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+= Ruby TDB Hacker's Guide
+=== Code Compatibility
+We target Ruby 1.9.2 and eventually Rubinius 1.1+ and their respective C
+All of our C code should be compatible with all reasonably modern Unices
+and should run on compilers supported by the versions of Ruby we target.
+We will NEVER support non-Free platforms under any circumstances.
+Our C code follows K&R indentation style (hard tabs, tabs are always 8
+characters wide) and NOT the indentation style of Matz Ruby.
+== Contributing
+Contributions are welcome in the form of patches, pull requests, code
+review, testing, documentation, user support or any other feedback.  The
+{Ruby TDB mailing list}[] is the central
+coordination point for all user and developer feedback and bug reports.
+=== Submitting Patches
+Follow conventions already established in the code and do not exceed 80
+characters per line.
+Inline patches (from "git format-patch -M") to the mailing list are
+preferred because they allow code review and comments in the reply to
+the patch.
+We will adhere to mostly the same conventions for patch submissions as
+git itself.  See the Documentation/SubmittingPatches document
+distributed with git on on patch submission guidelines to follow.  Just
+don't email the git mailing list or maintainer with Ruby TDB patches :)
+=== Mailing list rules
+* Do not {top post}[] in replies
+* Quote only the relevant portions of the message you're replying to
+* Do not send HTML mail, they will be mercilessly deleted.
+When referencing mailing list posts, use
+"$MESSAGE_ID" if possible since the Message-ID
+remains searchable even if Gmane becomes unavailable.
+== Running Development Versions
+It is easy to install the contents of your git working directory:
+Via RubyGems (RubyGems 1.3.5+ recommended for prerelease versions):
+  gmake install-gem
+Without RubyGems (via setup.rb):
+  gmake install
+It is not at all recommended to mix a RubyGems installation with an
+installation done without RubyGems, however.