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module Rainbows::ThreadPool

Implements a worker thread pool model. This is suited for platforms like Ruby 1.9, where the cost of dynamically spawning a new thread for every new client connection is higher than with the ThreadSpawn model, but the cost of an idle thread is low (e.g. NPTL under Linux).

This model should provide a high level of compatibility with all Ruby implementations, and most libraries and applications. Applications running under this model should be thread-safe but not necessarily reentrant.

Applications using this model are required to be thread-safe. Threads are never spawned dynamically under this model.

If you're using green threads (MRI 1.8) and need to perform DNS lookups, consider using the "resolv-replace" library which replaces parts of the core Socket package with concurrent DNS lookup capabilities.

Included modules: Rainbows::Base
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