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tag namev2.3.0 (5652e36027d3cf48451ee2c1a5e625a1a285d38d)
tag date2016-02-02 23:28:44 +0000
tagged byEric Wong <>
tagged objectcommit 55a21d40f1...
Ruby posix_mq 2.3.0 - updates for Ruby 2.3+
This release updates our POSIX_MQ#close to match the idempotent
IO#close behavior under Ruby 2.3 and later.  Previous Ruby versions
continue to be supported, but POSIX_MQ#close remains non-idempotent
when built against old Ruby versions.

4 changes since v2.2.0:

      enable frozen_string_literal for Ruby 2.3+
      support idempotent POSIX_MQ#close
      README: remove cgit and ssoma references
      build: use '--local' domain for dev gem install