ and Unicorn 1.1.0+
* numerous internal cleanups, small bugfixes and speedups
* more concise website oriented at users

Rainbows! 0.94.0 - one eight ate my homework! / 2010-06-04 08:42 UTC

This release fixes corrupted large response bodies for Ruby 1.8
users with the WriterThreadSpawn and WriterThreadPool models
introduced in 0.93.0.  This bug did not affect Ruby 1.9 users
nor the users of any older concurrency models.

There is also a strange new Rainbows::Sendfile middleware.  It
is used to negate the effect of Rack::Contrib::Sendfile, if that
makes sense.  See the RDoc or for all the
gory details.

Finally, the RDoc for our test suite is on the website:

I wrote this document back when the project started but
completely forgot to tell RDoc about it.  Personally, this
test suite is one of my favorite parts of the project.

Rainbows! 0.93.0 - MOAR!!!1 / 2010-05-29 06:20 UTC

In our race to have more concurrency options than real sites
using this server, we've added two new and fully supported
concurrency models: WriterThreadSpawn and WriterThreadPool

They're both designed to for serving large static files and work
best with IO.copy_stream (sendfile!) under Ruby 1.9.  They may
also be used to dynamically generate long running, streaming
responses after headers are sent (use "proxy_buffering off" with

Unlike most concurrency options in Rainbows!, these are designed
to run behind nginx (or haproxy if you don't support POST/PUT
requests) and are vulnerable to slow client denial of service

I floated the idea of doing something along these lines back in
the early days of Unicorn, but deemed it too dangerous for some
applications.  But nothing is too dangerous for Rainbows!  So
here they are now for your experimentation.

Rainbows! 0.92.0 - inching towards the pot of gold / 2010-05-04 21:58 UTC

Mostly internal cleanups and small improvements.

The only backwards incompatible change was the addition of the
"client_max_body_size" parameter to limit upload sizes to
prevent DoS.  This defaults to one megabyte (same as nginx), so
any apps relying on the limit-less behavior of previous will
have to configure this in the Unicorn/Rainbows! config file:

      Rainbows! do
      # nil for unlimited, or any number in bytes
      client_max_body_size nil

The ThreadSpawn and ThreadPool models are now optimized for serving
large static files under Ruby 1.9 using IO.copy_stream[1].

The EventMachine model has always had optimized static file
serving (using EM::Connection#stream_file_data[2]).

The EventMachine model (finally) gets conditionally deferred app
dispatch in a separate thread, as described by Ezra Zygmuntowicz
for Merb, Ebb and Thin[3].

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -

Rainbows! 0.91.1 - use a less-broken parser from Unicorn / 2010-04-19 21:13 UTC

This release fixes a denial-of-service vector for deployments
exposed directly to untrusted clients.

The HTTP parser in Unicorn <= 0.97.0 would trip an assertion
(killing the associated worker process) on invalid
Content-Length headers instead of raising an exception.  Since
Rainbows! and Zbatery supports multiple clients per worker
process, all clients connected to the worker process that hit
the assertion would be aborted.

Deployments behind nginx are _not_ affected by this bug, as
nginx will reject clients that send invalid Content-Length

The status of deployments behind other HTTP-aware proxies is
unknown.  Deployments behind a non-HTTP-aware proxy (or no proxy
at all) are certainly affected by this DoS.

Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible,
there are no other changes besides this bug fix from Rainbows!
0.91.0 nor Unicorn 0.97.0

This bug affects all previously released versions of Rainbows!
and Zbatery.

Rainbows! 0.91.0 - Unicorn resync / 2010-03-01 10:03 UTC

Unicorn 0.97.0 has a bunch of internal cleanups and small fixes
and this is mainly to resync with those changes.

keepalive_timeout now defaults to 5 seconds (from 2 seconds
previous).  This should help out clients on slower connections.

Some small fixes and cleanups:

* Rainbows::Fiber::IO objects may leak if a rare app uses them
  explicitly with FiberSpawn/FiberPool-only (not RevFiberSpawn)

* quiet down ENOTCONN handling, there's nothing we can do about
  this error so we won't fill our logs with it.

