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2014-10-03tdb/mt: fix tests under Ruby 1.8Eric Wong1-0/+1
This will probably be the last release we make under Ruby 1.8
2011-01-17multithreaded TDB is dangerous, discourage itEric Wong2-1/+4
Lets just avoid threads for now :) The torture test still fails and there doesn't appear to be a good way to fix it without upstream supporting it.
2010-12-10mt: just break when attempting TDB methods inside #eachEric Wong1-7/+1
Too tricky to support, for now.
2010-12-04add support for "clear" and "repack" methodsEric Wong1-2/+5
TDB#clear maps to tdb_wipe_all and TDB#repack maps to TDB#repack.
2010-12-03add optional thread-safety on a per-object basisEric Wong2-0/+52
Thread-safety is useful sometimes and needless overhead otherwise. Default to whatever TDB upstream defaults to.
2010-12-01initialEric Wong1-0/+2