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::new #call

class Rainbows::ServerToken

An optional middleware to proudly display your usage of Rainbows! in the "Server:" response header. This means you can help tell the world you're using Rainbows! and spread fun and joy all over the Internet!

------ in your ------
require 'rainbows/server_token'
require 'rack/lobster'
use Rainbows::ServerToken

If you're nervous about the exact version of Rainbows! you're running, then you can actually specify anything you want:

use Rainbows::ServerToken, "netcat 1.0"

Public Class Methods

new (app, token = Const::RACK_DEFAULTS['SERVER_SOFTWARE']) source
Calls superclass method

Public Instance Methods

call (env) source

Parent:, :token)
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source code: git clone
	torsocks git clone http://ou63pmih66umazou.onion/rainbows.git