Rainbows! 0.90.2 / 2010-02-13 09:11 UTC

This release depends on Unicorn 0.96.1 for an updated
Unicorn::HttpParser to avoid leaking memory.

The HttpParser in Unicorn <= 0.96.0 did not setup the parser
object properly to be freed by the garbage collector.

While this bug did not affect Unicorn itself, Rainbows!
allocates a new Unicorn::HttpParser object for every new client
connection and Unicorn did not properly setup the parser object
to be freed by the Ruby garbage collector.

There are also minor cosmetic cleanups and fixes:

Eric Wong (10):
      http_response: disallow blank, multi-value headers
      Fix "rainbows -h" and "rainbows -v"
      Update docs + tests to reflect Rev 0.3.2 release bump Rack dependency
      Merge branch 'rack-1.1'
      add Cramp integration tests
      Rakefile: autoload Gem
      t/bin/*: encoding should be the first line after shebang
      gemspec: bump dependency on Unicorn to avoid leak
      Rainbows! 0.90.2

Rainbows! 0.90.1 / 2009-12-30 10:24 UTC

This release contains minor bugfixes/compatibility improvements
for ThreadSpawn, ThreadPool and EventMachine users.

Excessive error messages from spurious wakeups using
ThreadSpawn/ThreadPool under most platforms are silenced.  Only
Ruby 1.9 users under Linux were unaffected by this bug.

EventMachine users may now use EM::Deferrable objects in
responses, vastly improving compatibility with existing
async_sinatra apps.

Rainbows! 0.90.0 / 2009-12-22 21:54 UTC

This release should fix ThreadSpawn green thread blocking issues
under MRI 1.8.  Excessive socket closing is avoided when using
Thread* models with Sunshowers (or clients disconnecting
during uploads).

There is a new RevFiberSpawn concurrency model which combines
Rev with the traditional FiberSpawn model.

Rainbows! 0.9.0 / 2009-12-13 22:51 UTC

This release introduces compatibility with Sunshowers, a library
for Web Sockets, see
for more information.  Several small cleanups and fixes.

Eric Wong (20):
      add RevThreadPool to README
      rev: do not initialize a Rev::Loop in master process
      rainbows.1: update headers
      do not log IOError raised during app processing
      move "async.callback" constant to EvCore
      larger thread  pool default sizes ({Rev,}ThreadPool)
      ev_core: no need to explicitly close TmpIOs
      EventMachine: allow usage as a base class
      NeverBlock: resync with recent our EM-related expansion
      RevThread*: move warning message to a saner place
      EventMachineDefer: preliminary (and) broken version
      TODO: add EM Deferrables
      RevThread*: remove needless nil assignment
      README: HTML5 Web Sockets may not be supported, yet...
      env[""] for Fiber*, Revactor, Thread* models
      EventMachineDefer is experimental
      README: add Sunshowers reference
      Rakefile: resync with Unicorn
      doc/comparison: add Web Sockets to comparison
      README updates

Rainbows! 0.8.0 / 2009-12-02 08:55 UTC

This release fixes a memory leak in our existing Revactor
concurrency model.  A new RevThreadPool concurrency model has
been added as well as small cleaups to exit handling in workers.

Rainbows! 0.7.0 / 2009-11-30 04:21 UTC

keepalive_timeout (default: 2 seconds) is now supported to
disconnect idle connections.  Several new concurrency models
added include: NeverBlock, FiberSpawn and FiberPool; all of
which have only been lightly tested.  RevThreadSpawn loses
streaming input support to become simpler and faster for the
general cases.  AppPool middleware is now compatible with all
Fiber-based models including Revactor and NeverBlock.

A new document gives a summary of all the options we give you:

If you're using any of the Rev-based concurrency models, the
latest iobuffer (0.1.3) gem will improve performance.  Also,
RevThreadSpawn should become usable under MRI 1.8 with the next
release of Rev (0.3.2).

Rainbows! 0.6.0 - bugfixes galore / 2009-11-15 23:29 UTC

Client shutdowns/errors when streaming "rack.input" into the
Rack application are quieter now.  Rev and EventMachine workers
now shutdown correctly when the master dies.  Worker processes
now fail gracefully if log reopening fails.  ThreadSpawn and
ThreadPool models now load Unicorn classes in a thread-safe way.

