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2013-06-16linux_inet_diag: improve compatibility with newer GCs gc-next
2013-04-20README: update regarding Ruby support status
2013-04-20doc: add email address to generated doc/site
2013-04-20raindrops 0.11.0 - minor fixes improvements v0.11.0
2013-04-20linux_inet_diag: better align listener_stats struct
2013-04-13switch back to gemspec development dependencies
2013-04-13.gitignore: add .rbx
2013-04-11linux_inet_diag: avoid unnecessary sockaddr initialization
2013-04-11Linux::TCP_Info: implement #get! instance method
2013-04-11watcher: set Content-Type via assignment
2013-04-11raindrops: favor configured processor count over online count
2012-11-30Watcher: Use relative paths in HTML links
2012-06-19raindrops 0.10.0 - minor feature updates v0.10.0
2012-06-18watcher: do not require Rack::Head for HEAD response
2012-06-18watcher: sort index of listener listing
2012-06-18test_watcher: fix incorrect request/date comparison
2012-06-12unix: show zero-value stats for idle listeners
2012-06-07middleware/proxy: favor __send__ for method dispatch
2012-06-05unix_listener_stats follows and remembers symlinks
2012-06-05resolve symlinks to Unix domain sockets
2012-05-21raindrops 0.9.0 - minor middleware/proxy update v0.9.0
2012-05-21middleware/proxy: fixup comment/whitespace
2012-05-18Add method_missing to Raindrops::Middleware::Proxy
2012-05-12raindrops 0.8.1 - compatibility fixes v0.8.1
2012-05-12avoid warning for rb_thread_io_blocking_region
2012-05-10extconf: better check for GCC atomic builtins
2012-01-07avoid calling tcp_listener_stats when it is not available
2012-01-07fix ListenStats documentation error in Raindrops::Linux.unix_listener_stats
2011-11-17examples/: updated to match current state of affairs
2011-11-14Test suite fix for non-linux users
2011-10-14raindrops 0.8.0 - watcher updates v0.8.0
2011-10-141.8 compatibility workarounds
2011-10-12avoid inadvertant object creation with invalid addresses
2011-10-03watcher: document new headers for users
2011-10-03watcher: add peak times for statistics
2011-09-27test: updates for newer Unicorn API
2011-09-27watcher: add X-Current header to headers
2011-08-01TODO: patches welcome!
2011-08-01watcher: add POST /reset/$LISTENER endpoint rdoc
2011-06-27Fix bad rescue statements in a couple tests
2011-06-27raindrops 0.7.0 - FreeBSD fix, code cleanups v0.7.0
2011-06-27doc: librelist.com => librelist.org
2011-06-27fix Ruby warnings
2011-06-27Gemfile: remove wrongdoc dependency for tests
2011-06-27pkg.mk: update to latest version
2011-06-24remove _XOPEN_SOURCE #define for FreeBSD
2011-06-16linux_inet_diag: avoid pointer aliasing warnings
2011-06-15test_linux_tcp_info: fix test for higher HZ systems
2011-03-25last_data_recv: fixup rdoc
2011-03-24watcher: fix documentation for X-* headers