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module Rainbows::Epoll

Edge-triggered epoll concurrency model using sleepy_penguin for epoll.

Unlike more portable options like Coolio and EventMachine, this is Linux-only, but uses edge-triggering instead of level-triggering, so it may perform better in some cases. Coolio and EventMachine have better library support and may be widely-used, however.

Consider using XEpoll instead of this if you are using Ruby 1.9, it will avoid accept()-scalability issues with many worker processes.

When serving static files, this is extremely unfair and optimized for throughput at the expense of fairness. This is not an issue if you're not serving static files, or if your working set is small enough to always be in your kernel page cache. This concurrency model may starve clients if you have slow disks and large static files.

Do not use this if you have slow external dependencies.

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