There's also an experimental RevThreadSpawn concurrency
model which may be heavily reworked in the future...

Eric Wong (30):
      Threaded models have trouble with late loading under 1.9
      cleanup worker heartbeat and master deathwatch
      tests: allow use of alternative sha1 implementations
      rev/event_machine: simplify keepalive checking a bit
      tests: now handles empty bodies
      rev: split out further into separate files for reuse
      rev: DeferredResponse is independent of parser state
      remove unnecessary class variable
      ev_core: cleanup handling of APP constant
      rev: DeferredResponse: always attach to main loop
      initial cut of the RevThreadSpawn model
      rev_thread_spawn/revactor: fix TeeInput for short reads
      rev_thread_spawn: make 1.9 TeeInput performance tolerable
      tests: add executable permissions to t0102
      tests: extra check to avoid race in reopen logs test
      rev_thread_spawn: 16K chunked reads work better
      tests: ensure proper accounting of worker_connections
      tests: heartbeat-timeout: simplify and avoid possible race
      tests: ensure we process "START" from FIFO when starting
      http_response: don't "rescue nil" for body.close
      cleanup error handling pieces
      tests: more stringent tests for error handling
      revactor/tee_input: unnecessary error handling
      gracefully exit workers if reopening logs fails
      revactor/tee_input: raise ClientDisconnect on EOFError
      bump versions since we depend on Unicorn::ClientShutdown
      revactor/tee_input: share error handling with superclass
      RevThreadSpawn is still experimental
      Revert "Threaded models have trouble with late loading under 1.9"
      Rakefile: add raa_update task

Rainbows! 0.5.0 / 2009-11-05 10:27 UTC

We depend on the just-released Unicorn 0.94.0 for the fixed
trailer handling.  As with `unicorn', the `rainbows' executable
now sets and respects ENV["RACK_ENV"].  Also small fixes and
cleanups including better FreeBSD 7.2 compatibility and
less likely to over-aggressively kill slow/idle workers
when a very low timeout is set.

Eric Wong (20):
      rev: split out heartbeat class
      bump Unicorn dependency to (consistently) pass tests
      tests: avoid single backquote in echo
      event_machine: avoid slurping when proxying
      tests: make timeout tests reliable under 1.9
      thread_pool: comment for potential SMP issue under 1.9
      Allow 'use "model"' as a string as well as symbol
      Rev model is the only user of deferred_bodies
      ev_core: use Tempfile instead of Unicorn::Util::tmpio
      ev_core: ensure quit is triggered on all errors
      rainbows: set and use process-wide ENV["RACK_ENV"]
      http_server: add one second to any requested timeout
      thread_pool: update fchmod heartbeat every second
      t0004: tighten up timeout test
      ev_core: remove Tempfile usage once again
      cleanup: remove unused t????.ru test files
      tests: staggered trailer upload test
      ensure RACK_ENV is inherited from the parent env
      t0100: more precise `expr` usage

Rainbows! 0.4.0 / 2009-10-27 08:44 UTC

Basic single-threaded EventMachine support is now included.  It
supports async_synatra[1] via the "async.callback" Rack
environment[2].  For EventMachine, we rely on the updated
attach/watch API in EventMachine 0.12.10.

As Revactor 0.1.5 is now available, our Revactor support now
depends on it as it adds the ability to listen on UNIX domain

Of course, all dependencies (besides Unicorn and Rack) are
soft and only loaded if your configured concurrency model
requires it.

For developers/QA folks, the integration tests are completely
revamped for easier maintenance when new concurrency models are
introduced and should also produce TAP-compliant output.  The
test suite remains highly parallelizable using GNU make.

There are immediate plans to expand support for both Rev and
EventMachine to support use with threaded application dispatch.

