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2022-01-01Negative RBOOL usage
2021-12-23undef `rb_vm_lookup_overloaded_cme()`
2021-12-21make `overloaded_cme_table` truly weak key map
2021-12-21`mandatory_only_cme` should not be in `def`
2021-11-19optimize `Struct` getter/setter
2021-11-19`rb_method_optimized_t` for further extension
2021-11-18Update documentation for Module#{private,public,protected,module_function}
2021-11-18Make Module#{public,private,protected,module_function} return arguments
2021-11-17Fix crash when clearing method cache for builtin method
2021-11-15`Primitive.mandatory_only?` for fast path
2021-10-20Partial revert of ceebc7fc98d
2021-10-20Get rid of dependency on rb_call_cache
2021-10-20Yet Another Ruby JIT!
2021-10-20add a callback for when method cache changes
2021-10-20Refactor uJIT code into more files for readability
2021-10-20MicroJIT: generate less code for CFUNCs
2021-10-01Fix typo in static function name
2021-08-11Get rid of type-punning pointer casts [Bug #18062]
2021-08-02Using RBOOL macro
2021-07-29Update documentation for ruby2_keywords
2021-06-17Adjust styles [ci skip]
2021-06-01Enable VM_ASSERT in --jit CIs (#4543)
2021-05-21Avoid setting the visibility of refinement method entries
2021-05-11Method cache: fix refinement entry handling
2021-05-07Protoized old pre-ANSI K&R style declarations and definitions
2021-04-23Fix setting method visibility for a refinement without an origin class
2021-03-16Skip refined method when exporting methods with changed visibility
2021-02-19invalidate negative cache any time.
2021-02-09Fix documentation for Module#ruby2_keywords
2021-02-03Make alias for aliased original method
2021-02-03Adjusted indent [ci skip]
2021-02-01Add RCLASS_SUBCLASSES Macro
2021-02-01Add RCLASS_ALLOCATOR Macro
2021-01-29global call-cache cache table for rb_funcall*
2021-01-23Warn the defined location as deprecation as well as the main message
2021-01-19Fixed premature return
2021-01-18Fix typo: invaldate -> invalidate
2021-01-15Don't try to clear cache on garbage objects
2021-01-14delete negative cache from the table correctly
2021-01-13Revert "[Bug #11213] let defined?(super) call respond_to_missing?"
2020-12-26[DOC] Fix typos in vm_method.c
2020-12-24Module#public_class_method also accepts a symbol array as an argument
2020-12-22separate rb_ractor_pub from rb_ractor_t
2020-12-19Feature 17314: allow to pass array to public, protected and private methods
2020-12-19Feature 17314: alias_method returns symbol
2020-12-19fix method cache debug tool
2020-12-18Use category: :deprecated in warnings that are related to deprecation
2020-12-18Revert "Better cooperation between public/protected/private with attr* and al...
2020-12-18Revert "Added missing tests for public, private, protected and alias_method"
2020-12-18Added missing tests for public, private, protected and alias_method