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tag namev0.4.1 (e2272d8ec3e2fc7d7ee88d147b3c2f55f7accc32)
tag date2010-09-26 06:49:38 +0000
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit 9736c2e991...
raindrops 0.4.1 - more portability!
Rubinius 1.1.0 support is complete.  Atomic operations
are now available under FreeBSD 7.0 now.

Full changelog below:

    commit 8a2a725a4ad074af493e5aa075155eda8b1d6be7
    Author: Eric Wong <e+absinthe@yhbt.net>
    Date:   Sat Sep 25 00:14:48 2010 -0700

    force -march=i486 where GCC is targeted for i386

    Nobody uses i386 anymore (especially not with Ruby!),
    but some systems like FreeBSD 7.0 still target GCC at
    i386 by default, so we force GCC to use a slightly
    more modern instruction set and allow it to use
    atomic builtins.

    commit 256cc7c8ffb441dcf2d2a2da3bbbcc82546962d9
    Author: Eric Wong <e+absinthe@yhbt.net>
    Date:   Sat Sep 25 00:01:46 2010 -0700

    disable Linux-only code on non-Linux

    This allows us to build and link correctly on FreeBSD 7.0

    commit 22a5a39d75faa890048d07ae4ea0d494acd414ce
    Author: Eric Wong <e@yhbt.net>
    Date:   Sat Sep 25 06:25:42 2010 +0000

    linux: workaround missing RSTRUCT* macros in rbx

    Rubinius does not include macros for accessing
    Struct members in the C API.

    ref: http://github.com/evanphx/rubinius/issues/494