Eric Wong (41):
      rev: remove Revactor-specific workaround
      README: change ordering of concurrency model listing
      tests: more correct HTTP/0.9 test
      test-lib: avoid stalling due to bad FIFO handling
      rev: fix static file responses under HTTP/0.9
      add news bodies to site NEWS.atom.xml
      tests: avoid needlessly remaking "rainbows"
      initial EventMachine support
      tests: hopefully fix stalls in input trailer tests
      tests: avoid race condition in reopen logs test
      tests: prefer "RUBY" to lowercased "ruby"
      tests: common setup and wait_start functions
      tests: add a TAP producer shell library
      tests: port all existing tests to TAP library
      tests: remove symlinks and small files, use Make
      t9000: bail if run with an unsupported/pointless model
      tests: allow "make $model" to run tests for that model
      rev: spell ECONNABORTED correctly
      rev/evma: move common code for event models into ev_core
      ev_core: do not drop deferred bodies on graceful quits
      eventmachine: get basic tests working
      rev: do not File.expand_path on result of body.to_path
      eventmachine 0.12.8 passes all tests
      tests: make large file memory tests more reliable
      eventmachine: require EM 0.12.10
      update gem dependencies in comments/
      rev: enforce Rev::VERSION >= 0.3.0
      eventmachine: add async_sinatra support
      tests: only load Revactor tests under 1.9.1
      tests: gracefully exit if EventMachine is not available
      tests: error out if socat + curl aren't reachable
      thread*: fix MRI 1.8.6 compatibility cleanups and minor reorg
      eventmachine: remove unnecessary ivar assignment
      eventmachine: document our support of "async_synatra"
      doc: Update TODO and README
      tests: generate all dependencies atomically
      app_pool: update RDoc
      test-lib: DWIM handling of temp UNIX sockets
      revactor: require 0.1.5, remove 0.1.4 workarounds
      gemspec: bump up Unicorn dep version to 0.93.4

[2] this is not 100% Rack::Lint compatible, but we'll let it
    slide since there are already folks depending on
    the async_sinatra gem

Rainbows! 0.3.0 / 2009-10-19 18:21 UTC

The major feature of this release is the new DeferredResponse
middleware for the Rev-based concurrency model.  It should be
transparently compatible with non-Rev models, as well.  As a
pleasant side effect, this change also allows large files to be
streamed to the client with Rev as the socket becomes writable
instead of slurping the entire file into an IO::Buffer first.

Bugfixes to graceful shutdowns support for all concurrency
models.  The Rev-based model also gets a working heartbeat
mechanism (oops!) and fixed HTTP/1.1 pipelining support.

Eric Wong (38):
      app_pool: note it being currently broken with Revactor
      Revactor tests can sleep more easily
      tests: handles "Expect: 100-continue"
      Fix graceful shutdown handling of Thread* models harder
      DRY setting of rack.multithread
      test-lib: dbgcat adds headers with key name
      use timeout correctly to join threads on SIGQUIT
      Rev: simplification to error handling
      tests: slurps rack.input stream
      refactor graceful shutdowns again, harder
      tests: introduce require_for_model function
      tests: add unbuffered tee(1)-like helper
      tests: rack.input trailer tests for all models
      tests: fix issues with non-portable shell constructs
      tests: fix random_blob dependency
      tests: factor out a common parser error "library"
      tests: DRY setting of the "model" environment var
      tests: DRY Ruby requires based on model
      test-lib: quiet down pipefail error message
      tests: DRY require tests for Rev/Revactor
      rev: handle fully-buffered, pipelined requests
      rev: avoid stack overflow through pipelining
      tests: common basic HTTP tests for all models
      tests: rack.input hammer concurrency testing
      tests: for log reopening for all concurrency models
      http_response: filter out X-Rainbows-* headers
      rev: fix heartbeat timeouts
      revactor: switch to a 1 second heartbeat
      rev: async response bodies with DevFdResponse middleware
      tests: more reliable error checking
      tests: DWIM FIFO creation
      tests: predictable and simpler tempfile management
      rev: AsyncResponse => DeferredResponse API cleanup
      rev: update documentation for this model
      TUNING: update documentation notes
      TODO: update with new items sync with BDFL's version
      Rainbows! 0.3.0

Rainbows! 0.2.0 / 2009-10-15 08:01 UTC

This release adds preliminary Rev support for network
concurrency under Ruby 1.8 and Ruby 1.9.  There are caveats to
this model and reading the RDoc for Rainbows::Rev is

Rainbows::AppPool Rack middleware is now available to limit
application concurrency on a per-process basis independently of
network concurrency.  See the RDoc for this class for further

Per-client timeouts have been removed, see
for the reasoning.

