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::new #get!

class Raindrops::TCP_Info

This is used to wrap "struct tcp_info" as described in tcp(7) and /usr/include/linux/tcp.h. The following readers methods are defined corresponding to the "tcpi_" fields in the tcp_info struct.

As of raindrops 0.18.0+, this is supported on FreeBSD and OpenBSD systems as well as Linux, although not all fields exist or match the documentation, below.

In particular, the last_data_recv field is useful for measuring the amount of time a client spent in the listen queue before +accept()+, but only if TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT is used with the listen socket (it is on by default in Unicorn).

Public Class Methods  -> TCP_Info object source

Reads a TCP_Info object from any given tcp_socket. See the tcp(7) manpage and /usr/include/linux/tcp.h for more details.

Public Instance Methods

info.get!(tcp_socket) source

Update an existing TCP_Info objects with the latest stats from the given socket. This even allows sharing TCP_Info objects between different sockets to avoid garbage.

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