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2014-10-09compile.c: optimize << and == using putstring_for putstring
2014-10-09add generic and flexible putstring_for insn
2014-10-09compile.c: move "literal" optimizations to peephole optimize
2014-10-09benchmark/bm_hash_aref_sym*.rb: force static symbols
2014-10-09hash.c (rb_any_hash): remove unnecessary dsym check
2014-10-08missing/setproctitle.c: Avoid invalidating argv[1], argv[2], etc. until the f...
2014-10-08* 2014-10-09
2014-10-08dir.c: fix rdoc [ci skip]
2014-10-08variable.c: use st_update
2014-10-08ext/win32ole/win32ole_variable.c: use typed data.
2014-10-08variable.c: use st_update
2014-10-08constant.h: constant visibilities
2014-10-08ChangeLog: fix name and address
2014-10-08* test/ruby/test_syntax.rb: added syntax tests of underscore arguments.
2014-10-08mkmf.rb: translate to assembler
2014-10-07* lib/uri/generic.rb (URI#inspect): remove Object id.
2014-10-07ext/etc/etc.c (etc_systmpdir): set default tmplen correctly
2014-10-07* lib/matrix.rb: Add @- and @+ for Matrix and Vector.
2014-10-07* NEWS: Move Matrix changes to the right place
2014-10-07normalize reference to Timeout::Error
2014-10-07test/ruby/test_process.rb (TestProcess#test_setsid): AIX does not allow Proce...
2014-10-07test/ruby/test_rubyoptions.rb (TestRubyOptions#test_encoding): On AIX, locale...
2014-10-07* lib/matrix.rb: Add Matrix#laplace_expansion.
2014-10-07* 2014-10-08
2014-10-07* lib/matrix.rb: Add Vector.basis.
2014-10-07signal.c: get rid of deadlock by discarded signals
2014-10-07ext/win32ole/win32ole_method.c: use typed data.
2014-10-07ext/win32ole/win32ole_param.c: refactoring
2014-10-07* remove trailing spaces.
2014-10-07ext/win32ole/win32ole_method.c: refactoring. add
2014-10-07configure.in: remove arch options from CXXFLAGS
2014-10-07etc.c: try confstr on Mac OS X
2014-10-07configure.in: off_t for struct stat.st_size
2014-10-07* 2014-10-07
2014-10-07configure.in: fix quoting brackets
2014-10-06ext/win32ole/win32ole_param.c: use typed data.
2014-10-06symbol.h: move struct RSymbol
2014-10-06* error.c: update exception tree. [DOC]
2014-10-06configure.in: Fix typo. [Bug #9914]
2014-10-06signal.c: send signal unless handled
2014-10-06test_string.rb: enable huge test only on possible platforms
2014-10-06symbol.c: junk-base attrset
2014-10-06unicode_norm_gen.rb: freeze
2014-10-06unicode_norm_gen.rb: us-ascii
2014-10-06unicode_norm_gen.rb: optimize concatenation
2014-10-06tool/unicode_norm_gen.rb: Adding/tweaking comments.
2014-10-06tool/unicode_norm_gen.rb: Adjusted directory paths.
2014-10-06* properties.
2014-10-06* remove trailing spaces.
2014-10-06tool/unicode_norm_gen.rb: Data generation script imported from