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tag namev0.5.0 (c0c13cbbf256a7ccac39ba5db9e3c616d9133543)
tag date2010-05-04 19:54:10 -0700
tagged byEric Wong <>
tagged objectcommit f3605c820f...
posix_mq 0.5.0
Uncommonly raised exceptions due to programmer error are now
raised more safely with respect to the MRI garbage collector.

The "posix-mq.rb" executable has been renamed to "posix-mq-rb"
to respect RPS and is also hopefully easier to type/read when
used in scripts.  I'm preserving the "rb" in the name since I
hope to have a more portable, C-only version someday.

Minor cleanups and documentation now uses RDoc 2.5.x