Rack environment changes:

* "rack.multithread" is now only true for models with "Thread"
  in their name.  Enabling thread-safe (but not reentrant) code
  may actually be harmful for Revactor.

* "rainbows.model" is now exposed so the application can easily
  figure out which network concurrency model is in use.

Bugfixes include better shutdown and error handling for all
existing models, OpenBSD compatibility for the per-process
heartbeat (same as found in unicorn v0.93.3).

Eric Wong (54):
      add SIGNALS doc to RDoc
      SIGNALS: add Rainbows!-specific notes
      doc: better "Rainbows!" RDoc examples and linkage
      tests: generate random_blob once for all tests
      tests: move trash files to their own trash/ directory
      t0000: basic test includes keepalive + pipelining
      tests: simplify temporary file management
      tests: add dbgcat() utility method
      fchmod heartbeat flips between 0/1
      tests: add revactor pipelining/keepalive test
      thread_spawn: trap EAGAIN on accept_nonblock
      thread_spawn: more robust loop
      thread_spawn: non-blocking accept() shouldn't EINTR
      tests: enable pipefail shell option if possible
      README for test suite
      tests: TEST_OPTS => SH_TEST_OPTS
      tests: update TRACER examples in makefile
      tests: create a bad exit code by default
      thread_spawn: clean up nuking of timed-out threads
      factor out common listen loop error handling
      graceful exit on trap TypeError from
      expand and share init_worker_process
      revactor: break on EBADF in the accepting actors
      revactor: cleanups and remove redundancy
      No need to be halving timeout, already done for us
      revactor: graceful death of keepalive clients
      revactor: continue fchmod beat in graceful exit
      cleanup thread models, threads no longer time out
      revactor: fix graceful shutdown timeouts
      Fix graceful shutdowns for threaded models
      SIGINT/SIGTERM shuts down instantly in workers
      tests: check for common exceptions with "Error"
      DEPLOY: update with notes on DoS potential
      tests: add reopen logs test for revactor
      vs Unicorn: use diagrams for concurrency models
      vs Unicorn: fix wording to be consistent with diagrams
      vs Unicorn: fix copy+paste errors and grammar fail
      README: alter reply conventions for the mailing list
      preliminary Rev support use ksh93 as default $(SHELL)
      rack.multithread is only true for Thread* models
      Rev: general module documentation + caveats
      Rev: fix error handling for parser errors
      t3003: set executable bit
      documentation updates (mostly on network models)
      rack: expose "rainbows.model" in Rack environment
      tests: enforce rack.multithread and rainbows.model
      README: update URLs
      README: update with Rev model caveats
      Add Rainbows::AppPool Rack middleware
      t4003: chmod +x use rev 0.3.1 instead
      README: link to AppPool and extra note about Rev model
      Rainbows! 0.2.0

Rainbows! v0.1.1 / 2009-10-06 03:51 UTC

Fixed Ruby 1.8 support (and all 1.9 systems without Revactor).
Process-wide timeout handling for the ThreadSpawn concurrency
model should now work properly.  Small cleanups everywhere.

Eric Wong (16):
      Rakefile: add publish_news target
      Fix NEWS generation on single-paragraph tag messages
      README: move RDoc links down to fix gem description
      README: add install instructions
      summary: s/slow apps/sleepy apps/g
      Avoid naming names in LICENSE/README files
      rainbows/base: cleanup constant include
      tests: quiet down bin installation
      Add top-level "test" target for make sync to my current version
      tests: allow "make V=2" to set TEST_OPTS += -x
      cleanup temporary file usage in tests fix revactor dependency
      Thread* models: cleanup timeout management
      thread_spawn: fix timeout leading to worker death
      less error-prone timeouts for Thread models

Rainbows! 0.1.0 / 2009-10-05 10:44 UTC

Initial release

This release is currently highly experimental and is still
missing a lot of test coverage.

mail archives:
source code: git clone
	torsocks git clone http://ou63pmih66umazou.onion/rainbows.git